Dots + Jumps + Meterage for 6-27-19 [UPDATE4]


Besides multiple timeline jumps (which you’ll soon see), we’ve also been noticing these curious patterns, of late…


Note the dots and dashes.
And again.

Those… are (Positive) ET communications, in tight light-pulse/bursts — in their code and language, of course. Good luck with their alphabet. (We’re not allowed to say who, yet.)

And then there was this:


LOOK at this time-lapse of the sun, specifically the B&W feed on the left. See that energy coming out of AND GOING INTO the sun? Those are light ships. Kinda fun.

Now for the…


In some of our dreams last night, we saw one of the CATs (the same CAT… hmm) driving a big Jeep with a bunch of us CATs in it, and we were plummeting down a seaside mountain road, trying to get to “the beach”… and then we zoomed right off a cliff… to which the CAT driving said, “no problem, we’ll be fine,” and the Jeep landed softly on the sand and we were there, wherever there was. Timeline jump dream, anyone?!

Then there was the jumps themselves… which to the M’s and CATs seem tied to jumping AWAY FROM society division:







And then there was an energy anomaly…


…but apart from that and the jumps and dreams and dots… it was pretty boring. 😉

Painting by Bridget Voth (that’s already sold, alas).

Note: The cats/4×4 tee at the top of post is available here; only one 3XL left though, boo. We have NO affiliation with the artist. Oh, and we also received NO moolah from Jeep for this post… though some CATs are past Jeep owners; if Jeep insisted we drive a new Jeep TrailCat, we’d probably say no. Probably.

Jeep® Trailcat Concept


Also note that the upcoming new moon and solar eclipse energies (on the same day) don’t NOT look like they’re going to be that debilitating, though our Guides and Lisa Gawlas have all said July was “The Energy Month.” We’re still unsure what they mean by that, considering all the previous months were “energy months.” A SUPER energy month? Stay tuned.







AHA! So, last night’s dream/meditation cycle taught us something: those dots we’re seeing… here’s the latest set…


…those indeed ET communications, but they ‘re not communicating to ETs: they’re communicating with US! Some of us (five) awoke around 4:00 am PDT and, in trying to go back to sleep, each meditated… and saw these little light blobs — blobs that we’d seen many times before in meditations — but this time they resolved into specific characters of an unknown language. We of course couldn’t read them, but… we don’t have to. Let us back up a bit.

Remember all those crop circles a while back? Some of those symbols can change you just by you looking at them. You are actually a gynormously complex light being, and a part of you understands these light language symbols. All you have to do is see them and you automatically integrate their information. In your next meditations, try to see if you can see them.

There was also a BIG energy blip at… 2:46 UTC (7:46 PDT):

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 11.12.05 AM


Some interesting energy coming in:




More later.


Big energy and another jump currently happening:

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 6.46.33 PM

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 6.47.55 PM





And more dot comms.


More dots and jumps and anomalies:



Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 9.11.37 PM
The timeline jump from the 29th continues. Perhaps we’ll land on 7-1.
Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 10.06.26 PM
Not sure what this is, yet.



122 thoughts on “Dots + Jumps + Meterage for 6-27-19 [UPDATE4]

  1. Har! Ya gotta love them timeline jumps! BTW, Lisa is being blocked from seeing beyond the eclipse of the 2nd. Nothing but black. It’ll be fun to see what opens up on the 2nd. Gird your loins for fun!!! Cheers All.

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  2. I tell you what the spiders I am running into get any bigger I am charging them rent. Seems a lot of people are over run with these suckers all of sudden. 3D fighting back?

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      1. I might as well be these babies are getting to the huntsmen size in Kansas of all places. They show no fear either.

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        1. Spiders are big where I live, this is another way I use the Mantra, I say it to the spider when I place a plastic cup over it with a postcard slid under so it can’t get out, take it out side and let it go saying the Mantra and when I get to the part where I say forgiven and released I let it go. I actually am seeing fewer and fewer now.

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    1. I like our spidy friends! They take care of the annoying bugs.

      I even have a big one out back that I feed (dead) bugs to!

      I call him/her peaches.

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      1. I love the way their eyes sparkle at night when you shine a bright led flash light beam at them, its like twinkling stars all over the ground.


    2. Here in NW Pa. I found one(spider) over 2″ in my house. I safely put it in a jar then to an abandoned garage. More food there! Peace.

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  3. No surprise at all. I fell asleep last night (Wednesday) at 8p? Woke up in the morning with a fine case of vertigo, called off work, and was back to sleep in no time. Slept for 12+ hours in total. Today’s (Thursday) felt like a weird “out of time” or fluid time day. And I’m still sleepy!

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  4. Did you happen to see a RED WRANGLER driven by a RED head cuz I feel like I’m going off a cliff. Due to budget cuts, work cut my hours. 6 months ago, I got employee of the year and now my time is cut in half and the same day, I was diagnosed with Graves diseases and adrenal fatigue. On top of what Drs call a “complex thyroid” problem (hypothyroidism since 10 yrs old) before this latest diagnosis, I may lose health insurance. Ugh

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    1. I know it’s difficult, and will sound cliche… but try to calm yourself and imagine that as the one door closes, another one opens. And it will open, you just need to trust it, as long as you can, and see what happens. YOU actually planned out this whole lifetime for yourself way in advance, so trust that you knew what you were doing. Think of it as going out on a space walk. Imagine you’re an explorer, an astronaut; (mentally) put on your space suit, go into the airlock, cycle the airlock, and then step OUT into space… and close the door behind you (mentally, of course). Things in your life are not what they seem. So, take a step and see what happens. EXPECT that everything will work out for the best.


