Meterage + More, 8-1 to 8-3-20 [UPDATE5]


Welcome to August. A miracle we made it this far. 2020 is half over.

CATs were relaxing last night, no one on duty… and of course August 1 started up a cliff, energywise. There’s no one meter that really shows this, but nearly all CATs felt either sick, or bone-tired, or had migraines, or were barfing, or felt like they were going to have heart attacks. A rough night, all told.


We’ve had a number of CMEs and flares/flows the past 72 hours that didn’t show up anywhere else, which is affecting portal outflows (and we’re all near portals), as well as in general. We’ll be feeling the effects of the below for the next week:

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 12.31.11 AM

Here’s one from this morning. It’s non-earth-facing:

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 7.36.27 AM

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 7.35.43 AM

The regular CME meter only picked up one, from the 31st:


Between CMEs and flares/flows + Wave X coming in, things are pretty uncomfortable:

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 7.31.53 AM


Note the jump in there.
And the jump(s) here.

AND there were more timeline jumps:






Here was the energy flow around the earth — with lots of missing time chunks, thanks to lame NASA:



Ok, we paused to consume coffee and coffee cake, as part of our regular Saturday meeting, and came back to find this…


…but if you can you see the CME in there, you have sharper eyes than we do.

Anyway, there will be more energy to deal with the rest of this week. Be sure to breathe through it. And you might want to eat light and drink lots of water, too. We need to look at some things, but we’ll address them in the UPDATES.

Huh. It actually feels like Autumn today.



Beautiful Autumn Scenery Wallpapers 10


And another CME:




This from Judith Kusel is so good, we’re giving it a rare re-post. Sounds like what we’ve all been doing with light pitchers and buckets is the logical next step. (Note: We added italics and boldness.) The fact that the leader of the SuperFriends told us the same thing in today’s meeting made it a no-brainer!

I woke up this morning with a crystal clear message which I wish to share with you:

Allow the Divine Energy Force to work through and with you, and do not try to force anything to happen.”


We need to remaster the fine-art of true living, in highest alignment with the Divine Laws.

Brute force begets brute force.

Force creates counter-force.

If you need to force anything into form and being, then you are out of alignment with the Cosmic Energy Flow. Indeed, no force of any kind is needed.

In the highest Dimensional states there is no need to force anything anymore. Indeed brute force or any forcing at all has become redundant!

When you are in highest alignment with the Divine Will and Purpose, with your own highest soul growth and good, all will flow easily and effortlessly. The Law of Synchronicity will set in and you will draw and attract all into your life, at exactly the right moment and in exact form.

Seek the highest guidance and set the intent and then simply allow the energetic unfolding, in perfect Divine Timing.

That is what TRUST and FAITH are all about.

Indeed. We couldn’t have said it better.




One more thing… if you’re still doing this: Turn a permanent LIGHT SPIGOT onto Greater London and think, “REMEMBER SOURCE.”



This might be a TTYB moment. The energy is very high:







Portals are blasting us. Hopefully one of us will survive.


FYI, lots of meters are currently frozen/blown-out. We had some kind of energy event that also seemed to be a timeline jump or sort of something. We’ll try and look at it in the morning. Anyway, Medicina was still working, lookie:



And more:



114 thoughts on “Meterage + More, 8-1 to 8-3-20 [UPDATE5]

  1. Thanks CATs ❤️ Well I have been feeling like I have been burning from the inside out. No sleep last night it was so humid. Oh yes, the nausea and headaches and random pains in the body. Pheweeee!

    Will try the light meditation later this eve 🌟✨🌟

    Much Love and Light to everyone, hope you’re all okay ❤️🙏❤️

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  2. Yikes! Roomie made a35 mile run to the E.R. last night at 1:30 a.m. in extreme pain. Turns out it was a kidney stone. Phew. Needless to say my monkey mind was very busy. I need a nap! I, on the other hand, experienced another pull like I mentioned a few days ago. It’s hard to describe, but it feels like I’m being pulled or moved physically.

