Bump Forecast ~ and MORE [UPDATE3]


We’ve had our latest (five day? eight day?) energy bump. When will we have the next one? Do we HAVE to have another one??

Yes, we do. Hooray! (Grumble.)

We’re seeing the next sizeable energy bump around the middle of next week (around the 21st), so everyone will get a little break. Boy, do we need one. Alas, we can’t do much of a meter post, as the meters are kinda boring right now. But that will probably change.

This darn bump keeps moving.


Lots of CATs have gotten lazy of late, so we reminded one another — and now you — to be sure to BREATHE IN SOURCE in your meditations. It really builds usable psychic energy fast, which can then be steered in any number of positive directions.

Anyway, we just did that and point-blank asked — again — if Guides (and we have some new ones!) wouldn’t mind giving us a clear indication of when The SHIFT might occur. (We had stopped asking, but were inspired to ask again.) Anyway, once we did this, we saw one solitary snowflake fall, then more… then it was snowing. So… that could be anywhere from now till winter, given planetary nuttiness. THEN there’s the fact that lots of us have been seeing and wanting to see autumn leaves all day (three of the M’s went independently looking for autumn jigsaw puzzles)… and some mentioned “pumpkin day,” which could be Halloween, or could be the ‘giving of thanks’… and a commenter said this as well… anyway, we can hold on and spread light till then.



Note that the above timing is not about critical mass (we’re at 66.7%, Timmy), as one rude commenter suggested. (Rude comments are deleted, btw.) We’re technically already AT critical mass. What we’re waiting for now is two things: 1. Something called “Divine Timing,” which is not just something you can whip together in five minutes with a Timex and a tire iron, and 2. Preparing us *EACH* energetically so we aren’t fried in the energy exchange. This is not exactly a train you’re waiting for that’s late. It’s an ultra-/intra-dimensional cosmic event that has just a few bazillion moving parts on both sides of The Veil, across the multiverse. If this is a problem for you, we suggest you take it up with SOURCE.


We just had either a CME or a solar prominence, non-earth facing:


See the whole clip here. Interesting that NASA chopped out 12 hours at the end. This energy blast might be part of what we feel next week.


158 thoughts on “Bump Forecast ~ and MORE [UPDATE3]

  1. Thanks CATS, I was so happy to see a new post!

    Have been feeling so, so exhausted last few days. Normal household chores etc.. Seem incredibly difficult, I took ‘Elsie’ to our local nature park and people did look like they were staggering about a bit! I felt like this today phew…Trying to get everything done in the day does not seem possible anymore, as if the days are shorter! By the time I have put ‘Elsie’ to bed and finished the washing etc… I barely have time to sit down before its bedtime again!

    Last night, managed to do a decent meditation. The energies coming in were super intense, I thought at one point I was going to be pulled from my body!

    Much LOVE ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Loved ones are even coming through the portals now never seen that before scared my dog and I. Wow life on earth is just weirder and weirder.

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  2. what is the purpose of so many dates of THE SHIFT and then nothing happen? how can anybody take another date seriously?

    thank you for all infos,beautiful site !


      1. It’s moving for sure! Every time we
        think we might be getting close it
        moves again! It would be great if
        something significant happened in
        the Fall (Autumn leaves 🍁 and 🎃) or
        early winter (snowflakes ❄️) but I
        am not holding my breath!

        With lots of love 💕 to all,


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  3. Groan! Today, I washed the car which was telling me it wanted. Well, my back didn’t particularly appreciate the effort altho the car has a big smile. All is as it is. Tomorrow is another day. (Oh, as a side note, it has felt and looked decidedly fall-like here at the farm the last couple of days. Just sayin’)

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    1. Myself and friends of mine have noticed some early color changes and leaf dropping around here as well. My friend commented: ‘What do they know that we don’t?”…Winter is coming…( sorry, couldn’t help myself)😁

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  4. I’ve becoming increasingly stressed out and anxious over the last few weeks. I feel like subconsciously, I’m running out of time. Anxiety over health, finances, things I “should have” done in this life but didn’t get the chance to do…

    I’m not sure why I’m worrying so much (when there’s no reason to) but I wish it would stop.

