Meterage & Jumps 12/3 – 12/8 [UPDATE8]


Just a quick observation. We noticed the solar wind density is high…

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 10.41.07 PM

…and lots of us are feeling it in hearts and heads. The feeling is familiar, but has been coming around more and more frequently. Here’s some drill-down:

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 10.48.24 PMScreen Shot 2019-12-03 at 10.50.49 PM

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 10.56.24 PM

And meanwhile, the KNOCK KNOCK continues:



More later.

Some are feeling these density WHOMPS more than others.








We just had a CME. It will eventually bring us more in the way of Wave X energy:


There were also two small timeline adjustments in the past 12 hours, around 7:00 pm and midnight PDT.


And note that Gaia herself is keeping her magnetic field low…


…so we can get more Wave X energy from SOURCE. Funny how the MSM is warning people about it.



Again, here’s what we were all feeling a few days ago. Note the spikes:


More on the way.


Heavy energy and small temporal shifts being reported. Some CATs are experiencing labored breathing, occasional flurries of headache, head pressure, nausea — the usual.  Here’s how things look, energywise:





More as we find it. Note that we may experience part of that recent CME at any time.


Woo! We’re all vibrating at the moment (those of us with the duty this morning). It’s huge Wave X energy saturating us (from the various portals, which we all live near), or perhaps the coffee one of the CATs made.

Anyway, we had some interesting energy in the night…


…and more jumps:


Btw, scientists and the PTW are totally freaking out about the KNOCK KNOCK from Portal One inside the sun; it’s affecting all systems now, even those buried deep in the earth (duh):

Originally a blip, it’s turning into more of a rounded sine wave, about 15 cycles/hr.






And… we know what this is, now. Guides have informed us that this metered energy is SOURCE setting up a kind of existential grid across everything and everyone — across all the dimensions, and this entire universe — for the “divine timing” necessary to pull off The SHIFT. We can feel its pulse even now.


Now, THERE is what we were feeling:







Another (minor) CME and another (minor) jump:



And some interesting energy:



This is a timeline adjustment, not a jump exactly.

Now look at this coded Wave X energy coming in:

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 12.03.27 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 12.07.21 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 12.08.22 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 12.09.44 AM

And a huge neutron spike around 4:20 pm on the 6th:

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 12.18.36 AM


Ok, this is cool. Some CATs are affecting the flow of time, which means you all can do it. Just by meditating and being “in the zone,” some CATs were in one room, while their family members were in others — and the clocks were all different! This occurred with clocks with freshly changed batteries, due to the recent power shutdowns, so it wasn’t a battery issue. (Also considering that the energy about three to four weeks ago caused some fresh batteries to die altogether, all at the same time.) In today’s cases, the clocks in all the rooms were all still running (they hadn’t stopped), but time had slowed to a crawl for a different period of time for each room. Some rooms were 55 minutes slow, some 40 mins.


PTW tried to do their own timeline/universe jump again… and it failed again.


156 thoughts on “Meterage & Jumps 12/3 – 12/8 [UPDATE8]

  1. Yep. Severe headache, razorblade in throat and diahrrea-cha-cha-cha. Flu like feeling.
    Slept terrible, it’s 8 in the morning here now.

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  2. I remember Aluna Ash saying on her yooboob channel that the incoming energy would soon be “kind of dense”, but not dense in terms of 3D kind of density. Mare rather like, “substantial”. Kinda like orange juice with a lot more pulp in it.

    Anyway, pretty intense like “in a microwave” feeling, with woozy head spinning feeling to boot.

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  3. I feel like I’ve no energy to spend in things that do not matter…
    And in these days I need to sleep 2 hours more than usual.

    Thank you CATs
    I am Love, I am Light, I am.

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  4. Yep, yep and yep. Had to cancel hospital app because I can barely move. Nausea, pain in all sorts of places, dizziness, pressure in head. I am that Polar Bear!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. Ben Davidson ( -don’t know if he is a cat person, but he should be, sent out a serious alert this morning about the heavy dose of cosmic rays we were getting an an health alert to go with it.

    Here are 2 videos to explain what is going on. The first one from 2017 is a fast overview of how to take care of yourself. The second is a bit longer with much more detail.

    There are way better ways to handle and survive the effects that we are going through than barfing hair balls all day…

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    1. Yeah I watch his forecast every morning before I do anything. I use his forecasts and app to manage my supplemental regimen to aid. I also don’t exercise or drink coffee on high risk days. I’m SUPER sensitive to electromagnetic waves. I highly recommend subscribing and watching the forecasts in the AM as they come out roughly at 4:45am MST.

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  6. Yes, yes and yes to all of the above! Including this week a severe attack of athlete’s foot (never had that in my life!) on the left small toe. Including what I was told was 1) Chilblains, 2) Gout and 3) possibly Cellulitis – none of which were true. I reacted allergically to the medication the doc prescribed (not done that before either) and ended up with an itchy, red rash all over body! What a bloody week it’s been, to put it mildly.

    My hubby thought I looked as if I’d been in the sun too long… it felt like radiation burn!

    Thanks guys, for the update…

    Meantime, Cats and Ms and anyone else – I had a strange encounter on Monday at around 6-6:30am… I would really love to know what anyone feels this REALLY was.

    Woken up itching all over and needing the bathroom, I got up and went to make a cup of tea. One of my fur babies wanted to go outside so I opened the door and it was dark, but the sky was brilliant. Studded with stars, clear as crystal. I decided to take my tea outside and breathe in the cool air, which also helped my rash.