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      1. Oye vay, i planned this? Why did I make myself financially challenged with a slew of expensive health problems? Lol 😉 😊. I guess I have no choice but to work on my art/paint/craft biz. Thx for the advice. I know it will be OK. I know there’s a reason for all things. Right?!?!? Haha

        Advice…don’t go into radio. And don’t work for a company thats been in bankruptcy for years…you won’t come out on top. 🤓

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        1. I’ve had that issue with hypothyroidial graves off an on for years. It runs in my family.
          1. Do not drink black tea, or drink very little. I wish someone would have told my mother and my sister that. Coffee is better, herb tea too.
          2. Use coconut oil on the front of your legs. Sounds strange, I know, but it works, especially if the front of your legs look like alligator skin. Mine did, they are smooth now.
          3. Use Detoxamin to remove the heavy metals from you body. It’s a suppository. It worked for me. Finally cured my thyroid problems after dealing with it for ten years.

          4. Eat Cilantro. It also removes the heavy metals from your body. But it works too slowly if you are already showing several debilitating symptoms.
          5. Acupuncture.
          I don’t normally give advice of this nature, but I went to Johns Hopkins and A’ced Organic Chemistry. I’m an engineer by trade.

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    2. Hi @duganknows. I have hypothyroidial graves too. You’re the second one I’ve run into that is both and it’s a rare occurrence. I’m curious as to how they’re going to treat you. My doctor just patted me on the head after all these damn tests and told me to study both and go from there. I’m grain, egg and dairy free, and corn about kills me if I touch it. Do you have bad headaches/constant with bouts of migraines? I’m available and have a wordpress account if you would like to talk more and/or move this to a private conversation, cause this shit sucks. Look into Moringa powder, it has really helped me with the energy and nutrition as mine was sadly lacking with all my limitations. I even started growing my own trees. Hugs.

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      1. @copperheadqueen. My Dr is very cool and taking his game plan to the top doc in the practice for advisory. Adding an rx and something extra for adrenal fatigue.
        Yes, I do get monster migraines too. I take zomig for worst case horror shows and imitrex for the every day axe thru your head feeling. 😉

        Food! I every thing makes me sick! Dairy, eggs, wheat, grains, Air 😃Name it!
        You can totally email me direct!

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    3. @ duganknows-
      sending hugs, and love,and strength, – and some mail-order new earth adrenal glands … 😉
      Hang in there!
      Love, Victoria

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      1. @veni vidi 11 let me tell you Victoria! This is why I really wAnt this new earth to be legit and not a scam! I have been struggling to stay awake my entire life! To go thru life so tired all the time! Ugh! I was a kid when diagnosed. So it would be amazing to feel free and have energy while alive in 5d. Actually, I dream of running into flight and im so light im 20 feet above ground jogging. I’m floating on air! Recurring dream! Then I wake up and drag. Lol!

        Thx for adrenal support!!! 😉

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        1. Yup, I think we are all very ready… awesome recurring dream btw, I haven’t had that many flying dreams in my life, but I remember the feeling vividly, power, ease and joy, just lovely!
          During that big meditation we all did to send the “mantra” to everyone, I heard this sentence very clearly: ‘It’s all done already, it just hasn’t happened yet”.
          I guess, I need to apply what I always tell my boys: Patience is a virtue.
          Needless to say, they always roll their eyes…
          Love and hugs, Victoria

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    4. I know there’s lots of things out there..and here’s one more. Look into X39 Stem Cell patches. You can buy retail so you dont have to become a distributor. Costs more but they work great, all over. Next I’ll ask about you food intake but that’s a long one.

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    5. I responded with a longer reply, but I don’t see it yet.
      In addition to the other steps taken to heal the Graves, after a hot shower, I turn the water to ice cold, and allow the cold part to last longer than the hot. I usually have to let out a big yelp when the cold hits. I truly hate it for about ten seconds, and then I’m always glad that I did it.
      The cold water also works to cure a host of other aliments including pre-diabetes and disorders of the skin.


  5. T – 7 days and counting before something goes bang.

    Maybe Truth, that would make sense.

    Deep breath…


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    1. Anonymous
      what if it doesn’t go bang, what if it purrs ?
      May be instead of the big Kabooi, maybe it will be a soft gentle landing, Cats purr to heal them selves and be happy , it is actually frequency medicine for them. I have been listening to the “mynoise” mp3 called Furry Friend which sounds like cat purring with binural beats. Thats what the world needs now a lot of purrrrrring.

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  6. I used to enjoy random web surfing, long ago when it was a purer experience… but now it’s such crap. “Truth” being propagated is so obviously wrong, oftimes deliberately so. For those of us who’ve read a lot, and who were educated by old-school schools, seeing what passes for truth and “facts” these days is an utter waste of time. It’s to the point where, apart from looking at meters, I just turn it all off and go sit and watch (and listen to) trees blowing in the wind. The internet is over. Telepathy, here we come.


