Meterage/YATJs for 7-31-19 [UPDATE6]


So, the following happened yesterday (7/30) for many of us…

…and made lots of us sleepy — and it’s still going on, to a certain extent. Some of us took naps. we just couldn’t stay awake. A timeline jump is part of it and it’s still happening at the time of this writing:



Note: Here, the energy caused a whole segment to dip.



And now the timeline jump:

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 4.37.05 PM
And here’s a muon meter showing the timeline effects…
Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.38.00 PM
…which are still going on.
Here’s how the Schumann Tomsk meter looked.
The Etna magnetic field meter is actually showing multiple timelines, echoing off the 50 Hz power line reading (with 100 Hz as terrestrial echo/harmonic). Each one of those magenta lines at 4:45 are parallel universes.
This SID data out of North Dakota is just glad to see you.

Besides a muon drop, there was also a proton dip associated with all this:


And here’s more timeline stuff:


Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.20.58 AM

Some of us had a kind of ultra-quick black-out/no-sound/no-visual for a split second around 4:50 pm PDT, in what felt like a reset, but we can’t quantify it. We’ve had this before but not mentioned it. The M’s will ponder it.

More after we all wake up.

Trying to stay awake…


We forgot a few graphs, timeline jumpage from a few days ago:

7-29-19-vlfScreen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.24.44 PMSome-birds-arent-meant-to-be-caged.-Their-feathers-are-just-too-bright


Color us asleep at the switch. None of the CATs checked the meters after noon. (Thanks for the heads-up, Stefan.) Looks like we’ve had a significant energy event:

Wow. This is crazy. Look at the details: It’s the 27th… then the 24th… then the 27th again two hours later… then the 28th… the suddenly 31st… and then February of 2020! Houston, we have a problem.
One Cumiana meter conked out, then returned.
And another.




Huh. None of us felt a thing. Perhaps because we already felt it.


And Wave X energy is roasting various ports of call (and lots of cabal strongholds):

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 3.07.23 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 3.07.36 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 3.07.47 PM

And more:



And here’s our confirmation of either another timeline jump…

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 3.11.35 PM

…or a *continuance* of the one we were already having. Let’s see… aha:

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 3.21.17 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 3.22.27 PM

Same timeline jump. We’ve been not just jumping, but SEPARATING one part of the OE from the NE for about 36 hours, now (aka, The Rip).

Energy peaks in France and the UK… and really all over:




Almost 48 hours later, the timeline has landed:

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.11.05 AM

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.13.39 AM

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.14.19 AM

And this Italian meter is still confused:


That’s enough for today.


Wow. This footage from Colombia is real (starts at 11:39):

It’s a whole fleet. We’re looking into whose fleet; they’re very cloaky when you look at them.

Also, that portal to Sedona thing that someone posted… that’s fake. Sorry. It’s a good fake, but fake nonetheless.


128 thoughts on “Meterage/YATJs for 7-31-19 [UPDATE6]

  1. Do you think my parallel life is making all the money?😉? Because in this one, I’m totally tapped! Can someone explain to me how your house air conditioner unit breaks down for $800 and then your car a/c goes kaput for $800? A week apart? I hope I merge with my money making timeline!

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    1. Been there, so I went back to work with no employees, just me doing small construction jobs. Peace.

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    2. $819.00 a/c service bill yesterday but it feels nice and cool now.
      On another note, I woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the wee hours of Tuesday (about 3.A.M.). Rolled over thinking my husband couldn’t sleep and made a cup. Found out later that morning he did not wake or make coffee. I expect I had a visitor. Didn’t someone say Source smelled like coffee? Cay

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  2. Oh yes! I most definitely felt that one yesterday! Didn’t sleep last night (30th) despite being really tired and interestingly, woke up several times with the word ‘MUON’ going through my head!!!

    I felt there had been a timeline glitch, since the internet and other techno stuff was out of action here in North Wales for a number of hours until around 10.30pm GMT. Hubby reported that his workplace had been out of action due to technological breakdowns, too.

    I understand that there is a coronal hole facing Earth right now – although not sure what that means, really.

    My personal feeling today is to stay as close to Zero Point (heart centre) as possible and to imagine a shimmering mesh of light across the coronal hole! Well, one has to do what one has to do in times of coronal hole issues! hee hee

    Big hugs to all the Cats and everyone else… watch this space, eh?

