Look at this. Look at it HERE, closer. Can you see it? LOOK. Let it sink into you. Look behind the graph, through it. See the color, the pattern?

You may not believe it, but that’s SOURCE. Our first glimpse.







Ok, don’t feel bad if you can’t see what the M’s who wrote this are talking about. Some of the CATs can’t see anything but the graph, either. The M’s have described that Schumann graph as being in 3-D (not 3d, as in third density, but three dimensions), and the light is coming through from the background. Something new is definitely happening, though, it’s just tough to tell what that is.

Also, for those doing the meditation on Saturday, please give the latest Lisa Gawlas post a read. We think it will help deepen things.


Another CME, but facing away from earth.


This is a new one next to the ones from UPDATE1, from 12:36 and 13:25, which appear to be earth-facing:

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 10.38.03 PM

The biggest value is 1350 to 1952 km/s. So…

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.45.51 PM

…not that we’re anticipating anything major. No one has any idea really, but those energy events have to show up eventually. Say, in about 1.5 days… which is… between now and our Saturday meditation. It’s not The SHIFT hitting the fan, but we’ll probably feel it.


Ok. We powwowed… and we have two things for you: 1. What happened on the 17th looks bigger than we thought. Observe:

This thing peeks out.
A little more…
Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 10.49.29 PM







Then CME.

2. We also heard in Thursday night’s meditation: “56 hours.”

56 hours from the time of our meditation… is Saturday, about the time of our group meditation. Guides could’ve been referring to that, and this energy coming in. Could be. Whatever it is, we’re feeling it NOW. Headaches and dizziness and chills. One CAT came down with “energy flu” all of a sudden. Be sure to G+P+C.


AND there were two GRB on the 18th and the 19th, more energy coming in. Here’s the biggest one:


Meanwhile, some meters are either swamped or have conked out.

103 thoughts on “*LOOK* [UPDATE5]

  1. Last night I felt a new energy in my dreams. It happened twice and I knew it as the energy of completion. In my dream I clocked it as walking out of a jeweller’s shop having successfully bought a beautiful jewel. In my dream, I understood this energy completely. But now I am awake I wonder what it was, I no longer know what it felt like.

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    1. Wow I dreamt of being an apprentice in a jewelers shop the night of the 18th. It was a very nice dream.

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    2. Pod… me too! I had a couple of dreams of being in a jeweller’s shop about a month ago and finally finding the perfect piece of jewellery for me! Isn’t that amazing? The dream was so significant and I knew that if I didn’t actually get the meaning, it didn’t matter because my energetic countenance had ‘got it’ and it was a part of me anyway. Big love to all the Cats… Jay x

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  2. Such Joy!!
    OH my Heart… I can see and feel Source there, Yes 🙂
    ❤ Thank You Thank You Thank You ❤

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    1. re: Cats video… this has me so choked up, could flip over into the ugly cry and have no idea why – puts me back to time I was reading Paul Gallico’s ‘The Abandoned’ – characters are cats – and I got to a scene on a bridge and I was crying, almost hysterically, – it was late at night and I got yelled at by my father for crying?, I guess.. – I don’t think I ever finished that book – there are VERY FEW books I don’t finish…

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  3. Hi All ❤
    Okay.. I didn't want to share last nights DreamTime with the Utter joyous Love I felt when looking at the graph above. Its very symbolic.. and to be honest, I don't know if its okay to share 'out there' Cats? I'll leave it in your hands to decide.

    Firstly: Our sleep routine has changed over time, to where we are awake at night mostly, and sleeping into the day. Just to add, I've been smelling Source at night, all around our home, for some time now. I was woken by a postman at the door delivering a package, and then went back to bed. I was 'iffing and arring' on whether to get up and make tea… when an old friend came forward in Spirit. She was a good teacher for me a long time ago… helped me understand the innate gifts we all have. I was laying down, eyes closed, having a conversation with her telepathically I suppose.. and she shared that yes, she really is on the other side, and also that she is available to me as a Spirit Guide if I so wish that to be. I was so Grateful, and said yes, of course 🙂 After a little while, she suggested I go back to sleep and rest. I went off to sleep straight away.

    I'm in a dark colored car, at night time. I don't feel like 'me', I'm a young man. I'm not feeling very well. The car stops and the driver pushes me out onto the street, in a busy area, full of people eating at cafe's, bars etc. I stumble as I walk towards a table of people that look familiar to me. I feel drugged. They ask me if I'm okay… I say I don't really know. They give me some food. I sit and try to be 'okay'.

