Meterage, etc. for 7-15-19 [UPDATE6]


We just emerged from some extreme bumpage. There is of course more to come. LOTS more. On a whole bunch of fronts.

First, meters:


It’s like going through the energy mountains.


Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 12.00.13 AM
Talk about Wave X.
Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 12.27.42 AM
Another energy step-up around the same time.
Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 12.20.45 AM
And titanic energy coming through. Meters aren’t really registering how enormous it is.

Besides the massive Wave X influx, we also had three recent CMEs (see previous post updates), so we may feel bumps from those. It’ll be hard to sort it all out, so why bother?

As for the rest of what’s going on…


We strongly suggest you reserve judgment on a lot of things that are being reported… ’cause lots of it is inaccurate at best, intentionally misleading at worst. Some is right on the money. You’ll need to do a little work to feel what’s true and what’s not. It will probably take time.

For example, we’re finally seeing that that American and Russian sub kerfuffle was actually the Russians trying to access the U.S.’s communications (via the NYSE/NIKKEI fiber bundle cable)… and were sunk for their troubles. They were using one of their new deep-sea submersibles and got caught. (We’re not entirely sure if this was a state-sanctioned event; there were seven admirals on board.) This is the only incident so far that Russians actually did. It should be noted that given the PTW handbook, anytime anyone blames anyone else for something, they themselves are typically to blame.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 4.26.47 PM

Then there was that recent NYC blackout:


This was caused by the PTW, but they’re shielding the action (PTW things are stepping in to help obfuscate, since they’re desperate, but it won’t last). We suspect the PTW are putting things in place to be able to remotely remove certain persons from talking about you know what. They will fail, of course. That cat is SO out of the bag and will never go back in. Their days aren’t numbered: they’re over. We are in the SOURCE pipe 5 x 5 and headed for The SHIFT and the New Earth and that’s that. Game over, man.

Next big energy blob appears around 7/20. We don’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s coming around that time. Factually, that energy is already here and building building building all the time. This is all part of The Event. Speaking of that, we suggest everyone read the latest from Blossom.

We’ll be recharging in the meantime. We’ll also have some extra stuff coming in, but we’ll save that for the UPDATES.


Oh, please note that the CATs will all be taking a reading vacation for a week in August, so we encourage everyone to unplug (if they can) and do the same. Well, we’ll try to read…



Someone else is claiming that the chemtrails are now being controlled by whitehats and that they’re beneficial. Nope.


Aha. That NYC blackout was also a PTW warning to Mr. T.


And for those who watch the Kiruna meter…


…those red blips are the cabal up to something dark; they’re not happy their “island” made the news.


More energy anomalies, including a rather strange timeline jump:

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 9.06.11 PM









Interesting anomaly:

We haven’t seen that kind of modulation before.


We either had a Wave X surge or a timeline jump (thanks for the heads-up commenter “ilovecats”). We’ll have to look at this one to see what happened:

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 11.14.32 PM






Those of us who felt this the most keenly (in the heart region) had NOT grounded earlier in the day as we should have. Remember: the heart is an energy organ, so when you feel energy flooding in, be sure to ground well. Most of us now ground to the NE, to SOURCE, and to Gaia, just to be thorough.

72 thoughts on “Meterage, etc. for 7-15-19 [UPDATE6]

  1. As long as I’ve been alive, I’ve had frequent dreams about being in school, but last night was different. I dreamed about getting kicked out of school! The teacher told me I had to leave in the middle of class, and I was in a classroom trying to stuff everything (including toys from my childhood and calculus textbooks) into a giant rolling backpack. While I was still packing, a new person took my old seat.

    Not sure what it means, but I think I’m done “learning” on Earth and ready for something new.

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  2. Thanks Cats & Ms. As always. Hope telepathy is here soon, not that’s is a hassle typing “thanks” but you get what I mean.

    Uli/MeasMeandu: how’s the new job or better said new position in electronics going?

