That Divine Jump [UPDATE7]


This is amazing. Check this out:

Remember that odd timeline jump we revealed in one of the previous updates? Here it is again:


See that dashed line? That shows something really amazing that we’ve never seen before. That’s showing both a timeline jump AND a Wave X energy blast… but the blast was designed to only hit half the people/beings on Earth: A perfect example of Divine Timing from You Know Who… and a pre-SHIFT glimpse. We’re going to see more of this.

Kevin the Surprised Cat is surprised.


Btw, these recently photographed “Starlink Satellites”…


…and not satellites at all. They’re ET ships. The Starlink thing is a BS cover story. Note any site/person who passes on this falsehood. And no, we can’t tell whose ships these are. Doesn’t matter, it’s just ETs showing off.


We can only find one indicator so far, but it does look like we had another timeline jump:


You can kinda see it in the Tomsk SR:


There also this odd kerfuffle from the Cutler meter:


And some protonus interruptus:


And a little spike.


Btw, today we learned that all stars have portals inside them. In fact, a portal gives rise to a star. So, when you look at the stars in the night sky, you’re kinda looking at a cosmic transportation system map! (And since stars are also multidimensional “reality” projectors, this info really comes from the portal system. )



We had another timeline jump (or three) today (on the 15th):



Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 12.04.37 AM

And then we had a nasty GRB too, right before one of them:


The CATs had decided not to look at meters today (Friday), and instead use our senses. We could tell immediately when we walked outside: the clouds broke and blue skies shone, leaves on trees shimmering gold and red; PTW spraying had vanished. We will be our own meters pretty soon. Note that we’re seeing lots more “light phenomena” of late, too. AND water feels “lighter” again.



Check out the latest Siberian Radioheliograph:

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 12.11.25 AM
Never seen it look like this, before.

We’re gettin’ the “champagne bubbles” feeling again too in extremities… and in the third eye area and crowns. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

SOURCE always turns things up during this time. While North America tries to sleep…


Buckle up, folks. It might get bumpy (-er):



Another timeline jump, too.




And a neutron boost.

Feels kinda weird.


The above kerfufflage never seemed to manifest last night; a welcome respite.

Btw, several CATs read Stephen King’s latest book, “The Institute,” about the cabal abducting psychic children and (ab)using them “to save the world.” As usual in the works of current (published) authors, his work avoids mention of SOURCE, while playing up anti-T propaganda. It was sad to encounter, but not surprising. Alas, besides SOURCE, King is also ignorant of the concept of timelines. You simply cannot predict the future with any degree of accuracy, as SOURCE creates new timelines all the time. Case in point, all those pre-2012 predictions people used to make are out the window, as we’re now a zillion timelines beyond what people saw 5, 10, 20 years ago, let alone a few days ago. SOURCE is running The Event and will not allow anything negative to happen to those awakened hero-protagonists who are going to the New Earth, let alone Gaia herself. King also missed the fact that we are ALL SOURCE, and hence all connected to SOURCE, and each other, like all those psychic kids. And, in telepathy, there are no languages; minds all speak the same language. We are all on the same spirit team, even the villains… who have a way of becoming hero-protagonists in subsequent time and tomes. He missed lots of other things too, but there’s just so much learning one can squeeze into any given lifetime… unless you get a New Earth scholastic extension, that is. Something for him to look forward to after he makes his own transition… which we don’t want to predict, because doing so misses the point.




273 thoughts on “That Divine Jump [UPDATE7]

  1. Hey, Youse ALL. Perhaps I’m a little slow on the uptake, but which 50% of the planet’s population was the Wave X and timeline jump directed towards? Please clarify. Here at the farm W and I are dumping steamer trunks of old no longer needed baggage. Good Gawd, it’s tough work and not for the timid. Getting ready for Lisa’s salt shaker December experience I guess. Phew!

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  2. Dreamt last night that I was in training to become a female kahuna in Hawaii. I was a teenager and had shown some young men where I had found a bee’s nest in the forest. They brought it down and I was taught not to be upset by their actions and ignorance. It was a lesson in removing one’s self from the human interpretation of illusions in life. I ran away laughing at their folly as the bees flew after them in mass stinging furiously. I was advised to strive to find humor in life’s experiences and view it as play. Be less serious was message. Cay

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  3. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Fetterings of the Shadow Elements are cleared.

