YATJ, Meterage, etc. 1-25 to 1-29-20 [UPDATE9]


Most everyone felt these latest jumps, in one way or another.

Yet Another Timeline Jump (top right):


Data (re)started after the jump.
It’s hard to tell, but this meter is totally swamped.
You can see that ‘unicorn’ line around 17:00.
This one’s just gone.



This happened earlier.


Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 10.03.50 AM
They still haven’t configured the date/time on this new meter. It’s for 1-25-20. Note the correlation between this and the meter above.
Energy strangeness from the day before…
Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 10.09.40 AM
…which shows up as a spike here, the jump from earlier on the left.
The electron meters have been swamped out.


The result?

Feelin’ a little… funky…


We’ve have another (very mild) CME; still, given how all this works, we’ll no doubt feel all of it:


And… can’t say we’ve ever seen Cumiana look like this before:


The colors correspond to the earth’s magnetic field pointing in various directions, as per the legend.
And as you can see, we had another timeline jump yesterday.

And, well… this was dramatic (4 am PST, we ALL felt it):

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 8.21.53 AM

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 8.22.05 AM
Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get a hold of this meter operator, to let them know they need to configure the day/date (they literally turned this meter on a week ago). This is accurate as of 8:25 am PST on 1-27-20.

More jump data here:


And we had a couple of GRBs the past two days (that may or may not be the cause of some the activity we’re seeing):


More later.



Whoa. Can’t say we’ve ever seen this happen. NOAA has unlocked all the ACTUAL satellite jump data instead of editing it:






Check this out. See these (dramatic) Cumiana meter examples from different times? Note the faint line just below 17 Hz (16.8?) — and the activity above and below and THROUGH this line:



THAT is the demarcation from 3d to 4d, right there. The energy below is energy experienced by folks at 3d. The worlds meet but don’t mix. This is what we’ve been looking for for some time. (Like we didn’t know it was happening and couldn’t feel it anyway. Still, it’s nice to have justification. It’s like when you see your first ET ship and realize: “Oh. Those really ARE real.”) That is literally the split in action. Interesting how some energy affects both planes.

Here’s the latest Etna:


Not as dramatic, but note the activity below 17 Hz. There’s all kinds of things happening above that line, but when we ask what they are, Guides just say: “Preparation.”


There was another jump/reboot/adjustment around 3:30 am PST (11:30 UTC 1-28-20) this morning (which we felt before we looked it up):

2020-01-28 at 8.42.29 AM
(Note: For those interested, the timestamp is in the image name. This meter is still not fully configured. Same for the one below.)

2020-01-28 at 8.43.21 AM


Sorry, we misunderstood something the SuperFriends said when they were talking of (natural) portals and stars. We thought all stars had portals inside them, but that’s not the case. Not all stars contain portals, only “special stars” do. In some cases, a portal will occupy space BETWEEN two close stars… and it looks like a star to higher dimensional beings. There is occasionally confusion in relaying wat things are like from the SuperFriends’ perspectives since we’re down in 3d/4d where things look very different.

In terms of 3d/4d, we are currently splitting… and then when those who go to 5d go, 4d will cease to be (this is Fourth Density, as opposed to the “4th Dimension”). Don’t get us started on different dimensions. That would be its own post.


Someone asked us about this “OVNI” video. Here’s a still:

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 8.59.44 AM

This is a drone. Looks like the PTW are experimenting with hoaxing ET craft. Gosh, wonder why?


FYI, someone asked about the recent earthquakes in Cuba and the Caymans. Note the depths:

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 4.15.23 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 12.19.47 PM

This looks to be HAARP, but… we’re not being allowed to see what’s going on. This could mean that it’s white hats or ETs doing something… or we’re being kept from the info for our own safety. OR it has to do with something that has to happen a certain way and we’re not being encouraged to interfere.


Looks like that recent CME has hit. Expect extra headachiness:



Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.34.36 AM
This may have been the CME pre-bump. Or it was Wave X. Or fairies.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.35.23 AM

Looks like the CME is affecting those destined for 4d.
We may have also had a jump… or Etna did. Or it’s a energy swamp-glitch.


Lots of things happening. Btw, someone asked about Dianne Feinstein’s recent turnaround, then re-turnaround on the Trump (fake) impeachment thing. We looked… then had to LOOK again. That’s not Dianne Feinstein. She died a while ago. That’s a body double. Jeez, everything’s fake.



