Meterage & Q&A for 3-21-20 [UPDATE4]


Jeez… so many questions coming in — from CATs, too. So, we’re gonna answer ’em. Get out your popcorn. But first, some meterage:


We had another CME, non-earth-facing (no biggie, but we will invariably feel its ‘side effects’ in the next 3-5 days):

This was also aimed at the Odin-OSIRIS satellite, which is probably not working as it once was, as its mission probably didn’t have our greatest collective good in mind.


There were also some timeline jumps… but there are always timeline jumps. These are affecting (positive) change in different places, at different times:




Now check this out. A separation is beginning again, at the 31/32 Hz level:


Could be temporary… could be a trend.

And now what you’ve probably been waiting for…

These are various questions commenters and emailers and CATs have been asking over and over, so here we go. Our answers are in BOLD. Note that these questions involve The Illusion, so they’re only important in that they show us where we are in relation to the timing of The SHIFT. In a way, it’s nice to see justice done, but… it’s not really real, so the feeling is a bit of an atavism.

10 Questions

1. Are lots of store shelves empty NOT because people have bought things out, but because we’re actually not getting junk products from China anymore? YES

2. [We’re not answering C-v1rus pand3mic questions, as it may get the site shut down.] Instead, note that there is no pand3mic, so no fear is necessary. More people have caught the plain ol’ flu. This whole thing was indeed intentionally caused by the ca8al to cause mayhem, but that was stopped, and now it’s MacGuffin has been repurposed for the greater good. 

3. Is Tom Hanks really under arrest in a hotel room in Australia? YES

4. Has Oprah been arrested? YES

5. Was Oprah’s house really raided by the FBI? YES [Weinstein is ratting on everyone to reduce jail time, now that his jail time is real. Any celebs who say they have the C-v1rus are either under house arrest or desperate for attention.]

6. Has Ellen DeGeneres been arrested? YES

7. Was Queen Elizabeth really locked out of Windsor Castle?? YES!

8. Was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau served a criminal indictment by the U.S. for corporate and financial crimes? YES

9. Has Nancy Pelosi died? NO

10. Is Gavin Newsom really Nancy Pelosi’s nephew? YES [That’s no secret.]


Oh, and note that Psychic Lynn and Da-da have an interesting new “Life Detective” out.

One more thing… for those who still have anxiety: Note that Spirit often speaks metaphorically, and we have to make our best guess as to what they mean. We can ask questions and get more clarification, but the metaphor often remains. So, when we meditated briefly today, we instantly saw the same thing AGAIN that we’ve seen all week. (Again, remember this is metaphor.) We saw a bomb (which represents an act, or event) dropping toward water (which represents calm), and right before it hit it was suddenly encased in ice, so when it hit, the ice neutralized it and it just plunked in the water and didn’t go off — and there was no splash, as ice on the surface immediately covered the entry point. Then the area went to normal and the ice quickly melted and all was as before. What does this mean? Two things: 1. The Cavalry is not allowing anything bad to happen, in general, to mess up The Event, and; 2. The “cold” (i.e., fake pandemic) that has come over things will eventually disappear and all will be as before.

When we asked (one more time) when The SHIFT was, we saw it get really windy, and we saw a bird get blown around a little… but it was never out of control, and compensated nicely… and it eventually set down. We take this to mean there’s to be a bit more kerfuffle. But, as The Tao says, “Strong winds cannot blow all day.” (Or as Da-da says, “Strong winds CAN blow all day depending on how much sugar’s been ingested.”)

One more thing… in terms of the fake alien invasion thing we saw coming up… we asked Guides about whether that was still happening (considering the recent timeline jumps) and we were shown a bird flying over a prison. So, perhaps this is now NOW going to happen because some people are in jail (and soon headed to prison), or it’s simply a 3d thing that doesn’t concern us.

If you had any inkling of what’s happening on the Spirit side, you’d never be afraid on this side: you’d realize how unreal this side is. Most have forgotten this, but there’s an easy way to remember. Can you guess what that is?

s-l1000 1
Right: Rub gold leaf all over your features. No…MEDITATE!
Back to sleep.


Wow. Here’s something you won’t see in the NYTimes.

We checked… this is true:


That’s why all those celebs look so scared. They are hosed. Not to mention the local govt, which is complicit in the “production facility.” Yowsa. This whole thing was a sting.


Once again, each of us are faced with a choice. We can choose the Justice timeline, or the SOURCE timeline. We can’t tell you which way to go. Both timelines wind up at The SHIFT. Think about it and make your choice.