    Fortunes of the fearless are restored.

    Spartans of Light forge the way.

    Heart springs burst forth.

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  4. Just sitting with my daughter whilst she watches her bedtime programmes…

    I am experiencing a really different tone/pitch sensation in my skull.

    I am used to the high pitch tones that see to go in one ear, usually the left hand side but this is different. I’m seeing (in my mind’s eye) an electric blue and white line of pure tone crossing through my skull from temple to temple, through the pineal gland horizontally and it is pulsating and fizzing! It’s the most bizarre yet!

    Is something being activated, is anyone else feeling this?

    Much Love 💕❤️

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      1. I felt my third eye jump today is the best way I can describe it; it did this at sunset which was another beautiful one intense pink rays in all directions.

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      1. Good to know when others feel the same things. There is a history of Tinnitus and Vertigo/Meniere’s disease in the family so I’m happy when I can attribute these things as Source/Wave X phenomena!


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  5. I wonder why the extreme sacral pain/leg weakness and upper body HEAT today?? A sense of unease, too. I dislike it feeling so hard to be here – I’m not even back with family yet…

    I guess it’s a ‘breathing through’ and calling on Brother J day?


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  6. Anyone want to join my NE band? I plan on modeling it after these guys. 😉 Just walk out of your Yurt and start playing anything you got.

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    1. Well, I would happily play in both bands! Flute in one hand and trumpet in the other 😉

      We are the Light, We are the Love, We are the Music! We ARE!


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  7. Oh thats interesting joy113 about getting cold, a couple of people here have said the same, getting chilled easily like youre coming down with something but it feels odd 🤔

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      1. “…you KNOW THAT AN EVENT THAT IS TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IS TO OCCUR and you hang on and you hang on and you hang on!”


        Since this is the best she can do (sadly),
        throw out ALL the rest of that same tired old crap, *particularly* the constantly cringe-worthy “Dearest Ones” unicorn bilge — and THAT IS ALL WE NEED TO KNOW


        A Lisa Gawlas SHAKE AND BAKE.

        F*k Yeeeah!!!

        ~ Deborah

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      2. Very timely indeed. So everytime we say/think the mantra “I AM THE LIGHT, I AM THE LOVE, I AM”, the light and energy from it is never lost. Awesome!

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      1. Christopher ❤️ It was such a relief to read this, timing could not be more perfect, has really helped (with all these mixed energies) to remind us we are on the right track!

        I Am The Light, I Am The Love, I AM! Yes, yes, yes!

        Much Love! ❤️✨❤️

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  8. There’s something about that brain and book arm wrestling that led me to post… I’ve yet to fully put my finger on it, though.


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  9. Hi All!
    It has been such a strange week for me, full of ups and downs. 🎢 I have been very emotional, and tend to want to cry a lot over past and present things, big and small, personal and not. Lots of ups and downs energy wise, too. I am fine one minute, and can’t keep my eyes open the next. 😴
    Yesterday was particularly strange. I felt like my body was on autopilot, and I was a just a casual observer. I was viewing my surroundings through tunnel vision. I felt very detached from “reality”. I am a stay home mom with an infant and a toddler, and don’t go out in public much anymore. Unfortunately, we needed groceries last night. The store had an “end of the world” energy to it, with everyone running around almost frantically. It was the same feeling as if it is a few days before a big hurricane hits, and everyone is scrambling to buy supplies. Most of the people there felt like NPCs to me. One lady even ran into my ankle with a shopping cart. 🛒 I was so detached that it didn’t even dawn on me at the time to put down grounding cords or mantra the whole store. I am so glad I don’t have to deal with that every day! I am also glad that my husband was with me to help guide my not so there self through the madness.
    Later, when we were all finally settled for bed, I did my usual GPC, and in the middle of my mental conversation with Source, Brother J, Angels and Guides, I got an odd buzzing very close and only in my left ear. It sounded like a swarm of bees, but the volume was turned down on it. I frequently get the high pitched ringing in one ear or the other, but the buzzing is a new one for me.
    On a more positive note…
    I often drop little “awake” tidbits of info on my normie husband to get a feel for where he is spiritually. The other day he told me that he feels as if something big is coming, but it’s not a bad thing. He described it as a holding pattern. 😀 I do believe he is making progress! When we first met, he was totally closed off and skeptical, almost cynical. The longer we are together, the more he has learned to trust my intuition and his own. I so want my whole family to make it to NE together! 🌎
    I love All of you 💗, hang in there!
    Hugs 🤗,

