RUhROh? Heliomancer for 8-2-19 [UPDATE1]


Submitted for your approval, some recent coronal hole imagery/simulacra:

Treee? Godzilla head?


Lobster claw?




Uh oh…


Bad news for the cabal?




Hm. Now it looks like a T and a tree… smiling:

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 12.22.11 AM
Or is that broccoli?

There also appears to be another timeline jump and assorted energies…

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 12.12.25 AM


Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 12.17.15 AM
Check out the Wave X energy live.

…and lots of us are feeling both tachy and… that weird “wink-in-and-out” feeling. Hard to describe that one. Also ears ringing, tired… ugh. Ever fall asleep on a merrygoround? Ever fall asleep corgi-style?



82 thoughts on “RUhROh? Heliomancer for 8-2-19 [UPDATE1]

  1. Thank you CATS, I do love those cards…

    I am most definitely in Hermit mode but will pop my head out after that tower has well and truly come tumbling down 😉

    Much Love & Light ❤️✨

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    1. I ordered imidiatley after reading your comment this morning!
      I love it and thank you my bravehearts cat’s ❤

      Zustellung 8. Aug. – 9. Aug.
      Lieferung verfolgen

      Marseille Cat Tarot
      Lo Scarabeo
      Verkauf durch: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

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  2. Sophia just gave birth to four beautiful, healthy kittens. One male tiger and three spotted black panthers. And since she decided to make my woolen bed cover their home, I get to sleep right next to heaven.


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    1. Aight, deep breath.

      It turns out I was a bit fast on the trigger.

      We couldn’t save the weakest one. I just came back from burying her at the spot she asked for; by the water, wrapped in my clothes, on a bed of dried herbs hugging a white rose and an orange poppy flower.

      Last time I buried kittens was different, to say the least. I was 19, just moved into my own apartment with a new kitten as a gift to keep me company and too wrapped up in the daily drama to even notice life passing.

      One evening when I came back home I found the whole kitchen full of blood and early-born kittens; some moving and making sounds and others barely breathing. The mom looked as confused as I felt about the whole thing.

      So I did what real men are expected to do in these situations and relieved them from their suffering, because I honestly felt at the time that this was the best I could do for them. Didn’t even give them a proper burial, since burials meant nothing to me at the time.

      Needless to say, I’ve carried them with me since that day; gradually realizing and accepting how hard I failed the test, how cruelly and disrespectful I treated them. Very few people knew the story up until today.

      I spent most of last night drifting back and forth into sleep, waking up at the least noise to move some of her siblings out of the way, give her free access and encourage her to drink. She never did from what I saw. Instead she spent most of her time purring and snoozing, making a squeak here or there when something disturbed her too much.

      By morning I could already feel her slipping, which only pushed me into full overdrive to bringing her back. I brought her with me out in the sun and had her lying in my palm with the sun shining on her and the wind in her face, massaging her belly. I prayed. I told her about the grass, the flowers, and the adventures. I tried giving her water one drop at a time, stimulating her into waking up and drinking herself, and eventually fed her milk replacement from the vet using a syringe. Weird as it may sound, I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything, she was such a brave little miracle.

      She finally died at sunset from what looked like stomach cramps. I’m guessing from whatever vet-food got in there. With her mom licking her face and me stroking her back. Suddenly she wasn’t making any more noises. And I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart, despite knowing for quite some time the odds were getting worse fast.

      On my way out to burying her I asked why it had to happen. And I was told that she represented all of them, that’s why I couldn’t find a name despite trying all night. And the reason it had to happen was to bring closure, to allow me to do it right now that I have what it takes, to give us some time together.

      The rest of the family thankfully looks healthy and mostly lies on top of each other in a pile of oversized paws fighting over the best nipple. Which is just what I need right now.


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      1. Condolences Sifoo for your loss. It seems you got a do-over and passed the “being present with compassion” lesson with flying colors. My husband and I found a young hawk on the roadside with a broken wing yesterday. We scooped it into a cardboard box and took it to a nearby vet office where injured wildlife is picked up to be rehabilitated or euthanized. Do what you can and then let go to enjoy the survivors. Love to you for your bravery with an open heart. Light shines out brightly when cracked open from the inside. Cay

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      2. I Feel You, Minky lost One too after 3 days. I put Pursy in the garden where her mom loves to run/hide/play. Minky wouldn’t approach the others for a while. So I held her, and let her know that Pursy was with Mother Sekhmet. Now It Is time to keep the others healthy. I took off my shirt, laid it in their den, placed the 3 on it. She began cleaning them, All is back in the Flow. I Am All of That, I Am. Peace.