There was a very minor CME (not even worth looking at) and some Schumannage WHOMP last night:


And some recent anomalies:


The KNOCK is back.

We’re also looking at this:



Some CATs were taken off guard by a big energy surge last night, having (foolishly) not ingested enough water:


You pretty much have to assume that this is going to ALWAYS happen till we get past The SHIFT… which we got more info on.

There was also a small timeline jump/adjustment:



…and… a visit, right at this time:



Till next post!

131 thoughts on “Meterage & Q&A for 3-21-20 [UPDATE4]

  1. I saw the picture of Degeneres with her monitor stuck to her leg. That one surprised me.

    Thank you for answering these questions. It helps ease the frustration of waiting this all out.

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  2. I LOVE the way cats manage to get comfortable
    in the most unlikely of places!!



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  3. Hi CATs, I’m not sure if it is correct to ask for help, but since the issue is about a cat, well. My mother lives in a small apartment in my backyard, and has adopted a stray cat since it helps with keeping rodents at a distance. Besides feeding him, there is no other caring for him, no vet visits, so my wife insists he is unclean, infected and contagious, won’t dare to get out to the backyard and keep our daughters from getting out too. She is kind of too much phobic and is driving me crazy, wont let me open windows for airflow, wont let me do garden for fear of illnesses… I tried visualizing, but I’m not very skilled with this, meditating in this chaos of crying and jumping toddlers is impossible, can I ask for some light for the little feline, so that he doesn’t scares her too much ??
    Blessings to all, hope this madness comes to and end soon.

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    1. Try to explain that animals are incredibly unlikely to spread the virus to humans, and keeping stagnant air is possibly one of the worst things you could do in a situation like this- you’re more likely to get it from the super market than from opening a window(not like this meme virus is actually real anyway). I would put a mantra on her as well, and try to pry her away from the fear box, lol.

      But, sending love and light to Kitty and your wife.

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    2. Daniel,
      My husband was also a bit nutty regarding my cat’s ear scratching. I found a natural treatment for ear mites which I told him I was going to try. He demanded that she go to the vet for evaluation. It made her and me miserable, but it turned out to be a bacterial infection which was treated with antibiotic ear drops for 2 weeks. I had to do it to keep peace and allay his fears. If you can catch or trap the stray and make a vet visit it can be expensive, but allow harmony to resume and garden time return for spring. Good luck. Cay

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      1. Cay, we are entering autumn here in South America. Anyway, there is always things to care for in the backyard, and the grapevine needs pruning after all the grapes are gathered. Blessings to all and thanks for your help !!!

        Daniel (aka Fierro)

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          1. Sorry for late answer, I only lurk around here every now and then. Mar del Plata, Argentina

            Cheers !!!


  4. hmm, I was going to share this the other day – there was a reason and it was prevalent ALL day, but it seems now is a ‘better’ time – as the translation has come up repeatedly…
    Olimpico –
    Composed by Igor Krutoy
    Lyrics by Lilia Vinogradova
    sung in Italian –
    In english:
    (first performed at the Europian Olympics), also called –
    Ogni Pietra

    Every stone and every flower
    Our earth is made for love.
    We are her children
    Poets and heroes
    Life begins and continues
    And it will not stop.
    You are strong, you know!
    For do not be afraid!
    You are strong, you know!
    You are stronger than your troubles.
    The speed
    Of the abundant heart.
    Reach for it, embrace it.
    Go! Do not stop halfway.
    Brotherhood and freedom.
    This world really wants you.
    Go! Be yourself for all of us.
    You can do it all if you want it.
    Always go forward, as much as you can!
    You can!
    Tour the world even if
    sometimes it makes you cry.
    Only love is
    The answer to why.
    The soul is the reason
    And it will not leave you.
    You are strong, you know!
    And do not be afraid!
    You are strong, you know!
    You are stronger than your troubles.
    The speed
    Of the abundant heart.
    Reach for it, embrace it.
    Go! Do not stop halfway.
    Brotherhood and freedom.
    This world really wants you.
    Go! Be yourself for all of us.
    You can do it all if you want it.
    Always go forward, as much as you can!
    You can!
    You can!
    You are strong, you know!
    For do not be afraid!
    You are strong, you know!
    You are stronger than your troubles.
    The speed
    Of the abundant heart.
    Reach for it, embrace it.
    Go! Do not stop halfway.
    Brotherhood and freedom.
    This world really wants you.
    Go! Be yourself for all of us.
    You can do it all if you want it.
    Always go forward, as much as you can!
    Always go forward, as much as you can!
    Yes, you can!
    Yes, you can!

