675: The Potato!

The what?

~AM is a lot of things, but what he mainly is is FUNNY. He’s been giving advice to people who’ve been writing in and shared some of it with us on the CAT whiteboard… and we had to put it on the site. People were asking about all kinds of things: One nice lady asked ~AM how to protect herself from vxd people; and someone else wrote in worried about another group who was harrassing them; and someone else had fear about ETs; another had no idea how to BE out in the world and had grown fearful of even going out, etc.

Anyway, here’s what ~AM said to do during this very weird time. He pretty much said the same thing to everyone:

~AM’s Advice for a Wednesday Evening

1. Raise your vibration. Go into meditation and ask Brother J to help you vibrate UP.

2. Meditate.

3. Be yourself out in the world. ENJOY yourself. Treat everyone with love. Nothing can harm you. As The Course says, “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.” There is no death, so… demonstrate it just by being ALIVE and HAPPY and carefree. Don’t try to proselytize or explain about anything. Just BE the light out and about. [~AM does this in stores and everybody around him starts SMILING. It’s amazing.] What do you have to be afraid of? NOTHING. So…

4. HAVE FUN WITH THINGS. Be irreverent. If someone tries to bring you down for whatever reason… LOOK them in the eye and say: “YES, I AM a potato!” Then turn and walk away, sing the potato song (“Ride of the Valkyries” but with potatoes: “I’m a potato, I’m a potato, I’m a potato… look at me now!”). Absurdity is hugely useful in dealing with this ridiculous world we find ourselves in, esp. in terms of the PTW, their schmoes, and All Things Timeline 1.0. The PTW themselves are completely absurd, so it’s really the perfect response to them and anything they stand for.

[Someone took offense to ~AM’s “energy” the other day and called him a “honkie” (?!) when we were at the post office… and he totally agreed with them! “Damn. I AM a honkie! That explains so much! HONK HONK!” he said — and HONKed around the room for a good 30 seconds. Made half the room break up in laughter… and the belligerant person ran away!]