    The scene changes, I am me, and I'm now with a group of women, women whom have been through much trauma. They are all coming together at an old wooden house, to form a group, to help each other via sharing and doing crafts. We are painting and doing up/fixing up this old house also. I see myself in photo's someone has taken and printed out. I am wearing clothes I wore at about 16 years old (I received a massive 'download' from spirit whilst sitting at a bus stop at that age), I'm also smoking (I stopped that 3 years ago). There are many photo's of us all, and in most, I have my eyes closed etc. Then… one is put in front of me, and it is blown up to be a piece of art, in a frame. It looks like I am super imposed (?) onto a vintage photo of a woman dancing, and holding beautyFull material up as she swirls around. I see Me, also twirling, in Great Happiness. I Love it! I'm so very Grateful and my Heart is Full to the brim ❤ Many things flash through my mind.. so many lifetimes… so much.. its all accumulated to this moment.

    Scene changes again, and I am now walking with a few others down the road from where we just were. We cross a road to the other side, on our way to a 'community hall', with paddocks that stretch on from it, and also made of wood. Something catches the corner of my right eye, and I stop and turn around and look at an area that we call a 'nature strip'. The grass hasn't been kept up, so its long, about 30cm's. In the grass I first see a Huge Eagle! It is absolutely Huge, and lying on its back, dead. The claws are the size of my hands. I then see a young man, no older than 18, he is lying beside this eagle, also dead, and has a small white bird in his hand. 'Whistle blower', I hear. 'White bird = Peace, he is at peace now', I hear. Then, someone, whom I cannot see, pulls this young man by the feet, out of the 'scene'. 'Not to be seen'. But.. nothing can stop what has already happened… I then see a very large brick 'tower', laying in this long grass, from beside the boy it stretches all the way down the road. We decide to walk along this fallen tower, to see where it has come from. When I lift my head up, I see a large church. I hear 'vatican'. The tower has fallen. This church is on a corner, it is huge, and other pieces/sculptures are falling from it. As we turn the corner, towards the paddocks, still walking and looking at it all, this new street is lined with BeautyFull green tree's. The canopy touches together over the street. We keep walking… taking it all in our stride. Then… a very springy 'jim carey' comes prancing up the road… all over the place. Saying 'bingo' and pointing at a part of the tree canopy. I look and see an indentation of the dead eagle. I also feel and hear 'distraction'.
    We walk on…

    Scene now is night time, we are now at the Hall we were heading to before seeing the dead eagle etc. I am standing outside of it with other people, whom I have not met in this life cycle. None of the people in this DreamTime are anyone I have met in this life cycle. I then 'remote view' into the hall… I'm told/hear 'it is owned by the church'. I see an old man, a priest with all the his priest garb on… and he is sitting on a toilet. Ahem…. possibly sh*@ing himself? He hears us outside, and gets himself out of there very quickly. I see him at the door of this hall, looking at us and all around at the sky etc… and he takes off in fear.

    We are not surprised, at all.
    Some people whom are standing around chatting, are shaking hands in ways that are only known to them. 'secret handshakes'.
    Then… I look at the sky… a purpley/blue light begins to shine… like a sun's ray would shine. It grows bigger… people around me start noticing and say 'can you see that?!" etc… Yes.. we can All see the New Light.
    WE are Joyous, Cheering, Hugging, SO full of Love!
    We watch on, and smile big smiles, knowing that All is Here Now.
    Source Is Here Now.

    I Am The Light, I Am The Love, I Am.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Hi ladybirdbeau,
        Its been that way all my life. So many… not all recorded, but many have been.
        Spirit/Source nudged me to share them, which I do on fb. There’s a small handful on my wordpress site.
        Since sharing them, I have found they help many people, in many different ways.
        Much Love ❤

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  4. I get a sense, a small sense – only if I look, but not look – like those ’80’s 3d pictures – I get it more in some areas than others, maybe I can sense through those areas more easily?… anyway – will just reside in trust

    Thank you,

    PS: I would welcome soon…

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  5. According to Mayan astrology, by my date of birth my kin is “red skywalker”.
    And my affirmation, what defines me is: “I am a column of Light, together with other columns of Light we create the Invisible Temple that brings Heaven to Earth.”
    Is not it wonderfully synchronous with the meditation we are going to do tomorrow?
    I’m very excited !!

