Gone Readin’ 2


Hi, all. We’re going to lie low this coming week and get some reading done in this, our second annual week-long summer reading sabbatical… unless something important crops up. Otherwise, we’ll be back at it on Monday the 12th. In the meantime…

…we offer these meditative earth-in-transition images:


























By the way, did anyone notice that it’s almost…



23 thoughts on “Gone Readin’ 2

  1. Ah, Autumn is my favourite time of year ❤️🍂🍁 all those beautiful colours!

    Love those earth ‘reclamation’ photos 😉

    Happy Reading CATs ❤️

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  2. Yes, felt the change in the morning temperature as noticeably cooler for the past few days. Good timing for a reading vacation while the craziness is escalating outside of one’s set protective bubbles. I am the light. I am the love. I AM. Cay

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  3. I did notice that Fall is drawing nearer. I will so grateful when summer in Sedona is done this year. Hot and dry, and while my fur loves being in the sunshine, I hate that my water bowl boils dry every afternoon … Have a delicious reading time. I’m on “knitting sabbatical” for awhile. Time to quiet down and BE.

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      1. Yes,
        from time to time a tiny leaf falls dancing in a spiral on my head…
        But the green is abundant and mighty still, in this part of the world.
        Newly I see again the butterflies – what a magnificence!
        I’m mesmerized,
        watching them moments long…
        For, yes, August is catching foot on Earth but now,
        I sense it has some heavy words to say.
        If World transforms, then in this month of August.
        I would allow it BE, and in full force.

        Have a lovely vacation, dear CATs & Ms.
        Always a delight, to be here with you.

        PS: according to my view, the real books are indeed yet to be written

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  4. Absorb, your going on a mission to absorb-it-all. Praise Jebus! Ya but nobody else fights the good fight while you tend your library. Just saying. . . LET THE WORLD STOP
    CATS ON VACA.!!!!!

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      1. After reading a few of his new books( after resurrecting my Kindle – the lights died several years ago and reading without them is challenging), I’ve been re-reading a series of books lately by P.S.Powers about ‘building’ – I’ve always believed his self bio, (summarized) that he got stranded on our timeline when something went wrong with a ‘traveling’ experiment. It seems his original one was generally not as cruel as this one… – writes very fast and prolifically…
        Enjoy your reading and down-time, if the world let’s you…

        <3, All

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  5. YA’ll are fhgn so busy you can’t see that cat on tippy toes. I’m sure . . . She means well. Don’t let my bitchyness stop me from your well informed opinion.b I will arrive. Intact, humble and with every power.


    1. Nine flamenco dancers on the dance floor and one on the table – all grabbed their castanets. Is Christmas eve only three days away already? ya, it does feel like the winter solstice. Will Santa be ice fishing?

      Is real is free, why is Dian not? Too much spam? Just askin’


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