Wow. All kinds of things happening.

Folks, this recent activity was not a timeline jump, it was part of The SPLIT between 3d and 4d; we’re not sure where we are in the process, but we’re definitely IN it. This is NOT 4d, though; we’re in the split beforehand. Energywise, things are what we in the Energy Trade call, “UNSETTLED.”

Here’s yesterday:

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 10.41.31 PM

There it is. We were also calling it The SHIFT, but for the terrestrial space-time platform we were all using there is now an obvious SPLIT between realities — even though we can all still see each other and communicate. It’s weird, we know. It was kinda there before, but it’s really there now. Will we have a big dramatic light show for the final SHIFT? No idea. Is The SPLIT The SHIFT? NO.

Could be that the scheduled events have changed — again — for whatever reason. It’s all in our greatest good, though, so no worries. That’s the easy one.

[FYI, now that we know more, we’ve edited this piece, removing some of our own questions and suppositions.]

Anyway, still lots of zeroes in the Muon Dept. (this, from yesterday):

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 2.38.23 PM

We didn’t set up this meter, so we’re not exactly sure about why some detectors are returning different energy values; then again, subnuclear particles are a little odd; they change even as your mind (and you can probably guess why). More from yesterday:

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 10.36.26 PM



Someone is really flicking that switch ON then OFF.


And this is today:

Peat and repeat.
M is for Meow.
Interesting modulation.
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.59.33 AM
Muon shift still ongoing…

Here are more current energy readings:


WHOMPs in spots.


This isn’t timeline jumping — it’s SOURCE SPLITTING realities and working out new timeline landing sites… while we’re all sorta still together, like spaghetti on a plate.




Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.14.59 AM

Glad we’re not SOURCE. Oh, wait… we are.

Here’s the Mexico City riometer, which has NEVER returned an interesting value in the XX years we’ve been checking it:


The sun, meanwhile, continues to strobe (slowly; this is timelapse remember):

Check out the strobing.

And this happened, we’re looking into it:

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.25.37 AM
UPDATE: Ah, just part of the Taurid meteor shower.

And we had another GRB:


AND there were also noctilucent clouds seen over the SF Bay Area last night (!). They’re normally seen over the arctic:

This is a combination of pulverized meteor dust and Wave X energy.

Uncle. That’s enough for one post.

Clearly, it’s time to bring in the space bilby.

GET THE SPACE BILBY! (Or is that a rabbit?)


We’ll be in this box. Let us know when this all stops.


So, do a check with us: How are you feeling today? Something happened and it was the M’s who picked up on it first, then we all realized it. You might be able to tell by how you slept last night, and how you woke up.


Oh, and NO, we’re not on 4d, yet. We’re on the ramp. Anyone who’s saying they’re 4d or 5d are sadly mistaken. Anyone who flames us on this will have their comments deleted… and their vibrations lowered (by them, not us!), sorry.


Uh oh…

Hundreds Of U.S. Flights Canceled As GPS-Based Aircraft Navigation System Fails

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.30.17 PM


Wherever we are, we’ve finally solidified a timeline — for now:

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 10.39.27 PM
Note the higher level — and how long it took.

It’s been quite a day:




We’re going to bed.


Ok, we tried putting this off, but we’re weak. We had to know. We had to ask (AGAIN) about the… incipience… of The Shift (which is of course the denouement of The Event)… and… we still see it being a slow thing… almost painfully slow. Why is it taking so long? Meditate and ask SOURCE yourself. Let us know what you get. 😉

This is like graphing an ascent of Mt. Everest one weekly step at a time, describing the ground, the boot, the sharpness of the crampon, the amount of fatigue in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, the stress fractures in the bones, the endless prattle of spiritual metaphor…

181 thoughts on “The SPLIT is NOW [UPDATE5]

    1. Very strange dreams early this morning ( about nice unusual looking People that I knew in my dream very well, whom I have never seen before in my waking life) and when I arose there was activity in my peripheral vision when I turned my head nothing was there. Which made me think something big happened last night. The Owls and frogs were amazingly active and noisy last night which made the dogs bark and squirrels are acting so different, very jumpy, throwing themselves at my window when the bird feeders get low. they know who fills them.

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  1. After this horrible week, I was sitting in the meditation two hrs ago and was suddendly…. wishless. There was peace and blissful quiet joy. The best feeling ever.
    Than my son ran into the flat to pick me up for Dinner and we went downstairs to Grandma and Grandad.
    Ten minutes ago, as I was doing dishes and still thinking about what happended during this meditation, a thought popped up: you just shifted into 4D gurl
    I immediately turned around to the table, for no reason actually, looked at my phone and saw the message about new CATs post – this one

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  2. This explains EVERYTHING. There is so much to say and nothing at all. Well CATs — let’s get the party started!

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  3. Oh Wowzers! Thank you CATs!

    All I can say is ‘I feel….FIZZY..!!!’

    Much love so happy to be here with you ALL ❤️🎉🎁✨☀️🐱❤️

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  4. so let’s rise above

    thank you Cat’s ❤

    @lily144 you are the first one liking ❤ that's symbolic!
    we will rise together… to SOURCE we are on the way NOW

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    1. @anonymous1444 Woohoo yes, it is done, we are all rising! ❤️

      I’ve upped my shielding since my little outburst the other day, didn’t feel it was from me at all, the more I think about it. I was stressed and tired but I remember feeling like a thick dark cloud had surrounded me, the energy was intense and suffocating, reminded me of the dementors in the train incident in Harry Potter! I wonder where the inspiration came for that one!

      I had not been as vigilant as usual with my protection as I was exhausted. Goes to show what can happen when you let your guard down. I wonder how much longer we will need to use shielding/clearing….Would be blissful to feel utterly free and safe…Not long now, I hope!

      Much LOVE & LIGHT ALL ❤️✨❤️

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      1. You are right, and good on you for keeping your shields up, I made a little recording of my voice telling my subconscious ( I wear headphones while I sleep) that I am grounded to NE and in my pink bubble of protection and it helps to keep it on my mind in the daytime, while I do anything
        mow grass, hike, bike ride etc, I don’t own a TV but if I did watch one I would always be shielded.

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  5. I watched noctilucent clouds last night for more than an hour at Lat 35.32, Long 120.83 (CA Central Coast.) Didn’t take pics, just marveled that they were so far south and hoping someone else was seeing and documenting it. Wowser!

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  6. I couldn’t wake up this morning and yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep. I’m having trouble thinking clearly and I’m sensing my nervous system is slightly irritated. On the other hand of all of this — I’m calm AF. Nothing seems to phase me. It’s like I’m forcing myself to think. Get “xyz” and “xyz” done — (while in the back of mind I’m thinking but do I?). Lists are helping me stay productive today.

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    1. Same here. So sleepy and groggy I could have slept through both days if it wasn’t for getting up to use the restroom. Otherwise the last few weeks I have had more energy than I have in a long while.

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  7. Thanks, All for the update. Gardener didn’t show today. Maybe she’s elsewhere? We’ll see. Btw, I had the same thoughts as another poster today. I really don’t want anything. (Except nap and later latte.) It’s so still here that it is is stunningly amazing! It’s like I’m in a dream world. (Oh, wait! I am.) We shall see where this all leads. Major hugs all around!

