Task #5 Aftermath [UPDATE5]


Wow. This is all of you who participated (the below image, not above!):

SEE your various selves on the right of the Kiel Longwave E-field, bottom to top (sorry for the file size), along with all our SuperFriends and higher order beings who joined in:


Turn the above image on its side. It’s a bridge, not a wall — a rainbow bridge between Sol and Gaia. Well done, everyone. That was epic.



We suspected this would happen, and it did. Timeline jump; for some, a big one:

Note the time. This is when the CATs turned things up to 11, just before the meditation at 11:00 am PDT (18:00 UTC).






We forgot to mention this. ~AM reminded us after responding to a recent comment.

Unbeknownst to CAT readers and those non-CAT meditation practitioners, M4 decided at the last minute to have CATs and M’s do something extra in the meditation. At a key moment, we en masse grabbed all the energy around in our local space-time continuum (consisting of specific meditation energy + Wave X energy from that recent solar event), bundled it, compressed it, and BOUNCED it off the earth’s core. This huge energy was absorbed by Gaia for a moment then released in a gynormous happy-energy diaspora out into the cosmos… looking very much like a huge flower opening and spreading its seeds everywhere, faster than light. All of you just basically seeded the universe with something very special.

This then attracted EXTRA higher-order beings who then joined in with the meditation, excited by what just happened. It was a game-time decision-surprise to all of us, too.

Then Sol and Gaia celebrated the bridge we all made… which was a total, lovely surprise.

This is a technique taught to us by the First Being SOURCE ever created — before this omniverse came into existence — who is a deep family friend of the CATs. He’s asked us not to talk too much about him, which is why we rarely mention him or his clan — or their names, since the dark things can still mess with things. These folks and the rainbow dragons are the core of our SuperFriends, higher-order beings who don’t need ships to move around in space — or time. They can literally go anywhere and do anything. They are all here, now.

It’s no big deal if you didn’t see or feel or experience any of this. If you participated, you helped in a huge way.. that you will be very happy about later.

[Psst… they don’t really look like this… and they aren’t part of the DC Universe… at all.]


Check out the solar strobing that occurred during the Task 5 meditation (and note that this is time-lapsed, so it happened much slower than what appears).

And here’s a time-lapse of the 7/18 event.

And there’ve been more, so many more:


We left this one in so you could see the end time.

And more:

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 2.36.56 PMScreen Shot 2019-07-21 at 2.37.05 PM20190720_1948_seeds20190720_2000_seeds

We seem to be reaping energy sewn from one of the recent CMEs, hard to tell which one.


Oh, we had another timeline jump, it was just hard to tell since lots of the meters are either swamped or out:

As you can see, the 30 MHz signal is off the charts.
This is a SID (Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance) monitor in S. Carolina.

The above also showed one of the CMEs land, as did these VLF meters in France, the UK, Norway, and then via cross-referenced VLF meters:




In other (more banal) news…

HAARP was seen over Cleveland yesterday.
And the Russians… fresh from being caught messing around with US comms and losing a submarine… sent a message to the US Govt. on the 50th anniversary of the fake moon landing (via this Russian spacecraft approaching the “Int’l Space Station,” which is really just a bunch of empty cans and space junk) that they know that NASA and the US have been lying to their citizens all this time, and they’d love to spill the beans. Well, das beans have been verspilt; mui uzhe znayem.


Looks like the bumpiness is back. We’re getting third-eye-ouch and the energies are ramping, from the bottom up:

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 4.28.38 PM
These are energy averages across several meters in the S. Hemisphere… which is sadly underrepresented!

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 4.32.59 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 4.34.31 PMScreen Shot 2019-07-21 at 4.35.10 PMScreen Shot 2019-07-21 at 4.35.33 PM

Ugh. Magnetic compression headache. And ear ringing.

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  1. We stood in our light pillars. We connected. We sang and danced. We did it.
    We were Brilliant. Infinite Love and Gratitude to ALL.


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  2. Thank you🙏
    This was absolutely amazing to participate in💖

    Five minutes before we were about to start, I sat myself down comfortly and began to relax and focus upon the mission. And after a short little while I suddenly felt the most wonderful feeling surrounding me – a mix between serenity, bliss and love. It was so wonderful! I thought to myself “is it time?” and opened my eyes to see the clock – the time was exactly 18:00 UTC or 20:00 CET/local time.

    So I joined in from inside of my heart with the wonderful feeling, connected to Gaia, to Sol and to Source and then both saw and felt myself gently begin to swirl/rotate upwards, trough the ceiling of our house…
    As I rose upwards I watched the beautiful landscape below me, the trees and lakes getting smaller and smaller, sailing trough the clouds….oh dear Gaia, how immensly beautiful you are, I love you so very very much.