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    1. Stefan, I am so so sorry that I have’nt had the energy nor the time to sit down and write a reply to you – but I can tell you that when I read your question to me on monday the 15th, I burst into tears. Thank you so very much for thinking of me, Stefan🤗❤️

      I’ve felt so worn-out from my new position at work that during the last two weeks, I actually thought that I would’nt make it to be one year older at the end of July… I was told that I needed to learn it as fast as I could because when we all get back from our vacation in week 33, the ten of us have to build over 200 cars for a company before week 50 and no absence from work is allowed exept if someone catches a fever of 40 degrees Celcius (Have they lost their minds!?!)

      I had a ton of new things to learn (how to strip down the front of the car as well as the interior of the car from the dashboard, panels, both front chairs and the carpet on the floor and from there on install all the different cables, fuse holders, antennas, the alcohol ignition interlock device, GPS, the power inverter – DC to AC, to program and install all the cables to the digital realy box, etc) and on top of that try to learn all the circuit diagram’s by heart. I was really happy when I built my first car and everything worked like a charm – it was then that some people started to change around me.

      I got to hear comments like “it is really good that you are a fast learner and that you install everything nicely and correct, but don’t you get better at it than me because I’ve installed this for seven years now and I’ve worked in this port for 25 years!” or one female assembler that suddenly asked me when I was born and then brought out a little astro-book and declared to me infront of the other six Virgo’s there, that at that department most of them are born in Virgo and that those of us who are not Virgo’s should “know our place” (when she said that, I could’nt help myself and bursted into laughter and responded with a meow) and lastly, why not the comment from one man: “So, you’re an electrician now, huh? But you know, to be a proper electrician you have to know HOW the electrical system works and WHAT is does, right? You simply have to know WHAT you want it to do, right? That takes EXPERIENCE to understand, you know?”

      If it’s one thing that I really don’t like and really pisses me off, it is when people judge people soley on the way they look/their apperance and sort of pat them on their heads while deeming them not capable – it does’nt say one single shit about that persons actual attitude or ability!! My response to him was “well, everyone has to start somewhere and everybody is a beginner in the beginning, right? But you know, electricity is fun and when something is fun, it is’nt hard at all to understand and learn, so don’t waste your precious energy worrying over me – I am old enough to worry over myself if I want to.”

      I’ve only worked at that port for a little over 1,5 years. Yet I’ve been told that I am the first female electrician there ever. At my former position at the Ranger-group, I was the first female that could handle all the elements involving building on the chassi: adapting/assembling/metal sheet work. Again I find myself having to fight peoples preconceived notions about me, by proving them wrong. I am so effing sick and tired of judgemental people… so will I give up?
      No. Once a fighter – always a fighter. I’m there for more than one reason. I will continue to be humble, to be nice, to always be honest, to never engage in gossip or rumors, to make people happy and spread the light, to raise people up, to listen to and follow my heart, to support and help the weaker ones, to continue to enjoy my work untill I don’t think it’s fun anymore, to challenge old patriarchal belief systems, to break every mold anyone tries to put me in, and to simply continue to be – me.😉

      Another thing that’s actually quite hillarious is installing electronics when the sun/wave x is making you more charged up than the car’s battery – well, not really but I happened to hold both ends to a little buzzer last week and it made a noice!😄 And the day after, I touched the sensors to the multimeter, and it went totally crazy and the man that I told you about in the first comment example above, saw that and was really surprised that the multimeter could mesure one holding the sensors in their hands, so he decided to test, and it did’nt show a thing between 200mV – 600V DC! I hope it is so because of his dry hands… Then another guy came and did “the test” and since he is a cheerful one, the multimeter showed just that. A multimeter can be used for a lot of things😉

      Stefan, I’m sending you loving hugs filled with light and joy🤗❤️💖


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      1. This week I was explaining to a little girl how to do a skateboard trick. She said it’s called a ‘no comply’. I said no it’s called a “varial”. Then she said “you have to step with your front foot”. I said “why?”. She said “beause that’s how it is”. I said: oh no my dear, skateboarding is all about freedom don’t confuse it with school where they tell you what to do and how to do it.
        She walked away pondering about what I just said.