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  8. been kinda dying in the energies – my own body meter just KNEW there had to have been a big GRB – evidence all over my body – being nibbled to death by lazers…

    Family came home a day early, Fri – when they texted me Friday afternoon that they would see me soon – I asked if they’d teleported since the’d left New England Thursday arriving home (NM)Friday late afternoon…

    Was using the Mantra on me and everyone… Til I crashed with the energies since Sat.
    Sunday my daughter blasted into my room shaking, asking if I was dying, “I mean literally RIGHT NOW?” She can see into peoples bodies down to the cellular level, esp if she touches them, but she couldn’t even be near me as she felt like she’d have a heart attack – she was premature by half a day- didn’t sleep at all last night, Sat night was esp bad) 7/8 -6/9 as well, but last night!!! kinda wished I could die.

    There are other snafus that have happened (financial )that would make a shift right now very welcome, very tired of certain things…

    Been feeling very alone also…

    – there were wispy pink clouds before sunrise this morning, might be normal, but usually skies are clear blue first thing – clouds develop later, unless ‘weather’ is imminent… hopeful…

    so tired of so much pain, but I know others experience worse – I seem to have misplaced my sense of humor

    be well

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    1. June 10th, from 2AM to 10 PM. What the heck was THAT! I thought I was going to die! And I’d been feeling so well, working in the garden, having some truly life loving moments, and then WHAM! I was knocked out, in a stupor, no appetite, heaving woeful tears, fake of course, almost in a catatonic trance.

      It all started with the SchroderCAt entry on June 6th, “What to Do If You See An Angry Crazy Whacked-Out Person Out in the World.” Well the meditation didn’t work at all on the other person, even though I tried it a dozen times. I started to reassess the situation, maybe it’s me that’s whacked out? So I try the meditation on myself, and sure enough, I was the crazy one. There was stuff that still needed clearing beyond the normal scope of my awareness.

      I tried the Cat’s meditation over and over, but I didn’t get better, only worse, so I went back to my tried and true meditation, that I don’t usually suggest to anyone, but here it is:

      In the olden days, ten or more years ago, when there wasn’t anyplace else to find the kind of info that the Cats are supplying, I used Lisa Renee’s website a lot. But it has it’s limitations, mostly it lacks a certain sense of humor, but the 12 D Shield technique really works for me and still does.

      I have to use a different sound track than Lisa’s voice and here is the one that really brings it all back into balance for me. Listen to her instructions once or twice and then use a different sound track:

      On June 10th, after a tortuous day of WTF energies, and five, count ’em, FIVE ADVIL, I woke up today feeling 100% better than ever.

      Thank you everyone for your contributions to this web-site, I read every word over and over.

      I am Cheezy Kitten in honor of Susie Creamcheese, one of my lifetime heroes; Kitten, because I’m not quite yet a Cat.

      I am efficient at Spaceship Navigation and miss my uniform.

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  9. I woke up around 5 am EDT with my heart fluttering. I’ve felt this before and I knew I wasn’t having a heart attack. Got up finally around 8 am and since then have felt on the verge of tears. Now I know why I am feeling “Unsettled.” No fear. But I hope that I end up on the same end of the split as the rest of this group. If not, I entreat you to continue to post to inform those who are left on the other side on the chance we/they might see it. It’s all for our greatest good. I will continue to repeat that. I can’t believe that I’m 66 and didn’t know until today what a bilby is. Thanks for that, google. Holding One and All in the Love and the LIght. Happy Landing!

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    1. You know in your bottom-most heart-of-hearts that you’ve been flying high all this time. There’s no getting left behind!


  10. Oh! As I was trying to nap, I realized that around 9:30 Am PDT, that I visually or perceptively experienced about 3 visual micro mili-second shifts in what I was seeing. The landscape phased out and back in about 3 times. I wondered what that was about at the time. It really felt/looked like a shift/reboot. Does this help with your survey? (Major tongue lolling)

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    1. Wow, what an experience J! Things really are shifting, aren’t they?!

      Everything feels very quiet here. People seem to be disappearing! I was supposed to have a door fitted in the kitchen. The guy doing it has done other jobs for me before and always replies to messages. Last thing I heard was that he had ordered the door but that was ages ago. No response to emails, texts, nothing.

      I look outside onto what is a normally busy road and there is no traffic. Neighbours are very quiet….hmmmm!


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  11. Sat up in bed wide awake at 4:44, couldn’t fall back to sleep. Slept soundly but all I remember from what felt like very vivid dreams was hunting for vintage Christmas ornaments in thrift stores. It seemed there were boxex and boxes of them each place I went into. That is one of my hobbies but maybe there are multiple meanings to it. Oh, I can’t remember the song but my husband woke up, to use the bathroom, while I was still awake and was singing a Christmas carol. Anyway, today feels very strange but in a good way. 🎄🎁✨

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  12. Finally had a good night’s sleep after 3 poor sleep nights due to body buzzing. I also have recovered from back stiffness after mopping the floors 3 times Friday because they felt yucky. Used DoTerra essential oil “On Guard” in the water which helped immensely. My cat slept with me last night and has been both on edge and a bit clingy for the past few days. Yesterday I found a wild baby bunny swimming in the pool which I took to the shrubs across the street to recover. I live in the Conejo “rabbit” Valley. So far, so good. Cay

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  13. Regarding the noctilucent clouds last night seeing over the SF Bay Area, what I read some years ago, Archangel Michael said that these noctilucent clouds wherever they would start to show up means an imminent catastrophy will happen in that area (a few days afterwards) and we should leave the area for our own protection… but as I see humanity is deep asleep so they won’t take note of this most probably. Rgds, Patricia

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  14. I’m at the beach right now. Been storming like crazy all around us since last Thursday. We just get little showers 😊 Feeling a deep peace and great well being. Hmmm. May be the ocean. Purring loudly! Love love love to ALL

    – jane
    (joy113) can’t tell if i’m Logged in

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  15. Interesting.

    Last night was very restless for me.

    I had the strangest dream. Some kind of self proclaimed tyrant was running the show after he inserted himself into our reality. I managed to begin dismantling his reign though, secretly.

    It reached a point where to end things I had to start a fire, using my hands…I focused my energy into them and watched as slowly they created enough heat to ignite paper.

    All today and yesterday I feel so mashed up with the whomps, like my brain is drugged with powerful anaesthetic.


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    1. I have not posted before, but with all that is going on felt it was time.

      Last night, got into bed, and as usual was whisked away somewhere astrally. Just for snix, and because you cats mentioned it yesterday, I asked Brother J along for the ride, and it was nice to have company for once on one of my adventures.

      We were taken to some enclosed space with blueish windows, that I could not make out clearly. (My bad eyesight accompanies me on all of my nighttime trips, hah!) What is supposed to happen here? I am always just playing by ear. As we drifted past the windows I sent massive amounts of lovelight at them, and that seemed to be the right thing, for next we were taken away out under the stars.

      We ended up under a depiction of the precesion (sp) of the equinoxes, and as we turned our attention to the sign of Aquarius, there was a pink flash in that sign. All was calm and peaceful.

