YATJ #54 & Roast Week [UPDATE3]

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 9.15.17 AM

Happy Monday. We’ve had another jump. Expect jumps all the time, going into May.

Even more shocking, NASA finally admitted recent CMEs happened…



Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 9.23.22 AM

…or they’re just lazy.

If the energy last night was any indication, we’re gonna get roasted Wave X style this week. Expect a week of WHOMP roastage. Here was the latest biggie:

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 9.25.53 AM
This one lasted a while, check the LOOP. Could’ve just been the angle.

Again, these aren’t directed at us, but we feel them anyway… if last night was any indication. Here’s the Tomsk SR, which is basically the echo of the energy that occurred… perhaps on the 20th:


Everyone’s unsure of how long it takes for Wave X energy to go from the sun to the earth, as it’s always different, and with so many flares and CMEs, it’s tough to tell which one is doing what. But these latest ones were pretty big, so… expect roasting… and expect more CMEs. The jury is still out on whether there will be a “calm before the storm” right before The SHIFT, and whether it will come from inside or outside — or both, same difference.

Also… we are personally getting new abilities turning on so a lot of you should be getting them, too. We’re gonna keep these new ones to ourselves for now.



Let the WHOMPs begin… with authority:


That also marks a timeline jump:

Note the drop at far right…

AND note that the whole afternoon and evening are gone, at least on these charts…

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 9.20.25 PM
It’s 1:22 UTC as of this moment.

But wait, there’s more:




Neutron counts have dropped again…


…with solar activity also suppressing cosmic (gamma) rays:


AND we had a GRB:



Kinda speaks for itself:




Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.34.41 AM



This is from yesterday. We were too tired to post it:

These meters are starting to look like “TRON.”





Wave X rules:

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 1.05.51 PM

174 thoughts on “YATJ #54 & Roast Week [UPDATE3]

  1. Thank you cat’s!!!!

    “Even more shocking, NASA finally admitted that recent CMEs happened…”

    But from mainstream channel Suspiscious Observers downsizing of nothing strong.

    But me and even my husband are feeling the energies since two days now
    nausea, head empty feeling and weak digestion. HUHU BHU!

    I even can not stay long on the computer.

    Thank you for all your advices and nice words. Ifeel cozy here with all my friends on the ascension timeline ❤

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  2. Yes… Had anothet physical confirmation of timeline jump.

    My son had bern an avid gamer and collector. He purchased deluxe editions and kept them prustine in their boxes. One item that came in these collectors set was a lanyard from Gears of War2.

    I took it to hold my house key as i walked my puppy so i wouldn’t lose it and give me comfort to have a little piece of him to take wherever i went.

    One day after coming home? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Broken hearted

    And in utter disbelief!

    I had used it TO unlock the door TO enter the house!!!!


    On top of loss of key
    It was my son’s
    and i mourned the loss

    Well… Last night? I moved the sofa chair i sit in so i could reclyne and lo and behold there it was!

    Now you might think it had been there ALL along. … But NO

    When i clean?
    (each room at least once a week)
    I move ALL furniture to one end to sweep AND mop then back again

    I have moved and cleaned under THAT chair DOZENS of times SINCE it was lost

    In ALL certainly
    It was NOT there before
    And now it IS

    I was on lesson 123 yesterday:

    ” i thank my Father for His gifts to me”

    And thank Him… I did 💗💗💗

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      1. Also One Who Believes

        Precious brother i slways listen to what others say and how they perceive as revelations of Who THEY are and what lies withIN THEIR hearts ❤

        The love inside of YOUR heart is what I’m thankful for today

        ( i REALLY felt that. Like eyes leaking snd all.. thank you! Sorry clumsy with my words today) 💌

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    1. All the time 🙂

      My partner thinks I’m joking, but things move around here like crazy. From small stuff at home to entire buildings. One day I couldn’t find the way to the bank any more, it just wasn’t there. Not a big loss, but still; this is a tiny village, there’s really nowhere to hide. Last time it was back, but felt super weird to walk.

      Whatever will be, it’s certainly less boring than it used to.


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      1. “It just wasn’t there”!
        Extra dry, just a completely rational observation, no big deal, happens all the time…:D
        That’s what always makes me smile, when normal people would be collapsing, nearly loosing their spark and rapidly drifting into PTSD, would they experience something like that…
        Not far from Monty Python’s humour, I would say!

        Thank you for laugh ~sifoo :)))

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        1. My pleasure 🙂

          I don’t watch movies much anymore, reality is better entertainment by far. And cheaper too. I have my moments when I’m tearing the house into pieces to find a lighter, but most of time time I’m deep into observer mode by now. It’s sad and hilarious at the same time that billions of people manage to convince themselves on a daily basis that their materialistic experience is consistent.