    As I looked back toward the house, I noticed a couple of lights in the sky. They were not acting like planes or stars! The disappeared then reappeared and then I noticed they had formed a line * * like this. Nothing in between, but as if there were something in the middle and two lights – one at each end.

    I watched them as they moved slowly across the sky over the house, in perfect unison. I watched them disappear over to the East and shook my head in disbelief.

    I looked back to where they had originated and couldn’t believe my eyes as I watch the spectacle of a procession of what looked like stars (but clearly wasn’t) move in a perfectly spaced line toward the East. Overhead, I watched for 15 minutes as they moved silently in a convoy over the house. I must have counted well over 60 of them. The last one was brighter, as if it were bringing up the rear… then I saw several other lights in different places, as if they were scouting or checking or something…

    I was absolutely mesmerised! I couldn’t move, and wanted to capture it on the camera or phone but didn’t want to miss it either. Eventually, I needed a witness so I ran upstairs and dragged Kim (hubby) out of bed to come and see. And he did see them too!!!


    Still reeling with awe and shock at what we had witnessed… not one, but about a hundred of them in all… we went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep.

    I got up and looked out of the bedroom window toward the East and saw the morning star, shining so brilliantly it looked like a giant diamond! Then I noticed something adjacent to it. It was another ‘headlight’ in the treeline on the mountain. It was pulsing on and off and seemed to stay for quite some time before disappearing.

    Neither of us could believe what we’d witnessed. Kim, being the analytical Capricorn that he is, needed an explanation! Later that day he looked online and cutting a long story short, found the Spacex website with Elon Musk’s ‘Satellite Train’…

    Was it this that we saw? I’m not sure. The picture I saw of a similar sighting in the Netherlands was much more random. The lights we saw were spaced evenly and travelled as if being pulled on a string!

    Later that day, lots of strangeness with electricity and lights (as had happened the day before, incidentally). Lights going off. One shop I was in experienced a power-outage for about 5 minutes and lots of street lights suddenly were not working.

    Kim came home from shopping at Aldi and he told me he’d just had a ‘strange encounter’ with a little old man who had white hair. The old man – the only one in the car park – approached Kim and said, ‘There’s something WEIRD going on!’

    Kim was a little taken aback and the man pointed at him and said it again.

    “I’ve been in this car park watching and that car alarm just went off on its own. Then that one over there and that one over there!… ‘

    And he walked away, leaving Kim speechless.

    I would appreciate any feedback, folks…

    Mucho love and gratitude, Jay xxx

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      1. My dad and his friends were talking about Jesus and the last supper painting the lights did a power surge right over them. LOL They all looked up like wtf. I just said: Hi Jesus! 😉

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  7. ps… oh, I almost forgot the last bit to this weirdness. Whilst Kim was on the Spacex website gathering info. about the satellites, he suddenly came across a series of pictures (I can’t remember why they were there).

    He gasped and he called me over to see the picture ON THEIR WEBSITE of a White-Haired man standing outside ALDI !!!

    Make of it what you will. I call it more than a Co-Inkydink! XXX

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  8. Yup, my sister is in the hospital with really high blood pressure that came on just yesterday morning, hope she can go home today – her dog and cat don’t understand why she’s not there! On the other hand, I felt awful for days UNTIL yesterday, weird. Hang in there cats!

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  9. My sleep schedule is completely out of whack and I’m feeling rather hopeless.

    The more personal work I do to try to raise my energy and my vibration, such as meditation, the more I realize how my life really sucks and I’ve been retreating to my dreams as kind of a fantasy land.

    I guess I’m just hoping for some miracle (in the real world, not some dream or blog post) to shift the trajectory of my life. I feel like I’ve done all I can and I’m just treading water at this point. And when I see others (who are nasty, mean people on the inside) effortlessly achieve all I ever wanted it just crushes me.

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    1. Be patient with yourself this month. It’s a huge amount of energy coming in, more so than any other time in the past. About a third of CATs can’t see anything because of this energy.

      Your life here isn’t real, but YOU are real. External riches and success mean nothing. Reminding yourself that you’re a fully connected SOURCE being means everything, especially in that by doing so you remind those who you are beleagured by. Keep trying to connect with Guides; they say you’re on the right track.


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    2. The things and “success” they get in this life is pittance compared to the recognition and glory we actually receive in the greater reality.

      That being said- my patience with this crap runs thin more and more days I have to deal with it, it sure would be nice to have a bit more support with “day to day” so to speak.

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      1. and to expand- Why cant we get more direct support? I know we get more support in a more indirect way but seriously.

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        1. hi, @ Lore,
          The Infinite Mother Spirit of this Universe once said:
          “Question compels the answer”.
          I always took it as:
          The answer comes always.
          It depends of me, to be far enough, to put the right question.

          That’s why the “Ask, and you will receive”.
          That’s why the “Man has to always do the first step”.

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    3. I went through this in July. It eventually breaks. Your body is catching up to your ascension. So its going through a little bit of a trauma. Best to avoid stimulates at this time, do bath soaks in epsom salt, and eat really healthy. Get plenty of protein and greens. If you don’t already take a vitamin begin as your cells are getting leveled up and need all the nutrition they can get (just make sure its high quality and avoid SUGAR). Turmeric is great too!

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  10. Awesome pictures! Flu like symptoms here, too. A bunch of people in choir are having voice issues, strained vocal chords…I am seeing nerve pain issues and strained, tight muscles as well…

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    1. I thought it was different! My vocal is all over the place, can hardly hit a high note. Peace.