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    1. Hmm. This reminds me of a notion I’ve been having, off and on: What if the internet and the pervasive communications/social media web increasingly sewn into us at nearly every level is a planned thing by SOURCE to prepare us all to be totally connected to one another, a la telepathy? If you think about it, telepathy will be the biggest adjustment mankind will have had to face. We’ve never had to guard our thoughts before. And teaching young children not to read other people’s minds will be quite the adjustment. Those who are good at meditation, good at clearing their minds will be a few steps ahead of the game. It will also be a neat trick to say words that mean one thing, while your thoughts say another — and your eyes and body language say another — as a joke, or complex means of communication. Talk about confuse-a-cat.


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          1. Absolutely, I totally agree with you ❤️

            I didn’t word that correctly, I apologise.

            Humanity has, for so long, been used being able to hide their true feelings if they chose to and this will mean that will no longer be possible (I assume I may be wrong there). Everybody will need to accept transparency of themselves and others and this will be a learning/growth experience in itself!

            Much love ❤️

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      1. It seems obvious to me that it’s part of the plan, and its a beautiful plan. We still haven’t quite figured out respect for privacy but many seem to be well on their way to getting a clue lately.

        I’ve always had the ability to suspend everything to the point where I can sneak up on people without them even noticing until I’m there and they back flip. Controlling my own mind took serious practice since I started so late, but these days its mostly just me in there.

        One experiment worth trying is getting through a day without taking anything that isn’t yours; without digging, judging and comparing. If that sounds easy, you’re probably not getting it yet.


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        1. Ever since I was a child I dreamed of being invisible, my favorite thing to do was Observe and think to all ” have a nice day” in my mind. But now I can do the Mantra on them. I am still sensitive to being looked at, the worst thing for me is being the center of attention. Now My only neighbors are wild animals, I can not sneak up on any of them its like they’ve got Xray vision.

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      2. yes, so true….I’ve been saying similar, for quite some time. It is tied into the opening of our 6th sense, & only some aspects will be regarded as ‘fun’, as it’s going to be way more complex than most now imagine…..when the acute ‘truth’ awareness kicks in of feeling another’s thoughts, you may wish you’d rather have not known. Not all are who they surfacely appear to be, lots & lots of masks, even in the spiritual community…..then there is the grasping, & trying to balance of, other’s illusional beliefs that they feel are real, & in their level of perception, they are. It is way more ‘Complex’ & an enormous learning curve. Empaths have/continue to process this awareness each & every day. Staying in positive high vibration energy makes it easier. That’s why it is imperative to embrace the ‘diversity’ in oneness & honor, respect all our differences first, before any mastering of telepathy can be achieved. These are all huge on-going hurdles, & just when you think you’ve mastered one, 2 more, more complex ones pop into their space…..patience is also a huge requirement…..all a necessary & mandatory part of your soul expansion. (BTW : Love the ‘SnowCat’ !) xo

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      3. Oh that’s really interesting thought, I like it a lot
        And it would be so much fun hahaha
        Su*k it Instagram, I’m gonna just show my fellow humans my #OOTD (outfit ot the day) by looking into my home mirror. And all the likes would appear like this: 😍
        And guess all these folks giggling on the streets while someone send them cat videos and memes via thoughts

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      4. I only got a smart phone this week (about 15 years after everyone else). My plan is to use it to text others and photography. I have been resistent to smart phones because I thought it might delay any telepathic development. My 30 year old daughter laughs at me. Source always has a bigger picture. Cay

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        1. You do what you have to.

          I’ll just note that “smart”-phones make you dumber and less healthy at best. They’re super-addictive slot-machines, with GPS, camera, microphone, speaker, microwave-cannon, accelerometer and whatever else they managed to cram in there. And the whole thing is ultimately tied to your identity and all activity potentially tapped.

          It’s amazing how far they got without a public backlash, boiling frogs is sort of their speciality. Go back 10 years in time and try explaining to anyone why carrying these gadgets around is a good idea.


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          1. You are correct , I have no cell phone service but I do love the camera. somebody somewhere is looking at a lot of pictures of frogs ,spiders, trees and birds.

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            1. And I forgot to add ( about admitting I have a cell phone ) I love to take pictures of Only REAL Clouds. When I look at puffy cauliflower shaped clouds it is enough to send me into a dream of heaven reverie.

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      5. I believe to relearn telepathy Will be very interesting/exciting. My best guess would be expand Our Sense Of Humor. That’s why Ascended Masters Are In Joy. If you get offended by 3d thoughts now, waite till You can hear those thoughts! We all have been critical of each other in the past. He/she is fat, ugly, short, tall, funny looking, etc. Sooo, accept All as Is with Love/Understanding. My 2 cents in Peace.

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        1. 19 years ago I had a partner who could read my thoughts. They were ethical enough to not actively do that, but turning into my (and anyone’s) head was instantaneous.
          At first I felt a bit strange about it, because it’s like your most private place, but I got used to it quickly. Especially with all the other weird, cool things going on!