    I stopped at an high altitude above the clouds. I could easily see Gaias curved form. And I saw some of you – beautiful white pillars that shimmered. Some of you were already up there when I arrived and some of you were on your way upwards, and then I got to see the magic when you started to connect to eachother. It was so beautiful. I felt so humble and grateful to be there with you. And then I raised my arms out on my sides, lifted my head and declared with my hearts voice that “I am the light. I am the love. I am” After that, all I could see was white light…

    Fourteen minutes later, I was brought back to “reality” by bursting into laughter – a wet nose bumped into my cheek and then a tounge licked right across my face – it was cuddle-time with our dog!😄

    You are all so beautiful. Sending my love to ALL of you🤗❤️

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  3. Something else has happened.

    Am I right in saying that because we connected together, something passed between us all?

    I’m saying this because I just had a visual download of the Flower of Life in some kind of fractal form, and a bunch of other stuff!


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    1. Mark I had this too! I saw the flower of life surrounding the entire planet in a huge beautiful light canopy! I think something definitely happened!

      Much Love ❤️✨🌟☀️

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    2. On the 18th, I awoke with a massive headache, so painful, I thought it was a stroke and that I was going to have to go to the hospital. Advil had no affect.

      Nevertheless, I started doing the meditation before I even saw the request from the Cats. All day, the headache persisted until I drank a large cup of Ginger and Turmeric root tea and had a couple of teaspoons of black strap molasses. Don’t ask me how I knew that, but it worked like a charm.

      I’ve been doing that light mediation for about ten years. I love it when you get to the outer stratosphere and run into other light workers from around the world. How do we know to be so equally spaced?

      Over time, my light mediation has evolved and was looking more like the flower of life you described.

      and the shapes are evolving into this:

      Since these images are so readily available on the internet, I suspect there are those that have been in this trance like state for a long time. Enjoy the show.

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  4. That’s neat! I participated but did not sense anyone else, so I imagined I was holding hands with other light pillars. “I am light. I am love. I am.” We rocked it!

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  5. Awesome! About 4 hours later, the black helicopters were flying over my place, LOL! (Were they really black helicopters? Don’t know, but they were definitely flying over my place!)

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  6. What an amazing experience, I loved it! Thank you for this. It felt so peaceful, already an hour or so before I felt the energy and during the meditation at times I felt so clear how the love was beaming in and out of my heart.

    Curious how you all experienced it! Much love to you all my brothers and sisters in light! I bet we gonna sleep soooo good tonight.

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  7. Dear Cats this may be FY eyes only. Negative energy attack report clearings as follows:
    1 FO Life shimmer imbalance origin O group
    2 FOL bomb/asteroid origin O group
    3 Suppression instance on gold energy going upward O group
    4 Dmonics snip nrg connectionat high atmosphere level origin dk mgcians
    5 Rptlns running reversal current on planet surface origin off plnet
    6 Attack sent to all participants at 3rd eye origin rvs mgcians
    7 Mesh grid sent to all participants mind ctrl origin O group

    Noted: not all participants have cleared their karma with these groups which attracts negative attention. Peace.


      1. 1 Rptlns running with tails beetwn lgs
        2 SOURCE mgcians recycled dmonics at EVERY level origin
        3 Life shimmer mgcian participants *imp er vie us* to Aww…L frms of pathtic “attack”
        4 Dk attack nthing butt stewpd mynd silliness

        Noted: Seenya/Beenya chuckleheaded @sshts yall biting fleas group goin DOWN on desc *end*ing mongrel planet. Byebye. NOWGIVEMEABIGHUG


  8. I was there, doing my best. I seldom get visuals, but did get a quick glimpse of multiple pillars of light shining in the dark of space. And it also got very bright behind my eyelids, as though the sun were shining on them (it wasn’t). A quick flash of light, and it was over. I look forward to understanding what happened!

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  9. Wow, what Super Fantastic experience! I did the meditation/visualization in the water, was in the mid to high 90’s with a clear Sunny sky. I felt so calm and light, I mean you’re lighter in the water but you know what I mean. Celebration confirmed-there was a quick, “random” Sun Shower that was definitely not in the forecast. Surrealistically Awesome! Thank you All, so grateful to Be a part of this. ☀️💦❤️

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  10. BTW, the sun here at the farm is now emitting golden light rather than the harsh white it had been, hence the visual clarity and vibrant colors. Any others ? Observations?

