Floating to the New Earth??


…in the most hilarious way possible? This had to be its own post.

Lots of CATs had the same somatic issues last night. As each wave of Wave X energy came in… we could hear and feel it, of course… and as each wave passed through our bodies it created huge amounts of intestinal GAS (?)… that had a propensity to come out at the exact moment of the energy passage. Did anyone else experience this?

It’s def not what we had for dinner! We all had different things. We mused that it might’ve been exacerbated by the guided meditation some of us did… but not all of us did the meditation. Could be a portal thing, so only those near portals would be affected.

Anyway, then we saw the meters. There was a timeline jump at that exact moment:

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 11.03.07 AM




Note the spike at 16:50 UTC.
And look how ‘frothy’ the Lyra Zirconium Filter data is. Highly energetic.
We always seem to have this.
And part of this meter blanked out.

One or more of those recent CMEs might’ve reached us, too.

Anyway, it was definitely interesting… but not as interesting as our next announcement! Get ready.



53 thoughts on “Floating to the New Earth??

  1. I am just a fart machine lol. Glad I am in good company. 🤣 Mine are like sonic boom guess it is my own portal opening. 😄

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  2. Yes,
    I’m having intestinal GAS and my family too, in the last 2 days.
    I was thinking we’re strange…. LoL.
    I’m excited for the next part of the post 😍🌈
    Peace 🙏

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  3. awsome cat’s
    thank you for all your work ☺️❤️☀️

    I had a vision in my meditation
    coming to NEW EARTH together with all my loved ones
    and J Christ coming to welcome us
    taers running my face of joy

    love Alnilam ☺️❤️☀️☺️❤️☀️☺️❤️☀️

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  4. Can’t say that about last night, but the night before … well, it’s a good thing I was sleeping alone the other night. It would have been most embarrassing … (giggling over all this) ~ Meow, Cats … thank you for clarifying what I WAS feeling last night (without the special effects…)

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    1. Yes, 2 nights back, warned All kittens down-wind. Yet it was non-toxic, lack of scent. Peace.

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  5. Hello Cats & M’s thank you for all the updates & btw nice work 🙂 interesting yup releasing gas for more UPliftment … we are at the crossover to new earth … phase 1 gridwork almost complete.

    ptw dropping like flies … who’s looking in the mirror now 🙂

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  6. well, I am in the middle of a chronic flare up of IBD so have been spending most of the day and night for the last couple of weeks in the bathroom but last night was momentous lol! I am in a lot of pain but am at least smiling now, thank you CATS!

    Elsie is poorly again today, lots of gastro stuff going on there poor love, spent most of the day in bed again…We are both shattered! Mum came over to help out today and she mentioned that she has been having erm…issues down there too!

    On another topic, not long before typing this I was pottering about online and heard a tap at the window. Pretty sure there is no human out there! Can’t see much due to inside fairy lights reflecting on the glass…

    Much Love ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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  7. Yes, me too unfortunately still (difficult being at work!) and my head is really squishy all day today. Thanks for the update cats, yuck!

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  8. Good Gawd! My tail end feels like the pink cat/w gondola dangling looks. I thought it was just me. (BTW, don’t stand too close to open flames! Har!)

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    1. So let me get this straight.

      Psychic Lynn us stating that Ashtar is genuine and a positive.

      But Cats are stating the opposite.

      Who is right here please?




      1. We said that we can’t connect to Ashtar, so it didn’t seem real to us. There is no right or wrong. You either connect to it or you don’t. The snippet we saw from that one commenter looked false. We’ll talk to the CATs on duty at that time.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Thanks Cats.

          If you guys can’t connect to Ashtar, then something is very wrong.

          I think I’ll give Ashtray and his electric emulation a wide birth.



          1. Well, you might be able to connect to that one ET with that name, but you’d have to go through so many steps to ensure that he is who he says he is that it may not be worth it. Everyone needs to cool their jets and wait for The SHIFT. Should be easier after that. However, don’t forget, there will basically be TWO (or more) SHIFTs…

            -CAT Eds.

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      2. Ohh. Ok, we understand now. THERE ARE MANY BEINGS CALLING THEMSELVES ASHTAR, who aren’t even close. So much so that you kinda need to be a Plieadian or have some clair- in there to know who you’re talking to, to be able to speak to the right one… if he’s still alive. There def is no “ASHTAR COMMAND” though. This is one prime reason why the SF don’t want to be made public, so fakes can’t arise and do what’s happening here.

        -CAT Eds.

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  9. I was doing my energy barometer thing again last night. It’s a foregone conclusion now that if I suddenly wake up it’s because the energies are going bonkers. I did do the meditation as posted previously and was also windy later. Although I’m not sure if that’s anything new with me lol. I strongly feel that this jump was momentously positive and beneficial. Cat Eds you are really in a teasing mood with what you are going to come out with next! Can’t wait.🤔☺️💖

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  10. I usually never pass gas. butt for the past week it was one toot after another. This is so funny. (P.S. when everyone was waking with a song on their mind, I also woke up with a song — I’m a little teapot short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout.

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  11. Whoa. On a totally separate topic, we just had a DAYLIGHT haunted-house spirit encounter replete with the spirit appearing, making stomping noises, and carrying a greeting card across the house. (This happens a lot near portals.) It’s either a CAT’s relative who’s recently passed over, or someone from a missing person’s case we’re currently working on. ETs are one thing, but spirit work always feels different.