      Then a night of the usual crazy dreams, and when I woke up I was too exhausted to go into work. Called off and went back to sleep.

      When I woke up again about 11 am CST (I am in the Midwest) with my eyes closed @ my astral “station” who should stop by but a large black cat!?!? “Is it one of you all?” I ask, “Come to check up on me?”
      The cat seemed like it was pulling back kind of disdainfully from some of the beings hanging out surrounding us. I realized they were some dark beings there to be cleared out, since that is one of the things I can do. I know it sounds weird when you first hear it, but I escort dark beings (interlopers) out of our dimension. Once they were gone, the area around us was once again clear.

      Whew. Sorry to be so long winded. Feel free to edit as needed. Thank you for providing a place like this; it is the one trustworthy place I can go to for info and a boost.

      I am still Curious though. Was that one of you CATS?

      Gramma B

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      1. Not that we know of. We usually always smile, though. Cheshire CATs. But you should always be on the lookout for imposters and tricksters. Jeez, the omniverse is rife with them. We were elsewhere in the night. But there are CATs everywhere, and Rainbow Dragons. And so many many many other kinds of beings…

        THIS is the Age of Aquarius right now. 😉

        -CAT Eds.

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  16. Just like J above, at approximately 1:30am CST I was watching a movie, Ghost, ha! I saw the computer screen and surrounding area do a Wave, an Undulation. It reminded me of the magnetic anomaly Star Trek Enterprise experienced going through the Delphi Expanse. All matter fluctuated.

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  17. I was driving home from work today and I saw the rain clouds start to gather, some were a beautiful blue colour, I could feel the energy around me so strongly, bit like before a thunderstorm but different, and felt that this rain would do something very important, that it would behave differently to normal rain, I can’t really described the feeling. But I feel really alive, much better than last night.

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    1. Also on Saturday at work I was watching a lady fill in her form so I could process it, then when I came back with her item the signature was gone, she said but I just signed that, I said I know I saw you, but it’s gone, please can you do it again, and don’t worry things like that happen a lot to me, she took it quite well 🙂

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      1. Driving on the M1 northbound on Friday in all that rain. Have done journey so many times and somehow junction 15 disappeared. Have no idea how that happened. Was so lost in such bad driving conditions with no sat nav asked Brother J to guide me and somehow made it to my destination. All very strange.

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  18. Thank you dear CAT’s for this post💖🤗

    New beginnings….

    For almost a year, I’ve been kindly begging the managers at my work to allow me to change from my current position as an assembler of electrical/mechanical equipment, to being taught how to build and install the electrical-system in the cars. To no avail it seemed. The managers wanted me to stay in the ranger-group…

    Last week I had enough. My patience and my body (lower back/hips/knees) had had enough of the grumpy guys and their everlasting love of drama/gossip/intrigues instead of focusing on work and to behave respectful and polite towards others. I told’em I won’t lift one more heavy item there again. I was simply tired of being treated as a “dishcloth” – doing other peoples work, and never getting any help in return…

    Then last week – and out of the blue – I finally got permission to learn the work of an electrician. And my first day as an electrician at the vw-group was…..TODAY! YAY!!!😄
    New beginnings…new chapters to be written. I have a ton of new things to learn, but that don’t bother me at all. Because in this new peaceful working environment, I am finally happy😊 I feel as a bird that has been let out of the cage – finally free🐦

    And by looking at the meters in CAT’s post – I hope all of you get to have new beginnings that are full of happiness and freedom from now on❤️

    Love to all of you❤️

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    1. Uli, what a great example of making the right play in the game of life — congratulations on moving up, in more ways than one! Truly happy for you.
      xo, Laura

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      1. Thank you so much, Laura❤️
        There have been so many times I’ve wondered about how to – as you so brilliantly described it – “make the right play in the game of life”. And when I think about what I did differently this time…this might sound funny but, I think that I took back my power over myself. And I realize that there were important lessons for me to learn from this whole experience in order for me to pass to “the next level in the game”:

        * I have to learn/dare to say NO when enough is enough.
        * I am the one who has to stand up for myself because I am responsible for myself and my well-being – no one else.
        * And any change of something can only come about if I, on top of wishing, INITIATE change by following my heart and taking physical and mental action – my whole self has to be involved – then change is ALLOWED to happen.

        Oooh….sometimes it’s hard being a student here at Mother Earth University – the teachers can be so persistent and demanding😉 and perhaps the hardest topic to study is myself😄

        Sending you love and joy, Laura🤗❤️

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        1. Oh yes, I definitely saw all those aspects — that was a big ol’ life lesson! I think we are of a similar nature, so I know what a turning point that was — with a perfect reward waiting. Pretty classic.

          All that love and joy right back atcha, x 3! 🙂

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        2. “* I have to learn/dare to say NO when enough is enough.
          * I am the one who has to stand up for myself because I am responsible for myself and my well-being – no one else.
          * And any change of something can only come about if I, on top of wishing, INITIATE change by following my heart and taking physical and mental action – my whole self has to be involved – then change is ALLOWED to happen.”

          Brilliant! Love it!

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    1. OMG Eric, me too!
      I was trying to remember about waking up today and thought well, which time I awoke? Can’t remember. Am I awoke now? Barely. I need another nap. How many naps have I had today? I don’t know. Oh fuck! Groggy AF!

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  19. Forgot to mention looking at the Schumann while I wasn’t sleeping last night, at reading 12, June 10th, it starts to look ladder-ish, there’s a jog and it looks even more ladder-ish, twins – it’s a ladder I’m willing to climb…

    Among all the ‘things’ last night was HIGH irritability if anything came near or touched the top of my head, dog, edge of pillowcase, my own hand… couldn’t stand it…
    Also, the many callings/invitations to Brother J to share/enjoy what I was experiencing didn’t seem to help at all as it usually does OR else it would have been so much worse if I hadn’t asked – guess which theory I’m leaning towards.
    Breathing through also difficult and not seeming to help, just too much overload on the system…

    I haven’t know whether to mention something for quite a while, but have been experiencing phantom tooth pain – like when you lose a limb – pain in teeth that aren’t there… I know you can have referred pain from other teeth, so never mentioned it. My teeth are very sensitive today – that sensitivity that happens if you poke around the dentin under you gum line, but generalized throughout.


    PS: @J, how's that supply of Key Lime pies holding out, surely diminishing, 🙂

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    1. Har! I’m down to 2 in freezer. I took the third one out after afternoon nap. I got the clarion call for key lime pie today. (remember they cure tongue lolling according to my exhaustive research) I’ll be tipping a fork to all you intrepid travelers. Oh, Kathleen, I, too am experiencing tooth pain today, but the teeth are still there.

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      1. Regarding teeth, if you have any metal fillings in there that’s very likely the issue from my experience.

        Not to ruin anyone’s party (it doesn’t really matter any more), but a few of my “fixed” (to the extent that filling teeth with mercury fixes anything) teeth split by themselves. My yoga teacher told me the same thing happened to him in the beginning when he started seriously raising his frequency.

        I see it as a lesson in faith and patience, whatever will be will be. And hey, it could have been worse, I could have become a dentist.


