Meterage + MORE 7/24-26 [UPDATE6]



We’re having so much activity we needed a new meterage post, mid-week. That’s a first.

Besides ALL CATs and M’s having headaches and nausea last night (even some of our animals), this morning saw much more interesting activity:

This meter has shown timeline jumps twice (Sat & Sun), and then flipped (again); sometimes the 38 MHz line is dominant, sometimes the 30 MHz. We just flipped to the latter.
Ha! Not only is this all over the place, it’s showing our underground non-friends getting lambasted by SOURCE energy, and their attempts to gain some kind of ascendancy (psst, which will never happen).
And then a spike out of Lycksele (riometers measure cosmic rays).

And then we noticed a little WHOMP starting. How long will it last?



These are showing energy anomalies, and not a WHOMP… not yet, anyway.
Another anomaly.
And another.
And another,

And the energy Down Under is ramping:

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 9.58.48 AM

This is from the 40 meter muon detector showing last night’s head and stomach ouchies:

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 10.01.07 AM



And to backtrack a bit, we also had this yesterday (in case you missed one of the previous updates), which is causing part of what we’re seeing above:


We also noticed the Schumann Resonance looking odd:


The M’s said it seems that space-time was “adjusted.” One more piece to the puzzle.

And finally, the weirdest anomaly. First, one of us noticed this N. Dakota meter this morning…


…and then they saw this and flagged it for us:


VLF spectrum display out of S. Carolina. Note the odd transient at 35000 Hz (35 kHz).

So, some found that odd, but then we saw reports of some of the M’s having been  awakened at 5:15 am PDT for some reason and seeing — eyes open — the outlined image of an animal (“a horse, or bird”) go past their windows.

And THEN… CAT7 saw one of these this morning outside her house, unusual for her citified location:

To Native Americans, roadrunners are messenger birds.

This from CAT7:

The Native American tribes revered [roadrunners] as medicine birds and messengers. So, for one to show up last night at our house in the city is unusual. They are not woodland birds, so seeing it this morning on a low tree branch in the woods just outside the back fence is even more odd. My Native American side is saying this is a messenger bird.

Agility in body and mind, strength, speed, and stealth because of their feet – 2 toes facing front and 2, back, which makes it impossible to track, medicine birds, protectors. Pretty much the ideal messenger/totem.

And a little later:

Just now — outside looking for the roadrunner, saw a hawk fly low and slow in front of me carrying a medium-sized snake.


You can ascribe whatever meaning you want to all this. Everyone’s been busy this morning, so we’ll have to drop in what Guides saw in an UPDATE, later. Needless to say, something big seems to be approaching.

On a side note, we’ve also been seeing more really-fast-moving ships in the skies the past few nights (over N. CA, Washington State, and Salt Spring Island). No, they weren’t part of the Perseid meteor shower; these look and feel different. We could ‘see’ the bridges of the ships… but that’s it… we couldn’t see who’s in them, as they were shielding themselves for privacy. We saw TWBs lurking last night, which is both annoying and amazing, but they aren’t a threat anymore… in fact, they’re barely functional: we sense them gritting their teeth the whole time as the vibration here is way too high for them.

Also, anyone notice how the air and water felt thinner/lighter/cleaner this morning? Lots of blue skies?

More as we figure it out.



Stupid TWBs.

[NOTE: Some CATs didn’t like the unicorn cat-hat, so we changed the feature pic at top.]


Another timeline jump, just a little while ago:


This might be another bumpy weekend coming up.



Whoa, the whole Mayan “Day Out of Time” thing is living up to it’s in-between-er name (before the next 13,000 years). We had/are having more timeline jumps:

These are timeline interruptions in incoming cosmic energy.
Note how the PTW crap (as per 38 MHz Absorption) STOPS at one point.
Yow. (That’s magnetic field mayhem.)


We’re all having big-time energy roastage at night, but 99% of us live near portals, so… you’ll all feel it a little later. More later. Hit it Hulk…



Great googly moogly. Update on those transients we experienced/saw on 7/24:



This was literally a thinning between universes. We bumped into a parallel universe and, for a moment, could SEE one another. Wild. And THAT’s why the Schumann looked the way it did:


VLF events typically look like this:


Looks kinda Matrix-y.


Yow. More energy wackiness:




And this from early this morning:

Double wow: It’s unicorn town!


(Psst… Unicorn Town.)



Your Red WHOMP is now over. Please watch your step.



And this from right now:

Your Red WHOMP has been re-activated. Please buckle up for safety.



Welcome to…
…the Unicorn Mall.


You may recall that PTW pulse that they were modulating into the earth to try to do… something… well, it’s gone:


Some of us conked out and took a nap through this one:


That’s enough of that.


122 thoughts on “Meterage + MORE 7/24-26 [UPDATE6]

  1. See my comment this morning on the previous post. (Just a random observation) Bird activity normal, but now I’m feeling a bit urpy. (just thought I’d share. Nyuck, nuck, nyuck)

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    1. Mes Hirondelles

      July 19, 2019, 11:22

      Mes hirondelles so sweet, so quick,

      how mighty turn their rondoes,

      so full of strength, perfection, grace

      and speed in fine tornadoes!…

      Mes hirondelles are strange today,

      month of July is ending…

      August comes soon, and they’ll be gone:

      what do they want me telling?