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    1. Sending love to you, Elemental! Hang in there, we’ve been going through that as well. I feel that looking at the past with awareness and going through all those yucky emotions might be helping us to not get ‘fried’ when the time comes. It’s hard work, but it’s so worthwhile and important!

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    2. I feel like I am in a hurry also. And I keep hearing myself say to friends
      with out realizing it, “enjoy yourself while you can we are running out of time”.

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  5. I’m thinking about getting my first cat.
    Since I live on the 3rd floor of an appartment building: is having a cat feasible? What kind of cat?

    The master plan behind this is that she will lead me to a portal where I will step through and arrive in NE. I promise to send postcards to all here!

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    1. Sure, it’s feasible to have a cat in an apartment, just make sure your lease allows pets. All of my cats have been indoor only critters, including my first which I got when I was 22 and living in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I bought my house in order to give him stairs to run up and down! As to what kind of cat to get, that’s pretty immaterial. Go with the cat that finds you, or go to a shelter and take the one you fall in love with. I’ve always thought it would be nice to sit down in a place filled with cats and see who comes to me, but I’ve always been found before I could try this!

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      1. PS: It’s kind of a lot to expect kitty to lead you to NE. When NE appears, I plan on grabbing my cat and bringing her along, as opposed to her suddenly being smart enough to take me there! Just expect a fuzzy, unpredictable, purry ball of love that occasionally pukes in your shoes and you won’t be disappointed….

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      2. Thanks Kathy. Just like my dog, I will indeed go for the cat that chooses me.
        What the lease says is not important. What my mom says on the other hand…
        Oh and the portal was a joke. Guess everyone’s a wee bit tired.

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  6. Arrrghhh – some difficult physical days, ya again – today(rather yesterday (8/13) heat and cold… chills, extreme tiredness, chest compression through to spine resulting pain, trouble breathing, top of neck pain and head pressure, some sight things – some of that itching thing – restless legs, oh and tooth pain esp missing ones, go figure.
    – can breathe through most of it – need a SOURCE snorkel… some free floating anxiety, not mine –

    Shepard sitting all this week, til next Monday – daughter texted me this afternoon we’ve been hit with another inspection notice… for tomorrow – I won’t be there, so asking for most beneficial outcomes again… I feel like I’m forgetting something.
    re, update, funny when I mentioned pumpkin day I didn’t even think go Halloween at all and that’s bracketed by both my mother’s and my daughter’s birthdays and one of my daughters favorite holidays, just thought thanks giving… hmmm… weather has turned here for the moment mornings crisp – unseasonable for southwest US, one tree species has color at top, may? be normal-ish…

    Tea Kay – I’m continuing the rose quartz treatment in several ways – thanks for the reminder…

    the ‘Christmas’ Dragon feels very ‘tightly’! asleep around the roof portal.

    still feels like I’m forgetting something important… :/

    awe well, all


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      1. Thanks to the Universe/Source/CoH/Crystals/Dragons/Cats/etc. Just getting them(thank you’s)out “on time” w/Love/Gratitude. Peace.

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    1. Kg,
      When you find out where to get that Source Snorkel, pass it along. Had a bad night (which I did to myself) by making tomato soup with fresh tomatoes, basil, and ½ milk and ½ cream. Good going down but woke me at 1:30 AM with mucus facilitated reflux. Yuck. Still here thanks to Tums and mint tea. Cay

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      1. @ cay, will do, re: SOURCE snorkel. 🙂

        Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich used to be my favorite ‘go to’ comfort/ home sick from school food.
        Had tomato soup a week or so ago when wasn’t feeling well – first time in more that 6 months? – didn’t feel/taste right at all, same as always had – tastes or substances changing? I was sad… :/ – then *shrug* – just more changes…

        Be well,


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        1. I can’t eat what I used to eat, my system is too sensitive
          Wheat effects me for weeks, and oranges make me sick.
          Is anyone else Dizzy almost like the spins?