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    1. Ha,
      I made my husband take me to the urgent care today. I felt that he would be upset if I took a turn for the worse because of my own denial. Now I can blame it on somebody else should I take the first train out. Nausea, headache, back pain and little sleep for the past 2 days had me thinking kidney issue. I got the standard, “Come back if you feel worse”. At least the urinalysis was normal and I am still here. Walk on. Cay

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  3. You said: “There’s no one meter that really shows this, but nearly all CATs felt either sick, or bone-tired, or had migraines, or were barfing, or felt like they were going to have heart attacks. A rough night, all told.” … no sense in my reading any further this morning. That was this cat yesterday, and it appears it’s sort of continuing today. I suppose it doesn’t help that Sedona is in the middle of a massive “heat wave” … Fall? Don’t I wish. I dream of cool breezes, crisp air. Will I survive this round of “upgrades” ?? Dunno. My sense of humor is gone, my appetite is gone, my will to carry on is gone … egad, CATs! Happy Caturday, regardless, and keep on keepin’ on. I’m going to the cat tree for another nap! 😀 xoxo (I “think” I’m looking forward to the updates (teehee!)

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  4. ❤️🌈 LOVE YOU CAT’S ❤️🌈
    thank you for everything….

    Good morning-good night everybody ❤️🌈

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  5. This just in from Sophia Love via email subscription. She states in the set up that this conversation happened in May 2020 and asked that it be shared.
    July 31, 2020 5:50 AM

    It is I. It is One.

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

    There are things to say.

    These things are stories about your ancestors. These things are summaries about what has happened to your race in the past. These things may shock you to discover. These things are true. Many of them not recorded. Many of them relegated to folklore, tall tales or myth.

    You do not have authenticated versions of these, yet they remain within the lifeblood of your race, as a sort of imprint. They have become, and are, an actual part of who you are, and therefore will strike a chord with you once heard.

    Some of these things inspire your movies and your stories, yet not most. Most remain unsaid. Most remain known in body only, and deeply embedded.

    There were times when your race was openly attacked. These were what you’d now compare to genocides – literal wars on large groups or areas where you had communities. These mass removals of humans were performed by the race of reptilians, the Draco, who had then, and still now, assumed ownership here.
    These genocides happened more than once. They happened to more isolated groups, before there was such mass and direct communication, as there is now via the internet or even the telephone.

    These slaughters were done for multiple reasons. One was as a deterrent. The mere suggestion that such an action was possible, once spread to other clans, would help to instill obedience.

    Another was to obtain minerals. There were areas, where your kind gathered, that were around various mines for gold and/or silver. The Draco desired access to these without interference. A slaughter was the fastest way to gain such access, once the mine was discovered.

    The images inscribed on some very ancient stone here on earth, were attempts to record things seen that were clearly not of the earth. They included beings not human. They showed some violence perpetrated on the race.

    The Draco were always feared for this reason.

    There was never a peaceful co-existence with the race. It began and remained one of dominance and subservience, master and slave.

    In the beginning, they walked among you.

    In many places they were considered gods. Fear was always a component. Worship was not. This was more of an ownership arrangement, than a god/subject arrangement. Ruling Class would be more accurate a term to describe it.

    In every case you should know that ancient carvings and drawings are of real, not imagined, beings. Your ancestors held the same mind you now hold, with its propensity to pass on to subsequent generations, things like knowledge and explanations. The human has always desired to pass on its learning to subsequent generations. In so many cases of your native tribes, this was done verbally.

    The fact of these ideas, drawings and stories not being then written and preserved in your mass produced and taught history books is not by accident. It is, instead, a planned insertion of an intentional story, that directs knowledge down a specific path. The path removes any notion of ownership and control of the human race, particularly the white color of the race.

    Humans were, and are, the slave race. Your beginnings show that clearly and absolutely. You were considered property from the start.

    The idea of slavery as practiced on subsequent subsets of the population, such as Africans by Colonial Americans, is an idea they did not invent. It is in the race, a sort of blueprint for “how to I manage production?” “I take these beings who look different than I do, yet are sentient, and force them to do it for me.”

    This became, eventually and in a more subtle fashion, your “work ethic”. Not work for the sake of self-care, but instead work, as well as sex and any sort of action, for the sake of another. This “other” was initially the Draco and clearly an owner.

    This owner has morphed into what is now called several things, due to confusion about who is who – “The Deep State”, “The Cabal”, “The Illuminati”, and “White Supremacists”.

    There is an order of ownership and rule. Humans are at the bottom of the list. There are instances of further divisions even there, as demonstrated today by color or country of origin. Know that these notions of “separate” and “ruling” come not from you, yet are now a part of your genetic memory.