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  11. So, the longer we delay The Event, the more souls will move from an experience of The Event which will be shocking and painful, to one which will be acceptable, to one which will be truly joyful. And so it really is desirable to delay The Event.
    So, the “when” is not cast in stone. But the longer it takes, the better. If you are of a mind that you say, “Well, too bad for them, if they’re creating something horrible, they must get what is horrible. I want my good outcome. I want my happy outcome and I want it right now!” Well, the bad news is, if that is your attitude, you’re actually creating from a place of duality. You’re creating victimisation. Your consciousness is probably lower than you think it is. And you probably need to be working on yourself, on your connection to the Divine and on your relationship to the other. But, more about that in a moment.
    The subject of what will happen is also not cast in stone. It’s also not concretised. What will happen is still to be created. And, who creates it? You do! The higher your frequency of consciousness,

    We now have time because The Event is now delayed and the circumstances that previously caused us to have some urgency around getting those timeline seeds planted when Zingdad visited the USA, those events are now behind us, we can take the time.

    So, my takeaway message really is: please don’t be of fear. There is no need to panic. Heal yourself, work on yourself. Raised your consciousness. Live the life you wish to live. There is time. The Event has been delayed. Work towards creating The Event that you wish to create for yourself. Work towards being the being that you wish to be.

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      1. @ CAT eds:
        That appears to be an excerpt from the latest Zingdad channeling (this link is to the channeling itself – video + transcript; it is odd he has it filed under ‘books’):

        Interesting perspective, though I’ve come to trust my inner guidance more than anything written externally at this point. As I feel many others that read this blog do as well.


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  12. Well, Har, Har, and Har again! Yeah, ALL. Today’s adventure went like this: I had to go out into the world today to acquire the ll th dogwood. (I know, you ALL are probably getting tired of hearing about it, but it somehow is important to have planted ll of the little beauties this time around. Any way, I digress.) This adventure happened despite the fact that I can barely walk with the back pain plus I still have a remarkable case of the chronic “blind staggers” Here comes the punch line: Everywhere I went, I was greeted by people actually looking into my eyes with smiles on their faces. It felt pretty darned sweet! Methinks that miracles are happening right under our cat whiskers. More as it happens.

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        1. Yup!. When I first saw this gem so many years ago, I was moved to tears. Thanks for posting it. One of my earliest memories (whether real or imagined) was of me being part of the crew seeding this planet with plants. (Probably is the reason for my love for the earliest plants such as dogwoods, magnolias and rhododendrons. All with simple leaves.)

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        2. @~AM, thank you for this – I grew up with stories of Johnny Appleseed – the legend and song. There’s two observance days – his birthday Sept 26th and March 11th, probably due to planting season –
          This simple man’s life’s work is so much better – small acts multiplied (in both lives), and perseverance… and it seems some timely protection from SOURCE?

          many thanks,


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        3. Such a beautiful tale, so moving. Reminds me to remember the true soul essence that we all carry, to appreciate everything from the tiniest flower to the tallest tress. Every bird, every living being. So very humbling and incredibly inspirational, thank you AM.


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      1. Over 200 and counting. 6 or 7 different cultivars and species. One day when I can figure out how to send a few pictures without revealing too much, I’ll do it.

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  13. I haven’t seen anyone post it yet, so I will share –
    I remember mentioning , in a whiny comment, in these last days that perhaps I needed a Laura Whitworth marathon to change my energy – so I watched an old one and saw this newly posted. It’s good…


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    1. Thanks Kg, how did I miss that one, I check for new Laura videos every day! Will have to save it for this eve when Elsie is in bed, something to look forward to ☺️

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. The CATs try to maintain a balance, but we’re mostly yang. So nice to be able to experience the yin here with Laura. This covers all the bases and explains everything that’s to happen in great detail. Excellent. And what a character!

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I remember from an Allison Coe video that a married couple on NE spoke of 2 waves.
        The couple didn’t come on the first wave that happened a few months earlier but on the second one in the summer of 2020. That 2nd one was via what they called the rainbow bridge.
        Summer 2020 aligns with Laura’s info here above. Aaaaaaaand, if these dates are the ‘real thing’ then it’s even better news because the 1st wave happens a few months earlier which means anywhere between now and the beginning of springtime.

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        1. Yes, I’ve heard it all, too. Every one of them….


          Both Allison AND Laura have not yet learned that all ‘dates’ coming from a QHHT session, are merely dates from other Timelines that are personal and only connected to THAT particular person, and every single one of their dates are already obsolete/irrelevant and can not be applied at all to our current, COLLECTIVE TIMELINE.
          (on top of the fact that the client’s existing timelines during their session are continuously merging and phasing out/disappearing)

          And OUR current timeline is constantly changing….as you have been told, over and over and over again. Try to internalize what that means. The CATs have tried many times to explain this to you.

          Plus I’ve also tested this out, hundreds of times already.

          Furthermore, ANY date thrown out there to the masses, will NOT come to pass. Simply putting it out there, changes it.
          In this messed up ascension process, human Fear-knowledge-of-a-date keeps pushing it forward, out of reach.

          You can now be assured that there will NOT be an Event Wave in the summer of 2020.

          Only the mathematical numbers count (pun), in this reality game. *Percentages* reached.

          Percentage of Postively Polarized Negatively Polarized.

          Also percentage of 100th monkey humans reached, for the Positive Polarity to spread automatically through the collective Consciousness Stream.

          ALL dates are irrelevant.