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      1. I once spent an entire month completely quiet out in nature, no reading/writing either. Priceless. I’ve been told that it used to be a “thing” in India, where you could more or less put a sign around your neck that everyone respected.


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    2. I’ve shifted to surfing for inspiring and uplifting art and design-type stuff (ala this posts artwork) and am tapping into some wonderful exhilarating creativity out there. I’ve harbored a suspicion that thru the arts and heart-sourced creativity we are quietly moving the Shift forward on this front as well.

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  7. This blog has taken the place, at least for me, of the old Cassiopean website. Those folks used to have some really interesting conversations, but they don’t post much anymore. Perhaps they’ve moved on? I also find the information here more relevant. Thanks to all who make this blog happen.

    =) Cindy

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    1. I never knew of the Cassiopean website, but I agree with the sentiment…this place has taken over a lot of other places for me.

      I used to post frequently on Reddit spiritual groups but I feel like Reddit is manipulating things…thoughtful posts are being voted down and shallow memes promoted to the top. Also political strife and censorship by the Reddit admins.

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  8. Thanks CATs and Ms ❤️ We are fortunate to be part of a my ability scheme and are renting a Jeep! It’s actually my daughters Jeep as its under her claim. I think she likes that, even though she is just 7 and cannot drive! 😊

    We are having a very testing time. Christopher you are right! These waves becoming tests…

    1) Fridge freezer breaks
    2) Hob breaks
    3) strong electric shock from in ‘unplugged’ appliance! Had me shaken for a bit with heart palpitations and numb arm!
    4) Dripping Tap and leak under kitchen sink
    5) Foul smell (like bad nappies) in bathroom.

    Oh the joy!

    Much love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Turns out the bad smell was something dying in a pipe (we think). Got a pest control guy round to see if he could identify the smell. He took the bath panel off and a load of blue bottles came out with an even more terrible stench. The bathroom was originally a ‘wet room’ and the guy who fitted the bath had not sealed the drain up in the floor. I’ve never smelled anything quite like it…Wont forget that smell!

        New update is tantalisingly exciting! Thank you. I am turning my attention away from stinky drains and up to the stars again!

        Much love to ALL, especially those also going through it a bit (hugs) ❤️

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  9. Hi everyone! I’ve been away a few days but I’m back and want to send love to all in the room. Dugan hang in there; all is well. ((Hugs)) to our special Lily and daughter. Good to be back!!! 💗

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  10. I wanted only 10 pounds from an ATM today. Absent minded, I opted for 20 pounds, there was no 10 pound option.

    I heard the beep loud and clear and I cursed inwardly as I needed a 10 pound note. Then to my surprise the machine did nothing. I then typed in 10 and it processed my request. The machine had not run out of 20’s as there was no message at any time indicating it had and it was also a valid option as I had chosen it.

    Then later on I saw the biggest moth ever, darting between busy traffic. It looked like a small bird. I silently prayed it would be safe. Then as I was watching it, it just vanished into thin air…


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  11. My original comment wouldn’t post, so I’ll try something different… I always ask if to comment content, seems not to delete anything, but will rearrange…

    Hi, sorry this got so long…
    – side note Granddaughter’s tablet broke or stopped working the day before yesterday? for unknown reasons, she’s pretty careful with her things. Was that the breakage day – it might have been the previous day – I’m still time challenged…

    I’ll relay a couple of dream things, night before last had a number of dreams of cats helping humans in progressive scenarios, even humans walking around with cats around their shoulders assisting, even in some graveyard a cat essentially going “pppfffftt” at a grave stone engraving – some poet I think…

    Last evening (I don’i sleep much due to the nightly intense itching/acid pain get woken every hour or 1/2 hr trying to deal with it , so try to nap.) – no $s to get anything to relieve (that’s a WHOLE other situation)
    Anyway… dream – I was in a room with others – I think people discussing moving or considering moving was being discussed in separate conversations – huge window at end of room just about the whole wall – I saw some tall dark/black clouds and walked over to the window started to see a lot of scattered thin tall tornadoes whipping about everywhere, they were traveling very fast.

    This morning dream of being in a supermarket (probably because family still not getting me any food – I have asked if my body needs anything food-wise that is not already in the house – ‘no’ – we do have some bags of rice, beans, lentils, millet – maybe I’m supposed to be eating ‘kitchari’ – a combination of any of those) – ) – supermarket very different, all beverages were free – a different way of gathering food – I was supposed to enter my mother’s name somewhere and couldn’t do it – I had something small and important that dropped down some laundry chute type thing – I was shimming myself down the chute, very far down, but every time I thought I might fall a bathroom type safety bar would appear below next to me, so I could continue. I think there have been more building dreams, too.