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  3. Yes, feeling it(them), thank you for the update –
    Had some free floating irritation/agitation yesterday – some extreme heat at some point, headachey- didn’t sleep til after 5 am this morning – my skull from the top of my ears, forehead feels like it’s trying to detach from the rest of head – I just try to roll with everything generally – just assume I’m symptom-ing with you all 🙂 Oh, yes, my eyes are roasting, too…
    As we are having yet another inspection tomorrow I would appreciate some degree of functionality today – thank you SOURCE in advance – if there is such a thing… advance, I mean, since it’s all happening in now-ish-ness…

    Oh… on a past note concerning the thirsty/not thirsty, hungry/not hungry – wanting something, having no idea what – nothing fits feeling – I’ve had that accompanied by frustration on and off over the past 5 or so years, so maybe not the same thing, but struck a chord.

    Odd reaction to the update images, graphs and most especially the circle CME ‘recording’ – immediately got wonky/dizzy when looking at them – hasn’t happened before… like I was in the middle of the energy not just looking at a representation of it – maybe there never is any difference between the two…

    much love, greater immersion in SOURCE and peace with that,


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  4. Is the Event the Shift & the Shift the Event? Does it even matter? Seems we’re in the exit window which can’t come fast enough. The naughty covens on Earth are kicking & screaming. holy-moley.

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  5. It started about lunchtime today MEST, I suddenly felt weird, had weird thoughts, weird body sensations and was super tired, wanted to be alone and meditate.
    Meanwhile I can tell if the jump affects my own timeline or not. These are the rare days when I feel like dying.
    Question: I have chosen my timeline and always got confirmed: it does not change, I’m still on it. But it obviously can be affected – how and why?
    And sometimes it feels more like an other timeline bumping into mine to say “hi” – then I feel just weird and tired, or maybe have to purge a little something. Thats today.
    We really need some timelinejump scientists
    So I thought there might be a timelinejump today, let check on Cats…. hmmm nothin’. As you were still sleeping over there in the USA hahaa
    But here you go
    Thanks for the confirmation and all your voluntary work 😙
    Lets see how’s the night gonna be

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    1. Excellent questions, I love your mind….
      re: “timelinejump scientists”, since 2011 I have had the saddest time imaginable, always trying to find any Timeline info in this reality dungeon.


      So when YOU are already on the highest Earth Timelines, (which ironically you yourself had to create), there is nowhere for you to jump TO…..unless you create more and more *higher* Timelines for yourself / the Collective.
      Which we do in our Sleep State.

      (first heard about this from Magenta Pixie’s ‘Council of Nine’ intel, on how Timelines operate in this particular experimental Ascension ~ they said only the Highest Frequency lightworkers are generating the higher probability Timelines)

      SMH….and about THAT — I’ve been contemplating over and over recently, that perhaps we should set the intention to stop doing that Now???

      If WE are continuously/automatically generating these higher Timelines, then is this what is causing this amazingly stupid DELAY in launching The Shift / Flash..
      …because we are constantly providing more opportunities for everyone else to jump higher and higher and higher — when the bleep do we decide to ceiling-cap this and STOP, for instance that’s high enough already, let’s get this show on the road to Auntie’s house, for beejezuz sake already.
      Instead of waiting (for what, really) through these now-endless self-inflicted, self-produced Timeline jumps that only the lower-frequency crowd is experiencing.

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      1. @Anonymous, I love you, you freaking Genius!
        First of all, I feel with you having struggle finding any helpful info, so do I.
        Thanks for your loving reply, it is exactly what I needed to read. Surely Higher self was talking about this all the time, but when am I really listening huh….
        So you stop creating Timelines, and jumps, when in state of fully loving flow, surrender and trust – basically Samadhi but thats outdated meanwhile.


          1. I know. Never claimed I could. Maybe someone else do, but def never ever me. I liked the idea


        1. It is all about the flow, surrender and trust
          Not about creating timelines. But reading this post just reminded me to go into the flow/trust/surrender mode again, as I needed it so badly today

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  6. 11:54 Monday morning. I was just looking out my window at the gorgeous blooms with no attention paid to the background when I re directed my attention to it. How funny was it to catch it reform into the vista it was supposed to be. There was a split-split second lag time before it re-formed into itself. Just remember what you are focusing on! This is becoming quite a hoot! (It would be quite disturbing to someone who is unaware of what’s happening)

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  7. What do you mean by “jump”?

    Something to do with reality, people, consciousness, etc?

    Jumping implies some type of movement, specifically a vertical one, at least initially.

    But what goes up must come down.

    So what is meant “jump” in this and other blog postings?

    Thank you.

    – Jackson


      1. Then you are saying we are moving “from one timeline to another” seemingly everyday now–not only the curators of this site, but many people in the “spiritual awakening” community.

        Individuals now have license to pronounce they’ve “jumped timelines” simply because they wake up in a different mood from the day prior.

        This not only makes no rational sense (because it’s based on the mere say so of people’s “feelings”) but this type of online dialogue is being fueled by speculation piled on top of opinion with people echoing the same beliefs without providing anything of substance or validity beyond their own feelings of the day.

        What’s next, timelines jumps by the hour?

        The graphs that you include–as colorful as they are and as much as they indicate some type of flux is occurring–are themselves not an adequate representation, either of Reality, nor of these supposed jumps.

