The Look That Says It All


Our hearts go out to all the astronauts — especially those who were murdered to preserve the secret. They worked SO hard, and have had to live with this lie a long time. It’s not fair, but it’s going to be ok. Neil is rooting for the truth, even now.

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  1. I still do not understand it. This is a huge lie.
    The astronauts are very intelligent people. I have met two of them. What intelligent person would agree to lying? This is not some national secret service where you lie “for the good of the nation”. You lie to humanity.
    I can’t forget Buzz Aldrin’s conversation with the little girl … The secret is too heavy to hold within. Poor Buzz.
    Perhaps I am too naive. I do not and would not lie. Money is out of the question.
    Love to all,

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    1. They weren’t given much choice. The PTW gave them the soft soap… then threatened their families. (Look what was done to the Apollo One astronauts.) A few actually embrace the lie (along with certain celebrity “scientists”) and we just don’t understand why…


      As I was writing the previous sentence, I started to write “understand” and it came out “undersatand.” Well, that explains that.


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        1. @Anonymous

          No one should bear malice against anyone else. This blog should have taught you so, Anonymous. Shame on you.

          Here are some of the blogs I follow with respect:

 – it was Richard who “told” me of the CATs blog 🙂
 – who was censored by WordPress for telling the truth;

          I comment on all of them.

          There are so many humans speaking from the heart: Eric Raines, Danny Wilten, Lisa Renee, Michael Tsarion, Gregg Braden, Dan Winter, Manly Hall, Michael Tellinger, etc, etc… It’s a long list. Oh, I forgot Danny from Removing the Shackles …

          I suggest you widen your horizons. This kitty here wants to explore the world to learn more:


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    2. hi,@ lily,
      they do not lie from the very beginning.
      They go, young and enthusiastic, inspired by their ideals to conquer the space.
      They are training assiduously and show talent.
      And is now, that the nightmare starts.
      They are “given the unique chance to fly” by the owners – and they are in the 9th
      heaven — But then they are forced to sign for total secrecy, of course, under those
      monstrous threats for their families’ life and for theirs.
      yes, this is the game, as i see it

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      1. Oro yes I realise that now and apologise for my previous comment. I know it’s the msm guided by the PTW to hold such interviews on TV to carry on the lie. I realise that Neil Armstrong’s son probably did not want to be there continuing ‘that’ narrative. Hopefully the truth will soon be seen and those forced to play ball will soon be free of such a horrendous and misleading ‘hoax’ and all the trauma related to it.

        Love to ALL ❤️


    3. There was an old movie I watched as a kid, Capricorn One. Related to these thoughts about the astronauts.

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  2. where’s my “like” button? This was and continues to be such a travesty … all honor and blessings to our cosmowanderers, whether they were in space or not. All truth will be revealed soon; many will not survive these revelations. Their worldview will implode around them. I feel deeply for them all, but oddly not as deeply as I do for those directly involved and controlled. Blessings to all you Ms and Cats on this beautiful summer afternoon. (miew purr)

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    1. Do the CATS believe this? I saw this article in English a couple of days ago; it seems to have originated on the Operation Disclosure newsletter, which is closely related to Dinar Chronicles. Lots and lots of hopium on those websites. I followed them for a while and have the Zimbabwe dollars to prove it. Lost interest ages ago, but kept the Zims just in case (hey, they don’t take up much space, and if they ever revalue, I’ll share!). Here, for your discernment, is the article:

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        1. Yes I agree they are fluid!
          If I wake up with out body pain hooray , I feel I lept up a rung or two, then somedays I can hardly move
          then I have to stay on track by staying in my heart to all forgiveness and love, forgiveness and love, forgiveness and love…

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  3. Thank you CATs. Sometimes I forget the other side of it, that those poor astronauts lost their lives and the cover up that they were forced to go along with. Must have been really tough and I apologise for my flippant comment on your previous post. I look forward to a day where these folk can breathe and speak freely again.