    ~ video is a fancam version which focuses on Dimash – there was a VERY busy stage performance around him on stage…
    love to you all, ,3

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    1. whoops, typo -,3 -> ❤ , so have some more…
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ – nine seems a good # for you all, then the additional 1 for 10 = 1 new beginnings? 🙂


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  5. It is really a huge pain in the butt to be Italian right now. It’s hard to stay quiet and meditating with all the insanity and kerfuffle going on, even within my family.

    A number of my friends have been affected by this supposed “Pandemic” already. Doing my best to remain the calm center, but my mother’s tendency to get anxious and emotional is certainly not making it easy.

    I hope you guys are faring better than we are! Just letting you know I’m still alive and doing as well as everything allows me.

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      1. “Since the start of flu season in October 2019, 2,768,000 cases across the country have been confirmed by laboratory tests, according to data from InfluNet published on January 19.

        A total of 488,000 cases were reported last week alone, signalling that flu season is hitting its peak in January as predicted.

        240 deaths have so far been reported, slightly lower than the expected 258. Most of the fatal cases are elderly patients who suffered complications after contracting the virus.”

        I have a friend who’s a physician in Milan, says she’s never seen anything like what’s going on with C19. That’s from the horses mouth, no media spin. Over 4,800 deaths reported so far in Italy, though I’m assuming you don’t believe those numbers. Must be a 4D perspective.

        Oh well, carry on with the disinfo and TMZ celebrity gossip. I’ll see myself out…


    1. Dear Francisco
      Sending you Love, Light, Strenght and a big hug from just a little north of your country. Don’t let it bring you down mentally or emotionally, it can’t do so, because you are the Light!
      If you feel drawn to it, make your own OneCup OneLife. There are many around the world creating them, in Italy,too and you will also find italian instructions on how to create and use it. In my experience it helps to calm the emotions, uplifts mentally and strenghtens physically. – NiSha

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    2. Francisco, Sing to your Mother. You are her rock. You are so important in your corner of the world. Wishing you all the best.

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  6. Dear Cats,

    Many thanks for your continuing sane presence and questions answered.

    In my time in the “Spirit World” I am seeing the Timelines converged into one huge ENORMOUS timeline. SOURCE is all ready to go, just waiting for a few more timing issues from humanity. Loose ends are being tied up. And yes, this could still take more weeks/months. But all is in order. Many are assisting.

    Are you all seeing the same thing about the one timeline?

    In Calm and Trust,

    Grandma B.

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  7. I look forward to the alie(n) evasion. They will mess it up just like everything else, because they can’t do anything right. The more desperate they get, the more mistakes they make, and the more people wake up.

    Trying to find some motivation to go back to work next week but nothing is really happening yet, it feels like that part of my life no longer exists. The last few days have been VERY energy intense and painful, so I’m guessing something is changing big time.


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    1. Pity you don’t live in New York State; as of 8 PM Sunday night, 100% of the non-essential workforce has been told to stay home. Snow day!

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  8. Thanks, ALL youse! The sense of peace and remarkable quiet is palpable . I’ve been blissfully watering in the newly planted plants today. Ruby is quite close today as I’ve caught her out of the corner of my eye several times. Copious blubbering ensued afterwards, but that’s the clearing and healing. I raise a latte cup to youse ALL whilst sitting on the bench on the point in the sun.

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  9. Thanks CATs, interesting questions and answers!

    We are having a weird time here, I’ll do the less great bits first!

    Have been really feeling heavy again, quite unwell. Elsie has been refusing to sleep, making bedtime as difficult as possible, many meltdowns, screaming etc…I was wondering if perhaps she was seeing something in her room at night which leads me to the next bit.

    I had an absolutely horrific dream the other night. I viewed two beings literally rip apart another being (sorry for the detail). Not sure who or what they were but it was vile, really nasty stuff. I have been setting our shield every night, sometimes twice, asking Guides for assistance, always grounding before hand and connecting to Source, Source shield up…Every night, I meditate and ask Guides, Brother J and AA Mike for help in clearing and protecting our space stating that only those with our highest good at heart may come past our protection, into our home, into our lives and into our dreams. I also ask them to assist me with my dreams before bed again saying out loud that only those with my highest good at heart may come into my dreams. I have my quartz (light saber) next to my bed and also many crystals. That particular night was the first time in a long time that I did not wear my Lapis Lazuli and amethyst bracelets. Could it be as simple as that? I have asked these bracelets to keep me safe during dream time. Did I inadvertently let something through that night because I did not have them on my wrists? So confused as I am doing so much to protect us.

