[We’re spreading too much light, it seems, and it’s attracting bugs. BEGONE.]

Ok. Said CME didn’t so much attack as much as it… well, FIRED ITSELF out into the cosmos…

…anyway, here’s this CME footage again (solar prominence? we don’t know what that thing was, a “ghost” CME since NASA denies it) from the previous posts. It’s the original Wave X/CME from this past week, but a less jerky version than ours, which resulted in some interesting effects. Lookie:

This is usually THE most boring graph of all of them… but look to the right at around 12:00 UTC on 10/6/18. That heavy muon line corresponds perhaps to the CME energy finally reaching us. We’re still not sure which direction it went, as NASA has shut down that satellite feed. It could also be coming from elsewhere. We’re looking into that.

But it’s pretty obvious to all who read this blog regularly that we’ve all had some really big headachy, barfy, woozie, WEIRD-O somatic reactions from all of us living Wave X meters, thus:

That same hit on the Nagoya Muon meter shows up at 7:00 am at Tomsk on 10/6, that thin white line… then serious WHOMP-age afterward.

And here’s the latest:


Lately, the new moon energy (which is peaking tonight) has been the most painful. No idea why. But we saw greenish-gold energy pulsing in from the sky. Gorgeous. No way to take a pic of it, as it was viewed clairvoyantly. Note that some of the CATs whose vision has been out for weeks suddenly had it turn back on again… at least for the moment!

And here’s more meterage. There’s something in there for everyone:





Oh, and the PTW also did this on Sunday night over CA, which we’re looking at. Stay tuned:

Hmm, how oddly reflective. Btw, that’s a portal on the right. It wasn’t a planned part of the test.

More as we develop.

This is how we felt yesterday and last night.

35 thoughts on “When Ghost CMEs… ATTACK! [UPDATES]

  1. Geez! I’m surprised I’m still here today. (And really didn’t care) Check out what Lisa had to say.


  2. I have been pondering on a topic that was commented by quite a few: swinging between 3D and 5D, and how to stop it.
    Today I read an article, and the author (a woman) offers an explanation I like. Here is what she says:
    “The mind takes back control at times, especially when we’re standing and being in the brightest light of our own being-ness. That’s when the resistance from the ego will really kick in. The ego will make us think there are problems. There will be depression, utter sadness, hopelessness.
    We will keep flowing back and forth between ego and spirit until we finally surrender.
    The ego will try to get us to get into arguments, explanations and justifications. We should just state with a matter-of-fact attitude what we’re doing at the moment (“right now I’m reading this book”, and so on). This particular moment is our whole life. The ego will just fall away, because the less attention we give it, the less noise it makes.
    The mind creates itself, for itself, but we are not it. We are the Observer.
    This will eventually lead us to stand in Truth alone, and the wavering back and forth will have ceased.
    The only control we have in life is our attitude to it.”
    Dear CATs and M’s, what do you think?

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    1. This is not entirely… accurate. [NOTE: This is a controversial subject, with many answers; like different earth civilizations from the past, different ET civilizations from all over believe different things — though what they believe is very very similar. EVERYONE in the Omniverse talks about SOURCE, and what they think SOURCE is, what SOURCE means, who we really are. The following is what we know from our Guides, and from our own experiences with SOURCE.] MIND belongs to SOURCE; we borrow it, like a computer, for each lifetime. And when it comes to ego… it’s not what you think it is. This word’s use is confusing across various texts and authors, such that we don’t like to use it at all. J uses it in his latest work, and while we don’t necessarily like it, we understand it. (The Ego is not likeable.) It’s so much more complicated than what most people think. Because of this, we’re going to defer the question to J himself. We’ve studied many schools of thought, but we find Brother J’s teachings (“A Course in Miracles,” J’s channeled teachings via reluctant medium, Helen Schucman, available at ACIM.org) because his work represents *the fastest path to SOURCE.* There are many paths to SOURCE. There is no one path, no “right” path. But The Course is designed to save you *time.* We highly recommend it. There is no faster path to SOURCE. We also recommend Gary Renard’s first two books as introductory texts before you dive into The Course (First book, “The Disappearance of the Universe” helps a lot. This whole subject should be viewed as what it is: advanced spirituality. Gary’s books help, pre-Course, as Ken Wapnick’s works help, post-Course. (Ken worked with Helen Schucman on The Course.)

      The controversy doesn’t stop there. The subject of SOURCE and getting closer to SOURCE, and all the various components of SOURCE and spirit mechanisms is even contested in the in-between life, and of course across nearly every civilization and “galactic high council.” (We dislike the term, “high council,” or anything that suggests any one being or group is over anyone else. We are all ONE.) Some suggest we revel in our lifetimes, in our life lessons, electing to go through it over and over and over again, getting to SOURCE slowly over countless lifetimes… while others say our goal should be to have as few lifetimes as possible and return to SOURCE as fast as possible… and never come back. Once you go SOURCE, you don’t come back, except for rare instances, so there might be something to that.

      Put simply (and mysteriously), the ego is OUR CONSTRUCT, and should be minimalized as much as possible. A confusing answer, my apologies.


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      1. The problem is that people have two or three different ideas of what “ego” means. It needs its own new name, the Thing we’re talking about. And yes, it is a Thing. Sorta like that giant insane living baby head Thing in the last matrix movie. That was very interesting. It was almost as if it was talking to all of us through this movie. Ah, but we know its secret: it is illusion. Turn your back on it and POOF. It’s gone.


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        1. Well, it is a confusing answer,
          But it somehow clarified things for me.
          I have never heard of The Course …
          And yes, people (not to mention psychologists) have different ideas of the term “ego”. I think ego is necessary in this construct for the purpose of survival. Nevertheless, it should not be allowed to grow (at the expense of others).
          Thank you, M5 and M4.


