Meterage 7/21-23 [UPDATE4]


Hooboy, anomalies galore:

First off, the Kiruna craziness from last night:

Another timeline jump. (We’re looking to see where we jumped from.)

And yesterday:

*Another* timeline jump.
This one’s stuck… due to the timeline jumps.

And there were these:




This is reading radio signals in the atmosphere. Note the top.

And this from today:


And this started up again.
This from one of the CME hits.


More later. Sorry, we’re kinda busy.

Did I always have this mustache?


From what we can tell… there wasn’t much mystery to the mystery: the most recent timeline jumps (Sat and Sun) were simply due to a goodly portion of us purging some negative stuff (which ultimately helps us elevate). Simple as that.


Ow. So… it’s 10:10 pm PDT (22:10 UTC) and lots of CATs have headaches and feel barfy — or they’re unconscious. Even our dogs barfed. Then again, we all live within 50 feet (or less) of seriously active portals. One of us even honked at someone in a parking lot. Are we there, yet?

Are we there, yet?



TWBs must love abuse.


Oh. We’re feeling the muons…

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 10.36.58 PM
This is off the 20m detector.

…and whatever the hell Etna is recording here:

That must be Hulk energy.


Aha. Here’s the source of today’s ouchie:










56 thoughts on “Meterage 7/21-23 [UPDATE4]

  1. Good Gawd!!! Thanks youse guys for showing me why I’m mostly non-functional today. I’m starting my second nap as soon as I sign off. Serious tongue lolling!

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  2. I’ve sometimes caught a star or two moving, as in cruising across the sky and disappearing, but it’s getting crazy lately. And two nights in a row I had the big light go straight over my roof, this one is stronger than any regular star. I keep getting Riggolt. Something’s definitely up.

    The Epstein mud ball keeps rolling; once enough of the insane are reeled in, the whole thing will come crashing down like a house of cards.

    And they’re desperately trying to get that war going with Iran, seemingly from both sides. I don’t really know which way is up these days when it comes to biblical prophecy. It seems like its happening mostly because many think it should, which leads back to square one. Someone claimed that the war has to start, but will be interrupted by the event.

    If all of that comes crashing down at the same time, we’re in for a wild exit.


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      1. @ Terran Cognito, immediately after reading Sifoo’s post above last night mentioning Riggolt, I went to your blog and saw your screenshot of it. Now how “interesting” that the message here right before yours is from “A yellow submarine!” Readers here who may want more info on Riggolt can go to Terran Cognito’s blogspot and do a search on Riggolt. Interesting times that we live in, n’est-ce pas? I am ignoring the Mueller hoopla today because this is much more fascinating.

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      2. Hello Terran Cognito,
        may I ask if Riggolt shows himself also during daytime? Or rater, from what I saw, nordic summer-night skys?

        Because last night at 21:30, just above the tips of our high spruce hedge, we discovered a single stationary cloud not that high up in the sky. It was positioned in the westward direction with it’s left side towards us, having it’s front pointing exactly south. And it’s hull was shaped almost as “the yellow submarine” in the song, only it was a bit more elongated and that there were a little cloud shaped like a swirl just behind the propeller. It stayed there for about fourteen minutes untill it began drifting towards west, and then it began loosing it’s shape and within a minute it was dissolved into thin air… Never seen a cloud shaped like that during my life and I took a pic of it at 21:41 but since I don’t have the latest overpriced-super-duper-edition-high-tech phone, the picture does’nt do the actual visual justice. But it was really cool to see a cloud like that and to also get such a cheerful feeling from it😊

        Sending love and joy❤️🤗

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  3. O wow!! No wonder my brain refuse to think!
    I wonder what it will bring….

    The kitty with “mustache” is so cute! 🙂

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  4. Hi All,
    I have too have been having lights in the sky disappear. Trump said he we had planes that hard to see. Maybe they have to get up to a certain speed before blinking out. Anyway, saw a big one tonight blink on and off, saw it in my left eye only for only a second. Weird!

    I Love Cats

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    1. Yeah, we’re getting that a lot: something’s there… it’s NOT. It’s back… it’s gone. FLASH! Bright shiny thing. Weird noise! Nothing there. What was THAT? Oh, well. I’ll never know what that was. If it comes back I will bite it. Such is the life of a CAT.