    The things that were done to your Ancestors were equivalent to slaughter, and complete annihilation; entire colonies wiped out.

    When a species considers itself dominant over all others, justification is not required. Ownership is a fact of your beginning, was taught, and the mass revolting now is the race waking up to that truth. Notice so many of the rioters who do so in violence, are not the color black. It is for reasons they themselves have no access to, that they do this. They are speaking for a race of slavery, and, as well, in many places, (they are) being used opportunistically for political reasons.

    All of this at the call of the owners – whose goal now is absolute control, population reduction, and dominance.

    Every human is being played and right now, by events that are more orchestrated by, than directly performed by, the Draco; the Owners.

    The differences you see are that some of your race gladly participate to retain wealth, power and control such that they have it. Know that even at that level, it is a given control. Done so with permission, after much depravity and inhuman action has been performed. Part of the inhuman action has then been adopted by further sub-sections. It is a convoluted trail of many parts and sub-groupings.

    At every level of participation there is assumed ownership and subservience, and some level of dominance. There is no consideration of equality.

    What I most wanted to impart here is the fact that at no time has the human been free. Your ownership and negation of value is very much a part of your genetic imprint.

    This, partially, is why the Ascension is so very fiercely being fought. All levels of man have something to “lose”; some perceived bit of ownership that will no longer serve him once the race fully wakes up.

    The realization of equality and sovereignty is not a concept that will be appreciated by these factions of life on your planet. There is too much perceived “loss”.

    As was said before, what happens now, and make no mistake, it is happening now, is akin to the sheep revolting and attempting to take over the barn, if not the whole farm.

    This sounds ridiculous in that context, yet it is how the Draco see what is happening now.

    The realization and waking up of the race will happen in levels. Yet it will gradually occur on every level and by every sub-section. For unless equality and sheer freedom is a component of life – it is lived in slavery and only partially realized.

    This time you enter is one of full realization and complete actualization. Even your royalty will go through an awakening. You do not see the top of the food chain, dear human.

    The Ascension happens on every level, once chosen by the individual.

    There are deeper reasons for every action and impulse than are obvious. There are ancestral corrections being made here. It’s all coming forth in this current population, in today’s world, in your Ascension process.

    The force for this shift is so much greater, therefore, than is immediately evident. The force is unstoppable. It happens now and under your watch. You’ve chosen a powerful moment to be alive.

    You will soon see, dear human, you will see.

    That is all for today.

    Thank you.

    The visuals were so very powerful and numerous. The force, or push, from our Ancestors was seen as a wide swath of people, smiling, all glowing brightly from the other side and nodding. All forms of humanity were there – the facial structures and colors and variations were vast. I was reminded of versions seen only in museums of our Ancestors, they were alive and grinning and sort of holding fast the force that was pushing us forward, the correction we are making for what happened here. So much love…

    The visuals of the genocides were awful.

    The personal conclusion here was one of renewed determination. This is our doing, our time to do it, and we not only have the force of the heavens but the force of our Ancestors to help us. We are guaranteed success and are assisted until it happens. Now is that time.

    Insight also into the current generation of what is loosely called the “Millennial” population, meaning those who are in around their twenties right now. They have been a sort of fascination due to their sensitivity; how easily they are “offended”. I believe, or was shown, that they have come to be the physical energy for this correction, having come to adulthood at the heat of it; the most vibrant and forceful part of life.

    They come with an in-bred knowing that they are not to be treated as anything but equal. Age does not matter to one’s soul calling. This generation carries the energy of this correction and feels it deeply. They are fierce and steadfast and have, possibly until now, been unclear on what exactly it was they were here to object to. So, and consequently, they have objected to just about everything that was “labeled” about themselves, that then seemed to box them in to something they did not self-determine; even about whether or not they were male or female. They came to ignite choice. It is an awesome calling. We are honored to have them here.

    I came away from this conversation with such respect for our race, and a feeling of being surrounded with support from every other version of us. It is time. We are here now to do this and it is done in our individual lives and face book shares and petition signings and protesting and video making and conversations. Do what you can. Do what you are called to. The more we do, the faster this completes itself. We are doing this for all of us – today, yesterday and tomorrow.
    The most impactful sentence was this one:

    “There are ancestral corrections being made here.”