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    1. Sharon, one day We Will meet on NE. Our Families Will have a Wonderous Now Moment, with the 2+ bands playing. Your children/My grandchildren enjoying All the company. Know that “All” Will Be There, for I get chills of excitement when I connect with higher vibrations. Peace.

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      1. Hello Christopher,
        That sounds so wonderful! I can’t wait to meet you, your family, and All of our SOC family on the NE. And it will be a great big celebration with great music and lots of Source energy! I can’t wait! 🎉
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗,

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  10. I was having a thought that all that this Brexit stuff is
    A. an excuse to get stuff ready for the shift by stock piling resources etc and
    B. A way to redirect money into their friends pockets under the excuse of “Brexit”

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    1. Yes, it’s probably both, though more the PTW funneling money into their pockets for as long as they can get away with. To paraphrase Edgar Cayce, “The Euro will vanish in the twinkling of an eye.” Technically, the Brexit has already happened. Meanwhile, we are less than 30 days away from the Ontological Salt Shaker…

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. I dont believe they’ll have much luck, unless their intention good. Peace.


  11. Monday report on Sunday: W and I felt it coming all morning. It was the racing heart, etc. About 10:30 a.M. PST I took to my bed. (no choice) The first part of the shift was heard about that time. W staggered into my bedroom shortly after that to tell me that her guides told her to lie dawn. She was concerned about me, but I was already listening. So, (now here’s the fun part) as I was lying in bed, this time the wave literally felt like a wave. I felt like a log lifting up on a wave. Very gentle and soothing. After it passed I got up, went outside and remained in the garden. The 3rd part of this shift,wave, shift was heard shortly after I was outside. Just another day at the farm! Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. Cheers!

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  12. Do the CATS have any updates to report on the fire-starter fleet? Who, why, where are they now, their connections? PG&E is threatening another power shut-off in NorCA this week, while our local nuclear power plant meteorologist is “predicting” rain showers. I’d love more of your insight into the whole weather manipulation issue, globally but particulatly in CA (a bit cynical perhaps but that IS literally my back yard!) Thanks SO much for all y’all do and for providing this platform for sharing. I rarely post but am quite current on what everyone else contributes.

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  13. Btw… in that Prince Andrew BBC interview… “pizza” means “girl” or “child.” It’s pedo code for saying he raped, murdered, and ate a girl/child that night. He’s basically telling the world what he did, because he doesn’t think anyone’s smart enough to figure it out. Hidden in plain sight.

    Question: How much do the British people pay the Royals in taxes every year??

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Oh, ugh! Source please make it stop already!!! The Event can’t come fast enough!!! This is beyond sick! I wish I could adopt all of those poor babies! I knew about it, but it just guts me every time I hear about it.

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    2. Sickening, don’t they use other words like doughnut etc.. as well? Incomprehensible… Folk are going to be dumbstruck (understatement) when they realise the truth of what has been going on…Many stories/conspiracies will suddenly be understood as undeniable truth. I cannot see how the MSM will be able to continue, I wonder if there will be a completed collapse of these media corporations, will there suddenly be no news programmes etc…Or will The Shift happen there and then, on the brink of it all collapsing…I can see very angry folk storming the buildings and studios…


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      1. Lily. Yes I do wonder how people are going to cope with the ever increasing fountain of truth that they will be bathed in. To quote the Moody Blues, it’s a question of balance. I have been looking into what has really been going on in our world for the last 25 years (and still feel like my knowledge is only the tip of the iceberg). At the same time finding out as much as I can on the spiritual side. Most folk I talk to that are so called conspiracy theorists – don’t investigate the spiritual side and are therefore really pessimistic about their future. The wider view you have the easier it is to remain calm, centred and balanced. It’s going to be interesting to try and explain to the uninformed that none of this is real and we are all one and part of Source. Makes me tired just thinking about it.🙄🤔😴💖

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        1. Newlynn ❤️ Yes, it is going to be one heck of a challenge to stay centred and calm. I can already feel the beginning of those energies/emotions brewing in folk.

