A Tonic for the Catatonic


SO MANY people are freaking out, acting weird, having psychotic breaks all over the place. What’s a sane spiritual enthusiast to do?

Help ’em out!

What to Do If You See An Angry Crazy Whacked-Out Person Out in the World

1. Mentally attach a thick grounding cord (of whatever color strikes your fancy) to the crazy or angry or tantruming person — attach it anywhere you want, but solar plexus is best, or base of the spine — and drop said cord to the center of the earth. You can do this multiple times, giving them as many as you think they need. Don’t go overboard, though. (We usually stop around six or seven, but some of us have thought, “GROUNDING CORD INFINITY!” for the truly whacked.) Then, if there’s time…

2. LOOK at the person and think:

“You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” 

And WATCH WHAT HAPPENS. You can do this anywhere, at home, in meetings, to people on TV or on screens, to images of people, to people in your minds-eye/memory. It has such a profound effect you have no idea. In fact, this second action mantra (that regular readers already know about) is omniverse-changing.

Memorize #2 and try it. Note the results and let us know. We’ve done this on crazy street people and had them STOP dead in their tracks and RUN THE OTHER WAY. We’ve done this to people in line at the grocery and had them stiffen and turn around suddenly and LOOK at us. We’ve had people look at us and SMILE (a non-creepy smile). It’s amazing. And it’s both an eternal and infinite expression that lasts FOREVER. Talk about leaving your mark on the world. You’re leaving your mark on the entire damn omniverse.

So many people tie themselves in energy knots… and they can be strangling. Doing the above helps the crazy and sane — and you — smooooth yourselves out and begin to let things be as they need to be. Often now, doing is UNDOING. Give it a try.


And for the record, lots of us have “superpowers” right now. All of you. Look inside, they’re in there. Practicing the two above actions helps unlock ’em. You’ll probably manifest in any number of ways inadvertently. Start thinking that anything you think is possible. Keep it POSITIVE, but don’t let anyone push you around. Stand your (mental) ground. Masculine AND feminine. Yin AND yang. Less filling AND tastes great.

The Fine Print

For the record, this post begins the process of YOU officially holding the light for future generations. Read that again. By doing the above, you’re joining the team (really, a real team) doing this work for countless billions — and for yourself, in future incarnations. It’s a big deal. Those who take up this furry mantle are holding the light-door open for all those who’ll come after you.

That said, please note that the whole DNA integration thing isn’t something you’re going to finish anytime soon. It will probably take all of us — all those who are actively working on themselves — at least two generations to get this done.

The SHIFT is not dependent on any level you have achieved or will achieve! It’s happening no matter what. But your level of experience of it will be grandly affected by working toward a positive outcome, for you and for everyone and for everything.

So… sorry, but it’s gonna take each of us about 50 years to do all these DNA integrations. Were you in a rush? It’s a tremendous amount of work. Some are closer to the end than others, but it’s still gonna take a long time. That’s the reality. We don’t care what others are saying; they’re still busy paying for and parking their unicorns (we ate ours, with some fava beans and a nice chianti). For CATs, we pretty much all have one more incarnation in order to finish this work we started (which we’ll be doing on the New Earth, at the next level). But that’s what time is for. There’s no one standing behind you with a stopwatch — except you.

Forget how long it takes and just do the work. Don’t give up on it: it’s a process, a spiritual process actually, and one that won’t magically come to fruition overnight. We are all facilitating this. We’ve said this before, but if you did all this, all at once, and introduced too much of what is really YOU (a gynormous energy being) into this current vessel too fast… you’d explode, disintegrate… and you’d have to stat all over. You’re in this for the long haul.

One more thing… you not only have the power to create, but also the power to UNCREATE, to undo what needs to be undone. This is necessary in lots of cases… which is what the above exercises are all about.

Paws are soft. Paws have claws. CLAWS can really help sort out those tough entanglements.

[NOTE: ‘The Mantra’ is actually a “Coursian” technique (with roots in, A Course in Miracles, via acim.org) that one of the Course students created, later propagated by Ken Wapnick, Gary Renard, and others. Ultimately, it comes from Brother J, who is the real author of this book.]