    Let’s get this done! Sophia

    Personally, I am feeling the impact of the meterage you posted. Must TTMB now. May all worlds host Love, Light, Peace, Truth. Especially this world! ❤

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  6. Acorns are already coming off the trees here all over the driveway. Every year the seasons blend more and more together.

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  7. I just re-read Sophia’s email and I think the above conversation was from yesterday. She also mentioned a book of hers about conversations from May. Anyway, she also gave a link to this Mooji short meditation which I just did and found very helpful:

    And now, I TTMB. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  8. Oh I love that GIF of the cat in the scarf!! Anyway I agree, woke up feeling like crap from a crappy night’s sleep with very odd dreams. Starting to feel somewhat normal now. The blue jays have been screaming in the woods behind my house for hours, never heard so many do that for so long before, weird. And I just saw the scariest looking yellow and black spider in my garden that looks poisonous, so here I am inside again, also it’s way too hot out, def does not feel like autumn here in the northeast. Thanks for the updates, Cats, I do feel like something is imminent lately, very strongly. Drum roll…………

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  9. Speaking of early Autumn…

    Autumn this year is supposed to start on 09/22/2020.

    9+2+2+2+0+2+0 = 17

    1+7 = 8 = August ?

    and ends on 12/21/2020

    Since 2020 is 2012 according to the Egyptian calendar… hmm…

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  10. Thanks Cats for the validation of how I had interpreted the bodily impact of the energies yesterday. I’m learning what affects me and what I can ride out. It seems like cme blasts knock me off my feet, with timeline jumps coming second. The first is a TTMB scenario and the latter fills me full of wind – too much information 😸
    I was thinking of having a go at making a small rug and the kit I was specifically looking at today was an autumn leaf exactly like the one on the header!
    I’m wondering if the jump in the early hours of the 1st August was the cause of our house alarm going off twice around 2.30am. We could find no reason for it.
    Just finished watching Laura Whitworth’s latest video and she mentions you all at the end. She was very tickled by what you said. It was well worth watching as it was Laura’s own session. What a fascinating person she is.
    Hope you have all recovered your equilibrium today. Love the cat smiling at the leaves.💖💖💖

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  11. So glad I am not the only one feeling bad.
    After shopping and going to the car wash
    I had to TTMB! Love the Autumn pics,
    especially the cat, wearing a scarf, with the
    Autumn leaves 🍁 coming down all around!



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  12. I guess I’m wondering about energies, today too – having a stress attack… I was alone with 5 yr old and all dogs for a few hrs, but doesn’t really explain my pounding thymus area and shaking – it feels funny to say I might ttmb because that’s where I am 85-90% of the time, lol… maybe more…
    ARRGGGHHH – Something feels very weird…


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  13. Just a quick note as I am feeling I have very few words at the moment, have been going a bit bonkers recently but feeling better, although tired today!

    Mum came over today, she is on the mend thank Sourceness!

    Thank you ALL for sending her light and healing. Much, much gratitude and love to everyone


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    1. Yayyy! I’m so glad to hear your mum is doing better Lily! Whatever we were stretched thru recently, it was something. Feel better. Angela

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  14. We have LionsGate and SiriusGate coming up in the next week (or so, if you buy into the time construct). This Magenta Pixie video today is loaded with hidden clues and words (to avoid the A.I.) and I was ‘nudged’ to share it. Now all I have to do is figure out how to post a video …

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    1. Well, did not like the video, something with the images in the background and her narration, I felt that is something strange there, I felt some programing coming from that video, so I did not watched in its entirety, skipped a lot, and eventually stopped watching it, I do not know if I am alone with that feeling while watching that video, but something was off, at least for me ?!

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        1. Same feeling with Magenta Pixie since some time
          I habe an intuitive sensor he he

          *** I’m very careful about videos because of subliminal influence ***

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          1. Hmmm, we think alike 😉, I am finding that my inner voice, my intuition is getting better and better over time ✨

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        2. Ahh, again not under my name ?

          I felt it before while watching her videos, I do not know why, but something is just not right, specially in this video ?


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        3. Agreed. I have not resonated with Magenta Pixie since I first saw her in the old days about 15 years ago. Anyone remember that site? There were so many points of light there.

          BTW, I recently logged in. I have been here quite awhile but as Anonymous. You may recognize me by my energy signature. ❤

          Love to all. Buckets of light to all.