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        1. @Christopher Schneider and Sifoo,
          – part of me is saddened by both you and Sifoo having to go through the losses you have had so recently, but another part is so appreciative of SOURCE for providing you both with the opportunity to and your choices to experience fully, deeply felt compassionate love – and the openness of you both to let yourselves feel it so deeply, and the choices of the actions that felt RIGHT in the kindness of your expressed actions – that sent ripples out, throughout all that is. Perhaps this is what so attracts others to this planet in wonderment at this time of our maturing – that a planet filled with beings that can run rampant on one side of duality can, and maybe were originally created to have, caring and compassion as their prime operating mode. And to witness a proportion of the populous rise above the tampering and lure of other energies and passions in duality to remember AND express our real natures of love and radiating light. What does the light of compassionate love feel like to those other beings observing us? What do the effects of us using the two mantras feel like rippling off the Earth every time we use them?
          I think the strength and power of fully open-core-hearted compassionate love can be more world, galaxy, universe, Omniverse, multiverse affecting than the, feels weak in comparison, so called ‘unconditional love’. Just my perception… And had no idea I was going to get so wordy. :/

          I send my love and gratitude to you both for your experiences and your vulnerability in sharing it with us…

          much love


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      3. @ Sifoo sending so much Love ❤️ Thank you for sharing that with us, you got a chance to make it right and I take my hat off to you and send you a huge hug! Enjoy your new little family 🙏☀️🐱❤️

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      4. Sifoo,
        I feel your every word…

        Give your young 19 year-old self a loving hug, because he is forgiven.

        And despite the outcome and the loss you feel in your heart – what you shared with us is a story about love where you did every little thing right, from beginning to end. You are love in action, Sifoo💗

        And that beautiful little cat-sister will always be with you. Always.
        She will show herself to you again as a gift of love – but not right now, because you have three sparkling little miracles who will fill Sophias and your lifes with love, playfullness and laughter. That is exactly what she wishes you to see and feel💞

        A big loving hug to you, Sifoo💖

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  3. Another dream about my mom who passed 2 yrs ago I am in a beautiful garden some of the plants even have human like heads but made out of flowers and leaves. I say is this how the new earth will look? Then from all around me I hear my mom’s voice. When are you all coming she asks. I say I have no idea mom it is up to God.
    I say God not source because I did not know if she knew that name lol. I asked if there were guides or elders there that could answer these kinds of questions she said there was. She seemed very sad like she wanted everyone there now. I told her how much I loved her and sorry for any disagreements we had that I know we both had hard lives here. It was like a bilocation for me this dream just so intense.

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    1. Thanks Cat3, but how does this nonsense affect me/us?

      To me it seems madness, a load of psycho babble. I get that it means something to the elite lunatics and that’s their problem.

      Seriously, it’s pathetic and sad…



    2. Hellywood is a very correct term for them. I hope their private party gets crashed soon. I gave up going to the movies along time ago because I felt very harvested and did not like it. I sort of hide in the woods, going in a walmart freaks me out and that very educational link made me want to vomit. Thanks for bringing even more of their tricks to our attention, will they ever stop?

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  4. Owwwww. Feeling pains all over, and near-constant headaches. The energy lately is crazy! I can’t seem to be able to stand in the sunlight for more than 5 seconds without getting absolutely fried.

    Are we there yet?

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  5. I was going to say, “What’s with the energy this morning”, but then saw the update 1… “nevermind” 🙂
    Family energy felt ‘un-glued’ this morning (if it’s un-glued from 3D then that’s ok) – daughter. esp – hmm, just got permission to ask for some nice energy for her – ONE of her autoimmune things is lichen planus, not just oral, but internal systemic and she’s been having some intense toothache problems. Said her face feels like it’s rotting – would make anyone grumpy… (whoops, just heard out there grddhtr just broke something she needed that cost $30 to replace)
    I’ve been doing the first and second mantras all morning for all family members (and me) – grddghtr’s dad resolved fairly quickly, but daughtr and grddghtr’s just don’t seem to be catching.

    Hope all your days go well, much love


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          1. @ Cat Eds, et ceteras, I swear there was a thank you in the above from me, lol – invisible thank you= gratitude… anyway…
            luvies and huggles to you all,


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    1. I use clove bud oil with a little oil of oregano(essential oils), You can add myrrh oil. These take care of dental pain, and kill All bacteria that is harmful. You can remineralize teeth by never using store bought tooth paste. Mix baking soda 1/4 cup with 1/4 cup of diatomaceous earth/bentonite clay/zeolite mix, food grades. Essential oils; oregano, tea tree, sweet myrrh 4 drops each. Sweeten with green stevia, not bleached. And last is essential oil, peppermint or cinnamon work best, 10 drops or more, to your taste. You can alter with time, and everything in it Is Not dangerous if swallowed. Check for personal allergies. If you take the 3 dirt mix I use in tooth paste, 1 tsp a day in juice/water/food, You Will notice changes in your health. They detox/chelate, harden bones/teeth, clear skin. You wont be disappointed! Spread this to All(Light)to benefit the masses. Much Love To All. Peace.