      So close they fly above my head,

      the big ones, tiny, smallest,

      in perfect harmony they dance,

      in sweet their joy, the strongest…

      What is the message they convey?

      What are they celebrating?

      Why are they greeting me this morn

      with such low, marv’lous circling?

      It is the Wave. The Wave of LOVE

      from Father’s Divine Glowing!

      Sweet messengers, mes hirondelles,

      to Earth they whistle blowing!

      Embracing you all here in LOVE,

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  2. I’ll write it here again in short what I commented in the previous post: grasshopper showed up twice. Today it was a huge one. Only seen such a big one when I was in the Amazon.
    Grasshopper: Giant leap ahead.

    Besides that I saw a raven skull yesterday and a fresh dead raven today. Another raven was acting very weird on the side of a tree.
    To me they are team dark, whenever I saw them harassing a buzzard in the sky I could put money on it that I would have trouble very soon. Came true everytime. Needles to say I’m happy these blackfeathered birds are now giving me signs that they’re perishing.

    Currently ongoing here, local time 20 past midnight, strange noise in the sky. I’ve sent a video to the Cats. Sounds like white noise from the sky. Like thunder approaching or a large plane flying over yet it’s been ongoing for more than 45minutes. Sound is coming from the sky. If this is a spaceship it must be the size of an ocean.

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    1. I’ve heard this strange noise once as well. Must have been 2018
      Duration: 45 min non-stop
      Sound: strong thunder, but without any lightning

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      1. Mmm, not in our experience. Black coats for us means TWBs, and they ain’t rainbow. RAINBOW DRAGONS are rainbow, very pretty. And other beings we know, who are very high vibe, blend light and colors as you say, but it is never dark. That said, Watchers are high vibe and wear black coats/cloaks, but those are black. And Watchers don’t talk much, they just smirk.

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. Thank you gaiasophiaofearth! The Rainbow Crow is such a beautiful story I will never forget it. And will probably start telling it to the people who complain about them!💜🌈🙏🏽

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  3. Question: Did my comment from this morning disappear into cyber limbo? It was about someone asleep at the switch to cue up the birds for their morning appearance.

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      1. Never mind, it’s there. I was a little quick on the draw this afternoon. On another note: It’s absolutely wonderful to bask in the golden rays of the sun this evening. It feels like it should. Also my visit with Lisa on Monday was about reacquainting an old friend from what she calls Original Earth. Perhaps she will mention it in a future post. All for today.

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    1. It is somewhere! I read it! Reminds me of feeding Minky today, Then she came to me 5 min. later, hungry. So I fed her again, strange, I know. Peace.

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    2. @J
      I read your comment on the previous post. I wanted to hit the like button but can’t seem to make those buttons work anymore .


  4. Today flew by, and I feel good. Think I’ll take a nap! Hope All Is good with You, My Friends. Peace.

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          1. Getting new Guides! 😉

            These new ones are specialists in prepping us for the next level. We are very very close to something big happening… or not. That is… folks will just disappear here and there in ones and threes. Not sure how SOURCE is going to “heal-over” anyone’s disappearance, but it won’t be sinister, if it’s to happen that way. We’re trying not to steer outcomes, as that slows things down.

            -CAT Eds.

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            1. I had a dream about the event, I was asleep in my dream, I floated right up out of me,thought it was at night but it was not dark in this new space I was going to, I was so light, I felt weight less and moving up effortlessly and I was so blissfully happy to go it felt so real. I thought I could not possibly still have a body , I was light as a feather floating higher and higher so easily ,I looked down and saw my legs and feet were with me still ,then woke up for real back here.

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      1. I too had a moment with a being today, a black swallowtail butterfly. It played around me, coming just inches away and enjoying my flowers and a bite of parsley. But it stayed for the longest time, circling around me. I even eventually went into the house and it followed me and almost came in. The magic of the moment(s) was not lost on me. ❤️🦋

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  5. Oh, we forgot to mention…

    One of the CATs works in a professional office and 60% of her staff are out of the office on emergency leave, with elderly parents either in the hospital or dying suddenly. All this happened this past double-timeline-jump weekend. Lots of change afoot, even more than usual.

    -CAT Eds.

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  6. I got a cold 48 hours ago.
    I mean, here there are 36° Celsius (I’m Italian, I apologize for not using Fahrenheit) and I got a COLD.
    Headache. Sore throat. Low energy. Tired and barely functional. Not doing things I have to (a classic of mine, but it’s worsening right now).
    I’m done.