221 thoughts on “YATJ, Meterage, etc. 1-25 to 1-29-20 [UPDATE9]

  1. So just today I’ve had the sudden feeling of one certain ET being hanging around me and a little small cat with him. I asked their names and was given John and Ezra. They’ve been with me all day. I can’t see them but I know they’re there. John keeps doing funny things to make me laugh. I know this sounds so strange. Maybe I’ve finally lost my last marble. On a related note last weekend my step daughter came up to me and said she could see a cat sitting on top of my head. I asked her about it the next day and she said she had no memory of telling me that. Hmmm…I wonder what’s up? 😊

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  2. Good Morning Cats,

    “The Doctor” is IN.

    In light of the Fear Porn Machine now running at full throttle, here are some solutions:

    Viruses do not stand up well to “Medical Grade Ozone”, which is why the PTW have put much effort into suppressing this knowledge / technology since it was initially perfected by Nicola Tesla over a century ago.

    Although Ozone is used extensively in the water purification industry, it is rarely found in a clinic or hospital.

    You may read more about it here:

    Click to access Ozone-The_Story_of.pdf


    “CO2 GANS” (gas and nano state) – a superconductor, has been demonstrated to effectively deplete a virus of it’s strength.

    You may read more about it here:


    The beauty of this technology is that it is easy and inexpensive to produce.

    It can be done at home in the kitchen.

    The materials required are:

    – Salt (preferably sea salt)

    – Sodium Hydroxide (lye crystals commonly used to make soap / avoid drain openers as they often contain other chemicals)

    – Copper (I have used both copper plate obtained from a roofing materials supplier as well as household / automotive copper wire. The copper wire must be clean and soft. Older wire is preferred, as new wiring is often alloyed with other metals)

    – Zinc (plate may be obtained from a roofing materials supplier, or stripped out of a common dry cell battery)

    There are many video’s on YouTube describing the process.

    Search for “How to make CO2 GANS”.

    Have no fear…

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    1. “CO2 GANS” can also be ordered from: magravsplasmaproducts.com
      I have been using the “CO2 GANS” and the GANS of Zinc Oxide by drinking
      water infused with these substances. I saw a very interesting video that was
      taken after Hurricane Maria, on Domenica in 2017. The video showed a lush
      garden with many varieties of tropical plants, and yet, beyond the boundaries of the garden were miles of devastation. Trees that were totally
      without leaves and broken limbs. The man with the garden had put “CO2
      GANS” and “ZNO2 GANS” in containers around the garden, and although he
      says he does not know for sure if the GANS saved his home, the video sure was impressive! Another person duplicated these results and protected her
      home and property during Hurricane Dorian and now I am wondering if trying this might help with wild fires.



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    2. Thanks for mentioning GaNS and for putting the link to the official KF-wiki, where you can find informations on all the very different aspects which have their basic in ONE simple Plasma-Knowledge: 1.) to give (magnetical) and 2. to receive (gravitational). Everything is interaction. Science and Spirituality are united in these teachings.
      As a Knowledge Seeker following the teachings of M.T.Keshe for many years, building MaGrav devices, producing GaNS and consuming the water of GaNS, making Health-patches, I can confirm that it works great and you can do it on your own with very little cost. Basic teachings are free and there are Knowledge Seekers all around the world partaking and sharing their experiences freely, also in many languages.
      To calm the “wobbly feelings” and itches or to balance emotions, I love to put a patch of CO2 and ZnO GaNS water on my chest. Its my little helper in many situations and I allways carry some with me to give freely to people/animals/plants when I feel they could benefit from.
      Love and Peace to all Souls – NiSha

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  3. Re: C60 – found this short blurb on it (btw – I think I heard of/about it on that show that Lisa M Harrison and the other gal (Dani? something – lives on Malta?) used to do together a couple/3 years ago – I found this blog after Lisa Harrison mention something from this blog – my step to finding a belonging place; been here since) –
    I think they used to mention some kind of ‘improved water’ you could make? energetically? – so long ago, so many TLJs ago…

    blurb – “C60 FULLERENE is a molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms. They are in a cage-like spherical and hollow shape, resembling a soccer ball. It’s also referred to as buckminsterfullerene and buckyballs. It acts like glue that can clean up unstable compounds like free radicals. Because C60 is not salable(soluble?) in water, ”

    I guess you can get a powder to mix with oil of choice to make your own or get pre-made stuff…


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    1. Folks… this C60 thing is also Illusion. Believe it or not, you can get the same effects from Yogi Water, with lemon:

      Yogi Water

      Fill a pint glass with clean water. Add a squeeze of lemon and rind into water. Remove lemon. Then, while being mindful, pour the water from one glass to another (over the sink) back and forth about 4-5 ties, and think “SOURCE” as the water bubbles into each glass. Then drink the water, paying close attention to energy absorption through teeth and tongue. That’s it. Do this three times a day and you’ll be amazed at the effects.

