YATJ, Meterage, etc. 1-25 to 1-29-20 [UPDATE9]


Most everyone felt these latest jumps, in one way or another.

Yet Another Timeline Jump (top right):


Data (re)started after the jump.
It’s hard to tell, but this meter is totally swamped.
You can see that ‘unicorn’ line around 17:00.
This one’s just gone.



This happened earlier.


Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 10.03.50 AM
They still haven’t configured the date/time on this new meter. It’s for 1-25-20. Note the correlation between this and the meter above.
Energy strangeness from the day before…
Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 10.09.40 AM
…which shows up as a spike here, the jump from earlier on the left.
The electron meters have been swamped out.


The result?

Feelin’ a little… funky…


We’ve have another (very mild) CME; still, given how all this works, we’ll no doubt feel all of it:


And… can’t say we’ve ever seen Cumiana look like this before:


The colors correspond to the earth’s magnetic field pointing in various directions, as per the legend.
And as you can see, we had another timeline jump yesterday.

And, well… this was dramatic (4 am PST, we ALL felt it):

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 8.21.53 AM

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 8.22.05 AM
Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get a hold of this meter operator, to let them know they need to configure the day/date (they literally turned this meter on a week ago). This is accurate as of 8:25 am PST on 1-27-20.

More jump data here:


And we had a couple of GRBs the past two days (that may or may not be the cause of some the activity we’re seeing):


More later.



Whoa. Can’t say we’ve ever seen this happen. NOAA has unlocked all the ACTUAL satellite jump data instead of editing it:






Check this out. See these (dramatic) Cumiana meter examples from different times? Note the faint line just below 17 Hz (16.8?) — and the activity above and below and THROUGH this line:



THAT is the demarcation from 3d to 4d, right there. The energy below is energy experienced by folks at 3d. The worlds meet but don’t mix. This is what we’ve been looking for for some time. (Like we didn’t know it was happening and couldn’t feel it anyway. Still, it’s nice to have justification. It’s like when you see your first ET ship and realize: “Oh. Those really ARE real.”) That is literally the split in action. Interesting how some energy affects both planes.

Here’s the latest Etna:


Not as dramatic, but note the activity below 17 Hz. There’s all kinds of things happening above that line, but when we ask what they are, Guides just say: “Preparation.”


There was another jump/reboot/adjustment around 3:30 am PST (11:30 UTC 1-28-20) this morning (which we felt before we looked it up):

2020-01-28 at 8.42.29 AM
(Note: For those interested, the timestamp is in the image name. This meter is still not fully configured. Same for the one below.)

2020-01-28 at 8.43.21 AM


Sorry, we misunderstood something the SuperFriends said when they were talking of (natural) portals and stars. We thought all stars had portals inside them, but that’s not the case. Not all stars contain portals, only “special stars” do. In some cases, a portal will occupy space BETWEEN two close stars… and it looks like a star to higher dimensional beings. There is occasionally confusion in relaying wat things are like from the SuperFriends’ perspectives since we’re down in 3d/4d where things look very different.

In terms of 3d/4d, we are currently splitting… and then when those who go to 5d go, 4d will cease to be (this is Fourth Density, as opposed to the “4th Dimension”). Don’t get us started on different dimensions. That would be its own post.


Someone asked us about this “OVNI” video. Here’s a still:

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 8.59.44 AM

This is a drone. Looks like the PTW are experimenting with hoaxing ET craft. Gosh, wonder why?


FYI, someone asked about the recent earthquakes in Cuba and the Caymans. Note the depths:

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 4.15.23 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 12.19.47 PM

This looks to be HAARP, but… we’re not being allowed to see what’s going on. This could mean that it’s white hats or ETs doing something… or we’re being kept from the info for our own safety. OR it has to do with something that has to happen a certain way and we’re not being encouraged to interfere.


Looks like that recent CME has hit. Expect extra headachiness:



Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.34.36 AM
This may have been the CME pre-bump. Or it was Wave X. Or fairies.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.35.23 AM

Looks like the CME is affecting those destined for 4d.
We may have also had a jump… or Etna did. Or it’s a energy swamp-glitch.


Lots of things happening. Btw, someone asked about Dianne Feinstein’s recent turnaround, then re-turnaround on the Trump (fake) impeachment thing. We looked… then had to LOOK again. That’s not Dianne Feinstein. She died a while ago. That’s a body double. Jeez, everything’s fake.



221 thoughts on “YATJ, Meterage, etc. 1-25 to 1-29-20 [UPDATE9]

  1. Okay, I feel a bit more on-center than the past couple of days, perhaps ’cause I’m still laughing at the cat pics. Or at my three-member Itty Bitty Kitty Kommittee and their red laser antics; the oldest one seems to have stopped being a Pica Pussy, for now at least…. Translation: lots about which to be happy rather than moan.

    Every Day Is A Perfect Day!!

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    1. And now, the back of my head is throbbing, the in-my-head noises are louder than usual, and the kitties have all taken their places away from me for some odd reason, but still close by.

