YATJ #55 + Anomalies [UPDATE4]


This was a rough week physically, with people having all kinds of reactions, but we don’t need to tell you that.

Not only were ERs packed, but *lots* of people couldn’t handle the energies and transitioned. We doubt it will be on the news, but the PTW took notice.

Anyway, lookie:

Wow. Never saw this here before.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 11.09.23 AM

There was a timeline jump associated with it.
Certain energy frequencies of the sun.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 11.37.07 AM

Initial burst at 8:00 UTC, with other spikes at 11:00 and 1:00 and 18:00 UTC.

And above we have the initial burst on the Kiel Longwave monitor… a burst that is across the entire EM spectrum… which just happened to coincide with lots of us feeling like we were heaving heart attacks… and some actually having heart attacks.

We were wondering this morning how many people would NOT have transitioned if they knew how to breathe through the energy… but some people just aren’t ready for the next level, and would never have believed us. These people did NOT die, they transitioned back to Spirit for the next phase of their adventure.

The month of May will come as a big energy surprise to the PTW.

This is just the beginning. If we understand what we were shown (AND we all stay on the same timeline) the spirit of the earth (the Old Earth, if you will) will eventually transition from here to the New Earth, to basically become the New Earth… and take some of us with her when she does. This is The SHIFT. We’re not saying it’s going to happen in May, but it sure would be nice. Expect ultra-severe weather (big tornadoes) and earthquakes when it does happen.



Well, the WHOMPs continue…


…and it’s gonna get a lot bumpier:

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.05.26 PM
This odd, “slow-motion CME” began at 10:30 UTC…
Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.06.49 PM
…and is still going as of this writing, going for approx. 17+ hours.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.29.55 PM

This energy will hit sometime before May 1st, we’re guessing, to set up the May energies going into the new moon on the 4th. New moons and full moons have become BIG energy times, for whatever reason, even bigger than normal. We are personally feeling the energy NOW with ear-ringing, palpitations, somatic heat, head-ouchies/pressure, along with that weird effervescent feeling of energy bubbling from the feet up… and other sensations that are difficult to describe. Now, rather than give advice, we’re going to tell you what we do when this happens (mostly for those new to the blog).

Lately, the energy has been so intense that when we notice it, we stop what we’re doing and ground to the New Earth, and ground to SOURCE, then set protection, then ask Brother J and Guides to enjoy the energy with us. This last bit helps immeasurably, as does sending love and healing light to all those who need it, afterward. Then, if the energy is still too much, we BREATHE it in (we’ve been doing this for about an hour), and on the exhale, imagine it moving in the same direction: If it comes in at our feet, we send it out the top of the head; if it come in through the top of the head, we send it out the feet. The heart is actually an energy organ, and directs energy where you need it to go. If you don’t do something with this huge amount of energy coming in, it can cause problems.

We direct the energy, as per the above, or we send energy to those who need extra healing. Or use it to exercise/develop various abilities. But above all, we work on trying to keep the energy from killing us. 😉


They finally put up the CME…


…and it’s WHOMP-y out:


Btw… that same super-energetic region on the sun (where the CME originated, as per the animation above) — the one that we expected to do what it’s doing now last week (this sentence sucks)… is coming back around again. It’ll become earth-facing in time for the new moon… and Mother’s Day. Hmm.


There was another CME, from the same region, ten hours later:


The timing is rather interesting; look at the time stamps from April and March:

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 8.45.57 PMScreen Shot 2019-04-28 at 8.46.19 PM

This is the sun we’re talking about, and it’s being surprisingly orderly in the timing of its eruptions. Why? Because they’re not random occurrences. Look at the playful pattern of 17:17 and 21:21. There are other patterns, but we’re not numerologists. The above is a little glimpse into a rare subject: Divine Timing. SOURCE will use Divine Timing when The SHIFT is deployed. What we’re not seeing are the events on the earth and the rest of the multidimensional solar system that these reprogramming bursts apply to. Blah blah blah.

One more factoid: look HOW LONG this CME takes.