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        1. Wow, I loved to read that!🥰
          What you told that little girl was a precious gift. I feel she will use what you said to her as a guide, as a point of reference trough out her life – they will help her find freedom, set her free. Stefan, you helped her realize that she has wings💗

          Loving hugs🤗❤️

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  3. That was the best blossom post I ever read! This morning, I came across 2 friends who were grieving. One whose father died and other, financial and end of relationship. First friend was crying and I said to myself, I’m the light and I know what to say to help. Then I found out my friends dad died. I said same and then said he is still here, you just can’t see him. Blossom was right, I’m already saying I’m the light.

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  4. Thank you Cats & M’s once again for the update and chuckles. What a Cat library to dream on! When I can read again, “Cats letters to Santa” is at the top of my list. Big Love and Gratitude to All ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Thank you CAT’s, Ms and ALL.

    Wowzers, the headaches…..Back, neck and shoulders ouchies.

    Also have had non-stop hayfever for weeks now and weird sore dry hand thing again….

    Much LOVE ALL, Hang on in there and hold that gorgeous light, we are sooooo close….

    Huggles and Muchus Biggus Lovus to ALL ❤️✨❤️

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      1. Newlynn, still achey but not nearly so achey as yesterday! I tried some Allium Cepa, a homeopathic remedy for hay fever and colds and it really seems to have helped 🙂

        Big hugs and much love always❤️

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  6. Yeah, whatever. I’ve been observing all this stuff and letting it all play out. My focus is on the birds, bees, and incredible blooms. I will say that when I read Blossom this morning, I was deeply moved to tears. I blubbered for about 10 minutes. The Truth is the Truth. Strong visceral reaction. In the mean time doing the Mantra for everything in general. (I found it interesting that Blossom’s peeps said basically the same thing. We’re on this, Kids!) Must take desperately needed nap now.

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    You are the most newsworthy channel that I visit. Always spot on. I’ve been resting better lately than I have in years. And it is because of the recent news.
    You do not have my permission to print this yet, but my daughter was one of the girls molested at age 15 by the pedophile in the news. I have known about all the dark secrets for a long time. The new Blossom message, which I would have missed without your guidance, was comforting and accurate. Thank you. There is much more to come. Hilary knew all along.

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  8. After reading the Blossom post today I drew upon an existence where my ‘being’ worked with suns and was not harmed by their radiances’. I stood within our sun, willing to be in SOURCE presence and was able to say and embrace this…

    I stand in SOURCE love, un-destroyed –
    I am ready, in SOURCE love, to BE ONE.
    To be ONE, joined in A UNITED SOUL OF LOVE.

    I hadn’t done the Mantra with Epstein before – not out of fear, just waiting for what was ‘right’ for me. Today seemed to be the day – perhaps because I had already done the Mantra with all I could remember or perceive of those that had done personal damage to my physical or mental being in similar ways or those that had arranged such scenarios to be practiced. I felt ready to go this one step further.

    So, I chose to address Epstein and all those who of like mind, chose behavior paths, deeds and choices in common with him:
    “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother/sister, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”
    I felt no distress or resistance, only nods or breathes, til felt complete (for me). Didn’t take that long…

    The other morning in a state between sleep and waking for an indeterminate time, maybe an hour? I was aware of repeating the Mantra for each family member and house guest – wasn’t a waking conscious choice, was just happening…

    Mundane note: rent should be paid today – only a few bills to go – the support from my brother somehow made it into the new bank acct – not sure how it could have happened, different #s and such – a Muurical :).

    – relevant symptomology goes on…
    Daughter wants to move from here very badly in next few months, somehow… – I’ve put it out to the Universe in various ways – today got this strong feeling that we weren’t going to live in the same place or even different abodes on same property – I was not adverse to sharing planetary space – not sure why it’s changed or maybe just my awareness?

