673: Friendly Advice ~ [UPDATE1]

Someone wrote to the CATs asking what we thought about “The Shot.” Let us be very clear.

The Question

Someone wrote in asking an excellent question (thank you), and lots of people need to see the answer. Here’s the question:

“I probably will be taking the [email protected] because the job I am going to do requires it. So now I am looking out for options. I would like to ask if the options that have been posted such as asking the angels to take it with me would help in lessening the side effects. Could I also ask if you might have other words of advice in reducing the effects of the chemicals and stuff if I am made to have it?”

The Answer

The simple answer is: You could always get another job.

Regardless of what the MSM says, it’s against the law to make someone get the shot, as it’s considered a medical procedure. The PTW can’t force women to get abortions, they can’t force people to have elective surgery, they can’t force you to get a forehead tattoo that says “I LOVE CATS,” and they can’t force people to take an experimental gene therapy shot. ‘My body, my choice’ and all that, it goes both ways. (To drag your feet, you could draft an agreement for your employer to sign in advance that states that, if you die or suffer any ill effects from the shot, that your employer agrees that it’s 100% their responsibility, and that they are legally culpable for whatever happens to you, since this shot is so important to them. Employers tend to shy away from culpability.) That’s the easy part.

Now the hard part: The shot is a free-will choice AWAY FROM SOURCE. (“Mark of the beast,” anyone?) It is putting your faith in something that is not SOURCE. (Which is weird, because you ARE SOURCE, a teeny part anyway, so getting the shot is literally giving away your power and denying who you really are.) This will have drawn-out spiritual repercussions for those who go down this dark road. We don’t like thinking about it. Jeez, dying is the easy part. Killing yourself (slowly or quickly) is one thing, but winding up punishing yourself for eons over denying SOURCE… no, thanks. (SOURCE is LOVE, and love does not punish; only you punish yourself.)

Somatically, there is no way to repair or mitigate the effects of the shot, it binds with the body in less than a minute (as it was designed to do, which is why you see so many keel over dead so soon afterward). We have literally tried every kind of healing we know (and many more we’ve invented) on those who’ve got the shot and there is nothing we can do for them, physically or spiritually, since they used their own free to get it. As we said, it’s a free-will choice away from SOURCE, away from spiritual evolution, a free-will choice away from the Light, as well as a choice FOR the lowest possible timeline… which is not pretty… and guarantees you a long tour of the 3d fun house (we’re not sure how long, but it’s a LONG TIME). Krikey, it’s exactly like sentencing yourself to hell.

This is the literal crossroads of your soul.

Should you decide to do it anyway, be sure all your affairs are in order: life insurance paid-up, last will and testament written and notarized, funeral arrangements made, etc. 10X more people die than they’re reporting, and 100X more are maimed, doomed to a slow death on a dying timeline. Still, as we said, death is the easy part. Even after you transition, YOU will still know what you did and why, and you will have to deal with the long-term consequences. In this, no one can help you but you with this, that’s the crux of free-will. There’s nothing good about the shot in any way shape or form, physically or spiritually. But we can’t make that choice for you.

If you have read this to the end and still get the shot… we wish you well… but we can’t help you.

The Aftermath

If you’re reading this and you’ve already taken the shot… there is something you can do. You can devote your time to helping others (STO — Service to Others) over this and your next series of lifetimes… at the 3d level… and work hard to alleviate others’ suffering. Time is for learning. So… learn. You can always find SOURCE again… but it will be 100X harder. It will take EPIC free will to overcome this one choice, but… epic free will exists.

Everything happens for a reason. For some with no relationship with SOURCE, this shot-exercise-of-free-will is a lesson, a very hard lessonthat gets them closer to SOURCE… eventually. There is no death, so perhaps in subsequent lifetimes, after good works, you will find your connection to SOURCE again (it can never be fully cut), find the light inside, forgive yourself for what you’ve done, and start back up (vibrationally). This is about the only positive we can find in all this.


Ok, we looked at this one last time… it’s pretty horrible. [sigh] If you take the shot you get caught in a 3D loop, where it’s hard to ascend or move to a higher vibration even in future lives because of the DNA manipulation. This will take major effort to overcome, but… those who want to overcome it will. In a whole other series of 3d lifetimes.

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