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  15. All this effort to awaken and now I’m wandering around in limbo, for God knows how long? I’d laugh if I thought it wouldn’t come out like an insane laugh.


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  16. Equilibrium issues make sense, for I just got up from another nap and my inner rt ear hurt like it was just replaced. The ichy pricks are coming closer to stabs, and I Feel Fine. Much Love/Light to All. Peace.

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  17. I’ve had various high pitch tones for several days, and have noticed the recent energies. Last night for roughly 2 hours I couldn’t get internet though my cable or cellular service. It was like outside of time & things felt a little odd, it was during that TLJ.
    I just wanted to mention that many of the sensations, symptoms, have been studied, and do relate to solar and cosmic energies. We are energetic beings, and in a sea of electromagnetic, and gravitational energies, the range available to the physical sensory form, is very narrow. The body, CNS, ANS, brain, moods, memory, circadian rhythms, as well as gene expression, are all affected by these forces, as are our fields, and meridians. Even at a molecular level, the blood, and fluids, biochemical, and bioelectrical, are affected by charges, and ionization. The pre-frontal cortex, and amygdala are especially impacted, and this alone, can cause changes in memory, sleep, balance, decision making, mood, discomfort, and anxiety. It’s been helpful for me to do a body scan, use self inquiry, and observation, to help get to the core of what I’m experiencing. It may start as racing heart, anxiety, discomfort, or other feelings. These are physical reactions, but may not be at the root of what is causing ones feelings. Just as an electrical impulse travels to the brain, and may be interpreted as pleasant or painful. There is also a lot of personal, ancestral, collective clearing, and other changes going on. I’ve had yield signs in meditation, a clock running backwards, and images of souls rising up and casting off sleep jumpsuits. Also the words, attenuate, and decouple, have been heard. It’s been said before, but bears repeating, we need to withdraw attention, and investment in the 3D old ways and world. It can be difficult, with loved ones, and family, who aren’t awake, yet all unfolds as necessary for each. The other message, I keep hearing, is to stand in your power, there are many being called to acknowledge, and stand in their mastery. All actions guided by the highest unconditional love and service to the greatest good. The Fathers use for his kingdom, with the gifts and tools he has given you. Just wanted to share, if anything doesn’t resonate toss it out, I’m here at 3D school just like the rest of you, our forms are tools of expression, and experience. Thanks for Being here too! WALightWALoveWAOne Remember Source~ Infinite Love

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    1. ❤️🌈 thank you scott❤️🌈

      we recieve all this energy from the cosmos
      and all this waves of ❤️🌈 LIGHT ❤️🌈 are bringing us Ascension
      and the freedom….

      love Alnilam ❤️🌈

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    2. Scott,
      Thanks for this post. I am feeling better today and breathing Source deeply in and out seems to help in the light column fro symptom relief and blessed sleep. Cay

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  18. Ahhhh! Just finished my latte @ 6:30 pm after getting up from a 2 hour second nap! Roomie and I both feel like we were run over by a very large truck. Bleah! Been chilly here today. Back to sweater and stocking cap with long pants on. Much blessed relief from the recent hot spell. It was 109 degrees on the east side of the mountains. And yes, hillsides of vine maples already turning color as well as conifers already dropping last years old needles.

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  19. I am going between high energy (I am writing a complex novel with the Naga as the controlling group, long story, which is ultimately about forgiveness and healing) and needing to take a nap every day. I feel like I have a hot wire tapped into an infinite Source of energy these days. For many months I have felt like a pillar of light taking in downloads.BTW, the weather is definitely changing here in the Highlands of Western PA.

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  20. Yes, definitely smelled like fall yesterday and today here in AR. Temps dropped, it went from hot and humid to fallish temps and rainy from one day to the next. We must be in one of those areas you saw… several trees on our property have already dropped a lot of leaves. And we definitely felt the incoming whomp last night, hubby didn’t sleep a whole lot, I had waves of anger come over me, release, move it through, breathe, release, move it through, breathe…phew! Otherwise feeling more energetic today, finally! Started a month long heavy metal cleanse to go along with the internal cleansing of old emotions, baggage, guilt etc. Finally have energy again to go out and weed. Clearing and purging, cleaning and clarifying seem to be the topic here. Took the whole cook stove apart today and scrubbed it! Wow! Hope I can keep this up for the month….😂
    Hugs to all!!!