    Love, Jay xxx

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    1. Ladybirdbeau. I was awake from 2.30am onwards too. I was so tired too. Both the cat and my partner are having health problems and I just wanted to sleep. Is it too much to ask! Obviously is lol. 😊

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      1. The awake @ 3 am thing came in handy. Chased off a burglar after Minky made weird noises to me. He invaded her territory, so she told me. I felt I should have fed him before chasing him away. Did the You Are Perfect x3 for him, then put all the tools, etc. back where they were. Did manage 2 hrs sleep, and the Kittens Are Perfect. Much Love to the Universe! Peace.

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    2. Oh this is such a relief to read, I was starting to think something was really wrong with me! Its interesting trying to do accounts like this 🤣 (Im in wales too!)

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      1. Nope !nothing wrong with you redhorseyogi 🙀. Wide awake and couldn’t sleep during the early hours of Wed 31st and could barely function yesterday ( live in N.Wales 😻). Wondered if something was going on and then see all the graphs…Whoa !😯…much love to you all on this site 💖💗

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  3. hahahaa…. @ North Dakota SID…

    very sleepy… could sleep and sleep and sle………………. zzzzzzzzz… snort!….zzzzz…

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  4. Thanks CATS, that explains a lot, again!

    Totally exhausted and discombobulated.

    Been getting deep, bone aches. The other night it was in my right foot. Could not sleep at all due to pain and constant flashes of light internally, behind the eyes. Turned onto my left side due to foot hurting so much. Was curled up and suddenly got a ‘jolt’ throughout my entire body!

    Much Love ALL ❤️

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    1. Lily. I was getting the flashy light thing too. Thought it was lightening but it wasn’t. Weirdbis the new normal. Xxxx

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      1. NewLynn, yes, me too, thought it was lightening but definitely in the eyes or behind the eyes! Weird is definitely the new normal, for the last years or more I have felt as if someone was putting low grade hallucinogens in my tea! Much Love ❤️xxx

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          1. I have the flashes last few days. Definitely outside of eyelids for me, looks like something erupts from the ground.

            Portals, figures.

            I always end up living near portals one way or the other. Now and then I get an urge to go for a hike, just following my nose. Through swamps and over mountains if needed. And I always end up in places that seem special to me, like it’s exactly what I was looking for. But I have no clue why it’s so important that I go there.

            I still find it very weird to know without knowing how or why. But it seems to work mostly by itself if I just trust the process.


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            1. Yup, getting those sky flashes too and inside the home, sometimes it feels like I have a light behind me or on one shoulder, following me from room to room, noticed it in the evenings! There has also been a flash in the same patch of sky every night not far from my back window which just looks out over fields. I say hello when I see it 😉

              Much Love All ❤️

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    2. I can’t speak to the source of external light flashes, but I have some experience with internal light. I’ve been seeing light behind my eyelids since getting attuned to Reiki a few years ago. You know the new mantra we just got from Blossom; well, there are Reiki symbols for both light and love (among others). They work by drawing them and saying their name three times. After I internalized them and knew what their energy felt like, my teacher told me to try invoking that energy just by thinking “I am light” or “I am love”. As it turned out, the symbols were just training wheels to be used on the way to truly becoming the energy. Now when I give Reiki, I just imagine the brightness of the Sun emanating from my hands, and as it infuses the body of the person receiving it, they often see that brightness behind their eyelids. Now, Reiki or not, I think our cells are continually holding more light as the energies ramp up and our vibration rises. The mantra is simple truth.

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  5. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Productions of Light come into full view.

    Participants are called to the Higher Way.

    Stalwarts of the normal are set aside.

    Farm hands of the Rainbow Path begin their harvest.

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  6. OMG! I had the strangest timeline experience yesterday!

    I woke up. Got dressed. Got ready to go to a meeting way out in the countryside. Packed a bag of needed items and called a friend on the way out the door to see if she needed a ride.

    She said, “The meeting is not today. It is in two weeks, next month, in August.”

    Stunned, I hung up the phone, put down the keys, and went back to bed.

    I have never done anything like that in my life. Little Miss Punctuality had a lesson in Reality yesterday. It was a shocking and a relief, downright comical.