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        1. @Sifoo, Interesting – that’s how I lost most of the teeth I’ve lost the last ten years, splitting/breaking one vertically all the way to the bone, even those I’d had crowns on…
          My teeth weakened considerably after I had typhoid at age 16/17 (at almost 70 that should be over now) – had 16 cavities in one year, and weakened immune system – no Novocaine in those days, just nice SLOW drills – oh yeah, that’s where I learned ‘BREATHING THROUGH’, and white knuckling, lol 🙂 I ramble… yup, mercury is what held many of my teeth together… btw, my generation was the first to get fluoride treatments applied to our teeth, IN SCHOOL !!

          thank you

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  20. hrmmmm….

    Definitely noticed weird energy changes in my body. Pains in strange places that went away rather quickly after breathing them out to earth.

    Kind of have felt ‘buzzed’ lately without the alcohol…. bubbly like champagne inside?

    Just riding the waves….

    and yes I guess Earthquakes are picking up a bit in CA…..

    lots of energy displacement needed for us and GAIA

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  21. Reading the comments above, I see we are quite different …
    Some slept well, others didn’t.
    I slept badly, woke up at around 3:30 a.m., went to bed one hour later, and woke up HAPPY.
    The frequencies have changed, this is a shift in sound now; but sound carries mass! This changes everything!
    We are still clearing ages-old conditioning …
    Wishing you a good day,

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      1. many people experience this, I always thought it was weird. It actually has a name, “The Witching Hour”: – I’ve usually heard it described as 3am, but as you can see, the wiki article states, “In the Western Christian tradition, the hour between 3 and 4 a.m. was considered a period of peak supernatural activity, due to the absence of prayers in the canonical hours during this period” – which would be right around 3:30am, exactly like you stated.

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  22. I would like to just speak a second on the concept that we are somehow “moving” into 4D (and “”further 5D””) as if these dimensions do not already exist, completely in entirety, since the beginning. Not to flip the script here, but wouldn’t a conscious acceptance of a said, Singularity {Source}, being One (&5), and Every dimension, make more of a complete whole than say moving away from Source into further (&) further dimensions. }SOURCE{ being Mother Nature, existing here, right now, in bright “3” Dimensional Form for your soul existence & enjoyment…

    Furthermore, This Spl!t, [separating 3D from 4D] is the absolute abolishment of 4Dimension parasitical beings, archons, demons, etc. etc. etc. Therefore, I encourage contemplation, for so desiring to be Spl!t from the “3D Team” as if somehow this world, in all its madness, is not enough for you because of a little midair turbulence from a passing storm and the frugalness of the participants whom so willingly desired to incarnate at said time are ready to throw in the proverbial shroud of Turin are, without fight, allowing themselves to succumb to the GRAND NEW AGE EGO OF LIGHT, thinking that the chosen few shall ascend to the great new land… shall I continue?

    The immortal life you are so faithfully seeking, is now, here, already.
    If your past the bar, you’ll reincarnate and thus come to realize what you are searching for has been here since the light, is in fact the light, shall always be the light, and that the vastly inaccurate idea that any “number” shall define a “dimension” of the “Mind” of |SOURCE| will really altar the course of a miracle being born in front of your very eyes, for you.

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      1. I am here to just experience… wether its behind a mower, walking in the woods
        riding a trail on my bike, reading or working jobs there is something I enjoy about it all.
        I enjoy this blog to hear what all you others are experiencing Too!
        I left the youtube videos and all of their numbers , dimensions, blah blah blah…(fear porn)
        I deleted them… out of my precious time that I have left . We are conduits of infinite Source
        and it does seem like with every wave it gets lighter , easier , more colorful with amazing synchronicities with other folks who are sparks of Source as well and as the other commenter on this blog said its is getting harder and harder to determine if you are in waking reality or a dream.These are interesting times indeed.

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    1. I Gratefully accept whatever comes my way. Doesn’t mean I won’t alter the outcome! Why else would I choose to experience it. I’ll Do All the d’s. Peace.

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      1. There’s only One D you need to Do my friend, DECISION.

        If you’re only choosing to experience iT to alter It then you’re miss the target. There’s is no “outcome.” There is only Understanding & Appreciation.

        Alter yourself, not Source.

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        1. I, In Joy experience All as I co-create. We have freewill for Source to See & Do everything. No limits w/1 rule, Do No Harm. Peace.

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            1. Back then I went by bug schnides. I was mostly quiet just observing, for out of the blue I was attracted the this most wonderful place. Peace.

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          1. The Creation Is all. One experiences in co-operation with Source. The only perceived freewill one has is to DECIDE the course of FATE. Does a ship create the seas it sails on? Does a captain create the LAND. you make choices. And every choice you could possibly make already exists. To Align is to give up your idea of “controlling creation” and allow source to be. ALL that you perceive to CO-CREATE has its roots in Source. I know this sounds like Seamantics but the mode of thought must be understood to see the complete painting. Yes, we can create our own painting, but sadly the paintings we create we cannot step inside of.

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            1. I have way too much fun in My creating to be soo serious. I love life and All around Me, as Yeshua or Buddha did. I’ll take a slow beautiful path w/Butterflies/Kitties/Fairies. Peace.

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  23. So many wild dreams about the event in a row. Plasma, blue energy, orbs everywhere. All tech stopped working. People were clueless.

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    1. I just went through two weeks cut off from all emails, and tried hard for a solution which finally came through. At the same time, I took hold of myself to remind me that this is only a foretaste of what it could be like with no access to tech at all. Life still goes on. Life is still beautiful. Co-creating anchor points within natural places and creativity splurges gives you the wherewithal to realise that technology does not rule.


  24. Thanks, dreams vs awake Are getting closer. Had to wrestle a large gang member to the ground. He had been picking on “smaller ones”. I thought, I dont have to be violent. So, I explained to him how we love him, forgive him, yet he Will be “nice ” to others. Yeah, I was in a different state. Though I was raised that way, and so were my children. I Am very proud of them. Love/Gratitude to All.

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  25. No sleep at all last night. Lots of pain and restlessness too. And I thought I had figured a way around all these symptoms (LOL). Fooled once again.

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  26. Is it synchronicity or what? I read in this latest post that “we’re on the ramp”, and just this morning, I had a ramp installed over my back steps
    as my dog could no longer climb them. He is a very sweet, 14 year old black
    Lab given to me by a neighbor who was too ill to take care of him. Now I just
    hope that I can get Blackie to use the ramp as trying to get an 80 pound dog up and down the steps was more than I could do.
    With love ❤️ to all,

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  27. Hmm, for us it was an odd night, and day here. We are east coast, and last night hubby was up with back pain and stomach pain and got up super early for work since he couldn’t sleep. I was magically awakened too, earlier than supposed to be… so I got up with him, I had an extra work shift this morning, early A.M. after a late evening shift night before, so was not super thrilled to be awake. Dogs were excited to be up early for breakfast and would not leave me alone until I fed them 2 hours early. After I got to work, I was so dead drained tired feeling like I wanted to pass out, had to get an extra coffee before I could see clients, but then omg, something kicked in overdrive around 11 am, and built up until around 2 pm I was like Tigger, or daffy duck, and I could not stop myself from being silly and goofy and all over the place and got someone laughing so hard they cried. Very odd and unlike me, lol. At work anyway. – now it’s after 9 pm and I am still feeling like I am being electrocuted from the inside, but not horrible, just buzzy and weird. Wonder if I will sleep tonight. So was it just too much caffiene? (probably) but I’ve done that before and no issues really. And it really wasn’t an unusual amount. And should not still be feeling it 11 or 12 hours later from drinking it.

