THIS is a big deal. Perhaps the biggest announcement we’ve ever made.

[And note that PPSA stands for “Psychic Public Service Announcement.”]


It’s a big deal — and it’s a done deal. We’ve been keeping this to ourselves for obvious reasons; some may have seen some of our crosstalk one day on what was going on. Long story short: About a month ago, one of the CATs figured out the specific location of the ancient “go-into-the-light” human soul recycling machine that the Ancient Egyptians called the “Duat.” To the ancients, “the dead journeyed through the various parts of the Duat, not to be unified with the sun god but to be judged.” That is, spirits were detoured away from SOURCE to a private spirit complex so they could be manipulated for various reasons. Why? Control. Power. You reach this complex via a portal that (somehow) opens up to your spirit after your body’s “death.”


It’s just a portal away (1648 light years for everyone else) — and a prime reason why this constellation has been such a big deal to certain cultures and civilizations:

The Constellation Orion.


That’s Orion’s… ahem.


Just a close-up; that square doesn’t play into this. The nebula is from a supernova some time ago.


Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 10.28.22 AM
HD 37303


HD 37303

Reptoids may pull this site down for this, since HD 37303 is their home base. It’s also the location of this Duat, a region also referred to as the ‘Land of the Dead’ by the Ancient Mayans (Xibalba — “Place of Fear”). We connected the dots and reconnoitered this star.

There are four planets around HD 37303: a gas giant; a jungle planet; a grasslands planet; and a “Tatooine”-type planet. The soul machine (which is a HUGE complex) is in, on, or around the Tatooine planet, either on a slightly higher vibrational level, or cloaked. Before we realized it, Guides had let us know that this was the right planet in the funniest way possible. We got this whammy:

Anyway, we asked the SuperFriends (SFs) to take a look and… that is indeed where it is.

Long story short, the SFs went to this Tatooine-y planet and did some highly positive things. We can’t say what, exactly; they kept this knowledge from us for our safety, but considering that SOURCE is due to eliminate this facility at the time of The SHIFT… we weren’t supposed to outright destroy it. This facility has been “POSITIVIZED” — brought to light, if you will — and immediately afterward, the spirits who are caught in this machine got REALLY happy and excited… and when spirits get REALLY happy and excited, they throw energy out in the form of heat. Well, that soul machine complex got SUPERHOT, meltingly so, and… well, it’s not working the same way anymore. [smile]


Spirits and Guides are now in charge.

The mechanism is still working, but it’s slowed WAAAY down, and spirits there are FULLY AWAKE as to what’s going on, and who was pulling the levers, and what their real options are. Bottom line: They are empowered. They can now slowly figure out what they want to do and then make their decisions without artificial pressures or monitoring or meddling from the previous overlords. The Greatest Good has been restored.

All spirits are working together with Guides — now with no interference — and are happier than they’ve been for the past 50,000 lifetimes. We just checked and Guides told us that everything there feels happy and in harmony, a dramatic change from what the place was like before.

Needless to say, the reptoids formerly running the soul asylum are not happy, and are fleeing. They’re in serious denial about this recent change, as this Orion facility and their grandiose home base of XX,000 years are now both defunct, their downfall coming on the heels of the failures of other special nefarious earth projects (PLG, HAARP, etc.). Energy from The SHIFT will finish this Orion soul project once and for all (the CATs don’t need that karmic charge).

More importantly for all of us, what we did shortened the time to The SHIFT dramatically (!), hence the recent jumps. In fact, we were told to finally publicize this, and get it out into the collective consciousness so that we all might not need any additional timeline jumps. Things have been made simpler.


This is the huge final step for humanity. It shows us sticking up for ourselves and taking charge of something that’s been used against us for ages. CATs and SFs have removed the NEGATIVE manipulation of that soul-recycling machine. We aren’t just puny humans anymore. Now we just need to get the word out about it.

[NOTE: The structure itself was created by the reptoids, who were active in Ancient Egypt several thousand years ago. Then, after the dog and cat war, the dogs and cats and bluebirds fled earth, and the reptoids took over, and… started to turn bad. You know the rest.]

You will see this region of space GLOW like crazy… in 1648 years. (It’s 1648 light years away.) The light will reach us in the year 3668 AD. Mark your calendars.

So. Should you ‘go into the light’ after you transition? Probably not if you transition before The SHIFT. Note that it’s damnably difficult to talk to spirits once they go into that system (unless that has changed), so we may not know specifics till after The SHIFT. However, things are definitely looking UP. This is a huge cause for celebration.

Yes, maybe even that much celebration.


Note: The above text was lightly edited/updated with latest info.

Note2: If you want to see what will happen with that region of sky in 1648 years, watch the end of “The Fountain.” We just finally saw this movie (it’s basically a commercial for the soul machine), but the last few frames show that region FLASH. However, in the movie, they show the location of this structure to be in the Orion Nebula. It’s yet another half-truth misdirection. No matter. It didn’t fool us.


Ok, the (fake) “spirit portal” location is… variable.

Winter sky.

Still kinda vague (c’mon, it only appears to spirits), but it is somewhere along the Milky Way galaxy in our night sky. Basically, keep away from the Milky Way sky region (which changes winter and summer). It definitely has less SUCK than it did before, less of a compulsion to go there.