      It’s a lot cheaper and more effective. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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  4. Also research structured water as written about in the book, The Fourth Phase of Water. It talks about how you can purify water naturally by running it through a vortex. This mimics the type of natural, healing water found in our cells. There are lots of companies selling very expensive structured water devices. However, the author of the book has come out saying that all you really have to do is put some marbles in your water bottle or water pitcher to create the same effect. 😂😂😂

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    1. Those are both excellent questions. We are not allowed to know the answers to either, but for the latter… it’s hard to know how much of a demonstration of the split will be necessary to make things “obvious.”

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. The split becomes obvious when you experience the Final Wave (shift) reset and/or the Solar Flash (depends what you contracted for, to experience)….the highest humans may not even care to stick around to feel the effects of this, and we will transition in our sleep, most likely — simply waking up on our matching 5th density paradise Earth.

      See Todd’s diagram that his Guides showed him — those of us of highest frequency, shown in the middle, ascend right out of here instantly and into the 5D/7D Earths (or higher) — bypassing both the Old 3D Earth (on the left) and the slowly Ascending 4D New Earths (on the right):


      “During the session there was a discussion of the three options that are going to be available. As my voice described this I saw what appeared to be an IMAX movie screen that was showing an image on the left side and an image on the right side with a golden border separating (SPLITTING) them.

      The image on the left side was much darker than the image on the right and the golden border provided a sharp delineation between them.
      As the discussion proceeded, a description of the ‘remaining’ construct began as I focused on the left image.


      The Remaining (3D Old Earth) Construct:

      I could see/feel the darkness being caused by more than one thing. The first was the physical where I saw what looked like lava or magma causing huge plumes of smoke as it erupted. While that sounds apocalyptic, I didn’t get that feeling.

      It felt like the collective consciousness in that construct understood what had happened was unavoidable and it brought them all together in a way I had never seen before on Earth.

      A large portion of the population was missing and while some bodies were recovered, most were never found. Even amidst a natural disaster setting, it felt WAY better than the current conflict and division we have now.
      The second cause of the dark appearance was energetic as it contrasted sharply against the ascending construct.


      Moving Directly to Fifth Density (leaving through the Separating Golden Band of energy):

      This remaining construct is the one we all currently live in where nothing has changed yet.
      Because of that, the pathway moved from the left of the screen I was watching to the right.

      As consciousness moved out of the remaining construct, it had to pass through the golden band separating the two.

      This is where the choice is made by those with the energetic capacity to do so; move directly into fifth density OR move into the ascending construct.

      If you choose fifth density you move up along the golden band and off the screen. Your perception of this transition would be going to sleep that night and having the most realistic dream of your perfect life you have ever encountered.

      The difference is that this is not a dream, and when you do finally awaken into the collective you will be surrounded by millions of other consciousnesses, engulfed in an energetic feeling (we interpret as love) beyond description.


      Moving Into the (4D NEW EARTH) Ascending Construct:

      Assuming you pass through the golden band you arrive at the right side of the screen.

      This one is more difficult to explain because the eruptions and magma were also present here but they did not seem as ‘important’. Perhaps it was because they were not as wide spread, but it seemed as if the earth changes were an inconvenience. Or maybe it was the fact that it was so much brighter here that the ash and particulate only caused minor disruptions.

      However, it seemed the larger effect was the energy that was here. It was energizing and unifying everyone toward a common focus; the upliftment and betterment of all.
      The illusion of separation and division was gone, it could not withstand the increasing energies. As everyone embraced the new energy available here, the energetic aura extending beyond consciousnesses began to bleed into each other and the interconnected nature of all that is became undeniable.

      • Separation: My energy is your energy. My consciousness the same as yours. There is no separation.
      • Self-Interest: Putting one above the other creates energetic imbalances that pull us away from the energy of unity which we all now feel within us and are striving to increase.
      • Fear: The knowledge that we are energetic consciousness inhabiting a body is absolute. Lessons will be learned in this body, the next body, and ultimately beyond the need for a body. What is there to fear?
      • Hatred: How do you hate yourself or the magnificence of our awareness?
      • War: Absurd! It would reduce our collective energetic potential.