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  6. Thanks, quite a mix of energies the last few days. The roller coaster is going faster, as I see crazy “mood swings” in others. I’ve been grounding to stay as balanced as possible. Using the mantras seems to help, and lots of water! All Is Good, Know It! I Am The Light/Love, I Am. Peace.

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  7. Last night my dream took on a new quality also.

    I listened to someone play the piano (which I adore), only they began to play it impossibly fast and intricately. The melody was utterly spellbinding. It must have been a 1000 polyphonic tones at once LOL. Even the keyboard began lifting and undulating in waves, in harmonic resonance as he played.

    I can still vaguely recall the basis of the melody even now, something I would never be able to do before.

    After he finished I clapped like mad and repeated “Anazing, amazing, stupendous!”. Others who were present thought I was completely over the top as if his playing were the norm.

    Very soon, we will not only FEEL the music, we will BE the music.


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  8. Wow! Are we nearly there yet? 😊

    Cannot seem to escape the ‘moon landing’ anniversary narrative. Dear daughter loves her children’s programs otherwise the TV would be off. Its in every single programme!

    Much love ALL ❤️

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    1. How do you abide here? She is a fan of tann daily. Done, done, done. Her best love is posted daily at outofthisworldx.wordpress.com. the cats know. Was that a recent photo or you just fitting in pieces to make a comment all would agree with. My bones tell me more than any digital search. And I do not abide you split tongue. I can only shake my head to clean my ears.


      1. @Anonymous
        @CAT Eds

        I shall tolerate no more your bullying and attacking.
        If I were the administrator of this blog, I would not allow bullying and harassment of any commenter.
        This is not the first time you attack me.
        If you bear malice towards Richard, take it up with him.
        You are stalking me on blogs. Have you read my comments on David Nova’s blog, or are they too intellectual for you?
        I AM A FREE SPIRIT; I shall go to any blog I like.
        Do you know the difference between the DIVINE MASCULINE and the PERVERSE MASCULINE?
        The divine masculine never attacks first. An attack is proof that one is out of control.
        The perverse masculine is paid to follow orders.
        The “split tongue” is yours. You spin out of control.
        If you are a man, think about adding receptivity and creativity (the feminine attributes) to engage balance.
        If you are a woman, consider adding reflectivity and projectivity (the masculine attributes).
        You are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.
        Enough is enough.

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          1. I was addressing Anonymous, not you.
            I included you in my comment because I thought – perhaps erroneously – that you administer this blog. I do apologise if I was wrong. Thank you.

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            1. Antonia. I have been looking a Richard’s blog for a few years. You do not deserve this. Your comments there are well thought out there and your contributions here are much appreciated. Take no notice of the anon comments. We love you. X

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            2. Antonia,
              I agree with Newlynn’s comment. I find your comments appropriate and thoughtful. I’m sorry you are going through this. It takes two people for a dispute. If one refuses to engage, there is no fight. Love to you. ❤

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            3. Thank you, Michelle A.
              I know who the person is, they were banned from Richard’s blog for offensive comments.
              Today I read this somewhere, and I liked it very much:
              “Light is travelling from across the centuries, just to kiss my eyes.”

              Love to you, too,
              ❤ ❤ ❤

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            4. Hi, Antonia. Your name is on the CAT whiteboard as someone we need to look into and see how you’re doing. You seem to have had a rough month or so. Is there anything we can do for you? You are, after all, our very first subscriber at this “new” site!


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            5. I asked you for help on three occasions.
              I was extremely bothered by the loud noise produced at any time of the day or night by some new neighbours upstairs. You told me what Da-da had done in his young days, and advised me NOT to do it.
              I asked for help again some time later, in connection with the same issue. I said I hoped the new energies would change the bullies. I’ve used the grounding cord mantra many, many times. I don’t rely on others to change things.
              This has been going on for nine (9) years now. Not 9 weeks, or 9 months. Years.
              I may have to file a case against them, if nothing changes. I don’t want to.
              You may know that 9 means an end. It is followed by 1, which is new beginning.
              I asked Jesua for help. I asked the brothers and sisters from the Great White Brotherhood for help. They have always been caring, receptive, and loving.
              You suggested I should “take a break from this blog” because I complained of a bully’s comments. Thank you. I shall think about it. My heart knows the way.