        You may stick a rain gauge outside your door and after a two week absence of rain fall wake up one morning to discover suddenly there’s clear liquid registering at the two inch mark. Yes, it rained, but the gauge doesn’t tell you what rain is, when it will rain next, why it is raining, or how it rains.

        If I were then to take rain gauges I’ve put up outside my house and after an extended period of rainfall, proclaim that the sky is falling based on the north side gauge (located in an open field) and the west side gauge (located under trees) registering an increase in “collection data,” I would hope no amount of rain gauges scattered about my property would persuade anyone from listening.

        Less metaphorically, I’m sure most people are just as ignorant as I am when it comes to the esoterica of the graphs and charts included on this (and other) sites. But mere inclusion of abstruse data readouts does not reality make; nor does it adequately explain what is happening.

        There ARE energy shifts occurring (the 17th day of the past three months being one such example) but these ongoing “events” are much more than the daily mercurial repetition of people writing “yeah, really feeling it today … wiped out and unable to move; head’s been pounding all morning and even my goldfish is feeling the energies too.”

        Finally, Plato (among others) maintained there is only ONE reality. Are things happening IN reality? Yes. Are things happening to individual and collective consciousness? Indeed.

        Brahman. Atman. Maya.

        This has always been the case.

        So to say we’re “jumping” realities not only violates the oldest spiritual tenants passed on from savants and teachers the whole world over, it seems to be the latest ego plaything for people (who assume they are spiritually awake) to use to “talk about their feelings.”

        – Jackson


        1. Anyone who claims anything is to be stared at, mildly. No one can know anything at this point. Even those on the Spirit side are a bit bewildered by all that’s going on. It’s a watch with a near-infinite number of hands and jewels and doodads. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice. Spiritual tenets were made to be broken in Free-will Land.

          -CAT Eds.

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  8. I saw a purple lightning storm last night in Kansas and we didn’t have any storms in our city they were all on the other side of the state I’ve never seen purple lightning before. It was totally silent too it didn’t make any noise but it was amazing looking.

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    1. What part of Kansas are you at? I’m in southwest KS and some of the storms passed just north of us. I did not see any purple lightning when I was looking at the clouds, but a lot of the larger storms were quite a bit north and east of here.
      We’ve been feeling all the whomps here as well.

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  9. I thank Source daily for facilitating my early retirement. Surely that was part of the plan prior to this incarnation. I do not know how all of you cats&contributors : working, with children, family problems and/or health issues make it through each day with these whomps (both physical and emotional). You all have my admiration for both endurance and staying on mission. Thank you for your service. Cay

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      1. A special gift from the Russians:
        the Music of the Spheres

        ‘Space orchestra’: Listen to 26 distant neutron stars play unique tunes

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    1. @ Cay, thank you! Certainly is one heck of a challenge at times but we are doing this, we are ALL super heroes 😉, every single one of US! ❤️❤️❤️🌠🌠🌠

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  10. I was just thinking about this lovely blog and wondering how many of us know each other on a soul level.

    I feel a familiarity with many of you, it is so warm and the only place I feel really comfortable online.

    I know I am not just commenting but am with friends here 😊

    Love you ALL and am so grateful! mwah!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  11. The only roast I am having is serious scatterbrain. Ive lost and later found phone, keys, journal, pocketbook, etc after much attempted-recollection and searching. My life partner has 2 dear friends with Alzheimer’s so he is looking at me like “oh no. Not you too.” Heh

    It’s difficult to recall even where I last had the item in question. At work I can barely think and I am hoping no one is noticing. Lol! I suppose I should go back in the garden to ground But actually I kind of like having my “head in the clouds” as my mother used to say. Now if I could just carry on my 3-d life at the same time …

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  12. I’m feeling it alright: nausea, migraine, bloathing, white tongue, spaced out,…
    Ongoing since Monday morning so that’s more than 24 hours.

    On a funnier note, look at this cat’s night shift: https://youtu.be/cVY7F5seOXQ

    Take care all. ❤️

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      1. Yeah, don’t know the exact term in english. We say white tongue or “beslagen tong”. The back of the tongue is looking white-ish. Comes off with a scraper. Caused by stomach issues.

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        1. Could be candida? Oregano oil is great taken alongside probiotics at least 2 hours gap between to replenish good bacteria. I think it can only be taken for about 2 weeks though ❤️

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  13. There’s a cat that’s come forward named Jason Estes. You can find him on YouTube now on Todd Medina’s Soulology and a nice woman named Kerry K. Anywho, he says Mother Earth indeed ascended last year, and now we’re in a major catch up phase. We’re essentially going through what he calls ‘purges’, be them mental, physical, emotional, etc. and that by May 18th we will have been through these purges (which is why everyone is going crazy, we’re experiencing a decades worth of baggage in just a few months), and when we turn that corner is when life starts to get really good.

    There will be three waves of an ascension life event, depending on the work people have done. There will be 300 on May 18th, and then more in August and the final group will be Jan 2020. From there, our 5D selves will have 10 years to make things right on Earth, to catch up with Mother. Or something like that! lol

    He explains it better than that. Typing this out sounds kinda wishy washy, but if you listen to him it comes off much differently.