      The Perception of Death in Each Construct

      In this discussion there is the obvious separation of consciousness as we diverge from a single co-creational construct into three pathways. Regardless of where you go, you are a single consciousness embodied within a corporeal vehicle. If you are moving into the ascending construct, there must be a valid explanation why you no longer exist in the other. Because of this fact, the remaining construct will appear to have a larger loss of life. Bodies will be unaccounted for and not found because they are no longer there; they have moved into the ascending construct to continue their lessons. If you are moving into fifth density you no longer need a body so where you leave it is inconsequential. There will be the appearance of wide spread loss of life in the remaining construct because they will have no knowledge that a large portion of consciousness has moved into a new creation.

      The ascending construct knows on an intuitive level what has happened and the perceived loss of life does not cut as deeply. The understanding comes in two forms; those like me who are sharing information interpreted through consciousness, and subliminally as the incoming energies impact and uplift our spiritual awareness.

      What I am trying to convey is what I received in this session; fear of death is unnecessary and in this case unwarranted. Fear creates a singular focus on survival of the body and takes you away from the joy of living in the moment. Anyone who considers themselves ‘awakened’ and is following this type of information -from me or others- obviously contains the energetics for, and is seeking the pathway toward, the ascending construct. As you do this remember to also keep your focus on the sensory beauty afforded by being here. Feel the sun on your skin, swim in the ocean, eat a sumptuous meal, roll in the grass. Embrace the simple joy of being alive within a construct of such amazing diversity.

      In service to all… Todd Deviney”

      YouTube: Enlightened Aspect Productions

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      1. “….the highest humans may not even care to stick around to feel the effects of this, and will transition in sleep…”

        Because many have already ASCENDED many times in many realms…
        came here just to help / enhance consciousness grow in their brothers

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  5. Uuuggghhhh! Thanks ALL for Update 8. I have been barely functioning today. I must go to bed. I did manage to change my sheets this morning. (I did forget to take off my muddy boots as was sagely suggested by one of the CAT Editors. You must be psychic, Har!)

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    1. OMG…I feel the same way…I had amazing downloads in my dreams last night, but I’ve been dragging ass all day. I’m too tired to even watch the new Laura Whitworth video….zzzzz… Night kids….😴

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  6. I have broken three strands of leather with my own hands just tying a fisherman’s knot, and then converted to waxed linen. Broke that too. The knot . . . Supurb, the artglass, colorful, the recipient waiting , yet I can’t finish this peice as I seem to have extraordinary strength. . . Tahaha. That’s how I ignore outside. I do things with tiny colorful things and create it to give it away. I don’t have pity or compassion anymore, and I don’t think I agree that love should ever have a definition in a dictionary. Somebody said today as they vented, ‘but your different’ . Yup, I said laughing, such is my sorrow I guess.
    So many talk of their daily experiences. You know what I think? If I was myself every now, apposed to every now and then, well wooo whooo and wo Wei. How fun could life be. I must apologize, to everyone I offended. I care for a human dx with Alzheimer’s. But I listen and love that opportunity. I think that person could be me in a few. Notsny of you speak about memory as a symptom of the shift, but I surely hope it is.
    Be well eat your greens!


    1. No. We’re saying it’s been created (it’s another “fake” virus like ebola), and while some people in China DO have it, hardly any have died compared with the numbers the MSM has been throwing around; the regular flu has killed way more people. The MSM has blown this way out of proportion to make people afraid, as usual. No one outside of China has died due to this flu strain. There is no cause for alarm.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. CATS – I tried to post the comment and I don’t see it anywhere, so if you see a duplicate, mea culpa and please delete the duplicate … I thought this would allay some fears.

        2002 – West Nile Virus will kill us all
        2004 – SARS will kill us all
        2005 Bird Flu will kill us all
        2009 – Swine Flu will kill us all
        2014 – Ebola will kill us all
        2016 – Zika will kill us all
        2020 – Coronavirus will kill us all

        From the CDC yesterday:

        While much of the world is focused on the coronavirus outbreak, influenza continues to take its toll in the United States, where an estimated 15 million people have been infected and 8,200 have died from the disease so far this flu season.

        While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said those numbers aren’t unusually high, they’re far higher than the 4,583 cases of coronavirus and 106 deaths confirmed worldwide as of Tuesday morning. Five people have been stricken with coronavirus in the U.S. and no deaths have been reported.

        “When we think about the relative danger of this new coronavirus and influenza, there’s just no comparison,” Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and health policy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told USA Today. “Coronavirus will be a blip on the horizon in comparison. The risk is trivial.”