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    1. Like Mexican? Cilantro is a great chelator for heavy metals. Love/Light for You & Hubby. Peace

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      1. Yes,😁, we’ve been eating a lot of tacos lately…I am planning to include cilantro, chlorella and such in a week or so, started with a nano zeolite clay formula, am going slow in the beginning to not shake too much loose at once. I am notorious about not drinking enough water, too. So I’ve got to improve that before I go full blast…thanks for the love and advice!!!

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  21. Thanks cats for asking for light over London I live in SE England so not far away so was drawn to light pour a while ago. I found I needed a light equivalent of a fire hose and had to leave it running 😹😻
    It will be interesting to hear what others pick up
    And I will of course do some more. Now where did I leave that hose?😂😂
    Thanks NewLynn for prompting me to post this info
    Love and light to all 💜🌈

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  22. Massive protests in Germany, London…

    Could this be the beginning of the ‘Howl’?!

    Sending so much light to these places, brother and family & many friends live in Greater London, wrapping everyone in Light and Protection 🌟🙏🌟

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    1. Yes, have you seen the footage out of Berlin? The mainstream TV station called it 17,000 people, comparing photos to the big love parades from 15-20 years ago shows that the crowd size is the same. Those were events that drew over a million people!!!! I am told directly from Berlin that the protest was peaceful. Antifa was there but couldn’t do a thing against a crowd this large!

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      1. veni vidi 11 ❤️ According to a post on Simon Parkes’ blog the numbers taking part in the Berlin Protests were more like 800,000!

        Much Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️

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  23. As Elon Mask tweeted that the pyramids are built by the aliens, following that tweet I found this great documentary about pyramids builders, I like this kind off documentaries, maybe somebody else here would like it too ✨

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    1. They were built by humans with ET planning, ET advice, and ET tools; the tools were loaners and had to be returned when work was finished, which is why we have no evidence of them, save for the pyramids themselves and some odd precision rock cuts. In some cases, advanced humans “sung”/chanted the blocks up into the air (about three inches) while other humans moved them. Took six such humans to do the heavy lifting. Rocks are ALIVE. You can talk to them. They like being sung to. In fact, our human gift is creativity, so rocks and trees and animals LOVE it when you tell them a (nice) story. They won’t listen to you if you tell a not-nice story, ’cause they’ve already lived it.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Do you which ET race gave a help, when, and for what purpose were built ?

        Same ET race help with building pyramids in other parts off Earth like in South America, China and even one in Bosnia, or is that one in Bosnia actually older then this ones in Egypt and South America ?

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        1. Do you know, should write, but I think it could be understood from a content, ahhhh, my brain is a mash lately 😣

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      2. Lifting blocks by singing and chanting? Now THAT rocks!!!!!!
        😂🤣 So sorry, could not resist!
        But seriously, I would LOVE to learn how to do that…

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        1. That rocks 😂good one! The tibetans have similar accounts of trumpets, and chanting and acoustic levitation. Much power in the spoken word and knowledge of frequency and vibration.

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    1. 14:00 UTC, ahhh, maybe it would be better not to write nothing more today, I am finding correcting myself over and over…. 😣

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  24. I’ve seen people preaching that soon we’re all going to experience the Event and boom, we’ll all be in 5D together. Oh yeah? Do you see this happening anytime soon? Why is it that those who made it to 5D level are still on the same earth as those who aren’t? I know they haven’t permanently separated from the lower dimensions because their energy is still required in the lower dimensions to help wake up the sleeping.
    What I want to know is, if it’s so easy for everyone to go to 5D, then why did I do all the work on myself? It’s simple. Because doing the work on yourself is still the way to 5D and the people who say everybody and his brother is going to just instantly ascend is full of it. We’re going to get to 5D by doing the work on ourselves. When our world changes enough, aligns with GESARA law, and we all start telling the truth and practising the truth through universal law, and stop attacking others because we don’t have an answer to their questions, stop attacking others because they’re different from us, then we’ll get to 5D. I see this as a long process for humanity; not something that’s going to happen in a grand solar flash.
    Ivo: The incoming energies will purify the people of earth more and more to ready them for Gaia’s return to 5D. When Gaia will return to 5D is a matter of quite a while. We do not see this happening for at least 10 years. Those who are older and ready to go to 5D will either pass on and then incarnate on 5D earth or will ascend within this lifetime. There are many already holding that frequency now, and these people are guarded from any ill effects of the lower dimensions being played out upon earth now although they still do affect them.
    There are many who have extraterrestrial contact and are working with us to help change the earth’s fortunes. They can be considered fifth dimensionals, however they are still capable of accessing fourth dimensional earth for this work.
    Me: What about flying people to 5D earth via saucer?
    Ivo: This has been done.
    Me: And they’re living there already?
    Ivo: No, they go back and forth with us.
    Me: You haven’t taken me.
    Ivo: I will be.
    Me: Cool. I’m more interested in 5D Vega.
    Ivo: But for now, you are still part earthling and so you can see the new earth in the fifth dimension. She is already there and she is carrying you towards joining her there.