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    1. Woke up early again this morning, and all morning I’ve had David Bowie in my head singing Under Pressure, “This is our last chance… ”
      followed by several other oldies, like… “Imagine me and u… so happy together… ” still feeling buzzy too…

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      1. Also wondering…. what happened to all the people that left us in 2016… all those celebrity passings… and others… did they go to higher dimension?

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        1. It was on 11th June that I posted some psychic messages about David Bowie on Transients Round Table. Seems like we were on the same wave length!


  28. Earthquakes, body quakes, aches; ringing in my ears, noise sensitivity; weird, busy dreams; hungry, not hungry; always thirsty, drinking, blessing gallons of water; super chills, super hot flashes; avoiding crowds, being a hermit barefoot in garden; my 3 cats taking turns sleeping next to me…did I mention the 4 hour nap I just woke up from?! a Wild Toad Ride for sure!!!
    Symptoms aside- this afternoon the Sun was shiny brightly through a large Swarovski Crystal in my window and I saw flowing light energy, expanding and contracting in colored rays – sat there mesmerized until Sun went behinds trees! This is getting exciting!!
    Y’all hang in there, Smile, have Fun, Laugh and Be Happy!!
    Love to All!

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  29. I’ve escaped a couple of cages in the past five years. First, I released myself from a relationship that never worked and then I released myself from the soul-sucking world of employment. I know what sudden, blissful freedom feels like and, I’m not sure what I was just released from, but it’s back!

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  30. Hello All! 👋
    These past two weeks I have been very sleep deprived with my new baby, and very depressed about a decision I made. I have been connecting with Source for comfort and strength, which helps so much.
    But I am happy to report that my baby girl slept through the night for the first time last night, and I got some much needed rest. Maybe it has something to do with all the energy changes. Things are looking up. 🌞
    Hugs ❤
    ~ Sharon

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    1. Well… you probably already know this, but post-partum depression is a very real thing that we have all been through, those of us with kids. This is probably exacerbated by the energy, which is unbelievable right now. At least those of us in the know have a fighting chance at being on an even keel throughout this whole thing, given our support from Guides and Brother J, otherwise we’d probably have gone nuts by now. And kids had ALREADY made us nuts. 😉

      Btw, this book helped us laugh through our kid woes. Da-da won’t like us plugging his books, but sometimes it’s appropriate. Humor is what keeps us sane:

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you, CAT Eds!
        The book sounds wonderful! I am grateful for the recommendation.
        I am loving every moment of motherhood. She is my fourth, and sadly, my last child (18 y/o boy, 16 y/o girl, 15 m/o boy, 2 w/o girl). I have tons of love and support from my family, and I will be fine.
        Thank you, CATs, Ms, DaDa and all our spirit / higher D friends, for all the love and work you put into this wonderful blog. You have helped so many!
        Love and hugs 💗,

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    2. @sharonann99
      Congratulations to your sweet baby girl! Warmest blessings!
      After birth, there usually comes a big lack in iron.
      Try taking some iron capsules.

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  31. FYI, someone wrote a long long argumentative response to one of *our* responses and frankly… citing line after line… it’s too much. We are forced to write in generalities because we don’t have time to respond to every thing every person writes in. YES, there are exceptions to everything. YES, there are variations. But we’re not gonna go into every one, there’s no time. And you were inaccurate about a lot of the things you said, but we don’t have the energy to go back and forth ad infinitum. You want to disagree? Fine. Note that you paid us nothing. We owe you nothing. We are not paid. We have no agenda. We try and squeeze our spirit-enthusiast/educator duties here into our own busy lives and offer what we know to be true. But since you clearly have so many problems with what we write, and our knowledge base, and the knowledge bases of the Guides for 19 people (which equates to something like a 1000+ spiritual beings and higher-order beings), then please don’t read this blog. This is the best we can manage, given the circumstances.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. And personally I think you all are doing an amazing job! So I would like to say thank you to all the CATs and Ms for this blog as it helps me a lot with everything that is going on. And I can say for 99% of the people here, we love you.

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    2. All I can say again is Har!.. My own discernment led me to your site long ago. I must say that very few sites have the truth and staying power. Not only do youse Ms and Cats resonate, but you ROCK! Thanks once again. I tip my latte cup to you.

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      1. @J, I agree. I am led to things – sometimes adamantly, usually as soon as the next thing I’m to pay attention to arrives my interest in what was the interim lead to diminishes and wanes, as it happened in ‘finding’ this site/blog and here I have remained – like SOURCE superglue, lol.


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    3. I love you Cats too, and just as I typed this my 20 year old Oscar cat jumped up to see what I was typing, so it looks like he loves you all as well, keep up the great work, I check in daily to see the graphs and comments, and it is so nice to know I am not the only one walking funny, sleepless or sleeping too much, with time zooming by and having
      technicolor dreams that when I wake up make me feel like I am a stranger in the strange land.

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      1. Note that we are going to have to (one day) start weening *all of us* off graphs, eventually. Many are starting to trust their own feelings and reactions and perceptions — as well as ask their Guides questions, and share the results here. It’s wonderful to behold. We have become a community, even those who read and do not comment. If all power to the net went down and you all had to not only fend for themselves, but also lead… in a feline way, if you will… you would all do splendidly. 😉

        -CAT Eds.

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  32. Okay, weird. For weeks I have been slogging as I walk, like trudging through water and the thought came to me “this density is really dense”… whaaa? Is that it? Because I really do feel like I am draggin’ my ass through this dimension. I want to soar instead.

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  33. I’m checking in like u asked in how I feel/ slept. Lol. All the power just went off in my house for no reason when I started to write you. Interdasting😈. I fell asleep so fast I didn’t have time to meditate or set tv timer. I woke up tired and fell back to sleep thinking I had slept for another hour and it was only 10 minutes. Then I had average energy. Took a hard nap! I woke up deciding I gotta get my passport and travel, this can’t be all there is to life. I’m eating raw cookie dough just for fun.

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  34. Since it ain’t the Sun producing these energies (unless it acts as a portal through which something else is blasting energy), perhaps it is Earth itself. More specifically, and let me make a bold supposition, Inner Earth is sending out energy. Perhaps that large crystal they call the Sun has something to do with it.

    As to the question how I’m feeling: like Andy Dufresne.

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  35. Hello Cats & M’s nice work. Checking in … I was awake for the start of the shift 8pm aest felt the energy pick up & went to bed. While half asleep I was talking to myself about upgrades/dna to assist my physical while sleeping to integrate & just as I was about to drift off to sleep I heard a knock on my front door 10.30pm, my instant thought was that was quick its being delivered to my door lol however it was an uber driver with the wrong address. Slept deeply & when I woke I couldn’t see properly & not having clear vision was hard driving to work. I also had a strong urge to look after myself more or I am going to burnout again. I didn’t want to be at work today & everything annoyed me to the point where I almost resigned aargh.