              I’ll miss the kitties, though.



            6. We aren’t magicians, or quick-fix artists. If things come to us, we pass them along. If nothing comes in… we’re supposed to leave people alone to learn lessons from whatever they’re dealing with. (Someone else asked us to look for a missing hiker, but Guides said no, that the person needed to help themselves, that this was their thing to overcome.) We help when and where we can, but we’re not miracle workers. We dissuaded you from taking (sneaky Da-da-esque) action against your neighbors so you wouldn’t get hurt. Sometimes things are hard for people and there’s nothing we can do about it. You have to find your way through it. Keep an eye out for an opening.

              -CAT Eds.


  9. two days ago Ihad a dream:

    my granddaughter told me”St. Patricksday is very important.”

    The next day I researched St. Patricks day…. it is on the 17 march
    and it is the birthday of my granddaughter….

    any eplanations?
    thank you ❤

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    1. This happens all the time, to us as well. Last night, one of the M’s heard “56 hours.” We’ve heard dates and times before but they just turned out to be either energy WHOMPs, STEPs, or more likely something for us personally. All you can do is wait and see… but don’t suspend your life till then, otherwise you fall into the trap of those various religious groups awaiting some outcome. Like that group in 999 AD (can’t remember their name) that camped out at the bottom of a mountain for the end of the world to come as prophesied on January 1st, the Year 1000… and sure enough, shortly after midnight a band of marauders rode down on them and killed everyone and stole all their stuff. Self-fulfilling prophesy. Hm… we have that saved somewhere…

      -CAT Eds.

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  10. Does anyone else here lucid dream?

    In short, lucid dreaming is being consciously aware of dreaming. With practice, this can also allow you to ‘create’/mold the dream, or intend (from Source or guides) to be shown/steered towards opening personal awareness. For me this has helped shine light on deep sub- and unconscious traumas/beliefs to provide the chance to heal them. I’d highly suggest researching it yourself if it is something that resonates with your heart.

    Anyways – very recently for me, the dreamscape has combined – completely. As in, when there, “I” am existing in both 4D and 5D (although… labeling them as distinct is odd when in this awareness; it reminds me of delineating colors of the rainbow rather than seeing the rainbow as whole).

    How do I know this? Because I’ve been phasing in and out of existing in both where prior to recently, they have been distinct and I have existed in one or the other.

    For example, before I would be in a 4D-themed dream that had its own characters at that vibration/frequency (with a “nightime” landscape) OR I would be in a 5D-themed dream with the same distinctness (with a “daytime” landscape). I could move between them, but it was that – they were separate.

    Now it is all taking place in one shared scene. The characters are an overlay and I can see/interact with the ones in both frequency bands at once. When I “drop” in energy, I phase down to only seeing some of the characters (I can viscerally feel this shift, and am aware of it consciously in the experience and at my physical body laying in bed). As my physical body breathes deeply, I re-achieve both phases and experience all of the characters again. It is as simple as some characters looking as if they disappear, and reappear.

    This, is Bigly.


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    1. I loved reading that Josh. Somehow it also reminds me of the book of Taisha Abelar, she was related to the same group as Carlos Castaneda. When she first got into the a house in Mexico, she thought she was alone there except for one other woman, but once she started to go higher in frequency she could perceive the others. Her book “Where the witches cross” was a huge part of my (first) awakening in 2000. My ego couldn’t handle all that yet, so I went back to 3D for 15 more years. Oh the magic of life!

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  11. This is a little weird. Anyone else having trouble when out in public? People acting differently (worse) toward you when you’re just minding your own business? I’m a 50-something white male and am experiencing… prejudice. We must be close to the end.

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    1. I have experienced a bit of ‘wierd’ lately with folks. People averting their eyes away from mine, at the local garden centre today, supermarket delivery guy. I was very friendly but maybe the mantra is coming through on auto pilot and some reaction is coming out, who knows!

      I’ve noticed people I know being very defensive and taking everything I say very personally when I am speaking generally.

      Also realising I have developed an annoying habit of saying ‘what if this were true…’ in relation to many ‘conspiracy theories’. Its as if I am being guided to pave the way in a non-confrontational manner, just to put a few ideas in the mind, food for thought, ‘what if…?’ 🙂

      Much Love ALL ❤️

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        1. CAT5 Yes! There is a part of every single human that wants so badly to be free, to ‘break out’ but something is holding them back/fighting against that full realisation of the beauty of who they really are and is trying to prevent/sabotage that indiviuals’s ability to cut away that deeply imbedded ‘stuff’.