The Milky Way was considered by the ancient Maya to hold the “entrance to Xibalba,” and the road along which “souls walked to meet their fate.” So… don’t do that. If you have transitioned and you see a “golden portal” open, turn your back on it and move away, an it will go away. Then ask your Guides for… guidance. 

The REAL entrance to SOURCE is… inside you. It’s been right there all along. Fastest way to SOURCE before or after you transition is to find a nice quiet spot and… meditate. Settle into yourself. Ask Guides for help. Eventually, you’ll basically sink into yourself and go to SOURCE… unless you have issues and you’re afraid of SOURCE. Again, ask Guides for help.


Note that most spirits go to Light Trap. It’s very magnetic and draws you in. Most people, unless they’re really evolved or at the higher end of ascension are not really “harmed” as they need the incarnations to grow and expand. The people who go don’t know any better, and the ones who do know better will know to avoid it. It’s really an extension of your life path. (This is what Spirit is telling us.)

This soul machine thing is UNIQUE to earth, but we’ve had it for a while, so it will be used as training wheels until SOURCE modifies everything with The SHIFT… whenever that is. WE are certainly never going into that thing again, but for those who do, at least it’s being renovated in anticipation of the new management taking over. 😉


Various people emailed us questions about all this. We thought you might be interested in them, and the answers.

Q1: “That soul machine facility at HD 37303… what happens to it at the time of The SHIFT? Does SOURCE clean house, or will you still work to destroy it?”

A: It’s cloaked, so it’s a bit of a chore locating its particulars, but it can be done. We were instructed that what we did was enough. And… YOU work for the dark! Hello!


Q2: “If you were to destroy it, what would happen to all those spirits who are there? might they get… lost?”

A: We don’t know that it will exactly be destroyed at The SHIFT (some parts might), but the whole structure will definitely change, and only affect those beings choosing, or forced to incarnate in 3d. What’s happened now is that only people’s GREATEST GOOD can be explored — and that’s it. There’s now no torture of any kind. No negativity. No fake SOURCE “things” being used to impress spirits. No coercion. No lying. No placing talented psychics with families who would shun or limit them, ahem. It’s now 100% POSITIVE.

Of course SOURCE has a plan. That’s why things happened the way they did!


Q3: “You stupid cats think you’re so f-in smart. How do we know you haven’t made all this up?”

A: Well… you can see for yourself… eventually. (It would be rude to say when.) You can check with other psychics on this too, of course. You could also explore the subject yourself in meditation and see what you personally find. Or, you can sit… on your gray couch with the stain on one cushion, in your underwear, perusing your laptop with stickers all over it, eating chinese… no, thai noodles (not too spicy, you asked) with a fork from the take-out box, drinking… a green bottle… ROLLING ROCK! Watching TV (Big Bang Theory), in Apt. 309 (the door sticks) overlooking a parking lot in San Diego, CA, near a mexican place that’s ok, but their salsa needs work. You drive a Nissan. The back seat is a mess. Your first name is… Steve. Would you like us to go to work with you? Describe how some of your co-workers worry about you? Your phone is ringing, Steve…




Ok, we had so many terms floating around for this soul facility that we wrote them all down over the course of the day and voted. We’re now calling it the Soul Recycling Center (SRC) — though one CAT who shall be nameless insists on calling it the Soul Reclamation Center (SRC), but it is indeed both. We’re gonna call it the SRC from now on. CATs CATs CATs. We have renamed this post thusly.


This is interesting. We’ve had reports from spirits who help other spirits GitL (Go Into The Light) — the SRC is actually constructive for 3d/lower-vibe people — and apparently the magnetic PULL to that GitL portal is significantly weaker now than the SRC has been… modified (we’re not allowed to how). It’s currently more like a gentle tug; an invitation rather than an all-or-nothing yank into oblivion. All is working according to (SOURCE’s) plan… whatever that is.




    To CATs, Ms, SFs and all involved to contribute to the final step for HUMANITY!
    I was tempted to type hundreds of “THANK YOU” here but I know it will drive readers nuts! So, I better not. 😊.

    The first time I read this posting ‘SOUL MACHINE has been located’ (yesterday), my mind went blank and I kept asking myself “SOUL MACHINE?” I heard of Light Tunnel, but Soul Machine? Soon the noise in both of my ears were loud as though I have hundreds of crickets around me …even right now as I type. All this while, it didn’t occur to me to associate the noise in my ear (usually just one ear) as cricket sounds until one of the commenters mentioned his as cricket sounds.

    Ever since then, whenever I imagine that the SOUL MACHINE is under the charge of Spirits and Guides now – the noise in my ears will be louder!

    But most of all, suddenly those questions that I have been wanting to ask don’t matter anymore especially knowing that the Soul Machine will be used for the greatest good of humanity, that I don’t have to worry about my loved ones who are still half-awake.

    I have to say that sometimes I feel pretty anxious about the Shift after reading many of the Ascension symptoms here, especially the pain, the headaches, the aches, emotional moods; that I wonder whether I‘m ready for the Shift, besides hesitating to leave my loved ones behind.