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    1. Me too
      40°C in Germany and I got very strange cold lol nothing else but an aweful cought all of a sudden
      So I’m wearing a nice summer dress and heels for work, talking with this nice deep voice of an old chain smoking man 😂

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        1. Ha! You got this into my dreams Cat6 hahaha
          I dreamt this night, I was singing Chansons totally diva style in some kind of club
          It’ 5:35 am here

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  7. We’ve been talking about this the past few days. You may have noticed that the CATs (if we may speak of ourselves as a group) have been… perhaps a little different than we’ve been in the past. We’re actually spending so much time on the Spirit side that we’re seeing things from Spirit’s POV more and more… this is deliberate on Spirit’s and Guides’ parts… and the perspective and slower (read TIMELESS!) pace has calmed us down a great deal. Lately, we’ve caught ourselves adopting more of a “New Earth” cadence, one that’s definitely slower and longer than the silly willy-nilly of the Old Earth. That said, there is also a paradoxical SPEEDING-UP of internal processes and understandings… it is in fact instantaneous. Seeing something and grasping it and its permutations almost outside of time. It’s difficult to describe. All told, it’s a nice way to pass the time.


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  8. Still groggy as all heck; that’s 3 days running now, with some headacheyness. Waffles were the food of the day — the only thing my husband and I could agree on eating.
    Decided to sit out in the sun for a spell, thought it might energize me a bit or something. Relaxing my gaze, I eventually noticed tiny gold sparkles dancing around on my hands, then realized they were everywhere I looked on my body. Not extending to the grass, just on me. I tend to see sparks anyway, but this was a first.
    I went inside and thought to try again, but didn’t see them until I went to a window and had the sun shining onto my palm. Where the sun was, the sparkles were, though not quite as dramatic as outside. Where there was shade, nothing. Anyone else getting this sparkle effect in the sun?

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  9. Interesting comment regarding horse; I woke up at ~3:15am CST having dreamt that I flew through a window and a horse squeezed, front hooves first, through same window behind me! If I remember a dream, I figure it happened on one of my timelines. Funny coincidence 😁

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      1. I dreamed about a painted box with handles one was a horse the other a snake to open the box I had to open it with both handles inside magical looking rocks from inner earth. The horse theme continues…..

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      2. Hey! My new guide from Original Earth is a bear-like being. Hence the cryptic comment a day or two ago about (dancing bears and joining the circus.) Lisa was prevented from entering the energy field Z and I are working on. She said if she tried, her forehead would go out the back of her head. Har! Anyhow more as it develops.

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      3. Some celestials once tried to intimidate Heather with two very large white Arabians. What they didn’t realize was one was mine and one was hers and both horses knelt in salutations recognizing her… oh the faces beings have when best laid plans go awry… and she just smiled at them all…

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      4. Several years ago, I dreamt of being caught in a stampede of horses. They each ranged in size from the size of a pebble to the size of a mountain! Their coats were unique and each displayed their own brightly colored pattern-some even wore hats and had a satchel of belongings. At times during the journey, there were areas the tiny horses couldn’t pass, due to the terrain and certain gates we encountered. So the bigger horses helped the smaller horses and myself crossover. Once we arrived to our destination in what seemed to be a waiting area, I asked a tiny horse (the same size as myself) where we were going. He telepathically told me I was here to learn. The horses then began to separate into groups based on their size and each group was ushered into a classroom. The classrooms seemed to be underground or perhaps in a cave type of dwelling and the entrance was a very tight squeeze. I was grouped with the tiny horses and upon arriving to class, each horse took a “seat” on a tiny pillow in an upright position. Haha. I remember feeling out of place, but I was assured by the teacher I was meant to be there. I don’t remember the “materials” that were discussed, but each horse did have their own unique book. The dream stuck with me and I’ve always wanted to illustrate how beautiful it appeared, but more importantly how loving it FELT.

        Anyhoo, I’m excited to learn that horses were our original guardians! Much love to you all! 🖤

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  10. Love that surfer cat! Notice how well he
    is balanced on his board. That is what I
    am trying to do as we surf these seemingly endless energy waves. I am
    also hearing, in my mind, The Beach Boys
    songs. Always like that group – very upbeat 🎶 music.
    Everyone hang ten 🏄 and hang on!
    With love ❤️ to all,


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    1. Me too M5 I was doing gridwork/meditation around the same time (3.30pm aest) & felt like I was going to barf, however I was being shown the frequency now flowing in is very High & will be felt in the stomach, like we are on some crazy ride spinning Vibrating so fast we actually feel like we are levitating … did our merkaba’s start their engines 😉 all I know is today 25th was a very special heart filled day for All & yesterday’s gridwork the cosmic clock was adjusted.

      I have been shown a new dragon it is violet & aqua with golden eyes, their eyes are the fire & their breathe is the love … they have a huge appetite to consume & neutralise with love & transform into light. they are very loving motherly energy showing great affection. I worked with them yesterday they purged a lot of dense energy (possibly why you all felt it coming through the portals) it was like they sanitised everything on the planet 🙂

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        1. If you see something new in your meditative travels, ask it to meditate with you — AFTER you G+P+C. When in doubt, hit it with one of the mantras. The nice ones will just smile. They know what we’re dealing with.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. Thank you for confirmation M2, yes the Dragons are my new guides I have 2 they are assisting me now in Gridwork & Healing (I let go all of my healing techniques back in 2006 & have awaited for something new to come through) A gift I wasn’t expecting, too funny Christmas in July brought Christalline Gifts for All 🙂 the Open-ing to Infinity, moving Up the Spiral of Love.