          It’s so strange though, because I can see behind the eyes that some of these folk are starting to question and are a bit confused. How to help? When in the midst of a crisis, you tend to veer towards that which is familiar or comfortable… I would dearly love to have a stash of leaflets with your website on, Blossom Goodchild, etc… but I feel somehow that would be interfering with one’s own will. Things will work out by themselves….I hope? Free Will, one’s own soul journey choices/lessons…

          Much Love ❤️

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    2. I have had people go for me but I try to laugh it off like oh you are just kidding you do not really want to beat up some random woman but I also get the hell out quick and limit my time in public anymore.

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    3. Yes, I experience this quite often – not from everyone, but once in awhile it happens-and these ones who do it are of lower consciousness…I’ve experienced this in varying degrees for many years from mild to outright someone doing a 180 (180 degree turn) on me when I am doing nothing different than I was before, and yes, just minding my own business…(the more extreme versions are what I believe are from dark portal people as Lisa Renee (Energetic Synthesis) has explained…)

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  12. I’ll ask Lisa to elaborate a little more on self-awareness when we speak early next week. I would like a “litmus test ” for my own self awareness. i.e. How self-aware am I really? I dunno. (Of course after Sat, it may be a moot point)

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  13. That graph is showing the Schumann resonance in the 33 Hz range over 3 days isn’t it?

    33/333 are my numbers! Always knew I had a spark in me.


    P.S Big ear ringing, head bliss today. Things seem to be changing by the hour, except fatigue. Had that for days…

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  14. I am finding it increasingly difficult to be invisible (which is something I have cultivated since childhood).
    Also last night’s practice run on tomorrow’s meditation made it difficult to sleep. This was due to a huge energy spike by our joint clowder’s formation. Cay

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  15. I’ve been experiencing interactions with people as very positive over the past few weeks. To the point of magical. It has to be because my heart has opened up widely and my energy is up. When I bike through the city, I see many people looking at me, there must be something they recognize. People that I don’t know saying hello to me and even a lady who felt comfortable enough to tuck in the label of my top while we were both waiting at the traffic light. How cute is that?! I also find myself to be more me in the sense that previously I would not expose much of my true nature in 3D settings, unless I’d feel people are open to it, but just the other day at a networking event with all new people I suddenly heard myself saying how I study energy cleaning techniques and what it includes, mentioning “and past lives for those who believe in that.” I feel finally free to fully be, instead of hiding within socially accepted 3D norms and I notice that the more I open up, the more I see people open up about their experiences and perception. And that’s exactly what is needed! Oh of course there are enough people and situations where I don’t even bother mentioning any of this, like pretty much everyone in my family, because they could not possibly understand yet, but when I do feel there is space, I get it all out. It’s time for us all to know our true nature and fully own how powerful we are. 🙏💗

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    1. …Adding to my comment above, I do experience lots of very sweet people doing sweet things like this, too, that Nuni has explained, so at least there’s that!

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  16. O my!!! Amazing!
    I totally could see a 3d image of the graph!
    It looks like a wave and I can see dimensions and the light too! 🙂


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  17. Thank you CATs for this post💖
    Awesome graph/pictures! Hello Source…

    Has anyone been hearing a high pitched tone that sounds like a very fast morse code message, you know dots and dashes?? I was out in the sunshine in the garden yesterday, and while I was planting the tree in some new soil, I began hearing this “dot-and-dash-tone”. At first I thought it might be the tree talking to me, expressing it’s joy for getting new fertilized soil to grow in, but I already felt it’s joy in my hands as I held it so that could’nt be it, or could it? Or was I hearing some message in the sunlight? It went on for a while, grew a bit in intensity and then it sort of faded away… During the whole experience, I felt like a mix between champange-bubbles, dizzy, standing up in a little boat out at sea and having a blood-pressure fall. And I really regret not having a pen in my pocket…

    Loving hugs🤗❤️

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  18. It seems more and more people are losing it. All the more reason to take the time to meditate, ground and protect, then connect to Guides. Try not to control anything, even your dreams, and instead let Guides and SOURCE handle things for you. They know better and can see farther down the road. DO NOT attempt the light column meditation if you’re feeling off; it won’t be good for you; you can participate passively, but don’t try to steer anything. Let it happen. Humility and gratitude and letting go are the hallmarks of what’s to come. Just take it easy. No one is standing behind you with a stopwatch. We are the bridge, not the hammer.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Cats and All…

      The other day (Wednesday I think it was 17th July) my dear friend Kay and I were by the river next to my house. She was the person that introduced me to this wonderful forum of Cats, by the way. We were discussing your light meditation and the mantras, which we both love and I mentioned that I would love to join in the global one, but am always unsure of time differences, etc.

