When It Rains… [UPDATE1]


Check this out.

What we’re feeling now came from some really interesting Wave X activity from the sun on 8/3…

BLAMMO. (We probably felt this today.)
And again.

Which also interested others:

Hm. A 45-degree turn from a… natural object…
We Three Ships.


Now, check out this 90-degree turn.

This energy caused general timeline wackiness…



…as well as planetary Wave X action…

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 10.02.25 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 10.02.43 PM




…causing some unlikely combinations:



Funny cat and dog pictures 2





…and some unlikely hybrids:



Looks like this energy has also yielded more Wave X trepanations:


55 thoughts on “When It Rains… [UPDATE1]

    1. Stefan. Thanks, lol. I nearly spat my vitamin tablet out laughing. The reading holiday that never was! 📖 🐈

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  1. Btw, while I’m thinking about it…

    We got our cat tarot decks the other day and some of the CATs were messing with them, looking at the pics… but since they weren’t shuffled very well and were a little stiff, someone got the idea to dig out two old tarot decks they hadn’t used in a long while (but they were shuffled) and do a reading. For fun we asked (SOURCE and J and Guides, ahem) if the Tarot was fallible (we got all kinds of conflicting/mutually exclusive cards), and then asked if The SHIFT would occur within the next 30 days (an unequivocal YES, but their definition might be different than ours), but… something was bugging us about the cards, so we stopped and put them away. Shortly after, the clairaudients in the room loudly heard: “Why would you want to give up your manifesting power to a deck of cards?” We were suitably admonished. Then, one of the M’s (guess who?) walked into the room, saw what we’d been doing, looked through the tarot decks we were using and asked: “Why is there no SOURCE card? That omission alone should tell you where the tarot originated.”


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    1. Thank you CAT6 for sharing this with us.❤️
      My conclusion from this becomes an important reminder to always look for SOURCE in everything – if SOURCE is’nt of it, or in it, then it’s not of/from the right source…

      Loving hugs to ALL❤️

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    2. I have all sorts of cards and found I stick to the Native American medicine, Druid Plant & Animal Oracle and Gemstone cards…the rest I was ‘relying’ too much for messages [in hindsight] from “characters” i didn’t know…so now trust my own inner guidance and pull a card here & there for confirmation. Cards taught me to trust my own instincts. There’s always a lesson!! Thanks CATS for update and everyone who shares…y’all are awesome…hang in there!! ✌️💚🌎

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      1. I’ve never “read” cards, I feel from words of others. Whether talking to them, or reading their written thoughts. I’m learning, yet this week ,I have felt in lost area, sort of a funk. Like I’m getting many different emotions, not sure which are mine/others. So I’m mainly observing. Much Love in Harmony to All. Peace.

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  2. Had a strange dream, the Indie band Happy Mondays came on the TV and I found myself dancing and dancing to the video! Was never really into their music but maybe it was just the ‘Monday’ thing coming through again!

    Much Love ALL ❤️

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  3. I had THE coolest dream yet this morning – I woke up at my normal time for work and thought, oh 5 more minutes…. thank God I did because I overslept another 45 minutes – and I was in my own little “jetsons car” somewhere in Europe – it was red and a lot like my old VW bug but with my feet hanging loose like on a chair lift – more like a small personal helicopter without the blades – I was moving levers to get up in altitude over the trees – was tricky getting up above them – and then I was WAAY up high looking down at the most beautiful landscape below of mountains and lakes and fields and villages and I was thinking I must be flying over the French Alps – and that maybe I should be scared because I was so vulnerable way up there, but it was so much FUN that I just enjoyed the view – then I woke up. Whoo hooo, what a ride! No wonder I’ve always preferred my dream state to my waking state!

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  4. Unbelievable pain today – back screaming, plus mid area feels broken… ribs crushed… chest physically depressed, with elephant… then there’s the oxygen starvation muscle pain, neck pain… head full of spaghetti… that’s about it… little dog won’t leave off sleeping by my head.