101 thoughts on “A Tonic for the Catatonic

  1. I’d love to hear people’s real life experiences on this. I tried doing it on myself and haven’t noticed anything yet. I’ll do it a bunch today :). You cats are awesome!

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    1. I used it on my family who loudly think I am the insane one, because I woke up and they haven’t gotten around to it yet, we have many topics we disagree on and since I said it to myself in my mind (like while they were screaming at me)
      They are at least civil now.
      which is a huge improvement.
      Thank you Cats I love that very healing statement.

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  2. Well, I must say that’s pretty darned good advice. Thanks! Funny story from last night: I was under an escalating psychic attack in dream state when I got pissed and stated Emphatically, “That’s enough!” The attack stopped immediately with the accompanying visuals basically evaporating. Doesn’t happen very often, but frankly attacks on me are no longer allowed!

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    1. It’s true we are powerful creator beings, shielded and forgiving , we can put up boundaries in a flash and have our self sovereignty by our command.


  3. Brilliant post CATs, thank you.

    Ashamedly, I was the wacked out person today. After nearly 5 days of non-stop meltdowns from my beautiful daughter I allowed myself to be tipped over the edge and shouted at her, not good, so disappointed with myself. Need to take a deep breathe in future and count to ten.

    Much love ALL ❤️

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    1. @ Lily. Don’t be hard on yourself. You cope so well with looking after your daughter and I doubt most folks could be so caring and selfless. 😘

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      1. @ Newlynn ❤️ Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

        Just had a really odd experience whilst reading your comment. The kitty in your avatar photo just waved, just like the people in photos in the Harry Potter films!

        Am I going a bit crazy? lol!

        Much love ❤️

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        1. Oo. How amazing. It’s a lamb I’m holding. A very wriggly one so it probably couldn’t stay still in the photo for long lol. ☺️

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  4. Dear CATs and M’s, this is an awesome idea.
    This post should be “sticking”, for all to read …
    And sleep well,

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  5. ‘ALL’ well said……..& tis another perceptive view of ‘a version of you exists in the minds of others’…..utilize the divine source within to intelligently, wisely, patiently, compassionately activate / assist / influence the ‘Observer is the Observed’. ‘Magic’ occurs………I like your motion clip !….ever try to out stare your cat ?….if you succeed, you also succeed in gaining their utmost respect….thanks for all your efforts ‘Cats’….xoxo

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    1. Yea, I once tried to out stare my last beloved cat who was sitting on my lap and he slapped me right on my face. We loved each other dearly for 16 years on earth and forever. Thanks for the reminders. Thanks for the memories. 🙂 Oh, yea..Thanks Cats! ❤

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        1. You ARE their property.
          You are a god to your dog,
          But your cat considers you their property, just like the house he/she lives in. Part of it.
          I’ve never been able to outstare a cat …

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  6. Whew! Glad you reminded me not to explode and get this all done yesterday! Been trying to piss rainbows with my zipper stuck in the up position, and my cat doesn’t understand the weird dance! So years not seconds, got it… substances were out of the question, but I was sure trying hard to develop “issues”! Lol!

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  7. “but it’s still gonna take a long time.” ??????? Whaaa???

    Only if you BELIEVE it will.
    For those who be-leave otherwise, it can be incredibly fast, or even instantaneous!
    You know why? Because “anything you think is possible.”

    It’s time to stop brainwashing others, with your own personal BELIEF SYSTEMS (BS) — it’s time to stop telling them what to think & believe.
    And it’s time to walk your own talk.

    “Start thinking that anything you think is possible.”

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    1. No. This is not true. This is either delusion, or a mis-understanding. The upgrades are not instantaneous, save for a very small handful of beings here. But none of them would be talking about how fast the integrations are. This is a laborious process, and will take time. We don’t brainwash. We don’t believe ~ we KNOW. Belief is uncertain. *Knowledge* comes from direct communication and experience. We counter misinformation and we educate. It’s quite clear to anyone who reads this blog regularly.