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          1. About four years ago, a purple dragon showed up in the bedroom of one M as she was getting ready for bed and it cheerfully said: “Hi! I’m here to help you. Do you need help? You can call me Purple!” This M — who’s our best medium — chuckled and declined for the moment. What was most amusing to her was that she wasn’t fazed by this at all, as she’s seen SO MANY weird things. The CATs and M’s started writing a book about all of the things we’ve seen, but it was so ridiculous that no one would ever believe it. Da-da (our original benefactor) is still chronicling the lives of one group of the CATs that is approachable and amazing (as it revolves around an actual family), but none of us are sure which earth it’s going to appear on!

            Note: Dragons and other ETs can somehow “see” all your existing connections to other people, so when one person in a group communicates in any way with someone else, often the ETs are right there at the other person’s house around the same time. It’s very interesting. Once one of us had a “dragon experience,” we all did in short order, as we’re all connected (in our case, in a specific way). Of course we were there when lots of them hatched and they basically “imprinted” on us, so we’re now part of the “rainbow dragon family”! It’s very cool.

            -CAT Eds.

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            1. Yes it is very interesting the timing of it all is so appropriate. They just showed up during the grid work/meditation & then showed up again then next day & at the end of the work they asked if they could work/assist me, I was kinda like oh, ok that would be very cool. I thanked them & they kinda did what a pet would do showing affection licking your face or snuggling your face big gentle beings indeed. The colours aqua & violet are iridescent & their eyes are like golden liquid living light. I like that the ‘rainbow dragon family’ they are the cosmic rainbow wave energy christalline unity consciousness … aurora’s 🙂 they remind me of the whales their tones travel long distances.

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        3. Cats
          Would you please check me for some issue I could be having? I have stated repeatedly before meditation that I am OPEN to connect or meet someone or something (after grounding and protecting) yet no one comes out of the darkness during my meditations. Am I blocking this somehow? I feel really open to anything … not sure what’s the matter with me.

          Dreams – same thing – nothing.


      1. The portals are flowing strong with the New Energy, that Golden Wave is being dispersed & continues to wash over us to the new moon 🙂 a new moon under new management.

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    2. Yes other people are getting this too I am talking to feels really weird. I am getting the super heat feeling now again.

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    3. @~M5 and All…
      My time is an hour later than PDT – I was just going to comment on weird dizziness last night, I thought about midnight-ish, so could have been same trigger – but mine was sideways, being pulled almost by sideways gravity – not sure if in both directions – feeling kind of sickish like you sometime would if swinging too much on a swing or when you made the rope twist around then let go – the unpleasant term ‘room to swing a cat’ comes to mind – if that happened… still going on a bit…

      Had a visit about a week ago? in middle of night – a short low rumbling growl from little dog alerted me and I looked out the window (we’re in a U shape of 3 duplexes, we’re in the back duplex – they are connected by circular sidewalk with off-shoots) there was an ‘animal’ – not supposed to say what kind *shrug* – sitting on the sidewalk about 7 ft away, staring at my window… for awhile, then walked casually off toward our front door that is around the corner from my window – in the 2 1/2 yrs we’ve lived here I haven’t seen one of these animals on this property.

      When I looked at the above posted Schumann graph I immediately thought of the sound of the Tardis – that always bodes well. 🙂

      There was an unhappy exchange with my daughter shortly before I was going to compose a comment here, about a minute later became extremely nauseous. I said both mantras several times and it cleared pretty much, still have headache though. – Autistic granddaughter has had weird sleep patterns lately – after we did that meditation – sleeping long periods, esp during day and we’re unable to wake her – which often means she’s up all night with consequent sleep disruptions to Mom who has to work differing shifts which is always so kind to bodies and minds – which was a factor in the stress exchange earlier… Sometimes she, graddtr, is stressed and almost mean which is VERY unlike her – There is a video she watches that has the phrase “YOU DID IT!” in it and she uses that a lot, happily – mom and dad have noticed sometimes when she is frustrated and losing it (like if we don’t have pancakes available at midnight) she will catch herself, self regulate and say “you did it” on her way back to her room. 🙂 Cool…
      I have a day of grddghtr sitting this afternoon/eve, maybe things will go smoothly? Though we’re out of juice for her (she only gets diluted juice)… hmm how can I get creative.

      Be well all, I’ll be breathing, hope you all continue to ‘breathe’, too…. 🙂


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      1. How big was the animal? We’re seeing more and more… *things*… that are there, and then gone; this is esp. prevalent since most of us live right around portals and *things* love portals. This happens so often now that we pay little attention to it… unless whatever it is is running or flying AT us. Then a calm fearless LOOK and a quick mantra put a quick end to that.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. @Cats Eds – 1 to 1 1/2 ft? very normal, not outlandish – don’t know why I’m not allowed to say species, maybe just the word? – There is a smile that allows me to say that you would find it relatable. There is a sense that not using THE word has to do with peek-a-boos, if so don’t know why, but not going to argue with the advice. 🙂 – There is a LOT of smiling around here – I don’t know why it’s hilarious, either… sheesh 🙂 just makes them gently laugh harder…
          a, without smiles, emphasis that the visit was intentional and purposeful, not just happenstance…
          Also, hadn’t been allowed to share the happening until today, after M5’s comment- timing thing? and the initial growl from dog was just a heads up thing, to get me to look out window, didn’t even move or stir from comfortable covers, so undisturbed by visit…