    I am wondering if Mr Nasty has been messing with us or if something else is slipping through the protection somehow…

    Much Love ALL, will keep shining! ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Oooops, the good bits are….!

      We went out into beautiful sunshine today, took Elsie for a lovely little walk around some Abbey ruins just a short journey away. The energy outside was beautiful, everyone we passed was smiling, greeting us with hello’s, really lovely!

      And, I am preparing some pots to plant some lovely tatties and carrots, maybe even some blueberries!

      Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Just thought I would add, some of the worst nights/dream I’ve encountered have come after a really beautiful meditation, it’s like something is watching and wants to undo the work I have been doing. Interestingly I get a lot of faces, eyes in meditation and whenever the being feels dark I do the mantra and they fade away. I also get a lot of attack thoughts which I say bye bye to and send away regularly.

      Feel like I’m losing my marbles!

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. All’s Good! You 2 Are the perfect Crystal’s, Diamonds. The outdoors, in the Sun, with Others Is where You Shine. So the energy(Light) You emit, comes back stronger. WATL, WATL, We Are! Peace.

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        1. Christopher (and Minky) 🙏 Thank you so much!

          We sat in our little garden today on a flat pack bench I had just finished putting together and just stayed there in the sun for a while gazing up at the sky, Elsie giggling and repeating ‘Bench!’ as she stroked the arms! The day did bring a few meltdowns/episodes but will just have to keep on putting one step in front of the other…

          Much Love to You & All, WATL, WATL, WA! ❤️🙏❤️

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  10. Who wouldn’t be crazy 😜 about that amazingly chunky,
    upside down cat??



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    1. I’m not really loving the part where they say “That which is to come is far more ‘Threatening’ than this that is taking place now.” Nope, not loving it at all, although I met the Federation of Light in Hawaii and absolutely adored them; so filled with joy and humor and, almost, mischievous silliness. CATs, do you guys have any insight into what could be so threatening?

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      1. I think it’s what I jokingly call “everyone’s 1sec of hell”.

        I feel that when the shift happens, people will see the truth and feel how others felt about their actions. This is not meant to frighten or punish. It is merely a case of curiosity. Humans, at their true nature, are curious and will want to know. I call it “1sec of hell” because some people will have a worse time than others. It’s essentially the death of the ego.

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  11. Thank you CATs for posting this Q & A, I’d read about all the celebs you mentioned wondering if indeed it was true they were arrested and/ or under house arrest and….. bingo your confirmation!

    As for the Update, oh my! I too had read that post and thought that was very likely a explanation why so many celebs have come down the CV. The general population are going to lose their lunch (and that’s an understatement) when this is all exposed.

    On another note, it was a glorious beautiful sunny puffy cloud day here in my neck of the woods, which was spent gardening out in the yard.

    ***Love to you All***

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  12. I’ve been researching online and update 1 was the conclusion that I found. I’m glad the CATs confirmed what I was thinking/finding!

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  13. First time hearing of that drug so I researched it and wish I hadn’t. What the actual ****

    My whole being feels repulsed.

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      1. And I guess, this horror is exactly what the Federation of Light sees.
        The shock will traumatise all folks with a common sense, still sane.
        I call it The Avalanche of TRUTH, but the proportion of it might defy
        any wildest imagination.
        The Army is building huge hospitals, but they say,
        “they are not for Coronavirus patients, but for TRAUMA ones”!

        And I guess, in that dramatic storm of the Shift, the Timeline of
        Justice will totally pale, in comparison with the SOURCE Timeline,
        our Glorious Liberation He will be offering us!

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    1. At first I could not finish the article. After I accepted it was real. Got P. O., Then came to my senses and I have had the Complete Intention that It Will cease, Forever. I have told many over time and got weird looks. I Feel for any One that learns of It. Peace

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      1. It’s sorta something you need to come to grips with, that such a thing is done. I know this is illusion, but the level of insanity to participate in something like that — in a Chinese factory setting for production of the stuff — is beyond sobering. Still, I have started to let it go, knowing that this will stop. The hardest thing is going to be dealing with people who want to rip these people limb from limb for doing what they’ve done (in the illusion). This is why we put out that little snippet about choosing Justice or choosing SOURCE, vengeance vs love.


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        1. I’ll keep sending Love/Forgiveness/Mantras to combat Their Insanity, as I have since I read it 5/6 years ago. It gets worse than most have heard, including here in the U.S. Peace.