    Be well ALL,


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  9. So this is interesting; I read somewhere on Twitter that the Schumann meter has been looking like American flags for the last several days. I checked and, sure enough, that’s just what it looks like. It’s been making one flag pattern per day. I saved a pdf of it at noon today to get the full picture of three flags. I can’t seem to paste it here, but just check the meter in real time; there are still two days worth there and it appears to be forming another. Maybe (P)atriots (A)re (N)ow (I)n (C)ontrol? Pretty nifty trick, anyway, and as we know, there’s no such thing as coincidence….

    (It’s probably going to show the wrong date, but just click on the link to get to the live meter.)

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  10. I keep playing in portals in my dreams. I’ve had time-travelling portals, portals where things disappear that were in my hands, or near me, animals disappear, then I’ve had knowledge of someone’s family (I only know the person – not their family) and while they’re supposed to be a chaotic family here in 3D, over past the portal they were stream-lined, functioning and on the money! Almost like, the sides of us that have been hidden, are showing up and I’m getting to see them first hand. I’ve also had hypnagogic views of people passing through my bedroom (1 each on 2 different occasions) and I’ve seen their full form but in shadow, so I’ve seen what they were wearing etc, like a hat, but it looks two dimensional because I’m only seeing it through the shadow portal. But I’m not scared of any of this. I mean, I’ve always dreamed like this, but now it’s really ramped up. Having fun with it, actually.

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  11. Speaking of animals, today I had a groundhog take a nap on the patio right by the door. That’s a first. I wonder if that’s the critter eating my parsley. May all be well! ❤️❤️


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  12. Regarding the Blossom post: I’ve been looking under rocks and going down rabbit holes for some time now because I feel honor-bound to be a witness. Nothing surprises or ungrounds me. I know that I am love and light, and I know with absolute certainty that I am ready. So are we all. Bring it.

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  13. As always, thank you for the positivity and truth you provide. It really keeps me going.

    Much love and respect Cats, M’s, AM, Da-da and all of your guides and higher dimensional friends!

    Mark x

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    1. I ended up taking a screenshot and keep that handy on my phone; for some reason it’s a challenge for me to memorize exactly.

      “You are perfect immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”

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      1. Eric, same for me. A few days ago I was on my bicycle while waiting for the traffic light to turn green when a few meters before me a guy on a scooter started to brutally beat up a guy on a bike. I started to say the mantra, but got stuck because this whole thing caught me off guard. Then I remembered and said it several times for like 5 minutes while biking to my friends. Works the same as time is infinite anyway, but yeah it’s good to have it nearby.

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  14. Hi All ❤
    Thank You very much for the updates Cats n All, very helpful.
    Also cried whilst reading out loud Blossoms update.
    Everything I've ever been given, felt, seen, known…
    Its all happened/happening.
    Physical and emotional, still going through purging.
    Innate abilities continue to level up, daily.
    The Golden… Oh how I/We have missed you.
    We walk y/our path… in Golden Times.
    Forgiveness = Golden.
    Love IS All.
    I Love You All.
    ❤ Grateful ❤
    Purrry Love to You All
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  15. Have anyone’s eyes turned lighter? Mine are a beautiful green with light brown spots and I love them!
    This is actually how they looked like over the years whenever I’d feel very happy, but then they’d turn darker again once I’d feel heavier.
    Now they’re light by default.

    Is this the direct result of integrating all the light and going higher in frequency or are there more things at play?

    I’d also love to get recommendations about where to read more about how our physical features are connected to our origins, like Pleiadean etc.
    I have dark hair and green / brown eyes and have always, since my first little girl crush, been attracted to men with dark hair. I am very sure that this is something beyond aesthetics and physical preference, and is related to soul / tribe recognition and reconnection.

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    1. Hi Nuni 👋
      It’s funny you mention that! I was just noticing the same thing yesterday. My eyes are gray with a yellow ring around the pupil. They sometimes look dark gray, sometimes green. Lately they have been a much lighter gray. Maybe it’s a visible sign of upgrades? 👀
      Love 💗

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      1. Hi Sharon!
        That’s so fascinating to read. I love how this is happening to more people, one of my best friends her eyes also became clearly lighter almost a shade of gold / yellow.