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          1. Ahhh, oookay… just have a presence with me in my surroundings that matches the animal visitor with a kind of “Can you see me(perceive me)” thing going on… a ‘being’ of related shape/species? no negative feeling, but said the 2nd mantra anyway inviting it(she?) to that energy – had body relaxation thing and gentle waiting energy. Asked if there was something I’m supposed to do WITH her now except maybe get used to her – doesn’t seem to be going away.
            Is there advice on forming new relationships of this kind.

            have a bit of a headache now.
            seems to be withdrawing her energy farther back…


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    1. The dark vibe beings who insist on being the monkey in the wrench. One with dark (eyeroll) sunglasses tried to ambush one of the M’s tonight (in meditation, rising from below like they could barely make it). Figured we’d be terrified. Big mistake. Ever seen someone wrapped in near-infinite layers of SOURCE-grade duct tape infused with that mantra we all know and love? The Mummy Love treatment. After all we’re seen (spiderwick!), CATs don’t scare worth a damn.

      -CAT Eds.

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  11. In the Mayan Calendar, today is the ‘Day out of time’ and tomorrow begins a new 13000 Galactic cycle.

    I realised that I will be 44 on 4th October 44410 or reversed 1444. Galactic signature is yellow magnetic seed 144 and I keep seeing 444, 144, 1444 everywhere!

    Purging like crazy and still itchy but smiling 🙂

    Much Love and Light and Horses and Dragonflies (I keep having visits from an electric blue one) and Lions and Dragons and Unicorn ❤️🙏😊

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    1. Thought this was interesting, yesterday felt like I was in a different dimension, spent the entire day practically in the living room (coolest part of house) with blinds down in all rooms. Mum was here and just enjoyed ‘being’ with my daughter. Vibrations felt different, it did feel as if some kind of shift was taking place then last night the most amazing thunderstorm with beautiful blue flashes of light, the animal were not scared at all! Much Love ❤️

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  12. The Mexican flag depicts an eagle fighting a snake, which was the scene depicted below. So, it may also resonate with the history of the Aztecs or Nahua peoples.

    “It is related to the legend of the foundation of what is now Mexico City.

    According to the Crónica Mexicayotl[1], the original people who generations later founded the city were Nahua people who lived as slaves of the Aztecs in Aztlán (hence the name).

    The story goes, also according to the Aubin Codex and the Durán Codex, that Huitzilopochtli, the god of war, told the Nahuas that they should leave Aztlán, start calling themselves Mexicas instead of Aztecs, and that they had to found their kingdom wherever they found

    an eagle standing on a prickly pear cactus devouring a snake

    According to the Anals of Tlatelolco, they left Aztlán on January 4th, 1065, and started a centuries-long journey of wandering, settling temporarily in places like Tollan-Xicocotitlan and Azcapotzalco, until they found the eagle and the snake on a cactus on top of a rock in the middle of Lake Texcoco, which is where they founded Mexico-Tenochtitlán, the capital city of what later on became the most powerful empire of Mesoamerica, on June 20th, 1325.”

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    1. AND there was also supposed to be a “lizard people” city under Los Angeles at one time. The tunnels are still there. Not sure where the people went. They were apparently regular people, not lizard people; their totem was a snake/lizard. Need to ask the M’s about that one.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes. They were humans, advanced ones. and with a special task.
        The people of Enoch.
        They were looking for a solution of conquering the dark, like the
        one we are living now.
        So Enoch grabbed their holy land in full with their mothership
        and lifted for the stars. I believe to be Maya, in the Pleiades.
        This is how no bones were left at all.
        Just a big hole, the Golf of Mexico.
        It is said, Enoch is now Metatron, the Lord of Light.

        The lizard-city, further North under Los Angeles was of real lizards.
        Another pair of shoes altogether.


        1. Actually, the Gulf was created by a huge meteorite hit. The caldera is visible in the underlying geology. And the LIZARD lizards came to L.A. later, after the Cat-Dog Wars. There have been countless advanced civilizations on the earth that were destroyed and lost to the sands.

          -CAT Eds.

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  13. New guides, check. The main one with me now has been “watching” me for a while – I’ve seen her recurring through dreams – and now she stepped forward as my others petered off to new assignments.

    Her way of “stepping forward” to the role was while I was in a lucid dream, she literally stepped in front of me and said hi, and then blasted me with love energy that was so strong it knocked me into an entirely different dream. I heard her laugh and say oops as I opened my eyes there… she’s getting used to how these “human” stickied forms react to the energies from her level. We’re all learning together these days.

    That was a week or two ago… she’s since used this to blast me to an awake state in good fun since too. I can usually “go back” into lucid dreams through breathing, yet this totally kicks me out (so far… I’ll get her!).

    Also, I love that frankenstein monster “timeline” meme, that is the image to pop in my head whenever I experience a timeline jump in everyday life.