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        2. Thank you, M5. I needed to hear it in your words.

          I choose SOURCE.

          What’s done can’t be undone. But no more. Let’s wrap this up and go home.


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  14. I dreamed heads were raining down from the sky. And before that the dark siders were trying to regroup and create a new religion. I just took it all as a sign things are going on behind the scenes that we cannot even imagine.

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  15. About update 2…
    How do we make sure we have chosen the SOURCE timeline?
    I would very much prefer to shift sooner than later. I’ve already forgiven everyone and no longer wish to see justice being done.

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    1. Because the whole Universe is at stake.
      The raptors caused tremendous pain and suffering in many
      planets and systems. All Universe was disrupted ca. 26,000 years.
      By crucifying the Son of God,
      our planet was called the Planet of the Cross
      and almost abandoned in the claws of the monsters.

      In her deadly distress, Gaia was shouting a big scream for help –

      And that was the moment, God heard her and decided to help.
      The whole Universe is actually here, in our Solar System,
      in millions of ships, to help BrotherJ.
      There are fights, real wars, and planing, there are victories, defeats,
      adjusting of plans, changing of tactics, counseling, preparing,
      observing…thwarting dark plots, swallowing the delays, still fighting.

      The Great Shift is in itself The Cosmic Liberation from the dark.
      The Victory of Life.
      And so this move – this is the Final Battle.

      Do you see now, our Trump’s responsibility?

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  16. Hi
    What about this earthquake in Zagreb, Croatia (it’s my native town) this morning? Epicenter was at 10km depth (6.21 miles) – does it mean it is an artificial one at that depth?
    It is soooo super strange to me

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        1. That seems like a ‘targ3ting’ mistake. The PTW are trying to get their earthquake machine to work and are sorta sending beams all over to find ‘cracks in the armor’ of one of their facilities. Nothing will come of it. And a 5.5 is nothing serious.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Thank you so much for responding CATs
            This is how it felt for me, like a very dumb hit. Poor people there, first to loose their jobs due to CV and now houses.
            Perica is right, my lovely old town suffered the most of the damages.

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  17. Hi Cat’s,

    Can You elaborate more on the difference between Justice timeline and the SOURCE timeline ?

    Thank You ✨

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  18. Good morning from the east coast. I am enjoying the wonderful quietness and stillness this morning.

    Do y’all not say a while back something in regards to when planes stop flying. At that point in time I thought, wow that would take a lot to stop all planes. But here we are almost all flights have stopped.

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  19. About update 2…
    Does Justice mean a path more inclined towards 3D ego self, whereas Source represents a path of more alignment/commitment with our higher aspects?
    That’s kind the way I feel it…

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  20. Check out this “practice” pandemic scenario, sponsored by Johns Hopkins and the Gates Foundation which took place a month or so before the CV began… they even named it the same!

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      1. I think the official answer by science has always been the particles from a CME off of the sun but I don’t know you get CMEs all the time and you don’t see stuff like that. So these are very rare to see and I have yet to hear an answer that satisfies me lol.

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    1. Oh my days, now I know I’m losing my marbles heheh heheh! Thanks CATs, needed that!

      Regarding Source or Justice Timeline, I absolutely choose Source. I know enough of what has happened to be shaken and sickened to my core and I know there is so much more that I don’t know that will be equally, if not more horrific.

      What I hope for the most is that these souls that have chosen this patch, find the light because when they do, I believe, the healing across all space and time will be unfathomable. I am guessing they are in for a very long and uncomfortable ride before they make it back to Source.

      Much Love & Light ❤️🙏✨

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  21. Thank you for yet another interesting post, CAT’s.

    It’s quite amazing to read about what’s happening and taking place around the world at the moment. Times sure are changing. Especially for a lot of them you told us about in your 10 Q & A. Perhaps they thought they stood above it all – thought their status in society and their stardom would continue to offer them protection. I hope this is how they will initially wake-up…tik, tok, tik, tok…

    Re Update 1 & 2. You know…this is a tough one. Because when I think about all those children, their pain and sadness is overwhelming..
    All I hope for is TRUTH – about all that has taken place in the shadows, hidden from our awareness for so long because “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32. I feel that’s the only way it can be transmuted and transformed into Light via our awarenesses and our hearts…

    Loving hugs & take care ALL💖

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    1. I agree; the unvarnished truth needs to come out and what they’ve been doing has to be stopped. I don’t need to see justice performed upon them, but actions have natural consequences. If a consequence of cannibalism is starving to death when the food source is removed, or some kind of blood disorder that can’t be cured, I’m okay with that. I’ve seen the strange videos they’re putting out and feel pity for them. However, they did this to themselves. Once they realize what they’ve done, they’ll punish themselves for untold lifetimes. That is sufficient.