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    1. That’s a NE thing. You must be getting glimpses like we are. Some are also seeing… “body light”: some of our chests have started to emit golden light, or we’re seeing it for the first time. More on this later, it literally just started tonight.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. That was so special. I noticed this morning that the light auras around everything were brighter. Also had a very lucid dream of someone who said he was my son (I have no children) and he was aged 43, which would make me 21 when he was born. Puzzled to say the least! Could this be a timeline bleed through? Love to all here and buckets of thanks to Cats and Ms for the awesome explosive energy flower. 🌸🌼💮

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      2. So when I saw a golden Sun a couple days ago, I was getting NE glimpse? And yesterday it was back to stark white, but tonight it was golden again. Is it timeline jumps?

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  11. That was so enjoyable today, just awesome. Thank you all again and it lead me to this:

    So I’ve been housesitting in Los Angeles since selling my home in Duluth. Since I’m searching for a new clan I thought why not share this posting I made with this wonderful group of awakened weirdos on here. I’m open to any suggestions but lean towards warmer climes. Thanks, and be well. 🙂


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  12. After I did the pillar of light thing, I gave the earth a big hug and it started glowing with happiness.

    Seems like hugs are enjoyed by all.

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    1. HA!

      Not by the dk ones I give them to…..I dare you to evolve further and try *that*

      (heehheeheee…worked EVERY single time — so much fun)


  13. I too joined in, I never really experience much but I imagined joining the light with all the rest of you guys and felt so much love and appreciation for being a part of this and being able to connect with you all….Love love love 💘 K (cwtch)Welsh for hugs) x

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    1. Oh my! hee hee… Hello Lovely (Kay is my best friend everyone!)

      Kay and me had a feeling that it would show up on the graphs! How could it not? So much love energy and intention for light.

      I love being part of this process, too… so much love, Jay xxx

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    2. Yes, It was very comfortable as I was laying on my back looking up through a pillar. Then I awoke an hour or so later. Great experience. Peace.

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  14. Now I know why I was receiving expanding Flower of Life visuals after the meditation!

    Forgive my sentimentality, but it’s times like these that really give my life meaning. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Mark x

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  15. That was awesome! I joined in at 20:20 hours, local (Amsterdam) time. I grounded to Mother Gaia, both old and new, and immediately a pillar of light shot up through me, way up there. I barely had time to connect to the central sun. 😁 I saw myself and many others as giant light blue pillars of light, all connected, like giants towering over the Earth, while very much grounded to her. It came to me to leave this connected pillar network in place, even after going back into our bodies. So to me, the pillars of light are still there.

    Love to us all.

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      1. Oh Mokum? Then this nursery rhyme I learned in school 35+ years ago finally serves a purpose!

        Brand in Mokum, brand in Mokum.
        Zie es ginder, zie es ginder.
        Brand, brand. Brand, brand.
        En daar is geen water, en daar is geen water.


        1. Haha awesome that you learnt this song and still remember Stefan!

          Mokum is actually taken from the Hebrew word “makom” which means place. We have a lot of Hebrew / Jiddisch influences in our language.

          Good luck with the heat wave! I personally enjoy it mostly, that is if you have the chance to escape the big city heat a bit in nature.

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          1. Danku. Ik weet sinds gisteren dat het over Amsterdam gaat.
            Thanks. I know since yesterday that it’s about Amsterdam.

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    1. How wonder-full for you, old friend….

      Jur, were you also able to ‘see’ our (new earths) super-conductive Crystalline Light Grid?

      We 1st Wavers spent the past decade building/restoring and reactivating it, replacing the old warped/ruined/corrupted frequency-restriced 3D grid with an overlay –and in so doing we had to BECOME an interconnected part of it, running the energies through it with our light bodies, our Merkaba Energy Fields overlapping in Flower of Life pattern…so that whatever we put into it with our Thoughts/Intentions, it spread immediately to all other Lightworkers.
      Past 6 years, I’ve seen this working perfectly over and over again — rather instant infusion into the entire Lightworker community.

      In fact, I showed this to you guys once years ago, on the Pond group — at the end of this incredible video you can see it in action:



      (Gawd I hope we’re not in yet ANOTHER Time Loop, here)

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  16. I dreamt of Dragons last night/this morning (7/21/19), lots and lots and lots of Dragons… lost what they were doing, but very active… Did I mention LOTs of Dragons?

    There are certain circumstances/physical realities in apartment that are making sleeping or staying asleep quite difficult lately, but when I did sleep last night… Dragons… 🙂

    My meditation aftermath – wiped out, both before and since light column meditation… feels maybe like I imagine going out effort to where I could start the body surfing and the after, wiped out at the shore – I’m splayed out at the tide-line wiped out and will no doubt be festooned with seaweed, etc at next tide change…

    @ all Cats, Ms, Etc, Thank you for this:

    > “It seems more and more people are losing it. All the more reason to take the time to meditate, ground and protect, then connect to Guides. Try not to control anything, even your dreams, and instead let Guides and SOURCE handle things for you. They know better and can see farther down the road. DO NOT attempt the light column meditation if you’re feeling off; it won’t be good for you; you can participate passively, but don’t try to steer anything. Let it happen. Humility and gratitude and letting go are the hallmarks of what’s to come. Just take it easy. No one is standing behind you with a stopwatch. We are the bridge, not the hammer.