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          1. Yes, it was bad for all but one or two of the CATs last week (dizziness, quasi-drunkeness, and visual distortions), but a little here and there at present, as well. Sadly, some people out in the world are dropping like flies. We are not allowed to interfere.

            -CAT Eds.

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            1. During the last month, I’ve been to 4 funerals during which there were huge bouts of quasi-drunkiness (sp), only without the booze. If I drank anything, the hangover was beyond the pale; it was enormous and very painful.

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    2. For restless leg try this simple solution:

      Put about a half-teaspoon of baking soda into a full glass of water. The water should taste a bit “soapy”—this means it is alkaline. Think of it this way: when you are experiencing too much energy, your nerves can’t handle it. Like a battery, your body conducts electricity. All batteries are either alkaline or acid. Since our bodies are usually too acid, the alkaline nature of the water with baking soda can “take the edge off” your restless leg. I have had this all over my body. When I visited my family, I found out that my brother-in-law already knew of this remedy. I told my older sister—she tried it and it worked for her.

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      1. @The Wave, thanks, next time I will try that – I too get the all overs, not just legs – for many years teens -20s+ I’d get charlie horses EVERY morning – I got so I could wake up before it was full blown and pull my toes up and turn my foot in a certain way and forestall the worst of it – walking it out or massage NEVER worked – I did find out that for me they were magnesium deficiency related, as were facial tics – when I was POOR I’d get the smallest box of epsom salts I could find and take a pinch in cold water (the taste wasn’t so bad in cold water)
        I’ll try the baking soda for the restless legs next time.
        many thanks



  7. I had another glimpse of NE.

    I’m not sure, but I’d wager it’s hopefully where I’m going/living.

    I was lying down, eyes shut then a pristine image of a a pine forest came into view. I was “looking down” (Telltale sign of “being there”), and saw the richest green imaginable. Amongst this forest was a clearing bathed in golden sunlight. A perfect place to build a house I felt 😉

    Then my image burst as another, but faded image of a bird appeared, crashung into some tree branches. A couple if seconds later I blinked my eyes back open as a bird did exactly that outside my window making a right royal racket, made me leap right up!

    Last night I dreamt of going through many physical trials and enjoying the challenge.I also dreamt of being involved in a mission. We brought down many people to justice who believed they were untouchable. Interesting that my rifle magazine was loaded with pencils not rounds…

    Thanks for the updates my beautiful friends x


    P.S. I guess it can snow in Autumn 😉

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  8. Gaia Portal ❤️ Didn’t Blossom mention envelopes??

    Geospatials congregate in Higher Mode at this time.

    Flyers of Light are telepathically sent to all.

    Planetary envelopes are broken.

    Stationary platforms are motivated.

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    1. Hardly. SOURCE loves us so much that you would burst into tears if you connected to It for a millisecond. The SHIFT is a moving target because of 7+ billion dopes exercising free will. We are each a scale model of SOURCE, with more power than you can imagine. If everyone actively connected to SOURCE and thought “SHIFT” right now, it would happen right now, as SOURCE would be able to easily adjust the timing with our willing and active participation. When people refuse to see the truth and/or actively try to stop it… that’s what gums up the works, but… The SHIFT cannot be stopped. It will happen when it happens.


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      1. ‘7+ billion dopes’? I thought rude comments weren’t allowed on this site?

        Free will was gifted to everyone here by SOURCE, it’s the integral part of this earth/schoolhouse. The only planet of choice.

        Blithely blaming others for the delay of the ‘SHIFT’ is condescending and frankly beneath the good CATs.


      2. I’ve been saying the same thing. We got 7 billion people being hit with energy, going through their own awakening, and causing all sorts of havoc as they process all of this. It’s going to be messy. This my friends is not going to be as straight forward as people imagine. Hang out, grab a cocktail relax, enjoy and wait for the party to begin.