    Other than that I’m fine; y’all have a nice day 🙂


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    1. Hi kagee,
      woke up with body screamin’ at me too, about an hour ago.
      Have been taking a thing called ‘PEA’ (Palmitoylethanolamide) for pain, for a few months now. Its worked well enough to get me off and lower other types of pharma stuffs. I’m upping the dose today, which is still considered the ‘normal’ to take. So… I’m happy with that. Have you heard of it before? If not, have a look on google, it helps in many different ways for many things.
      Lotsa Love ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Thank you for sharing that about PEA, I had not heard of it, I will give it a try sounds like it might help. (For my hubby too)

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      2. @Tea Kay, thank you for the info; I’ll look into it.
        Several years ago I tried a cream and capsules using a highly concentrated extract of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel in it’s formulation – it worked and was able to reduce other medications, BUT because our family has a high genetic predilection for gout and above ingredient is very seafood-y I ended up with an extremely severe case of gout that put me in a wheelchair for months and no weight on feet, so had to stop using it…

        I’ll be researching -PEA-
        much appreciation,


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  5. We’re on the move, those still sleeping are getting VERY restless and difficult around here. I trust they have plenty more of the good stuff incoming because this will take a lot of light and a lot of patience.

    Speaking of unlikely hybrids, this one makes me wonder what they’re trying to tell us.

    I love Christopher Walken, he’s about as cool as they come. I do hope he’s not dipped in slime like most Hellywoods, that would be a disappointment.


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    1. His bugaboo is that he was there when Natalie Woods died. She fell off the end of their houseboat while having an argument — drunk, as she and Walken and Robert Wagner all were — and Wagner and Walken were too loaded to think straight and save her. It still haunts him.


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      1. May Christopher Walken have some healing from Mantra one – meanwhile let him bring some dancing joy to you all. From ~2:55, post Shift dancing? First 45 secs, kinda looks like we all feel, then… 🙂


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  6. Thanks for the incredible updates as usual.

    Been having lots of feelings/knowings of something not only amazing but also new coming.

    I understand it’s all we ever discuss or think about, but this is different. It’s like a future memory you can’t quite put a finger on. You know it’s so hauntingly real, yet so elusive.

    It really will be like waking from a dream.

    Mark x

    P.S. My psychic skills got an upgrade. As soon as I awoke, I saw dozens of ants crawling around my inner sight. My wife walked into the holiday kitchen and shrieked that we had been invaded by them, I said “I know, I’ve been watching the blighters!”.

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    1. That is crazy. Can you describe the “ants” more?

      I have been plagued with this weird “ear-WHAPPING” sound in my left ear. I’ve had it my whole life, but now it’s off-the-hook. When I was a kid, I made the mistake of telling my family that it sounded like someone was hitting me in the ear with a wet pickle. Never heard the end of that one.


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      1. Hi M2.

        Well, as I awoke, with my eyes still closed I saw a blank white screen. Then I noticed a couple of black ants scurrying across the screen. They looked normal in every way. Then quickly they multiplied. Before long there were many.

        Then I heard my wife shout from the kitchen that ants were everywhere lol.

        Whenever I am on holiday, I ALWAYS have heightened senses, usually pre cognitive dreams. I often wonder if something environmental back home interferes with me?


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      2. I have had ear issues all my life. My left ear went off two days ago in a most painful way. Feels like a construction crew is blasting a new pathway through the side of my head. Ouch. Onward … Love to All.

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      3. Ear wapping?
        Today a huge boom, like an explosion went off just barely inside the outer part of my ear. Crazy loud, big resonance, yet it did not affect my hearing or physicality.
        WTF was that?

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    2. Wow Mark I have been doing the psychic insect thing too upon waking and boom always there where I saw them in my mind’s eye.

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  7. Perhaps someone here can help me figure something out? Since the first part of April I have been dealing with something very painful that is being called “frozen shoulder” by dr’s. but I really feel it’s something else, or additionally something else. But weirdly, my brother, at the same time, has also been having the same issue, and my aunt, and a friend that worked on me (massage) to help me feel better, is now having the same kind of pain, but not to the extent.(To be fair, she did ask to know what I was feeling so she could better address it, but seems it latched on to her like glue). It seems suddenly everyone around me is having right shoulder pain. I’ve done the testing for the dr’s, awaiting the diagnosis, but finding it very weird, that this has come on with little or no injury, and has spread to others that I know, but have not even had any physical contact with. I looked up what shoulder pain means, and it was something about fear of moving forward,… but still that doesn’t quite jive. Any ideas?