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  7. Well that explains it, I literally yawned all day long at work yesterday, my head kept bobbing down to my desk – then I got home and there was a huge wind/rain storm blowing sideways like I’ve rarely seen and a couple of huge branches fell down in my yard and a bunch of flowers got knocked down – it was wild! Today I’m all squishy in the head and nauseous … and the fun continues…. until it doesn’t I guess! Thanks for the update Cats! BTW all feral cats accounted for but one from the storm – hope little Jewel is ok – she’s the one that finally let me pet her last week!

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  8. I’ve been reading Aluna Joy for ten years. As an armchair traveler, I appreciate that she journeys into places off the beaten path to experience the earth changes.

    She posts stories about her journeys on her web page. This recent one is very lengthy, and highly recommended. Here’s an excerpt:

    Happening now, there are huge timeline events crossing over current time now. It feels like all that we have experienced in this current cycle of time (26000 years) has now been condensed, assimilated and sealed into a collective group experience creating a foundation for something new. We are entering into a new place with a cocoon, or embryo of experience created from our past, linear time, but we are now starting to operate in spherical, fractal-like time. Time line node points connect to Earth-based node points (many sacred sites) at various times and places. This crossing of Earth and time creates extremely powerful portals which can never be predicted. Earth-based node points are fairly well mapped, but multiple oscillating timeline portals are impossible to predict, at this time, as to when or where they will connect with the Earth. We saw evidence of this by how our group reacted inside the scared sites by going extremely deep. Once our work was done, and we left the temples and went back into the world, we were not able to hold focus well, because much of the outer world was and is in great flux and out of date. It is like we are barely juggling our old life in the last bit of living in linear time, while we are now creating in timelessness or spherical time.

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    1. I have traveled with Aluna in Mexico and
      Central America. People who feel called
      to join her usually have an ability to work
      with the energy of sacred sites, something that I did for many years. These spiritual journeys are very worth
      while doing, but I have never been on one
      yet that did not have challenges, in one
      way or another. In 2007, before joining
      Aluna’s group in Guatemala, I nearly passed out and was told I was very anemic. I was also told that if I flew I
      might die due to possible cardiac or
      cerebral problems. Hearing that is enough
      to ruin any trip! I decided to go anyway and, while on the trip, climbed the highest pyramid at Tikal and then, in Copan, did 14 zip lines! I am not saying that it is wise not to follow medical advice, but on that trip I followed my inner guidance and everything turned
      out fine.

      With love to everyone,


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      1. Good for you! 🙂
        We should listen to ourselves more!
        We are very wise and should trust our inner being!


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  9. Har! This kinda ‘splains what I was experiencing when I described the phasing in and out I described a coupla days ago. Also now we know why the parking was extremely limited in the skies above Mt. Baker yesterday afternoon as I described in the previous post. I was driving through there around 6:30 PDT. Again I say woohoo!

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    1. Yes! As Heather said, “Feeeeel the Greatness of Existence Again”! Right now, I’m feeling exhausted, but perhaps after a nap! And thanks to all here and Terran, Heather and the Galactics who are aiding in this great transformation. ❤

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      1. Thanks, Kiranasa. We checked with one of the M’s and asked Guides and saw lots of smiling faces and nodding heads on the DNA upgrade. That explains a lot. We’d never mentioned it to each other before.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Huh. Now ask them all how close we currently are to 65% *positive collective polarity*….

          …and tell them not to be GAIAPORTAL-Cryptic, with the answer.
          Tell them that I too, want to be smiling and nodding, here.

          And No dates.

          NUMBERS, please.

          ~ Rainbow/Pearl White Dragon


    1. I have the same thing – just gone for a bit. When I come back, there is no waking up as if I’ve been asleep. It is like I’ve been in a void. It happens when I’m sitting and by myself – thankfully not when driving!! My sense is that some adjustment or connection is being made – much like turning off a machine to reset or fix something.


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    2. Thank you Kiranasa for this information!

      Kiranasa or CAT(s) could you please elaborate more on this “ultra-quick black-out “!?
      I would love to know more about it!

      Thank you!


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      1. Um… CAT7 more aptly called it “winking,” since you instantly wink OUT then wink back IN to existence. It has a feeling associated with it, too, like… a teeny roller coaster drop. You can feel it in your chest and gut. Sure is nice to know what that is, now! Thanks again to Kiranasa.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Ooooh, yes , Ive had some of those, really weird sensation! Thank you, this place and you lovely souls always make me feel like I am not as crazy as I once thought!

          Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  10. Same here! I feel it all …. I am still restless and sleepy at the same time!

    Keep us posted! I hope something good and exciting is going on! 🙂
    Today is a Birthday of some of very special people in my life.


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  11. “…and made lots of us sleepy — and it’s still going on, to a certain extent. Some of us took naps. we just couldn’t stay awake.”

    Works like Melatonin. Certainly affected me like that Monday, almost feel asleep while driving back from Austin to the Hill Country. Similar effect Tuesday.

    Majestic 12 twitter feed purports the Schumman rise is related to masking visiting delegations. I have not yet been able to confirm that with my contacts. Interesting theory… and if true is it the Galactics frequencies that cause the rise, or is the rise manipulated by Earth agencies?

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  12. @Cateds: I’ll answer your query about the spheres over Mt. Baker yesterday Re: my comment in previous posts. They were not points of light, they were translucent, and they appeared to be perhaps a mile across. Fairly bigger than a breadbasket. (thank you Johnny Carson) Using the top of the cone as a rough visual guide. They may have been bigger than a mile. Next time I see them, I’ll ask for a better size reference. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

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      1. Milling around. As I thought about it today it reminded me of that old engraving showing the sky full of spheres from the medieval period. I think they are “holding the space” for whats in process. If that makes any sense. BTW: Absolutely must have second nap now. Bye.

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    1. “Are hiccups for days a timeline jump side effect?” No, the causes are numerous with the worst effect being internal bleeding.
      A very effective treatment is a near mouthful of true honey, swallow, no chaser other than one’s saliva.
      The alternate is about two or several packets of granular sugar …
      or simply up end into your mouth the table’s sugar dispenser 😉
      Take care!

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  13. Feeling better after last week’s big sleepy weepy eyes blastings … looking forward to Merc out of Retro … and some planetary chill time next 2 weeks into Lion’s Gate … with more creativity energies coming online … and more financial abundance for one & all ✨💖✨

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    1. Well, that explains a lot. I’ve been feeling out of sorts and misunderstood for several weeks now; it’s all Mercury’ s fault! Thank Source it’s almost over.

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  14. Out of boredom, frustration and too much energy I started rapping to my kid. It went awesomely well. New ascension symptom, let’s rhyme our way to NE!

    Question: why the Shawshank quote?

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    1. Oh and forgot to tell: 2 nights ago my kid sends me a text message right after midnight. Bless you!
      I reply: thanks but I didn’t sneeze!
      She said yes you did, I heard it.
      No I didn’t.

      Last night my mom heard me in her room while I said: mom.
      I wasn’t there though, I was in my own room. She too was certain it was me.

      On both occasions I was awake. Is another me walking around?

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    2. The Shawshank quote means (according to spirit side communication) ~

      That when the Shift occurs and we the holders/bringers of the Highest Light on this planet vacate it, take our Light with us and leave for home — which is either 5D to 7D New Earths or elsewhere in the higher dimensions beyond this Earth construct entirely….

      ….Then the absence of our great Light will immediately be felt severely, by both the Descending Earth Construct, and the lower levels of the Ascending New Earth 4D Constructs.

      This absence is what will unconsciously motivate the remaining low frequency level humans to evolve upwards towards 5D level light levels of awareness. Instead of them simply stagnating in their lower levels.

      It is the longing to have that (our) Light back again in their reality, that will be the main impetus for their continued ascension.

      ~ Rainbow/Pearl White Dragon

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  15. “Each one of those magenta lines at 4:45 are parallel universes” 😉 Also liked the WaveX blast map, “roasting various ports of call (and lots of cabal strongholds”!

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  16. Some troubling news. Due to pathetic 3D Health Care, Mother in law is in the hospital. She’s recovering however, It be would appreciated if the good people of this blog would pray for her speedy and painless recovery!

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    1. Sending Love and Health vibes to her and to you!


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  17. @Cats etc,
    Thank you for updates – I’d been walking around this morning with my skull impaled on a pike and my forehead smashed with a sledgehammer, shattered…. now crown chakra getting in on the act… muscles right under each lump of occiput screaming… such fun – thank you for sensations reminding me this body still lives and feels – oh boy, does it feel.