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      1. @Christopher Schneider, thank you, I have copied your info and will pass it on. We have used clove oil in the past – this time it has done nothing for her – we’ve had some success with hydrogen peroxide and salt ( not together) rinses and I’ve used coconut oil pulling with some success, too.
        I know she can’t use peppermint, stevia or coconut oil, (her personal intolerances) and some things increase the tissue dissolving effects of lichen planus, making things worse – anything citrus is a huge no-no, for example. I’ll hope she can use some of these suggestions.

        Thank you so much for your informative kindness. Christopher.


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        1. Kathleen, I wonder if ozonated water would help your daughter? Oxygen benefits all kinds of problems. You might want to check into it; here are a few links:

          Oh, and happy belated birthday to you! Much love…..

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  6. oops, assumption correction – the dog did it!… breakage or rather chewage…
    still, $30 replacement – sorry for assumption grddghtr… 🙂


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  7. Oh ho…

    I woke up around 1 or 2 this morning from a strong dream – part mission and part dream, if that makes sense.

    I was called in to be a driver. There were several drivers getting into cars that were lined up along a road. We wore those flame-retardant suits, and it felt that we were getting ready for a serious event – no one was talking or laughing – just focused. The car assigned to me was a 1967 Ford Galaxy 500, which were strong cars with huge engines and very fast. I pulled away from the side, following the car in front. I woke up before we got to the destination, but I sensed it was serious. Also, we were not exactly rolling on the surface of the road – more like gliding very fast just above.

    After I got up this morning, I was on the deck thinking about the dream, and who comes gliding by – a hawk, of course, with a small rat in its beak.


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    1. The rats in DC? Sorry, that’s mean to cut down rats like that. They Are Perfect, Immortal Spirits, My Brothers/Sisters, I Love Them for they Are Whole and Innocent, All Is Forgiven, and Released. Peace

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    2. Monday Monday could mean two Mondays from when you received the message, which makes it Aug 5 (Monday). Add the digits of 1967: 1+9+6+7 = 23, then 2+3 = 5. Also, Ford Galaxie 500: 5+0+0 = 5. Aug 5, Monday.

      – A.C.

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  8. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Kathleen!
    Or as we say it: gelukkige verjaardag Kathleen!
    I wish all your wishes come true.

    The buzzard (buteo buteo) visited me twice today. Once next to a cornfield, it’s never flown so close to me. Later, high in the sky circling, 2 of them.
    Also saw 30 geese fly in formation and the blue heron flew North-East, high in the sky.
    Huge things are up.

    Besides that synchronicity/manifestation is off the charts. Too much to share yet I was waiting for a confirmation for launching my tarot business called Spiritual Tarot. Then this SÖC-blogpost falls from the sky… 🤤
    That Cat-deck is indeed a must have.

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    1. @Stefan, thank you for the kind wishes – turns out my daughter skimped on food this past month, so we could get Chinese take out for my birthday dinner – getting Chinese is rare enough – only 2 or 3 times a year that you can get excited and tastes even better – I ate about 1/10th of my platter and 2 crab rangoon things and was stuffed beyond measure… abundance reigns, indeed – left overs are lovely things… My old landlord, Shepard owner, txted me Thursday, wanting to take me out to dinner in the next few days and to think what food I’d like to eat – all I could think of was Chinese and then my daughter got that, lol – Now all I can think of is garlic mashed potatoes, go figure… maybe my body needs garlic, lol.

      thank you, Stefan, much love be yours,


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      1. This is a true joy to read, Kathleen – you did get to have a lovely birthday and sending wishes your way of experiencing more joyfull gifts made out of love💖

        A big loving hug❤️

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      1. @lily144, thank you, lovely lady… Mmmmm, Ahhh, caught them all. 🙂
        I like your time stamp… 4 s 🙂
        Wishing you and your daughter joy and ease in all things, and more…