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          1. While dates and times mean little, no one can say when. The PTW can’t mess with timelines and dates in 2020. Their mojo is over. The akrons’ mojo is roped and branded. SOURCE will dictate when, and it could be anytime between now and the end of next year. You can rest assured that you cannot rest assured on any expectation, even negative ones. And the percentages don’t really matter anymore, as we’ve reached critical mass.

            We might as well tell you now: CATs (or parts of CATs) are being seen in 4d in January. We have no idea what that means, yet. Could be a dream thing (where we do work), could be a coexistence thing… could be a start-at-the-shoes-and-work-up thing… [shrug]. What we DO know is that things are really happening fast, now. Given the current mental split between various political camps, and the levels of denial, it could literally be at any time.

            -CAT Eds.

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    3. I really hope it happens that soon.

      I’ve been waiting for so long and it’s getting harder and harder to believe it’s going to happen in my life-time.

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      1. Yeah I just rewatched the video and I was wrong. They went to NE after the Shift of 2018 which hasn’t occured (duh). I’m just going to shut up about it, it’s speculation anyway. I’ve said it before but now it’s a promise with scout’s honour: no more talk about the Shift. What happens, happens. Over and out.

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  14. 1 1/2 c pumpkin, 1 1/2 pkgs of cream cheese, 1c raw sugar, 3eggs, 2 1/2 Tbs flour, cinnamon/allspice/ginger/nutmeg/clove to Your taste 1/2tsp vanilla: cream the sugar, cheese, spices, vanilla, flour, add eggs, pumpkin, mixing well, 350 degrees F for 35 min. in a cake pan til center set. I dont do any crust. Made me feel great today. Sending out Healing/Love energy to All that are feeling less than Magnificent. Peace.

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  15. Laura Whitworth has a new video. You know where to look it up. All I can say is YAHOO. Feels right. Can hardly wait. See you there. Cay

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      1. I actually do. And the washing, ironing, cleaning.

        When I had my QHHT session I planted cameras.


        (Not really Laura lol x)

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        1. I love the way she pronounces “says”, so very different from our Midwestern “sez.” I’m glad that I share the name Laura with you, Ms. Whitworth. 🙂 ❤

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          1. Yes, “it’s all in the name” — another Laura and I used to say that a lot.
            (It was funny to us anyway.) 😉

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  16. Fasting has been helping to make it all a bit more tolerable. Quite a bit easier to allow the energy when there is nothing in the way. Been focusing on surrender and allowing. Even when emails do not show up or see them and can’t find them again. It is life as we know it at this time, this incredible time on this cool creation called Earth. Had a quantum session recently that brought some fun clarity to NE and how I could understand it. Overlays and a birthing of this new overlay. How each overlay can be integrated or left behind. The visual shared was like the child’s lamp that had a source of light and a cover that had cut outs and created light patterns on the surrounding surfaces. Many many layers combined to create what we ‘see’-experience. Some do not resonate with some of the layers so those layers are not in play for them. Others have done an amazing job of integrating the layers and some are tapped into just one layer. I can get on board with birthing this new layer and staying in the presence of creation.

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  17. Psychic dreams are back. Full force and these are not dreams about me. I’m dreaming about stuff I have no idea about and then I google it and its in the news. All I have to say something is about to happen again.

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  18. Just for fun allow me to be a human jukebox.
    I will play and videotape the song with the most votes. Votes are open until Saturday December 7.

    Like a Hurricane – Neil Young
    Space Oddity – Bowie
    A Day in the Life – Beatles

    PS: no need to insert money

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  19. I have a theory I’d like to run by you guys…

    In the original timeline humans were neutral, joined the galactic stage and weren’t that big a deal. Pretty average species.

    Then a negative species discovered that our unremarkable species originated in a section of space that no one cared about. They started mucking with the timeline, which caused others to muck with it and us, causing us and our little blue marble to go from ‘insignificant’ to ‘extremely significant’.

    So what we have now is everyone fighting over our timeline, causing multiple timelines to exist and end all the time


    1. No. Humans were a creation of several other species. We are an experiment — one that has outgrown its original parameters. And this planet, this region of space are the exact opposite of unremarkable. This is a planet right next to a huge SOURCE portal, populated by beings who weren’t allowed to remember SOURCE… and yet we found SOURCE inside ourselves and transformed ourselves into something remarkable. The entire universe is watching this one planet, and all of us, rooting for us. Timeline changes are done by SOURCE and Spirit; no ET species/technology is powerful enough to enact a timeline change, even on a planetary scale, powerful enough to circumvent SOURCE. This is folly, primarily because we ARE SOURCE, and you can’t circumvent part of yourself for another part of yourself. This timeline will eventually split into two: light and dark. The dark universe will not have light in it… at all. So, those beings who still need to learn this lesson will learn it well.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thanks. That makes more sense.
        Been hearing some people talking about a temporal war, so by brain went into theory mode.