    From CAT# (😉) almost 9 months ago 👉 “(M#😉) is this way and we throw things at him.)”
    – Just asking as a barometer for me – still doing it? 😅

    💐 💐 💐 A GYNORMOUS THANK YOU 💖 💖 💖

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    1. Ha. Yeah, we weren’t sure what to call it. I think “Soul Machine” was some song we played in jr high jazz once upon a time!

      (That M has gotten really good at CATCHING things that are thrown. Even when he’s not looking. It’s kinda spooky.)


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      1. “(That M has gotten really good at CATCHING things that are thrown. Even when he’s not looking. It’s kinda spooky.)”

        or like Neo from The Matrix ! 😁

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      1. Ya’ know, after re-reading Blossom’s message this morning, I think I need to be a little more discerning in what I agree to take on. Har!

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    1. Oh Look! There’s Scotty! 🙂

      I personally can’t wait. This in-between feeling sort of, kind of depressed and sad every five minutes without having anything to pin it on is getting old fast.

      The mantra definitely helps, but forgetting all about it for several days doesn’t help much at all. It’s like the energy is sneaking up from behind and it takes some time to realize what’s going on.


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        1. Not unlikely, families never really worked out for me in this life, but unfortunately not very solvable either.


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          1. hi, Sifoo!
            in all Love:
            Do not look for the Key as outside of you.
            Please say, on’ end:
            “I will forgive, and this will disappear!”

            the key is in you and the solution is in your hand: RELEASE!
            Do not judge – it is a waste of time.
            We ALL came here with some problems to solve in mind.
            Just let all go – and you are FREE.
            “I will behold you with the eyes of Christ
            and see my perfect sinlessness in you.”

            “My brother, peace and joy I offer you,
            that I may have God’s peace and Joy as mine.”
            (A Course in Miracles)

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            1. All good. And on some level this is my show, so what I’m getting is what I need. But forgiving and reaching out hands only goes so far, the same thing has to happen on the other side and is seemingly outside of my control. It’s like with the PTW; I don’t hold any grudges, I just wish they would get a clue and join the party already.


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  2. This is absolutely wonderful news!!!! Words are so small to convey the enormity of how amazing this is, and how The Cats, Ms, SuperFriends…how all your/their work is such a blessing on our road to Freedom! And all of us who follow this, and do our own work for us and the planet, to clear and move forward. We should all be proud of how we have worked together. (((Group Hug!))) and Cheers for such an impressive accomplishment! Thank you very much! ❤️🌎💎🎁

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  3. Wow I guess the shadow person I saw go down the hallway stomp the whole way there and nobody want into that room was trying to send a message? Never seen one that energized before. 👻

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  4. Dear Cats,
    This post has really moved me, I’m so real.
    And it reminds me of something that happened to me many months ago.
    I was “dreaming” that I was on a kind of table with several tall and luminous beings surrounding me, I could recognize a man who was the boss, so to speak and at least one woman.
    In principle one might think they were guides or angels, but there was something about them that didn’t fit me.
    It was all too theater. Too similar to what one expects to find if you see guides.
    In my meditations my guides are not so excessive, they are more normal. These looked more like disguised beings.
    I had my doubts. Something they told me to relax, I felt that for some reason they wanted me to open my mouth.
    They noticed my lack of confidence and I feel they were telling me what I needed to hear to convince me.

    They were typical phrases, in plan: sister (I can not stand that condescension) trust, we are here, we are your family, from now on everything will be fine, you just relax ……

    That was what the female being told me.
    Seeing that they did not get the result, the Chief, went into action, began to flatter me and make promises for my future better. But I noticed a certain degree of impatience and anger with me, even though I used loving phrases.
    At that moment it came to my mind that they used somehow my memories or things that I had in mind, maybe things I had read to literally “fool myself.”
    All this happened while I noticed that they were trying to “get me out” by mouth. as if they ripped out my being through that conduit.
    It must be said that my state of confusion was enormous, I felt drugged, so thinking was not easy.
    They could really be my guides or my angels. But despite the confusion something inside me knew that it was “weird”, I repeat, it was like a theater, too similar to what is expected to be in spiritual or religious iconography.
    And I also noticed the Chief’s impatience and anger.

    Then, out of nowhere came to me an idea. A kind of trap.
    I told the woman that if I could talk to my dead mother.
    At that moment my mother appeared telling me: Daughter, come with us, trust and relax.
    It was all I needed to see. I exploded and said: be out motherfuckers !!! (sorry for the expression) And I automatically activated: source armor!!

    At that moment everything flooded in white and I woke up in my bed crying in gratitude, saying to Brother J and the guides: Thank you, thank you so well you trained us !!
    Already awake and recovered, I felt great pain in the area of my tongue and throat and had petechiae all over my neck, as if I had made a great effort in that area.

    The “trick” of asking about my dead mother was because my mother is alive. But when I asked them about her, in my head I imagined her at her funeral (in case they read my memories).