AND we had another…

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 9.09.19 PM

Gotta say, we’re getting bored being the Wave X Weather Man. We’d issue a regular forecast, only it’s impossible to predict when anything’s gonna happen.



90 thoughts on “YATJ #55 + Anomalies [UPDATE4]

  1. Big nyuck, nuyck, nyucks today (Saturday) for me. I truly didn’t know if I was coming or going. I think I met myself twice. Anyhoo, I’m still here (or what passes for a reasonable facsimile)

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  2. Thanks! What Will be …. Those of us here should show compassion/forgiveness/kindness to All. There Are many that may need understanding. Until Then, Peace.

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    1. I have forgiven all and everyone,
      But I will not forget.
      When you raise your energy,
      Counteraction will come from the negative ones,
      They try to keep us vibrating at a lower rate,
      They are targeting not only those with a lower vibration, but also those with a higher vibration,
      Because they need us to become emotional so that we can lower our frequencies – Do not be distracted,
      We have been prepared to come here right now,
      Believe in your power,

      ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Thank you! Such a great reminder. I found myself multiple times in the last few days(or many more) sliding into old, negative self-talk and unhealthy cyclical thinking patterns and finally realized I was doing so. Uff da. 🙄

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  3. Hooboy, what a rough week! Lots of brain fog and emotional funkEEEEEEness. I’m grateful my heart feels fine. Lots of love and appreciation to you CATS and M’s and All who comment and prowl around here. May you all be well.

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  4. Perhaps it would be good if we had a post outlining how to breathe through it? I suppose it could be risky as it might open up to law suit but maybe it could be helpful?

    I know sometimes it feels like my heart is in a vice grip… And I’m fairly young!

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  5. Explains a lot! This last week has been very “fear” based with projected “rope you” back into control/submission tactics. They ain’t dun yet…so hold your light. Rough seas and other things that try to go bump in your energy field or steal your attention are amp’n up!

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    1. @NLNL8 Yes, I felt that too, fear and anxiety.

      I had a couple of glasses of wine last night and absolutely regret it. Although I had it with food my body can obviously no longer process it, ugh, need to ignore that voice that says ‘Go on, treat yourself!” Certainly not a treat if it makes you feel as if you have poisoned yourself! Going to have to do some work to get myself back to where I was! Salt bath, meditation, lots of pure water and an early night.

      You are right CATS, it ain’t good!

      Much love ALL ❤️

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      1. In response to alcohol consumption I Am quite happy to report that I made it thru an entire barbeque without meat, alcohol or sugar! I gave up meat/ flesh a year ago, alcohol tends to come and go (but one beer is my limit) and sugar is an ongoing “thing”. I feel as though I Am improving in my higher choices! Yay me😉

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        1. It’s tough, we know. So many calendar-set holidays that revolve around met and alcohol, it’s sometimes difficult to overcome the programming. In terms of CATs, our Guides give us ‘ability spiffs’ if we can overcome various cravings, positive reinforcement if you will. 😉

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. @ Anonymous, well done you! ❤️

          I have struggled with the vegan thing. Everytime I try I get sick and I have really done my research. Cannot digest grains pulses, nuts, seeds even when soaked. I could probably just eat fruit, veg and juices but when I have tried this I get incredibly weak. I know that it takes time to detox and if I could, I would just go to bed and go through the herxheimer reaction , candida die off, toxin release etc…

          BUT, I care full time for a disabled child who needs frequent nappy changes due to bowel issues and full physical help with dressing, bathing, eating etc..I just would not be able to care for her whilst doing this. So, without mentally beating myself up (which I have done so many times before!) about it I buy organic and free range eggs and meat and lots of organic veggies and the odd treat here or there (Ohm bars are gorgeous!)

          I know many folk will disagree and say I must be doing something wrong for the vegan diet not to work but I have an auto immune disorder (ulcerative colitis) and after 10 years of researching and trying different approaches to diet (including David Klein, GAPS, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Gerald Green etc..) I have found out the hard way that a low carb/Paleo diet is the best choice. for me and enables me to care for my daughter.

          I hope that on NE our bodies will be so incredibly healed and amazing thar we might only need the sun and juice!