    End of comment part 1
    much love


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  12. Hi, comment part 2- this is mostly personal cr*p, so ignore if you choose…

    There have been upsetting things about certain situations here that I didn’t understand – things I’m feeling that when I go within aren’t really how I feel about them – I think I’m picking up on how my daughter thinks I’m feeling or should be feeling about them, if you get what I mean…

    If I could ask for a little loving attention concerning my nose – sounds funny – Rudolf the red nosed human – looks like I ran into a tree and is extremely painful up into my eyes – I don’t get any info about the cause or anything – if that or any mantra-ing towards me doesn’t feel appropriate… to quote Gilda – “nevermind’ 🙂

    Oh, btw this different type of itching/acid spots – white small, not previous rosy coin, before type – that have been on or next to veins… my veins seem to be improving – Price to pay for better circulatory system? I’m almost 70 and have had varicose veins since childhood, discovered at 9 when in the hospital for Rheumatic fever(RH disappeared), but may have had since 3 or 4 as my mother said I used to scream of pain in my legs and pulling them up to my chest – polio was thought then as it was the 50’s – probably part paternal genetics and part paternal and grand/maternal-paternal actions that shouldn’t have been done to small bodies.

    Last evening started to be very dizzy, but not dizzyness, weirdy – and very wibbly-wobbly could barely walk – like floor wasn’t really there- also emotionally upset – got yelled at for coming out of my room to get food for my little dog – “I shouldn’t give in to her” – it was about 1:30 am… REALLY? – we were out of dog food, but why do I get yelled at? I think again a case of projection – her thinking it was her fault we didn’t have food, so I get yelled at. Such fun…
    Again, sorry for such cr*ppy rambling – you all have my absolute permission to just ‘scroll on by’ any of my comments.

    Hope you all have a good survival day…


    PS: I DO feel better for reaching out to connect with you all again, though – so thank you for being here… ❤

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    1. @kg
      I am sending you Big Love and Big Hugs! Please hang in there, I see you Free and Victorious ❤️❤️❤️

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  13. Love the CATS in the Jeeps and the dream
    about going down the seaside mountain
    road. Maybe those of us who feel like our
    Jeeps are going off the cliff, and into what
    would seem to be inevitable disaster,
    should remember what the CAT driver
    said, “no problem, we’ll be fine.”
    Although it is hard to believe that there are solutions to our life altering events
    other than jobs, money, etc., this may be
    our opportunity to let go of all of that and
    trust Source to find the perfect answer to
    all of our problems and, in doing so, know that we will land safely and softly
    in the sand.

    With love to all,


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  14. Lately the crystal windows at the end of time opened to the diamond shimmers in the glimmers of light as the elementals in the base atomic codes become more synaethestical. Musical even but shockingly creative and original.

    Yesterday it began so subtly ,a pulse within the veins at first a subtle syncopation, a heart skipping beat, as if the air earth fire water aether even the akash released a summation of harmonics and cascading overtones. A wild elemental fusion emerged, an untamed merging with each other attributes, a within / without mirroring the depths of our own form and formula to reconfigure itself as crystal
    chimes wafting cosmic melodies waves of fragrant rosy delicate flowers of life.

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  15. Thank you for this post/info, CATs💖
    Them dots and dashes…at first glance it looks like a mix between Morse and Binary code. But it’s probably way smarter than that. Intelligent light language – how cool it would be to be able to at least say “hello” to them in their own language😃

    The energies during this week have so far either been giving me the most chilling sensations (sat out on the porch in +24 C, with a thick blanket wrapped around me) or my skin and body temperature feels like it’s on the verge to spontaneous combustion. And my sleep-pattern is no where nere normal nowadays – yesterday it was almost impossible to fall asleep at bedtime and it was the same for Mr H, mom and dad and a few others at work that said the same thing.

    And the sun – it only takes a couple of minutes for me to be out in the sun before my whole body is buzzing from the “charge-up” but at the same time I can be out in the sun for a whole day without the slightest tendency of being burned. I find that a bit odd, because I’m a typical pale northerner and I don’t use icky sunscreen. (that combo would always make me look like a red light on two legs back in the days😉) And the sun sure is intense – at about 18:45 local time, I poured 10 liters of cold water from the indoor tap into a bucket and placed it out on the porch. At 20:00 local time, it was luke warm. Talk about rapid heating!

    And I’ve been feeling a new kind of funny and weird sensation that I can’t remember having felt earlier – it feels exactly like I have a finger in each ear, pressing gently inwards in the “bowl-shaped” area in my ears! It’s not my fingers, or any one elses for that matter – I’ve turned my head and checked multiple times! And my ears are’nt dirty either – I’ve checked that too!!🤣

    I wish you ALL a wonderful day/evening and sending loving hugs to ALL🤗❤️
    // Uli

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    1. My ears felt like that a month ago then eased up ,I felt like I was in a jet airplane. I also have the chills now.

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  16. Hm, didn’t know the symbols of the crop circles can change you just by you looking at them … I rather think they changed my perception of space and our connection to all. Perhaps it’s the same thing …

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  17. addendum: I don’t know whether last night 6/27 or night before, but had really sharp points of pain different places on skull with strong dull aches other places on skull – very sore to touch- felt like getting Egyptian brain surgery…


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  18. Hello, have you seen the “ULF magnetic field” meter from Cumiana? It seems a bit weird

    Today I dreamed that there were a lot of UFOs of all sizes and shapes in the sky, flying slowly. It seemed like an exhibition. It was not an alarming situation, and I laughed thinking that now people would have a hard time ignoring the phenomenon. I do not follow the UFO theme, so I was surprised to have that dream … and to wake up and find your post.

