677: SSN, Jumps, etc. ~ [UPDATE8]

Ok, this is interesting.

Before we get to the node…


We’ve had all kinds of visitors lately: good, bad, neutral; an interesting sign in a most interesting week — and it’s only Tuesday. Some Neutrals had decided to impede some Positives, so we were forced to take action. (It’s the SOURCE Rules of Engagement: Mess with us, we’re allowed to mess with you… not that we always take up the gauntlet.) However, no more STS will be tolerated from 5d on up within one AU, centered on the earth (including the earth). The energies are causing certain groups to show their true colors. So…[cue turkey gobble — BANG]. Next we’re going to flood portals with Starland Vocal Band 24/7.


In the meantime, here’s a casual snap of what our houses look like on the insides at any given moment:

THAT’S how much spirit activity we live with. (That was a remote test shot from a camera on a tripod.) There are several places on the earth that have this much activity, we just happen to live in some of the busiest.

Also, here’s a dog bed some spirits were messing with in the middle of the night:

This M lives alone.

The Language of Angels

Archangels are here with gifts for some.

To find out if you’re on the receiving end, first G+P+C, then close your eyes and see what color(s) appear(s) to you, if any. If you see some, meditate on those colors and see who pops up. Those subsequently called are now in fine-tuning mode.


Night before last, our dreams featured something we can’t explain… because we don’t have words for it. It involved CATs and others receiving… something… of a certain vibration, but the vibe was so fast that what happened was hard to describe, just a blur (we could hear and feel it more than see it), some kind of (positive) multidimensional… gift… that our minds couldn’t comprehend. Then… whomever was giving those out (SOURCE? an AA? a Positive ET?) then activated and released two or three other things into the earth that operated along the same lines… but these had a particularly ominous feeling to them. Then, as some M’s were waking up, they each had a vision of a reptoid inside the earth pushing itself up against a concrete ceiling while looking down at the floor in terror, like it was trying to get away… but there was nowhere to go.

Backtracking a bit, some CATs have been doing the aforementioned fine-tuning with various Archangels. Well, after one of the M’s woke up from the above dream/vision, they noticed this out their window this wall of flowers where there were no flowers before…

Almost there.

…and this one six feet away…

Final rose, after the cut.

…and this on their deck… making a perfect triangle of symbols:

Archangel symbol

Right before bed they had been doing a session with Archangel Jophiel, who likes to speak in flowers. (Note that that feather is actually more grey-white; the light made it seem bluer than it is.)

Bottom line: Be on the lookout for subtlety.

Lisa G Update

Lisa G was close to some of the CATs, and a day or two ago, her spirit visited one of our houses where some CATs were meeting. This time we clearly knew it was her… and ~AM walked right through her! He didn’t know she was there until that moment, we’d been deep in discussion. We were having trouble hearing Lisa so she used the flickering of the lights to communicate (whatever works). So, we did an impromptu healing session with her and then suggested she visit those relatives she’d had trouble with, and smooth the waters. She returned the next day.

In the interim, ~AM realized why he’d met a certain Archangel back in October: Archangel Azrael. AA Azrael is known as the quietest of the Angels, a sweet being who serves as the Archangel of Transitioning. He’s very much misunderstood (we can say that because we initially misunderstood why he was there!) He is actually here to help people transition, NOT to take them; he’s not the “Grim Reaper.” Anyway, ~AM asked AA Azrael to help Lisa and he obliged. Lisa G has now successfully transitioned.

A Smattering of Intelligence

More a smattering than any actual intelligence… ahem.

We knew that various groups were monitoring us, but we didn’t know to what extent, so we looked… and THREE intelligence agencies (with multiple sub-depts that didn’t even know each was there) from various countries are all reading personal and private CAT communications (which is illegal, btw, and which invokes SOURCE’s Rules of Engagement). They are reading these words right now. What they don’t know (which fills volumes) — and what we are kindly revealing to them now — is that, by reading our words, they are thus themselves threading SOURCE into their own minds, along with anyone who even THINKS about us in any way. SOURCE: The ultimate viral anti-virus.

And now… best for last.

Enter the Super SOURCE Node

The Super SOURCE Node (SSN) is a spiritual something ~AM created with his AA mate just today (they have combining to create a new Extension; more on that later), along with: Brother J; all the Archangels in our general vicinity; those SuperFriends who aren’t busy elsewhere; Gaia; bazillions of Higher Order Beings and Positive ETs from across the Omniverse; and of course lots of CATs.

Afterward, ~AM asked SOURCE to (please) place a SOURCE Anchor on what was created… which resulted in some meterage effects and a jump:

A SOURCE anchor is kinda like a bookmark (you might recall the double energy SOURCE anchors we’ve pointd out in the past) that freezes that energy ‘high-water-mark’ so things don’t slide back, and so anyone who wants to join with that energy… can.

To join it, just G+P+C, then go into meditation, and… sorry to sound new-agey, but find your center… then join and align your center with the center of the SOURCE Node. By doing this it makes it easier to slide UP to increase your own vibration, like a reverse fire pole. Give it a try. We have installed this at the core of the New Earth.

More later.

[Special CAT thanks to Da-da for allowing us to use one of his new art pieces as the title pic:]

~AM clearing Neutrals from Gaia portals earlier today…



Aha. So this is why CATs were either feeling weird or on-edge — we’re in the middle of another jump:

Also, here’s one of the (muon) telltales we missed from one of the previous jumps:

This latest energy is making CATs feel jittery.


More jumps:


Someone asked about getting emotional when they meet an Archangel, tearing up, etc. That’s totally normal, and happens to us all the time. Same for when we see SOURCE. SOURCE and Archangels are Living Love. ~AM said that those going to the NE better bring a truckload of hankies. HOBs can strike you the same way, higher vibe and all that. Seeing them is like Christmas morning when you’re five years old.


Lots of jumps today and yesterday. It is the CAT consensus that we are being each put into our various subgroups before the inevitable SHIFT. Said consensus is that this SHIFT is imminent — and entirely welcome — but we’ve been wrong before.

Don’t worry about where you go, just trust that SOURCE has your Greatest Good in Mind.


FYI, that building explosion in FL was a controlled demolition (you can see the squibs going off in the video). The whole thing was a message: It was a vacant ‘Pizza” shop.


Latest from Saratoga.


Energy is currently flattening lots of CATs. Ugh. TTYB.


This lastest piece from Anne and the Angels is right on.