      Guess I’m going to ride this one out a bit alone while they watch. (Bet at the end they hold up Score Cards! LOL…)

      Best wishes to all – remember to stay hydrated and be grounded. And love to all of us!

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  2. Oh boy. Feeling this one. Head tightness, even teeth hurt. My partner aches all over. The cat is unhappy too. Such fun !!! Not. 😣🤥😾

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    1. Of all the physical symptoms and pains, I feel the toothache is the hardest part to handle.. I tink we have to send some extra love to those aches of ours [will it look weird if I try to hug my teeth?]😉

      Sending Love, Newlynn💖

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      1. MeasMeandu. Thank you. Lol. I might bite myself if I try to hug my teeth. Weirdly (as usual) the pains have gone today and what’s more I have more energy than usual. Wonderful. ☺️💖

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    2. Newlynn ❤️ Yes, aching all over, feels fluey…again! 🙃 Teeth really sensitive too and the head in a vice type thing, ouchie!


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      1. Ouchie Lilly! Great description for what I’m feeling too! Wish there was some to temporarily “unlatch” head from neck just to recoup! 😱

        Sending you love! 💗🌺🌹🌸

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  3. Funky is the word for it. I drove to town this morning after a day of wonkies yesterday only to find they were still around this morning. It WAS an interesting drive, a wobbly trip to the grocery store, and an even worse one to the bank. Thank Bast I’m home and can have a dish of tuna paté to calm myself down. MeOW!

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  4. Hi cats, this is Patricia from last year here… still alive lol! OK, guys, for your verification of data on timeline jumping here’s something more to share coming from the blog https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/pleiades-1-messages/
    as to confirm we are actually in the splitting of timelines for everyone, read this:
    Pleiades 1 Messages January 21 2020 – Portal 2020 being opened. Proper separations started. T3/T4/T5 >>> 25% (non-regressive). regards, P

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    1. Welcome back to “home” Patricia. I usually have that page open on my laptop and it’s always open on the iPad, mostly because I can see the Schumann “almost” live over there with a note about the movements. Very useful stuff 🙂

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  5. Har! Just another day in paradise! (Although it’s a toss-up as to whether or not I’m getting out of my bathrobe today. Any votes?)

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      1. Ha,
        This post made me think of the full length faux fur Wookie coat complete with hood and ears. Too expensive to wear only in the house and may include a complimentary ticket to the looney bin. Cay

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      1. Yesterday, I was in my jammies until 7 PM, at which point I showered and proceeded to don a fresh set of jammies. I wish I could say that this was a new level of decadence, but it’s not the first time……

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    1. News Flash! I’m back in my bathrobe. I got dressed because a bathrobe drags on the ground when bent over to pick up wet and muddy branch clippings. (Not the best gardening outfit) And a note to smarty-pants CAT editors: Of course I have on the gorilla suit. What else should I be wearing?

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          1. Dressing Gown/Robes are fabulous! I have a really big men’s, fleecy indigo robe with hood. I can pretend to be a Jedi whilst being extremely snuggly buggly!


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  6. And just like that, it’s time for me to leave the abandoned office and move my stuff again. No idea where yet, maybe back to the hostel but hopefully something more permanent. The point of me staying out here for one week? Same reason why I lived 3 months in Riace I guess. Needless to say it’s almost impossible to focus on anything, work or otherwise. Slept most of today though, I think I’m going to focus on sleeping more.


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  7. Well, I feel just as funky as that cat looks to be in the picture above.. and just when you think things can’t get any more weird than this, they sure do! Hey, ain’t this one heck of a ride?🤣

    Time for ice-cream and chocolate!

    Loving hugs & take care ALL🤗💖

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  8. I think I just get really depressed when the jumps happen. It sucks tbh.

    Btw, please send love, protection and healing to a little stray kitty named Orange. He stops by the house from time to time to eat but this time he’s looking real beat up. Ear nipped and everything. I don’t have the means to send him to the vet but if he gets worse I’ll take him.

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  9. Thanks CATs ❤️ That really does explain a lot of weird stuffness!

    Elsie has been really out of sorts again, lots of incontinence problems, rashes, fevers, better today but wanting lots of ‘squeezes’ which is lovely. Washing never seems to end…Phew…

    I have been mentally, physically, everything exhausted. I’m surprised I have managed to sit up and type out comments tonight, so not here!

    Just saw 3 police cars flashing by and an ambulance down our country road…Hope whoever it is, is okay.

    Hanging in there…even Blossom is unable to channel at the moment…


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    1. Lily. I had a notion something was up. Glad to hear from you. Big squeezes to both of you. 💖💖💖🤗

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Yes, been rally out of sorts lately, poor Elsie has been really affected too. I am grounding and clearing/shielding, as often as I can but it’s a struggle as I’m just really depleted energetically! Big Hugs and squeezes to you too ❤️🙏❤️

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  10. Gaia Portal ❤️ Does anyone know what ‘Fellerites’ are?!

    Fellerites of Light combine with the Oxygens to enhance the Hue-being expansion.

    Stoic Presences support the changes.

    Foremen of the Highlands lead the way.