    -CAT Eds.” <

    I tend to think I'm not 'DOING anything' in things like this – was 'TOLD' at end of 2012, beginning of 2013, that I just 'DO' fast, so that by the time I even finish thinking about whatever… I've already done it then spend the rest of the 'time' thinking I'm not doing it or can't do it like other people. So the above helped me so much for this meditation – I took this advice to heart – set intention to do… asked assistance from higher self guides, Brother J and whatever HO beings that wanted to assist me in my part – then I let go, after maybe 2-5 seconds of visualization. – I'm not even aware of what happened after that or when I was 'back' – it may have been a couple of hrs? Very tired, flattened afterwards, not in a negative way, but pretty useless for doing much else mundane life-wise… I'm glad the outcome was positive… whoohoo 🙂

    much love,


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      1. Yes a huge dragon showed up who coughed fire. I asked why? He or she said to show the excitement of what was happening. Friendly, gigantic & wise creature. Never saw one before.
        Also, my eyes started twitching.
        Right after the meditation there was a rainbow cloud here in the sky for a very short while. Source’s way of saying I Roger that.

        Tough day today with many obstacles and challenges. Keep cool is my credo.
        Saying the mantra a hundred times a day. On the bus 2 guys were sending bad energy to a hobo. I started saying the mantra then my Higher Self came through and turned up the amplitude of the mantra which ended the bad vibes immediately.
        Oh yeah The Normies have officially gone bonkers. Biked through the city today and never saw so many people on alcohol and or dope. Middle of the day…

        We’re expecting a heatwave here in Antwerp of almost 39C/102F this week. Do send me some Cookie Dough icecream.

        Thanks all for joining in and being here. It means the world to me. Have a nice evening.

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  17. Nice. I wasn’t able to join @ 11 AM but did my meditation/Pillar of Light @ 10 AM with intention to join group. When I extended the Pillar of Light it went straight up and connected to SOL. Remained connected through out. Dragons all over the place. Interesting – I kept getting visual of Light spreading all over planet with the words ‘Dragon Tree’. New one for me.

    Also, wondering if others have experienced a decrease in the physical body hammering? I have been wiped out since Summer Solstice…but starting Friday evening I have been feeling good/significant relief. : )



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    1. Good for you! It’s always darkest right before dawn and help arrives last minute. It comes and goes here but on the whole I feel like I’m getting stronger, healthier and weirdly younger. Thousands of years of unique experiences are being resolved, and then a unique physical body that needs healing and upgrading on top of that, and then whatever unique reasons you had for coming here in the first place. I have a feeling it’s most likely an individual trip for now.


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  18. Cats, please share more on the Dragons!
    Talk about Synchronicity, for the last 3 days I have seen something White flying and then floating down gently behind my mountains in the back yard. My eyes are not as good as they used to be and I could not make out what this white thing was.
    Finally yesterday, a white dragon began to speaking to me for the first time and we spoke all day long and way up into the weeeeee hours of the morning when I dropped exhausted into bed. It was less a channeled communication and more like a Telepathy and it was so strong it was if I was simply just speaking to someone.
    Apparently, the dragon is a fractile of my future Self that has come back to assist me in the crossing over to 5D.
    I slept deeply and I overslept missing all the fun this morning…~:-( But, I did get to meet this wonderful dragon!!!!!!!!! She is a teenager in Dragon years and a very old Soul in human.
    Always thought I had strong connections to the Lyran Felines…

    Love to Everyone
    I Love Cats

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    1. @Cats Eds, ok – I had a day long interaction with two dragons a year or more ago – I’m really bad with times though could have been longer ago? It was a day the rest of the family went out of state for the day – I believe the day included a huge TLJ for me, not sure I’ll say more about that, but it involved family and they stayed til it resolved.
      The more male feeling strong, powerful sensed one was Golden, the other, red, more slender sinewy body – female feeling with huge sense of humor gave me a kind of ridiculous name for a female – so much so that it seemed she was playing… irreverent feeling.
      They had given me names, I don’t feel like sharing that…

      Often I can do things or experience things once then can’t do them again or experience again (like heavy fork bending) – like it gets shut down… click… have not had conscious contact again, since that time…


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      1. Dragons have funny names to our ears. We often rename them — and they’re nice about letting us. We can’t speak dragon — yet.