    Besides, if my mother had really been dead, she would never have been so sweet. My mother is like a general. She would have said: Cristina, open your mouth once you’re wasting our time !!! 😉

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    1. Thanks for sharing Cristina.
      A reminder that we all need to pay attention to how others approach us or respond to our questions (both asleep and awake). ALWAYS listen to your intuition. Cay

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  5. WOW, that is AWESOME NEWS! Thanks Cats and Super Friends, I can’t even wrap my head around it yet, but it sure is great – especially since one of my oldest and funniest friends just passed a couple months ago, and now knowing she’s FREE, YES!!!!

    On another note, I had a “hello” from friends in the sky Sat. night – there was what looked like a cut out of a plane’s silhouette cruising along the horizon north to south, and watching from my window at sunset I said, hmmm, that doesn’t look like it’s a real plane, and next thing you know, there was a tiny flash, then a bigger one, and then a huge flash, 1,2,3 and whoosh they were gone! Cool!

    Have a great day everybody, whooo hooo!!!

    OH, and now aNOTHER feral cat is letting me pet him, I feel so honored!!! 🙂

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  6. Hello CAT’s n’ ALL👋
    This will be a looong comment, but feel free to skip posting or reading it.
    It was just a dream I had that I thought was kind of strange & cool at the same time..

    Yesterday (Sunday) at around 19.00, I suddenly got so tired out of nowhere, that I decided to go and take a nap. When I woke up, it felt like I had been sleeping for atleast 8 h or more so I had to get up and check the time – it said 20.30, but I could have sworn that I was a sleep for a lot longer than that. Atleast that was what it felt like. But the perception of time was’nt the thing that puzzled me the most – it was what I dreamed about. Because for some time now, I have’nt been able to remember one single dream. But with this one – I remember every single detail and it is crystal clear. So here it goes..

    I find myself standing in front of a big log-house with a dark roof located in a beautiful glade (is that the right word?) in a forest. There are huge, tall spruce trees around the house and in the area but they don’t look like the ones that grows up here in Sweden, rather they look like those enormous Douglas-trees I’ve seen in pictures. The rectangular house has an huge entrance and a porch at its long side which is facing a wide and sandy walkway. Where that walkway comes from – I have no idea, but as I turn my head to the right, I can see it pass trough that mighty high embarkment that surrounded the place. (Now why would such an idyllic place need to be surrounded by an embarkment? Something’s not right..) And to the left of the walkway and the house was a small tarn/woodland lake located, right beneath a vertical mountain side. The water was pitch-black due to it’s bottomless depth and the shadow from a huge tree. Just by looking at it, I knew that it was ice cold..

    It is like I’m waking up while standing there and out of the blue I get the feeling that I just need to get the heck out of there. I feel it so strongly. So I’m looking around for options but there is only one left after sorting them out, and that is to try and run through the forest and then try to climb that embarkment. All of a sudden I notice that the other attendees who like me are in their twentiees (I am NOT twenty IRL!😜) and are walking obediently towards the house, are looking at me in a strange way and I realize I need to calm myself down so that my plans to get out of there does’nt get revealed to the wrong people.

    Then a man approaches me from the side. When I look at him, I’m thinking to myself “what the h**l – are u here as well?” (He is Mr B – a colleague/electrician at my work!😄) He is his usual calm and collected self, but he looks firmly at me and says “don’t even think about it! You know you will never get far enough before they realize you’re missing and set out to catch you – that plan of yours is doomed to fail. You just don’t want to be caught – please don’t do it!” I’m responding ” I’ve had enough. Can’t do this anymore. I want out and I will get out. I WILL brake the rules! No matter what happens, it’s better than to be stuck here..”
    He looks at me for a while and then says “I think there might be a way, but I can’t guarantee that it will work. It is dangerous Uli. I know how stubborn you are – but I don’t want you to be caught by them.. so I’ll help you.” And then he goes on to tell me about something he learned when he was in the military – that if someone was submerged in cold water and their heart and breathing stopped, they could be revived later (if there is any ACTUAL truth in this – no idea) so that he knew in theory that it could work. I thought about it for a while and said yes because I felt I had nothing to loose. We agreed to meet at the other side of the lake later in the evening.

    I stood there in the moonlit night and watched the lights at the other side. Thought about all the things that could go wrong. Mr B walked up to my side and watched me. I felt hesitation, but when I thought of my loved ones, how much I love them, I decided that THAT will be the one thing I will feel and think of as my body shuts down – that is what I will take with me, and so I nodded my head to him and we walked down to the water next to the mountainside. Then he slowly puts his arms around me and gives me the warmest hug filled with comfort and strength, and step by step still hugging each other we slowly decent into the water.

    Now I knew that the water was bonechillingly cold, but strangely enough, it did’nt feel cold at all to me, rather lukewarm. As I held my head above the water, Mr B let go of me. I took a deap breath, raised my head, closed my eyes, exhaled and let myself sink into the water with the support of Mr B’s hands under my back as he dove down beside me, and then….