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  14. New to this blog, sent by a dear friend.
    I don’t understand exactly what all the charts are measuring, but get the gist. Plain Wow.
    Reporting my symps have gone wackadoo since last Fri. (7/19) when heart arrythmia started major. Fluctuates like one of your meter reads, mostly late afternoom, evening least in morning. Won’t hardly quit. Rapid adjustment phase to frequency upgrades as some suggest, resonates. Ideas; grounding feet to earth, larger flat rocks for feet indoors, increased focus on kindness, protective energy shield/freq modulator that reflects any negative energy purposefully or accidentally sent back to originator and or everywhere that transforms target into love meltdown. 🙂
    Thanks CATS. You Rock. And Meow.
    PS feral mama cat moved into my vicinity from neighbor in past week. (New Guide?) Lotsa symbolism in her story.

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    1. Welcome, Trinity. And thanks. Since you’re new, here’s a tip: when that energy hits you, BREATHE through it and think “SOURCE.” Also be sure you’re grounding well. All that energy has to go somewhere, and you can’t really retain it for very long, esp. when it’s coming in thick. And when we say, “grounding,” we mean dropping an imaginary cord from the base of your spine or your solar plexus (whichever feels right) down to the center of this earth. That said, lots of CATs now ground all three ways:

      1. grounding cord to the New Earth
      2. grounding cord to SOURCE
      3. grounding cord to Gaia.

      Gaia *is* 3d earth right now, but she will eventually SHIFT to 4d/5d… and take various people with her.

      You might also check out the “mantra” info on the site, as we all use that a lot for protection and for helping people in distress. Very helpful.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you !! Great tips, some of which am using. Just did changing my grounding cord at meditation end. Breathing in The Good Guys, Source Creator, etc. And using “Everything will be all right”
        So much going on. The healing/protection/transforming shield seems real powerful right now. Now Including all energies transformed to Highest Love for myself as well as originators of whatever energies coming in. And for all.
        But also taking more potassium. Tie your camel thing. 😁
        All blessings…

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          1. Haha. Re camel leg thingy. Also…So connected. Already thought i should have mentioned I’ve added Mg too bcuz somebody might mention. 😁

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  15. Off-topic, sorry. A friend just gave me “the course in miracles” by Foundation of Inner light. 2ed with Text, Workbook for students, and Manual for teachers. Is this a correct version?

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    1. Yup. Be sure to do the workbook exercises at the same time you’re reading the text. You can only do one exercise per day. It’s a process. And undoing the illusion takes time. Note that some ETs take issue with this, as they ae very good at shaping the illusion and don’t feel the need to unplug themselves from it. Consider the ACIM a foundational text for later lifetimes.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. @alsoonewhobelieves

      That’s awesome! Game changer gift! As to “correct” version? There are different opinions and NO ONE has the RIGHT to impose theirs on another so I’ll refrain and and just stick to FACTS.

      The FIP version is the “edited” by Ken Wapkin version – literally – EVERY page was “edited”

      The ORIGINAL UNedited verdion is the URTEXT. Without edits. EXACTLY as channeled to Helen and scribed by Bill who had VERY strong feelings about “edits”


      1. Sorry. For typos.


        In Truth, the essence of Christ withIN us all is able to “get” the “message” or download (understanding) meant for us from anything.

        As in our very lives ARE our “lessons” and inherent withIN each experience is ALL we need to understand ALL.

        AS in a tiny droplet of the ocean, however small, STILL has ALL the properties of the vast ocean itself – lacking NOTHING.

        STILL i personally hold a preference that if the ORIGINAL word given by Jesus was let’s say “Purple”?

        I want to read “Purple” NOT “reddish blue hue” edit. But that’s just MY prefernce.

        Jesus will guide you. He will speak to you directly withIN. So you don’t need anyone externally telling you what will be CLEAR in the stillness of your heart.

        Enjoy your gift! Much peace and love to you

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        1. Iota
          Thank you for your reply! I am excited. On lesson 4 now and have been doing the exercises as well. I don’t see a correlation between the text and exercises so the latter must be a practical training. I have been practicing a “neutral” mindset for several years now and the lessons seem geared towards achieving that, so I’m good there so far. However, the text is something else. Several times I cannot even remember the main point after I read it so I have read each little chapter a couple of times now. Tons of hugs and love to all in the room!

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          1. @alsoonewhobelieves!

            Soooo excited for you!!!

            The lessons and text don’t correlate as in matching subjects in a linear fashion. The text is more like the “meat” some sentences, all by themselves, are not just “morsels” but in a sense “weigh” more than some other entire books out there!

            So give yourself the space to go at your own pace and what feels right for you! Its awesome! But DO read at least a bit of the text before or after each lesson!

            You’re on an extraordinary adventure! A Game/Lifechanging one!!

            It brings peace in the midst of insanity!

            Many here and i believe ALL the Cats are students of ACIM so I’m sure you’ll find lots of support here!!

            Sending you a great big hug!!💖💓💖


  16. Interesting geomagnetic updates from Dani.

    Transpicuous News Geomagnetic Update, July 24th 2019


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  17. Very high energy again last night… and for us, two separate dark-ET incursions. What morons. Note: Mantra #1 works like a charm (so to speak) on low-vibe ETs. Reminding them of who they really are (ONE, via SOURCE) is their kryptonite. Ah, denial.