    Gaia Feminines enwomb the awakening.

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  11. So, I think that most of what’s causing the uneasy feelings among most of us is a feeling that the traditional ways of changing things on this planet are no longer going to work. There is an awareness that all the things that make up the concrete world are actually illusions. We are waiting for something drastic to happen that does not stem from our efforts that will bring about sudden and complete change and renewal on the Earth and among the peoples of the Earth. We are desperately looking for evidence and signs in the concrete world that this event is coming and when it it coming. We all know in our souls that this knowledge is true, but we doubt it without outside signs. We all feel an intense desperation that if this event doesn’t occur soon that things on the Earth will change for the worse and they will never be the same again.

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    1. Word. We’re living between two worlds, I think it’s a miracle we’re able to hold it together at all and make any sort of sense. People around me are getting all wound up about the Chinese virus thing, I’m like bring it on baby. Whatever it takes. Because the biggest issue for me is pretending everything is normal when nothing could be further from the truth, I would choose collective panic over yet another “normal” day without missing a beat. I still have this feeling of flying holding patterns, and I seriously doubt my life will have time to get back to “normal” before the world goes crazy banana.

      I hereby cast my vote for not waiting another millisecond for anyone or anything, if they’re not ready by now they’re out.


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  12. I love the kitties-behind-glass pics. Reminds me that everything we perceive is a distortion. I actually had to pick out the pink of the tongue and the pads to realise it was a cat! Good one.

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  13. I had the wonkies the other day also when I had to go to the store and run other errands. I’ve also had the achy teeth and jaw on and off for months and I agree with whoever said it above, that it is one of the toughest to deal with. Biting and chewing were extremely difficult so I resorted to fresh juicing of fruits and vegetables mixed with a natural herbal protein powder. Thank goodness that is better now, but the champagne bubbles, vibes, tingles have been through the roof. I don’t mind that though, much, much easier to deal with. Although I am wondering why sometimes I get the vibes, tingles as a type of chill that washes over me and I get freezing cold for a while. Then later I get a wave of heat, then more vibes, tingles but hot all over. Is this just different types of downloads and different information we’re receiving that requires different temperatures to absorb and embody? Quite puzzling, but I usually quit trying too terribly hard to figure things out (because everything is just too too weird) anymore.
    I just finished listening to Lisa Harrison’s latest and she was describing the TLJ’s as layers being removed while moving up to one dimension or layer. She was also describing that going through each layer was like a different frequency and the body had to adjust to the proper frequency. Also talked about the body symptoms, mostly what is described here.

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  14. Just saw a video about the Marriott World Trade Center hotel. It was nestled between the two towers. I don’t remember seeing it in all the videos about 911 before. Possible mandela effect?

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    1. it wasn’t between the two towers. it was located about 500 feet south of the south tower. nothing was between the two towers except a large sculpture.

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  15. (“Most everyone felt these latest jumps, in one way or another.”)

    Not on the highest Timelines. Sorry. Still no difference.

    We don’t “jump”. We are the *ceiling*.
    The constant endless download/upload torture never varies, for 7 years now.


  16. Lily. You too. Must be a UK thing! Hope you have bounced back today like I have. Love and hugs to you both. X💖🤗

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  17. Oh My Giddyness!

    So, out of sorts today. Mind you, I realise that I feel really off every Sunday for some reason, always have done! It’s got nothing to do with going to work on Monday either as I’m a full time carer, I am working 24/7 anyway. What is is about Sundays?!

    Love and Hugs to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Sensitive Lily, maybe you’re picking up on the collective uneasiness of everyone else who has to go back to a job on Monday. I think that as people start to wake up, they’re becoming more uncomfortable with the free-range slavery that we’ve been programmed to think of as normal. Before I managed to retire, Sundays always had a feeling of dread attached to them. Not being as sensitive as you, I feel only relief now!

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      1. Kolibri ❤️ That makes a lot of sense! 🙏 Source help me when everyone really does wake up, need to work on shielding so that the collective anger/shock does not finish me off energetically! Feels like things are really close, whatever I’m picking up on at the moment is very, very intense!

        Much Love ❤️✨❤️

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  18. I feel that what’s causing a lot of what people are feeling these days is the intense, Now unfiltered Source energy that this planet is being bombarded with on the daily, along with the TLJ’s. It’s bringing a lot of things to the surface, individually and collectively, and speaking for Me, it’s not about signs, the when and evidence. I trust in Source, and know it will happen on Source’s timing. All I can do is do whatever I can to raise and keep my frequency high, even though sometimes it’s just laying in bed meditating, grounding the energies, and reaching out to guides, brother J and source for assistance. As I raise mine, so goes the world around me, whether at the coffee shop, or just sitting outside Being with Nature. You can change a person’s trajectory with a smile, a kind word, holding the door for them, or a silent mantra….and vice versa ❤️. Whatever is happening on the surface needs to happen, but I don’t attach to it, as I trust in the end result, Source, and all of us who are doing our part to bring awareness to the Event in our own ways. Doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t just wanna crawl under a blanket and stop the headaches, pressure, tingly feelings and outerbodyness for a few, lol. Welcome to the party. Light and Love to All, and to Infnity ❤️

    Had a wonderful meeting today while out getting some cat food for my new bud. I was thinking aloud, and mumbled “what does she like?”, perusing the different varieties of food. Turns out the woman next to me was thinking the exact thing, and we laughed and talked about the awesomeness of cats for a few minutes. It’s people and situations like that that keep me going, along with each and every one of you. One Love All ❤️

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  19. Really feeling these jumps lately. Pain everywhere, and I’ve never been so friggin’ lethargic. The ride never ends, I suppose… hope everyone is handling this okay.