      1. I wouldn’t call him a CAT….and never considered him to be one.

        He comes off as initially being ‘impressive’, and I emphasise *initially*…
        But I’ve had to give him up/drop him because his Frequency and his Timeline are much too low for me. His personal agenda, is to remain on a slowly ascending 4D Earth, just like the rest of the YouTube / Facebook Lightworkers.
        When I first checked him out, I could see immediately where he plateaued in this respect.

        Sadly none of them are ready for ANY 5D New Earth, and their agendas reflect this — for instance, he has come up with a pyramid scheme twist, that is actually not supposed to look like a Pyramid Scheme.
        So still mucking about with 3D matrix methods, in order to help evolve the massively large numbers of lower frequency Lightworkers.
        (This is why Ascended Masters say that everything is perfect, and everyone is where they are supposed to be, playing their specific role/function.)

        And all that he is creating is a totally different Timeline. A slow one, a low one.
        You see, they never tell you this — that you have an UNLIMITED choice of Timelines….they always make you think that *their* Timeline is the ONLY one. And most of the time this is due to their insufferable human ignorance of Timelines and how this universe actually operates.
        He says:

        “will have 10 years to make things right on Earth”

        WHICH “Earth”????????????
        The one he is referring to, just from HIS Timeline, and HIS lower limited perspective, is one of a billion trillion Earths.
        All of them playing out different scenarios.

        And what does that even mean, anyway….because from a higher perspective, those of us who are “poof” shifting to the New Earths (or higher) will be granted the ability to shift/teleport our New Energy Bodies *anywhere* across the dimensions — even revisiting these Old Earths to help out with ascending humans if we wish.
        Or not.

        Graced with the Total Freedom from our crystalline Energy Body abilities to come and go instantly, as we so wish.

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        1. I can’t argue with any of that, thanks for your perspective! What drew me in is his description of the current human psychology at the moment, which is dead on accurate with the situations I see developing around me. But you’re right, he espouses the ‘what is happening is the best and single most option for all’ attitude. His three waves is sort of Dolores Cannon-esque, just opposite. Though he doesn’t say we’ll all need ten years to get where we’re going, but he hasn’t divulged how that’s all gonna play out yet. Says he can’t say because that will have too many people thinking into the future, and we still need to get through the purges up through May 18th.

          He’s pretty responsive on FB. Be interesting to see how he’d response to such an inquiry!


    1. very discerning times these are, & with so much spiritual intel out there, mimicry & deception are also very high, wise to do lots of back ground research on all proclamations & always use your intuition, (I did & it wasn’t as pretty as his video, kinda like lots of dirt under that beautiful rug) some say many things, & those some are not always who they proclaim to be. ‘a man is known by many things but only as good as his words’. (just a friendly suggestion, you choose what feels right for you)

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      1. We’ll go one better: don’t believe anyone. Turn it all off and meditate. Your answers are within, not without — esp. out in the unicornsphere. We don’t read anyone anymore, save for Psychic Lynn, Lisa Gawlas, Blossom… and maybe Sophia Love when she isn’t allowing herself to connect with “anyone.” That drives us crazy.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Yup! I was just going to open my mouth to say “keep your yap shut (meaning myself) when I saw your comment and decided to open my yap to say that I totally agree with youse Cat Editors.

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        2. @ -CAT Eds
          Just as I feel.
          I’ve even written a post, that our words went void.
          We will need quiet now. To go within is the only way.
          THERE is the Transition.

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  14. Feeling the whomps, and it couldn’t come at a more inopportune time. My dad has taken a turn for the worse and I’m flying to Florida tomorrow to be with him. We’re supposed to fly back here together on May 2nd, but all of a sudden he’s too weak to walk to the bathroom and has apparently turned yellow. He sounds absolutely awful on the phone. So, back to Florida I go to do whatever I can while feeling like crap myself and abandoning my cat at the vet again just as she’s recovering from her last stay there. A timeline jump to the other side of this might be nice….

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  15. Ok… I have had multiple physical signs now of timeline jumps that have a decidedly theme of “How things used to be”

    Well today i found a universal one. those that came from the SAME timeline i came from will remember “Bernstein Bears” “Sex IN the City” ( NO… Never watched but had a friend who was avid fan…) “Luke I am your Father” … And:

    “Houston we HAVE a problem!”

    So it was frustrating to find ourselves in a timeline in which ALL of these were “different”

    And the changes were … well… “inferior”

    As in “Life WAS like a box of chocolates” instead of “Life IS like a box of chocolates”

    (Who speaks of Life in the present using the past???)

    Anyway. This is not to debate Mandela effect. But to report that at least one HAS “changed back”!!!

    It had changed to:

    “Houston we’ve HAD a problem!”

    NOW? I’m VERY pleased to report it is BACK to

    “Houston we HAVE a problem!”

    For sone reason this put a genuine smile on my face and little bubble of happiness inside. I had NOT liked the “shift” into a world of “facts” that were foreign to me.

    It messed with me more fundamentally than most because as some collect stamps? I have spent a lifetime “collecting” facts.

    Now thar they were ALL “changed”?