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  5. FYI, when the energy is the way it is now, I find it best not to eat. Of all the CATs knocked out, I’m the only one functioning… and I skipped dinner. (Too queasy to eat.)

    Wave X: The Ultimate Diet Tool.


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    1. Well, I had a fresh Dungeness crab salad and it took me literally 8 hours to finally eat it all. Just little bites at a time. (I did, however, periodically consume tiny slivers of the chocolate fudge cake left over from Saturday. Does that count?)

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  6. Well, food is like another world for me right now. Don’t even want to eat and I LOVE FOOD! I’ve lost some weight, which feels good.

    Last night, the most amazing thunder and lightning storm played out for over 2 hours in North Wales where I live. It woke me up and I had to go to the window to watch. Spectacular skies, unlike any I’ve witnessed before. The lightning was both forked and sheet lightning in many shades of neon blue through to the most interesting pinky/yellow colour – illuminating the world with brightness. At one point I actually thought, ‘Is this ‘the event’ happening?’… wowsers.

    Then it was as if Nikola Tesla himself was in the room, excited by the scene. Talking to my inner being about how he used to screw lightbulbs into the ground (which I did know about, but this seemed like first hand info!) and getting really excited as he showed me pictures of his tower on Pike’s Peak in Colorado and how it worked!!! How he dreamed of giving this gift of energy to the world and how easy it is to distribute all of the stuff that has been harnessed by the few to deprive the many.

    Off the scale experience, guys…

    Strange dreams followed all of this.


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    1. I saw this too, it felt pretty momentous 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️


  7. Wow I really had a rough day yesterday too, no wonder! Was exhausted all day Sunday anyway, but I literally dragged myself to work, through work and home again, to only force myself to eat some mac and cheese (the only thing my stomach likes at times like these) and went to bed early. Better today so far and another one of the feral cats let me pet him after a year, progress! 🙂

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  8. Today, Wed. reality observation 7/24/19 (I think) Firstly, I’m functioning “normally” today. I went out about 8AM PDT to refill the bird feeders. There was not a bird to be seen or heard anywhere. The monardas and crocosmias are in full radiant bloom and there are usually 50 or 60 of the little critters (hummingbirds) buzzing around. I then realized that someone had fallen asleep at the “cue” switch. As soon as I said that, suddenly birds started to appearing in ones and twos. It was like the scene from the movie “Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe” where the rebuilt Earth was re-booted. I got a big smile over the slight slip up in the mechanics of this “reality” (Or it could have been that the birds were enjoying that last pot of tea and jam sandwiches before making today’s appearance) (Last comment for our fellow Brit travelers) Anyhow, keep dreaming the dream and make this reality what you choose. Carry on!

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    1. J. We have lots of sparrows chatting away in our garden every day. Then suddenly it goes quiet, and I have remarked “someone turned the sparrows off”!! By the way, the best uses I find for my homemade jam is a thick layer in the middle of a Victoria sponge or spread on cold Yorkshire pud. We are a weird lot in the UK.😊


  9. Dreamt of a hospital – community type old fashioned hospital – lots of people coming in – there was a homemade Christmas tree, almost like it was made like the homemade garlands of strips of paper made into joined circles – not literal, but had that feel, but it wasn’t winter.
    Made me think of the hospital type places some have reported people are brought to in transition time – that couldn’t handle the energies?

    Dreamt a lot more last night (7/24 am)… expansive landscapes and something to do with mining… An extensive time with a non-living friend – there was a song with this one throughout, but lost it… very supportive…

    feeling of quiet even though there was a leaf blower morning here…



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  10. Yesterday and today a grashopper came on my path. Small one on the front door yesterday, which is weird because it’s concrete all over there. Today a huge one on my way out of the woods, looked effervescent green.
    Either I’m due to take a giga-leap of faith or either we and mankind are up for a giant leap. Paraphrasing Neil A.
    Read that backwards and smile: Neil A.

    Goodnight all!

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  11. Well I wish I had not stuck to my habits and eaten dinner and those snacks after I put my daughter to bed, digestion is all over the place!

    Have been itching everywhere for the last day or so. No rash but constant prickly, itchy feeling all over!

    Thunder and lightning last night followed by a roasting day in the UK. Tomorrow is set to be hotter. We should start installing ceiling fans in our homes!