          Much love ALL ❤️

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          1. At least half the CATs have to eat some form of animal protein at least once a fortnight or we start to get weak. Most of us now prefer fasting and juicing most of the time; food is such a tedium. And all but… three?… of us have dropped to one cup of coffee a day.

            -CAT Eds.

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          2. @ CAT Eds thanks for your reply 😊 Coffee is delicious but if I have more than one cup, usually as an afternoon ‘pick me up’ I would be all shaky and discombobulated! Can drink tons of matcha green tea though mmmm! Big love ❤️


    1. Sometimes I get annoyed with this stuff because if it was truly about your mental state, then all children should have superhuman abilities.

      I guess I’m just tired of the teasing of the shift and being positive while the world seems to be staying negative.


  6. Wenn Rod Steward morgens aufdringlich mit “Sailing” kommt, ist das immer eine dringende Aufforderung…..to be free
    Ich lege meine Hand auf dein Herz. Fühlst du es?

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      1. Rod: oh Lord to be near you, to be free.
        Christopher: just a dream and the wind to carry me, soon I will be free.

        Meanwhile, put on Michelle by the Beatles and sing along with the french verse:

        Some day monkey won’t play piano song, play piano song.

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  7. Yes, guys, horribly difficult week. Everyone I know had trouble, self included. Couple of times the heart pains came through in unexpected stabs and I thought uh oh, this is it. A litany of symptoms I can detail, along with the litany of symptoms others shared with me. Good to know we weren’t alone.

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  8. My BP was skyrocketing and stress was horrible for no apparent reason, my doctor even wanted to put me on BP Meds. I declined and started taking a supplemental Magnesium powder called Natural Calm (raspberry-lemon flavored) during these odd energy flares.
    My BP is now normal, or at least normal for me and it helps calm the odd feelings of stress, frustration and even anger.
    Just hoped it might save someone from having a heart attack since some ER doctors use if for just that purpose.
    I Love Cats

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    1. That’s good to know. Thanks. The one time I took (was weary to) BP meds I had a really bad allergic reaction to it. That’s the last time I’ll any prescription meds.

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  9. I’m getting intuitive insights about the intrinsic relationship between the wind and trees. They need each other. They enjoy each other.

    The wind before has actually blown me a vision, and so have the trees.

    I have a chest infection and sinus infection at present, I didn’t seem to be affected by the energy though recently. Top tip, get ill, the energy is then gentle for you LOL.


    P.S Whenever I sleep away from home, my dreams are more profound and spiritual, any suggestions anyone please? I turn off the WIFI at night, but maybe something else is interfering? Thanks.

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    1. “I didn’t seem to be affected by the energy though recently.”


      You are at a lower vibration. You aren’t a ‘match’ to it.
      Therefore it bypasses you.

      (this is why the full-time groundcrew Downloaders suffer gruesomely and horribly, while the Collective usually doesn’t/didn’t feel a thing.)


  10. “This is a beautiful moment in the outer expansion as separations of lower frequency realities intensifies as waves of plasmic light now enter your world. The power of your Magnetic Sun is enhanced following alignment with the Central Sun, and an inflow of magnetic energy also floods the Earth to the core. The flooding of magnetic energy has opened the gateways for plasmic light to effectively neutralize all electromagnetic waves and the ElectroMagnetic (EM) fields that are so harmful to your beautiful planet and all inhabitants. The EM fields are known to be harmful to your healthy human Chakra system, which is solely and naturally, magnetic in nature.

    Your planet is now flooded with beautiful activated waves of plasmic light energy. What is plasma light? Plasma light is best described as a substance that has been created from an electron shift at the quantum level of creation.

    This is an exciting time because it means a full re-alignment to what the Source intended, and it replaces photonic light coming to you from the Photon Belt in which you have been immersed during this cycle and from which you are now emerging.

    Photonic light was refracted light, refracted into individuated rays of light frequency upon the narrow electromagnetic spectrum [see here]. The “Whole” of photonic light was always refracted into individual ray colours according to their frequency.