      The integrations take place over a long period of time, because it takes time to discover what you have and what you’re doing with it.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. There is so much hubris in the “psychic” community that it’s become a toxic cult of personality. This is why we keep things anonymous and ask for no money, to keep our objectivity intact. You’re either open to the truth or you make it up then defend it. We only post things that we get from Guides, and then doublecheck amongst ourselves, and then with other trusted psychic sources. Casting aspersions lowers vibration, btw…


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    1. No. DNA integrations are DNA integrations, where you are literally evolving, much faster than normal. The SHIFT is where the 3d and 4d earths split finally. Who cares about fiat currency? It’s just a game that will one day (on 3d) be replaced with another game. Don’t expect fairness on 3d. Move past it.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. “Don’t expect fairness on 3D.”

        I agree to some extent.
        Yet what’s all that “law of attraction” about. Send out, receive. That’s then either an illusion or smt you don’t consider ‘fairness’.

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        1. Law of attraction is purely about vibrational frequency matching. I don’t understand what “fairness” would have to do with it. You can be in an “unfair” situation and happy or shift it. Does that make sense?

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  8. hiya cats. can you please “re-share” the advice given here years ago, where one can ask Brother J to share in carrying a burden be it physical, spiritual, emotional, energetic etc etc?

    it has been so, SO helpful to me, so many times and i thank you for that.


    health, happiness and love to all.


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  9. Another 50 years is nothing. That would make me well past 111 or so. We are doing it. How wonderful is that? Love you ALL so very much. ❤️

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        1. So basically, the shift has happened and we’re stuck here in 3D?
          That’s how you make it sound.


  10. On a tangential note…

    This is the third year we’ve had wrens make a nest in a trash basket that sits on a table in a corner of the deck. It is under a roof and safe from the spring storms. Also, we are very accommodating and alter our movements to help them.

    The previous 2 years, the parents would call out and the babies would hop out and jump around on the deck. This year was different. The parents were calling out yesterday, but the babies were not budging. Finally, the parents gave up and started feeding them again. Then today around noon, I heard them encouraging the chicks to fly. Then the chirps turned frantic, and I went to the patio door. There was a ground squirrel lurking around on this end of the deck. As I stood there, our dog walked up beside me. The squirrel saw him and high-tailed it out of there. (Squirrels are opportunistic eaters, which includes bird eggs and chicks.)

    Then the chicks started flying out. I was stunned because there were so many – 4 or 5 – when there had only been 1 or 2 the previous years. Also, they were bigger and stronger – able to fly right away. One of them slipped into a crevice at the edge of the deck, so I went out to see if it was Ok. The parents allowed me to do this. I could see that it was possible for the chick to jump out the bottom to the ground. After listening carefully, I heard nothing and figured it made its way out.

    I thought this real life story mirrors much of what we are experiencing now. Surprise – more new lives than you thought. No – need a little more time before we fly. Potential danger discouraged by a friendly force (even if it was a dog – lol). Everyone is over the fence and in a beautiful front yard next door.


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    1. I have a similar tale cat7.

      There are some troublesome magpies at the bottom of my garden. Quite often I will hear the distress calls of a female blackbird and the machine gun taunts from the magpies. I know what they do to other birds nests so I shoo them away when possible.

      This morning, after reading this post, i heard the blackbirds nest was under attack from my opened bathroom window. I immediately imagined cords attached to the magpies reaching the core of Gaia, and immediately the female blackbird left the tree and flew the length of my garden.

      It rested upon roof ridge tiles only a few feet from where I was standing, looking out. The blackbird was looking directly into my eyes as it was crying out for help.

      I got dressed quick and ran down the garden, and shooed away the magpies for her.

      It is clearly apparent to me, that we share a much deeper relationship with nature if we only give it a chance.

      Can I ask a favour please Cats, is their a food chain on the NE? I sincerely hope their isn’t. It’s what’s fundamentally wrong with this world. Even if every human decided to be vegan, and treat their food with reverance, the remaining suffering still left between all the other species is unbearable.

      It all has to end.


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    2. I had birds that made a nest in a large fern hanging on my back porch.
      I worried about this choice of a nest as it was above where my dog had
      his doghouse. Fortunately, as far as I know, none of the birds fell out of
      the nest and, one day, I saw they were starting to leave the nest and flying
      to a nearby pine tree. All, except for one, that is. He kept sitting on the edge
      of the nest as his parent flew around him chirping and, it seemed, trying to
      encourage him to fly. I watched for awhile and then had other things to do.
      When I came back he was gone and I assume that his desire to join the others was so strong that he took the leap into the unknown and found
      that he could fly!