    Much Love All ❤️

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    1. Due to the heatwave, we were’nt able to eat a proper meal (dinner) untill about 21:30 yesterday. Neither of us can eat that much when the temeperature is high. We set the table out on the porch and since food always tastes so much better when eating outside (sounds strange, but it does!) in combination with realising we were quite hungry, we munched like if we had’nt eaten in a month😄
      But today, I really wish that I could’ve restrained myself a bit – a huge slize of sticky chocholate cake with vanilla ice-cream topped with stawberrys and rapsberrys was absolutely heavenly but completely unnecessary when your belly is full – so today our/my digestion is also all over the place. I probably won’t have to eat untill tomorrow😅

      Much love to you, Lily❤️

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      1. sticky chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry’s and raspberry’s… oh me gods… have mercy ❤

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        1. 😄
          Tea Kay, if you love chocolate, you’ll love this cake!
          And besides being sooooo good, it’s so darn easy to make. And it can be served either lukewarm or cold depending on what you want to serve it with. So…I’ll tease you with two recipes I found with english measurements on the ingredients.😉

          A big loving hug to you❤️🤗

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      2. Mmmmm, the chocolate cake sounds gorgeous, yummy! Hope you recover soon 😉

        I’m being a little wiser today and just had a fruit smoothie for lunch and am drinking so much filtered water I cannot stop peeing but know my body needs it lol!

        Still having this itchy, prickly thing going on, will be glad to see the back of that symptom!

        Much love to you too MeasMeandu ❤️

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        1. Lily, I did recover the day after…only to be able to eat the rest of the cake later in the evening!😂 It was a small piece left and Mr H did’nt want any, so he made the excellent choice of letting me have the rest of it😉 Check out the links to two recepies in my reply to Tea Kay above – it IS a yummy cake!😄

          Oh, I do hope that them itchy prickles give up. Have you tried to dab the affected areas on your skin with lemon juice? It works quite well for me as one of the remedies whenever I get skin-rashes.

          And that sudden and instant need for a toilet is the down-side of drinking lots of water – I know exactly what you mean!😂

          Sending a big loving hug to you❤️🤗

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          1. Uli and Teakay, I’m still itching like crazy, its sporadic and comes and goes in different patches, but can be a few patches at the same time. Never had anything like it before, there is no rash, just really odd, no major change in diet, hopefully it will go by itself! I don’t think I have enough lemons 🙂

            Thank you for sharing your delicious cake recipe mmmm!

            Tea Kay, yes the humidity is pretty exhausting and icky! I feel for folk in parts of Asia and probably other places. I remember seeing photos of a friend’s stay in Korea and everyone was constantly soaked in sweat!

            Ceiling fans are a good idea and if the Shift hasn’t happened soon, they will be on my shopping list 🙂

            Much Love & Light & Chocolate Cake 🙂 ❤️✨❤️

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            1. Ohhh Lily… those itches!
              I was sitting here going through the memory banks, looking at what helps me in the summer time here, with those no rash itches. Found it! 🙂
              I’d cut off some leaves/stalks of an Aloe Vera plant, and put them in the freezer.
              Once they were frozen, I’d peel the outside off and rub the Aloe Vera gel onto the parts of me that were itchy.
              When I get those itchy’s, it would be no rash, couldn’t scratch deep or hard enough, and would have to be careful not to take my skin off. Doc’s diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and ME a long time ago.. and its been one of the symptoms. It would come on heaps in the summer time, or if my body was over heated.

              Chocolate Cake and a cup of Tea here 😉

              ❤ Much Loves n Huggss ❤
              (sorry for saying 'itchy' so much.. hope it didn't make you itch more)

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            2. Hi Tea Kay thanks for the tip with the aloe vera! What you said made me think it could well be linked to my ulcerative colitis, another form of auto-immune dis-ease….Hmmm food for thought, or should I say chocolate cake! Enjoy 🙂 Much Love & Hugs xxx

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    2. Hi Lily 🙂
      Hope the itches have eased off now.
      Yes… ceiling fans are a must here in Oz. You guys are getting more and more humid in your summers over there hey? Fans help heaps!
      Love Hugs
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  12. This is the only place where you can find cool cats and great info – thank you, CAT’s and M’s❤️

    I’m really greatful that I’m having my vacation, or rather – I’m off work for vacation, but having vacation at home means acting like “beep-beep” the Road Runner, for trying to do all the things needing to be done both at home and at my parents farm before work starts again….is there somewhere one can apply for vacation from non-vacation??😉
    Anyhow, the combo of the heatwave, the energies, constant dehydration, champange-bubbles/dizzyness and insomnia/strange sleeping-patterns, makes me grateful that I’m on vacation because I can easily take a short brake whenever I need it without having to make excuses towards people who does’nt yet understand…

    To those of you who’ve seen dragons – are there any pink dragons?