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          1. @Cats Eds, LOL remaining abstinant doesn’t bother me – I have a strange history with alcohol – never liked it – dislike the tipsy lightheaded feeling from ANY cause (think related to abuse years – it interferes with hyper hyper-vigilance 🙂 ) Anyhow, in my late teens my brother, 3 yrs older, and his future wife, best man and maid of honor were making numerous different mixed drinks and bringing me one after another, trying to make me drunk – never happened – didn’t effect me at all – wonder if I have a guardian alcohol angel, lol.
            Never liked wine, but found out 9 yrs ago at my nephews wedding that wine can make me get all red and hot/sick and itchy – probably some additive or other… So, no alcohol, no problem. Once or twice a yr Baileys or a mudslide about my speed.
            Sorry for all you that love the taste…


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  9. More train/departure dreams tonight. I still seem to be on the right track, and the fact we’re on the same timeline appears to confirm it.

    I’ve been getting into the habit of using the ‘mantra’ on anyone I feel like who needs it (including yours truly, but that’s a work in progress). I must say it does help.

    I hope you’re all doing well, my sweet furry brethren. Much love and light!

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  10. I guess because of all the fun energies? I’m having the most intense pain day, ever? Started increasing in intensity last night when the Schumann started getting ‘busy – or it was something else – invited Brother J to share the experience a few times… breathing SOURCE… even put my self into the Sun and sitting intending to let SOURCE burn some of ‘it’ off.
    Dog went out very early and we went back to sleep
    A little better this, late, morning though the feeling of having been in a BAD car accident or falling of a bridge remains..

    Hope y’all are doing better – do the best you can?


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      1. Pam. Gosh i had a dream too recently where I was sliding down a snow covered road and remember saying I can’t stop and feeling a bit panicked.

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    1. Wintersmith was excellent. But then I love all Terry Pratchetts books. What an amazing mind he had. He probably found irony in the fact that he lost his cognitive faculties later in life bless him.

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  11. To give you a bit more timing that we’re seeing… HRC will be alive for The SHIFT (and will be annoyed/frightened by it), but The Queen will not (though it could take a couple years, depending on the timeline). She won’t be alive on this current timeline when The SHIFT hits… which could of course change at any moment. Something to watch for. Once she transitions, we’re close.

    -CAT Eds.

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      1. Camp Snoopy or Camp Krusty is all the same to me.
        Locked up and powerless is all I need to know.

        Having major revelations and aha’s these last days. Like the last big self-sabotage piece of muck is being exposed and cleared from my subconscious.
        Amazed and grateful.
        Scary and very liberating at the same time. Need to mother myself, warm and gentle.
        Speaking of which:

        Happy Mothers Day! ❤️

        It’s celebrated in 2 places today: Costa Rica and Antwerp , coincides with Mary’s Ascension Day.

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      2. Others, like Kabamur on Twitter, say that HRC and BC have been dead for a while already and all that remains are clones. It seems unfair to punish a clone for the crimes of the original (although who knows what mischief clones get up to), so Camp Snoopy is fine. Anyway, clone or no, what’s important is that everything is exposed, seen, and known so that it can be sterilized by the bright light of day and released forever.

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            1. Oh… well, clones DO exist. They just don’t last very long. HRC has a body double, but she’s easy to spot; too plump and smooth. Not sure how law enforcement verifies that people are who they are. We need to check on that…

              -CAT Eds.

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      3. HRC? Sorry, I don’t follow the news much. *chuckle* in fact, this site is my primary source of media news! I sometimes look up a wee bit more about things mentioned here but Human Rights Commission or Committee doesn’t seem to fit. Thanks!

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  12. Thanks for the update. I’ve been witnessing a lot of interesting things happening lately including my own massive downloads. Really been focusing on grounding myself and integrating every time I have an update in the software so to speak. Integrations at times are painful but what’s new. I’ve have seen the hospital this year more then I would of liked to but I keep trucking along.