    Portal encircling dragon and I had a creative name evolving session last night as I’d asked her what she’d like to be called – we both seem to like what we came up with, creative combining of a few things – and yes, as advised, I won’t share it – I was tired and asked if we could communicate during sleep – feeling that we did, but nothing remembered…
    The, I thought, new guide is missing now – I don’t know if that has(d) anything to do with all the TLJs? I’ve had a lot of change outs of guides in those times I paid attention to such things in the past – sometimes in ones or twos, sometimes whole teams… I won’t even ask if that’s normal – as one of my health etc counselors was fond of saying when I asked such things – “It’s normal for you” – gee thanks… 🙂

    @Cats etc – yes, thank you for clarifying my ‘blast’ reference – you got what I meant – should have added white blast out or something – you’re right I didn’t mean the Schumann was a energy blast.. maybe Earth recoil after processing or throwing up residue, unfortunately comes to mind… so ‘graphic’, so to speak, 🙂

    be well, All – as much as you can, anyway…
    much love,


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    1. Hah, Kg! You made me laugh with the “It’s normal for you” quote. So much like me with trying to figure out what’s happening on a given day between Wave X fun and “normal” MS stuff after 27 years of it!

      All I know is I woke up on Tuesday with a numb right hand, feeling like I’d been run over by a truck! Wave X or MS? Tape or Memorex? No matter, I called off work and crawled back in bed.

      I am so looking forward to feeling more than whole in body!

      I try not to whine, but some days are just rough!

      Hang in there, Kg! At least you have a beautiful dragon to call on!

      Gramma B.

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  18. Been feeling wave after wave of energy every few hours for days. Feels like high anxiety to me. It is 6am here and I have been wide awake since 3:00. This is getting real old. Any let up in sight?

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  19. My dream validates the “rip”.

    There was a court case (Justice timeline). The victim was a woman. She had been abused (Gaia).

    The night before trial she had been gang raped by bad people to stop her from giving evidence (ca8al).

    The trial was held on a large bus/coach (OE – NE).

    There were many on the coach, from all walks of life. There were many animals too. I was wearing 2 jackets. Both white. A bulky warmer one, but underneath a lightweight one (Density/DNA change)


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  20. The comments about flashes of light reminded me, I saw one a couple days ago – was just looking out my west facing window at the afternoon sun over the hill and there was a huge FLASH – thought it must be lightning at first but it was blue skies and a few puffy clouds so not that – hmmmm … today my brain feels like crap again like it’s being compressed into a smaller skull. Good news tho, Jewel the cat showed up last night, all the cats accounted for! And they all keep staring at me constantly lately, like they know something they think I should be picking up on…..

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  21. Woohoo! This must have been a big jump. I’m feeling relieved, light hearted. Like something was lifted. My SO is having a harder time with the typical jump symptoms of body and mind. Electronics going wacky too, and it only effected my profiles at work today. I was all gity knowing we just landed wherever we are now 🙂
    Amazing positive changes and clearing out before the new moon. I feel I made it somewhere and I have been travelling a long time. It was tough but I’m here!
    I’m very happy my SO made it too, even though the adjusting is tough, I know it’s all worth it.
    Thanks Cats & Ms 🙂
    Loving everyone and spreading light.

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  22. Dreamt of a sleeping white opalescent dragon under a red blanket last night. I was walking around it and touching it gently through the blanket.
    Has anyone seen the mountain hikers pictures from Colorado on u-tube channel Secure Team? They had to rush down the mountain because all body hair was standing on end. Not a good time to be the highest point on a mountain with these huge energy connections. Cay

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  23. Well, my experience with the energy of August so far: This is the first day for a month that my lower back has been relatively pain-free. I can actually move with comfort! (Now if I’ll use a little common sense and refrain from anything foolish in the garden, I’ll make it)

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  24. Oh my giddyness…Those updates thank you CATs!), those meters, those jumps, these whomps! Yesterday I was discombobulated, today I am ……. Hmmm nothing describes it really, what a ride!!!