      As we sat there in the sunshine, blazing down from a clear blue sky, we were suddenly ‘in the zone’ and we sat in the river and did the Column of Light meditation, bringing all the energy down and then dispersing into the river. (The River is the Dee in North Wales, UK, by the way). It seemed the perfect moment.

      As water holds memory, or so we believe (!) the experience felt incredibly powerful and sacred – and directly afterward a beautiful BEE landed on my heart!

      After sitting in bliss for a few moments, feeling totally connected, we dived into the river for a cooling, cleansing swim and as we floated down river, I gasped as I suddenly spotted a rock I’d not noticed before.

      It was a Lion’s Head!

      I shall attempt to take a picture next time we’re down there, but we both looked in awe and said, simultaneously… THE CATS!

      Just wanted to share that, folks.

      Big love all around… and by the way, my personal mantra for the past few weeks has been and is: I AM LOVE, I AM…

      Thanks for a great forum Cats…

      Jay (Llangollen, North Wales, UK) xxx

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  19. Lisa Gawlas says, “In yesterdays readings, the one common aspect was everyone’s center field was about 7 feet above where the ground should be with a vat of energy beneath the surface of their ground that was about 4 feet deep…” SO… This is what came to mind.

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  20. Strange space dream last night again.
    I seldom have these dreams.
    It is basically me interacting with a kind of SSP. I’ve had these dreams way before the term SSP was invented, i’m only using it as an easy description.

    I was basically talking to what seemed like a general. And when he began to start with the whole “don’t tell anyone” carp, I calmly told him it’s ok and he doesn’t need to bother. I always seem to be chill when I have these dreams and the people in my dreams are always shocked by not needing the fear tactics with me. and I’m always catching them off guard and they seem to always be the kind of military people who maintain an emotionless exterior, but they will give you a hug if you asked or needed.

    The way I interpret these dreams is things are going in a positive direction and the PTW are not in control anymore.

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  21. I’m going for a walk in the woods in half an hour. Did the same before yesterday. Missed yesterday and it reminds me I need to ground every single day.

    Thursday my legs were tingling with energy when I placed my feet barefoot on the ground. First time I experienced this tingling, felt like those electric muscle stimulation apps you apply with electrodes, it was that powerful.

    I also started using the Wim Hof breathing technique. Works miracles. Used it before I went busking for the first time yesterday as I was nervous/excited.
    Didn’t know busking (playing music on the streets) was such an act of freedom.
    See/hear/feel you tonight!

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    1. Stefan. My feet have been buzzing and vibrating for two days. It’s now pulsing up my legs in waves. Feels powerful. 🙄

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  22. Hi All ❤
    Feeling major whompage atm. Started to come on strong about 2 hours ago…
    Head pain, strong nausea, even more fatigue than usual, high pitched ringing in ears. Very dizzy when on my feet, so keeping to our bed unless I really have to move. Ground, Protect, Center. Love to All ❤

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    1. @Tea Kay ((( ❤ )))
      I was trying to 'copy' your 'name' and accidentally went to your site – I enjoyed what I read there with both Tom & Roy and Tom. – related to that or not, have become extremely tired, sleepy, but last night was a mostly non-sleeping one – had to come over here at 6 am to canine sit… see U in (for me) mid-day meditation – I'll be shining my light column and reaching out…

      Be well, stand tall in your light 🙂


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      1. Hi Kg, I love hearing that, thank You very much ❤
        I'm embracing the Psychic & Medium work Now.
        The choice has been in my hands for a while.
        Spirit has been so very patient (of course), & I'm Truly loving the connection 🙂
        Lots of Love & Hugs
        ❤ O:) ❤

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  23. I estimate I’m about 10% here and 90% somewhere else right now. Can barely feel the ground under my feet at times, crazy dizzy and zooming out for half hours daydreaming about something that I can’t remember once I snap back.