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    2. Uli, Kolibri and Everyone,

      I remembered a crayon drawing my 15 year old granddaughter
      drew when she was 4. She drew the Earth, with her best idea of
      continents, and people standing on the globe. The caption that
      went with the drawing said “Why can’t everyone be nice?” I think
      that too, but know that when we all realize that we are one with Source,
      and one with each other, how can we be anything other than nice, kind
      and loving?



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  22. Spent a lovely mother’s Day with the children in the garden, planted carrots, cucumber and radish, with more seeds to plant in the week 🙂

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    1. We Are The Love/Light, We Are! We Are the Wisdom of Source Power to help out with Forgiveness/Compassion in the justice timeline. IMO. PEACE.

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  23. @CATS. If ellen, oprah, have been arrested, why aren’t they using their social media to scream about it? Instead they are talking about other weird stuff.

    Is that 10 days of darkness more likely a MSM BLACKOUT? or what do you think?

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  24. Thank you to ALL Beings of Light who are awake and aware enough to choose Source. We have had the benefit of time to come to terms (somewhat) with the atrocities perpetrated upon our children. Illusion or not, we feel these energies and want our Garden back. I have been on this planet enough times to know that Love is the ONLY Truth. Seeking justice renders us a lowered vibration and helps no one heal. May All Beings see The Light, and remember Who They Truly are.💜

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  25. Good morning, ALL. (or whatever time you are at)
    – What’s needed is provided (for me anyway) this morning. Had quite a, difficult isn’t quite the right word for it, morning earlier… centering about a palms width down from sternum was filled with, I think, the energy of the collective – a jumble of feelings in one mass. Did the inviting of Brother J, g+P+C, breathing SOURCE – grounding cords and ‘I AMs’ for quite (word of the day 🙂 ) a while, hugging my little dog. Got up afterwards and did a few morning things and when I opened my computer a gift, for me, was waiting there.. kind of goes with a status my oldest stepdaughter shared yesterday – I think it was her creation – on one of those fb backgrounds (blue sky with a few clouds and a couple of those curved V birds line drawings – “Mother Earth needed this break. Everyone go to your room, right now!!” 🙂

    I often have issues with guided meditation – sense of going MUCH too slowly, like I’m already past where they are going and have to wait for it to catch up to where I’ve already gone – (not in an impatient I obviously need MORE meditation way – hard to explain) – The following below didn’t have that effect AT ALL! – was enveloped with gentle soft calm – about 8 minutes in (during the white light actions, I began to breathe much more easily, even a bit later when some breathing in and out white light it was easy and smooth – usually a bit of a struggle for me – another part I think will be quite helpful with the lighthouse meditation visualization or practice… (there’s also an introduction at the end to a fur person who had a part to play, a contribution, to the video/message)
    I’ve never had so much ease with a guided meditation (med. only part of the video. I felt the other energy that participated, too.) [ birds are singing so sweetly outside right now]
    I’ve had quite the headache – part of it like a rod through skull through both temples and the sense of could spin/rotate round and round, unpleasantly, up/over/and down, repeatedly but being pinned by my crown chakra, ugh.

    Enjoy if you choose…

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    1. @kagee3

      Thanks so much for introducing us to the Amanda Ellis videos! She is now one of the people I visit daily for a needed boost. And I agree with you, I don’t usually do well with guided meditations either, but this one was just right. I am glad to be a part of her tribe (and yours!)

      Be Well,

      Gramma B.

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  26. Dec. 9, 2019, Zheng stole 21 vials of biological research and attempted to smuggle them out of the United States aboard a flight destined for China. Federal officers at Logan Airport discovered the vials hidden in a sock inside one of Zheng’s bags, and not properly packaged. ~ apparently from Lieber’s research laboratory, which were then to be brought to Wuhan, China and the WUT.

    David Wilcock covered this yesterday on his YouTube thingie, but he went into a weirdo laugh that was almost hysteria as tho he thought the guy had the vials in a bulge around his ankle;-( Zheng is now out w, an ankle bracelet on.