        Don’t share names just yet. The PTW still have their silly games they play, and one of those is the name game.

        -CAT Eds.

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  19. Hmm….Interesting. Love those Dragons! I didn’t see any during the meditation, but this is what I did experience:

    As I was climbing higher in my light pillar, and excited to see the other light pillars, I kept rambling in the meditation and adding in I AM the Light, I AM THE LIFE, I AM the Love. Maybe that had to do with the Core energies? It felt right though.

    Then after we joined together and formed the dome of light, I was whisked to a different perspective further out in the galaxy, where I could see what was happening. (Yes I know, sounds weird, but I travel through space all the time. You can ask AAM, he is the instigator of this!)

    Anyway, the point is, the earth was Glowing Brightly, and blinking as if sending some sort of cosmic message. It looked like a huge flower or butterfly wings, with a darker and lighter side, perfectly balanced. It was beautiful, and a clear message to the Universe. We certainly did it!!

    Cheers to All! Brilliant every one!

    Gramma B.

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    1. In regards to the above video, I just roll my eyes when someone says that all humanity must be ready to ascend for the Shift to occur. Then it will never happen. There is too wide a range of consciousness among humans for them ever to be on the same page all together.

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      1. Well, with All at different levels of “ready”, and each going to a perfect place for them. I’de figure that could be anytime, yet it could be once every soul passes a certain marker. Peace.

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      2. I used to do the same thing. It’s still lingering, the idea of division and making differences is very deeply ingrained.

        And I agree, in the current context we can just barely live together. But we’re all projections of the same consciousness deep down, who knows what’s possible on the other side of this kerfuffle?

        If there was ever a time where keeping an open mind was important, this would be it. I can’t see much harm coming from seeing the insane as equals in every other regard and visualizing a harmonious co-existence, quite the opposite.


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    2. So, is my level of consciousness low if I don’t remember these dubiously famous people dying multiple times, or do I just not give a rat’s furry hindquarters about said “famous” people? Sceptical cat is sceptical…..

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      1. CAT10 is out, having had the night duty, so I’ll answer.

        This lady kinda drives some of us crazy. She uses vague terminology and definitions, and other “beloved” things I won’t get into. She means well… for the most part. A little too self-centered for my taste. CATs are all about the team. And while something DID happen, we’re not in another dimension, exactly. More like a higher vibe timeline — but not THE higher vibe timeline. We’re still sorting it out. It’s not the NE, but some Midgaard version of between here and there. All of this psychicness is like being an english teacher in a land where the rules of grammar keep changing because there are no conventions. Yet.


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        1. @M5, Thank you for the reply to my question! The woman from video did mention that some people were releasing emotions and I found that to be true for me. After the meditation on 7/20, we had a 24 hr. series of severe thunderstorms/tornados/derecho winds here in the upper Great Lakes (over a million people still without power) so that our family excursion to Lake MI never took place. [ I had done the meditation early and sent it to my 2 pm EDT appointed time] My son and his fiancee (just engaged!) invited me along to see the new Disney remake of the “Lion King”, which I loved, while it was pouring all afternoon. I was a blubbering mess from the beginning of “The Circle of Life” song on through to the finale. Elton John did such a great job on that soundtrack. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I was sitting next to my son (holding his fiancee’s hand), I felt the connection of Source and repeated the meditation mantra again to myself. I am the Light. I am the Love. I AM. CATs should see this film because it’s…Lions. [I know… it’s corporate, evil, pedophiliac Disney] It is visually stunning. And Love wins in the end.

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  20. I would love to have these visuals too, flower of life, dragons, all that..
    Not just with this specific meditation, but in general. My friend describes how she sees all these light beings and goddesses and I love hearing about it, but I myself perceive through feelings.
    Maybe it’s because I haven’t specifically asked for being able to see? Or does everyone have their abilities? I’ll ask my higher self next time!

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  21. Awww man, how do I see the dragons?! Everybody keeps talking about them, from aluna to magenta to the CATS for months. Can anyone help me see them? Or mine?

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    1. Keep working on raising your vibration. You’ll get there. Note that everyone has their own specific talents. Some CATs can’t see dragons the way other CATs can.

      We have our own system of “levels”… but there really aren’t any in the illusion… but they’re are. Hm. We need to have a post about this… if we can all agree on numbers. Like herding CATs. But the general consensus is that dragons are Level 20. We CATs are currently Level 10 or 11 or maybe 12… but we haven’t LOOKED at ourselves since all this other stuff happened. (Note: These are just the numbers we use, so we can know where everyone is. SOURCE is Level 40-50. Level 40-50 is… various gradations of infinity. How’s that for confusing?)