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    1. It’s remarkable how loud a spirited footsteps can be.

      I recall painting the spindles on a staircase with a friend in an old Victorian house. There was no carpet. Then the loudest clumping footsteps you ever heard walked down the stairs, right past our noses! When my friend couldn’t see anyone he ran out screaming and refused to come back. After I finished laughing, I explained it was only an earthbound entity, a former resident who was curious.

      Had to finish the job by myself…


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    2. Aaaand… what ~M2 didn’t tell you is that the areas around portals typically have hundreds and thousands and millions of spirits and ETs around them… all the time… esp. at this one special house. (The one Da-da started calling “Spook Central.” I think his first book on it is done, and he’s halfway through the second.) To us it looks like Grand Central Station with zillions of beings and spirits walking around over-saturated with light, such a mishmash with all the activity there. That said, for ONE spirit to vibrate at just the right frequency for us to specifically SEE and HEAR it means it did so with SOURCE-help. But now they’re so exhausted from being a conduit for that energy that they won’t be able to try again till later. It’s also close to a new moon, so things are extra-hopping. We actually got about ten minutes into a KNOCK ONCE FOR YES session when they got drowned out by the multitudes. We’ll start again later.


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    3. Last several day’s sounds like creaking and cracking all over the house even the roof and closets I like to blame all the fracking but who knows it really seems to have an intelligence to it. And of course the hallway always seems creepy to me and my dog. Basement at night just do not want to go down there.

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  12. Well, since it looks like we’re going there, ya’ll might enjoy this (fyi, the original sounds were gentle tinkling, but this is considerably funnier!):

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  13. Oh Yes! My gas issues have been coinciding with my meditation breathes as well as nighttime. Been going a couple weeks. Glad you guys mentioned something so I’m not the only experiencing these little, no huge, explosions of gas! This made me laugh to today. Another sign to keep moving ahead in this magical process as all unfolds!

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      1. I honestly thought meditating for at least 30min (in one sitting) every day for a year was enough. Clearly I’m doomed for the negative timeline…

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        1. Hey, I did 5-6 hours of meditation every single day for 3 months and I still have a long way to go. Just do it, doesn’t even have to be 30min. It’s not a competition, no one is watching over your shoulder and judging; it’s just you, resting in your Self. You’re as doomed as you feel like being, this is your show.


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  14. Something is definitely moving more than usual down there lately. I get the feeling we’re going up eventually, but I pictured it more as peaceful levitation than organic rocket boosters.

    Ever since I got back from Italy I’ve been craving Sushi like crazy. I finally solved the problem by creating an awesome Swedish version using pickled herring with potatoes, pickled cucumber, sauerkraut and mustard. If that doesn’t take me to NE, nothing will.

    Found a nice jacket on sale today to replace the very Zeb Macahan-looking anorak I’ve been wearing for the last four years or so. I don’t know much about hipster brands, but this one is named ‘Alife and kicking’ (yes, with an f) which seemed very fitting.


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  15. Oh Yes, but I was thinking it is a food I eat, also burping a lot, huh 😁

    And yesterday and even more, today, I was so exhausted, I had to sleep it off and did not had a time to change to pijama, just drop in the sofa yesterday fully clothed and today in the bad even with my jacket on me. Now awake at 1AM while other in the house are sleeping 😴

    When I woke up, it was so quiet outside, that I was thinking I was not on the old Earth anymore, went downstairs slowly checking if I am alone in the house, thinking even if I slept through the shift, but my family is still with me, kind off glad to be that way ✨

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  16. Over the past few days, I’ve done a couple of long, low ones – the type that come out with a trumpet-like sound. I don’t know for me if the sound or the duration is the more interesting. But then it peters out to a … nothing, no more, zilch, gone.

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  17. Been reading research about how mercury can bypass the blood brain barrier:

    I first began wondering if Thimerosal (Mercury) was in any vaccines. It has been removed from nearly all but the Influenza shots. These shots as you know are peddled aggressively twice a year for all ages, even pregnant women. So, all your life you are regularly receiving mercury with its accumalative effects.

    I then looked at the entry method. Now a child friendly method of “nasal” administration is used.

    In the above study, mercury travels through nerves to bypass the blood brain barrier. So… mercury would enter the brain of a child or anyone much quicker by travelling along olfactory nerves in the nose.

    Insidious bastards.


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  18. Last night I dreamed that I was taking single stems from a plant and manifesting them into beautiful plants with blooms all over them. My sister was with me, and I was telling her she would be able to do it soon, she just hadn’t gotten her frequency high enough yet. Not the type of conversation my sister and I would ever have in this reality. LOL! I was just starting to show her how I was doing it when I was startled awake by horrible cramping in my legs. And, gas and gas and more gas. It took me a couple of hours to get the cramping to stop and I kept thinking I had been having a wonderful dream when I was awakened. When the leg cramping stopped, I finally remembered the dream. I have also been having some issues with my shoulders the last couple of days. Today has been the worst. Looking forward to trying out that guided meditation later. Glad to have all of you here to share this with.

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  19. And I thought I was the only one being called a farty mootz this past week, 😂😂. I Love this place, we truly are never alone. ❤️


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