    Leiber appears to be making the nanowire Elon Musk is so excited abt for AI:

    Click to access Nanowire-probes-could-drive-high-resolution-brain-machine-interfaces.pdf
    Read More: Wuhan the Center of Outbreak and Espionage [OPINION] |

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  27. Funny thing about water last night. I think that I drank the usual amount, but alas, when I got up this morning, the well was nearly dry (so to speak) Har! Re: the timeline jump, the energies today are so much more clear as opposed to yesterday. It was so absolutely stunningly quiet around here this morning (except fpr the joyous bird song) that one could literally hear a pin drop. Been puttering in the garden this morning moving hellebores. Cheers!

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  28. 🙂 Hi, -> A day in the life of psuedo-apoc-collapse – today was our pick up day for food pantry – called to see if they were still operational or other measures changed – yes, time opened changed from just a few hrs mid-day to opening at 8:30 am til regular closing 1:15pm – met at door, hand them your calendar appt paper – THEY log you in and bring the box of food to you, to the car – then everyone wipes everything down (doors etc.) – 🙂 working quite well – they said they might keep these hrs as influx is staggered less contact… home… wipe everything down, wash hands, face anything else you went out with – split up food… quite the adventure. 🙂 traffic hasn’t slowed down much; we’re not a lock down state, yet – my daughter’s work (coffee chain, stbk) has shut down for a month, by which time she may go on maternity leave – her midwife obgyn, pediatrcian are all on a far way hall/floor of the only hospital here – she may not go for duration or see if they are doing computer visits… Son-in-law (works food coop) may go part-time when baby comes – to help out – both income reductions will reduce our rent, so not an awful thing – my income won’t change.
    Just thought I’d give you a glimpse of the adventure – I’m oddly cheered by it all. always was weird…


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    1. Oops, spoke too soon, we are a stay at home state now and there is a ph# to call if we have issues with child care, getting food, supplies, loss of work, etc… more instructions to come – the adventure continues…


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  29. Some people are saying ascension/shift is happening this year. others are saying 2024 or around 2030.

    Is this the difference between the source and justice timelines?
    The ones saying 2024/2030 say we will have the truths coming out this year and next and ascension will be 2024/2030. It’s also possible they want to encourage meditation to encourage ascension to occur sooner.

    I’ve definitely chosen source timeline. If you think of it, even the most vile beings are following what their forefathers did, so they’re just as much victims as everyone else.

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    1. We don’t know. Everyone is able to change timelines at will. All you can do is concentrate on that SOURCE-strap hanging from the top of the train, hang on, and ride it out. Brother J can help immeasurably with this. If you don’t go right away, after The SHIFT (you’ll know when it happens), it could be that you have a small — or big — job to do on 3d. If so, hang on and do the job, and know that you’ll still go to 4d, just a little bit later. Once 4d is done, and there… it’s there. It’s not going anywhere. In fact, if you really wanted, you could live this exact lifetime all over again. Literally anything (positive) is possible.


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      1. @~AM, thank you for the SOURCE strap visual – it’s great – will be using it; also great/easy to hang onto…

        ‘Pull yourself ‘up’ by the SOURCE STRAP’


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    2. Not necessarily. I just read an article on fallen angels that said they reincarnated over and over again as different people but were the same fallen angel person and kept doing the same atrocious things but their time was now up. Listed Nikola Tesla and Francis Bacon as fallen angels among others. Crowley and Blavatsky were also on the list which I can see, but I thought Tesla was a good guy. Hmmm. Don’t know.


      1. Tesla was a good guy; he’s been a scientist and an inventor for the past 10+ lifetimes. None of the people listed were “fallen angels,” though Crowley is a dark spirit thing now, not dead or alive, that’s weird… hm. It isn’t worth looking at. Best to linger on the positive.


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      1. Oh jeez, the ‘food of the gods’ was freaking adrenochrome? It figures. They never did seem very godlike. I expect that’s what the Aztecs were up to, too?

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        1. There seems no end to the depth of that nasty rabbit hole…

          Keep focusing on the light, despite this knowledge…

          Much Love & LIGHT ❤️✨🙏

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        2. @Kolibri
          the food of the FALSE gods, for sure!
          As a Being of Magnificent Light & Love,
          who ever would need drink the blood of a child???

          Light itself is the nourishment High Beings of Light feed.
          For their own pleasure, they have a drink, they call “Nectar”.
          It is orange, and is made of the sweetest & tasty juices of all possible
          exotic-aromatic-delicious-gorgeous fruit They create.

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  30. A pretty trivial question in such times but could anyone advise me on what water is the healthiest?

    I have been drinking distilled with pink himalayan salt but am finding it a chore keeping up with the cleaning of the distiller etc.. on top of Elsie’s care needs. It’s also on all the time which is running up the electric bill and making our tiny kitchen very hot and humid!