    …suddenly out of a bright flash, I’m standing on the other side of the lake in broad daylight at the exact place where I “woke up” the other time!! As attendees walk by me, I come to realize that they don’t pay any attention to me at all and that is simply because they can’t see me! I then turn my head towards the other side of the lake where I entered the water that night and smiled, thinking “it worked! Mr B was right! I did’nt die!” And as I looked down at my body and my hands, I realised that I had the body/age that I am today and not that young body anymore that I left in the water. And with such a feeling of inner knowing and strength, I started walking towards the house. I felt like I was finally ready. (for whatever it was that I was planning to do not just for me but for everyone being there)

    As I entered the place which was crowded with young people, it dawned on me that I did’nt need to look for an available chair any longer, so I simply walked up to a table and though there was a man already sitting there, I just sat myself in his lap and he did’nt take notice of me at all since I was invisible to him!(wtf?) So I’m sitting there waiting for something to begin when the guy on my left side gets up and walks away leaving an emply chair. But I can’t take that seat fast enough, because a young girl around the age of seven just takes it right infront of me. Rebelliously she quickly turns the chair around 180 degrees so that it does’nt face the table any longer, sits down and let’s her body slide down a bit in the seat. I’m smiling as I’m watching her. Her pink jacket. The flowers on her dress. Her perfectly cut fringe and long pigtails. Her white stockings and her cute girly shoes. It is so obvious that she is annoyed at having to be there instead of doing something she would much rather be spending her time with.. when all of a sudden she raises her head, looks me straight into my eyes and then gives me a big smile as if she is trying to assure me that she knows what I’m about to do, and I’m thinking “oh shit, she can see me!”

    But that’s not the only shock I get from seeing her looking into my face – you see.. she looks exactly like I did when I was seven years old. And when I realize who she is, I gasp for air – she is me as a young girl. I met myself..

    ..and then I woke up!

    Today (Mon 24th) I told Mr B about my dream when I met him at work. Said “thank you for your help. Could’nt have done it without your assistance. He like “what?” I said “yeah, you helped me die so that I could get buzy and attend to the real work!” Strangely enough he did’nt answer me, just looked a bit pale.. sort of..😉 Naaah, he’s alright!😄

    Guess we’re immortals, right? And can exist in different versions simultaneously, right?😉
    Loving hugs💖

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    1. MeasMeandu, what an awesome dream! So your younger self saved you, how cool is that? And how brave to go into the water! What a great dream! Lately my dreams, if I remember anything at all, are so weird and disjointed it’s crazy – like I remember waking up last night and wondering why I’d just been dreaming about – get this – a deep fried hand held electric mixer – it had a beautiful golden brown crispy coating, delicious… NOT! WTH!??! Last few weeks are full of these odd little memories, and always going to this big resort type place that I totally know my way around – like where the restrooms are, the bar, the restaurants – but I’m always trying to leave and get side tracked, over and over. Makes me wonder what that’s all about. Thanks for sharing your great dream!

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      1. Oh kt1111, thank YOU for sharing! You got me laughing soooo good at that deep fried mixer!🤣🏆👍

        Yeah, those dreams of ours sure needs some serious pondering upon a lot of times.. and usually I don’t get a fairly resonable explanation untill after some time has passed, then that enlightning ‘Aha-moment’ hits me in the head and I’m like “oook, so THAT’S what that was all about!”💡😄

        You know.. the thing is.. I had a number of dreams during last year where I suddenly “woke up” and tried to get out, just like you did with that resort-type-of-place. No idea how I got there in the first place, but I was always finding myself at different locations, for example like in a quarrel, deep in the forest or down-town in a big city. The only thing that connects those dreams together is that it’s raining like crazy and while I’m trying to get out of there I’m eventually being spotted and then chased.. So this dream is the first one where I actually can get out. Aaaand…it was’nt raining! Yay!!😄

        kt1111, I KNOW you’ll find your way out of that resort-ish place if that is what you want💪✨

        Wishing you a beautiful day☀️
        Loving hugs💖

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  7. “the SFs went to this Tatooine-y planet and did some highly positive things. ” Really excellent! I had heard longtime that in the shift era, the belt of Orion would rearrange itself. I thought it was interesting we got info on Betelgeuse 1st! That it would disappear B4 the belt seemed a little odd to me, and then I saw this report. SUCH a sigh of relief! Def did not want to have to fight w. that tunnel;-)

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  8. Interesting. Several years ago, another psychic (Deb! who’s since transitioned) suggested some of us watch “The Fountain” (2009). Well, some of us just did (we’re passing the DVD around), and… there’s that Mayan land of the dead thing again, though in the movie it’s called out like a sanctuary: Xibalba (which means, “place of fear” hello?). Synchronicity City. EXCEPT… spoilers… in the end… the guy goes *into the golden tunnel of light.* Of course. The whole movie was a commercial. Well, not any more!

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. I think it was Robert Morningstar who said just turn around and go the other way you won’t get on trouble. Everyone has been programmed to just do it I thought he was on to something there.

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    1. It’s still a reptilian construct; it has been rendered “happy” and “harmonious,” but it is still a needless detour on the way to SOURCE. You can go in if you want, but you can get to SOURCE without it. We worked to remove its threat so anyone who fell for it wouldn’t be impacted by negativity.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. If all these are just an illusion, why is there a need to go back to SOURCE if we are actually inside SOURCE, if we ARE source?
        If our Guide is with us after we’ve transited, then why doesn’t our Guide lead us away from the Soul Machine for the umpteenth time and show us the shorter way to SOURCE?