    2. This just does not resonate with me and my very meticulous (due to a great amount of curiousity) observation. I don’t find it accurate either,- I already see one of the cats started its comment with the very same statement- totally agree.

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  3. My question is off-topic for this post, sorry. It has to do with meditation.

    Following your Primer, I realized I never asked to meet my guides, though I have been wanting to for months. So I explicitly asked to meet my Guides during meditation and waited. And waited. I don’t know what to expect. A face? A voice? A feeling of connection of some sort? Am I not ready? While waiting , I focused on a LOVING feeling. An idea popped in my head to make a pot roast for someone who might be a bit food-scarce. It wasn’t my idea, since I was thinking of nothing right then. Was that “meeting my guides?”

    Thank you Cats and Ms for your website and wisdom.

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    1. Few of us have ever “met” our Guides, so don’t be too worried. Some work with Brother J (who they’ve known in the past, but not as one of the Apostles), some with other masters (e.g., one of the Buddhas, or Kwan Yin), or Universal Beings they’ve traied with. But Guides aren’t typically “known” in any way other than through their inspiration. Guides guide you toward the goals you set in the in-between life; they’re basically doing what you asked them to do. They aren’t here for a relationship, per se, but they should definitely be acknowledged and given thanks for all they do — which can be pretty thankless and frustrating when people don’t listen! Guides typically manifest as a thought or idea (as you discovered), or in a dream, but in the case of more familiar Guides you’ve known in the past,you can sometimes get a feeling of “nearness,” or in rarer cases, actual voices (either mental or aural). You can of course ask to meet your Guides in your dreams. You’ll then experience them in may different ways.


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      1. Thank you so much M4! That is so exciting! I have been detecting assistance like this for a while, even when not meditating, just when I am quiet and at peace. I didn’t realize they were from my Guides! Wow!!!

        I am so glad I found you, cats and Ms. Thank youuuu

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  4. Something I’ve been wondering, why do you call yourselves ‘cats’? And why are you so focused on cats?

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    1. i believe it has something to do with cats & dogs being able to communicate with the other side, as observed by the egyptians and other societies worldwide


    2. Well… several of us were most recently space cats (in previous nine lives). Cats from space. We found out, independently, and then found each other in a number of ways we’ll talk about AFTER The Event. Sounds crazy, right? Some were ETs with cat heads, lion heads, panther heads, etc. from various cat-dominated systems, which sounds comical even to us. Some were Pleiadian. Some were from BEYOND, with no human or ET frame of reference at all. Some were earth natives with past-life cat connections. Basically, we each have some kind of feline ET history. It’s a bit silly, but it’s also part of earth’s past (which in some cases… was silly).

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Actually, we’re more lions than cute kitty cats. Some have spoken of the “lion men.” That’s us, except we’re not all male; more a 50/50 split. OF course, as far as we know, this could be part of an imprint, and soon we’ll discover that we’re actually just big psychic cans of cat food.


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        1. Interesting, I had this ‘I might be a Lion being’ feeling months back, and I asked the question in one of the threads. Then I get a feeling I might be a ‘Ancient builder race’ kind of something.

          Is there a way to know that, or just wait?


          1. I missed the feeling/sense of ‘ancient order of white lion’ something like that.


        2. I have three tatoos.

          Two of which are oddly related to cats.

          One is a Jaguar, the other is a person’s three initials that spell…’C.A.T.’!

          I had these many years before I found you guys. Interesting…



          1. Oh wow, I have 3 tattoos too, the first one that I got 25 years ago is the Egyptian key of life and the second one is a jaguar.


  5. Hm. We don’t pay much attention to astrology, but this is an interesting note from the SkyWatcher’s site:

    There’s an historic but generally unheralded cosmic
    phenomenon at work this month, as Pluto sinks south
    of the ecliptic plane for the first time in very
    nearly 250 years: in mythological terms, the God of
    the Underworld is returning to the Underworld. As
    history shows, this is a major milestone in human
    culture and civilization. It means a lot for all of
    us, on a scale that we cannot begin to appreciate
    for years. And it melds into other long-range
    cycles. This month is one of those when everything
    changes – but nobody realizes it at the time.

    Pluto, Wealth and the Underworld

    What does it mean, the God of the Underworld
    retreating back into the Underworld? Think about it:
    Pluto, plutocracy, the wealth of minerals and seeds
    contained in the underworld; the myths of
    Hades/Pluto, Demeter/Ceres, Persephone, Orpheus and
    Eurydice: look back into archaeology, and you can
    see that these myths are symbolic representations of
    human civilization.

    Ok, that’s interesting. But what’s REALLY interesting is that the sun’s gravitational binary companion, Trudy, as she passes our system, will snag Pluto into her own system. In 2-3 years, there will be no more Pluto. Odds are very good that it’ll be gone for good. (But a gynormous planet will eventually be discovered beyond the Oort cloud, so…)


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    1. Imo, this is a conspiracy between Trudy and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He sold Pluto to Trudy!


  6. Ooh this is fascinating! I had a reading done by James Gilliland of Eceti a few weeks back. I was told that I have a tall lion being called KA HA as my guide and protector of my daughter and myself 🙂 We are also bringing our Siberian forest kitten home in 3 weeks! She is called Star and was born on the lunar eclipse in July! 🐱 ❤️🌟

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      1. She is pretty meowtastic!

        I have a really random question, just because I am watching my daughter’s video monitor this evening, she is not sleeping well at all!

        Whenever she does not sleep, I see a small white orb (I think it’s white, the video screen is black and white so not 100% sure) sort of dancing around over her bed. I hope it’s benevolent? is there any way of knowing? Maybe it’s KA HA!

        🙂 x


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