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    1. No one has made it to 5d. They won’t be able to until AFTER The SHIFT, but they have to start on 4d. Some people are existing simultaneously at 4d and 3d. ETs are at various densities/”levels.” It’s NOT easy to get to 5d. At all. And the work on yourself is only half of it: you have to work for everyone else, too. Unselfish service to others gets you to 5d, not individual accomplishment. All will wind up where they will be best served. We’ll be very surprised if more than 20% of humanity goes to the NE. They just aren’t ready, yet.

      Gaia isn’t going to “return” to 5d. She’s going to evolve to 4d, then 5d, the 6d, etc. It might happen all at once, up to 9, we’re not sure.

      And you can’t “fly people to 5d” in a ship. It would kill those not ready for it. ETs don’t have a magic wand that can raise your vibration. It has to come from work YOU do, with yourself, and for others.


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    2. Meaning no disrespect Anonymous but glazing over this post I feel these thoughts are somewhat disconnected and there’s no sense of Oneness 😯. The word that would describe the totality of the comment is Egocentric. This is a time when we are compelled to seek our own Truth within ourselves, and sharing our discovery to assist us All. We are all on separate journeys to the same destination. When (or Time) is not the consideration. All is as it is, We are where we are, We are One 🌈💗


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    1. Sadly, this is fake.
      It’s from a TV show. Can’t remember it’s name.
      The Russian commentator’s comments don’t line up with the video.

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  25. Hello Everyone,
    This might not be on topic but it is something
    that I have been thinking about. I have noticed
    that usually when the CATs help people they do
    it in a style that I would call “tough love.” They
    don’t usually seem to like to hold our hands or
    paws, whichever the case may be. I have found
    this to be true with AA Michael, as well. Someone I know, who works with Michael, has this kind of contact with him. If, however, he
    were to work with me this way I would probably
    end up in tears! I like hand holding and a lot of
    reassurance. There were some comments, when
    the CATs were helping Mark, that felt that maybe the CATs were too tough on him! The CATs responded by saying that they knew that
    Mark could take it. Keeping that in mind, I have
    placed Post-It notes around my house so that if
    I feel I am on the verge of a break down, I can read them, and follow the CATs advice. The
    Post-It notes say, “Have a bath 🛁 or shower 🚿
    and then have a cup of tea ☕️!!

    With love to all, ❤️🌈💐❤️🌈💐❤️


    relationship with him. I

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  26. Anyone heard anything of Allison Coe, she seems to have completely dropped of the radar or made the shift?

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  27. Huh 😎

    , and there are more revelations there ✨

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      1. more real than that it can not be, in my opinion
        and vibrant with humor!…
        the president’s brother can say things the President cannot say

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          1. ha! thank you for the sweet answer.
            he is just playing, i feel, placing funny jokes to drive the dark crazy


  28. To tie in with Perica’s posts above, Terran Cognito has a new post this evening with some interesting info of the current earth situation : From August 1 and 2
    A quote that struck me: “THE “NEW EARTH” IS THE “ORIGINAL EARTH.” IN OUR BEST ESTIMATION” There is also mention of One and the progenitors. Fascinating stuff; I wish I understood more of it!
    We are LLT and One. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  29. sheesh I lived. I was down for the count all day yesterday. And today got hit for a couple of hours again. what in the heck is going on. it’s been a long time since I’ve had a hit like that. I hope more than one Cat survived….wellness check..