    Is a water filter healthy? There are loads that claim to filter fluoride, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, limescale etc… but are they good?

    Apologies for such a boring question! Trying to keep Elsie and I healthy!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. The Berkeley water filter can be used with tap water. Is gravity fed and as long as you use the fluoride filters with the black filters. It still needs to be brought back to life after filtered with some fresh squeezed lemon or lime.

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      1. JLK ❤️ Thanks so much for your answer. I tried a Berkey a while ago. It seemed to still have lots of limescale in it when boiled. I got a lot of scummy green tea! Perhaps I just got a dodgy filter! I will have another look at them…

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


    2. For what it’s worth, I like the Zero Water pitcher. It comes with a total dissolved solids meter and is supposed to get out fluoride (although my water isn’t fluoridated). My water goes from around 190 TDS to zero, and the chlorine smell goes away completely.

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      1. Hi Kolibri ❤️ Thanks for your answer. Zero water are good, I have the smallest pitcher and have been using it for cooking. Maybe I should just use that for everything! The filters were a tad expensive but maybe there are some bulk buy offers available 😉

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Thanks Mark ❤️ Great site, seems to only go up to 2018, hope they are still working to get rid of fluoride in our water!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


  31. Just sharing a movie I enjoyed the other night, “A Streetcat Named Bob”. It’s about a ginger stray that helps a street musician addict get his life back on track. True story with the cat played by Bob himself. Very sweet one to watch with your kitty, esp if it’s a ginger stray… Or former stray as the case may be. 😉

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  32. Well that’s it. We are finally quarantined in the UK for at least three weeks from tonight. I’m looking forward to lots of things. Potting on lots of seedlings, baking, reading myself stupid, doing cross stitch and having a doze when I feel like it. Is this what retirement is like? 🙄☺️😸

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    1. Yes, and sleeping really late! My life has been a quarantine for the last couple of years and I didn’t even realize it…..

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  33. Hard thing for me to say, but it’s always been my opinion that many of us came to this planet because we lost a poker bet on the spaceship we were navigating and had to live through about 7000 lives before we go to this point.

    Having said that, I’ve been interested in epidemics for over fifty years, this video back up my sense of the matter:

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  34. I’m here to share a song that came into my awareness this morning (takes me WAY back 🙂 )
    If you have trouble visualizing goodness and light and a happy place to reside these days – have a listen; it might help.

    Still have my never ending headache – yes, I’m dehydrated – did the skin pinch test – as quickly accurate as a quick thing can be. Helpful out here where dehydration can sneak up on you unnoticed.. (with thumb and index finger pinch and pull up the skin on the back of your hand, pinch together a few seconds and release – the faster it returns to flatness the less likely you are dehydrated – if it stays raised like a small mountain chain – guess what? get drinking) – I spent 4 days in the hospital the second year I lived out here (from soggy New England) after passing out at a mall… ambulance & everything – took 4 days pumping me with stuff to get me normal-ish – not something to mess with – maybe first in line in taking care of yourself?

    much love to ALL,
    Enjoy the music, 🙂


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  35. Hello dear CATs,
    Lot of gratitude, love and light for your extraordinary efforts and great service that you doing for the humanity, also, for the quirky humor.

    For at least 3-4 years, I feel there is not enough time to do anything. The day ends soon and nowadays that feeling accelerated. However, I was talking to a very spiritual friend of mine and she told me she feels it otherwise.

    Why is that so, two extremes on the perception of time. Let me know, if CATs has got any insight on this?

    Love & Light

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    1. I’m with you Ajith. The days go so fast I barely get started on a few projects and the day is over. Barely time to cook and clean up after dinner. Always seem to be rushed to get the things done I need to.

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  36. Lily144 here ❤️

    Just been getting this ear worm over and over again!

    The Beatles: Within you Without you


    We were talking about the space between us all
    And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion
    Never glimpse the truth, then it’s far too late, when they pass away
    We were talking about the love we all could share
    When we find it, to try our best to hold it there with our love
    With our love, we could save the world, if they only knew

    Try to realise it’s all within yourself
    No one else can make you change
    And to see you’re really only very small
    And life flows on within you and without you

    We were talking about the love that’s gone so cold
    And the people who gain the world and lose their soul
    They don’t know, they can’t see, are you one of them?

    When you’ve seen beyond yourself then you may find
    Peace of mind is waiting there
    And the time will come when you see we’re all one
    And life flows on within you and without you…

    Much Love ALL ❤️💕❤️

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