    I see a lot of indigo and violet during meditation/Reiki recently, too. Fits my mindset just fine: The mundane is no longer part of who I am.

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    1. I discovered a good friend was diagnosed with Leukaemia over this weekend.

      That’s bone cancer, would this qualify?

      It was terrible news, he’s only 41, fit and has three children. I feel so bad for them, they are lovely people.


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      1. No, leukemia is a kind of blood cancer. It should be noted that nearly everyone has some kind of cancer at one time or another, but your body naturally fights it off. Returning balance back to your (illusory) body can often have dramatic results. Other times, Spirit and the person have a soul contract that encompasses these changes, as well as accidents, etc. Death is no more real than the Easter Bunny, but don’t tell people who are in the grieving cycle this, it’s not helpful at that point.

        -CAT Eds.

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    2. No broken bones, but my index fingers are becoming deformed from arthritis. One is actually bending to the side, and the bones seem very fragile and crunchy. I tried breathing SOURCE into them last night per AM’s suggestion, but as I’m currently fighting a bit of a respiratory infection, breathing is problematic!

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        1. Already eating yogurt and taking Devil’s Claw, along with a host of other supplements for arthritis; I’ll add burdock to the mix. They do take the edge off, but I think it will take more than that to get my finger to bend back! Oh well; on NE, my fingers will be perfect and 30 years old, along with the rest of me. At least, I devoutly hope so….

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          1. Rhus Tox is what I take for my arthritic pain, which usually starts in my big toe. This homeopathic remedy is derived from poison ivy. It is also a cure for poison ivy, which I had a very bad case of last year, and that was my only emergency room visit in what seems like a decade. I take one 30X pill of Rhus Tox once a week. It has stopped the arthritis from progressing and has removed all the pain.


            BTW, I read everything you Cats post, plus all the comments, first to last, last to first, we are all going to get there in the end. I wear my bathrobe a lot.

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            1. Thanks so much for this. We get a lot of poison ivy here in the summer. Plus my hubby has RA… Which has been mostly cured by alternative means… But occasionally he gets a mildly nasty flare up. 😊❤️🙏

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            2. Thanks for the suggestion, Cheezy K; Rhus Tox is in my toolkit. Not much I haven’t tried, including Carbon 60, which Cay was asking about. Regarding C60, I don’t notice any difference in anything when I take it, but if I should live to be 150, I’ll update! Oh, and regarding poison ivy for Jupiter Daisy, jewelweed concoctions applied topically also help immensely. There are a number of sellers on eBay who make various sprays, soaps, and salves. A handyman who sometimes does some work for me was complaining about what he thought was a very itchy bug bite, so I sprayed him down with some natural anti-itch spray I had. Worked great, but he later told me it was poison ivy, which is when I realized that the main ingredient in the spray was jewelweed.

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      1. Peppermint/Frankincense essential oils combination on a damp cloth, Breathe deep. It takes a little getting used to, yet it will take care of what is bad in Your lungs(flu,cold,pneum.) We’ve never noticed any side effects. The pep. kills virus while dilating the pores, frank. heals lungs, promotes growth. This is why frankincense was valuable for thousands of years. Peace.

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        1. Thank you, I’ll try it. Frankincense is also good for arthritis and is in my toolkit (as boswellia capsules) for dealing with that.

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        2. Frankincense is the good stuff, no doubt. I used to rub that into my neck as a daily routine back when I could afford it. Always sent a blast of energy through my head and raised my vibes for the entire day. I think it smells awesome, but occasionally ran into people who didn’t appreciate it quite as much 🙂


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          1. I’ve been getting some signals that I’m supposed to get Tea Tree Oil, mix it with some of the Olive Oil I dragged all the way from Riace and rub it into my skin to help heal my Psoriasis. Time will tell, first I have to find a slot in the budget. Does anyone have experience?



            1. It sounds like great information. I would definitely try it. Tea tree oil is great for all skin conditions. I use it for bruises. It makes them fade away completely within a day or two.