        Some time ago I read about a woman who started eating raw vegan and her eyes had also gone from dark brown to light grey with green spots.
        I believe that it’s due to the food and also different internal changes.

        Much love!


  16. How annoying… I keep forgetting all of my dreams lately. Whatever I must be doing over there, it may be important.

    There may be some interesting changes incoming. I can feel it in the air.

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  17. Thank you Cats and M’s for all that you do and share! This site has provided me with a sanity anchor over several years now – so much good stuff going on here! Love to know that there is a community of souls across this globe that share and care here🤗 Helps in so many ways – heart, mind and soul.

    Last evening was filled with wave upon wave of major heart activation for me, intense, bubbly but very peaceful/blissful. Slept well for the first night in a long time. Woke up this morning with Love and Joy in my heart and this song in my head. Sending this out to all – hoping you all can feel the Love vibe too:

    Luther Vandross/Power of Love:

    Onward in much Joy, Love and Light💗

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  18. Just got this in from Sophia Love via email subscription. A conversation with ONE, July 15th, 2019

    I’d like to speak to One.

    Hello Sophia. It is I. It is One.

    Thank you for coming forward.

    You’re welcome.

    I wonder if you’d answer some general questions?

    Of course. What is it you’d like to know?

    Would you give a message now about what is happening and what is to come?

    There are many forces at work who conspire to help or study or even hinder the progress of humanity. This remains so today, and at such turbulent times as these, remain a constant and confusing stressor for the race.

    Questions such as:

    Why aren’t the Draconians gone?

    How much suffering must we endure?

    What is the truth about our slavery?

    When will prosperity be part of our lives?

    – Only begin to scratch the surface of what humanity remains concerned about.

    The situation remains as it does because humanity must reach a consensus as to how to proceed.

    It has not.

    Major players have left and this alone has propelled much of what is coming now into the light of day.

    Yet, not all.

    The humans adopted the corruption and continue it even now.

    There remains a final day of reckoning, yet even then, these humans who have adopted these ways of corruption will have to be clear and exposed so that their methods cannot continue.

    This takes time.

    All by choice, humanity’s choice, this cleansing process is run by humanity.

    In terms of “time”, things will move quickly now.

    There are methods to speed things up and they include – internal actualization of what is true.

    This is so much more powerful than any falsehood, or display of bravado.

    This does not take physical strength, but personal fortitude.

    The suffering of man lessens with exposure, disclosure, and primarily, self-awareness. These things work in concert with each other. There is not a precise “time” for an “end” – you are eternal, and it has been deemed that humanity and Gaia continue.

    You are in the midst of evolution. Do not assume any length of time – see only the desired outcome.

    There are truth’s unveiled, if you have eyes to see them, every day. Stay aware, yet not focused on where you’ve been but seeing ahead, into freedom and a world unshackled.

    This focus will serve you.

    What man stubbornly hangs onto is this false belief that a benevolent outside force/being/race will show up to speed things up and tie it up with a bow – all finished and now free.

    This is not how life works anywhere and although it remains true that you have outside help who are indeed benevolent, they will not do this for the race.

    The race will accomplish its own freedom and prosperity when the race see’s itself as both free and abundant.

    This is law.

    What you see in the news need not deter you from your job – create, create, create.

    These frustrations become road blocks and they need not be – use them instead as starting points for deeper intentions and greater determination.

    That is all.

    Thank you.

    This conversation ended here.

    Here’s Sophia’s intro to the conversation. On second thought, I should include that: Today’s conversation is one I initiated because it’s been awhile since I’ve asked specific questions, and there have been markers that seem to have been moved or delayed since then, as well as a whole bunch of disclosure dialogue in the MSM regarding UFO’s and corruption. I wanted to see what ONE had to contribute.

    I’ll add this. The overall message, when combined with others I’ve heard in private conversations, seems to be that our real work is right now and internal. There is one line I’ll share here –

    The process of acceptance of the true life you’ve lived will put you in touch with your heart – your actual heart. This is something you’ve kept shielded.