      We need to make a chart. To the white board!

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. We’re all all over the place, but no one is higher than 10 or 11. The M’s are at 11. Again, these are the numbers we use, that were actually given us by the rainbow dragons and other higher order beings we speak with all the time.

          -CAT Eds.

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    2. Hi duganknows, here’s something you can do that may help. Think about what the perfect dragon looks like to you. There are many examples to choose from, but it may look entirely different from those examples. You may want to try drawing it, and adding some color to your drawing, or write about it with as much detail as you can. Sculpt it out of clay, if you wish. The important thing here is that it’s a creative expression. Give it a name… whatever pops into your head first. How would that dragon behave? Does it have any special powers? What role would it play in your life? Imagine how it would be as a living, breathing thing, standing next to you. Once you get to know one dragon, others are sure to follow!

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      1. @dreamwalker444 the first thing that came to my mind when you said give my Dragon a name was Fluffy!!!! 😂😂😂😂. I swear. Lol I do have the quirky sense of humor !

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      1. Anyone else suddenly whomped? I was knocked flat at 7pm UTC Monday evening. One minute I was ok then hit with erratic heartbeat, and digestive probs. Had to go to bed immediately but with assistance from my guides and brother J it passed. So weird the speed that it came at me.

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    1. Yup sitting here with every fan on and a very sweaty little girl who insists on cuddling on the sofa, beautiful but phewee!

      Much Love Cat Family ❤️🐱❤️

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  22. Anyone else get extremely “twitchy” with the solar activity? It feels like too much energy going through my nerves. It’s been happening for about 9 years now, since my last awakening in 2010.

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  23. Looking at the disturbances in the magnetosphere (Update5), it does not seem that they were caused by solar wind … The Earth was hit by something else, I wonder what …
    Here is my message of greetings for you:


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  24. Hi cats – awesome amazing and wonderful, thanks for suggesting this!!! At the peak of the meditation I just burst out laughing and imagined all of us we’re just laughing our heads of in joy, laughter just echoing around the world – what could be more healing than that? Then the icing on the cake was last evening before sunset, I was outside walking around my garden and heard seagulls overhead so I looked up to watch them flying, and thought, gee they sure are awfully high up….. and then I realized the seagull was just to bring my attention up and there was a flock of white lights in a loose configuration just floating overhead, ne to sw, then they starting blinking on and off, then as they sailed away a 2nd group sailed over and drifted way – of course I waved and burst out smiling ear to ear again! LOVE you cats!!! And yes the sun seems warmer and not so white since – and now it’s raining a nice gentle rain which Gaia really needs after all that heat – the plants are in heaven!

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  25. Nicely done everyone. This does explain the presence of the dragons last week, appearing to folks unaware of this activity. Also many thanks to Adama – I feel he may have had a presence here as well. They all love us a great deal… truly a “second family” without all the crazy ones. 😉 Well ok Max is crazy in a good way…

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  26. Saturday was a weird day here in central Michigan. It was supposed to be hot & humid, but turned out humid and not so hot and filled with thunderstorms and no internet. It felt totally discombobulated. I sat down to meditate and connect with cats AFTER the appointed time. The one thing that stands out is a chant I kept hearing during the meditation: “I am light. I am love. I am source from above.” And, as that has rambled around in my head, I *think* there may be an extended version something like this: “I am light, I am love, I am source from above. You are light, you are love, you are source from above. We are light, we are love, we are source from above.” Anybody got music?

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  27. Har! Lisa said that I seem to be somewhat self-aware. Phew, I was worried! (Actually she said much more, but I won’t repeat it. Also, I may join the circus with dancing bears) (My idea of being funny) Anyhow, at least I am semi-functioning today as opposed to yesterday’s barely able to even move Ever onward!.

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  28. I can feel lots of tiny pin pricks all over my body, like cold rain on me, but I am inside, I have seen the energy rain before but never actually felt its effects.

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    1. Been getting the “pricks” for days now! I Am Laughter, I Am Life, I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am That, I Am! Peace.

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    2. Pam141 I’ve been getting a weird sort of prickly heat, like hot needles! No rash or anything but very strange sensations, started on my face, chin now it’s kind if random all over the body, comes and goes…

      Much Love ❤️

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  29. I wish to hear your opinion on a comment I read on Benjamin Fulford’s latest article. I aways take everything with a grain of salt, but I’d like to hear your opinion. It sounds fishy to me, though i get the feeling that it is a lie to help stop 5G.
    I understand that each person needs different info in order to get them to ‘wake up’.