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  36. Oh I just remembered what happened when I woke up!!! For the first time, I had a tone sounding in my ear for several minutes staight. It was a long unbroken sound. I’ve had it before, but Usually it lasts only 5, 10 seconds. This time it was several minutes. So I just breathed it in and kept my ears open hoping it would not stop. I fell back asleep. Ha 😃

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      1. Could you please describe this sound?!

        I could hear a sort of whistling, squeaky noise (sorry, it is so hard to describe) in my ears every day few times a day for at least 5 -10 minutes…
        What is that?

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        1. Uh… to us it sounds like ringing, with countless overtones. The root is a concert F# or G about 5-8 octaves up. Pitch is tough to determine that high. People don’t realize it, but that sound is really *The Name of SOURCE* (!!), or what ONE calls SOURCE. It’s a gynormous cosmic super-major chord.


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  37. I forgot to mention, yesterday I was running a little late with things. Then I finally realised my watch was five minutes behind current local time.

    No one to my knowledge has tampered with it, why would they, how could they?

    I corrected it, thinking the battery may be low, but today the time has stayed accurate. Most odd? I have been nowhere near electromagnetic areas either.


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    1. Mark, you reminded me that I’ve never been able to wear watches – I turn them off; doesn’t matter what kind, manual wind, digital, quartz.. nada – When I was a Home Health Aide for a time, ha, time! – I had to wear a watch for taking vitals and the only solution that worked was finding the thickest leather watch band I could find, luckily they were in fashion in the early ’80s, mine was braided dark blue about 3/5 of an inch thick. Maybe i’m supposed to live outside of time?
      ~ I also can’t wear ANY kind of metal jewelry.


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    2. Yup. I had to put my boss’s wall clock right yesterday. It was suddenly an hour slow. Neither of us had a clue why as the battery is ok and it worked ok afterwards!

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  38. Sleep is deep when it comes and filled chock a block with dreams of The Event, cats, folk I know, folk I don’t know. Lots of planes and trains and buses but this time I am on board them not left behind at the station or airport! Strobing whilst falling asleep has calmed a little. Find myself waking in the early hours. Also exhausted on waking. If I could I would sleep and sleep….!
    Last night I sat quietly in my living room. I saw energy, auras around everything. I looked down and my still body was swaying, warping in my vision! Sparkles are everywhere! Things look more….vibrant.Heavy rain last night felt good, cleansing….

    Daughter is still playing Christmas jingles! 🌲🐱🌟

    Much love ALL ❤️

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  39. Last nights DreamTime was interesting. I won’t go into it all, but I was strumming a gorgeous bright pink and glittery electric guitar, that had its own power, and many different strings, frets etc. Playing this whilst walking around a carnival by the ocean. Noice 🙂

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      1. That (I was going to say ‘wagon wheel’) ferris wheel! Soooo pretty!
        All the Yes’s’es. Thank You 🙂 ❤

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  40. If we listen withIN we’ll hear and sense the shift of freedom expressed as joy in our hearts.

    But just to kick things off here’s a little something once again to inspire us..

    It has become a favorite Stefan … Ty! 💗

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    1. @Stefan ❣️❣️❣️

      Do you have a utube channel? I could listen to you play all day. LOVE your music! Thank you 😊🥰


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  41. Just woke up and dreamed about telepathy. I was walking down the street with a huge blanket around me and this guy in front of me said I was dragging the blanket on the ground! He told me how to put it around me so it wasn’t so bulky or dragging. And then I was doing it and then I yelled at him and said hey I HEARD everything you said in my mind. he never spoke a word. I realized dude had just glanced at me and was walking in front of me and I was listening to his thoughts as he was walking away from me.

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  42. Note: All the UFO stuff you’re starting to hear more and more from the MSM is a desensitization effort. Like the PTW owns the narrative, anymore.

    This effort will fail, of course, like all their efforts. Not sure why they bother.

    -CAT Eds.

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  43. Thanks for update 5. I appreciate your honesty.
    I wish it were different and sooner, probably Captain Obvious speaking when I say: didn’t we all…

    Anywho it does tie in with my feeling of stepping back into the world again. This time in a more mature, armoured way, (a bit) wiser and stronger. Accompanied by a feeling that this time the odds are with me. Pronoia.

    If the Shift does happen soon, wonderful!
    If it doesn’t then I’ll regret not having taken action now.

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    1. Yup. It’s a LOT of energy. We are HUGE beings, with only this teeny tiny bit of us in these eeny weeny bodies. Add too much of our true selves too fast…. Still, it might be entertaining… if we were all wearing Winnie the Pooh suits, exploding all across the landscape.

      “Oh, Pooh.” [BLAM]


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  44. Hi All, feeling better today, last night was better, except for the BURNING and itching toes and fingers – fingers a new addition to this. I was able to sleep some eventually, waking to a family member having a small-ish meltdown.
    Thank you all for the hugs and love – they make a difference!

    Cats and Ms etc, in a short perusal of the update 5 matter mostly what I ‘got’ was the word ‘protection’, not for those of us aware, but the billions that are not. and kinda got a sense of if billions all of a sudden got all the body ails’ we’ve been experiencing, burn’ spots(me), etc. it surely would seem an Apocalypse scenario to most – whoowee, the media frenzy then, lol. Also, got a smiling, “It’s not slow” … Reference to SOURCE time sense? Be under advisement – any perceptions of mine are likely to be inaccurate or wrong.. 🙂

    Peace and forbearance (wonder why that word came?),


    @Cats and Ms, etc – we love and appreciate you all… ((( ❤ )))'

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  45. I asked about the shift and got the image of velcro being slowly pulled apart, there are apparently lots of hooks to untangle 🙂

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  46. I find it funny how this ‘shift’ thing is becoming like 2012 (what people thought it was). I think your guides don’t want you to know when it will be, lol.
    For all you know, ‘the shift’ is a lie being told in order to get people to do something.

    Sorry if you take this negatively. I mean it positively.

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    1. Well, The SHIFT is real (slow), but Guides aren’t necessarily keeping secrets from us: they just don’t know. There are too many variables. What with free-will negative and free-will positive and free-will clueless SHIFTING toward a more positive tack through the time-space froth. And then there’s the fact that this is SOURCE doing everything. Many beings have trouble communicating directly with SOURCE, since SOURCE is SO far above us, on infinite levels. We can talk with Guides, and ONE… but they ain’t SOURCE. They’re like scale models. Well… they ARE SOURCE — we all are, as an Extension of SOURCE (monopod!). But SOURCE is also Its Own Thing: A total mystery, even to higher order beings who’ve spent millennia studying SOURCE. It’s literally impossible for us to think like SOURCE, so communication remains elusive, in its current forms. Believe it or not, that mind you’re using to think and read right now… belongs to SOURCE.

      -CAT Eds.

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  47. Covered in chemtrails here. Disgusting and depressing Making my eyes hurt. Last night woke up and saw Jupiter right outside my window! SO bright and close; they say you can see 4 of the moons w. binocs. I went out on the porch to look, could see other stars, too, but a lot of “cloud-cover.” Looked at the kitchen clock when I came back in. 333 as I was star-bathing;-)

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  48. This just in, and just because: My brother told me that his grandson, who is 5, has the nickname The Foreman at his daycare because he’s always saying he knows everything. So his uncle asked him the meaning of life, and his reply was ‘love.’ Bodes well. 🙂

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  49. I gave it 80% odds that you would censor me (as per your Frequency-Lowering pattern of behaviour) because you dang well knew I hit RIGHT ON THE MARK, with my analysis.

