“Take the Void Train to Somewhere and I’ll meet you at the station…”

[NOTE: We changed the title of this post. “Nowhere” sounded negative to some CATs.]

When we contacted Guides yesterday about this week and the immediate future… we were shown lots of different things, as different as all the CATs. Each of us had something totally unique going on, but there were a few strange overlaps.

“Scrubbing Bubbles”

Some of us saw “black boiling energy.” You’re never shown anything to scare you, so when you ‘see’ things you just take note of it and say, “Ok. Black boiling energy. What does that mean?” Other CATs had already experienced this, and some of us experienced it again.

Then early yesterday morning, for some the energy was thick and dark and… well, it was black boiling energy. It was no doubt therapeutic since it comes from SOURCE; this wasn’t bad energy, but it was very heavy and very bumpy; those who felt it felt fine afterward. Other CATs had experienced that last week, so it’s going around. One CAT called it, “Scrubbing Bubbles.”

And then there was…

This is just an artist’s rendition. There is no mysterious VOID TRAIN… or is there??

The Void Train to…?

We asked Guides to show us what this week would look like, with each day as a railroad car, and we got…

Monday: flat car, empty
Tuesday: flat car, empty
Wednesday: uh… black-hole/VOID car?
Thursday: flat car, empty
Friday: flat car, empty

Then some New Moon stuff on Saturday. But when we concentrated on Wednesday we saw a train car with what looked like a black hole or void in the middle of it. Then, just as we were looking at it, something popped out — a pod, which then had a little hatch seal over it before it zoomed UP like an escape pod. We’ll know what that is all about on Wednesday… maybe.

Note that Lisa Gawlas was calling Wednesday a “void space,” and penned this fractal graphic for it…

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 7.55.27 AM…which has a weird relationship with time, as you can see. She didn’t know what it means. We don’t know what it means. We all saw something that looked like a “void space,” so… your guess is as good as your guess.


Meterage-wise, things have looked bizarre the past five days… but were quieter today.

This is the current Tomsk Schumann:


Nothing that dramatic, but keep an eye on that 25 Hz platform that’s building. We seemed to have big energy transformations the last time that showed up.

Also, please note: This is the Schumann Resonance FOR TOMSK, for that region. The meter should not be used to approximate SR readings for the entire planet. People keep quoting this as if it’s the SR for the whole Earth and it’s not. It merely reflects those readings peculiar to THAT AREA, and should be used for correlation only, not cited as a single datum. That said, Tomsk is on the same approx. ‘ring’ of planetary material in the N. Hemisphere where many of us live, so…

Anyway, look at Cumiana night before last, during that latest ouchie energy we had:

A little strange.
Etna had some interesting activity in the 20-23 kHz range.
The AL filter return has looked ‘thick’ lately.
This VLF meter in SC is back up to 11. When the energy was weird, it looked like…
This Siberian spectropolariemeter is looking like some of the Belgian neutron meters, lately: very spiky.

Things will probably become peculiar again on Wednesday, but we can’t say how. We really have no idea what’s going to happen. We just paused and G+P+C’d and asked Guides if Wednesday is The SHIFT… and they just shrugged, threw up their hands. We asked if that means that they can’t tell us or if they just don’t know… and it was the latter.

Not that lots of NASA feeds of the sun were down for those few days of the weird energy, so they’re clearly hiding something. Still, it’s Wave X energy, so we know what it’s here for.


Some have been experiencing flashes and loud noises and foghorns. The loud bangs and flashes are Gaia portals porting excess Wave X energy to the sky, so there aren’t any extra seismic or volcanic events; Gaia knows we’re growing spiritually and will not allow us to be harmed during this transition. The foghorns and groans are Gaia herself groaning against all the energy, as well as getting herself ready for The SHIFT.

Guides were also adamant about people NOT buying into the fear that the ca8al is selling so thick these days… and so lamely… in terms of “fire danger” and “war” and “climate change.” All these schemes are SO pathetically transparent, it’s embarrassing; it’s a gullibility test at this stage.

Oh, and in case you didn’t realize it, it is now Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. (Happy Spring to those in SoHemi.)

Are we there, yet? We’ll know more on Wednesday.


Ok, some CATs complained about the dumb Aquabats song at the end, so we axed it. It’s not THAT bad, but it is annoying. It’s a musical parody so it’s supposed to be annoying!

Anyway, many CATs are experiencing that ‘SOURCE stillness’ all over the place today, even while out and about. One of the M’s just experienced this while at the mechanics; even the sounds of air-hammers was muffled. 2/3rds are also reporting the champagne bubble feeling in extremities, esp. feet.


One of the CATs got tired, worked on the site, then forgot to hit the update button! Anyway, here it is. We’ve got new CODES coming in:

Can you see them in there, around 2000-5000 Hz



It’s rare when the magnetic lines of force line up.


Things are definitely happening. Remember when we suggested you keep an eye around the 25 Hz level?


Also, our “missions” in dreams are now much more organized and surgical and protected. Try to do a long meditation today, if you can.

Here’s more:


Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 7.49.52 AM

This is a neutron meter from S. Africa.


This is interesting, from the rather insensate SpaceWeather site. Note the old earth, New Earth symbolism. Spirit of Gaia, movin’ on up:

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 8.21.25 AM



Muons. Bumpy.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 8.33.48 AM


The void begins.



Time has been really weird for CATs. This whole ‘fractal’/void thing was confusing, but then again, this is all highly complex. Most of us (all but one) experienced the void BLACKNESS late either Sunday or Monday night… but each of us thought this was a precursor to the ‘Wednesday void’… we didn’t even really mention it to each other… but it turned out to be the Wednesday void we had marked on our calendars. Hwever, if you look at Lisa Gawlas’ fractal above, you see that it passes through tomorrow before passing through yesterday. If that doesn’t hurt your brain, then your brainpan is tuned to K sharp.

The blackness that came over us was complete. There was no fear in it, though, no sense of emotion. And it fairly ate sound; it was totally quiet within. Whatever it was, it seemed to come from SOURCE and have purgative qualities… as evidenced by our dreams last night, which were amazing. Lots of levitation. We were attacked, too, but more on that in the next post.

Many CATs fell asleep yesterday, at odd times; some are STILL falling asleep at weird times. IDN: Impromptu Disco Nap. Well, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.


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  1. I feel like an alien on my own planet. Things no longer feel like home. People are becoming estranged and some of the interactions I’m having are like light years of different intelligence. I’m not sure what to do about this all. It’s like a switch got turned on and I find myself not on the same frequency as anyone around me. This really sucks. I really just need to keep to myself and not try to drum up conversations but I can’t help it I’m naturally social.

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    1. Agreed! I felt this way all through my childhood. So I started drinking very young to cope. Now I just enjoy being Me, with my buddy Minky. Peace.

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  2. Hi All,
    There’s been a great desire the last couple of days to comment/share about certain muzikal artists that are under 30yrs old that seem to be hear for a raison (mis-spellings are intentional).
    I haven’t been able to post about them, esp ones that have repeated for hrs in mornings – I’ve been asking about it and it seems to do with possible viwings by undesirables and safety of beings doing their thing in the world.
    Sorry for being cryptic. When guided it’s ok, I’ll post a comment – probably mis-spelled and otherwise dee-tailed, so you might if you choose, to be soothed and touched by these fellow travelers.

    It’s very quiet and calm here today – at Shepherd’s house thru Sunday.


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