    Jessica did a regression with a client Hakita. Her and a friend were going to take a trip to see the Anshar. Jessica warned her not to go. They almost got abducted twice. They never went. Within 1 day a volcano hit Italy north of the island they were going to visit.

    Purpose of Anshar visit was to have them open up a portal so they Anshar could come up, pull out all the souls from bodies so the Anshar could jump into their bodies. THIS WAS TO BE A MASSIVE TAKEOVER BY ANSHAR. Jessica then saw androids occupying those bodies in the future.
    The Anshar are vampires – they live off of our energy and fear. They love human trauma like the Yellow Vest movement where these folks are being horribly abused.

    People have been lead to believe the Anshar are good. ****IT’S A TRAP****
    The Anshar are NOT good and are not here to help us. The Anshar look beautiful and have people fooled. The Anshar cannot live like humans in our space – they need to be regularly ‘recharged’. That’s why they want our bodies.

    During a very recent regression, Jessica discovered the Anshar are planning SOUL extraction with 5G. The same plan is in place in Hawaii.
    The regression revealed:
    Corey Goode is helping the Anshar to extract souls.

    Who/what is Corey Goode? He is part AI and he’s working for the Grays.

    The Grays, Anshar, Monarch, and Corey Goode are all working together.

    The Anshar are a failed experiment by the Grays using human DNA. They can’t function like humans on earth.
    Per Peter, the more people are informed and understand the better chance we have of shutting this agenda down.

    Peter/ACIO is trying to create a ‘backup reality’ – a protective space for us.

    Monarch is totally careless – they don’t care about consequences of their actions. They started this program way faster and earlier – even for them which is putting the world in danger. They plan to start out launching 5G+.

    This plan of lauching 5G+ and extracting souls put the ACIO into ‘RED ALERT’!

    Jessica will be back shortly with more info not included here.”


    1. Hm. None of this matters. Just be sure to ground and protect and connect with Guides, meditate, and put the rest of this stuff from your mind. If you do the G+P+C thing and meditate, then really nothing bad can get to you or affect you, even the planned 5G thing. Lots of this info is designed to foment fear, so… best forget about it. So many schmoes cranking out the crap now that we hardly read any of this stuff anymore.

      -CAT Eds.

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  30. P.S I got the dates for the Galactic New Year wrong, apologies! It’s the 26th July 2019 and is the end of a 13,000 year cycle/beginning of a new cycle so I wonder and hope this means something wonderful is on the way…..

    Much Love Cat Family 🙂 ❤️

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      1. Yes, it looks really weird…
        But I don’t get it – how come there is an old pic from 21/7 in my message above? Where did that one come from??
        Oh, whatever…
        Good night and good morning to all of you🤗❤️

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    1. A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded a new browser (Brave) that blocks ads and third party trackers, etc. It puts a little icon at the top of the screen that tells you how many third party trackers (among other things) have been blocked. Their website says that popular websites can have as many as 70 third party trackers. This website seems to have more than its fair share; at this moment, it has 47, but half an hour ago it was up to over 90! By comparison, most of the websites I frequent have less than 10, although Simon Parkes is up to 41 right now. Not sure what it means, but I’d guess that a lot of somebodies find this website very interesting!

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  31. Anyone else feeling absolutely whacked? Can barely crack a smile, massive nausea, body is aching big time, can barely speak (will very little, only if I really have to). oh boy…. I don’t feel good at all.

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    1. Yes and I know several other people having the same thing right now. It is weird to be in a reality that literally does not want you lol.

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    2. @Tea Kay,
      I was just going to comment on whacked-ness myself – barely on and off conscious all afternoon and evening 7/22/19), little dog plastered to me all that time – very sore all through mid and lower back – MELTING… temps today 10-15 degrees COOLER than the previous week when temps were hovering above 90 F, but today I was dissolving with heat – doggette, too. Also was going to ask if anyone else has had weird/strange numbness in toes, esp big toe and feet – could be something else, but feels different than any numbness I’ve experienced before…

      Also feel VERY strange in the world – like I’m living in a pocket of ‘normal’, past normal?, but everything under and around that pocket is changed/changing? – when that’s ‘done or done enough, can I just sliiide, ooze on over, out of this pocket?

