Meterage for 3-18 to 3-19-20 [UPDATE2]

cat headache

Ow. Some CATs almost keeled over a little while ago, because of this:

Ow. Dizzy.

We’ve had some other energy events, but they were only mildly interesting:

That same dizzy-maker.
Here was another one from a few days ago, and a timeline jump before that.
Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 9.34.54 PM
We may have felt a little of this. Note the multi-timeline shimmy to the left.
More t-shimmy.



Compressed shimmy. We’re all still getting DNA downloads like crazy.




Note that meterage posts like these are going to appear beneath the lighthouse meditation post for the next few days… which you should be using to rise above the fear and to stay positive. In the meantime…

Most CATs have a houseful since schools have closed due to the idiotic fear bus rolling through repeatedly. Expect the (fake) pandemic fear to die down as we near the summer.


Wow. Check out this timeline jump. Talk about drama.

Now you see it…


…now you don’t.

Or the more boring way of seeing it:


How’s that for a demonstration?


Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 9.40.55 AM


THIS is interesting. One CAT asked an M…

CAT: “Hey. Might it be easier to do The SHIFT — without raising attention to it — by having people sequestered in their houses as they are? That’s not part of this ‘quarantine’ thing is it?”

M: “I never thought about that, but it does make sense.. that actually resonates with me.”


114 thoughts on “Meterage for 3-18 to 3-19-20 [UPDATE2]

  1. Hi guys!
    My head was going to blow up tonight, I couldn’t even sleep (in Italy, it was 5.26 AM when that electron thing happened).
    Now, I’m still a little stoned.
    Time seems to be stopped here. It seems we are living in the 17th century, planting seeds in the soil, moving around without car and do not leaving the village LoL
    Peace to you All 🙏

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    1. Sending Love and Light to you and your beautifull, warmhearted nation. My lighthouse shines through my OneCup OneLife, sending healing energy to where it is needed.

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    2. Thank You @ladybirdbeau and @NiSha.
      Blessings 🙏
      You’ve got a big heart.


  2. Okay, I’m going to post this comment here in this section. Last night I got absolutely slammed with energy sometime around 8-8:30 (not sure of exact time could have been a bit later) PDT. I had to put my head on my arms in front of the computer. My housemate came through at about that time and remarked about the string og “sattelites” that were passing overhead. Traveling in a loooong line from NW to ESe. I went out and watched them go by for quite some time. I affirmed our mantra (the I Am the Light,etc) then I went back inside. The question I have for the CATs and Ms : What was I watching and was the slam I experienced related to the energy spike or what was in the sky??? I figured this comment was better placed in this section. I’d appreciate youse ALL’s response.

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    1. that string of satellites is part of the Elon Musk S*** he’s putting up there. Wifi and spy satellites. And yes, the intent is to have those circling the planet all the time. It’s a massive effort to load up the sky with control mechanisms. (think WoooHan and it’s massive irradiation event …). What you felt could have been that, OR it could have been higher energies. I’ll take the energetic blurp idea instead of the fear road.

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        1. Right. But there is no bluebeam… yet… just the idea of it. So far we can’t launch any satellites because our technology sucks so much; the last few rockets either malfunctioned or blew up. Musk and SpaceX are part of NASA’s lie parade… and he is both paid and left alone accordingly. No matter. Besides, those were ET craft… Pleiadians. The satellite story is just a cover for it.

          -CAT Eds.

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    2. Omg I hope this explains my extreme vertigo these last 2 days.Completely laid out with nausea ,vom,headache can hardly walk cause room spinning never had anything near this extreme. Hoping this to subside My niece did the Epley move on me several times nothing.Ended up get a adjustment at chiropractor it helped some but still very present.Just got power back last night from being out last 2 days and 3feet of new snow

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  3. Since last night before sleep (since energy kerfluffle?) have been ‘seeing’ slowly moving lines made up of of tiny dots all in different angles and directions crisscrossing in my vision. the first noticed dots were a beautiful rich blue – other colors during the night and this morning were a vibrant pink, green, golden yellow, lilac/lavender? – didn’t change as I was watching just different colors the times I noticed them – like different times I woke up or other reasons.

    Does anyone know the name ‘ Julie Peri ‘ – was prominent and ‘heard’ it in my dream – there was a large sign ( ~5 x 6 ft) involved, too – white with black writing – a lot of words, some in fine almost calligraphy type writing, others more plain. – don’t know/remember subject matter.

    My little dog slept above my head (in contact with my head pretty much) all night after a certain time and continues this morning – does she like my crown chakra or something? 🙂 She has done this now and then – I think around high energy times…

    much love to ALL,


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    1. Kg ❤️ I was curious so did a search for Julie Peri. There is a lady with that name who is (was?) a parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham for the Brexit Party!