    3. Psychic focus Lyn, has broken a bone in her foot! Feather duster and 2×4 post. The X-ray is on her blog. love and light to all

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    4. I have a smashed vertibrae that looks more like modern art than part of a spine, with multiple splinters penetrating the canal. The pain is thankfully mostly gone by now, first few days of carrying heavy bags always gets it going again. I don’t think much about it anymore; the titanium stuff they put in there lasted 10 years already, I figure another 6 months will be fine. But please feel free to try if you’re up for a challenge 🙂


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  20. You know that a cat’s purring is supposed to help with bone regeneration as it’s particular vibration assists in repair. (An old wives tale that appears to be true.) Cay

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  21. End of a wonderful day today (Sunday) It actually didn’t rain (much) Actually saw blue sky at times. Gardener was able to work today cleaning up last of wind and snow branch debris. Neighbor came with his tractor and refreshed paths with new gravel. I did more pruning between sitting in witch hazel grove drinking in incredible fragrance. All this was accomplished dressed in actual clothes instead of bathrobe. (All in all, a pretty fine way to bide my time until the Shift.) All blessings to you ALL! (I’ll not spoil this by sharing any of the wonky-wobbles or the various pains. If I can do this, then so can you ALL.)

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  22. Hello all!

    I had been led to this Blog months ago. I’m rather new to all of this and trying to understand/interpret these energies I increasingly feel. This past week, I have felt very weird. Not bad, just weird. In addition, my right ear feels as if someone is about one inch away from it and is about to whisper/say something. I had an appointment for a reading from Lisa Gawles, but she had to reschedule her readings due to laryngitis. I did reschedule, but the new appt. is not for another 2 weeks. I was curios if any of you do readings, or if you can recommend others whom you know who do. I need to get a handle on some things which I am about to do. I do know what my purpose is, as it was downloaded to me months ago while in meditation. I see it clearly and understand it, as it is in line with my talents and abilities. But I just need a sounding board and someone to confirm what I feel.

    Thank yo so very much if any of you can recommend. I greatly appreciate it.



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    1. This will sound overly dramatic, but psychics whom we used to refer people to have a tendency to die, or have physical ailments. This may have changed since we compartmentalized and removed some of the nastier nasties, but we’re still leery. The CATs have a multivariant mission and have been monitored for a long time now; some factions that continue to be active (in their limited ways) still monitor our connections to people, so we have not been keen on doing readings for people, for their own safety, or even emailing people too much. This blog seems to be the only way we’re allowed to offer any reasonable level of service. That plus the energy swamping us all the time make us unreliable psychics except as a group; sometimes we can see VERY clearly; sometimes we can’t see a thing. Makes it difficult to offer any reliable kind of psychic service. This is also due to our not being here to be psychics, we do other things… and we hope we’re all done, here at least. The New Earth will be a whole other challenge, but just as rewarding. (Alas we cannot discuss our missions as several are still in progress and will be so until The SHIFT relieves us.) We strongly suggest going back into meditation and contacting Guides directly, and if there’s interference, asking Brother J in as well. They’d be the ones we’d be speaking with, anyway.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Should also be noted that psychics who offer psi-svs typically don’t last as long as “normal” people because of the energies they take into their bodies for clients. In Lisa’s case, however, she has a gird issue that’s stubborn… because SHE is stubborn and won’t change her diet! So it goes…


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      2. I didn’t know this! I sent an email awhile ago about an experience my mother and I had when I was a baby. I thought the message got lost or something.


      3. This may be difficult to accept for most people, but we all have the ability be our own best Guru. Every question you may possibly have contains the seed of it’s own solution. If you are aware enough to ask the question, the answer is usually in the same packet of information that caused you to ask it. Save money with DIY readings.

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  23. J, Thank you for the reminder – Yes, we can all do this! It’s what we came here to do!
    In meditating this morning I was reminded once again that we need to acknowledge our Shadow. We are the Light, yes but we are still both light and dark. Only then was I able to ask Source to remove all parts of me that were not in alignment with the ascension path. Holy Cow! I was amazed at how much went flying back to Source! But now my field is much clearer.

    Just one Word I feel compelled to share: lately there has been much wailie, wailing about how hard it is dealing with all the 3D world and how much everyone wants to escape it. But right now, this is our world. We only have the moment we are in now to be the LIGHT and LOVE in, and these crazy & difficult Divine Beings of Light to be LOVE and LIGHT for and with. We cannot wait for someone from the future to come & rescue us. We are it.

    Remember, there is no Us and Them: There is only US. Source does not love some of us, Source loves ALL of US!! Even the tough cases. It is not our place to judge who is coming to 5D Earth or not, but to simply be the LIGHT & LOVE for every living being who crosses our path. This is Christ Consciousness, not escaping to an Ivory Tower to be shielded from the dirty world.

    Sorry to preach (I was once married to a Lutheran Minister, can you tell?) It is hard work, but we came here to do it, and WE CAN AND WE WILL!

    Have a great Monday, and a Great week All!

    Gramma B.

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    1. Forgive us, but… there is no dark. There is only light. The “dark” is part of the illusion. There is no “balance between light and dark.” This is an old argument of beings who are insane, who passed it to us to justify their bad behavior. There is no dark and there is no 3d world. Or 4d world. Or universe. We are ALL sleeping inside SOURCE at this very moment, “walled off” from one another by this imaginary darkness, having this collective dream. Meanwhile, SOURCE blows across us gently to wake us up; should only take ten billion more years before we keep hitting the SNOOZE button and rolling over.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. To be utterly specific, SOURCE actually emerged in the dark (outside of “time”), and then created LIGHT. And since we came from Source, and we technically cannot remember a time when Source was not there, there is no darkness except for what we imagine in our minds.