    Those were words from One also, and what they mean for me is that until and unless you see clearly – everything about your life here – you won’t evolve. This is deep work and so, so personal and challenging. You’ll have to know yourself. Absolute authority of your life occurs then. A sovereign, free, equal being is nothing less.

    I hope you enjoy these words from One and are encouraged by them as well.

    With appreciation for all that you are,

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  19. Hello M’s and Cats not sure where my comment may be helpful to some people. Wanted to say a big ‘ thank you’ and heartfelt appreciation to all those souls who have had the courage and strength to hear and listen to the children’s stories, believe them even if that is outside of one’s own experience. To all the therapists and healers who have had the courage to believe their clients, ostracised by their peers and for their fortitude in becoming spiritual warriors.
    To all the highly sensitive beings who never understood as it is so far outside of experience in this construct, the illusion thank you for being strong as how can we change if we ignore our young people who are pur future. None of this is ok  all of the recent JE horror being brought up and revealed that has been done to the children on his private island and elsewhere. While it is difficult to watch it play out and be the observer, the children and those of us who were ‘trafficked before the term was coined. For those of us who were ridiculed and told ‘those things don’t exist or don’t happen. For those of us who kept to the path which was very lonely watching people join your path for awhile only to leave as they couldn’t handle your truth and some of the experiences were outside of language at the time so unable to find the words to explain the horror, torture, mind control, possession to control you. They controlled every aspect of our growing up years and beyond, controlled the information we read or saw and then told us we were crazy. The knots to unpick were intricate and tangled with false overlays and traps. All designed to break your soul and voluntarily give it up. Many gave in as it was easier. Many suffered in silence, suicide attempts, self harm, self loathing etc.

    This is heavy stuff and can we collectively say the mantra to all those who persist in eating adrenalised human flesh and all the other disgusting rites and rituals?

    My experience here of not fitting in- never have and if the golden age is gently being ushered in then perhaps maybe i might. I might have just enough stamina and courage to experience this and allow the magic to heal me on every level.

    To all those who believed us, were strong when we cried, battled for us in other dimensions, accepted us, protected us when we had no strength and showed us that healing was possible and how to heal ourselves…words are not adequate but you know who you are 😉

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      1. @Belle,
        Thank you for your courage to share your story. I just repeated the Mantra three times for you and will hold you in my heart. May an end to the madness come as quickly as Source allows!

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    1. In gratitude for your strength on this path where you have shouldered burdens unknown to most. Fibres of being can only take so much. Thanks for hauling it up the hill and still being here with us, through all of this, and the denouement. The magic of truth abiding is just now starting to bear fruit.

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    2. Thank You Belle, I/We hear You.
      Big purrry hugs full of Love, Understanding, Comfort & Acknowledgment.
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    3. Belle sending you infinite love. May it heal each and every memory related to all you’ve so courageously described here. 💗💗💗

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      1. Thank you all for your comments of love and support which have been deeply moving.
        Feel we are all perhaps beginning to find our tribe of belonging?
        Wonder what we will wake up too Sunday morning after the light meditation.
        I certainly will welcome inner peace 💚

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    4. Belle. That was so deep from the heart. Brought tears. Sending love and will try the mantra on the lost souls. You never know it may help. 💖

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    5. @dear Belle,
      a BIG, BIG hug from me, and all the healing blessing of all the Heavens,
      you, courageous soul!
      “We came for the salvation of the world.”


  20. Terran Cognito also made a fascinating post yesterday on his blog entitled: “Initial Contact with the Aurora Biosphere and Data on The Earth Mars Colonies” It’s a longish read but worth it if you are interested in the off-world topic. Here’s the link: Thank you Cats and Ms for this site which I now visit several times a day to check on comments and updates.

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    1. I wonder if those data streams from the biosphere Terran talks about coincide with the data encoded in the graphs the Cats discovered a while back?