    That was a Lifetime endeavor destroyed

    And what was the point if “remembering” anything any more when tomorrow it could be “different”?

    So… Just tiny tid bit i wanted to share as i suspect others here are from my timeline.💌

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  16. I had an interesting thing happen today, driving home from work no problems, slight bit of rush hour traffic, got in and plastered all over the news with photos massive accident with air ambulance, police fire engines, the lot exactly where I had been and when, saw none of it! Craziness, perhaps I was just really unobservant.

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    1. Don’t doubt yourself. These things are given to us because we’re ready to understand their import. A more closed mind would say: “Impossible.” To a more open mind, why wouldn’t there be multiple levels of timelines, in a branching universe?

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  17. Cats eds. — this is a little off topic. Kabamur has mentioned a few times that the “boston marathon bomber” suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been dead for several years. I thought so myself. His being locked up in solitary confinement, with appeals is a false narrative. The whole thing was a big set up and a big cover-up. Do you get that he is dead and has been for years too?

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      1. Thank you. Lynn replied to me by email a while ago that she also felt he is dead.


  18. My brother’s operation went perfect. Thank you all! ❤️
    Hospital is full by the way, he’s in a room with 3 others even though he “should” have a room for his own. Simply too many people.

    At my sister’s office yesterday people felt the energies as well. My sister almost fainted, her colleague had to run to the bathroom 5 times and another colleague was brought away by ambulance.

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  19. I have to admit, I’m feeling very conflicted today. I have enough personal evidence that everything about the shift is true and enough personal evidence that it isn’t.

    I’m honestly getting tired of it all.
    I know I’m here to help and can’t leave till the shift, but I want it to be done already.

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    1. Sounds like Magenta Pixie, you can be right and wrong at the same time….

      Totally understand the ‘tiredness of it all’. It’s like being on a rollercoaster ride that you cannot get off……..yet! Physical, emotional turmoil mixed with the beautiful, surreal moments.

      I have decided to still focus on my determination to get to NE, but whilst I work on it I have decided to make the most of this place, hopefully there will never be an opportunity again to experience such a crazy world but whilst I’m here (in part!) I will see the good side as much as possible and enjoy my coriander and chutney flavoured poppadoms and green tea, chocolate and coffee, physical ‘solid’ hugs with my daughter and all…I absolutely embrace my future self but am also grateful for being here at this time….for now! Tomorrow might be a different story!

      Much love ❤️

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  20. Feeling veeery strong connections with others for like a week now, maybe more. Trying to make some sense of all those feelings.

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    1. Hey, I noticed the same thing! Somehow…
      I was commenting on a comment on YT. Her comment was not nice and so I did my best to also not be nice, what resulted in an even more not so nice reply. As I read the reply I suddenly had to smile and I knew instantly, that she is a very lovely person and she felt very familiar. So my reply began with me telling her, that she is a lovely person and some joking, it was so funny!
      Her reply was like before and I thought: OK, she might not feel the same. no problem. A minute later, her not so nice comment was replaced with a new one, nice and lovely and she suddenly told me why she is reacting so harsh and what’s going on with her and her boyfriend! It was sooooooo crazy and wonderful…besides some visual distortions, so I had to force myself at one point and say good night…If that is, what is waiting for us, when the event happens…oh this damn blurry vision… :)))

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  21. Beyond the objects disappearing/reappearing, flashes/beings out of direct vision. I had a lucid dream/lesson in the wee hrs. of morning. It was of a different timeline, total selfish mayhem. Though we are in 3d, dont be of it. So observe, yet dont partake (as much as possible). Should make life “nicer” with happy thoughts. Peace in Harmony.

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    1. Christopher I wanted to thank you for your consistent peace and calmness. It’s infectious and highly appreciated.

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    1. M7,
      Had to laugh at your post as I had so many past relationship dreams last fall and winter that one ex got upset at my continued intrusion. He let me know in no uncertain terms that he had no interest in rehashing our relationship and was content with his life as it had evolved. After that I respected his position and have not revisited since. All was guided by spirit to work out in the best interest of each involved. “Let sleeping timelines be” is my new motto. Cay

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        1. Good gawd! I haven’t mentioned “those” relationship dreams, but I’ve been visiting with peeps I haven’t thought of in over 50 years. How funny!

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        2. You Cats and Ms have changed, I like it!
          These kind of comments are just so resonating, that I have to be very careful, that I’m not drinking something, when I read them 😀

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    2. wow. thx for sharing M7. am happy to hear i wasn’t the only one. it was so out of the blue and persistent to the point that i blew it off quickly, which is not the usual for me.

      was annoying. was.


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  22. M7, so your memories/dreams have surfaced from newest to oldest? Mine seem to be the opposite. My dreams are showing different timeline/outcomes for very recent events and the choices I made. It’s kind of sad in a way because before I “awakened” I use to dream of different timelines with my mom. She passed away when I was 32 and pregnant and she never knew. It was comforting to visit her in my dreams. I’m no longer dreaming about past family, friends or relationships/ex’s. Oh, and the palpitations are of the chart today for me. I gather a lot of us on here are middle aged or older and I just wonder physically how much more our human bodies can stand? I know three people, who have no idea what’s going on, who have had pacemakers implanted. Their doctors were at a loss as to what else to do. Emergency rooms must be crazy busy now.