    Plus, you don’t want your reinforcing “followers” to have access to this higher knowledge because it makes you seem inferior…and your Earth game is all about maintaining your current *superiority*.

    The Ascending and Ascended Masters have found you to be very sadly entertaining — but ultimately, stubbornly close-minded, unworkable and uncooperative towards the rest of us in this ascension team…there is no 5D harvest, with you.


    1. We didn’t censor you. We didn’t have the energy to fight your sad little “I’M RIGHT AND YOU’RE WRONG” missive. Think what you want.

      Actually, you caught us. We’re really here to take over the earth. We have already seized all the catnip and our minions are rolling in it and pooping on your carpet. Earth conquest complete.

      -CAT Eds.

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  50. I think it’s going so slow because we have to live it. I don’t think we can get there directly from here. We have a lot of joy to embody and learn to live. When we can surround ourselves with that, despite where everything on the outside is trying to steer us to create, then we are close enough to make the leap. We’re getting there, one realization and application at a time.

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  51. Roughly 10 (+/- 1 hr) hours ago, something major happened in the higher dimensions.
    Has anyone noticed anything?

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    1. What do u mean something happened 10 (+/-1hr) hours ago in higher dimension!? First, I failed algebra, B. I was probably asleep, maybe I was there in the higher dimension when it happened, but my consciousness self can’t remember. Can you refresh? 😊

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  52. Feeling better update – realized this afternoon that almost ALL of my ‘burns’ have healed 95% or more – even those I received yesterday – they have usually taken a week or more to even start healing and go through a number of stages. I WOULD look forward to a night without them.
    Something different with my veins since last evening; they have become much darker and protruding – like weight-lifters get, hmmm. * shrug *

    be well all,


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    1. Well, Cupcake, It’s probably due to our length of stay here on this wondrous planet. I find sooo many things going on with my tired old carcass that it’s become an internal running joke. I , as you, just shrug my shoulders and get on with it. I’m at the stage that I don’t take any of the external seriously. I guess that achieving 74 lofty years has it’s perks. Keep your chins up as I always say and never, never loose your sense of humor. This is just a game of awareness achieving. Woohoo! Hugs to you.

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      1. @J, thank you my friend – I like being a Cupcake – can you make Key Lime cupcakes? …would poppy seeds ruin them?
        The times that concern me most is when I can’t find my sense of humor – I’m always so pleased when it surfaces naturally once again – it’s more the real me… and effortless…
        I don’t really look for reasons or answers anymore about much of anything – I ‘ask’ if there is something that seems to or might affect the family living conditions like the recent $s/rent issue, but not really concerned, just feels like something will work out – Mostly seeing what is next coming to my awareness – maybe a better word now, as suggested from somewhere in my life, is just NOTICE (esp since ‘awareness’ is getting such a charge on it nowadays.

        As to upkeep on our personal ‘homes’ – I don’t know if something I came across or theorized/perceived, but if we’re ‘busy’ elsewhere(s) or with other duties there may have been a lessening of energy delegated to embodiment of our personal body/homes, so some deterioration – like abandoned properties/houses – always saddened me how fast they ran down without people around to care and keep the energy creation going for them…

        Luvvies and huggles back atcha, J –
        btw- happy birthday and congratulations on your 100% success rate of surviving 74 yrs here… I feel I have earned the survival of my almost 70 yrs, lol… although not always with grace or gratitude

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  53. I so hope that I am on track for 5D… Not really experiencing a lot of psychic events.
    Hubby and I are both still wiped out literally! Dizzy, tired, heart palpatations and very weak. Today, I heard what sounded like my deceased father just outside my window. I thought it must of been my husband and I just misheard the sentence, but no, my husband was in the next room on the computer. I went outside and looked around for anyone that might have wondered up on to our 2 acre parcel and there was no one there. Funny thing is, the sentence was of the sort and tone my father would say. I wrote the incidence off as a Government Spoof “Voice of God Technology”. and went about my day. It was only until I read Cats tonight that I am wondering if I should rethink what I had heard.

    Rescued a kitten today from a grocery store parking lot. Saw where someone had sat out cat food and I began sending out feelers for a kitten, I did not feel them and remember being saddened that I had missed them.
    As hubby loaded the groceries and we settled in, I again looked up toward where the food had been set out and suddenly there was the kitten! She was a lovely 8-10 week old Tortie and she wanted a home. Told my husband to stop the car and nearly flew through the car door and back up toward the kitten.
    She was doing everything she could to charm the 2 young women that were reaching for their shopping baskets and saying “Where is your mother little one?” From behind I said, “I’m the mother,” and picked her up holding her close to my neck and chest. I had scooped her up so quick I barely remember doing it and within a blink of an eye we were on the way to her new home.
    She was covered in car grease and smelled of exhaust fumes, every time she nuzzled me she left a dark brown streak on my clean shirt and pants. You know what? I could not have been happier, I am going to call her Gaia.
    When we got home, I cleaned her up and we both took a very nice long nap. Truly, it was love at first sight.

    Cats! A question for your guides “Please” Can we bring our fur babies with us! They are family.

    Much Love,
    I Love Cats

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    1. @ I Love Cats. That’s so lovely. Brought tears to my eyes that you rescued the kitten. Well done and give her a hug from me. 😺😘

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  54. I sometimes wonder what colored glasses some people are seeing through these days… Ha ! – reminds of the song, ‘Classical Gas’ by Mason Willams… wait for it pun time – IRRASIBLE GLASS…
    A wise man (not WISE man) once told me to listen (with that detached noticing) to what people are trying, or insisting, they tell you about yourself as they are likely telling you more about themselves than yourself…

    with that I wish you all a good night…
    be well,

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      1. @ Cats, Since teen years had always wanted a Native American flute – when I moved here to ‘A city Different’ (it’s motto) in 2006 I had money for at least a year or two – the first thing I bought was a 6+ft X 2+ ft metal lion sculpture complete with long bushy strands of metal mane. the metal sculpture place just happened to be next door to the motel I first lived at out here… the interesting thing about this sculpture is that it’s in the exact position, including crossed paws that I drew of the lion that guarded a bunch of parts of me that hid in a pit, in a cave system due to the abuse I experienced – a lot of parts lived in that extensive inner cave system… So, you can imagine when I saw this lion in that exact pose… 🙂

        The second thing I bought was a flute from a Native American flute store – yup that’s ALL they sold… I can’t remember the tuning. but most people were recommended the A to start out with – easier?, but I think the one I was drawn to was a lower G? much bigger flute… It’s been in the closet since moving into shared quarters with family. – feeling the urge to get it out – BUT, like singing, too inhibited and concerned with ‘bothering’ people to practice (read, enjoy) doing either. Don’t think I could play ‘Classical Gas’ on it anyway, except maybe on NE…

        Maybe I could figure out a way to send you a picture of that Lion… – no reason, just to share him… he’s quite magnificent, of course…


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  55. about my dream above:

    I felt a kind of crackling in my body
    and so I was knowing: it ist starting now
    it was a very exciting feeling

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  56. To Cats, Ms and all the insightful readers of SOC, thank you for sharing your experiences. I am a long time reader but have not commented until now. Your information helps my son, who has insight to many higher order things, and me put the puzzle pieces together that we receive. Your site is something we look forward to reading. Stay safe. Sending Love.