    Much LOVE & LIGHT ALL ❤️🙏😊

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  25. It feels like we turned some sort of corner, albeit probably one of many more to come… After an avalanche of processing and a rough time for the last 2 weeks physically and emotionally, it seems like things got lighter, airier,easier a bit. My whole family is now rapidly moving towards actually manifesting positive changes in health and overall well-being, good things are happening in our lives, I am strongly feeling a new synergy and synchronicity, things seem more interconnected, I can feel and understand complex things better, communication since Tuesday is effortless (mostly😉) , I can express spiritual concepts better in conversations, like something inside has been activated in a most magical, instant way! It’s not like this all the time by any means, but when those “linked-in” moments happen, it feels awesome!
    ‘The doors of perception’ are opening, and this is just the beginning! What incredible times we live in, what privilege to be part of this magical transformation, evolution, birth! The very fibers of our reality are changing!
    I couldn’t imagine doing this without you all! My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the beauty and strength of your souls!
    With much love, Victoria

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  26. Some of the CATs asked about where we just jumped FROM in terms of the timeline jumps…

    Each jump takes us away from negativity. We are going to probably keep seeing them (the jumps) and the ca8al looks to be working overtime, causing some blips. We still have a ways to go, but we are going in the right direction.


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    1. I hope we are almost there…
      I do not feel that I belong to this reality anymore… Feels more like a dream to me.

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  27. In the weirdness department, my favourite alley, there’s this dude whose videos on yt intrige me.
    He’s either a pro videoeffect-master or…
    Check this one out where he creates a portal in his bedroom. Don’t try this stuff at home kids.

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    1. WOW! If this is real, this soooo amazing!

      CAT’s, is it a real portal?!



    2. While opening portals to Sedona would be an interesting way to travel, we’re not there yet >.<

      Would like to see his break down though!


  28. Yes they did — they gave you the number “65” and the number “64” a few weeks ago.

    Which you told to us all. On this blog.
    And you said that you had not yet bothered to ask your guides whether or not these numbers were percentages.
    Which other spirit side sources, definitely said that they were.

    You automatically make the be-littling assumption that I have not questioned SOURCE and the Omniverse every single day, all day long, for this very answer?

    Have you questioned yourself and your guides, why you are responding to my perfectly neutral, normal and logical question, with a very issue-laden, negative dark energy, ego-threatened, arrogant smash-down response?

    Are you truly unable to interact with your equals? Why don’t you demonstrate here, that you CAN?

    And so much for “negative speak”
    I thought you said that your guides were upgrading you all, up past these low levels.
    I thought you said your group had positively changed/evolved a few days ago….

    So you still refuse to play nicely, on positive levels, with feisty Dragons? You choose to only be ‘nice’, to subservients?
    And will NOT ask your happy smiling guides for me? No matter what?

    How CRUEL.

    ~ Rainbow/Pearl White Dragon


      1. Yeah, really. Ok, no one recalls the numbers 65 or 64 popping up and being written about here — except for the years of those cars some of us saw, but that’s a stretch. Anyway, the M’s said that 65% sounds about right wakeynesswise.

        -CAT Eds.

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  29. Wanted to thank, Tea Kay, Stefan, Milifori, Lily, J, Christopher and all others I didn’t mention (if I misspelled anyone please forgive (I’m doing from memory) for your thoughts, responses and support this last week. And all the Cats, Ms, etc for all the understanding and clarifications I’ve received…

    I’d asked for – ‘most beneficial outcome’ a couple of times then moved it to present tense gratitude for passing inspection, or something better, (Tues). Prepared as best we could. Saw the four, 2 blue shirted HUD guys and 2 women, most likely from the bank that approves and funds some HUD housing projects, out front Tues. afternoon – saw them go to a number of the 6 duplexes here – somehow they skipped ours. 🙂 Ahhh, the something better… grateful…

    Rampant Abundance…
    Had to have a $ discussion with daughter about a bill that was due between paychecks, on the ‘past due’ or be shut off – she always gets upset by attempt to brainstorm, defensive – not my intent – So, staying in my ‘something will come up’, ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL, place – this, or yesterday, Aug 1st, my SSI was deposited, so I could pay said bill and concern myself with the new charges, due on the 12th and rent, laters… 🙂 My brother called me pre-birthday this afternoon to get my new banking info, so he could sent some monetary birthday goodies – did not expect this as he and his wife sent us unexpected $ support earlier in July. So the abundance train is chugging along – with visiting the canine Shepard Sat, 3rd, and the last two Saturdays $ and what will be sent we’ll be able to pay the rent and maybe pay the rest of that outstanding bill AND my Shepard owning friend is going to family in Uruguay mid-month will help me catch up on the rest – quite a lot of abundance floating around suddenly. It seems I don’t have to have my family members believe in abundance and that things can get better, only demonstrate and have gratitude in my acceptance, actions, gratitude supporting abundance myself – I have no doubts Y’all’s great and lovingly supportive thoughts have added to this amazingly… ❤

    Many thanks and much love be yours — All Y'all… 🙂


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    1. Hey, that’s brilliant news Kg! So happy for you, Yay! (does a small happy dance on the sofa) ! 😄 The universe was listening!

