These were updates from a previous post, but seem to have been lost in the shuffle. Here they are again, reiterated. They are both important.



This from Judith Kusel is so good, we’re giving it a rare re-post. Sounds like what we’ve all been doing with light pitchers and buckets is the logical next step. (Note: We added italics and boldness.) The fact that the leader of the SuperFriends told us the same thing in today’s meeting made it a no-brainer!

I woke up this morning with a crystal clear message which I wish to share with you:

Allow the Divine Energy Force to work through and with you, and do not try to force anything to happen.”


We need to remaster the fine-art of true living, in highest alignment with the Divine Laws.

Brute force begets brute force.

Force creates counter-force.

If you need to force anything into form and being, then you are out of alignment with the Cosmic Energy Flow. Indeed, no force of any kind is needed.

In the highest Dimensional states there is no need to force anything anymore. Indeed brute force or any forcing at all has become redundant!

When you are in highest alignment with the Divine Will and Purpose, with your own highest soul growth and good, all will flow easily and effortlessly. The Law of Synchronicity will set in and you will draw and attract all into your life, at exactly the right moment and in exact form.

Seek the highest guidance and set the intent and then simply allow the energetic unfolding, in perfect Divine Timing.

That is what TRUST and FAITH are all about.

Indeed. We couldn’t have said it better.




The following call to action might seem to contradict the above notion, but this is the YIN exception to the rule, since all you’re doing is REMINDING PEOPLE of their SOURCE connection. Those who are doing the “Remember SOURCE” light pouring action, here’s one to put at the top of the list.

Turn a permanent LIGHT SPIGOT on onto London and Greater London. It’s extremely important.



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86 thoughts on “ONGOING: TASK #4

  1. Light Spigot on, this sounds serious, as I said before, I’m really worried as my brother and my family live in greater London as do many friends.

    Much Love ALL, Stay Safe Everyone 🙏❤️🙏

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  2. Will do! (Did see this in the previous post, too, so something may indeed be awry if they are “coming and going”, so to speak…)

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  3. Quite the jump! I had a clone of a plant that was real healthy looking yesterday. Sooo, I figured I would put it in the garden in a day or two. Went to add water, and It was wilted this afternoon. So I guess it missed the list for highest good in a salad/smoothie. Peace.

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  4. Yes, I turned it on earlier when I saw it. Today is a lovely squeezing grape day, so I didn’t write. But it is done. I do feel that it does not infringe on free will. It is a protection, a Grace that is freely offered. An alternative option to what is foisted upon. It is entirely free will to accept it, or not.

    My daughter had a strange dream this morning. She was in a community with rows upon rows of houses a nice community, she wasn’t sure where. A storm was approaching, a bad one. And president Trump was there. At one point she turned to look at his car (which looked like a smaller expensive black car in the dream.) and it was right in the path of the storm, and she said to him,”you can’t go back that way, it’s right in front of the storm” tornado, whatever – it was nasty. And everyone took off in another direction. She said there was a HUGE wave, but somehow they were all protected in some kind of a clear tunnel. Only fat drops where splattering on the clear arched roof. The full wave never over came them.

    Things are getting steamy….
    Happy Pouring everyone. I’m very happy to be standing with a lovely group for this. Love, Angela
    ouch, ouch! – back to the recliner 😦

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  5. Wise Words from Amanda Ellis ❤️

    Please Stay Strong, Please Stay True, Please Stay In The Light (to everyone on this planet)

    Love you ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  6. Dear Brother J, Please enjoy the rest of this nougat with me. I know I have had quite a lot but I am acting in service to others to protect Elsie from tooth decay and hyperactivity 😊❤️

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  7. Done.

    Thank you for this task, I have many happy memories of London — so more than willing to send tons of light there.