          I am practicing on staying focused on the light whilst still being aware of all that is unfolding and is yet to unfold. I don’t think meditation has ever been so important in this respect! So grateful to have some understanding of both the spiritual aspect and the 3D illusion/dramas/stories aspect. Imagine not knowing any of this and then Bam!Tthe can of worms is open. I do feel for those yet to wake up, it’s going to be hard!

          We can do this!

          Love & Light & Huggles!


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          1. Lily. We are more than ready to assist them. Especially if our health improves. Hope the ground crew are put back into working order first! Good luck with puss tomorrow. Large and enormous hugs to you both. Oh and to your Mom for expanding our vocabulary lol.🐈💕😻

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            1. Newlynn ❤️ Huge hugs to you too! Yes, I do hope we are ALL given the gift of good health back so we can assist better when it happens! Did you see the skies at sunset tonight? There were soooooo PINK!

              As for the vocabulary, this is more for everyone as I’m sure you already know this one? 😀

              ‘Is it ‘eck as like!’ means no it is not, or don’t be daft!

              Oh and… ‘what the ‘ecky peck is going on!’

              Much Love & Light ❤️✨❤️


      2. yes! @ lily144,
        when there is DIRECT connection to Source,
        and DIRECT connection to Truth,
        no need for any mediator!
        Same with the religion.

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    3. It’s up to around £45m per year, around £0.69p per taxpayer.

      Seems safe to assume the slip will involve evidence coming to light proving that PA was lying his arse off (in case anyone actually believed his interview). I have complete trust and faith in the plan that’s unfolding for the greater good but the cannibalism seems too far beyond the pail for the general public… Already the country is sick of the Brexit saga, the news will soon become much more sickening….

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      1. Mark. Thanks. I hadn’t a clue how much we paid for their upkeep. Anything at all is too much!!! There are so many UK folk who love them – brainwashed and clueless. 😒

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    4. Even in spite of pizza gate they still think they can use their cute little code words.

      Even the normies aren’t taking the bait.

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    5. @ -CAT Eds.
      It is said, when the royals were showing themselves to Princess Diana,
      one only single time,
      in their monstrous reptile form,
      Diana replied, in horror, that she will make it all known to the world.
      “Do it, do it…, the prince laughed in her face: NOBODY WILL BELIEVE YOU!”

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  14. CAT’s…

    what does it mean to have several dreams (atleast one to two/week) where the scenery/locations may vary but the theme is always the same: I’m running for my life while I’m trying to find my way out of there. And I don’t know how I got there in the first place – only that I “awaken” right in the middle of it. Most times I’m being chased – don’t know why really or what I’ve done wrong in order to be hunted like that.. All I know is – I must not get caught! And I somehow feel that I need to wake up (and return to myself) before they get to me…

    Woke up from one dream like that early this morning. And I was so close to making it out of there before that gigantic gate came down, but he would’nt let me. If he did’nt catch up on me to run me over, he was planning on chushing me against that thick concrete, prepared to get himself badly injured or killed in the black van just to stop me from sliding beneath that big gate before it came down to the ground and closed. As I felt the front of the van pushing against my back, I turned around and saw his face (this is the first time I’ve seen a detailed face of one hunting me) and he did’nt show one single emotion. His staring eyes was pinned at me.. And then I woke up.