      Big Love and Abundance to You! 😄✨🙏

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    2. Kathleen. That’s really good to hear your situation has improved. I also believe that abundance comes when you need it. If we had too much money we would just worry about keeping it lol. At least with nothing in the bank they can’t do bail ins and steal it all off you. 😊💖

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  30. Hence the dissolution and disappearance of the current Orion 3D matrix and reality will not happen by external collapses, but through a qualitative leap (expansion) in human awareness – by substituting the current carbon-based brain as the hardware of human thinking with a crystalline brain (hardware of the light). The external collapses of the old 3D matrix will be only the consequence of this expansion of human awareness. As we are on the cusp of this big Event, it is worth discussing it one more time from a theoretical point of view.

    We have now entered the bifurcation point, where our awareness will begin to expand and we will witness how the external world, the current facade, is substituted in a seamless manner by a new, much more evolved and malleable 4D and 5D reality. This holds true for all light warriors of the first and the last hour, who will ascend to 5D and higher, and for those, who will ascend to the new 4D worlds, which we have created as Logos Gods in the new Golden Galaxy.

    At the same time the vast majority of humans will experience sudden external collapses of the current system and will plunge into endless series of social and natural catastrophes, until they learn their lessons and gain deeper insights. Most of the light workers will experience this dreadful destiny and their souls know this outcome already. Hence the deep grief which they now emanate and we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have to process for them as the professional cleansers of this planet


  31. Recently got a number in a meditation (i think tuesday) and would like help figuring it out. It is 10624
    I don’t think it’s a date.


  32. Hello
    On Wednesday I had a odd dream: I entered the portal of the building in which I am supposed to live (nothing similar) and I found myself in a spacious hall, like a public building. There was the principal of the school I attended in my teens. He seemed to be showing apartments to potential clients. My sister and I got in the elevator and I mistakenly pressed the 2. We arrived at that floor and found ourselves in another spacious place, from which there were corridors leading to the apartments, whose doors were open. They were still empty. We entered one and it was very spacious and bright, and had stairs that seemed to communicate with the apartment below. I wondered why that might be needed. We went out again and I saw that outside the building there were also stairs. I understood that these apartments were attached to the building I live in, and that they are invisible from it. And that they were not communicated with it either, just the elevator, and I saw all this by accident.
    And that was all
    a warm hug

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  33. Update 6: there’s also a new video by mrmbb333 on yt about a fleet of ufo’s close to that mountain from Close Encounters. Table mountain?
    Anywho… funny if it would turn out to be real, the whole movie scenario I mean.
    I told you a few weeks ago I was about to go Roy Neary! 🙃
    On a sidenote: I gave a cat some sardines today, bought it especially for the felines who live around this place where I’m living for a few days. Many cats here. And this morning after waking up, sat on the grass barefoot and saw 3 parrots flying into a tree. It wasn’t the coffee, those were parrots. Green ones with beautiful tails.
    Feeling frisky today as well. Or is it a heightened energy state…

    Love, blessings and chocolate to All.

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      1. I don’t have a cat but my dog really
        likes sardines. He also likes cat food,
        but it is not supposed to be good for


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    1. Hey Roy, 😉
      It’s called, Devil’s Tower, in Wyoming. I was there two yrs ago during a x-country trip. It’s impressive. I think our ufo friends would earn a lotta points by showing up there — nothing like a sense of humor to break the ice, n’est-ce pas?

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      1. Although that whole Close Encounters thing with the tower was the PTW’s icky symbolism. Note how the ship looks like a giant crown…? That kind of thing is in so many Spielberg and Kubrick et al’s movies. Once you see it it kinda ruins all the movies, but it’s part of realizing what’s been done and who’s been doing it.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Yeah, that ruins it. But Devil’s Tower is still pretty cool. Bad name, but good mojo.

          Any particularly good movies that pass truth-sifting muster?


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