    Sending love to them and their families and all who need it ❤️

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  4. AND

    What the Fox ACTUALLY Says (The Scream of a Fox):

    (fox wants to play with the dog, is calling for it to come back out) ~

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    1. Hey that is awesome I have a golden retriever too, and foxes are screaming around me at night here in the wooded creek, I love this


  5. To Those Agencies That Monitor This Site:

    Hi. Someone was interested in our opinion. So… ok. You would do best to lock them all up and start the circus. This is what you do, anyway (on a number of timelines), so you might as well do it here, now. Those who try to do the wrong thing cannot be expected not to do it again and again, so… might as well pull the trigger.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. And may i add that as “real” and long as this “reality” may seem?

      It isn’t

      And dealing with ALL of the effects of ALL choices made?

      Isn’t “Optional”

      Surely the simplicity of this logic and the staggering implications of this are not above the understanding of you .. Umm .. “agencies” is it?

      Even arrogance, however delusional conclusions it might entice you to BE-LIE-ve can be pierced by very simple, rather elementary Truth can’t it?


      No escape from them…

      Though ALWAYS available …


    2. What would be gained giving these people leniency and time anyway? Apparently they just tried killing millions and starting a world war (again) but they’ll still wait because…?

      If they’re worried about the general public’s reaction, imagine if these people did get their way. Pull the band-aid now. It’s not like like the people of this Earth haven’t been living in a semi hell planet for their entire lives. I think they can handle it.

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  6. 5:17pm MDT headache this morning sleepy last hr or so – what shall happen now – see you post eclipse…


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      1. Well, sleepiness misery strikes us all today, apparently. This will be interesting; I’m just going into a conference call where I “need” to have my wits about me. all I want to do is pull up my blankie and take a catnap under the sofa. (miew)

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  7. Whoa. Major tingles and images flooding in just now. The real (good, terrestrial) Powers That Be just realized what happened (with that hijacked Russian sub) and are taking serious steps toward netting all concerned. Hooboy. It’s a juggernaut, now. The cabal is finished. The Humble Pie is being baked as we speak.


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    1. If below is true, ties in with what you mentioned and all that’s
      happened today. VP Pence being called back to WH. Emergency meetings around the world :

      Kabamur on Twitter: “via #NEIOH 1/4 A very real threat to the life of POTUS came to be known by many working with Q and many Pleiadians and those of the Light. They have been meeting on this at the WH all day. POTUS does not want this known as MSM will make a circus of it and twist the facts.”
      This threat came from within OUR Military who had become open with those opposing us in several countries that are not related to each other. China, Iran, North Korea, South Korea.
      These Military had managed to speak to those in each country while visiting took place and plans to kill or harm POTUS were made. These plans were real and Q made it known to POTUS who then stopped Pence from leaving so they could discuss this.
      There will be a private meeting, Military Court and the outcome not known. POTUS is fearless and does not want this to distract from all he is trying to accomplish and he will not be harmed ever! For this reason he wants this to be private.

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        1. Indeed. Millions of people could’ve been murdered, with the weapon itself and subsequent war. This is supercriminal (cabal) territory. I know this is all illusion, but aren’t we supposed to be taking wrongdoers to task to get us closer to The SHIFT? We have to band together to dispel the darkness as part of a Step.


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  8. – just looked outside ‘cuz very bright – not usual afternoon NM clouds and strange grey layer above strange while ones, esp strange how bright it is with that much grey – not like any grey clouds I’ve seen here. could just be unusual ‘weather’ moisture coming in… or just wishful thinking/perceiving for something new, something better.
    much love to all


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  9. Was there ever any doubt about today’s happenings? I, a long time ago refused to give any energy to the ptw and their silly shenanigans. It’s been firmly fixed in my head of the wondrous outflow of peace,joy, and gentleness. That’s what Love does. Despite all the “stuff” that’s happened in the past, WE’re going to be fine. Know it and own it! (advice from an old and oft times cantankerous gardener and exquisite latte maker)

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  10. Yeppers… the look says it all alright. Wouldn’t actually put the words in full here, as they one of them is very sweary. But… “Aren’t you …….. finished with this yet”.

    Purry purr purrs to the Light Beings ❤ 🙂 ❤


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