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      1. UPDATE: We were curious, so we tried to look at this… and got bupkis. Then we realized that there have been so many timeline jumps since last May — timelines that are now entirely gone; healed over by SOURCE — that even the SuperFriends can’t look at this past event anymore. We’d have to visit The Library on the *Spirit side,* but… well, there’s only one way to do that. Still, some of the M’s might be able to see it.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Kabamur on Twitter: “I’m not a scientist, but I do have some ideas about what’s happening w/ the black hole at the center of our Galaxy. Sagittarius A* is ‘waking up’, in preparation for #TheEvent, or Ascension to the higher Earth timeline that #Pleiadians call #Sheen. https://t.co/32NvGVdbNF https://t.co/c3sTTHbeNn” / Twitter
          Kabamur on Twitter: “Sagittarius A* is a Black Hole Sun. One way #TheEvent is interpreted is that a pulse of energy will come through the Sgr A* stargate, triggering the Shift instantly. https://t.co/Ax0S6JQJ85” / Twitter


    1. Etnomenignotum,
      I too saw this article which reminded me of a book I read by Paul Laviolette, “Earth under Fire”. In it he states that past Earth catastrophic changes were set into motion with energetic blasts from the Sagittarius constellation about every 26,000 years. He gives references to ancient civilizations who left warnings for people in the future. Cay

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    2. What I had never realized about this, and it might be obvious to others…, is that it takes about 26000 years for the light from this event to reach us. I never read Laviolette’s book, but that piece of info really made it click for me. So here is my question- is the Shift itself a cyclical event or just coinciding with a cyclical event, making it ‘extra special’ this time around? What’s the big picture here? Or does it have nothing to do with this? Will the Shift happen before this galactic wave activates a mini-nova in the sun? Before a magnetic pole shift? Are there any timelines where nothing catastrophic happens at all? I guess I am trying to connect the puzzle pieces in my head. I am mostly concentrating on trusting and not worrying as you had advised us to do, but I can’t help reading things and wondering. My realistic and logical part wants to connect the Shift with an astronomical event, and my spiritual part wants us to get whisked away to New
      Earth in an instant. Aaaargh! It will all probably only make sense to me after the Shift…
      ❤ Victoria

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  13. So I am driving my son to a doctor’s appointment around 12:30 CDT and all of a sudden out of nowhere I get this feeling of being bathed in love and it seemed to have that furry Cat signature attached to it…It felt so wonderful and I was swept away with gratitude about being connected to y’all like that. So to whomever sent that my way, thank you, thank you, made me cry and helped make this a beautiful day for me! ( And we’re talking errands and doctors here…)
    May you all be showered with sparkly love like that!!!!

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  14. Hi All 🙂

    Thank you for the updates!

    Mr Tea was majorly whomped out yesterday, and slept for a very long time.
    This is full on, as he’s usually not affected in that way.
    I heard ‘upgrades’ again, and of course re the ‘easing in’ of energy 😉

    As I’m typing this, I can see so many of us holding hands, all around the Earth.
    Lots of light connected still, from Source to the Inner Earth.
    Just like the meditations that have been done via here.

    Lotsa Love
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. OH… I just got that Mr Tea got a shipload all at once, as he has been stubborn about allowing the ‘smaller’ frequent ones, in. Ahhhh Mr Tea…. he’s bright as a spark now though 😉 Love ❤

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  15. Archangel needs help!

    “””Let me explain now what is going on…

    Your realm is filling up with a very powerful energy from this galactic super wave I have mentioned it before. We already know this. Many galactics know this as well..

    two weeks ago the earth was hit with a powerful photon blast. A gamma ray.


    about three or four days ago a super massive black hole had just grown hundreds of times brighter. Oh and it’s not a black hole either…


    (ALL OF THIS) is because of what we did, and it is also due to the super wave which happens every 26,000 years. Keep in mind also that Sagitarrius A is 26,000 light years away from here where the black hole is.

    Eventually this wave will hit the earth, all of it. When it does, the earth will be plunged into an ICE AGE for thousands of years. This planet will not be habitable at all…


    What happens then?

    Well there is an option. I had mentioned it before that people would be taken off the planet and not everyone will go… But…

    Before this galactic super wave hits the planet. There will be wars and this is why we are here as this “super wave” its energies and our work combines to break the veil, the barriers included you will start to see things. Ghosts, super natural creatures, even today you might.