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  20. Last night, doing my pre-sleep ‘I AM’s, I noticed a desire to change HOW I said them – usually said with emphasis on what I thought was the significant word – “i am the LIGHT, i am the LOVE, i Am”…
    Last night perhaps guidance wanted to let me know my emphasis was a bit incorrect in a way that would have been hard for me in the beginning – to place the emphasis on the ‘I’, as the other words were ‘givens’ – the ‘I’ was a declaration of recognition and choice and commitment…

    So, now for me it is said: ! I ! am the light, ! I ! am the love, ! I ! AM… Still feels a bit difficult to emphasize the ‘ I ‘, but feels right for me, too…

    @ everyone with sore throats – something that worked for me in the past – there was some reason – I think to do with other intense flu-like symptoms at the time, I couldn’t handle any other aid…
    I took a small amount of REAL honey (I’m sure you’all aware of how much ‘honey’ out there has little or no actual honey content) if you can get local raw honey, esp with royal jelly, too, even better – then mix in a LARGE quantity of cinnamon – try to get the real stuff there, too. I made it a really thick paste and I’d take small quantities and roll it into a small ball and place near back of throat (which ever side felt worse) and slowly sucked on it – helped me – only thing that did that time…

    Hope all feel better,
    Much love,


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    1. Kg, I had the same realization about the emphasis on “I” about a week ago (as in, Hey! *I* am the light!) — and it did amp up the effect for me. I also got the guidance to “increase the magnitude,” which has also helped, when I remember…

      Thanks for the idea about adding cinnamon to the honey; sounds good even w/o a sore throat!
      Be well,

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    2. Yes KG, this honey medicine works so well! I made my medicine this summer for this. I picked wild monarda blossoms (horse mint I think is another name for it.) put it into the raw honey for a few weeks with whole cloves. Then after a few weeks I strained it and put a little bit of brandy in it as a preserve. Works amazing for throat or cough stuff. I started random hacking last night out of the blue, took a tablespoon of that… All gone, immediately .
      Mint tea and raw honey would also work well too. 👍🏼 ☀️😁🌿 💕

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    3. Yes to honey, I use essential oils, cinnamon/peppermint/clove. The clove has a numbing effect, great for gums. Peace.

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  21. Question for those that are handy with the different meters & graphs: Did anything big happen near 3:33am Eastern time on Tuesday 12/3? (That would be late Monday evening during sleep 3:33am so really early Tuesday morning). I woke up like BAM! A Light went on in my head. Previously I have been totally locked down, unable to access my crown or above to get out and travel anywhere. Blocked for a very looong time. But my head unlocked and woke me straight up. Then it seemed I cleared out tons of stuff for, and realigned things for “all Creation”, meaning bringing it in more alignment with Prime Creator. Felt like HUGE things but didn’t take “effort”. It was like a simple “correction” back to a true Template. And it was like I was saying there was NO ALLOWANCE for this stuff anymore. I don’t normally do this type of thing, so it was a bit remarkable for me to wake up and just start doing anything. Did anyone else have something out of the blue unusual happen near that time? (As opposed to our “normal unusual” stuff, lol) Any thoughts appreciated. ❤️️🌎🌌🎁🌻✨😘

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    1. Susan Worthington,
      Sounds like one of those light triangles was placed above your head which allowed the Source Code’s return of your DNA to the divine human template as referenced in Laura Whitworth’s last u-tube video (via Dolores Cannon QHHT founder). Just my thoughts on the matter. What or however it happened is not important, only that it happened. Glorious and congratulations! Cay

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      1. You know, I wonder if you have to be a QHHT practitioner to do the light triangle thing? I mean, we just encased the city of Round Rock in light. It’s not difficult to imagine a triangle of light above a person’s or one’s own head. Think it would work properly?

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    2. I want to say yes. I looked and noticed some oomph on some meters around that time/date. The energy we’re feeling isn’t exactly registering like it usually does, so we’re having to use ourselves as detectors — and everyone’s different, so we’re all over the place.


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      1. @Cat6 Thank you very much. I’m pretty useless looking at the times on the graphs, I have hard enough time just knowing what day and time it is while looking right at my clock, lol. Time has gotten a bit loopy anyway these days. (((Hugs)))

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  22. Huh, strange things never ends it seems ?

    Tonight I was out again walking the dog, it was cloudy night, but I looked at a moon (half moon) and it seems it is moving from left to right, and it looked like it is moving under the clouds, but also changing brightness even when there were no clouds at some position ?

    I looked at it with great concentration, stood steady, observing carefully the clouds, just to be sure that I am not imagining that moon movement, but still, the clouds were steady, and the moon was moving, I could not believe my eyes ?

    Was I looking at some time shift, or I was looking at future or past, like the time was not linear, something like that, I do not know, but it was extremely strange, I do not know what to think off it, anybody has any idea, what was I witnessing, hmmm ? ✨


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    1. I think the moon is grannies rocking chair anymore it is crazy up there and it is at the wrong angle to begin with when you check the moon charts lol. Even my science professor neighbor said to me the moon is going through the phases too quickly.

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  23. The energy lightened considerably here the last 1/2 hour + or so ago – lighter around heart, smiles are easier, movement more easily produced with body – small relaxation responses occurring spontaneously at times.

    Also since change in how I said ‘I am’s last night and the listening to Laura Whitworth’s latest video (maybe that red blotch time – no-sleep time on the Schumann in the early/mid overnight AM energies last night, 12/5) –
    – the concern or response to family/household energy/moods is more remote or REALLY not to do with me – their choices will lead them to where they will be best served – the world and blessings or lessons that will best be their future experiences.
    Song –
    ♪ Que será, será
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future’s not ours to see… ♪♪

    Whatever will be for me, also – I don’t feel the need to be with them on their journey, but if I am then, so be it – no attachment to either…

    much love,


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  24. I’m being nudged to mention this – A new Amanda Ellis video about the energies around the upcoming UK elections – it’s not uploaded yet as of 6:11 pm MT US.
    But with the nudge there may be some interested in it’s content –
    I won’t post the link here when she posts, as she says it’s 1:40:00 long – you can find her easily by searching utbe.