    -CAT Eds.

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  18. Had a dream – was in a small room the size of a bath tub. I had 4 tubs of ingrdients for mixing bread dough. After each one I mixed, when it was all tight and the gluten was developed there was about a 6 inch oval hole where what seemed to be a prehistoric eye staring out at me… I only mixed three of the four tubs… The whole time I was aware that I would be later shaping and baking the bread to be consumed.

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    Immediate thought:
    Are the dragons beating their wings?

    BTW, HUD housing has the drainage going into our front door area encouraging flooding of Apt. instead of away… every time it heavy rains we have to build levys of pea gravel and rocks and dig trenches for drainage – if we leave it they get upset at our ‘decoration’… love 3d… 🙂

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  20. BTW, I was setting a sprinkler near the portal on this property. I had to laugh, it was so intense tonight that it nearly knocked my socks off! (Figuratively, not literally. It’ll be an adventure tonight I suspect)

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  21. Roadrunner update:

    The roadrunner is gone, but it was a lovely, gentle day, and everything was easy to do. I feel as though all things are possible.

    Yes, as I saw the hawk with the snake, I flashed on the Mexican flag and the story behind it. That being the case, the hawk landed in a tree and ate it about 30 feet from me.


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  22. Quick questions…
    What if I’ve always seen the world in vibrant technicolor?

    Also, I can’t seem to contact my guides. Do you have any advice?

    When we ground to the new earth, must we just picture a peaceful, loving planet?

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    1. All you need to do in grounding is say (to yourself): “Grounding cord to the New Earth, grounding cord to SOURCE, grounding cord to Gaia.” That should cover it. You don’t have to ‘see’ anything. Look at out meditation guide and take things slowly. It takes time… but since the energies are so high, you can make up a lot of ground fast.

      -CAT Eds.

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  23. don’t you guys see it?!?! We’ve gone PLAID!!!! SCOTTISH BLUE PLAID.
    THE GRAPH… ” IRA- (medicinia) (BO) something or another…blue graph at top of post….3RD FROM THE TOP…DEFINITELY GONE PLAID! 😃 vibrating so high and fast we have gone PLAID. Haha

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  24. Sorry, I have no dragon/dragonfly, no pain, itching, no spiritual/guide encounter to relate – just trying to stay zen, trying to balance my life between two world.

    But I had the weirdest dream of my life last week, but it still bothered at the back of my mind! Dreamt that I have an unbearable pain on my lowest part of my body (black patches around). And that I won’t live much longer. I even subconsciously (or half-awake) touched that part of my body and felt that the skin was not smooth.

    On a parallel event in my dream, for compassionate reason it was decided to let a badly deformed baby (esp no limb) to pass away instead of giving him sustainable life-support.

    As for myself, I decided to end my life to ease my pain, not by euthanasia but direct burning in a incinerator! So, preparation was made and I remembered seeing a mini incinerator.

    On the fateful day, after saying goodbye to everybody who were present, suddenly the thought of being burnt alive jolted me to change my decision and saying to myself “Who knows, I could live longer!” Then I run away to hide with some of them chasing/looking for me.

    Along the way, I saw that baby again – his face almost blued. I decided to pick him up and give him a cuddle. Immediately he smiled and said he felt better. When I put him down, I noticed that he has limbs now but not proportional to his bigger head. I decided to take him with me and run/hide. At one stage, I accidentally dropped him and realised one of his arm was loosely fitted to his body. I pick him up again and run again …

    Can’t remember what happened after but at the end of my dream, some people (strangers) applauded me for my decision, relating it (if I may humbly said so) to resurrection of Bro J.

    Wish I knew what it actually means ….

    Perhaps a wake-up call to live my life again where I have left, after taking care of my loved one. I hope the high energies now will help me to jump back to my meditation and to do it steadfastly.

    I did cry alot these few days to let go of the pain to see my loved one getting from bad to worse.

    Thank you for all the updates, Cats, M’s and all.

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  25. I think my new totem/spirit guide is praying mantis. I have seen two ½ -¾ inch long green nymphs in my backyard this week. The larger one was sitting on the back of a patio seating chair apparently waving at me yesterday. I moved it to a flowering bush. They move amazingly fast between long stretches of stillness. Maybe a dragon next go. Cay

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  26. Last hours of the heatwave here.
    Highest temperature ever recorded yesterday, 40/102.
    People are nicer now. Is it the timelime jumps? The meditation? The weather?
    Doesn’t really matter.

    Thanks for that info about new helpers/power animals showing up. Did a meditation and Pegasus came through. Wow! Beautiful.

    I’m looking for a place to stay next weekend (August 2-4) because there’s a music festival right in front of our door. The noise is too much for me, so I’m looking for peace and tranquility.
    I’m in Antwerp, Belgium, have a very limited budget and I believe in miracles.

    Have a nice weekend all!

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    1. Lily. Heck, that’s awesome. If that’s not portal energy I will be amazed. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are both enjoying the wonderful cooler weather today. I am.😊💖 PS How is it going with Willow cat?