    Now, within the parameters of magnetism, plasma light is never refracted, nor reflected, when entering into your reality ~ it always remains whole. As such it is impossible to alter its properties of superconductivity and superconsciousness. These are the properties that carry perfected information to you from the God-Source, and THIS is the fail-safe against the manipulating energies of the Fallen Reality –

    It is “The Answer”.

    We will expand this discussion to include previously noted plasma light, seen as an influx of Golden Plasma light, [around Christmas time, note Carla] and the purpose of this event was to “prepare the space”, so to speak, for the special dispensation of the Infinite Wheel of Light and Life. The showering of this sparkling golden light, seen by many light bearers, set the stage for humanity to align with what you know to be the “Christ Consciousness”. This golden light has come from the Central Sun through which all evolution is directed. The Central Sun can also be equated to the Energy of God, or Source, and it is sustained as pure conscious awareness and of which pure conscious creation has originated.

    Now as the Magnetic Sun has brought forth this sacred light, all forms are in place to receive the Golden Christ Consciousness, in preparation for every souls alignment to their I AM Presence. Remember, even if we refer to it as golden “Christ Consciousness” energy, it is really a universal life force energy founded in the power of Divine Mind through the application of unconditional love, illumination and kindness. These energies hold equal loving presence for all expressions of life on your planet. Our intent is by no means to align this “Christ Consciousness” energy with any particular religion.

    The important idea is that by choosing NOT to align to the principles of this beautiful creationary energy, one will have difficulty in moving forward into the light and power of pure creation through the aspect of the I AM Presence. Remember! The alignment with your own I AM Presence is ultimately the key to your own personal ascension in this lifetime, out of the birth~death~rebirth cycle.

    With infinite love for All…

    Astraea and Amora”

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      1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

        hello amazing cat friend
        please tell me about ingestion of monoatomic gold
        made from sea salt…. Ormus. Is it good or bad for the health?

        thank you and appreciation


        1. You’re better off drinking pure water and eating organic raw veggies and fruit. Don’t waste your money. It really does nothing. The only metals the body needs are in such trace amounts that you’ll get them from the veggies and fruit and whole grains. However, most of the CATs do take various herbal supplements and an occasional (weekly) good-quality multi-vitamin to round out and keep toxins and impurities away.

          -CAT Eds.

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      2. I know why they’ve created this confusing ‘separation’, with this concept ~
        Carla feeds on and borrows Georgi’s masculine intelligence for these channellings (as she lacks it)…..and so it is the majority of HIS perspective displaying itself here. As it always does.

        And his Giant Ego perspective, has always been that HE alone is the main “direct conduit” of SOURCE, for this planet.



  11. When the energies get too intense I find that laying face down in the grass with my heart against the Earth (on a blanket) helps immeasurably. There I send love and gratitude to the Earth out through my heart chakra. Cough to jump start heart arrhythmias back to normal rhythm if they occur, also breathe deeply using the inhale and exhale to move the energy (as you described above). Any shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure not relieved with an antacid should probably be evaluated at local E.R. Give gratitude daily for a healthy vessel (body) for reinforcement. Love and good luck to all. Cay

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  12. Oh youse Cs and Ms. Thanks so much for update 1. Here it is a beautiful, pristine Sunday morning in the PNW. I started my morning with the continuation of these miraculous energies greeting the sun and the birdsss. (us early birds) The stillness is profound. Had a great chat with the elementals and divas as well as Source. No more needs to be said. Sending All the incredible energies of this amazing creation! ( Please temper my sappy sentiments, but it Is what it Is )

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  13. This morning was a new experience, I’ve mentioned here before about getting this pulling yo-yo on my spirit self while I’m in that in between zone of sleep and awakening. Today I fluttered! It was this side to side motion that was really weird. My body doesn’t move at all and it wasn’t a vibration either because I’ve experienced that too before and the bubbles, it wasn’t fast but a gentle motion. Just something new to share with y’all and see if anyone else had it too.