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    1. Thank you !!…Much appreciated……I live close to the M25 orbital motorway for Greater London….negative energies here are intense…..Epicentre probably in the City of London financial district , domain of Cabal wizardry…💜🙏

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      1. I am reading a fiction book about how wizards live in London and they ARE the ministers of the government. They consider themselves better than commoners, have special “magical” powers that they use to summon demons (djinni) who are bound by the spell to do whatever the magician says, including kill people and overthrow the government. So many reflections of these last hundreds of years in the story.

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  8. I did see this whenever it was first posted and did the London pour sometime subsequent – can’t seem to keep track of anything lately – lost in time??
    I will feel around my energy life to see if anything is wanting done…

    Wasn’t sure if my first morning of my 71st year was going to be my last – something was going on this morning – forgot what, but ‘little dog’ threw herself spine-side to my chest, glued herself there and plastered her head (back side) to my face – opposite what she usually does – superglued there for a great long time… still living, so must have done something – was hungrier in subsequent hrs than for months – luckily food came into house last night – had key lime pie yogurt, a banana and cherrio-type cereal for breakfast – it was yummy combo…

    I live in hope my capacities don’t dwindle too much before there is a change of residence…
    Happy tasking, all


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      1. Ha! Christopher, my family gave me 1/2 a whole key Lime pie for my birthday – caused a meltdown for my autistic granddaughter – she liked bringing it in to me and the song sung but didn’t want to leave it with me although she did have some outside my room with the rest of the family – I was so sorry she had the meltdown, whole silent screaming and shaking head thing – sigh – some things are just hard for her to understand at whatever her 5 1/2 yr old brain makes her – did resolve eventually – I tried not to let it effect my own enjoyment of it’s yumminess…
        Life has some hard lessons, like sharing yummy pie… 🙂


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        1. Kg ❤️ Sending much Love & Belated Wishes✨🎂💖🌈

          So happy you enjoyed the beautiful key lime pie despite outbursts/meltdowns ☺️☀️☺️

          Elsie is screaming on and off an awful lot at the moment and had driven me to ear plugs to keep sanity quite a few times!

          Love, Hugs, Peace, Joy

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  9. Ok. It’s ON. In a flowing with “Divine Source of the Utmost Integrity and Purity” kinda way. 😉



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  10. Dear Cats, I live in this area. What are we up against in here? For months, I have been out-bursting a bit of E waves to keep this area “purer. Should I put myself in a warrior mode? (How?) All the best.

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  11. Did this task after seeing the previous post and again today. Fell into a deep sleep both times. I’m still trying to get through the light staff meditation. I get to the holding the light staff and getting comfortable with it, while listening for the tone but promptly fall asleep! I’ll keep at it. I’m sure Source and guides know what’s best for me.

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  12. It’s done. It felt so powerful to me, that I did most major cities after that. I see this image of the huge spaceships that show up in the War of the Worlds, except now there are giant pitchers of continuous flowing Golden Source Light pouring down on all of these cities.

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        1. Sorry, when I read your message I got a flash of that beach and that terrible time when the captured Nazi soldiers, most of them quite young, had to clear mines from there… which they themselves laid, of course… people blowing up. Few Americans understand the aftermath of WWII (or WWI) since they pretty much packed up and went home afterward. Sorry to bring up bad memories. ALL CATs have were killed in WWI and we still have trauma from it, and from WWII, and Korea, and French Indochina (with those terrible cabal-transplanted German mercenaries) before it became Vietnam. Brrr. Funny how one little name and image can pull that whole thread out of you. If people knew how many lives they’d had on other planets, other stars, going back 14 billion years… yikes.

          Some CATs don’t like to be around people at all, or even socialize –or run the comments section — because we’re so plugged-in that we can SEE everything. It takes effort to turn it off. And it often does pull these threads, not for us, for everyone else… who are also us… so it has to be done. Meeting someone and suddenly seeing all their tragic backstory all at once, even in where they live… it’s a bit much. The New Earth will be paradise, indeed. No tragic backstories. Sorry, I was rambling.


