Solsticial Postmortem… and Meterage [UPDATE2]


Ok, we’ve had some odd things happen in the past 48 hours.

While most of us were destroyed by the energies and lying around like blast victims after the solstice, some CATs experienced… otherness:


  • One CAT saw people being unraveled… or unwrapped might be a better term… to reveal their innate “freshness” — and then they exploded. (The people, not the CAT.)
  • Another CAT felt a “pressure wave” hit her house around the time of the solstice. (“It’s happened before. I hear and feel a big noise on the side of the house — like a giant bird flew into the side of it — but there never is anything there. One time as I walking from a neighbor’s house to ours, the boom happened, and I fell to my knees from the pressure wave. Where it comes from is a mystery.”) Like many other CATs, this CAT lives near a portal.
Did you say… ODD?
  • Speaking of portals… one of the M’s was feeling so energy beleagured that they started following their black-and-white tuxedo cat around their house, aimlessly, wondering where the cat was going. (“My brain was tapioca. And my cat looked like he knew what he was doing, so I followed him.”) The cat eventually went outside and camped out right in front of the portal that this M lives near… and just stared at it. So, the CAT in question did the same thing. They both stared at it a while. (They look kinda like whirling opalescent mirrors, so they can be rather hypnotic to look at.) Then, on a whim, this M… STUCK THEIR HEAD IN THE PORTAL. (Please don’t ever do this.) They said they felt immediate relief from the energies, and could breathe easier, but… right afterward, they were beyond destroyed, energywise, and slept for 25 hours. (Note: This M was in no danger, save for the huge energies at the time, which can fry you. But that danger aside, without primo Protection, things can access you in the portal state — that is, access and corrupt. This M is very well protected, and also has a special facility with portals. Still, we all thought this was completely crazy and admonished them for it. It’s one thing going into a portal in energy form, but quite another while occupying a body.)
  • Another M awoke around 5 am, and tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. So they meditated and suddenly saw themselves outside their body, and noticed two truncated black-stone pyramids on the table next to where they were meditating. The pyramids had no point, but were instead more mayan-pyramid shaped, with a flat top. Flowing between the two pyramids was a “‘Matrix’ green” energy beam, like a large, thick laser beam. For whatever reason, the M stuck their finger into the beam (sounds similar to the above portal action)… and the smoke alarm in their house immediately went off! AND ALL THE SMOKE ALARMS IN ALL THE HOUSES OF OTHER CATS WHO LIVE NEAR PORTALS WENT OFF! Crazy. We’ve tried to look into this, in our brain-dead state, and it has to do with the leyline system throughout the earth, and these pyramids are buried somewhere (and VERY active). This M clairvoyantly saw energy flowing throughout the leylines associated with these pyramids, which travel through lots of pyramids all over the earth (mostly because they’re built on leylines), and when this M touched the energy beam they created feedback throughout the leyline/portal system (which are connected) and the subsequent feedback belched out energy through N. CA area portals, and perhaps elsewhere. Wow.


  • At one point, another CAT felt the energies let up for a moment… “and my body heat was replaced by ‘body cool’ for a change… it had been going on so long I really noticed when it was gone. I got the thought: ‘I’m finished with that stage.’ Later, around 7-8 pm, I felt… superweird… (I have no words to describe it)… nebulous. I went outside for some reason… and things seemed viewed through an anamorphic lens, like reality was being bent or squished.”
  • Finally, lots of us heard the same thing from Guides in subsequent meditations: What we just experienced is going to get stronger. And stronger still.








Big surprise, another timeline jump at 10:00 UTC (3:00 am PDT). These are raw muon counts:

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 9.23.59 AM

The meter itself looks like this (kinda hard to read):


More obvious here:




Apologies for file size; without at least medium resolution, you can’t see graph detail.



This was reported as…

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 9.37.52 AM

…but it wasn’t an asteroid. (An ASTEROID?? Really?) This is actually a gaia portal opening and closing, releasing tons of energy; it’s a natural portal, the earth basically releasing pent-up energy from within. Happens where we are regularly, and makes a TON of noise… and then brings in Coast Guard and military choppers trying to find out what happened.  No biggie.

Oh, and the PTW is up to something again via HAARP, this time in N. CA, trying to suppress rain and… either induce wind or reduce wind, we can’t tell… basically doing everything they can to encourage drought conditions (again) so they can burn the place out (again)… and clearly ignoring the fact that it rained in N. CA from November to May since the cabal were trying to wash away the accelerant residues from the previous fires AND increase the amount of water in that one damn to create a dam failure. Here’s to them reaping the rewards of their actions. Some people need a hard lesson in order to learn. All their crap will fail, of course, like it always does.

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  1. Whoa. I either almost got my spirit yanked out the top of my head, or I tried to burst out, around 11:00 pm PDT when I started my evening meditation. Other CATs, too. Unicorn horn and all that!

    There’s been some unusual energy today, but we’re still looking at what it means before we post it. So much energy to sift through… while sifting through energy… AND all the ICK coming off people who are starting to go insane because of said energies, releasing bad programming. If you encounter this, try not to take it personally. Try to look at it from an Angelic viewpoint. 😉


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    1. Last night I felt very depressed and anxiety for no reason- thankfully it wasn’t for long. Was that part of the releasing?

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      1. Dunno. Haven’t heard of it yet. I was living down south and just moved to Taipei a few weeks ago. Still exploring. Do yoo have a link to it?


  2. There’s a time shown with folks’ posted replies. What time zone is it, and is it when they submit or when it’s moderated and put up? I often wish to correlate them with my own PDT. Even tho time is an illusion too. 😁 I suppose I can figure it out myself with this one: right now it’s 5:30am.

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  3. Yes anyone seen my brain?

    Wrote a note today noticed that I had written the date as 26.2.19 and today is 27.6.19. Ok one day out no biggie but 4 months earlier in the year?

    Working today felt like swimming through wobbly jelly that hadn’t set yet. Felt foggy like my body was getting used to navigating in a new frequency /physical feel.
    Fasting day 4 although I do eat one bowl of organic sprouted brown rice with tamari otherwise I’d join the other snarling crazy people and you would hopefully say the mantra to me. 😉

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  4. Holy Cat! What’s going on tonight (night on this side of the globe anyhow.) I NEVER have stomach problems other than occasional indigestion if I eat too much or too late. So this is not common: me and the cat both just “emptied our tummies.” Mine was liquid, a lot of water to try to calm it. Unfortunately Toby had a big midnight meal and his was more messy, but he rarely has tummy problems either. For the past 6 hours I’ve felt waves of energy rippling on my skin, like during energy balancing or group meditations with lightworkers. Never felt these continuous waves washing over me, which I find feel quite pleasant actually and have been enjoying. I’ve read of MANY reports of nausea on here and never felt a thing. So, are we being whomped a good one tonight? Or is it just our turn for an energetic tune-up, me and Toby? Missy, the sweet but not-so-bright tux, seems unaffected and is just laying here looking at us like “Are you done? Are you ready to come lay in a pile now?” My enormous gratitude for CATs, Ms and all who share Love here!

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