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    1. FWIW, I took my reiki master class last summer [finally – I’m 55 and took reiki I & II about 20 yrs ago], and we’re all practicing with 4 or 5 people working on one person lying down, then switching up. A lot of energy was running through at times and my heart was often pounding thonky thonky wonk wonk — so I mentioned at one point that if I keel over, my heart was the culprit. The eldest among us was a retired nurse, and she said as long as your breathing is OK, don’t worry about what your heart is doing. Weird heart palpitations aren’t new to me anyway, but it was reassuring to have that info, tho of course one still must use one’s discretion [disclaimer alert]! 😉 At any rate, pounding heart, tingling fingers or toes, heat waves… it’s all just energy running through. Today though, it’s continuing woozies, tho *much* better than when they started about 7:30 last night EST [4/24].

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      1. Thanks for the info. Yup, heart palps, tingling and heat, especially in my hands and feet. I’m 56 so I do pay a little more attention to weird physical symptoms. That being said, I’ve never felt more in tune to my health. I stopped all prescription meds and vaccines about 4 years ago and can’t believe the difference it has made. I was told I’d be on those meds the rest of my life!

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      2. It sure does mess with the heart. Uncomfortable and disquieting but I take the view that I’m still here despite the arrhythmia stuff and that’s a good sign lol. 😳😊🐥🐥🐥

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  23. The Tomsk website is down again, for the last four hours now.
    Feels really quite like time has been halted and huge things are being prepared in the background, in no time.
    These are the moments, where my mind says: I’m out for a walk, see you later 😀 spooky!

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  24. According to Simon Parkes we’re going through 4D, passing through it, and going straight to 5D. He says that the negative beings have used lower 4th dimensional negative energy to enslave the planet and the humans on it, and stuff like satanism, paedophilia, murder, rape etc. Have all came here from the lower 4th dimension we as humans and a planet will have already overcome the problems of 4D and because of the we have basically been fast tracked to 5D. And as for the lower 4th negatives, we’ll they’re stuck there, while we pass straight by them. And with us to use for their energy they’re screwed.

    Is that along the right lines?

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    1. That seems plausible, given what we’ve been seeing. We initially saw some of us going to 4d, then 5d (then higher, later), but this experience is totally fluid and ever-changing, so who knows. What we know for sure is that everything will happen perfectly.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Humans can’t be the only energy source the lower 4d entities use?

        We are talking about dimensions here, not a location but a frequency. Surely there are near infinite resources whatever your fancy? Is this because the whole Universe/Omniverse is being raised in frequency?



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        1. We don’t understand the lower 4d’s. Open yourself up to SOURCE and there is infinite energy for everyone — right there inside you. Must be a selfish control thing. And yes, this whole universe is movin’ on up… but not the rest of the omniverse.

          -CAT Eds.

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  25. Sophia Love ❤️

    “April 19, 2019 5:00 AM

    Is there someone available who woke me today?

    I am Sophia, yes.

    It is I. It is One.

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

    There are things to say.

    Go ahead please.

    You have entered now the time of full awakening. What this means is full awareness. What this feels like is wide open eyes. No longer will memories be hazy or visions be vague. As you accept the consequence of your fully activated multi-generated form, all of what surrounds you swings into focus.
    From many angles. From multiple frequencies.

    I suggest that as this occurs, you refrain from identifying your symptoms as viruses and things needing to be stopped or cured.

    There is no cure for a fully informed and completely awake being of light. This is due to the fact that there is no illness.

    You are changing, becoming – and as you do, your expected physical body changes its parameters and reactions.

    These are unique to you, and depend on both who you perceive yourself to be now, and who you intend to ultimately present as.

    This is not a one size fits all Ascension.

    It is more of a menagerie. The combinations of you, of each of you, with who you are, where you originate from and who you’ve ever been – offer up a plethora of possibilities for form.

    You are re-forming. You are deciding, in many cases have already chosen, who and what you will be as this Ascension is actualized and completed.

    I am feeling an attempt to say something that is beyond my ability right now to see, to visualize.

    Can you explain?


    There are things, many actually, that cannot ever be fully explained in words or with prior ideas and thought. These would include your Ascension. Your morphosis is personal; defined by you alone. How can I tell you what it feels like to be Pleiadian, Andromedan or an Angel? I cannot.

    As these things you are morphing into are parts that you already hold – YOU KNOW NOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE. WHEN THEY RETURN, IT WILL FEEL FAMILIAR.

    Like riding a bike?

    I understand the comparison, yes. It is returning to a form that you have already been, with all of its composite feelings.

    What you cannot be told ahead of time, to any satisfaction, is what the process of transformation feels like or even looks like. The process of moving from human to ___; the blank is filled in with whatever essence you’ve chosen.

    You each begin differently as physical 3D humans.

    You will each “complete” differently, as a unique version of your multi-dimensional essence.