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  19. @ CATs – can you please explain the image.
    What has changed besides the colour?
    Loving hugs 🤗❤️

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  20. Hi All 🙂

    Re the numbers thing… about 20 hours ago, my fb account was about to clock over to 2000 on my friends list. As I accepted the 2000th friend request, it immediately went to 1200. Thought the numerology was interesting.

    Re dreamtime last night… walking on a path next to a river, homes and mountains to my right, river to my left. (Yup, noted the water to my left, emotions/feminine side etc). I look at the ‘snow covered mountains’ to see them covered in Quartz crystals of all sizes. I hear a rumble from behind me, I stop walking for a sec, and look behind me. Hmm.. okay then.. I’ll keep walking.
    Soon after, I hear the rumble again, this time bigger, and feel it physically. An avalanche. I see it happening, intuition tells me to jump in the water, I do, and then proceed to move swiftly under the water whilst the avalanche is beginning to weigh on top of me. I feel it gaining from my feet upwards.
    I feel the avalanche stop, and begin to push up through the ‘snow’. I feel pain in the left side of my left foot as I push up. (Left foot/ankle had been getting the hot energy in recent time). I am able to push through and out of the ‘snow’, where there is someone there ready to take my hands and help pull me up and out. I see my foot is ‘dented’, like a car panel would be. I think to myself “hopefully that will just pop out again”.

    At some point, I also see a Cleared house.. beautiful polished wood floors, and someone tries to tell me to go downhill to another house to clear it. I say no. I won’t do that, as I had already said I would clear the house that I found had been ‘cleared for me’, but by a person whom was manipulative in my life….. I felt she was trying to send me ‘downhill’. I make it very clear that I am not going ‘downhill’ and stand in my power.

    Re my dented left foot… I am taken to a doctors surgery, and am in a wheelchair. (of which I am on and off in ‘wake’ time here). I have it so nutted out that i’m doing wheelies etc. and making people laugh. ‘No big deal here!’

    Love to All ❤ 🙂 ❤

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  21. I have just been gazing at the sky here in the UK and keep seeing multiple fine, white lines of what look like laser light going across the sky, varying degrees of horizontal. They are only there for a split second in my vision but there are absolutely loads of them! Does anyone know what they are? Could it be some sort of grid or energy? I’ve never seen anything like it!

    Much love ALL ❤️

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    1. Lily, I can’t address that one, but wait until you wake up in the morning and walk into the other room and suddenly see everything laid out in a matrix grid. That’ll wake you up in a hurry. I suspect it’s much the same with what you’re seeing in the “sky” 🙂

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    2. @lily144

      I was seeing similliar a couple of days ago
      fine horizontal lines on the sky…
      But I don’t know, maybe @The CAT(s) That Lived know somethin???

      big hug to you sweet Lily ❤

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    1. Oh, boy:



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    2. And…



      I also hate being called, “dear ones” and ‘beloveds.’


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      1. I think after reading that speech by the “who Evers” they are just bragging to frighten the humans and if another fallen being calls me “dear one” I will puke. please don’t any one buy this pretend nice lovey dovie trojan horse speech, we have to work out our own problems… they just harvest us for our energy, tell them to scram. this is just my personal opinion.
        We are sparks of source , we are creator beings! We can help our selves.

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      1. Well, to Michael’s credit the post did mostly talk about us “ascending” into … our(better)selves … I can’t argue with that. This BEcoming our higher US is hard work. And no, I don’t like “dear one” or “beloved” any more than you do. It’s condescending and cutesy … and “oh beloveds it’s happening NOW!” again from a man who’s known for saying that … every week … Me? I’m forgetting this part of my morning and heading for some organic dried chicken treats and a nap. Miew to one and all of you spectacular fur critters. xoxo

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    3. I think just another fallen group, they are trying hard to convince someone but its not working on me, sounds like trojan horses, its a trick…

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  22. Hello friends
    I lost my account of Anonymous144
    so from now on I am Alnilam144
    the middle star in the Orion Belt
    love you guys cat lovers cat people and
    Super Cat’s ❤

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  23. ❤ ❤ ❤ I dont know if my last post was in
    I lost my account so I was anonymous144
    and now I changed to alnilam144 ❤ ❤ ❤

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  24. A STORY FROM THE ‘real” world: I left the farm for “civilization” to get milk for my lattes (which, btw no one has come by yet for theirs) I stopped at a gas station to fill up the car and was giving the mantra for the general area when the nozzle stopped. The dollar amount shown was $44.55. I took that to be a confirmation that the mantra was doing the job. How cool was that? Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

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    1. Dude! Where the heck are you?!!! I’m totally up for a latte on your front porch but . . . I can’t find it. Guess we’re not quiiiiiiiite there yet! But one of these days . . . you’ll come out your door and I’ll be sitting there with a plate of homemade biscotti, thinking “I prefer mine with whole cream, if you please . . . ” 😉

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      1. CATS: Oops, didn’t mean for email to show (or did I?) Can you please edit it to be jj? Thanks!