    Yesterday, I suddenly woke at 04:04. Could’nt go back to sleep, so I got up. The dawn was beautiful and even though the sun did’nt show itself over the hills in the horizon, there was this gold-ish glow with a touch of pink and purple over the sky. And as the night-time moist in the ground rose upwards and made thin wavy veils over the meadows, I just had to get out and try to capture this stillness and beauty in the scenery in some pictures. Besides the birds singing their tribute to the approaching sun and our dog acting as a penguin – sliding around joyfully on his belly and tumbling around in the moist grass on our lawn – it was absolutely quiet outside. After about 45 minutes we went in, and after having some coffea and reading some on the computer, I went to rest in the kitchen sofa. I thought I’d take a guick nap, and with a smile on my face from the beauty outside of the windows, I closed my eyes.

    After a short while, the “black” behind my eye-lids changed, so I kind of knew that something was up – I was about to see or be shown something and since I still had and felt that love and bliss inside and outside of myself, I knew that all was well if you know what I mean. And a few seconds after that, I could see two nostrils that came VERY close to my face and then the nostrils went downwards (just the way a large horse does – approaching with their nose first and then slowly turns down their head to meet me below) and I began to see the front of a head and two eyes. The tone of it’s skin was somewhere between pink and cerice but with a very dinstinct golden glow to it. And I thought to myself – jeez, there is a pink dragon checking me out ten centimeters from my face, well hello there!!
    And it sureley was as if it was checking me out, because right after I made that thougt, it sort of looked even closer at me with it’s left eye and then I really got to see the colour of the dragons beautiful eyes – it was a warm tone of goldish yellow, and when I looked into its eye I did’nt see any malevolence or anything evil at all, rather the wisdom and knowledge one can see with an elderly individual or an old soul. And then I could’nt stop myself from joyfull excitement so I bursted out in a rapid pace “Hello, it’s so nice to meet you, my name is — and it is such an honour to finally meet one of your kind, so what is your name, bla,bla,bla”… and that’s when I probably made a total fool of myself because it looked like it sort of snorted an made a little laughter at my silly approach, and then it retracted away from my face, and it was gone… Could I take a nap after that encounter? Nope!

    I do hope I get a second chance if I am ever to meet that dragon again. And then I’ll try a different approach instead of behaving like a little child getting the present of her dreams at christmas…shit, I blew that one big-time, did’nt I?🥺😢

    Loving hugs to all of you❤️🤗

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    1. Yup. There are dragons of every hue. Except black. For that, there’s only one. Hmm… speaking of that… we haven’t seen him for a while. The new RBD (Rainbow Dragon, the big one — female — who is this epoch’s “Quetzalcoatl”) beat the black dragon a while back and converted him back to good… but we heard he fell off the wagon. Gotta check on that.

      Dragons are the best (real ones, not those underground things).

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Oh Uli! How absolutely BeautyFull! On so many levels 🙂
      Thank you so much for sharing!
      Yanno… I don’t think you did anything silly at all.
      Me thinks you were your WonderFull Innocent Self, full of Joy, and I bet ‘She’ was giving you a Love snortle to let you know She’d be back.
      Much Love ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. You’re are right, Tea Kay – it IS a she and she showed herself again!!🥰

        When I was out in the garden yesterday trying to save some flowers that “fainted” due to the heatwave, I thought about her alot. Picking away all the dead little flowers sort of put me in a meditative/daydreaming state. “Will I ever see you again?” went trough my mind, along with “I’m so sorry for my behaviour, I love you”.

