Meterage for Monday, 10-15-18 [UPDATE1]

We had a short white squall and a timeline jump last night (well, some of us did). A bit of ho-hum, really, after all we’ve seen. Kiruna’s readings are rather interesting: The 30 Mhz returns are thinning out, while 38 is getting vibe-y. What does this mean? Your guess is as good as your guess. Of course, the 16th and 17th timeline jumpyhouse approaches, whatever … Continue reading Meterage for Monday, 10-15-18 [UPDATE1]



[We’re spreading too much light, it seems, and it’s attracting bugs. BEGONE.]

Ok. Said CME didn’t so much attack as much as it… well, FIRED ITSELF out into the cosmos…
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List of Ascension Symptoms and Clair-Senses


Someone asked us about “Ascension Symptoms,” aka, “Wave X” symptoms, and what they were, so we sat down and spit-balled a list… which degenerated into Friday silliness, but what do you expect from a bunch of CATs? Anyway, here’s an incomplete list of ascension symptoms/body issues:

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