672: Jump ~ [UPDATE7]

We might be in a jump.

Then again, aren’t we always? (FYI, 19 Tomsk time is 5:00 am PST.)

Be sure to go into meditation and vibrate UP.





There’s also been a drop in neutron counts:

And it appears Saratoga is talking about this, too.


Some of you may remember those two 10/20/30 ‘New Earth’ slides some of us saw a while back. We’re wondering if this latest timeline jump has something to do with that, because there are three main timelines now (and there could be a matching timeline series), and we’re guessing the numbers refer to a vibrational condition therein: 10, 20, 30… Hz? MHz? Quatloos? something. Might also mean something else, but our group-hunch is that this latest jump is the 30 jump. We’re still in the jump, whatever it is. Lots of CATs are reporting feeling… weird: body heat (not fever), irritability, hair balls, hissing, tail puff… the usual timeline jump stuff.

We also had another Lyran ship pop up after we all decided to accept the invitation to the new timeline. Just another boring Friday in CAT land.


Aha. Thanks to Mark in the UK for this. He suggested that 10/20/30 actually meant “Timeline Version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0″… which would explain why we later saw the middle value read 2.2 at one point.

So. If there are three timelines concurrent… we don’t know which ones you’ll see. This means you need to meditate and vibrate UP at least twice a day to keep your head above water. (The Saturday CATs making this report need to go do that right now.)


We are still in the jump, btw. We are being given time to rise up as high as we can, so get meditating.

Don’t get caught in the internet/meterage trap; NASA has shut down most of the live-view feeds, so they’re expecting the worst… while what’s happening is THE BEST. The net and meters are the lowest vibration, anyway. Take a vacation from them. Make your own (high) vibration. We all will be our own meters on the New Earth.


We don’t bring this up for you to dwell on, just as an interesting tidbit as the bottom timeline drops even further:

G7 red procession

Of course, ~AM and Brother J and the AAs did HT sessions on each one (of the 18) as they walked past the camera!


This is good advice, from Ann and the Angels.