    What I don’t like about this dream in particular is that black van. I had a dream around the age of twelve that had the same theme, and they (there were several, both men in black suits and long tall slender yet muscular men wearing black balaclavas and what looked like some type of slim black bodysuit. And they came for me at my parents farm. Only that time, the crust of the earth had begun to break up and glowing lawa was slowly making its way into the woods and across the meadows below our house – and I could run on the lawa and burning ground barefoot without getting hurt…(?)

    Could really use some help in figuring some of this out..

    Loving hugs💖

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    1. After You ground+P make the universe aware of Your intention. You have way more power than You think. So picture them shrinking as You do on a touch screen. Then flick them like a bug is my favorite. KNOW You are powerful, and Love Is Your greatest weapon. Peace.

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      1. Thank you Christopher❤️
        I will really try to remember this.
        Guess I have more work to do since I can have a tendency to doubt that I really could be/am? that powerful because I don’t view myself as particularly powerful at all. Yet, despite that, I know what true Love is, does, and feels like.. The Power of Love becomes Powered by Love – odd woman always trying her best in preforming random acts of kindness to everyone and everything around me on a daily basis just to make them feel a bit happier and perhaps bring a smile to their face🙂

        Loving hugs💖

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        1. The dark ones were hardest on the divine female. Know You Are Magnificent, just ask any Guide. Peace

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    2. Hello Uli,
      I hope you don’t mind if I put in my $0.02.
      I have had the “chased” dreams on and off my whole life. I don’t know what the spiritual meaning is of such dreams. But I was told that the psychological aspect is an issue in your life that you are avoiding, not facing. I was told to figure out the issue, and work through it. That always seems to stop these dreams for me.
      I hope this helps. 🙂
      Love 💗, Hugs 🤗, and Sweet Dreams 🌠

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      1. No, I don’t mind at all – rather the opposite – thank you, I’m grateful that you did Sharon❤️

        You are right about the psychological aspect – there actually exist’s two unresolved issues that are at times a bit hard to handle/deal with. I avoid focusing on/dealing with them simply because the time is’nt right to do so yet – I have tried a couple of times but Universe did show me in every possible way, that it was’nt to be dealt with in pre-time. (It takes two to tango as they say and apparently I always ended up dancing on my own) It is the other person that has to initiate because of coming to a greater understanding about certain things and until then all I can do is wait. I have seen/know about the road that lies ahead of [name]. And everyone has a different path in life. Yet, I do wish every day that things were different. And I really miss [name]. Though my heart suffers from this, I will wait for the right time to come because I Love [name], always have, always will…

        Loving hugs🤗💖

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    3. Uli … this reminded me of a series of dreams I had over 15 years ago. Being mercilessly chased knowing that the chaser wanted me dead for reasons unknown to me. One night while running away from a man who was very close to catching me, something shifted in me … I realized I was done running and I had the most amazing thought that I was going to show him who I was. While in the dream, I turned to face the man and immediately I exploded into intense light. The man was obliterated on the spot. I haven’t been chased in a dream again. This may have nothing to do with your dreams but I wanted to share mine none the less. I still have a vivid memory of feeling the power of my LIGHT. Incredible. Wish it translated easier through the “waking” moments! May you find the insights you need. Infinite Love. XX

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      1. Thank you Jane, I’m very grateful that you shared this❤️

        I have much to learn from what you did in your dream – You are brave, Jane. I find it easier to be brave on behalf of other people, than for my own sake. Perhaps I reduce/doubt myself too much and too easily.. and perhaps I need to understand that I am capable of saying no also in my dreams. I have a lot to ponder about now…

        Loving hugs💖


    4. Uli. The Dream Mantra the Cats gave us works wonderfully. “Only those with my actual highest good in mind and at heart are allowed in my dreams.” If I don’t use it my dream state is interfered with so it’s now become a part of my bedtime routine to say this. 💖💖💖

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      1. Thank you, Newlynn❤️
        I have to admit – I’ve forgotten about that mantra. I’m so busy trying to remember the others that I’ve forgotten about that one😄 but I’m very glad that you reminded me. Will also make this a part of my bedtime routine – hopefully it will work for me too. I could use a good nights sleep without having to wonder about strange dreams or waking up feeling more exhausted than I felt when I went to bed😉

        Loving hugs💖


  15. Hey friends…so interesting tidbit to think about. My gf had a QHHT session yesterday. And one of her experiences in the past was as a male leading figure in ancient Egypt. He was in charge of, from the age of 15 to 40, digging out an area that she couldn’t identify but said many pyramids were in plain view (but not the ‘main’ pyramid). And when the digging was done they placed a bunch of huge crystals and smaller pyramids inside the excavated portion and buried it. Details about that were sketchy too unfortunately, but my gf knew that this was a technology that needed to be forgotten about and that it will be there to help humanity when the time comes for it.