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          1. Yeah, WW1 has been on my ‘radar’ so to speak. I must have been involved one way or another. If you didn’t want to fight, you got shot by your own side… Such horrors…This lifetime my oldest daughter got bone cancer at the age of 10. She passed over at age 17, after many horrendous ordeals. Bring at the hospital, witnessing children of all ages, from babies on, being effected by cancer was really horrendous. It was like being in a war zone, in a M.A.S.H. unit… It was like these children were all wounded as if by war inflicted wounds…some in the gut, a lot in the limbs, some in the head…really awful to witness.

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          2. Wow, ignorance really is bliss. Sorry you are all so plugged in, careful for what you wish for, huh…


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          3. Thank you for sharing, Cat11. I can hardly imagine how difficult that must be, but in my past of this lifetime, whenever I would read an article in the newspaper of an accident (falling out window and the like) I could immediately feel what all those left were feeling and it was awful. I had to stop getting the newspaper.

            I am reallllllly interested to know what planets I have lived on!!! Perhaps in MY new earth, I will know that information and celebrate it!(?)

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            1. You would find that it’s pretty much the same, over and over again, only with different faces and backdrops. It’s a hindrance to know your past until you’re ready for it. Best to concentrate on making you in the NOW the best you that you can. If people realized how many lives they’d had, and how this spirit/body thing really worked, they’d lose all fear, they’d start living their lives fearlessly — and selflessly.


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          4. I caught a slug in the back of the head in maybe Korea(or ww1/2). I had just threw a grenade out of the blown out bldg, We were using for cover. Felt like friendly fire/maybe someone did not care for Me. All’s cool/forgiven/released. Saw lots of pouring on London, Love Is expanding. Peace.

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            1. I have a port wine stain at the base of my skull that made me wonder — head on a stake somewhere along the line? Quite the diff to know something like that happened vs reliving it! -yikers

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  13. Not sure where to ask this but… totally unrelated question.

    Is B1den faking his brain problems as an excuse to avoid future prosecution?

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    1. He’s not faking them… though he *is* trying to play old and feeble, for a number of reasons (he’s being pushed into being the Dem candidate, but he doesn’t want to do it). But we still see him eventually going down: losing the election (HUGELY, wow), and being arrested for past crimes. He only has himself to blame. Hopefully he’ll learn from this experience, but he’s sure off to a slow start.

      -CAT Eds.

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  14. For those interested in summary, begin at 38 mins. This post by Penny Kelly gave me hope that humanity may get back into living from the heart. Many things explained in the legal and financial sectors of which I was unaware in the U.S.
    I Am Love. I Am Light. I Am One. Cay

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  15. Never sure where to place a comment these days – The latest Lion portrait has such intense powerful, intelligent green eyes – there is another word – that I can’t find – as a descriptor something besides DEPTH… ? doesn’t matter, but just want to keep staring into them…

    I… I asked, was working with… something… with SOURCE, Brother J, then the Marys were added and some AAs, this morning?? – at first it was to do with my daughter then her and her partner then to the rest of her family then the extended family, then extending further – don’t know how EXTENDED the family got but was quite a long session – of course I’ve lost most of it memory-wise – they all seem to be having quite a difficult thrashing about emotionally with these energies – my granddaughter’s looks changed, I think dramatically the last day or so (I think the baby, too, but that may be normal??) and autistically having quite a hard time emotionally – I would ask for some gentle light pours for them all, but not sure how much they can stand/handle… There are additional perception reasons for things to effect my daughter so profoundly – I won’t go into – I don’t really know how she has remained sane in life… I think I did the light staff work with them, too, but the memory has become vague – I never do these things without asking their or higher guidance permission…
    I think I’ve lost track of what I was sharing – my dog has been very attentive, so may be having inner things going on, too..
    Love you all,
    May better times come soon( : ) )

    PS: thank you all CATs, Ms and Am and other Associates from elsewhere for all you do, have done, endured… I'm very grateful for the path that led me here in perfect timing and led me to all others here as well,,, as WELL… ❤

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        1. I was actually ‘looking’ for you to see where to post my “Thank you” for your kind words to me in a previous post. 😁 As always, you have kind words for everyone here who needs one – Bless you indeed! 🙏

          I hope your friends in London feel safe and protected with all the Light Pitcher flowing non-stop. I shared that Task #4 to my friends, too, asking them to pour Light over London and Greater London.