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    1. @ copperhead queen, I’ve had side to side motion before whilst in meditation although it felt as if the sofa was moving side to sude Luna a big, slow gentle swing! Have felt as if the bed was moving whilst I between sleep and waking. Could well be internal though 😊❤️

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      1. @lily 14 Cool! I’ve had that happen too. I could feel my spirit brush the sides of my body which was really interesting. Have you tried toning/vocalizing while meditating?

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    2. That “motion” is your energy pump in your body. When you relax and in a present state, that is when you realign your energetic system. It’s good you that felt it as it’s an indicator your pump is working. Many people who are over stressed, or in a prolonged stressed state, have weak energy flowing; thus, can sit or stand and not move at all. Meditation is a huge way to restrengthen that. 🎉

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      1. @NLNL8 Thank you for the info. This is fascinating as I’ve not been the healthiest with Graves for over 5 years with a constant nagging headache. I wonder if my guardians are workng me over at night or like the Cat’s said the upgrades are effecting the hara pump and I’m catching it’s vibration during my most relaxed state. Either way I would like both options please. 😉

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  14. New Moon May 4/5
    Mother’s day May 12

    Heart palpitations are located higher now, just under the collar bone.

    A few days ago I started thinking how it will be when I arrive on NE.
    Imagine arriving in a landscape more beautiful than one has ever seen. The immediate question comes: what’s next? I assume we’ll be building (with natural materials) from scratch with only nature surrounding us. First build something that looks like a treehouse, since that’s what those qhht-experiencers all mention.
    Once the basic stuff is taken care of (housing, food, water which we should be able to materialize ourselves) the next question is: what will I do? I guess working with kids, (if they aren’t smarter than me) because I like to teach.
    I assume we’ll get instant abilities on NE that will trigger a lot of memories from lives when we already had those abilities. Guess there will be a lot of “Of course, why didn’t I remember that on Old Earth?”- situations.
    There’s probably a million things to do on NE, I’m just feeling into it as much as possible so that it becomes a reality.
    It’s beyond fascinating to feel this will all happen soon.
    I also hope to meet you all there and have instant recognition even though we don’t know what we look like. Perhaps we’ll get SÖC-badges on NE? They can’t call us SÖC-s or SÖC-ers though. 😉

    Have a nice day and take care all.

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  15. Latest from Sophia Love and a link to a video that Sophia gave on her update by Laura Whitworth regarding her QHHT session with a client, focusing on The Event❤️

    April 19th, 2019

    Is there someone now who wants to connect?

    There is Sophia, yes.

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

    Thank you, Sophia. For offering your contact in this way. It allows for a back and forth that would not be possible without you.

    No problem!

    Would you introduce yourself please?


    I sense more than one.

    Yes, there are three of us.

    We come to you now as emissaries of light. The light we bear comes from another galaxy – not your Milky Way. The light we bear is thus differently composed.

    Explain what you mean?

    This is a concept not previously considered. There are layers and types and components inside the composition of light. The light we are is such that it would not be recognized or accepted within the galaxy you now reside. It would be looked at as foreign. It would be misunderstood and then possibly attacked or ignored or not recognized as light as all.

    Such are the possibilities of life, of light, of origins.

    You do not reside in the only possible form of the light. You reside; indeed, you ARE – light that springs from this galaxy, this sun system. It bears its own unique combination and composition.

    In this way, we recognize the origins of others – we “reach” their light. Does this make sense?

    I think so, yes.

    We can tell, in this manner, from which source your essence sprung.
    We are emissaries of light and carry a unique signature and, as well, function.

    We identify light.

    It exists in various forms and colors and components and…

    And what? (there was nothing for a moment)

    You have blocked this.

    I am struggling a bit.

    Indeed, this is clear. You provoke interference and seem instead to be elsewhere.

    Yes. Hold please. I’ll focus and begin again.

    (after a bit of time) Okay, I am here.

    What is your purpose?

    We are explorers, identifiers, chroniclers. We are interested in the nuances of essence, in the individuality of light at its most pure.

    You sound like light scientists.

    Yes. We can see what that means for you. We are three, with three different specialties.

    Is your form humanoid?

    You have formed us with your insight, based on personality, into that, yes.