    Just thought I’d pass that along. There is access to it because when he turned 40, he went down a tunnel and there was a smaller pyramid in a room with another right above it, but upside down, and a ‘star’ in between. He walked through it and went home

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  16. Do you really mean it literally when you wrote “ate a child”? 😨 I thought this Epstein scandal was just about child-sex network?

    BTW, is there such thing as Language of Light, an energy language of instruction?
    Somehow I’m drawn to this song “The Song of Lyra” about coming home to our Godself, by Judy Satori. Ever heard of her and her works? I thought of subscribing to her Ascension Library. So, any feedback, if any, will be greatly appreciated. Like you have mentioned earlier, we have to be careful of “…..those who butter us up to make a buck”

    At 2:08, 2:41, 4:43 and 9:00 of this video, we can hear a strange language:

    Thanks you for all the updates.

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      1. Good grief! My mind just went blank/numb for a few days and it took me a while to sink in on what you have written. I have read about periodic human ritual scarify especially with children but I just didn’t expect them to be …. 😨 (couldn’t even write that word) before being scarified.

        SOURCE, please take these innocent souls to the New Earth during the SHIFT so that they won’t incarnate into this MONSTROUS 3D Earth again! 🙏 🙏 🙏


  17. Dearest Cats, M’s, and all honorary cats who read this wonderful site. I desperatly need your help. My husband and I asked the courts for protection (Injunction against Harassment) from neighbors. The Dearest Cats, M’s, and all honorary cats who read this wonderful site. I desperately need your help. My husband and I asked the courts for protection (Injunction against Harassment) from neighbors. The man is a narcissist, drug addict and alcoholic and his wife will lie to cover every lie he speaks. In order to get the protection we had to let the court know what they were doing to us and our cats that would require the protection. We told them how they try to force us to do things for them, slander our names and reputations among the neighbors, and how they force people (homeowners) they don’t like from the neighborhood. We told them how much they hate cats (he actually stands in his yard and screams he will kill every cat in the neighborhood) and how they set out poisoned food for the cats (the wild animals are eating it too), trap them, torture them, and then kill them. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Another neighbor was telling someone about chasing a cat down today and running over it then laughing about it! The court served the narcissist with an injunction with a copy of our statements. They have gone to court to stop the injunction and are going to go after us now if/when the injunction is removed. They say we are slandering them and I swear every word we said is truth. We just don’t want to see all the poor cats go through this torture and death. My husband died twice last year and was revived for bypass surgery. We both are old and sick with heart and health problems and we can’t take any more of their horrible ways! We can not afford to move right now and are afraid for our lives and our pets lives. I’ve said the mantras to them many times but it does not seem to be helping. We don’t want to take our own lives but we will
    before we give them the pleasure of doing it! The police and courts aren’t helping. Please, is there ANYTHING you can do to help us or are we all destined to die? Thank you in advance for your help.

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    1. Try the mantras listed on this site, Love is powerful. Talk to AA Michael w/His Bluetiful Flame Sword. Peace.

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    2. Dear Scared,
      That is a miserable scenario, but they know they are on notice with the police (who are unlikely to be fooled by their protests), so that is a measure of protection for you right there. You and any others in your area who are holding the light are clearly targets for these dark souls, but it may (unfortunately) be your job to hold the light amidst these nasty attacks, hence your inability to move away.
      Your ID name tells the story — I sympathize, truly — but you are handing them what they want from you, your fear. They will target what you love, your cats, because that’s the easiest and most effective way to get the results they want. Ask for protection for yourself and your animals from any and all — archangels, guides, etc. — and know that all this is just the story of the dark’s final struggles against the inevitable return to the light. Fear and worry dim your light, fight back by ramping it up any way you know how — it will defeat them quicker!
      We are all on your side in this, hang on!
      – L

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    3. @ Scared
      You are Love and Light! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Do not forget about it! You are much stronger than you think!