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        1. Some color therapy tips:

          Blue – calmness
          Green – healing
          Pink – Love

          Black (like evil) has no inherent property of its own. It isn’t a color but absence of color (just like evil is the absence of love)

          When people are stressed and in need of grounding? I think its a pretty safe guess that they need MORE light rather than its absence 💌💗

          Most will welcome it some will see it as intrusion. That too MUST be honored. Karmic repercussions otherwise. As ALWAYS – without exception are we responsible for ALL of our actions.. 💗

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  11. Great post and advice, thank you! The technique totally works and I use often on others, or on myself if I’m having an unsavory moment. Ground that shit out! In more populated and agitated instances, one can create a gold bubble to surround the combatants and ground the bubble to the center of the earth. It can quickly chill a mob-like mentality. Fun stuff.

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  12. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Predictors and magicians are unveiled for what they are.

    humanity ears begin to hear the REALities.

    Farsights come to the aid of those in need, and willing to drop the weights.

    Four stars penetrate the lower realms, and open the Treasures.

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  13. Thanks CATS for this positively uplifting post! Always great to be reminded of the mantra. I can do this for 50 more years, especially since you mention that it can continue to be done on the New Earth. It brightened my morning after feeling like I didn’t get a good nights sleep, I was busy working I guess 😉💕

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  14. Been in a strange mood the last few days – I ask and it’s not mine – hard to describe, but if my world was collapsing/ disintegrating and didn’t know why or maybe even unaware of the change consciously, I might feel this way…

    Thank you Cats, etc for the ‘Mantra’, this can help. I get a body confirmation (that I asked for years ago – something tangible) I get a deep inhalation or body sigh when things are ‘right’ or connects or whatever (so tired of trying to find words for things)… Anyway – each time I have used the above mantra/suggestion, for myself or directed to others, I’ve gotten that confirmation breath.

    re: DNA integration – personally I wouldn’t want quick integration – I’d explode into trillions of stick and ball things of the DNA models or melting while quoting the Wicked Witch of the West, ‘What a world; what a world’ … :/
    I would settle for less pain and hopeful joy in doing.

    @Lily, be kind to yourself – we could always wish our reactions are ideal, esp around loved ones, but we are in bodies whose nervous systems are are being stretched and strained and sometimes it’s just too much – you probably DO talk to you daughter mind to mind – maybe she’s thinking the same thing, wishing she could react and communicate differently. You know all this – have you done the ‘mantra’ for yourself? – I felt it when I did it with me – I think we all need kindness, to ourselves maybe MOST of all…. love you…

    be well, All –


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    1. @ Karen ❤️ Thank you. yes, I do believe that my daughter and I share many knowings, telepathy that becomes much more apparent when other folk are around us as I notice just how much we communicate without words and so do those in our company 🙂

      I was driving when I shouted. I was really struggling on concentrating on the road. No excuse but the country roads here are very tight, narrow and bendy and other driver really race down them. I had so much pressure in my head like a vice crushing my skull. Must have been the intense energies yesterday?! My dear daughter has been making a ‘new noise’ for a few days. I believe it’s almost like a stim, something that she cannot control and feels the need to do it repetitively. This particular noise is very high pitched and whining. it was like having noise torture and I couldn’t escape it lol. I shouted out of desperation!

      I have since been carrying around a pair of earplugs and have headphones in reach just in case it gets to ‘that point’ again! Bless her, I know she cannot help it. I’m the closest she has got to understanding her but I’m still not there completely, there is a lot to learn! And yes, I will definitely be using the CAT’s cord/grounding technique for myself and others!

      Love to you and ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  15. Thank you sooo much for this post!
    I will try to utilize it as mush as I can!

    This black and white tuxedo kitty reminds me my beloved cat that passed away 2 month ago…He looked more like this cat..https://images.app.goo.gl/Sh5sdk9jcP9vio8p8
    I still miss him sooo much… 😦
    …But I think I could feel him following me around everywhere.
    Is it possible?? Is he still around me or is it just my wild imagination?…
    Could anyone see him following me?…
    I feel more sick since he passed away…He can not heal me anymore…

    ❤ LOVE!