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  21. My dreamtime for the last 2 weeks has consisted of working with my former in-laws whom I have not seen or spoke to for 5 years (since I divorced their son). I assume I am facilitating some sort of healing between us, as I know from my children’s comments that their grandparents (in their 80’s) are absolutely hateful towards me and what they perceive I have done to their family. I spent 25 years with their narcissistic son and left when I was fully healed and could do no more in that household. On my morning walk today I used the Mantra on each of them 3 times and will probably do it more as I feel the need. Funny how unhappy people project their s*^t onto you until you refuse to take it anymore. Self care has been a learned habit for me and there is no turning back!!

    Love to ALL here. Our tribe grows stronger as does the Love.

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  22. July 16, 2019:

    Dearest brothers and sisters,

    Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with news that all that you have been waiting for and praying for has now begun in earnest. The Old frequencies that kept this realm locked into the hellish 3D Matrix have reached their end days, and it is important that we remind you, that this stage of humanities collective Awakening will reveal truths to you that will utterly shock you to your deepest core.

    However this is not the place for us to speak about these atrocities that are being exposed currently. All of the mainstream Media will be reporting about the dismantling of what is known as the Deep state – the cabal.

    We are in the end days of Kali yuga and the opening stages of Satya Yuga- the Golden Age.

    These two timelines are operating concurrently at the moment, and therefore it is crucial that you are continuously aware of where you are focusing your god-given almighty attention and intention.
    We advise you to not feed the fears or indulge in any victim narrative in these energies, as all that you focus on will be amplified exponentially in these current energetic climate.

    Last week’s solar eclipse in cancer was extremely Potent for Many Of Us ascending ones, and please know that many of you who are still in 3D karmic relationships and are not listening to and Following the promptings of your heart and sacred intuition, please know that you are being tested now to your absolute core, and all those that are holding onto these relationships through false 3d beliefs of obligation and sacrifice, will have to go through a more challenging initiation to assist you to free yourself from these old obligatory templates.

    It is our advice to you to trust the signs that your higher self is continuously sending you, because if you ignore the messages of your higher self you leave it no choice but to have to shout louder and for some this will be through more intense physical symptoms and potential emergency situations for some of you, which of course we in the higher realms do not wish to see for any of you, and we are praying that you listen and take heed of the guidance that your higher self and galactic team is pouring down upon you now.

    These energies are no longer supporting third dimensional based relationships especially for the 144000 1st wavers.

    ***(144000 — Simply a metaphor for those who have chosen to and are more than ready right now to INSTANTLY shift to 5D New Earths.
    Or higher.

    This group has already graduated from Earth School, is currently very trapped here, and will completely bypass the 4D–>5D ‘Ascending Earth’ construct that the majority of unripe humanity has chosen to experience, after the impending (Final Wave/Solar Flash) Shift occurs.)

    Everyday we are getting closer and closer to the solar flash event known in Hinduism as the Samvartaka. As this occurs please know that the Earth plane is continuously being bombarded with these photonic light particles and this is transforming every single being on the earth whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

    At the moment of the Solar flash event the 144000 will meet the doorway of light, and we will be invited to step into the doorway of light, it is important that all starseeds Trust this process and surrender, knowing that your higher self will take you out momentarily in order to implement the Architecture and creation of your crystalline light body.

    Please know that we all will be conscious throughout this Ascension (doorway of light ) experience, and what can feel like hours and hours or even days in the higher Realms can take place in a split second on the earth realm.

    There is nothing that anybody needs to worry about, this has been written in all of the sacred scriptures in all of the Long count calendars, and has been known by all of our indigenous cultures since time immmemorable.

    Earth is shifting density from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. This is an actual reality that is happening right now as we speak, and as Earth ever succinctly aligns herself with the very heart of our galactic sun alcion.

    As this alignment occurs humanity is continuously being bombarded with gamma rays, that in many ways are very much like locks that interact with our DNA (keys) sending information to our so-called dormant DNA that it is time to move out of their dormant state, enlighten and activate.

    The Cosmic energies are now building in Earnest towards the day out of time.