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    1. Hi Ann K,
      The feel I get is something that has been ‘carried’ for a long time (shared between many?), may be about to be spoken of, or ‘needs’ to be, to allow the energy to move on in a healthy way.
      I wonder.. being that all but one are family whom are also feeling it… could it be something that has been carried along and not spoken of/let go, because of fear? And, is the person whom is not ‘blood family’, close enough to be?
      I feel like the pain/frozen shoulder will move/heal when this ‘burden’ is spoken of.
      Hope that helps.
      With Love,
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Also, the left side typically indicates the past, while the right indicates the future. You could be having a reaction to an upgrade for future next-steps. It seems like a Wave X/processing energy thing.

        -CAT Eds.

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    2. I have also had a sore right shoulder, it might have started hurting a bit later than yours. I’ve been getting massages but it hasn’t helped much.

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    3. Ann K,
      If you have access to a good chiropractor they may be able to help along with massage. I tried about 7 chiropractors before I found one who keeps me relatively pain free with whatever surfaces. Good luck. Cay

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    4. Ginger oil is a great anti-inflamatory! Mixed with peppermint or small amounts of wintergreen oil, to assist penetration(blood thinner) Also add couple of drops of oregano oil for pain(Origanum Volgare). Or, what Tea Kay offered! Peace.

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      1. Thanks to everyone for the responses. It has given me something to think about. Hope to get it all figured out soon. Hope we all get our aches and pains relieved here soon. 🙂 Very interesting times we are living in, for sure. I will let you know if something miraculous happens. 🙂

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  8. Hi All 🙂
    Just had to share this Pawesome news………..
    I can drink coffee again!! 🙂 Yayness & Purry Headbuts!

    DreamTime has been ‘out of this world’ mostly.
    On ships, in groups, meetings, New Earth, sorting This Earth and helping to sort ‘other’ some stuffs.

    All of my Senses have been turned up too.
    There’s more to this.. of course, but just going with it at the mo.
    See what happens 😉

    Much Love to All ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  9. Yep. Me too. Lots of pain.
    I walk really weird, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, hip gives out, muscle jerks, OMG pain,… these are all things I did not have a month ago.
    Then, the electricals shocks all over, make me jolt and scream out loud.
    And oh yeah, add in the typical symptoms we all have. Ugh.
    Otherwise, I am at peace.
    But damn, this is exhausting.

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  10. I’ve been avoiding talking about something for a number of days, feels difficult to me, but I’m being nudged to ‘get on with it’… So, they better help me compose this, so it makes some kind of sense.
    This ‘FEELINGS’ started after a few readings posted here mentioning new abilities coming on board to be used to help people after the event/shift and a Cat comment about, I think, essentially – “just wait til after the shift – that’s when the REAL work begins” – I could be remembering that wrong, but it started this inadequacy, mild panic, hermit-y, bad person stuff rising up…
    I know I have personal experience a number of times of responding appropriately, esp with homeless people – long conversations with them in parking lots or random people in the grocery store ‘cornering’ me and talking to me about their recently dead mother and how they’re feeling for 45 min to an hour. – One homeless Indian (his preferred designation) veteran talked to me in my car outside Trader Joe’s for almost 2 hrs once – I did have to take big settling breaths occasionally – at the end he reached out and touched my heart area and gave me a new name in his tribes’ language saying it meant ‘sunflower’ –
    So, there is hope that I will act appropriately ‘after’ when help is required – I just don’t FEEL like a loving person, with love gushing/shining forth and truly wanting to be of service – I’ve been accused of being ‘flat-aspected’ before – if I am then it probably stems from past training and being sword-slashed down if I expressed joyful or exuberant behaviors.
    I help with child-care and some household chores in family, but don’t necessarily feel ‘loving ‘ doing it – mostly feel tired and struggling with body to ‘DO’ anything. In the farther past there have been times I’ve been accused of trying to help too much, but it/all these times it doesn’t feel loving, just neutral… So, I feel like a bad person and definitely inadequate to whatever extraordinary help being required post shift… I feel like I’m just babbling now…
    I feel a bit of loving feeling with the little dog that takes up 90 % of my personal space everyday, but then she accepts me totally and values my presence, I don’t get that feeling from anyone else – that they are glad I’m on the Earth, but maybe I have an inability to recognize it because of ‘things’
    I don’t know where this was going, just apprehensive of whatever is required of me post shift, just tired and having no desire to ‘DO’ anything – I truly hope this changes after the shift… after all… I am the light, I am the love, I AM… :/

    Sorry for the babble-age…


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