    Here is her notice earlier today…

    Amanda Ellis
    8 hours ago
    Well the UK Election video is the longest I think I have ever done – 1 hour 40 minutes …but it’s there for those that want it – or will be when uploaded – probably late pm or tomorrow – I am thinking of calling it …A right royal mess. 😀 …- no not my work – but the tangled web and unclear energy – but I gave it my best and think there are some nuggets in there…
    You will need a drink and popcorn to watch it…. ha ha
    … … …

    Peace and understanding,


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  25. I had a black wolf lurking in my dream this night, with a red reversed pentagram (satanism) on his collar. I woke up when he came to close… I have reset my protection, put the mantra on him and ask my protectors, Source, superfriends to deal with him or this group, as it is not allowed in my dream. Long time not having something so dark invade my dream like that, but it was so obvious this time… to tired with this energy and my job, must be a “Gruyère” easy pass for intruders this time around… not there yet?

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  26. @kageee3 I like Amanda Ellis but last week she said baron trump was autistic. That was a lot of hyperbole by fake news a few years back. Apparently he knows a few different languages and is too in his class. So I’m a little turned off. What to believe now. 😉

    Why does it seem everyone is insulting baron this week? He’s just a kid

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    1. @duganknows,
      As a grandmother of an Autistic granddaughter I don’t consider being referred to as Autistic to be an insult – more of as in the range of human 2.0- 2.9, with everyone very individual in what that means.- My feeling about Baron has always been, super bright – maybe perhaps on the Asperger’s end of things (my daughter had an Asperger friend in high school and our house guest is Asperger with extreme PTSD, so familiar with some of the behaviors and coping mechanisms first hand – I thought Baron might be ‘on the spectrum’ Autistic wise when I saw him on stage when his father won the election in ’16. If Baron is Aspergers, being in a room that big with that many noisy people election night must have been excruciating on some level. I’ve always felt he has a big role to play to do with his father – even if under the radar or in the subconscious realm.
      I don’t watch news, so don’t know what you are referring to as far as people picking on him? – ‘They’re’ going to go after family, low beings, as they no doubt are.

      I remember that video (of Amanda’s)being quite long and referencing many things and including some info from commenter s of hers informing her – she doesn’t always research, so as not to influence the info she receives and doesn’t ever claim to be perfect or not mis-interpret things at times – I think, she didn’t know anything about him other than being Trumps son before doing that video and some people mentioned that ~ 100 yr old book mentioning him, story having parallels to now.

      As with anything take what resonates and shrug at what doesn’t – things have a tendency to change now and then, recently 🙂
      Amanda Ellis, I believe, comes from a place of inner integrity – doesn’t mean she’s omnipotent… or is a right fit for everyone – it’s just info if people want to take a look…

      Peace, breathe and trust your own guidance?


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  27. @CATS what do you think of the Travis Walton “fire in the sky” movie/story in snowflake, az?

    I believe there’s alien life and we r just a speck of dust in this universe, but the evil behind it???

    And why do we need alien craft to pick us up after the event? Like in Laura’s QHHT sessions she posted. I’ve seen it a couple times!

    This isn’t like some crazed Scientology thing is it?

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    1. I did not think that the “Fire in the Sky” movie was a very good depiction of Travis Walton’s abduction and subsequent five day disappearance. It had a dreamy,
      fantasy like quality that was not a part of
      the experience that Travis described. If you want to read his story go to his website. One of the interesting things about this case is it seemed to show two
      alien groups working together. The small beings, initially seen by Travis, may have
      been from Zeta Reticuli, based on other
      similar accounts, and then later, Travis
      encountered aliens that looked to be
      completely human. One of the biggest lies we have been told is that we are alone in the universe, or if there is other life, it is too different or too far away for us to interact with, when actually the universe is teeming with life on all dimensions,
      parallel realities, and on and on..,,,,!


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      1. @coriboy, thanks for the info. I just happened upon the movie and we’ve all been talking about it ufo or alien life lately. So I watched. My dad and I used to talk about possible alien life and a psychic years ago told me I was abducted. I was a teenager at the time. 😉. I like hearing how “they” are nice and not the msn controlled fear based version.

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  28. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Flurries of the new countenance are received with joy and playfulness.

    The planet arises in Higher Vibrations.

    Struggles are embraced and released.

    Stern outlooks are changed to Light.

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  29. Oh, my, my, my,my,my! So I made a flying trip into Seattle to see my blessed chiropractor. He gave up his lunch so he could work on my poor, but beknighted body(thank you body) I can actually walk relatively well. Now that’s how you spell relief!!! Anyway, I was in town for about an hour. The sweet takeaway of this little tale is that everyone I encountered in the hallways was cheerful and smilingly engaging.

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  30. anyone else experiencing (rather severe) hiccups, starting around 3am UTC on 12/6? I know hiccups are not a big deal to most people, but I have some digestive issues (that I’ve had for basically all my life) that tend to always make hiccups unpleasant for me. At best they’re uncomfortable, and at worst they’re painful. They’ve let up a little bit by now (17:00 utc), but they were pretty bad during the night/early AM. does this happen to anyone else?

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    1. Rishi ❤️ Yes lots of digestive stuff going on, strange hiccups too. You should try singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ whilst hiccuping randomly, Elsie is a hard task master especially around her bedtime routine, the show must go on despite hiccups (and other things!) 😉

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. thank you for the suggestion, Lily, I will try that =). I haven’t had hiccups since today morning, but my stomach still feels very unsettled and I still haven’t been able to eat much.

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  31. Is there a way to know if you’re going to the new earth/universe?