    This earth cycle is coming to a close. What will come first is “no electricity”..

    When will this happen?

    Well as the activities increase you will start to notice more of the storms, more earthquakes, etc. right now we are a bit quiet..

    Then you have the elites making trouble because they know what is coming. They don’t care. It’s annoying, they are annoying and they get in our way.

    You can now, for those that are sensitive to the energies. You will start to notice time going even “FASTER” than before, things that takes 2 weeks or more, happen in 2 days or less because the energies are “insane” now.. .more and more and more.. you will start to see.

    You will also see the illusions in front of you start to be revealed. You will no longer be fooled by the “systems” and the elites know this.. they are falling.”

    Some of you can maybe even start to try magic. Well, you can try.”



    1. [sigh]

      1. Our realm was already full of Wave X energy. Nothing has changed, save for the amount.

      2. We’re hit by gamma rays all the time. Wave X is as Wave X does. Life is like a box of Wave X chocolates.

      3. The black hole at the center of the galaxy IS INDEED A BLACK HOLE; a supermassive black hole, actually. Yes, it has other functions, but it is, in this 3d reality, a black hole. All galaxies are accretion discs for supermassive black holes. We were actually the first to realize this back in the ’70s.

      4. Wave X energy is coming from said black hole, as well as from our sun, from various higher-order beings, from many people, etc. Wave X energy is coming from everywhere. “We” didn’t do it. SOURCE is doing it. Be open to it.

      5. Earth will not be plunged into an ice age, or knocked back to the stone age… well, not exactly. There will be a separation at the time of The SHIFT (which is the denouement of The Event, already in progress), where Gaia will leave her ‘3d earth’ shell and go to the newly created ‘4d earth’ shell. Some will go with her. Some will stay behind. All will wind up in the place that is in their greatest good. For those who choose to wake up AFTER The SHIFT, on the 3d earth, there will be another chance to make it to the 4d earth if they get their acts in gear. At the time of The SHIFT, some will move from this 3d earth to another 3d planet in another 3d galaxy far far away, where they will continue to learn their lessons, but removed from all their internecine toys and symbolism. Some will stay on the “empty” 3d earth and experience the reality of living on a dying planet (that 3d earth will eventually be no more). Some will “graduate” from the 3d classroom to the 4d classroom (and then later perhaps a 5d classroom, if they’re ready).

      6. There will be no wars before The SHIFT.

      7. There is no “magic,” only manifestation of thought. If you think it, you can do it. Top athletes rely on… VISUALIZATION. Try it. But keep it positive. Negative thoughts pull you down.

      8. There used to be a HUGE PRISONER inside our black hole (a Mr Nasty, yikes), but that being has since been removed by SOURCE.

      9. Don’t panic.

      10. Number things a lot.

      -CAT Eds.

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  16. So drained, so Urrrrghhhh! I have really painful ezcema appeared on my hands. I have to change a lot of nappies and am washing my hands a lot which does not help! Struggling with ‘Elsie’s’ care a bit at the moment. She has been brilliant but I feel guilty for not being able to take her out as much as I want to. She might also be feeling the energies though. Her sleep patterns are all over the place and her repetitive movements and OCD has taken on a new level.

    We got a kitten on Wednesday. I’ve set up a little room for her as she is very little and I am a bit anxious about ‘Elsie’s’ stimming. She kicks her legs up and down and flaps her arms all through the day. The kitten (Willow Kitten) is very playful but is going for my feet and hands all the time! I’m trying to train her to bite toys rather than me. If she saw Elsie’s movements I think she would definitely pounce on her and I know ‘Elsie’ would not understand it is just play and would be very scared and anxious. I have given myself a bit of hard work but am hoping I can make a success of it this time! Phew!

    Hope you are all soaring high! Much Love ALL ❤️

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    1. Try the child’s farm children’s or baby moisturizer, I found it really good, it’s more organic than others and in most pharmacies.