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    1. It IS possible! 💗💗💗

      Close your eyes
      Connect deep in your heart
      And FEEL the love flow
      The healing will begin again immediately
      Feeling strong gratitude FOR the healing will super amplify it! 💗😻

      Love is eternal. Quite apart from time and limitations. Neither time nor space nor physicality has the power to separate us from those who take up residence in our hearts. 💕

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  16. A final test to make sure.

    First, waking and walking alone carrying truth while others call you names and and refuse to see the world they live in.

    Then taking the first energetic punches to lead the way.

    And now dealing with the second wavers as they go into tailspin.

    If they had any clue what it takes.

    On the brighter side, the party with a capital P starts any second now. I can feel it.


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  17. Mantra sounds like Ho’oponopono:

    “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you!”

    Works every time for me, complete with “whoosh” feeling in Solar Plexus. Thanks!

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  18. I have had two instances today where breathing out I have seen my breath like a mist on a cold day, but it’s been warm. Also a sudden intense heat around my stomach and heart area.

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  19. I wrote a comment early this morning after a most difficult night – for some reason wasn’t to post – nothing strange in it that I know of –
    so canceled it.


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  20. At the moment, the local cosmic neighborhood is rather bumpy, but… none of us are feeling it. Anyone else? We might be having spatial separation, esp. considering how quiet the mornings and evenings are…

    We’re going to put this comment on the previous post, too.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Hmm, super quiet and peaceful here. A few aches and pains but feeling much better tonight than the past three. Funny, kind of got lost in some old books and magazines I was looking through. Completely forgot about everything else for a few hours and was enjoying the moment. Maybe the Shift is like love, you find it when you least expect it. 🌈❤

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    2. Wife and oldest son had a gathering w/some friends @ sons house(next door). I went for about 10 min. And didn’t feel right(square peg in round hole). Back home w/minky, All’s cool. Hope All feel good on this Lovely weekend on NE. Peace.

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  21. Posted yesterday but it never showed on site. Had a no sleep energy filled night Friday pelvis to head. This was different in that I had no pain. No headache, muscle cramps or tension discomfort. If that is what asking Brother J to enjoy the energy does, I will take it every time. Cay

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  22. Also be alert So. Cal. to San Francisco. The La brea tarpits are oozing out onto Wilshire Blvd. which could precede movement. This is unusual. Cay

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    1. There were a couple of small earthquakes that were felt in San Diego
      County a few days ago. I did not feel them as I live up in the hills about
      40 miles from the coast. I really hope we don’t have larger earthquakes,
      as I remember a couple of them that felt like a very large truck had slammed
      into my house. One time, I was sitting on the sofa with my cat behind me.
      I had just turned to ask him if he wanted to watch a nature film when an
      earthquake struck and he was knocked off the sofa and onto the floor!

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  23. Sending love and light to ALL who need it ❤️✨❤️

    Been absolutely drained and have at times felt as if I was phasing in and out again. Really strange sensation!

    On another note, have had a beautiful day with my daughter, snuggling with her on the sofa, being silly and just giggling with her, golden moments…


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  24. out of curiosity, did anyone else experience missing items or other similar manifestations of what may have been a timeline jump today, 6/9/19 around 5pm GMT? I lost a $20 bill from my wallet that I know was in there, lol.

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  25. What up Cats, M’s and All!! Thank you so much for this post. You are some Master Teachers, dig the way you share and impart information. Muy educational. And this absolutely works.