    1. Ahh. How sweet. Puss obviously realises the healing qualities of salt crystal lamps. We keep two lamps on 24-7. 😊🤗


  25. Latest from Sophia Love’s newsletter. Sound familiar? It’s a call to keep on keepin’ on, but with a difference.

    -CAT Eds.

    June 29, 2019

    There is a moment now that you must consider sacred, in order to express and appreciate full comprehension for what occurs. This is the moment you’ve all been anxious for. It does not look exactly as any one of you expected or even predicted – yet it occurs now.

    Don’t miss it looking at all the shiny headlines and promises.

    This is the moment of choice for you.

    You choose in every moment, that is always true.

    Yet now, right now, your choices act more as self-driving vehicles with pre-determined destinations.

    Each option presented before you can be boiled down to two –
    Fear or love.

    It is upon you to choose in which of these states you will remain for the rest of your human days.

    This choice, these choices, the ones you are making now, and now, and now, and now – will not look remarkable or even that important in the grand scheme of things.

    No, they will look ordinary and feel mundane, repetitive even. You’ve had these options before.

    Yet, before, you were not standing in the place of the pilot’s seat. You were not setting the navigation apparatus for a very specific course.

    This, my dear, dear humans, is the moment you came to experience this lifetime. It is your chance to decide how and where and who this particular story plays out with.

    It is a good story. One for the ages.

    For what you have lived through up until now has set the stage and presented you with nothing but chains and obstacles.

    You may not realize it yet, but those chains have dissolved.

    You have what you’ve always had, and yet, now, there is nothing preventing you from using these gifts.

    Feel the freedom that now surrounds you as you try new responses to familiar situations. None of the old rules apply.

    What happens now is that you, in your full authority, set course for whichever earth you desire. Your reality will be structured according to your expectations for it.
    One more time, let it be clear. Your reality is structured according to your expectations.

    No-one holds the controls any longer. It is all up to you. Each small answer and every response (you give) is a brick, building the world you inhabit. Consistency matters. Clarity is important. There needs to be a plan.

    It is you that drafts the plan for your new world. There is no one and nothing that will alter that.

    So, take up your tools, they are your thoughts, your words, your desires, your choices. Know that it is all in your hands. Right now.

    Who is it that speaks here?

    I am the essence of life itself. There is no moniker. I AM.

    Are you complete?

    I am.

    Thank you.

    This conversation ended here.

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    1. This message resonated with me, especially the ‘difference’.

      There is a practice I’ve been doing for around a week now which I’ve dubbed “tomorrow dream”. Bear in mind, I have been manifesting for years intentionally, but I was guided to do something with an immediate turn-around. Here’s how it goes:

      At the end of every night, right before I go to sleep I write out an intention that I would like to experience the following day.
      The key to this is to both dream of something desired *while also assuring my mind would be able to accept the result as possible* (I have found this aspect to be the only way that I will truly “place the order” to the universe with my whole being).

      It has manifested. Every. Single. Day.

      For example, one night I intended to experience “family love”.
      The next day, it aligned “unexpectedly” that I saw my in laws as well as my dad and his wife… and beyond that every interaction went very lovingly, flow and open.
      As a bonus with this one, while driving to my dads I passed an intersection where someone was standing at the corner holding a sign that said “Family Relationship Love” or something very close to this; that was it, only three words. It seemed to have no other application I could gather other than being for me.


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      1. Let’s talk about The Man for a second…Or I mean Well, the manifestation infestation belief. Did you ever stop to think that, by some odd twist of fate, you are Purely tapping into what you would have if not already been received? Couldn’t you just be happy without asking the universe to bend to your will?

        I mean honestly how many times Shall You Ask To Receive, be astonished at the result, and continuing asking for more?

        Yes the universe can & will make you think…

        On second thought…

        A Force To Be Reckoning


      2. Whoooaaa thanks Josh! Thank you so much for this idea! I can’t say thank you enough love
        Did it yesterday before sleep and today was way beyond AWEEEESOOME! Crazy stuff happened, just as I wanted it
        Love it!
        I’m going to the bed now (10 pm here in Europe), have to write down my “thing” first and can’t wait for tomorrow!!!
        Woohoooo in your face horrible 2019


  26. Just cleared out my spam folder and noticed how many of them start BELOVED and DEAR ONE. Guess that’s literally universal for spam!

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    1. @jj
      no, that’s not universal for spam.
      you throw the baby with the bathwater, i see
      please, take into consideration,
      the dark hijacked everything precious we have.
      these appellations are pure Love appellations in Creation,
      for all creation IS pure Love essence!

      it’s just a trend, and we jump, joining the aggressive movement,
      for we have lost the courage
      to dance out of the row…
      how easy, to blame and criticize, without thinking!
      or isn’t that exactly how they were teaching us,
      from the first day of birth, with the first vaccine?
      Would you say, does our world look sane now,
      by rejecting the Love?

      The Pleiadian Light Forces are speaking Truth,
      just as the Magnificent 7 Archangels of God always do,
      and that strong emotion and enthusiasm in their hearts
      is the only language they know, that of LOVE!
      It is not them, it’s us —–
      if we can’t take it.
      That’s why the fuss.