    Yet we are not. We bear the light; we are emissaries for the light. Our form is thus suitably composed to do so.

    I sensed a single female energy, a single male energy and one in which I was unsure.

    This is most telling. You have picked up on our assertive and cooperative strengths and tendencies and assigned them to labels as male or female.
    In fact, we are neither.

    Okay, that makes sense.

    For whom do you collect and categorize this information?

    Why, for all of creation of course! Life is an exploratory journey and what we contribute to its whole is information about the many distinct forms it adopts.

    How is your light essence different from the one I hold?

    Oh Sophia, we thought we were clear at the outset – we are not different from you specifically – we are different as a whole from the light beings who originate in this galaxy.

    This galaxy is not your origin.

    We cannot make a general comparison with you.

    Have you compared your light then to those who are from here?

    Why, yes. We differ to a great extent from these beings.

    The light they bear is concentrated. It is as if it has been held in stasis.

    Indeed, it will be a wonder when it is “re-constituted” as it were, and all of its parts emerge in full form.

    It will be wondrous indeed. It will be a surprise to us all, the humans included!


    Is there anything else you would ask of us?

    Just one thing. As you are “scientists”, have you ever seen light like this before, in your travels?

    We have. Once.

    It was held within a race of very, very dark beings who were stifled.

    Their emergence was indeed magnificent and unprecedented.

    The human has allowed its light to partially emerge and the end/the opening will not be as brutal for it. Some are holding space to ease the transition.
    Many who do so are children. Most wo do so do not know they are doing so.

    Is there anything else Sophia?

    Not right now, no. Thank you for coming forward.

    You’re welcome!

    Be well, Sophia. You have the best seat in the house for this process.

    The conversation ended.

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      1. I too felt a real connection, and I had a dream a few nights ago that I was an insect type creature, I was told in the dream you were a Jedi but you have forgotten, we will turn your force back on, then I morphed into a dark haired young man then into a beautiful lady with blonde wavy hair, it felt like I was in a desert, very strange and interesting timing with this video.

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    1. it seems to me that there are two post with nº 52: Big Mover & YATJ #52 [UPDATE2] and YATJ #52 [UPDATE3]
      Could it be because of that?

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  16. Thank You Cats & M’s … wow SUNsational that cme is enormous & the graphs are going offline again on the IK1QFK VLF monitoring station after another line appears 4/28 @ 7pm utc on the geophone graph. I remember seeing a similar line in late December 2018 but nothing like on the graph you posted. feeling the energy in my lower back & legs. funny you mentioned those numbers 17.17 & 21.21, the past week I keep seeing 177 or 771 & knew it had to do with divine timing 🙂 the sun’s been holding back for too long & finally letting loose like a big gas bomb 😀

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  17. Wait…we are already in the Event. We are all feeling it in various ways. As proof; most notably the increased (but lame & repetitive) ca8al attempts to pull us back in. I am noticing another push to change or sway the narrative to fear with topics of the Solar flash and the polar shift. Go within, let go of the fear, if only for a moment, speak to your own guidance – use your heart as the bridge and listen. Hear and support your voice first – let your truth be heard first and foremost.

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  18. So today being Monday, it’s more of a har-de-har morning as opposed to multiple nuyks. Sunshine is brilliant, didn’t even have to resort to liniment for pain. How about that! Must go out and fill bird feeders. The little buggers are rather vocal about empty feeders. Oh, Btw, the swallows have returned even tho this isn’t Capistrano. The adventure continues

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    1. @J. We have very noisy feathered friends too. The rooks and pheasants are loud when I am a bit late feeding them. We also have a seagull who sounds like he is laughing and we are a long way from the sea. I love feeding them and they give so much back in return. They are very entertaining. A rook that bounces like tigger, a pheasant that taps on the door, another rook that tries to do a hummingbird impression to feed off the fat ball holder, the pigeons displaying to the females when they bow and do a hop skip and a jump. The songs seem so much louder, varied and longer this Spring. I am sure they are sensing an uplifting change in the energies. Such a joy to hear them. 🐦🕊️🦉🐥

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