        Can you imagine creating light when no one had ever seen it before?? It’s mind-boggling.


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          1. I had a dream a few months ago…

            In the dream I was sleeping, then woke up. There were many people around me, each one sitting on their beds, in their pajamas, looking at me. It felt like they’re my friends. They’re all smiling and said to me, “Finally, you’ve awaken! We’ve been waiting for you. You’re the last one!”

            Hopefully, I won’t really be the last to wake. Haha.

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            1. And in my evening meditation, I saw dark beings… screaming, again. They are NOT enjoying the SOURCE energy, methinks. Or they didn’t like me looking in at them. Or both. (No idea why I saw them in the first place.)


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            2. Very Interesting M7 & AM, I finalised the Grid work on 28th & indeed there was a great gathering for this 🙂 all indigos & starseeds where called forth to receive new codes & instruction sets for the new level as master builders of the new earth-Source extensions. Divergence to Convergence split from 3d converge into 4d/5d higher heart 🙂 Any wonder they are screaming AM (both) & with the new gridwork being prepared they’re “arc starving mad” … recent earthquake desperate attempt to pull us back into their time loop, didn’t work & seems they have lost a portal & have they’re work cut out for them.

              Loads of Support arriving from Source its like a huge beam of light has opened from Gaia’s dIAMONEd Core Heart to Source like an ARC or Bridge Micro to Macro, Macro to Micro Open Source Bonding.

              the Sign … Love is always the appropriate reaction … the numbers 091370 (was that intentional?) everyday I see the numbers 9 13 (together) or 93/39 & 7’s of late, fascinating how appropriate to the message they are 🙂

              Headache today, its better then last week, thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Embodiment is possibly our greatest challenge yet but we have all the Source we need to achieve it.

              Thanks for the Updates Cats & M’s … Deep gratitude & Love to All

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    2. Yesterday out of nowhere I got the line “This is your life, and it’s ending one moment at a time”. Sort of quoted from Fight Club if I remember correctly. To me it meant exactly what you said, however crazy difficult it gets it’s still a precious experience and makes more sense to enjoy it. And weirdly enough I realized at that point that I was sort of secretly enjoying it underneath the surface of relative negativity.

      I’ve been doing daily food delivery for a restaurant last two weeks, driving a car around town and delivering boxes with food to companies. My round takes about an hour, and the last part part is a nice winding country side road with no food in the back to worry about.

      This all started as part of an assignment to build an order system for them, which I am doing as well, but I enjoy driving the round so much that I asked if I could keep doing it for a while. The money barely show up on the radar compared to what I get for writing software, but I get free lunch and an hour of meditation while helping out and filling a hole.

      If anyone would have asked me a year ago I would have just laughed at them. Before I started I hadn’t driven a car in 9 years and delivering food wasn’t something I could see myself ever doing. But it’s pretty nice, people appreciate it and I get a chance to spread some light while interacting with customers.


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  24. One more share, maybe relevant, maybe not, but…

    It was about 10AM, clear sky, I was in front off the office smoking this new IQOS cigarete and there was the sun in all its beauty ☀✨

    I stood there and watched it straight in the sun and I was OK, I relaxed and could see the bright center disk clearly and sharply filtering its brightness without any problems to my eyes, even after I looked elsewhere I could see normally without my eyes being overwhelmed with ☀ brightness.

    Amassing experience, I do not know what came to my mind to stare in the sun like that, were that my guide trying to tell/show me something, I do not know, but I hope I will find out 🙂✨

    Just to warn anybody, I did have on me my photo sensitive glasses, but still, I do not recommend anyone to try something like that, I really do not have idea why I did what I did 🙌✨

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    1. It’s ok to stare at the sun, I’ve been doing it for quite awhile. No problems with sight and It brightens up the day 😃! Did You notice it pulsing? It does at times! Peace.

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      1. Second that, I’ve been sun gazing regularly the last 10 years or so. There used to be a death penalty for doing it, that should tell you something. It’s a life source. It always heals, never harms. People who spend more time in the sun have less issues with skin cancer than others. If the sun was as dangerous as they want us to believe, we wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t recommend burning the skin, but that’s sort of common sense; if it hurts, stop doing it.


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    2. ☀ Yes! I had a similar experience but it was closer to the sun set. The sun was still bright and I did not have any kind of glasses on me. I had my usual evening walk and suddenly I had a nudge to look at the sun. Something inside of me told me to do that…I was staring at the sun for quite a while…It was pulsating and making easier to look at after a few minutes or so…I was also surprised that I did not have any issue looking around me after sun-gazing and my eyes were not even slightly overwhelmed…


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          1. So…you think it would be good idea for me… to wear sunglasses next time?…
            That would be sad to hear…Yes…Since I’ve enjoyed it so much…


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        1. Most definitely not, this us why I put a disclaimer on the end off the post. I think the proper term in English would be, that I was un a zone at that moment, like the ones who are walking on burning coal or something like that.