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  18. Man, I feel like a kid in 1975 in the way-back of the station wagon on a loooong trip to the Grand Canyon, whinging, “Are we there yet?”

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  19. Amazing…
    Anyone else feeling this? Had to check the meters because of what I feel and….wow🙂

    Loving hugs💖

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      1. Oops…my bad! – missed a couple of vital things:

        1: did’nt refresh the page before I started to write..
        2: the link was’nt a screenshot – it updates itself!
        3: You guys had written a whole new post ‘Odds & Ends’ that I did’nt see, in wich the purple layer can be seen with the comment ‘Whoa. These are magnetic field changes.’

        Talk about hitting jackpot!….sorry guys, is it alright with you if I blame my errors yesterday on that purple energy-field?😉 Because I was truly surfing those waves!😄


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  20. Two separate squares are popping up on the radar on theweathernetwork dot com for Maine. Never seen a weather storm showing as two perfect squares. Strange?

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  21. I don’t know whether or not I will push the post button after writing whatever I end up writing here – that’s why I’m using this space at the end of the long comment section of THIS post – it might be happily missed… feel like I’m going to pass out…
    @ MeasMeandu, somewhere above you wrote this…
    “Yet, despite that, I know what true Love is, does, and feels like.. The Power of Love becomes Powered by Love ”

    I go on faith with this…
    I’m so glad you have this awareness and wish I did – it spurred a sudden questioning within me, but also don’t doubt the last sentence, don’t know why though, as I don’t have any first hand awareness of what love is or feels like – another reason for posting way at the bottom here – don’t think it can be believed… I’ve searched my seventy years and hadn’t been able to find that feeling in reference to me – that feeling hadn’t been the reason for my marriage and there was a valuing mixed with ‘NEED’ by another man twice my age at one point – there have been acts of kindness along the way and kind of obvious points the Universe was looking out for me resulting in my still being here, but that other feeling most speak of here as love or that which I might experience as SOURCE is foreign to me – I think my Great Aunt with whom I stayed with for a week, pre-teen, that I think of as saving my life in her treatment of me then, might be defined as that combined with the Universe looking out for me – without that week I might not be here. The other ‘person’ I thought of as expressing that feeling came through someone who had died about 25 or so years earlier than his presence was with me and what he shared with me/taught me, til others’ disapproval cut it short. I overcame that and opened to contact again and allowed me to feel the support, but an opportunity to learn more in the way it had been… had been lost.

    I don’t know what the feeling of SOURCE or anything even 1/10,000th of that might feel like and have been unable to tell if I have ever felt anything mildly approaching that fraction towards others – I can understand kindness, but that just feels ‘normal’, not something separate.
    I read of others outrage and disgust or whatever at at certain recent disclosures – I haven’t yet heard anything that has surprised me or even ‘upset’ me, because it all just seems ‘normal’ parts of my life experience. And I was ‘in the heads’ of some of these people as the experiences took place – ‘one with’. You end up with different perspective and difficult to have ‘unconditional blame’ afterwards when you were THERE in more ways than one…

    I think that’s one reason I’m looking forward to the Shift that I might finally experience the encompassing of SOURCE love and know finally what love FEELS like. I tried to have a conversation with my husband about this subject, pre-Ex-ing, but it ended up with him misunderstanding and shutting down towards me and turning into a rock – literally – if you touched his chest there was NO give there at all – hard granite… he didn’t even tell me of how he took it until a year and a half later…

    I’m not sure what I wanted to say with this or if I have made any sense or if it was anything I really WANTED to share… I have a nice headache now though.
    I’m being told (by HS or whatever) not to add, delete or change anything and – proof-read once more then push the button – not particularly happy about it…
    I don’t know why anyone would need to read it – *shrug*…



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