    The day out of time is celebrated in the Mayan calendar as the Cosmic reset day, and marks the end of the galactic year and the beginning of the new cosmic year.

    On this date we are being called to come together to assist our galactic teams especially those from Lyra, Sirius, Arcturius and Pleiades, to assist Gaia to remove the last dregs of the ill-usion of control that the lower frequencies have held over humanity for the last

    14 000 years.

    A call went out from our galactic Star Family to come together on the day out of time to assist in this Final push in attaining full planetary and personal liberation.

    Please know that we, the ground crew are being called to come together to assist our galactics to fully and completely release the last final residues of control and manipulation from this old archaic dark energy.


    It is important to know that our galactic elder brothers and sisters require us on the earthly plane to stabilize and Anchor these energetic intentions, and therefore we are invited to step forward as Awakened ascending humanity to assist our galactic Star Family with this huge endeavour.

    The work that we I’ll be in called to do in the transmissions works on The etheric Blueprint level which is the level at which all manifestation takes place, Therefore please know that it is extremely potent and important –

    -what we are being called to do for all of our brothers and sisters not only on the earth but throughout the entire multiiverse.

    As ever all those who come forward to take part in this transmission will invariably receive an auspicious gift for their own personal evolutionary, and please know taking part in this work massively accelerates everybody’s evolution and timeline enabling them to easefully stabilize in fifth dimensional consciousness.


    We are getting so close now to the solar flash event and it is absolutely imperative that as many of the 144000 starseeds have stabilized in 5th dimensional consciousness, and we invite all of you who are reading these words to make this a priority with your morning intentions and be open to all the ways that will assist you to fully stabilize.

    We truly are living in the most exciting times that have ever existed upon the earthly plane.

    Please know that nothing is random, everything has been pre-planned, and the Divine collective Awakening of humanity is being intricately overseen by our Arcturian brothers and sisters who loves us so very very deeply, and who are the overseers of this planets ascension into the 5th dimension.

    A gentle reminder that we are currently in the Sirius Stargate which is infusing us with deep and profound blessings, and is assisting many 1st wavers in the formation of our christiline light forms…..

    We are the ones we have all been waiting for. We truly are doing it.

    In love and eternal light jenji and the white wolf tribe


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    1. 12,000 years is one half of the Yuga cycle.
      Kali Yuga began in 3102 BCE (or BC).
      Many believe it will end sometime in the next 100 years.
      This is according to the Mahabharata, which was used for calculations, and the Manu Smriti.
      Give me a reliable source for calculations …
      Thank you.



      1. LESSONS ON THE NEGATIVE SPEAK ~ by Psychic Lynn

        “Similar message, but one is direct and avoids the “negative.”

        I would encourage you to think about your word usage. It isn’t what you say, but HOW YOU SAY IT AS YOU FORM YOUR *INTENT*.”

        ~ Psychic Lynn


          “Anything that disturbs your peace-of-mind needs to be looked at and addressed.”
          CAT Eds
          I said, Give me a reliable source for calculations …
          If you can’t, why bother replying?

          Think positive.


  23. Okay, my observation for today Re: recent timeline jumps. I am absolutely sure I watered all the potted plants thoroughly yesterday only to discover that this evening they were dry as a chip! It barely got beyond 75 this afternoon. The plants looked like they hadn’t been watered in days. Have I misplaced a day or two? Anyone??? Where am I? Who am I? Huh? What?

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  24. I slept 11 hours last night AND took a 30 min. nap this afternoon on the couch. Starting to yawn and it is only 8 P.M. here. Cay

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    1. Very interesting post and something and it confirms what I’ve been doing for a while now. I’m always looking for a way to formulate my sentences in a positive way and it feels very powerful.

      Related to that, I feel guided to share my affirmation with you all that I use whenever I eat / drink something to give gratitude to my food and make sure my body receives it in the best possible way.

      “Thank you for your goodness, please serve me in my highest good. Whatever serves a different purpose, can leave my body peacefully again.”

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