676: Notice + Meterage ~ [UPDATE8]

Something is nearing…

…and it’s probably not a potato.


Something Murky This Way Comes

It’s not exactly murky. What it is is lower-timeline lame. We aren’t sure what’s to happen (no one tells us anything, not straight out anyway), but given the triple timelines, the recent F-22s scrambled out of Hawaii (directed by the FAA?)…

…blackhawk helicopters rehearsing (escape) touch-n-goes on the steps of The Capitol, etc. Bottom line: some false flag crap is in the works. The 2020 election audit results are set to be disclosed soon and the PTW will want to distract the sheep while they make their escape. However, we’re pretty sure things won’t go they way they think. It might not go the way anyone thinks.

There are so many ways for all this to shake out, given three timelines and an upcoming SHIFT bisecting that… well, whatever. We do know that if you trust in SOURCE, you can’t go wrong (unless you’ve been denying SOURCE all this time).

Super. Terrestrial. Patience.

In the meantime, Guides have instructed those on the highest (two) timelines:

  • Remain calm. Be patient.
  • The Light wins; the Dark revealed (kinda already happening)
  • Focus on your highest vibration, the highest timelines
  • Work UP as much as you can vibrationally, and…
  • Trust in SOURCE.

The Solstice & Beyond

Yay, another pagan holiday! and then a full moon midweek. And with both solstice and full moon influences, scads of spirits and (higher order) ET lookiloos are already flooding CAT houses and other energetic places, so don’t be surprised if you see something. (Today marks a new CAT whiteboard record for people asking, “WHAT WAS THAT?!” –> 20+ instances.) We can never get housesitters, what with our houses featuring spirits and ET tour groups STOMPING everywhere at various times, things zooming and disappearing, UFOs, cold spots, shadow figures, weird mechanical/BEEP BOOP sounds, brain scrambles, the odd BRRRAAACK! sound, things missing or moved, batteries suddenly draining, computers exploding, etc. Our pets are either terrified half the time or they just lie there and let the whole cosmos pet them as they walk past on the grand tour. Anyway, this will be even more crazy because of the boiling nexus of multiple timelines: 3 by 3. We are seeing our pets then not seeing our pets, seeing cars coming and then cars are gone… wow. Kinda fun, actually, when you stop caring about being entirely sane.

We’re gonna miss this lifetime when it’s over. So bizarre, so many amazing experiences. So, either buckle up or hang loose — or do both at the same time. It doesn’t really matter. It’s the inherently flexible who inherit… The Thing.

Be careful what you wish for!


Looks like we had a couple adjustment jumps/energy bumps. We def felt them as they happened:


This is hysterical.

“And then there were five.”


We don’t know if this is anything, but we’ve had the following anomalies:

A little CME at 16:08 UTC (which won’t hit for days). Looks innocuous.
This VHF interruption (that looks like a jump) around 23:30 UTC. No corroboration, though.
This a bit before that.
And a GRB almost right at 0:00 UTC.


We had some solstice jumps:

Some CATs conked out around 2:00 to 6:00 pm PDT today, as we had upgrades we needed to process. What happens next? [shrug] Some CATs are reporting activity in the head/crown regions, heart, abdomen… inner “champagne bubbles,” etc. Riding hobo on the Ascension Express!

Note that none of the above is that important; it’s just to normalize what some are feeling.


Ah. As ~AM often says, all we have to do is wonder… and the answer appears. Here’s Saratoga’s weekly card reading.


More adjustment jumps from 3:00 to 6:00 am PDT:


More jumps:


More jumps:


FYI, things have changed. There’s a good chance that what CATs just had to do will cause a Neutral uprising against us. Can’t be helped. Regardless of what happens, we wish you all well.