          Later, I was thinking about it, and still couldn’t figure out what was that all about, but did not had a urge to repeat it afterwards, so be careful with your bodies my friends, we are so near to it, just a little while more 🙂✨

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  25. Back in the hostel for a few days while searching for apartments, as sleeping in abandoned offices turned out to be a bad idea from an insurance perspective. Good news is I found enough work to actually pay for an apartment and some food today, by following my nose as usual. If this works out, I might actually make it back on my feet before the world goes boom. Why that matters is anyone’s guess.

    I’ll end with a cute and very relevant quote that I stumbled across today:

    “What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.”
    — Thomas Hewitt Key


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  26. Had anyone ever heard of a new energy healing technique called Marconics? I had a session at a spiritual expo I attended yesterday and woah….I feel so different. Calmer and way higher as far as spiritual energies go. This technique is supposed to be galactically guided and is supposed to integrate all your chakras into one light tube. It’s also supposed to reduce your need for so many outside guides…. Other than Source and your galactic guides. Also, the light in my meditations turned from yellow to pure white. CATs, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this… If you know anything about it.

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      1. Yes, but also, I have a feeling that my brain is uniting its two half’s and becoming one, anybody else have that feeling ?

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      2. That’s funny that you say that we don’t have chakras anymore because Sunday night, I dreamed I was told by a shaman that all my chakras were perfectly aligned now and that I’m pure light😃

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  27. All I have to say right now is that I’m gonna be super duper pissed off (for you UKers… That means mad… Not drunk)… If Source decides to postpone or cancel the solar flash… I’ve just about had enough of this planet and its inhabitants the way it is….!!!!

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        1. So ‘taking the p**s’ can mean either making fun of someone or similar to ‘that takes the biscuit’, could mean ‘That really takes the p**s’ as in, ‘I can’t believe that just happened’ etc..! If someone was drunk they would be described as being ‘very p****d’! If that makes sense! And some people might say, ‘I really need a p**s’ as in they need to go to the bathroom! I never realised we had so many uses for the word lol!

          Much Love ❤️🙃❤️

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          1. Too funny! The British are such amusing people. I really miss the time I spent there. I dated a guy from the Midlands for two years and traveled there six times during that time of my life.

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            1. Jupiter Daisy. Yes Lily is right, we are somewhat eccentric, especially the Midlanders. (I’m originally from Birmingham) the lot with the funny accents.😁😉

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  28. Hey you Cats,

    Glad to see yer back and hard at er’.

    Despite feeling the tingles and some serious butt dragging today, I managed to dig up some humor for ya.

    Have no fear… “Fergurina” is here! – LOL

    Go easy on the donuts eh.

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  29. So about 8:00 PM PST, I was nearly floored with energy overwhelm. I’m going to stagger off to bed. Any ideas?

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  30. We’ve just been released from the epic eclipse corridor to New Earth and have officially entered into the full-blown energies of 2020 via the first lunar cycle of the new year/new age/new world.

    This was a gigantic undertaking that will require deep integration at the body level as our DNA rewrites itself, shifting our physicality to align with the nirvanic realms. We are assimilating to the frequency of Home this week and so patience is required as we absorb the shock of transition to our cells and recover.

    From now until February we need to be especially gentle with our selves, nurturing our new beginnings with tenderness and LOVE. We are freshly molted at the etheric level and that begins physicalizing this week as we shed our 3D exoskeleton and (vulnerably) await our new covering to form.

    Lauren (TWYH.love)

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  31. Hmmm. Awake at 2:00AM PST obviously adjusted to whatever. Was in the midst of observing HUGE storm. I had made it safely home. Party, party, party! ( Party now, storm was in dream)

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    1. Well, after reading update 4, no wonder I was awakened at 2 by the storm dream. I climbed back into bed at 3:30 AM PST and didn’t wake up until 8:30 this morning. (Do you suppose this means anything??

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        1. Big hugs to you cats sorry people keep putting mean links and you have to watch every single thing I wish everyone could just be an adult.

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    1. Yeah I can’t come to terms with it either
      I feel like going to all the markets in China and
      take all of the animals back home so they are safe
      Koala bears especially
      It kills me inside how the animals are treated
      I can’t take it
      The live meal is called three squeaks because the mouse squeaks chopsticks, sauce,mouth

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  32. Hi guys!
    I found this video today on YouTube

    This was the same spacecraft that I dreamt some months ago, that one that became an army helicopter during a ‘war’ against civilian…

    It’s a little bit shocking seeing it on a video.

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    1. In regards to the now-removed “shocking” video: life (at least in 3D) is a giant restaurant where everything eats everything else. Your physical body is literally exactly what you eat. Do you ever think, in detail, about where all your food comes from, and the exact mechanism of how it finally winds up on your plate?

      Just the mindfulness meditation for the day.