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      1. Thank you Pam141 I will look for that cream, will try anything! I have a feeling it’s all a part of autoimmune stuff. I have ulcerative colitis and have been flaring a bit recently. Diet needs cleaning up! Have ordered some oregano oil and probiotics so hopefully can clear up the root cause of it but it helps to find something soothing for the outside too! Really appreciated! Much Love and Light ❤️🙏✨

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    2. Coconut oil works great, try natural soap, for most soaps/shampoos use engine degreaser as detergents. Healing Love Your way, for We Are Love/Light. Peace.

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      1. Thank you Christopher 😊 Yes I tried some ‘specialist’ ezcema cream and it made it worse. Looked at the ingredients and there were petro chemicals etc… Yuck! Am using coconut oil with lavender and frankincense every eve. I’ll try using it every time I wash my hands! Ditching the hand wash too, not only is it full of chemicals, it’s just more plastic being used! Will order some natural soap. I used to use sandalwood bars from One Village, all ethical and fair trade, will put an order in 😊 Much Love ❤️ We are the Light, We are the Love, We Are! 🙏✨🙏

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          1. Yes, natural soap is the way to go! i have to let you know Tea Kay, you were right about Willow I think. We have had a fast turn of events! The lady who re-homed older Willow got in touch to say she is just not settling at all. I had let little Willow into the the living room today to see how ‘Elsie’ got on with her being in the same room and she absolutely hated it! The anxiety on her face as the kitten tried to crawl over her her was unmistakable. She got hold of my Mum’s hand and whilst looking at the kitten thrust her arm towards the door. In Elsie language that means, ‘get that creature away from me!” I put the kitten back into her little room and Elsie immediately calmed down. I talked to her and showed her a picture of older Willow asking if she had liked her etc… I then asked her how she would feel if we were able to have her back with us and her face lit up! I got back in touch with the lady again and asked her if she would like a kitten instead and she was pretty relieved I think. She is bringing Willow back on Monday and taking the kitten back with her It’s so strange but I had a feeling that Willlow Puss was right for us and this is one of those incidents where I did not listen to my heart! I’m going to be as patient as I need to with Willow and not expect anything from her and the kitten will be relieved that she has a lot more attention and playtime in her new home! The lady has a little girl who cannot wait to fuss her! if only I had listened to my heart but maybe this was supposed to happen this way…

            Much Love and Hugs ❤️

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    3. Lily. Sorry you are so drained. Are you able to draft in some temporary assistance with Elsie’s care to give you time to recouperate? Or would it upset her too much. Maybe have some cuddle time with the kitten when it gets tired. Purring is very healing.💖

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Thank you for the kind words Newlynn. Elsie does get pretty upset with any change, but my dear Mum does come over about 3 times a week for a few hours and helps out with what she can, she’s a Source send!

        Have been having some play sessions with little kitty, she’s so lovely but does not seem interested in cuddles…yet! She’s so friendly though and loves her food! I will try and share a video when I can 🙂 Hope you are well, big huggles and muchus Love ❤️

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Lily. What a lovely mum you have bless her. Kittens are such fun. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to play with them. I get cuddles with our old boy but most of the time he is asleep. Will look forward to a pic or video of Willow kitten.xxx

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’ve seen quite a few sources saying JE has been taken to a secret location and is giving information….So tired of it all to be honest, this game…. just going to continue breathing and try and keep as positive as possible. It’s been tough though. Has anyone else experienced a real heavy sense of sadness today?

      Much Love ALL ❤️

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Lily, I got the hit of sadness this morning (8/16), along with whomp. Managed to release the sadness; whompage persists, of course. 😉

        Liked by 3 people

    1. So they believe this or is it a narrative they have to pump out?

      Why is no one calling them out as conspiracy theorists lol. So unhinged.

      Liked by 3 people

  17. I saw a black fighter jet that was like twice the size of one and it was way skinnier than usual and it was over the neighborhood doing loud crazy maneuvers. I have tried to look it up but no go can’t find one that even looks like it. I guess the big boys are really bringing out their toys for everyone to see….

