Lion’s Gate Meditation


Hi, all. We’re gonna take a break from our break and do a mini “lion’s gate” meditation on 8/8, as we do every year.

We’ll do a “rolling” meditation at our various local-time variants of 11:11 am/pm. Or you can do it whenever you want and send the energy to any time you want. All of the M’s and some of the CATs have already done a pre-meditation (we always do that to pave the way) and the energy was just incredible.

Note: We heard from ALL the clairaudient CATs and M’s about what one CAT calls a “flappy pterodactyl” sound at their left ears; it bugged lots of us for the past few days. For those experiencing this, it’s because of an energy upgrade to that faculty (today’s been okay, but the past few days have been rough). 

Did someone say ears?

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  1. What up All!! I am definitely feeling light headed, almost baked-ish, though the herbs have been in the rearview for quite some time. No judgement to anyone who partakes, just had to let it go to progress on my road. I had a dream last night that I was in an airport/teleport type place, where people could just select where they wanted to travel on an enormous interactive map and transport there through these gates. I remember seeing Minnesota, (Random, as I don’t know anybody there, but do have family in the midwest) before going to this cafe which was packed with travelers. I don’t remember much else about it, but it felt so real.

    I remember reading here about dragons, and while I didn’t have any frame of reference at the time, I thought how cool it must be to see one. A few days ago a Green Dragon made an appearance in my meditation. Got all up in my grill for a moment, lol, then flew off. It reminded me of how my cat Gizmo used to do the same thing before giving me one of her legendary cat baths. Special memories with a special cat ❤️.

    Big Thanks to everyone here, we are all leaders indeed. I appreciate this fam a lot. On another note, the folks in my town seem to be extra nice these days, something good is in the air. One Love All. ❤️

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  2. “To blast you with SOURCE energy until you turn into an angel. 😉

    Love! ❤️ Love! ❤️ Love! ❤️

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  3. Sophia Love ❤️

    August 12, 2019

    Why hello, Sophia.
    I see you are prepared now for conversation. This has been attempted for several nights now without success.

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward.
    Yes, I am available now. Would you introduce yourself?

    Of course. We’ve spoken before, yet it’s far back in “time” for you. I am not a race that is humanoid. More foreign to you than most you’ve encountered.

    I am not getting a visual image, yet your voice is coming in clear. Is this by intent?

    A visual, a precise visual, will perhaps color your perception. I appear in physical form closer to a bat-like creature than an insect or a bird; my coloring is dark. I am larger than the bats on your planet however.
    Is there anything else, before I go on?

    I sense you are alone. My questions would be: “Do you have a name with which you can be addressed?” “Where are you from?”

    My name is not able to be pronounced in your tongue. My planet of origin exists within your own galaxy, yet not near enough to be seen by your equipment.
    I am a representative of one race that exists here, but there are others. I am a part of a race of very wise and old creatures who take interest, and deep interest, in the evolution of species.

    You would consider me a sort of elder.

    Okay. What is it that you’ve come to share with us today?

    The perspective from here, from my race and my planet, may hep you to tolerate the process you are currently engaged in.

    What process is that?

    The evolution of your species from unaware and dependent to aware and clear. Clarity comes about the further you move from looking elsewhere for answers or saving or fixing.

    Your race has made remarkable progress and I am here to point some of that out for you.

    There seems to be a resignation setting in – among those most instrumental in the change. It is that that I’d like to help alleviate.

    Go ahead then.

    Some of this you may have heard before and some of this maybe not while human. Yet for those of you called the star-seeds and those doing light work – all of this you know. You know this as truth.

    Your job in many ways feels done. Yet it is not finished. It is now that some different sorts of challenges face you.

    What is seen by those of us watching is remarkable, breathtaking actually. I will summarize.

    A call was put out for help for the earth. To increase the light quotient to a sufficient enough level that the humans would evolve and end the reign of the controllers who prevented that with their slavery program.

    You’ve answered the call and succeeded. The light quotient increased and the race is throwing off the controlling faction and evolving.

    This evolution takes “time” to manifest in physical form on your earth.

    What both complicates and speeds up the process is the one thing humans hold a very large amount of; emotion. Feelings become your battery and your downfall, your gasoline and your brakes.

    What I want to share with you now is the inevitability of what is coming. It is the blossoming of a race held down, now unchained, by all things external.

    It is the rapid yet gradual uncovering of the true core of every life – it’s own self-realization.

    What is so mesmerizing about your human race is the drama – the depth and breadth of feeling demonstrated on every level captures the imagination of the many species without such capabilities, mine included.

    It is why, I suspect, the human incarnation is gladly repeated again and again. It is an addictive field of extremes.

    The resignation I mentioned earlier is due to the fact of that addiction. You light-workers are tired, your job feels as if its complete, and yet nothing has changed to a satisfactorily pleasing level.

    Although not “from here”, you’ve worn these emotions long enough to get tripped up by them. They are not your natural state.

    I urge you who read this transmission to remember your mission and realize that it will be seen and experienced as successfully completed by you in the not too distant future.

    What has happened is that you’ve done your job so well, that more and more humans are catching up and on, and this unexpected turn of events necessarily alters the creative song.

    It will finally occur when harmony is reached.

    Make no mistake. It will be reached and you can speed it up by turning up the light.

    This is not a time for resignation.

    It is a time for joy.

    You know how creation works. To activate your power while human with the breadth of creative emotion you now hold would be a magnificent sight.

    You are to be congratulated. The human race is a highly anticipated race to evolve and it is because of you that she did so in such a powerful and unique fashion.