    The beginning, the end, and the journey between both, is yours alone.
    For sure there will be physical issues.

    For sure there will be emotional adjustments.

    Your relationships with each other will change as what you are doing is changing the base notion of who you are.

    You will present differently.

    This is not an overnight occurrence. Patience, love and fortitude are necessary attributes for both yourself and each other. Be kind always.

    Get yourself into nature often.

    Afford yourself time to reflect, and natural food. Drink water.

    Avoid stimulants, as the reaction to them will be unexpected.

    You are not the same.

    You are not who you were minutes ago. You are not who you will be tomorrow.

    This becomes true now on a physical basis, and you will be best served when you honor the process.

    Trust your inner compass, for even though it seems to be changing direction often – it will be pointing to places you need to experience.

    No longer will you exist as a mere part or shadow of your full magnificence.

    You become ONE now, in every sense.

    That is all.

    Thank you”

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    1. That was a good one.

      We’ve been talking about this, before this came out. We’re not Orionians or Mintakans or Andromedans or Pleiadians or Arcturans or Heinz 57M, anymore. We’re each a new thing. The NE will be very powerful.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Although it would be incredible to remember who I am/was, I realise the importance of looking forward to what I/We are becoming. Still that curiosity still comes and goes! ❤️

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  26. On a totally separate topic… my roses are coming in EPIC this year. Blossoms all over the place and ultra-green leaves — and no aphids (so far). Very strange. The leaves look perfect and shiny. (This from plants that I had basically given up on from last year, loaded as they were with rust and bugs and mildew after just a few weeks.) Anyone else?


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    1. Cat 3 ,
      My roses in So.Cal. also are huge and fragrant. A few aphids on one bush which was resolved with neem spray. Ladybugs took care of the rest. Cay

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    2. That already happened to me last year. An almost dead rosebush gave amazingly big and many roses. All the other flowers I sowed came out wonderful as well.
      Mini-NE. I have moved to an appartment meanwhile so I’m growing in containers now.
      Two weeks ago I planted Basil and last week Pickles. It seems all of the seeds are sprouting. That’s a miracle, certainly the pickles. None came out last year, the only seeds that failed.
      This time I added coffee residue to the mixture as a fertilizer.

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    3. I’m glad you wrote this! I recently finished converting 150 sq ft into a Monarch butterfly garden with both the milkweed for the caterpillars and the flowering nectar plants for the emerging butterflies. It reminds me of the Findhorn garden in the 60s! (I’m on the Central Coast of CA now, in the Monarch migration zone.) The flowers are so vibrant they glow, even slightly under the full moon, I have hollyhock leaves the size of dinner plates, and nasturtium flowers 6″ across! I started some seeds for plants not typically found in nurseries and they sprouted in just a couple of days and are huge in a much shorter time period than the instructions indicated to expect. In the house, I have pothos with leaves 9″x 12″ on vines as big as my thumb, and snake plants with leaves 6′ tall. The milkweed is covered with aphids and the thought that comes to mind is that they are creating a condition for the plant that makes it energetically best for the caterpillars – like maybe the stress of fighting the aphids is “feeding” the caterpillars to be rough & tough Monarchs. [Opinion on that, CATS?] When I was working on the garden, I kept seeing “shadows” out the corner of my eyes (nothing there of course when I turned my head) and had 2 butterflies supervising the entire 2 days of the final planting and irrigation installation. Just to be in the garden fills my heart and soul to bursting with such joy! NE is definitely here and now, and I thank Source to be part of it’s birthing! Love to all!

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  27. I really appreciated the comments made the other day about revisiting old flames on other timelines. I was experiencing that (annoyingly) as well.

    Strong dream last night where a big sign said something like “all old timelines will be closed as of XXX”, where XXX was a date. I stared at the sign and tried to memorize it, but every time I looked away from the sign I could no longer remember the date. I believe the date was in May though.

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  28. ALL MORNING! … at first it was the idea of a receptionist transposed a 9 – then constant repetitions of a 9 was transposed, the transposition of the nine, the 9 was transposed, etc – Can’t even tell you how many repetitions.
    I suppose the receptionist could refer to reception, in any of it’s meanings.

    @Cats,Ms others of this family – any ideas? – this was very persistent – maybe putting it here in comment will stop it in my brain.

    Also, among the aches and pains this morning were an ear ache and stiff neck.

    hope your days are pleasant,


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      1. hmmm, wonder if related to all the 1s I was seeing yesterday…

        @Cats Eds, thank you for the number chart reminder – it felt so ‘not just me’ related I totally forgot about the chart… 🙂


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      2. The sequential numbers are happening very often. I have been seeing them for over 10 years, but its not once or twice a day anymore, it has morphed into 15 – 20 a day. Even when I am trying to not pay attention…. I always thank the angels / guides for their continued reminders but I feel like I am going crazy… LOL

        And then there is this wild stomach thing going on this whole week. I have not had any stomach upset that feels like this. I am not sure if it is the WHOMP or what, but ginger tea isn’t helping this thing at all.