    A few days before you posted this, there was a dude waiting at the bus stop with me, cursing up a storm. I knew this was going to be one of ‘those’ NYC Bus rides, where you stare out the window or up at the ads to do anything but make eye contact with the dude losing his ish on the bus, and becoming a target. After harassing the bus driver for a few, he then turned his attention to a woman sitting in the front of the bus, who totally held her space. After he told her and all of us to F ourselves and the horses we rode in on (not paraphrasing), I looked directly at him (tots forgot about the grounding cord, and had shades on, lol-but g & p every day before and on the morning train ride, and sometimes throw out grounding cords to anyone who may need them as I am walking along) and thought those powerful words you shared from a previous post. Instead of going after other individuals on the bus, he started loudly asking us over and over again where we were on 9/11. He then started conversing with the woman he initially was cursing out about how he was once a city bus driver, then stepped off the bus at the next stop. Thanks for the reminder about the grounding cords, will not forget next time. ❤️

    On another note, Lily, (and anyone who has the Gift of Children with disAbilities in their lives) have you ever looked into Assistive Technology? Last week I attended an AT Conference run by the NYC CAT team (awesome name, awesome folks! 😻).

    There were some amazing student speakers, and parents who shared how working with AT changed their lives. The device itself is not the be all end all, and incorporating it is a process, but I saw some an amazing “non-verbal” student speak to an auditorium full of adults, and thought of you and your daughter. My apologies if you looked into it already, but there were some interesting communication devices in the vendor hall, many for children on the ASD Spectrum that may bridge the gap between where children appear to be communicating now, and the (telepathic?) gifts that many (all?) children with ASD possess. I left my CAT Swag Bag from the Expo at the office, lol, but can send you some information re: AT Devices/Companies when I am there this week.

    Thanks again All, and Sleep Well! ❤️

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  26. My head felt like it was put in a vice for past 24 hours … trying to break free of lower frequencies … and all that means … meow!

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  27. @ mootzfriend ❤️ Thank you, I will definitely look at those devices! I have a book here called ‘Ido in Autismland’ by Ido Kedar. Interesting insight into the world of a highly intelligent autistic boy. He describes how therapists, teachers completely missed understood him, making him sit and repeat basic exercises over and over again when he was screaming inside, desperate to make them realise he wanted to read books, he was very capable but instead he had to sit and go though his abc’s over and over again. They would talk about him whilst he was in the room, discussing his disabilities and he could not challenge them due to being non verbal. He now writes about his experiences and it’s so inspiring! There was another book I read a while ago called ‘The Skallagrig’ which gave a disturbing insight into how people with disabilities were treated. Sadly, it still continues today. Very intelligent young people viewed as mentally incapable due to lack of communication, given medication to ‘calm’ them down when they are just incredibly frustrated. On a positive note there are many folk that realise this and are trying to find ways to help with communication and giving these special souls a means to express themselves 😊 Much love ❤️

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    1. There are some super positive people in the field who get that making kids who think conceptually (beyond most kids their age) sit for the basic building blocks that they had upon arrival here is not the move anymore. Unfortunately, it does continue, but I feel the tide is turning, here, there and everywhere. ❤️😊

      When you get a chance, check out Ablenet, Coughdrop, Tobii Dynavox, and Logan Tech. There’s a lot more out there, and tech is evolving exponentially, but there may be something there that resonates. Thanks to you and All for Being You! ❤️

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      1. Thank you mootzfriend, yes there are some brilliant, insightful folk who show a lot of understanding. I think you’re right, the tide is turning in so many ways, in so many places! I guess that’s why they call it The Shift! Big changes everywhere…

        Thank you, I will definitely check out those names 🙂

        Much love ❤️

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    2. unfortunately there is so much that our current ‘medical science’ does not understand about autism. An example that I always thought was very interesting was the case regarding a pair of autistic twins and their amazing abilities with prime numbers, reported by Oliver Sacks in 1985. Sacks was a researcher who discovered this pair of autistic twins who both had extraordinary abilities regarding prime numbers. The twins used to play a game in which they would go back and forth, with each one having to say a prime number greater than the one previously said by the other player. They were doing this with 10+ digit prime numbers, taking at most 2 or 3 seconds to respond. This is a problem that is quite complex to write an efficient algorithm for. They were also able to factor large products of prime numbers very quickly. Those of you with a computer science/information security background will recognize that practically all of our currently used ‘strong’ encryption (including SSL used when you order something from Amazon or whatever) is based on the assumption that our current computers cannot factor large products of prime numbers efficiently (in terms of complexity theory, it’s an NP-hard problem, meaning there’s no known solution that can execute in polynomial time with respect to the size of the input). Unfortunately, we understand very little about how these twins were able to perform this rather amazing real-life-Rainman-esque feat, partly because of the difficulties in communication that often accompanies autism.