        PS: my grddghtr somehow has hacked my daughters iPhone gotten into her apps account and downloaded some apps, but has managed to LOCK OUT her mother from the account – I wonder if she changed the password – caught her entering 'David' into the search box on the xbox the other day (erased it when she saw me) and our house guest stopped her the other day from ordering a video game, some sort of viking warriors or something – this new activity has been since the eclipse – also watching videos in multiple languages, so far Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese and Chinese the other day, so if she does 'use her words' we're not sure in what language she's speaking… she is now 4 2/3 yrs old, now – she's also has had me press down on her head(crown chakra) hard a lot then popping off the energy – if I do it right and enough repetitions she starts laughing… Our house guest who is on the Asperger's spectrum, himself, thinks she is not communicating on purpose – I think she is encouraging/awaiting US to get with it on the telepathy train, IF we're willing… My brother keeps telling us they'll help with therapy costs – if we don't what will happen when she is 15/16… I somehow don't see that as an issue – we might have trouble keeping up with HER. If you have any advice/opinions on therapies I'd be interested – there's an at least 8 month waiting time to even get an appt. for evaluation and with both parents working and me essentially housebound, therapies seem out of range… she doesn't have a lot of triggers for meltdowns thankfully, most can eventually be handled… I babble on… forgive me – don't really have anyone to talk to about this, non-judgmental, un-opinionated ones anyway… and this may not be the place for it, but sometimes if I ask things ANYWHERE the Universe answers me anyway, somehow…
        Anyhoo, love you muchly, Lily


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        1. Awww, love you muchly too Kg! Hope you had a lovely B’Day ❤️
          I think my daughter and your grand daughet are super intelligent and very telepathic probably! I have had no success engaging my daughter in therapies. She likes to do things her own way and does not like people
          trying to guide her, especially ‘professionals’. I am going to try sensory integration but I won’t be able to afford more than a handful of sessions. I think she would enjoy these as they will be more physical, swinging, vesibular etc…as far as speech and language etc…’Elsie’ has not got on with any of the NHS provided services/ways of doing things. I think she has some disdain as they tend to be quite patronising and forceful. ‘Elsie’ likes to lead the way and funnily enough it works for her!

          I do worry about ‘Elsie’ downloading apps etc but for now, she hasn’t figured out the password!

          It would be lovely to be able to get ‘Elsie’ to use the toilet, to be able to dress and feed herself etc…

          However I’m with you though, I think these beautiful souls will be teaching everyone else in the not so distant future and hope that their challenges will dissipate with The Shift…

          Much love always ❤️🙏❤️

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  9. Hi Cats,
    Look close at the child being drug in circles as the Merry Go Round moves…

    Does it look like she is tied at the wrist to the Merry Go Round????

    Where did the video come from?



  10. Btw, we checked into that rumor and neither of the C1int0ns have actually been arrested. M3 said: “I don’t know about an official arrest, but I do think they are under very intense investigation that they cannot hide from (finally).”

    -CAT Eds.

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  11. For days I had a horrible headache that nothing seemed to help get rid of it…for months I’ve had issues trying to sleep…yesterday I stood outside in the sun and brushed out my hair…I burn fast so I knew I couldn’t stay out long just felt I needed some sun…watched as a dragonfly fluttered near me and so I reached out my hand…within ten seconds it landed on my hand…for five minutes I just stood there having a quiet chat…my dog sat watching and excited wanting to see it so when I brought my hand down the dragonfly simply touched his nose and then turned towards me walking up my finger before flying away…it was a beautiful moment we shared and as I watched it flutter off into the backyard…I noticed my headache was finally gone…last night I slept for a full 8 hours!

    When we take the time to care for ourselves we can see the beauty that truly surrounds us…the real important moments in life…blessings and peace to all of you! Find your moments and cherish them!

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  12. I noticed a little ‘thing’ going on, on the Schumann at the 4 mark that is reminiscent of the ‘thing’ goin’ on on the sun. 🙂


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    1. @veni vidi 11, thank you, Victoria – I’ve decided to act like abundance is just normal, lol.
      thank you for the birthday greetings and the love.


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  13. Today’s observation: Went out into the world today. (I know it’s Saturday and what was I thinking?) Anyway, when I pulled into the grocery store parking lot at precisely 12:00, probably 15 people passed in front of my car. They were all walking at a brisk pace and all had an identical posture. It appeared that they had a slight backward tilt. I thought zombie apocalypse immediately. They were rushing to enter the maw of the store. Needless to say, the whole store got mantraed (sp.) repeatedly. The second discovery was that I started to watch Warehouse 13 again. The last time I viewed it was several years ago. I thought it was just great! Apparently I’ve changed. I waded through episode 1 with my anger factor rising. Waded through episode 2 with increasing anger/ discomfort. Started episode 3 and had that Aha! moment. The thing was so laced with subliminals and so negative that I sent the whole garbage back. Breaking the matrix spell! Whoda thunk? Wow, they’ve been exceedingly clever for far too long.

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    1. This happens to us with nearly everything entertainment, nowadays. You can actually see this programming in stuff from way back, as well. One of the CATs just saw (and shared) a Wild Wild West episode with Ricardo Montalban where West goes through a portal… and at one point Robert Conrad kneels down and actually says a prayer to L. Unbelievable.

      -CAT Eds.

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  14. Im surprised yall didnt say anything abt the meteor that almost hit us
    Like im not worried one bit an ik its prob some alt timeline stuff/a sign but still 👀

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