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  33. I’m still here…
    Sat&Sun I was at the dogs house… pretty useless – wiped out and couldn’t stay awake+ symptoms – Sun a little better – luckily the old gal Shepard naps most of the day
    Evidently while I was gone the toilets had become slow – hot water and plunging helped, but Monday morning the shower started backing up with sewage – Caused much distress to pregnant daughter that had to go to work and she has a necessary shower routine (much like Elsie) to cope with social anxiety – to be able to leave house to work.
    The SSI $ adjustment I’d received unexpectedly had allowed me to get a couple of things I’ve needed for several years and thought I had enough to call a plumber – chose one drawn to call and he was able to come within an hr – to flooded yucky bathroom and threatening overflow living room – he had to go get a bigger machine – who knows how long the pipes had been since checking – fed housing – several hrs of cleaning out and going to get a pipe camera to make sure things were clear all the way to street – (he even check our duplex neighbor’s clean-out -because had been told she was having some issues, too – hers was cleared after ours was addressed – probably share some pipes further from building – bill came to more than I had in bank( I told him I’d have more on the 1st), but he called the office, talked to them, took off the time that it took going for equipment cost and office approved an additional adjustment to bill and it came to a bit over $468, within a few $s of what I had left – things work out…
    Luckily – I usually get calmer in emergencies, instead of getting upset – most people in my life have objected to that reaction… 🙂 – judged for it.

    Just got a visit from housing saying to clear out porch – someone had put a shopping cart on out porch – he had gone next door first, so I think we were an after-thought – totally freaked out my daughter though – strong, constant fear of eviction…

    Sooo, another week starts…
    @CATs Eds
    Curious: are the diagonal marks on the Etna meter at ~23 3/4 related to ‘knocking’?

    be well, as you can, ALL,
    much love,
    P.S. little dog freaked out constantly while I was gone and gets whiny and anxious when I leave my room for even 5 min. – my bed needs to be inflated between 6-10 times a day depending on how much I get up and down (little dog was going crazy on it while I was gone) – I thought I was going to get a new one with now sewage money – oh, well – have to see about getting tax refund-y thing done early this year…(I get a state housing credit – everyone can apply for it here if they rent or own even if they don’t pay taxes…)

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    1. Forgot to mention above, how rife with symbolism the whole ‘blockage’ scenario is conjecture-wise – have fun with speculations – if ANY meaning at all to happenings… 😀


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      1. Hey Kg, just maybe Your clean pipe that is flowing again is a good sign. For everything was in that holding pattern, spoke of here. Yet, unexpected phone call today, got My van back from garage (early). It was about $1,400 less than estimate! What a relief to have some ching left. So We’re getting “unplugged”, and I send some “unplugged energy” to All(pain free). I Am The Love/Light, I Am This, I Am!!! Peace.

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  34. Sometimes in the morning while I am still in bed I will meditate for awhile and sometimes I see the sparkles of light. I saw them again this morning but there was also a side bar of light to the right that was vertical and kind of zig zaggy shooting off rays of particles to the left. Kind of like fire flames but all white light and sparkles were coming off of it. Very intriguing and beautiful. First time I have seen this with the sparkles though.

    Also, in my dream I was telling other people about the energies and what was going on. They seemed interested. Had some good conversations with them.

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    1. Yes, the side bar to right,wavering/sparking. I have seen that twice now. I’ve been wondering about what that is, and trying to get it into center vision. It’s got my curiosity(like a kitten). Peace.

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      1. Glad to know someone else has seen it too. Husband just laughs when I tell him what I see. Said I was just dreaming. No, I was awake and meditating. I just brush his comments off though, he has lots of the energy symptoms but is not up to speed on the happenings. Which is ok, although it would be great to have more indepth discussions with him. But I do have a couple of other friends that are up to speed with things that are happening, which is great, and this site, which is helpful too.
        Thanks everyone!

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  35. Sorry if I am posting it for a second time, but it looks like my comment was not posted…

    It looks like patents held on the Coronavirus virus in the US.
    Makes you wonder…

    Click to access US7220852.pdf

    This info is from Simon Parkes blog.


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  36. I saw my first ET ship in september 2019- i had telepatic contact too for 3-4 min posibly- surprise was Real- They exist!

    After this expierence energy was superhigh which last almost 2 days. Those who had contact with them already know- how does it feel:)

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  37. Have the Cats heard of C60 as an oral supplement? It is supposed to be a super antioxidant that kept lab rats healthy and happy about 5 years longer than their normal 2-3 year lifespan.
    Dreampt twice this week of exploring super fun waterslides through lush gardens like a new earth amusement park. Reminds me of chutes and ladders game Cay

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    1. @cay 2020-01-28 at 10:19 am

      I remember reading about C60 on PsychicLynn’s site.

      I need to do my banking, but I’ll find (if anyone is interested) my research on this, as I’d like to buy this (when I have the funds to do so)

      Enjoy your Wednesday afternoon!


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        1. Check out the Carbon 60 on redpillliving.com. It is handmade by a guy named Dustin Nemos who runs an alternative news site called Nemos News Network. It’s very good quality stuff.

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