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      1. Newlynn, it’s an amazing photo, yes maybe it is a portal! How exciting! The weather has cooled down thank goodness, glad to hear its better where you are too 🙂

        Things haven’t been going so well with Willow Puss. She won’t go anywhere near my daughter and hisses when anyone comes near her. She has been coming out at night when my daughter is asleep but does not want human interaction at all. Feeling very sad about it all and my daughter has been getting quite upset as she does not understand why the cat won’t come out and is getting increasingly impatient. I’ve been friendly and encouraging with her without overstepping the mark and just waited for her come to me but it’s just not happening. I have a feeling the breeder had her and their other cats in just one room, and that they have not been socialised at all. I don’t think she has ever seen a child before let alone one with special needs that makes a lot of loud, abrupt noises and sudden dramatic movements…..If it was just me on my own I would keep her and let her be. But, my daughter wants a kitty and we have such a tiny home I just do not have the space for two. Feeling like I’ve failed in some way. I’m trying to find her a home but am vetting everybody strigently! She would do so well in a very quiet home as an only pet with no children.

        Much Love ❤️

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        1. Lily. From what you’ve just said I think you are doing the right thing in re-homing her. Maybe a moggie next time. Mixed breeds seem to be tougher, both health wise and often mentally. A manic little playful kitten may work (if you can cope with their cheekiness and curtain destroying)! You have given Willow everything she needed, but she hasn’t the right personality. Good experience has been gained. Xxx

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          1. NewLynn ❤️

            Thank you. I feel really upside down with it all to be honest. There is something very special about Willow but also something is not quite right and I could give her all the time in the world but my daughter does not understand and really wants a kitty friend.

            We have found a new home for Willow and they want to collect her on the 7th August, the lady came on Saturday and I got a really good feeling about her. She was gentle and obviously completely smitten with Willow. I just hope Willow will be smitten with them, she is such a beautiful soul.

            ‘Elsie’ is looking forward to getting a kitten now. The kitty is from a small family with a very noisy toddler and seems able to cope with a lot, very chilled out so hopefully won’t be scared by my daughter.

            It’s been a really tough decision, Willow is just beautiful….Guinea Pigs are so much easier, well aside from the cleaning out bit that is! We have three indoor piggies and they are like a little clan all of their own although they are incredibly friendly and come and say hello if you go up to their home! Cats and dogs, any ‘free range animal’ is a bit different, especially with a child with disabilities. It has to be the right one. Maybe Willow could have been…in time…if it was just me on my own, Willow would definitely be staying. Apologies, I’m waffling on. I need to just stick to my decision or I risk upsetting a few people!

            Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

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        2. Hi Lily,
          After reading your post above about your new kitty not being able to socialize…
          I got a message…. This lil one is actually for you both. You are All for each other.
          There is a learning here, for All involved. It has come at perfect timing, with Love.
          A little more time required.

          Also, as I was reading your words, I remembered what I used to do when I was working in very busy places… where children would be very overwhelmed with all the different and sometimes chaotic energy about.

          I would be sitting down eating my lunch, and was given the opportunity to use a tool to help the child, the adults, and the whole situation in their vicinity.
          I was working with a crystal shop at the time, and so would ask for Rose Quartz energy to Be, all around them. Like a bubble.

          I watched on, and observed all involved calm and be at ease, whilst I was there for the remainder of my lunch break.

          I wonder… would this help in your situation?
          Let me know how you go.

          Much Rosey Love
          ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. Awww, Tea Kay, thank you so much for your message and insight, really so much appreciated. I found a home for beautiful Willow, a small, quiet family with a daughter who loves animals. Willow will be an only pet and will be so loved.

            It’s been such a hard decision and I have switched and changed my mind so many times that I have been closing to going a little doo-lally! I want to do right by everyone. The little girl will be so looking forward to getting Willow so I don’t think I can change my mind now and keep her.

            We have found another kitty who has been raised in the family with noisy toddlers and is very chilled out so hopefully will not be phased by my daughter’s behaviours etc…. My daughter is really looking forward to having her.

            I have a lot of love for Willow though, feeling very unsettled with it all as I want everyone to be happy!

            Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

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            1. Awww…. I’m happy that you were able to find a good home for Willow.
              You have to do what feels good in your Heart.
              And hey, we do have Choice. I have no doubt you did what was best for your daughter. Can’t wait to hear about all the wonderFull fun the new kitty brings.

              Much Love to you both
              ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  27. There were many symbolisms from last night dreams. Not sure if I did everything right on the light meditation day. My intention was to send out white goldish lights, shape of Flower of Life, and sound of Om Mani Padme Hum.
    In the first dream, I saw a cool big eastern dragon protecting a nest full of worm (baby dragons?). Second dream, I was at my friend’s house party, everybody was dancing to happy music. As I was about to leave, walking in the night street, my friend looked at me with a shocked expression. I was holding up the car key, and laser like colorful light from the key shoot up to the sky. The sky lit up, and a crystal like heart shape light appear. A small purple light then fall down, it turns into a crystal like glowing marble as it hits the ground. I picked it up and all of the sudden the sky is filled with rainbow colors light falling down to the ground and turned into crystal like glowing toy shapes. We were running around collecting all these cool toys. Amazing!

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