        In Sunday Church service, are they really communicating with Brother J? It’s kind of sad for me to hear some of them citing “Lord Jesus” as the only way to save our soul from Hell.

        On the other hand, I have also friends of other faith/religion, so, if I talk about Brother J to them, it’s like I’m not respecting their faith. No, “Oversoul” and Guide sound foreign to them; Angles are somehow link to Christianity. Are the Ascended Master of their religion involved in the Ascension process?

        If I ever mention that religion is man-made Institution, they may think that I have gone to the Dark side!

        With much Love and Gratitude

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        1. @yakkity,

          “If our Guide is with us after we’ve transited, then why doesn’t our Guide lead us away from the Soul Machine for the umpteenth time and show us the shorter way to SOURCE?”

          I have a strong suspicion that many Guides have been hoodwinked as well, and hold the misconception that the whole system of memory-wiping and multiple incarnations was designed by Source instead of by clever con-artist reptoids. Incorporeal status does not in itself grant wisdom.

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          1. You have *GUIDES.* Plural. They are on the Spirit side, so they are incapable of being fooled.

            Most spirits go to Light Trap. It’s very magnetic and draws you in. Most people, unless they’re really evolved or at the higher end of ascension are not really “harmed” as they need the incarnations to grow and expand. The people who go don’t know any better, and the ones who do know better will know to avoid it. It’s really an extension of your life path. (This is what Spirit is telling us.)

            This soul machine thing is UNIQUE to earth, but we’ve had it for a while, so it will be used as training wheels until SOURCE modifies everything with The SHIFT… whenever that is.

            -CAT Eds.

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        2. A better approach could be to just live and model a lifestyle that is centered in peace, acceptance, joy, forgiveness, and grace. Love people where they are and not try to change them. Honor their journey and accept they will wake up on their own schedule, if they wake up at all. If you live in this way, if it is meant to be they will be attracted by your energy and vibration and perhaps then ask you why you are at such peace when they perceive their world is full of chaos and judgement.

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        3. Because, as we were told, “sometimes it’s part of your life path.” Spirit can provide frustrating answers at times.

          We are indeed inside SOURCE, right now, dreaming this dream, with SOURCE gently waking us up… but if you were to suddenly wake up and see SOURCE you might freak out. It’s kinda complicated.

          What you mention brings us to the language and philosophy of how we run this blog. The CATs are students of A Course in Miracles. We are also psychics, and have been studying arcana and the supernatural for pretty much our entire lives. We live with it every day. (The things we’ve seen, wow.) We try to keep away from religion and religious concepts, as religion is just for controlling people. Brother J was kind enough to come back and dictate this book:


          All the answers to people’s questions are in there. It’s not religion. It’s a course in advanced spirituality. It’s not for everyone (it’s NOT easy), but it answers nearly every question you could ever answer. That said, Brother J (see how we don’t use his name?) is indeed the FASTEST way out of this mess. The short path to salvation, if you will. You can slog your own way out if you want, but it’s the long way. J offers the short path… but even then, it takes time. Minds are not healed overnight. If we were just lumps of clay, it would be easy. But We are an Extension of SOURCE Itself, immortal and infinitely powerful. We have fake-divided ourselves into these tiny (all-powerful, willful) drops of Spirit… but we’re still an ocean of spirit. Waking up a comparatively tiny Extension of infinite SOURCE like us is exceedingly complex, because we THINK we’ve divided ourselves into near-infinite pieces… and at least half those pieces are insane. Is it any wonder we have troubles? 😉

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Hello CAT’s,
            may I ask you some questions about “if you were to suddenly wake up and see SOURCE you might freak out”?

            How did Source show itself to you when you saw Source the first time?

            Had the whitest of white blinding Light anything to do with seeing Source?

            Is Source that megagynourmous crystal (or in it?) that resides in the middle of that loving blackish void at the end of all those what seemed like endless “smokerings”? It was sentient. (I call ’em smokerings because that’s what they look like to me..but they’re probably portals)

            Please help me understand..

            Loving hugs💖

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      2. @-CAT Eds
        Ah!…I finally remember the construct shape:
        It is a black cube, like the one Saudis worship in Mekka.
        And like the one the Khazars bind on their forehead, when they pray!
        These two peoples live by deceit, and so they hide the fact that they
        belong to the same tribe.
        They lost their soul, for they prefer technology as their creator.
        That’s why they need young flesh, blood, organs, and excessive emotions from
        us, humans, on which they feed! All those abortion and baby parts are
        quite a very hot trade ware, far beyond Earth.
        And why they cling so terribly to our planet, refusing to leave.


  9. Uhhh, today I received bad news, I was back from the field job where I successfully done all the planned work, CEO called that on return trip go back to the office as he have something to discuss with me, I sad OK.

    Then in his office he told me that we have too much disagreement between each other and he will lay me off ?!

    But he also told me that he was extremely satisfied with work I done, with my knowledge and expertise ?!

    I was shocked, I did not expect that coming, we had some disagreements in the past how something has to be done as he was melding in IT he has some different ideas about some solutions, some times I done work differently, but I always done it successfully, there was no complaints from anybody on my work, I got only appraisals…

    Bottom line is that he is a control freak with big ego, and he expected everything to be done as he wanted, even if there is a better way, and even if my way is a better way to solve something.

