Timeline Jumpyhouse for 11-19-18 [UPDATE3]


[UPDATES: This is a crazy post.]

The above chart, from early this morning (for us, anyway) was a pretty quiet one. And Kiruna is back… well, kinda, as you’ll see. But we’re having some new kerfufflage — right now — as you’ll see at bottom. (We’re having this latter timeline shift for a specific reason.)

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Dragons vs ETs Over Nevada [UPDATED]

Ok, we have to make this its own post, it’s so amazing. The M’s finally looked at this in depth. We started the video at 2:18, where the raw footage starts, as it’s much more dramatic. Folks… those are the TWBs (what we call the Tall White Bastards, nasty ETs) fighting with…  rainbow dragons! Now the weird part: we know those dragons! They are the … Continue reading Dragons vs ETs Over Nevada [UPDATED]