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  57. Hi cats and all- yesterday and today have been a tough slog again, after a couple of days of actually having energy. I wake up from very complicated busy dreams that dissipate on waking and I’m trying so hard to remember but like a wisp of smoke, nada. I feel achy in every single cell of my body, bones, muscles, teeth, I guess I’m just a rootin tootin transmutin fool, but I guess that’s what I signed up for. I have realized my garden ambitions for this summer aren’t gonna happen though, just keeping up with what I have is pretty overwhelming these days, especially trying to do anything after work when I’m totally exhausted – weeds can be beautiful, right?

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    1. I eat some “weeds”, plantain, purslane, jewelweed, dandelion, etc. They look good out my door. Peace.

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      1. Thank you for reminding us that ‘weeds’ are really plants whose values have not yet been recognized. You are indeed one of the fortunate clear seers. Enjoy! 🙂 ❤

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  58. Hey, how’s it going?

    I want to pass along some very important news that everyone needs to hear!

    In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Why is this big news? Because by this the Jewish people of Israel are now able to press forward in bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible.

    Jewish Rabbis have publicly announced that their Messiah will be revealed in the coming years who will be a leader and spiritual guide to all nations, gathering all religions under the worship of one God.

    Biblical prophecy tells us that this Jewish Messiah who will take the stage will be the antichrist “who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4). For a time he will bring about a false peace, but “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (Matthew 24:15)…then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matthew 24:21).

    More importantly, the power that runs the world wants to put a RFID microchip in our body making us total slaves to them. This chip matches perfectly with the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, more specifically in Revelation 13:16-18:

    “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

    Referring to the last days, this could only be speaking of a cashless society, which we have yet to see, but are heading towards. Otherwise, we could still buy or sell without the mark amongst others if physical money was still currency. This Mark couldn’t be spiritual because the word references two different physical locations. If it was spiritual it would just say in the forehead. RFID microchip implant technology will be the future of a one world cashless society containing digital currency. It will be implanted in the right-hand or the forehead, and we cannot buy or sell without it. Revelation 13:11-18 tells us that a false prophet will arise on the world scene doing miracles before men, deceiving them to receive this Mark. Do not be deceived! We must grow strong in Jesus. AT ALL COSTS, DO NOT TAKE IT!

    “Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name” (Revelation 14:9-11).

    People have been saying the end is coming for many years, but we needed two key things. One, the Third Temple, and two, the technology for a cashless society to fulfill the prophecy of the Mark of the Beast.

    Visit http://WWW.BIBLEFREEDOM.COM to see proof for these things and why the Bible truly is the word of God!

    If you haven’t already, it is time to seek God with all your heart. Jesus loves you more than you could imagine. He wants to have a relationship with you and redeem you from your sins. Turn to Him and repent while there is still hope! This is forever…God bless!


    We all know God exists. Why? Because without Him, we couldn’t prove anything at all. Do we live our lives as if we cannot know anything? No. So why is God necessary? In order to know anything for certain, you would have to know everything, or have revelation from somebody who does. Who is capable of knowing everything? God. So to know anything, you would have to be God, or know God.

    A worldview without God cannot account for the uniformity and intelligibility of nature. And why is it that we can even reason that God is the best explanation for this if there is no God? We are given reason to know or reject God, but never to know that He does not exist.

    It has been calculated by Roger Penrose that the odds of the initial conditions for the big bang to produce the universe that we see to be a number so big, that we could put a zero on every particle in the universe, and even that would not be enough to use every zero. What are the odds that God created the universe? Odds are no such thing. Who of you would gamble your life on one coin flip?

    Is there evidence that the Bible is the truth? Yes. Did you know that the creation accounts listed in the book of Genesis are not only all correct, but are also in the correct chronological order? That the Bible doesn’t say the Earth was formed in six 24-hour days but rather six long but finite periods of time? That the Bible makes 10 times more creation claims than all major “holy” books combined with no contradictions, while these other books have errors in them? The Bible stood alone by concurring with the big bang saying, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1); and says our universe is expanding, thousands of years before scientists discovered these things. Watch a potential life-changing video on the front page of [link removed] with Astronomer(PhD) Hugh Ross explaining all these facts based on published scientific data. He has authored many books, backed even by atheist scientists.

    Jesus fulfilled more than 300 Messianic prophecies concerning His birth place, details of His life, His mission, His nature, His death, and His resurrection. He came to pay a debt that we could not, to be our legal justifier to reconcile us back to a Holy God; only if we are willing to receive Him: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

    God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in Him, through faith, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus says if we wish to enter into life to keep the commands! The two greatest commands are to love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind; and your neighbor as yourself. All the law hang on these commands. We must be born of and lead by the Holy Spirit, to be called children of God, to inherit the kingdom. If we are willing to humble ourselves in prayer to Jesus, to confess and forsake our sins, He is willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who keep asking of Him; giving us a new heart, leading us into all truth!

    Jesus came to free us from the bondage of sin. The everlasting fire was prepared for the devil and his angels due to disobedience to God’s law. If we do the same, what makes us any different than the devil? Jesus says unless we repent, we shall perish. We must walk in the Spirit, producing fruits of love and forgiveness, so we may not fulfill the lusts of the flesh being hatred, fornication, drunkenness and the like. Whoever practices such things will not inherit the kingdom (Galatians 5:16-26). If we sin, we may come before Jesus to ask for forgiveness (1 John 2:1-2). Evil thoughts are not sins, but rather temptations. It is not until these thoughts conceive and give birth by our hearts desire that they become sin (James 1:12-15). When we sin, we become in the likeness of the devil’s image, for he who sins is of the devil (1 John 3:8); but if we obey Jesus, in the image of God. For without holiness, we shall not see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).

    The oldest religion in the world is holiness (James 1:27). What religion did Adam and Eve follow before the fall? Jesus, Who became the last Adam, what religion does He follow? Is He not holy? He never told us to follow any religion or denomination but to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily, and follow Him (Luke 9:23). There are many false doctrines being taught leading people astray. This is why we need the Holy Spirit for discernment. Unlike religion, holiness cannot be created. It is given to us from above by the baptism of the Spirit. Jesus is more than a religion; He is about having a personal relationship with the Father. Start by reading the Gospel of Matthew, to hear the words of God, to know His character and commandments. Follow and obey Jesus, for He is the way, the truth, and the life!


    1. We talk with Brother J every day. We ask him and Guides to enjoy every moment with us. That said, we’ve divested ourselves of religious overhead. There is no sin. And the various Mr. Nasties are toast. We also prefer calling God “SOURCE,” as it removes said religiosity. But you’re most definitely right: Brother J is more than a religion. He’s our brother. His example was to show that all of us can do what he did — and continues to do.

      -CAT Eds.


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