    He wanted a Yes man, and as technical person I am oriented to the results, I got things done, but obviously that was less important in his point off view if I done something differently then he envisioned it and even my was was better, but he never admitted it.

    Oh well, I hope so that I will soon get the job I really wanted, I am working on it, and I really hope that after the Shift I will not have to put with egomaniacs like him ✨

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    1. Perica. That’s rotten. Really sorry to hear that and hope you find a brilliant job soon. It’s happened to my partner who is an engineer, several times. Your boss is in a state of fear. It won’t help him in the long-term.💖

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      1. Yes, same story, as Electronic Engineer myself, I always listen to other colleagues opinions and if they have a better solution to a problem then I have, go for it, I do not have a problem with that 👍

        I do not have a problem with ego, I do not have to impress anyone, my work and my results speak for themselves 🙂

        One time while working in former company during one technical course in one equipment factory Italy, I made a big discovery on how to solve one major problem on the equipment for which I was on that course, and that impressed so much the CEO off that equipment that I ended up giving the lecture to complete R&D team in the factory, even the owner came in to listen to that, it was such a accomplishment, I was so happy at that time 🙂✨

        Unfortunately I am in my 50, and here on Croatian cost it is very hard to get some technical job (except as a programmer, but…), everything here is turning mostly around tourism, almost no production off any kind is done here where I live ☹

        But this guy was really a jerk and he was accustomed that everybody in the office think he is the most intelligent, that no one dispute his opinions or have god forbid a better solution to a problem…

        The guy who will take over my job is young, without experience in IT, obviously he wanted one who he can shape as he wants and who will look at him as he is god himself…

        Meh 😣

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    2. Sorry to hear about that Perica, that’s awful. However if the guy is such a jerk and it sounds like you are very talented at your work, maybe it was necessary to find a better position until the shift. I’m so lucky that after some horrible jobs I found the one I have now – but I still would rather not have to work at all, c’mon Event! Best of luck to you and keep looking up at the stars – love hearing your dog walking adventures!

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      1. Thank You, and to go back to this blog theme, lately I am seeing many huge clocked triangle ships, just hanging there, but really huge ones, maybe my brothers watching me ? ✨

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    3. Perica, Sorry to hear about your job but now, at least, you
      can look for a job you really want where your boss will
      appreciate your way of dealing with technical problems.
      It also sounds like your former boss will give you a very
      good reference, which always helps in getting another job.
      Keep visualizing the job you want and see yourself doing
      the work in the way that you want.

      With very best wishes,


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    4. Percia ❤️ Sending Love. Perhaps it was a Blessing in disguise, a door opening to something that will bring you more happiness…until the Shift…


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    5. Perica, man, I know how you feel. Some people seem to just not be very self-aware. I thought of my boss as a friend for many years but I now believe that my perception of our relationship differed quite a bit from his. I accept that now and just get the job done–the way *he* wants it done. Mostly /grin. It is saddening and I pity him. However, it is his choice.
      Your choice is to do what you feel is best for you. As pretty much a complete stranger it may be easy for me to say this but I have no fear that you will be happy and fulfilled in whatever you do next. You don’t seem the type to give up. Bravo for that.
      And I am 100% with you, believing that the Shift will catapult us into a new world where people have a much deeper understanding of each other.

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      1. In a recent job, one of the CATs worked tirelessly, but was taken advantage of and abused by so many different co-workers; really vile, back-stabbing stuff. After a few years of this, this CAT was intentionally laid off (while bad employees were retained). They then sat in their car a moment and meditated… and let it all go… and Guides then revealed that each one of those co-workers had been people this CAT had taken advantage of in a previous life, and that they saw them all in one place so they could purge as much karma as possible. Everything happens for a reason. When one door smacks you in the face, another door opens to reveal someone with free coffee… 😉

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. This my reply for some reason ended up on the bottom, and it was supposed to be here, so I am reporting it, if that is not a problem, please delete the first one 😉✨

          That may be, but how do I know if it is releasing my karma, or the other guy is putting new bad karma on himself ?
          If first is right, then in someway I am OK with it (well, not really at a present moment, but I hope it will pass ), and I surely hope that some door will open soon
          But one thing came to my mind, on my first day working there, there was a briefing in this guy office, and very soon I was feeling very nauseous, that I almost fainted there in the office, had to go out to lay down on the sofa. As I am really sensitive, I now wonder what I really felt there, some very bad energy from that guy, reptile in disguise ?
          And during whole last 5 months, I could not read any emotions from him, I mean, he would show that he is angry about something, visually, but there was no emotion that I could sense as with other colleagues, strange.
          Even when he told me that I am been fired, I could not sense nothing from him, just words coming from him to me, no emotions, even no expression on his face, hmmm, now when I am recalling all off this, something strange was going on with this guy, can not tell what really, but he is odd person, if human at all ?


    6. I know what it is to go through that!!.
      In Spain there is a saying for that which cannot be translated, but to you, Perica, “they have made you the bed”.
      All this will happen, and this injustice will only be a bad memory. I am sure of it.
      While it happens I send you all my solidarity, support and encouragement.