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            1. No, it’s how wordpress interprets what’s spam and what isn’t. We have some spam filters working to keep out a certain set of robo-spammers that are relentless, but we check everything every day, so few things vanish.

              -CAT Eds.

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  7. Dream time! Crazy dream I had today when I took a nap. I dreamed i was on a “ship” with my mom, her very close friend who died several years ago, my sister and a few others i didn’t know. My mom’s friend said let’s go outside to eat, and I questioned it in my mind because it aS going outside to space, but she opened a glass door to the glass bubble wall and we walked outside to eat on a deck with stArs and space as out ambience. lol. So my sister says, I’m wrong, I said I’m right, mom says I’m right, my mind friend says, I’m right, and my sister is really mad now saying I’m wrong ( don’t really know about what). So I come back at her and say the world knows I’m right! I get a call from my friend and her bf that it’s time to go and my mom’s dead friend keeps hugging me goodbye. I said, you understand right? And she said yes! Then I walk away and wake up!

    What do you guys think? Back story!!! My sister thinks I’m going to hell bc I don’t go to church every week. No joke. Told me to my face. But we get along, cuz I just know she doesn’t get it.

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      1. I know I’m not downstairs. Lol. Im Wondering if the argument was my sister not believing in NE or other life or universe! She is super strict Catholic and an Aries. Haha. Stubborn.

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  8. I guess that CME is affecting me. I got extremely exhausted for no apparent reason late yesterday. I’m playing hooky from work today. My back is hurting and I simply cannot stand to sit at that desk in front of that computer all day today. Please wave… Come soon … Please. ☹️

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  9. Had my qhht session which was awesome, had a life as farmer and then as a Mayan priestess, then on to my higher self, really interesting :-).

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  10. Well it looks like the universe had a plan for me staying home today. I had totally forgotten that today was the first meeting of the Intention Masterclass (Lynne McTaggart) that I’m participating in this year. I would have missed it had I been at work (since I hadn’t made plans to work around it). It was a good meeting and I’m really excited about the class and connecting with the group. Thank you again Source. 😊❤️🙏

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  11. Elsie has been very unwell, tummy pains, crying all night, Wed night. Better today but very pale and dark around her eyes. Lay with her on her little bed yesterday and couldn’t stop tears rolling down my face, she looked so vulnerable…Was mentally beating myself up for not being a better mum, not being patient enough (at times).

    Now focusing on putting energy into love, compassion, patience and understanding, she is such a ray of light…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Lily. Poor Elsie. You must feel so helpless when she is poorly, but just loving her and lying close to her is a very healing thing to do. You are a wonderful mom. Don’t doubt yourself. 🥰😘💕💗💖

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you so much, you and folk here are such amazing support, I am so lucky and so grateful to have found you all! Elsie is much better today thank Sourceness! Amazing what some TLC and a hot water bottle can do…❤️

        Lots of love 🙏🤗❤️

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    2. @lily144. I truly feel for you. You r not a nd mum. You are doing everything humanly possible for you little girl. My friend has a little girl w serious sensory issues and sleep disorders. Autism spectrum. Doctors found out her behavior is worse when she eats dairy, food with red and I think yellow dye and gluten. My friend took her off all dairy, no cheese, no milk, nothing. No sugar, nothing, no gluten. No food like pop tarts with red food dye. Plus, she is on natural melatonin for sleeping. The little girl is doing lots better with hardly any outburts. You never know all the crazy things they put in our food

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      1. Duganknows ❤️ Thank you so muc for your kind words 🙏 She has been off dairy, gluten etc… for quite some time and has natural melatonin which often gets her off to sleep but then she will wake later, usually just when I am about to go to bed. I’ve asked for slow release melatonin so keeping things crossed this helps. I have noticed that when we have had any any animal products recently things are worse and I have noticed my own symptoms (UC) worsen. I try and give avoid all sweets, chocolale etc..Just been reading some material by the Medical Medium and am going to try and switch to mainly vegan, lots of lovely fresh veggies, squashes, fruit etc…Just made a yummy butternut squash and lentil curry and there was so much left over, you are all welcome to come and have a taste! There really is so much rubbish in our food, looking at some of the ingredients on some ready made meals from the supermarket, really awful!

        Big Loves to you 🙏❤️🙏

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    3. Awww dear Lily! I really feel for you and precious Elsie. May all be well soon!
      Love love to you and ALL.

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    4. I am sending Love and healing energy your way!
      I hope your dear Elsie will get better soon!
      You are such an amazing mom! ((((HUGS))))


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