        I have pulled away from most of reality at this point other than my kids still at home and a few friends. I ignore the news, I was all into the Justice timeline concentrating on TRUTH and LIGHT so others could wake up. Now I am content to not know and wait it out. The faster we want time to go, the slower it does.

        Going to go work in my garden today and enjoy some sunshine… ❤

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  29. Don’t know where to insert this so I’ll put it here. On the drive back home from the lovely Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (once again-Btw the colors of the endless fields of tulips are absolutely radiantally electric! I’ve never seen such jaw-dropping colors) Anyhoo, as I was driving home I realized that I was automatically taking huge deep breaths about every third breath. This, of course was accompanied by the pounding heart and pains in places I didn’t realize I had places. All is well!

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  30. Btw… that “little thing” we mentioned… we’re unsure if it’s what everyone thinks it is. Guides just said, “a little surprise” around that time. Not sure if they’re being subtle or not. Frankly, we’re tired of being teased (as are you) and they clearly know that, so…

    -CAT eds.

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    1. CAT eds, so… is that ‘little thing’, ‘a little surprise’, have something to do with Mother’s Day? Somehow I’ve missed your earlier mentions. Thanks. ❤

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    2. “Frankly, we’re tired of being teased”


      I REALLY need to kick their @sses.
      It’s now gone way beyond just an overwhelming ‘urge’, growing year by year.

      Can you ask them to be accommodating somewhere around this time and just bend over please?


    1. @Pam. I’m so sorry about the passing of your father in law. It seems to be that the nice folk don’t stay here as long as the negative ones. I often wonder if they have an important job on the other side, to help as many of us through to a benevolent conclusion to this transformation. Xxx

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      1. Thank you all, he had a lot of physical problems so I’m sure it was a huge release for him and he is much happier, but even knowing all this you still have to go through the grieving process to properly let go.

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  31. Is anyone feeling really up and down at the moment? I’ve been feeling almost Bi-polar, real anxiety for no apparent reason and feels like my head is in a vice! Could be PMT mixed with all the whomps but blimey, keep needing to just remember to breathe and be calm!!!

    My daughter and I have just been offered a council bungalow in a tiny village in the countryside. Won’t be able to view it until it’s vacated in a couple of weeks time. It’s a council home so do not even know the house number yet. The lady on the phone gave a few indicators of which one it might be so I google mapped and it looks like it could be one of two semi-detached bungalows.

    I had a little wander down the lane (still on google maps) and came across a church named Archangel Michael!!! Well, I talk to AA Michael nearly everyday asking for his protection etc… Sometimes see a faint blue light when I have been speaking to him. Not religious at all but could this be a sign that this is the right place for us….until we fly up to 5D NE of course!? ✨☀️

    Hope everyone is okay, MUCH MUCH LOVE! ❤️

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  32. My most epic dream yet lol.

    My dog and I were walking through a field and she turned into a giant white tiger and I said to her hey is that your final form and I said I wonder if I’ve turned into my final form but I just stayed the same.

    I was then in a mall and there were tons of people there I talked to Roger Ebert and he said God was female. And she would not completely destroy humanity because we had become creators and created technology. I said fine but look at Atlantis they destroyed themselves with their own technology they didn’t need God to do it.
    I said really we should do it like hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and say so long thanks for all the fish and don’t forget your towel. And then I saw all these people in outer space with their towels going yay we’re free.

    Then I saw this giant portal or wormhole open up in outer space and they all flew through it with their towels. I only looked at it I went back and before I could go back this really tall being came up to me like a white light being but they had a physical form and I said oh hi grandpa I miss you but I knew he was never my earth grandpa and he was like an alien one and we held hands.

    Back on earth but going around in a flying car and seeing people with really high level tech wearing it even devices on their faces to help them go faster and they can take them on and off as they needed and everyone was just dressed up looking really pretty and having fun it was a totally different earth but this earth at least it seemed.

    Back in the house we could see our breath even though it was warm and could not figure it out. Spirits were showing up but they were physical. Animals were shape shifting into different kinds of animals.

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    1. Amazing dream. I have my towel on standby. Maybe I will meet Douglas Adams. I love flying dreams. What fun.We all need some of that. 🌄🦄🐅🐱

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  33. Good Morning Amerika,
    in Germany it`s 8:00 and all spaceweather signs end 0:00 ????
    Is this the end of time ????
    The end of KALI-YUGA…….KAL-END(er) ???
    Love & Peace for You!

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  34. Monitoring station in Italy is showing both chopped and unusual data. Especially between 20h and 22h (utc +2) when I indeed felt totally spaced out. Thought I had played guitar for too long but turns out it was the energies pummeling in. Went to bed at 21:10, right in the middle of that Godzilla-whomp.
    Dreamt of an Air Italia flight crashing.


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  35. What a beautiful day! From 2016 Kryon, I like these 5 “things” to practice. Chilly here in nw pa. Peace to All.

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  36. I do not know about anyone else, but feel like I was beaten up last night. Went to bed feeling fine and woke up with a headache. My last thoughts before falling asleep were noticing the energy fingers tickling my crown. Glad I was asleep for most of it. Carry on. Cay

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