  27. CATs, you made mention several times, the shift, event, NEBRASKA, would be around Christmas time, as u saw the trees, lights, music ect. Ever think maybe it was a “Christmas in July” scenario? Hallmark has a full month of Christmas flicks, qvc was selling jingle bells and 3 wide men. Just a thought….🎅

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    1. We haven’t seen anything “closed-ended” in many months. It could be that when lots of us see various images in meditations and dreams, it either means something else, or we’re seeing something that’s yet to come. The energy has been so thick that what we’re seeing isn’t specific enough (“Giant Light Blob” is a little vague!). And while Allison Coe’s latest QHHT session suggested that it’s going to take ANOTHER TWO YEARS, there was the caveat that some people might go to the NE in ones and threes, a little at a time, rather than the big thing we were led to believe would transpire. If you look at Blossom’s posts, her Guides (and all of ours) have a very different relationship with time than we humans do, though they maintain that we are extremely close… to something… while at the same time hinting that the majority of us will have to do a stint on the Justice bus.

      We have our fingers crossed for the holidays, any holidays. What everyone should do is make the most of every day and trust that good things are coming. (We find it tough sometimes, too.) And we thought WWI and WWII were hard, lifetimewise. This one’s a pip.

      Speaking of Hallmark, we were just discussing why they do this ‘Xmas in July’ thing. If you can watch any of those awful movies, you’ll notice that not once is anything spiritual mentioned. It’s just ‘soulmate pron’ over and over. It feels very much like manipulation and conditioning.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. CAT Eds. Of course Hallmark is a manipulation. But life is beyond extremely hard and Chicks just want a Happy Ending and True Love. Hallmark gives that. You can always count on a Happy Ending in a Christmas Hallmark movie. 😀


  28. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Left-leaning stars fade from view.

    Transparents are collected for the Light Path.

    Stars of Guidance become the mountain.

    Marches of the ancients are seen again.

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    1. Thanks Lily. There was another one this week as well. 😉

      Rotational components balance the translational.

      Green lights are viewed and obeyed.

      Harbingers of Gold present en masse.

      Flamboyants are dropped.

      Solids are embraced.

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  29. To All,
    I’d like to ask advice please, esp in reference to the Sophia Love and Josh S manifesting post. When I lived alone I didn’t seem to have any issues with manifesting my life requirements. No matter how dire things seemed sometimes…
    Now the family situation seems to be breaking down in different ways- in a household=family+guest of 5 only the oldest, guess who?,and youngest are not abusing some substance – my daughter’s relationship with her partner is breaking down and she is suicidal again and because of their choices in the last two months, even after my whole SS & SSI income is deposited my bank account will still be negative and I don’t see evidence of being able to pay rent & other bills – both are working and guest has disability income and is supposed to be helping out?? promises were made all round, but haven’t been addressed – I’m looking for another way to look at all this – I use the mantra with household and esp myself often and grounding, esp with daughter.
    How can I look at this differently – I’m even trying to look at the painful nose thing symbolically(getting a little better less extreme flayed skin/broken nose feeling and I can breath better…) I do ask for guidance and assistance… regularly.

    What else is possible? What is right about this am I not getting?
    Any suggestions are welcome. I can’t be the only one whose life seems to be imploding. Any universally applicable things that can be used?

    thank you,

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    1. Hi, I felt a lot of peace after posting the comment above – I got my daughter to talk to me – I know the adults here back stories and can understand their choices for coping and mental stability – some things are medicinal, but may not be ‘approved’, but if keeps you this side of suicide one can take judgment elsewhere – if you are a ‘supposedly’ big tough Marine with severe PTSD from two tours in Afghanistan, same deal – if you barely survived the treatment you received in life and a certain liquid keeps you from being in rage 24/7.
      I choose a NE to live in that uses love and kindness to help people instead of judgment and blame/shame. Is there a frequency generator for love and kindness we can treat people with…

      much love and kindness to all,


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  30. Hi Kg!
    Here’s my advice based on experience:
    My mom and I got rid of our toxic sister and sociopath nephew two weeks ago. Their vibe was so low, the both of us were in constant stress and suffering. Lies, manipulation, fraud,… you name it.
    So, one day, when the sociopath (who very much resembles the son of that awful family at the beginning of Harry Potter btw) ate 6 sandwiches in 2 minutes, leaving none for anyone else, I exploded and confronted them with their horrible behaviour.
    Their reaction? It either wasn’t true or they denied it. Classic narcissist/socio/psychopath behaviour. And of course, I was the one to blame. More socio/psy textbook behaviour.
    With these ongoing energies that support “good guys” like us, the egotrippers are wet noodles.
    My sister started crying, denying and running away. Like a kid. That’s exactly what narcissists are: kids, with no manners/morals who take no responsibility.

    My sister and nephew were then immediately told in a very loving and spiritual way to fuck off, move elsewhere and stay gone forever.

    They shouldn’t have lived here in the first place because they have means of their own and a villa!
    To make a long story short: they took advantage of my mom’s hospitality and abused her kindness. To me that means you’re dead. Not physically, just a matter of speaking. Yes, I did the mantra.

    As for us: This appartment is very peaceful now. It’s a totally different place, new vibe. Thanks to the Sandwichgate explosion.

    Hope my story helps Kg.
    Sending you blessings and love.

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