    Remember your reason for being here.

    That is all I came to say.

    Thank you.

    Thank you, everyone, for everything.
    Goodbye, Sophia.

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  4. So have we had another timeline shift today ?(Monday) I don’t seem to be getting a handle on it today. Something is decidedly different.

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    1. J – most definitely, I felt it too! Something IS different, but to be honest, each day is like living in a kaleidoscope as one energy shifts and another comes in. Time is irrelevant (in my life anyway) Fortunately I don’t have to go out to work or take care of children – how people do it is beyond me and they have my complete and utter respect and admiration!

      Feeling to sit quietly, which is not difficult seeing as this morning I went ‘ass over tip’ in the garden on a very hard path, grazing my knee badly, scraping the skin off my foot and falling on my wrist! Wondering why I couldn’t see, I realised my specs had fallen off. All because I stood on a hazel nut! We have tons of hazel trees around the house and the squirrels have decimated them and left a trail of destruction in their little furry wake! haha

      Big love, Jay xxx

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      1. We have noticed the peace and quiet deepening, and much less in the way of “mental background noise” if that makes sense, but we haven’t seen or felt any timeline jumpage. That doesn’t mean you didn’t experience one. People can have personal jumps all the time.

        -CAT Eds.

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  5. I suspect JE dumped everything he knew before his death. He is still a smoking gun if we must be on the justice timeline.
    Love to all

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    1. While it is unfortunate that he was murdered — because he just started to talk — the PTA (Powers That Are) have enough evidence to get the ball rolling. We’ve passed the tipping point.

      CAT Eds.

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          1. Thank you. It’s better in this way, I suppose. But I hope we will be free of all this kind of Power soon. It’s exhausting. It’s great that this 66.7% is done. 🙏💕

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  6. Today (8/12) felt…straaange…and sad for me. I actually had a random crying fit for reasons I couldn’t explain. It felt mournful in a sense..

    Anyhoo, for the past couple weeks, I keep receiving the message “You go THROUGH.” I’m still trying to decipher what it could mean, but one of my nightly meditations suddenly presented a cracked door. I tried to enter, but then it vanished. Now I’m quite curious where it led. When I ask my guides, they keep reminding me “You go THROUGH,” but the door hasn’t been presented again.. beautifully puzzling..

    On a lighter note, is anyone else having trouble going up and down stairs?! Haha. Each time I’m encountered with stairs, I have to REALLY focus on not losing my balance and remembering how to take each step. Hahaha.

    ALL the love,

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    1. Yes, this has happened (and still happens) to a few CATs. You start walking up then the stairs get either wobbly or blurry or you’re walking someplace else on other stairs… then you’re at the top. One of the M’s actually had a portal on their stairs for about three months and walking through it was very bizarre.

      -CAT Eds

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  7. Well a cicada just flew in the house at night and is hiding in an overhead lamp that is so high up no way can I get it. Never seen anything like this before can anyone spare a cat I only have a dog who ran to hide when it happened. Only a cat could get up there and get the job done.

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  8. I think it was two? nights ago I had a series of connected themed dreams, maybe 6 dreams and just the title of the last, 7th. (wasn’t to comment on the dream series content) when the last ‘episode’ was to begin But, after the ‘episode title’ was thus given I woke up… The title had ‘pumpkin pie’ in it and I think ‘day’ – pumpkin pie day?, not sure, but had the feeling of ‘thanks giving’ rather than ‘Thanksgiving’ – I hope it means a day soon to give thanks – just got the feeling that has already happened… rather than a day in Nov here in US.


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  9. I lost my beloved Kitty Lila on this day. She was with me for 19yrs. I did not realize it was the lion’s gate till I saw this post today. I am just heartbroken as she had some kind of stroke and/or seizure (so her last physical day here was not an easy one). I am heartbroken, as I had to make the decision to let her go as she was already sick w/many other illnesses and there was most definitely something else going on w/her brain (tumor, lesions???) and she was suffering. I hope that, this was an auspicious day for her to cross over the rainbow bridge, as I have not really “heard” from her since. Thanks for having this meditation, as while I was unaware of it, maybe it helped her to cross.

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    1. Sorry for your loss, LC… but please note that it’s temporary. As we’ve said before, that which is LOVE never dies, so… your cat is still very much in existence. Hang on…

      Ok, I was just told that you will see your cat again on the NE. She went first to prepare things… and she just jumped into a terribly green bush with little white flowers all over it.


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      1. Thank you M2. I was hoping she was running free in the olive grove that we use to walk in, at our prior home. This sounds just as nice. I appreciate you commenting since I know you are all on a break 🙂

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      2. M2. What a lovely message to LC about Lila. Hope my old boy jumps about when he passes. He is so creaky now. I think he sticks around for our big love ins every day. 💖


    2. LC. Really sad about Lila. It’s so hard. I’m wondering if our old fellow will be still with us every morning I wake up. Love to you.x


      1. Thank you Newlynn and yes it is hard. The first time in my 56yrs that I have never not had a fur baby in my life. Don’t dwell on your old fellow not being w/you, just hug him every morning and night that he is 🙂


  10. Ok… please accept my apologies, CAT7. I wasn’t talking about the video in this comment. I was speaking generally about something someone else said… somewhere… I can’t find the original comment. I had no idea my comment would be beneath the video you posted, as the comments editing system just drops items in, but not in the order they appear on the site. That said, I thoroughly encourage people to see the video CAT7 mentions!



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