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      1. Good to hear, that was rough. I feel so good today, just not feeling bad. I’m waiting for my gift. Always after these (through the years) I get something new. A perk a gift. Kinda makes it worth it :/

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        1. And by gift I mean some kind of enhancement. One time my hearing really improved. Which it turns out isn’t such a great enhancement when you’re so uber sensitive to sound. One time I was able to draw better than before. Different things over the years. I guess the sun is peeling away levels when it singes you like that. Uncovering a “gift” in yourself. Painfully. Ah well, we did volunteer for this…

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      2. Har! Went out into the “normal” world yesterday. Was going to Whidbey Island for a day adventure. Got down the road a ways and realized “What was I thinking?” Went to masked supermarket for supplies. Everyone was masked with absolutely hostile weird energies. Egad!!! Went to lunch at one of my other favorite restaurants. I’d not been there in months. Restaurant itself was nearly empty, but apparently a the back deck overlooking the bay and harbor were full. Glad I avoided the masses. I watched as people would walk in fully masked and gloved and go to the outside area. One youngish woman, entered fully masked and proceeded to cover both hands with the available hand sanitizer and proceeded to “cleanse ” her hands for at least 3 minutes. I felt so very sad for her. I forgot to pour SOURCE on her, however upon remembering this, I just did. The latest shipment of glorious golden variegated hostas arrived yesterday so I’ve spent the morning placing them for Gardener to plant tomorrow. One finds pleasure in small things these days. I’m pooped so I’m thinking it’s time for first naps. Cheers

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  30. Keep getting pulled under every few hours. Lots of mini naps today. No pain, but certainly quite a bit of energy flow. Between high heart and the pineal. I hope everyone is doing ok. This is certainly something new.

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      1. (There are many highly devoted Servants of Source,
        sent by Him to this Earth,
        who are not to be known too early)
        Georgy Stankov works fully in Light and in Truth.
        Many fuss as he just speaks Truth so directly!
        The Representative of great Bulgarian Masters
        Peter Deunov and Mickhael Aivanov.
        He initiated a call for urgent Divine Intervention, to stop
        ANY possible new nuclear attack, as the one in Beirut.
        Nuclear bombs were long before absolutely forbidden by Source:
        their effect goes far beyond Earth & damage the soul substance.

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            1. So, You are saying that it was just a “normal” accident, nothing “special” about it ?

              What about some other explosions around the Earth ?

              This is forwarded by Laura Whitworth on her Twitter account, also just a coincidence ?


            2. Well, Yes, sometimes this kind of humor is needed to put someone in a right track, M6 do not hesitate with a stick if I or anyone else for that matter go astray 😉✨

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            3. Just to close the one loop:



              There actually a little more ammonium nitrate stored in Beirut than on that French cargo ship in Galveston Bay in 1947. The blast was not nuclear, nor did it involve a missile. Still, the ca8al touched it off because they needed a new prime-time tragedy distraction.

              -CAT Eds.

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  31. dear CAT’S

    today at 11.30 London time I felt so strange it was 3.30 Pacific time
    I even messured my blood pressure and it was unnormally high
    because I use to have low pressure (100) I was expecting something like 98
    but surprisingly it was 176 and 130 pulse….

    Was there any gamma burst? at this time? 12.30 UTC

    thank you Alnilam ❤️🌈

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    1. Hm. None of the meters are showing any untoward activity. You might live near a portal. They’ve been off-the-hook, energywise, the past week. Or you were experiencing your own personal upgrade.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. But I think that I do live near portal, so that energies could come from a portal near by ?

        Is it too much to ask CAT’S if You can check if there is a portal near me ?

        Thank You



      2. @Perica

        I live 38 km Road, but distance beeline is 25 km to a stargate *LuzBay*
        so I guess it has influences.

        Perica about Kabamur: I allways had some suospiscion about him, the same Cobra
        and his comment about the fire in Beijing showed me, I was right. It’s a lie. Never ever from Plejadiens to combat the virus.

        So many agents here now to tell us stories and lies…

        Our athmosphere is highly electric full of plasma and so we have this lightenings. It is from the cosmos and it’s for benefit. Earth have to change.

        Being the observer like in cinema and not judging anything anymore.

        love Alnilam ❤️🌈

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        1. I agree, it is better to distance from all off that and just keep high vibration 😉✨


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