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      1. Heard about some folks who are working at developing communication assistive technology that responded to human thought…would so help kids like those twins, and the countless other ones with gifts like theirs, break it down for us…would be a game changer, wow. 😉❤️

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      2. That is incredible Rishi! I saw a programme once about a young man with autism who had memorised some buildings in London pretty much brick for brick and drew from his memory, not one mistake! My daughter seems to memorise nursery rhymes and songs. She struggles to vocalise but I can sometimes tell what she is singing by the rhythm and tone of the noises she makes. She has incredibly complex rituals/routines that she has to do perfectly throughout the day, the last one being her after dinner, bath, bed and song/story routine. Because she relies on me to talk through every little procedure and to remember everything in the right order, things can often go pear shaped!

        I try my best but sometimes miss a thing or two. For instance: I have to run the bath taps whilst brushing her teeth and must sing ‘this is the way we brush our teeth’ When she is in the bath I have to sing a washing song and it must be in order! Hair, face, shoulders, arms etc…Then I have to sing Row, row your boat, then I have to say some opposite words: ‘up and down, left and right, stop and go, fast and slow, in and out, under and over, hard and soft, inhale and exhale, full and empty (bath cup toy thing). She has to have several objects including a toy boat, toy lemon, Toy grapes etc… in the bath with her. When she is ready to get out of the bath I have to take each object and say ‘wet’, then say ‘dry’ as I dry the toy and set it on the side of the bath. I have to do this with each one in the correct order and place them in a line on the side of the bath. I then have to say ‘down’ then ‘Up’ as I help her up. Then ‘up’ and ‘down’ as I sit her on the over bath platform. Then ‘In’ and ‘Out’ with each leg. Then ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ as I hep her out of the bath. Then there is the next routine of getting her dressing down, ‘Undressed’, ‘dressed’, Then the brushing hair routine singing ‘this is the way we brush our hair’ Then it carries on into the bedroom and getting dressed, the same story three times, then a bedtime song, lights off in a certain order, then sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star, etc..etc..That isn’t the entire routine which really starts straight after dinner…then of course there are all the routines during the day, nappy changes have an order, everything has an order. Sometimes I forget something and she gets incredibly distressed. I wish I could help her break free of it. I did try the cord technique and mantra the CATS kindly gave us tonight. She turned slightly hysterical, Laughter, then crying, very agitated as if she was trying to fight something off. Is now sleeping peacefully. I hope it helped in some way!

        Much love ALL ❤️


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  28. First let me admit to a high level of naivete’ in regard to my perception of this reality. And second, I apologize that this is off-topic but might be of interest to others. NOAA announced this weekend that CA is ripe for fires again and put out a warning. PG&E announced they’ll selectively be cutting power in lines that could possibly spark fires. My question is about the sky-striping (chem-trails) that began yesterday over CA central coast area (and possibly NorCal as well?): is there any possibility that the intent isn’t completely evil and that they are trying to mitigate the temperatures by cooling with a cloud cover to lessen the fire danger? (yeah, this is the naivete and my inherent hope their intentions really aren’t entirely evil!) Or are they really exacerbating conditions because they really do want CA to burn? And with what? And who exactly are “they” and why?
    Pollyanna 🙂

    PS My sincere gratitude to the CATs and Ms and all who are participating from love

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  29. good evening CATs, Ms, and everybody else… just wondering if there’s anything you might be able to tell us regarding today’s helicopter crash in Manhattan. The reports I’ve seen thus far seem to indicate that the high-rise building the helicopter crashed into has various links to HRC, BHO, and all sorts of large financial institutions. Here’s one such video: https://youtu.be/IgiJ8D3RoV4

    if there’s anything you can tell us about what happened in this accident, I’d be quite curious to know.

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  30. 50 years eh….I have a feeling that you are not many CAT’s but just one Cat pushing his/her agenda. Many have noticed the difference in your posts of late and are wondering who/what co-opted you. An educated guess would be, you have been corrupted by the construct virus and are now spewing out it’s BS. This is a sad day I must say.


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