    Bring it on! This game is so over.


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  24. So behind the green pattern on the graph, I am seeing white colour coming through, and it seems to be in pillars too, I suppose like this mission.


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  25. Just did the light meditation (programmed to join you all at 7pm UK time) I saw what looked like a huge canopy of light with everyone involved being part of the Flower Of Life design linking all our lights into one huge beautiful canopy! Felt incredibly emotional, a lump in my throat…

    I will try and join in silently again at the actual time whilst getting my daughter ready for bed!

    A few minutes after I did the meditation, hundreds of birds (I think blackbirds) flew over my house heading eastwards!!!

    Much love ALL ❤️ We are The light, We are The Love, We Are ✨❤️🙏

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  26. So I managed to do the meditation live yippee! I was a bit sneaky. ‘Elsie’ went into her bedroom after dinner so I paused her programmes just enough so that I had a window to do it in before her real routine got started….and….I even managed to do it with her!

    I had her standing in front of me and talked us both through the meditation becoming pillars of light before I held her arms out with mine and said “I am Light, I am Love, I am” I’m unsure if she understood what we were doing but I think she enjoyed it, probably thought it was another of mummy’s funny dances!

    Thank you to ALL who took part, it felt very powerful!

    Much Love ALL ❤️

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    1. Oh Lily! I’m SO happy to see this post!
      She was SO with you and participating ❤
      How absolutely wonderFull!
      So very happy for you both!
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Yes, I really thought I wouldn’t be able to do it but then to be able to do it and have her with me was beautiful although she dis insist on sitting back down and watching her programme whilst I continued being a light pillar! I forgot to mention that I also felt that we were all rising up in light like huge versions of the Brother J statue in Rio, arms outstretched over the planet as the light canopy formed!

        Much love to you ❤️


      1. Oh, sorry about that, I try to keep up but clearly I missed that. My bad…

        Btw, I gotta tell u about this:
        Why I posted those pics was because during all evening/nighttime yesterday, after 18:00 UTC, that feeling of serenity, bliss and love was with me the whole time – and it still is today. Yay!😄
        At noon yesterday, I felt fatigue and that typical headache I get because in the inland distance a looming thunderstorm was building up it’s momentum and it slowly moved in our direction towards west.

        But after “Task 5”, I did’nt feel the thunderstorm anymore. And the thunderstorm sort of changed into regular rain clouds as it approached the other side of the river and then continued over to our side. Only it did’nt rain. Mr H, our dog and I were out on the porch, enjoying the warm moist temperature of 19 degrees C untill about 02.30 local time, when we decided to go in and try to go to bed. About five minutes later, a heavy rain began to fall but without that thunder that all the weathersites had alerted about. And that’s when I checked the Kiruna meter – and it did’nt make sense to me because when there is such peaks I usually feel them in some way. But all I felt was serenity, bliss and love. That’s why I asked you…and after having read “Task 5 Aftermath Update 2”, you definitely were the right ones to ask about the graphs😹😉

        CATs and M’s, you are absolutely awesome🌟😻🥰

        Loving hugs🤗❤️

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  27. Hello Cats & M’s thank you for all the Updates. I was doing Gridwork/Meditation on the 17th & was told I had to anchor in a massive wave coming from the Sun & im like what now, tomorrow, has it already happened, when ? so I surrendered & oh my what a shockwave it certainly felt like it rushing through my body. I couldn’t see the graphs to the next day & Wow swell Spirit was Sirius. This is the busiest I have ever been with gridwork, its so extensive but worth every ounce of my energy. On the 15th there was a Wave of Energy it came from Andromeda. There is a Golden Wave coming in right now, this is Source Love or Divine Mother Love & I see that in the Schumann graph there be Gold in there 🙂 The New Moon ahead will have no more Lunar Influence. Game over Orion, scorpius’s Heart brings the scales of Justice to the fro.
    Love to All … Cosmic Solar Christ Consciousness Neutralises with Love & Transforms all into Light 🙂

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    1. We def felt some WHOMP-age last night, but it may be due to our proximity to portals. Still, something happened which we would’ve reported on sooner, but the PTW has been messing with our comms.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Cats, something is definitely amiss with the comms! My little Mac is doing strange things, suddenly. I’m wide awake at 5am and I know something occurred overnight, but have no recollection at present.



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