    I believe I am, I just want an irrefutable sign.


    1. All will go to the best place for them. That’s what we keep hearing. Gotta trust SOURCE. We’re not really allowed to know… but *your* Guides can tell you. This is one prime reason for learning and practicing meditation. Most of us can hear Guides, but some see them, or their symbols. Try imagining a traffic light: red light, green light, yellow light. Break it down to just the colors. Get comfy in the meditation zone and ask Guides to tell you whether or not you’re going to the New Earth, and ask them to indicate it via the traffic light/color paradigm. They will oblige. You can use this when you pick out food or vitamins. What color do you “see” when you place your hand over something? When you think about Subway “chicken nuggets”? (RED!)

      If you close your eyes and see this… RUN.

      Or just give them the Subway “chicken nuggets.”

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yeah, I started pinging my guides. The conversations have been interesting to say the least. I have two consistent guides and then many that come and go with messages. The consistent theme of the conversations are the threshold has been crossed. The work has been done now time to move to the next phase. For each individual that will be different. I had specific directions as what my next step is. I’m a little stuck in my own head at the moment so I have to figure out to break down my own self inflicted resistance.

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  32. Amanda Lorence ❤️

    “Huge incoming energy. Started about 3:45pm UK time.
    Waves, pulsing, vibrations to whole of physical body
    Wow. One Love”

    That explains a lot! Feel like I am floating along at the moment, head in the clouds, not quite here! Much to ‘Elsie’s’ annoyance! She wants me to join in with her alphabet and will stick a letter into whatever part of my body is nearest, “A is for?” I am not concentrating on the task very well at all. Mind you we have been doing the alphabet all day, every day for …A LOT of days!

    We sat together in our tiny little lean to that looks out into our little bit of green. She looks up and says “Can you see angels?” I struggle to make out what Elsie is saying about fifty percent of the time as she really has a touch time with forming the words etc… But I heard that perfectly! The sky was a mix of dark grey and golden, pink clouds, quite beautiful!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  33. Here is a simple guide to attain 5D Enlightenment in your present reality that correlates internal with external processes:

    Of course, this is already happening naturally for those who are working towards 5D but I found the info to be useful in the NOW. Enjoy!

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  34. The latest deconstructing the construct has some interesting information and basically highlights that the shift is just around the corner…


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  35. Last night was a very looong night – maybe the perception to do with the temporal thingies? The night seemed to be about 3 nights long, with many wakings – one no doubt to do with the wide-ish white band mid-overnight, on the Schumann? I think my grddaughter had a major headache this morning, crying, stamping her feet in a rapid pattern she does at times – frustrated times, I think. – didn’t want food or drink… settled better after some head squooshes and pull offs – she pushed my hands VERY hard down on her crown. – then she could eat and watch videos…
    I’d had to wake her to change a messy diaper(nappy) and like her mom, doesn’t do well with waking too quickly…

    @ark2arcturus – thanks for the re-enforcement – glad that was felt by someone else, too. The new way of saying the I AMs IS producing more of relaxation response in body than before.

    Pressure headachy, short periods of extensive itchiness, and the other usual things.

    Be well, all


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    1. Granddaughter didn’t stay conscious long, went back to sleep drawing the covers ALL up over her – mom won’t be best pleased as any night getting her to sleep before wee hrs of AM is a sometimes more longed for hope than reality and mom is working EARLY hours this week – she’d enjoy some sleep…

      I’m going to play with golden triangles this weekend, see if it can bring some ease to some people…hmmm, just said golden triangle, but don’t remember how she described it, will have to listen again – then my brain says… ” parallel to or perpendicular… sheesh, shush brain… 🙂

      @Cats Eds, very drawn to the blue/purple/indigo energy graph – beautiful…
      (whispers, ” Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya… …”)

      much love to all,


      PS: – much enjoyed the twin pics…

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    2. Yeah, I didn’t sleep well last night either. My body was vibrating internally, which I actually enjoy, but it’s not conducive to sleep since I find it rather exhilarating. Once I do fall asleep, I think my guides turn the dial up even more, because it’s even stronger when I first wake up.

      I’ve also been getting tiny flashes of rainbow light, but not in the third eye area. Rather, it’s in the corner of my right eye. Something interesting, or just floaters?

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      1. Something is imminent my dog looked at something I couldn’t see but she could jumped into my arms she was so scared. I just said mentally to it: Better go the event is going to happen now lol. Then I heard this female voice say: How do you know? I just laughed: Hey you never know Source loves to keep everyone guessing that’s its thing. I could feel tons of them just going from room to room just looking at all our primitive stuff. I asked my guides can they just leave? I got no and you can try to block but they will just come in anyway. You just have to put up with it.

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            1. This is where new humans are going to surprise NTIs (Non-Terrestrial Intelligences) the most. We take so much in stride. We are enormously flexible. There might even be one of us, somewhere, who likes JarJar Binks.


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  36. Hello everyone, I want to say how grateful I am for this site, the Cats, M’s and all of the readers and commenters… can’t imagine what it would be like to go through this time without this anchor of sanity in these amazing times! Big Thank You to All!

    I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while – hoping to hear if anyone might have experienced same/similar *auditory* oddities. For several months now I’ve noticed piano-like tones/notes, (1-2 notes non stop – all night long), in the left part of my head/ear. This is in addition to the constantly changing high frequency buzzing tones that are louder/quieter at times in either/both ears. The first month or so it made it difficult to fall/stay asleep – now I am finally able to sleep better. I ground, protect, connect nightly and ask Brother J to help tone it down so I can get some rest, seems to be helping getting almost 6-7 hours again.