          Hugs and Lights to you, Elsie and Skylar (checked that it means “noble scholar.”) 💖💖💖

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          1. Phoenix ❤️ You are more than welcome 🙏

            As far as I know everyone is okay thank Sourceness! Thank you (and everyone) for pouring Light on London. I grew up in North East London….Will be wonderful to one day see all that centuries old (perhaps longer) darkness disappear from there…

            As for beautiful Skylar, I made such a big mistake. Another lesson learnt in deciphering Elsie’s communication with me. I thought she really wanted to adopt Skylar but she screamed every time the kitty came ear her. I think the idea of a cat, especially when playing games on her i-pad or just seeing cute pictures etc…is so very far from the reality of having one in your home. The more Elsie screamed, the more Skylar tried to make friends…Felling very guilty for putting everyone including puss through it. Silly mummy…😔

            Much Love & Hugs 🙏❤️🙏


  16. Israel was bombing in Syria last night. Could this be an attempt to start WWIII? So terrible! They have been known to use micro nukes, whatever those are. I didn’t think the galactics and SF were going to allow that. What is happening? A diversion to hide something else, like the G. Maxwell documents being leaked online? Trying to hold the Light, Love and Truth, but I may need to TTMB for a meditation and some ever-elusive sleep. ❤

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  17. Interesting morning… many dreams, not remembered, some military-ish…

    Also kinda weird, but not… received input of family members NEXT destinations, all different – 2 were same sort of destination, but unrelated life purposes/paths, but then made sense and I was happy about, for that person… was interesting a bit maybe bizarre is not the right word, but interesting – could ultimately see how each was where they’d be best served…
    don’t know if this information coming to me indicates any soon-ness – not sure if sanity may reign in any way in this family much longer – kind of makes me sad, but not, too… feel at peace – just trying to breathe…

    Mental peace to all, and remembering to breathe…
    love to all,

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  18. What Simon Parkes has reported about the bomb in Lebanon:
    The explosion in Beirut was Chinese weapons and explosives supplied to the Lebanon, and stored in a deep underground bunker – Not in a regular warehouse.
    Unclear if a ground penetration missile was used or agents got into the store with timer charges.
    Pouring Light on the region! ❤


  19. Interesting video of Lightning Strike on apartment block in China,
    which travels from building to ground,not from the sky and also multiple angles there seems to be large things (Dragon like) flying past,
    test run for Bluebeam maybe?

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  20. Veterans Today site has been running with this headline for the last three hours:
    Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. Confirm (continually updating)
    Trump confirms this was a bombing, not an accident and is immediately scourged by pro-Israel press…starting with the Daily Beast
    Lots of local videos, pictures, etc.

    Deep breaths.
    We are the LLT, ONE. May all worlds host Love. ❤ ❤ ❤
    Laura 2:22 am EDT 8/5/2020


      1. I’ve been reading for years now that our Galactic friends will not allow nukes to be used and have in fact disabled them all. True? Not that there aren’t still some nasty weapons out there; Rod of God comes to mind, a telephone pole sized rod of tungsten dropped from orbit…..

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        1. Mostly true, but a nuke went off in the Ukraine a few years ago, destroyed by white hats. And another in Iraq some years ago. And one in the sea floor off the coast of Japan to cause that tsunami. Our Galactic friends have missed a few. Only SOURCE is perfect.

          -CAT Eds.

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      2. i get it that they hide them in the fertilizer –
        and the second explosion might have been called remotely,
        like 9/11


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