      I’m not unhappy or anxious or impatient?… just ready for different… a different self expression of my self – my cocoon is drying and ready to crack open and unfurl some wings and sing – do butterflies sing? – in very high frequencies, we can’t hear?

      much love to all, good night,


      I AM the light – I AM the love – I AM

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    3. Tea Kay sending Love ❤️ The whompage and ouchies are pretty intense again aren’t they?! Been feeling so heavy and pain in joints, nausea, skull slowly vibrating etc…

      We will get through all this ❤️✨❤️

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    4. Yup, woke up with nausea, body aches and grumpiness this morning, cancelled my singing lesson, ’cause I felt more like growling than singing…
      Doing a LOT of purging and deep, deep work on life long shadow themes these last few days, really getting to the core of things finally! For any pisces or virgos out there, I found Laura Walkers advice for the black moon passing through pisces on her website “The Oracle Report” very helpful, as well as her free e-book on the black moon. Really helped propel me further to access deeper levels!
      Hang in there, Tea Kay! I’m feeling it, too…we’ll breathe through it together!💕
      Hugs and love, Victoria

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    5. New from lisamharrison today on Youtube: Deconstructing the Construct Episode #64. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DM-LqN4vsQ She discusses her current illness which sounds similar to what you and many are feeling now, also discusses Epstein and what he represents. I hope you feel better soon, Tea Kay! I am feeling intermittent extreme exhaustion and will be heading for a nap soon, though it’s only the lunch hour here.

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    6. Tea Kay. Yes me (see my post). It hit me just as the Kiruna Rhiometer went bonkers. Better today (Tuesday). Hope you are improving.🌻💖

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      1. Hi All ❤
        Thank you so much for All your love and care.
        So very Grateful ❤
        I'm still horizontal… and some 'other' physical things are surfacing… re my uterus, ovaries etc. hooly dooly……. keep breathing.
        Got some singing and finger clicking in, late this afternoon though 🙂 Yay!
        I am wishing us All Golden Love and Courage.
        We got this xxxxx

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        1. Oh… very strange DreamTimes…
          & that’s saying something, for me.

          I’m struggling to even put them into words.
          One was about Being with the Earth, literally. In it, on it, working with it.. the actual Earth. Many people were there taking part in some way, only one whom I know, whom is an astrologer & does spirit work.
          Many women whom looked to be from India, and surrounds.
          We were all taking part in some way.. Being ‘with’ Earth. Buried in it.. on top of it, with straw type things sticking out the top so one could breathe.
          I was literally working/rubbing into a paste from a near solid peace of some very deep red earth, with my hands and fingers.. and as I was, it was having an effect on a woman. yeah… so strange… Shamanic really.

          Another Dream, which I had whilst the last task was happening..
          I was in a space ship, big one. It wasn’t on Earth. There were many young people, teenagers. Like a school ship. Each had their own rooms, with doors that worked like trekky doors 😉 Anywho.. there was a lady going around with a trolley full of chocolate bars, and handing them out to whomever ‘needed’ them.
          I remember seeing some being put into a ‘cutlery drawer’.
          I may have put them there for ‘later’, I think.
          Now… this chocolate bar thing…
          its not the first time I’ve seen this.
          I’ve had many Dreams where We were all given chocolate bars either before we were to be travelling in some kind of teleporting machine, and/or if we were just doing some kind of work with energy raising.
          Every time, I/We have been with other Star Family.

          Didn’t think I’d be able to type, let alone work out how to word these.
          Got a bit of help 😉

          ❤ Much Love to You All ❤

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  32. Anyone else getting really loud phantom noises again? Your animals react to but may not be heard by everyone in your home? These can range from something being thrown noise when there is nothing and creaks so loud you think Santa just landed. I guess it is just energy but boy does it have a punch to it.

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    1. Oh yes! My hubby keeps hearing loud cracks in the house, and can’t find the source anywhere! Thanks for telling us about your experiences, as this may make sense to him xxx


  33. Lots of clocks/time themes in my dreams this AM. In one, the kitchen clock had come off the wall. When I put it back up, I saw that everything including the face had fallen off into its broken glass. I tried to put the hands back on and set the time, but it was futile. Next dream, I was sleeping over at a friend’s house. I always silence her grandfather clock so I can sleep, but in this case I was setting an alarm hand right between 6 and 7, while her father (long since passed away but has appeared in her meditations a few times this year) was saying something out of view. Same dream, I’m getting dressed in the morning and two weird little techno-gadgety alarms were ringing in my dufflebag. I turned each one off, proud of myself that I had figured out which buttons to push. 😉 Then I saw an old low tech [OK, no tech, really] metal flip calendar in my bag. (It slides the next number into place each time you flip it.) I showed it to a teenage girl who had also slept over, thinking she might get a kick out of it. She was trying to flip it but was somehow doing more of a wind-up motion, so I took it back and it flipped not to a number but to an angel card inside that said ‘Empowerment.’
    — So, time falling apart, wake up alarms, and a calendar that didn’t show a date but a message of empowerment instead. Who needs time anyway?

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  34. Day 1 of a 4-day heatwave of 40C/102F. That combined with the energies not only makes our fridge go bonkers.
    Ascension… gotta love it!

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