    Anyone else experincing this or something similar? Could the tones be portal knocking, codes or X wave? Thoughts?

    With Deepest Gratitude,

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    1. Hey LuLu…been getting same frequency shifts, not as long lasting, but experienced them more intensely this past year. I thank Source every time I get a burst! Try putting gemstones by you bed or under pillow-My bedside stand has tourmaline, lepodite, angelite & shungite on it and I put a sprig of lavender in my pillow case!!

      My Weird Noise Event: couple of nights ago, I woke up to a new sound-external, not in my head-that sounded like an Atari Pong game (fur you youngins, first video game-1972). The sound that woke me up was right next to my head and my spidey alarm went off so I woke up. Heard 3 or 4 more of these “pings” as they moved away from me and diminished in sound. Was a bit perplexed and left with the impression that I was being checked on!

      CATs – was this ET show & tell?!?!

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      1. Thank you freespirit for your suggestions about the bedside set up. I’m going to set up my bedside stand tomorrow. So appreciate your thoughts, input and sharing 🤗

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      2. Hi Luluzcafe!
        Recently I’ve started to hear something too.
        Last time I hear some voices, that were speaking my language…
        I was alone in my bedroom, my family was sleeping…
        The Voices seemed to speak to each other about me.
        I’m not sure they were pure light and their voice was squeaky, like that of an elf…
        Peace and blessings to You All Guys! 🌈🙏


    2. LuLu ❤️ Hmm, I’ve had bird, animal, humanish voices and flute music but not piano…yet! I think it may just be other realms coming through…?

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Hi Lily, thank you for your thoughts and response😊 The notes/tones sound almost like some type of Morse code which did originally make me wonder if it was some wavelength from somewhere that I was tuning into somehow?

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    3. Sorry this took so long. Some CATs started responding, then responded to other CATs’ responding…

      Anyway. We have this all the time, too. When we meditate most of us get these tones REALLY loud in one ear or another, and some in BOTH ears. It’s a clairaudience thing. For you it is either starting or is upgrading. Same goes for what Lily and other commenters have been experiencing lately in hearing weird sounds. We hear weird CONVERSATIONS and group announcements. (When your first hear ETs doing portal traffic control through various portals you doubt your own sanity.)

      You DON’T want to ask to tone this down! You want to ask Guides and Brother J to TURN IT UP! It’s the beginnings of telepathy. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Oh my! What a relief! Thank you for your reply and your recommendation. Seems like I need to seek some assistance from my Guides and Brother J.

        Is there a primer for this type of development that you know of or is it primarily more of inside job type of thing?

        I have begun hearing infrequent faint but beautiful music and muffled conversations in the last few months as well. Wow, this brings a new light to some strange happenings.

        You All are the Best!🤗

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  37. Regarding “enormously flexible” humans,
    you might have to search for quite a while to find a JarJar Binks fan!!


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  38. well today dec 07-19 out here in so az desert-and at 12.39 am a big bam-big enough to have me get up and do stuff that i have been putting off for a long time0in the middle of the night-nowadays dont fight the feeling just recognize and get up and look for answers or try to catch up-so if its hitting here at 12.40am what is the other side sun facing experiencing-must be intense-plus noticing the latest images and the anomolies at so am/peru and indonesia area brings focus on earth shift and new poles-plus lots of chatter about rising magma all of which in not being reported-but on a lighter note MY CATS-have been loud and in need of lots attention-they dont appear to know why or can share whats effecting them at their level-so i continue to observe and monitor-but hav enoticed it comes in waves-about every other day this side-still watching lots of ways of interpreting the outcomes that are visible but the invisible and intangible are interesting factors that are only slowly discovered-best of luck2all-ps learned not to fight the energy but to do therapy or action engagement just to work thru it-no matter what time of day or night-luckily we still have electricity out here-so makes it easier that working walking in dark-and time appears to be relevant-and the old-weak and very ill are overwhelmed and sideswipped during these times of cosmic ray bombardment-

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  39. ps3 sorry about linear posts but dec 07 2019 just out on -cant figure out how to share image but it is noted that cosmic rays are rising and graph shows Oulu neutron monitor

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  40. Magenta Pixie ❤️

    So basically, these PTW peeps, cannot do much at all really as long as we keep our vibration high, they cannot reach or control us, we ARE beyond their grasp and they cannot understand how this ever happened…


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  41. When I read this clock number 7 part, I realize that happened to me yesterday. I already made a post in “ZONTARANS, YOUR BUS IS LEAVING…”, but forgot rhis part about coming back from field work late at night, and when I was about get to intersection I saw my car click showing 0:00, that caught my attention, but after maybe 100m, driving at about 50-60km/h that clock showed 0:03, what just happened ?1

    This and that moon passing at speed under clouds lately tells me that somehow, sometimes, the time is passing differently, for me at least, as nobody around me is not noticing nothing weird ?

    Or my guides are showing that to me for some reason, that time is illusion, or that the things are unfolding rapidly, or…., well I really do not know, any ideas friends ?

    Thank You

    Perica ✨


  42. So CBeebies Christmas Panto on tv this year is ‘Hansel & Gretel’. A very elaborate opening song by the witch about cooking and eating delicious children. Lots of camera focus on very young children in the audience, Elsie left the room…
    I know these fairy tales are ancient but I have a new level of nausea this year…Turn off the tv and find something ‘Lighter’ to do…

    Much Love & Light 🙏🌟🙏

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