674: Touchdown/TTYB ~ [UPDATE3]

Looks like we finally reached the other side of that jump.

We just landed. CATs felt the energy a little while ago:

A 2.5 day jump.
Note the time stamps. Other meters have come back, but are a little wonky.
Kerfufflage at the rehook.

More as we find it.


Another CME inbound:

And we’ve had another little jump, or two:


Currently in a TTYB (Take To Your Bed) WHOMP:

Half the CATs conked out at 4:00 pm PST (0:00 UTC).

Just got out of another jump today, too.


Latest from Saratoga. Seems obvious, but maybe not to all. We’re actively pushing out Timeline 3.0, which will more than likely break and ‘obliviate’ 1.0.

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