        At the time I got to the last flowerpot, I heard the words “She will show herself. Again.” and I forgot all about the flower infront of me and said internally “She? It is a she?” and got the reply “yes” and I thought “oh wow, it’s a she!”
        And as I thought about her meeting me face to face, I heard the words “not yet” and got a bit sad but then I got a short visual that made me really happy: I saw her coming towards me at a distance and then she made a wide u-turn to the right while looking at me the whole time, radiating motherly love, untill she completed the turn and my visual faded away…
        The way she sparkles and shimmers in her pink and golden glow is breathtakingly beautiful. I know one thing for certain – she is HUGE! I get the feeling of her being an old mother and in lack for a more appropriate description – a martriarch in wisdom and knowledge. She was probably checking me out to see if this little human has made some progress or if this cheerfull female is a hopless case to try and educate.😉 And it was probably a good thing she showed herself at a distance this time, because I felt an urge to run to her and give her a hug!😄

        Loving hugs❤️🤗

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        1. Oh Uli… How She Loves You So ❤
          As I read your words above, I could see her. I also feel the Motherly Love.
          She did not want to leave you feeling sad. She made sure to Give you a full look at her. That vision will have your Heart at ease. 'A little at a time' I hear. And yes.. as you keep stepping forward, She will share more.
          Such a BeautyFully large energy She Is. She does not want to overwhelm you.
          Give yourSelf credit Uli! You Are SO much more than you realize.
          Big Love Huggsss
          ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. Tea Kay, I read your words to me earlier today. Wanted to reply to you then and there, but I did’nt have the time to do so. But your words…they made my eyes tear up of gratitude towards you. If you only knew how much they mean🙏💗💗

            As I went back to the greenhouse, I thought about Her along with what you were told – “A little at a time” and yes, it made perfect sense to me because I can only develop one step at a time no matter how slow/fast that may be.

            I closed my eyes for a little moment in an effort to try and adapt myself to the heat. It was then that I got the words “only a thought away” and I saw her head infront of me vaguely, and this time I perceived Her head as smaller (either I became bigger or She minimized herself in my vision??) and the love I felt in my heart was immense and then….well, I did’nt think about what I was doing or why I did what I did, because I gently put my hands on each side of Her beautiful head and greeted Her by leaning my forehead against Hers – just the way I greet a cat, and it felt perfectly natural to do so..
            And then I felt the frequency/vibration rise in my body and my heart expanding so much that it almost felt as if it was way outside of my chest/body and I needed to take a deep breath. And with that, she retracted a bit from my hands and I had to raise my head and our quick greeting today was over. Afterwards, I just sat there. Smiling. Did’nt think that I would experience such high frequency again. Only this time I will experience it gradually among other things. I have learned the true meaning of the words “A little at a time”..

            How does one describe the word gratitude? It can’t be described, because it is a feeling, and that feeling emanates out of Love which resides in the heart. Beautiful sister✨ – from my heart to yours – thank you, I am so very grateful for your words.🌟

            From my heart with love🤗💖💖

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            1. Ohhhhh…… this fills my heart with such Joy!! ❤
              Wow…. just Wow Uli! How absolutely WonderFull… BeautyFull… Loving 🙂
              SO very happy for you!
              I feel your Heart, thank You Dear Sister.
              Love Abundant ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    3. Uli. How wonderful. It sounded like the dragon was just amused at your excitement. Love the colours too. I read a lot of Anne McCaffrey when I was young, and wanted to be a dragon rider. I’m wondering now whether they would put up with being ridden. Might be a bit insulting to them. Amazing beings.🐲

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      1. Newlynn, I wrote a reply to you earlier today, but since it has’nt showed up yet, I’ll write to you again🙂

        And I’m wondering if they will put up with being hugged – I’ll definitely ask her next time I meet her.
        I’ll never forget the first time I saw the movie “Neverending Story” when I was a child. One of my cousins showed it to me and I really loved the story, the music and the characters in it evem though the dragons head looked more like it had the head of a dog – but I loved it because it was kind. For a long time after that, I used to wonder if I would see that white dragon come flying over the tips of the forest at my parents farm and take me away to some happy place…
        Loving hugs❤️🤗

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      1. I actually got to see her again yesterday and the next time she shows herself, I will do that, Lily💖 And if I’m fast enough next time, I’ll try to give her a hug from the both of us🥰

        Loving hugs❤️🤗

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        1. Awwww, that would be amazing, thank you! I would love to see a Dragon, how special that must be!

          Much love to you and your new friend 🙂 ❤️

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  13. Did not get hit hard until today … now am like a drugged up jelly fish … subject to all currents!

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