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    7. I know what it is to go through that!!.
      In Spain there is a saying for that which cannot be translated, but to you, Perica, “they have made you the bed”.
      All this will happen, and this injustice will only be a bad memory. I am sure of it.
      While it happens I send you all my solidarity, support and encouragement.

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  10. This song that has been going through my head since the return to Source has been modified minus the nefarious detours. Cay

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  11. Just woke up from another shift type dream it got so bright outside people were getting off the road and running into people’s homes. It seemed though if you just stayed outside you got used to the brightness. I noticed the ones that were scared the most by it were Hollywood rich types they hide and never went back outside.

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  12. @perica I deal with egomaniac ppl in the radio biz all the time. and you just gotta smile at them and walk away. I’m fact, one DJ is really narcissistic. I walk by her in the hallway and say hi, smile, and she can’t even nod her head or smile back or acknowledge my existence.. And I produce her show! starting to big me. Everyone Else loves me, even my 5 bosses! I

    perica u will find a bigger a better job! Just wasn’t a right fit

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  13. My best friend just transitioned a couple hours ago. My heart is heavy. I just got out of the hospital with pneumonia so was unable to see him as he was taken to hospice during my stay, and passed a day later. Your messages are helpful right now as I wrap my head and heart around what is unfolding right now. He is free now. For me the focus is on my own breathing, and healing as I was his caretaker and the last few months have taken their toll on me (hence, the pneumonia). Most importantly is to remaining in love and Source. I am Love. I am Light. I am. I loved him unconditionally. My first experience loosing someone close to me. Blessings to all.

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    1. Cat ❤️ Sending so much Love…Your beautiful friend may well be helping from the other side now, maybe he is on NE…Many hugs to you, I am sure you will see him again ❤️🙏🤗❤️

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    2. Ahh Cat. So sorry for you losing your friend and having to cope with pneumonia at the same time. You are having a hard time of it. My thoughts are with you.💕😘


  14. Hi Cat’s & M’s,

    I sent one mail about one person (walk-in Pleiadian) experience with that soul machine, did You received it ?


  15. Dear cats, if you get time please can you send some healing to my husband’s mum, she has two fractures in her spine and is in so much pain she can’t move off of her bed at home, the hospital don’t want to take her in and the pain killers from the doctor don’t seem to be working. Many thanks

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    1. Pam141 ❤️ I hope you don’t mind? I asked you’re husband’s mother’s guides and higher self, that if she would like to receive healing from me, may I send pure white Source light with pink and green too to take away the pain, make her comfortable and to enable healing and rest. Sending Love 💕


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      1. Hi cats, I will give it a go, the method to get your own results in the UK is a bureaucratic process at best. Many thanks for your help

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  16. Just after midnight ET I discovered a post made by Sophia Love yesterday: https://www.sophialove.org/my-blog “A Cure Exists” In it, she quotes ONE:

    Here are a few words from One, regarding this virus, to help put things in perspective…

    “This will go as humanity wills it to go, with emotional energy directing it towards whatever outcome is most expressed and felt. There are many factors contributing, and each of them holds weight. You cannot dismiss your response as ineffective, it is everything but.”

    “It makes sense to feel something with the news, and then, it makes for a powerful response to take intentional action.”

    “Take intentional action” means to get a handle on every emotional response, realizing the effect it has.”

    “These are times of high frequency and rapid and powerfully forced energies. As such, your actions become a bit of armor and a tool for creative control. It is time now to manage your emotions. They are useful and powerful suppliers of strength.

    It is no accident that you are here for this.
    It is no accident you reside where you do.
    It is no surprise you’ve found your way to these words.”

    That last line struck me me strongly. ” It is no surprise that you’ve found your way to these words.” I felt moved to share this with you. I take it to mean that we ALL must remain active and engaged. Resist the fear porn. Do what we can. Hold the Light. Be the Light. Hold the Love. ❤ BE the Love. ❤ Because WE ARE. ❤

    You can read the entire post at the link above. Thank you all here for your posts and insights, and all that you do!

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  17. Thanks Lily for your kind words. He is assisting me from NE and I will see him again. I’ve had some amazing experiences these past two days on all levels, its happening, he’s here. Sending you much love, too. I love reading about your adventures! Its quite the amazing journey is it not…….
    Love Cat

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  18. That may be, but how do I know if it is releasing my karma, or the other guy is putting new bad karma on himself ?

    If first is right, then in someway I am OK with it (well, not really at a present moment, but I hope it will pass ☹), and I surely hope that some door will open soon ✨

    But one thing came to my mind, on my first day working there, there was a briefing in this guy office, and very soon I was feeling very nauseous, that I almost fainted there in the office, had to go out to lay down on the sofa. As I am really sensitive, I now wonder what I really felt there, some very bad energy from that guy, reptile in disguise ?

    And during whole last 5 months, I could not read any emotions from him, I mean, he would show that he is angry about something, visually, but there was no emotion that I could sense as with other colleagues, strange.

    Even when he told me that I am been fired, I could not sense nothing from him, just words coming from him to me, no emotions, even no expression on his face, hmmm, now when I am recalling all off this, something strange was going on with this guy, can not tell what really, but he is odd person, if human at all ?


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