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  18. Wow. None of us knew this:

    “The next thing that was shown in her reading as her work environment. She works at an art gallery and this truly blew my mind. Altho there are more than just paintings in the art gallery, the focus (again, for simplicity of what I could understand) was on paintings. The artist may have drawn a particular design, but how spirit sees it is a field of light patterns. Amazing and beautiful beyond words. The energy and emotion of the artist combined with the energy of the paint itself, the canvas, even the brush, creates a very unique pattern of light that we see as the painting itself.”



    Liked by 11 people

  19. Storm photographer Ryan Shepard shared his incredible time-lapse of the development of a huge storm as it traversed Bird City in Kansas on August 12.

    Photos captured from footage showed a deep blue coloured sky swirled into one giant circle with its own storms occurring from within.

    The giant clouds took on colours of electric blue, bright purple, white and even pink as bolts of lightning struck in angry flashes of light.

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  20. The Queen will not (though it could take a couple years, depending on the timeline). She won’t be alive on this current timeline when The SHIFT hits…

    so waiting for transition of the queen?


  21. Ok, there’s a bird thing going on here (semi-northern NM) for a while at home I’ve had to close my window early morning, VERY noisy birds.- can’t see them from my apt. window. But I’ve been at the canine’s house since Tuesday – not early enough for the birds that day. BUT, the last two days, Wed&Thursday, very early, one species congregations of very noisy birds for about an hr, very active, too. Happens morning and evening in the back yard here and neighbors and field in back of yard wall. 6+ft tall… I tried to research today for them and this behavior. (NOT starlings, smaller like thrushes or sparrow size) Will try to catch a good glimpse of them in the morning… I’m thinking this type of behavior usually happens more toward change of seasons… fall/autumn?
    Could be nothing…


    Liked by 4 people

    1. Kg. We have so many sparrows chattering away in our garden. Was listening to them a few minutes ago. Very loud, but I love it. There do seem a lot more birds this year in our garden. I think the word got round that they get two meals a day here lol! Hope you are feeling a bit better.🤗

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  22. Have been getting lots of visuals in meditation. The first was as though I was looking up through the canopy of many trees, all autumnal colours. Then last night I got scene after scene of numbers and symbols as if they were laid out on pages in a colourful children’s book. The last page changed into a moving scene with deep blue background and beautiful snow flakes drifting down…. 😊❤️❄️

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Tea Kay ❤️ Yes there has a blue vibe in our home too and a few rainbow patches appearing! When I think of what is becoming ‘normal’ now I’m amazed, so much has changed in just one year. Seeing people’s auras more, beautiful colours, vibration change just fascinating! What’s next?! 😉

        Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

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  23. Hi All ❤

    Me and Mr Tea are experiencing a whomp.. started about half hour ago.
    I really weird physical symptom for me…. a rush of blood to my tongue.
    I was looking in the mirror whilst washing my hands, and something was changing… my face looked different.. not in a bad way, just noticed a 'tan' like color, and my eyes bluer than usual. I tasted a sour taste, and poked out my tongue, to find it blue. Even underneath.. it was very weird. Haven't experienced that before. We sat down, and again, more physical symptoms… like anxiety… but somehow different?
    Anywho… I closed my eyes, did some 'easy breathing', and asked for some guidance. I was shown the full moon, some geometric shapes, and a body with spiral around it, within a blue egg shaped mist. I 'heard' "DNA updgrade".
    Mr Tea and I decided we'd head to bed.

    Just heard "All is well".
    Would love to hear if anyone else is experiencing something atm?

    Much Love
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. In the news recently regarding cloning https://www.nbcwashington.com/investigations/Navy-SEAL-K-9-School-Shooting-Demonstration-540156181.html

      -I personally think this is a dumb idea and would prefer they not put doggies in harm’s way… and it’s just another way of avoiding the conversation that desperately needs to happen…

      Sometimes movies reveal “thinking out loud” such as “Logan”…

      Coincidentally I saw both within a week of each other.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. For what it may be worth, Kabamur says clones don’t have DNA and are missing an optic nerve in one eye. Apparently, that eye is where the port is for information to be uploaded. Who knows, but Joe Biden sure looks different than he used to…..

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