      Much Love & Hugs ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. I don’t see the colors ur seeing,BUT my hearing is very sensitive to ultrasonic sounds, n I guess now after reading this it explains it,I’ve always heard low frequency noises, ears piecing, high pitch type, well 2 days ago this was very diff, it was so high pitched, it hurt my ears internally, seemed to last sev minutes, and the pain!!! Was unbearable,n at same moment all of my cats came n oiled on the bed next to me, they not allowed up here,sooo, I knew something was goin on, dogs were Howlin, I had no clue wat was happening, also,my dreams,whoosh, been very very clear, I have oremydreams of people i don’t know, n see it later on the news, lately theve been very detailed, anyway, I did not know about any of these frequency waves nor about the Musk satellites goin up, I have noticed alot more activity up there, I’m in the SE part of the the states n they seem pretty close very visible, all this is alot to take in for sure!! Prayers for you n everyone!¡💜

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  4. I have headache for past 4 days! It is very unusual for me…

    On the other hand … my head feels so empty :)))
    I can not think strait and have a very short attention span…Studying getting harder and harder… Does anyone experiencing anything like that?

    I hope you are all well! ❤️


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  5. Thank you for this new post. I thought I was losing it yesterday. I felt like I was having a nonstop anxiety attack, and I was so groggy feeling and dizzy. I finally meditated outside for awhile and then laid down for a nap. I was out for 2 hours, but felt much better when I woke up. I’m still exhausted today though. I guess I should be glad I’m not having to get out and about for my job like usual so I can lay down and rest whenever I need to. It doesn’t help that one of my dogs died on Monday. She was very ill, but I wasn’t ready for her to go. She came to me in my meditation and let me know she was with her owner that died last year and was doing just fine. I still miss her though. Those of you that your homes are full because everyone is home due to coronavirus, be thankful for it. I live alone with my dogs and my cats and it is really tough right now. My usual places that I go to hang out so I can have some human contact are all closing because of coronavirus. I wish this would hurry up and pass so we could get on with the shift.

    The Dog Lady

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    1. Dog Lady ❤️ So sorry for the loss of your beautiful doggy friend. Hang on in there, it will get better…

      Much Love and a sky full of light ❤️☀️❤️

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    2. Dog Lady… I wish I could come and hug you, sweetheart. You must be feeling really isolated. Losing a fur-baby is like nothing else and hurts deeply… Sending you a virtual hug, lovely… beam your light, for it is very strong! XXXXXXX Love love love, Jay xxx

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    3. Dear Dog Lady

      So very sorry about your furry baby! So happy you got to experience that unconditional, authentic, no holds barred, beautiful love that only they can give us!

      I bet she’s watching over you still and if you close your eyes and FEEL deep into your heart you’ll feel her!

      Love is THE calling card/access between dimensions 💜💗💜

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    4. Dog Lady, I am in the same boat. I live alone with my three kittens, and the last several days have been very difficult. I have been on a deep spiritual journey for many years that was initiated by being infected with Lyme disease. Like many of us, I am a starseed/lightworker and usually am almost always positive. Over the past three days I’ve had extreme emotional crying outbursts. And yesterday I awoke with a panicked sense of doom that this whole thing is not as it appears. I almost felt like my brain was being messed with; or maybe I was picking up on the collective conscious. I’m used to being alone and working from home, but like you have not been able to go to my usual human contact places. Anyway, hang in there. I send a hug. ❤️🙏

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  6. Those of us who have had cats 🐱 know that they are wonderful
    parents…….but a house full of kittens jumping, meowing, playing
    at Katrate or Karcate……..kick, kick, kick, as well as other cat games,
    would surely be trying for even the most saintly of CATs!!

    😊 ❤️🐈😊❤️🐈😊

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    1. They’re so awesome though, I miss every single one I had to give away. It’s weird imagining them having a life of their own somewhere out there.


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  7. Foggy fuzzed head, which started yesterday with a feeling that my head was being squeezed around the temples. My friend felt that her shoulders were being squeezed. I said it’s like going through the birth canal. Maybe that’s a good sign. The hysteria in the UK is stupid and annoying. It’s finally got to the North East. Talk about playing into the hands of the Ptw. Well back to being a lighthouse. Thanks for the charts Cats. Schools shutting here as well. There will be a lot of parents climbing the walls soon. Good luck all of you who are parents! 😟🤗

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    1. Newlynn ❤️ Yes, it’s getting beyond daft here in the UK. We are often housebound due to Elsie’s and my own challenges. We (as do many others) have to rely on grocery deliveries and all the slots are taken for weeks ahead! I so grateful I went online last night and managed to book in a couple with Morrisons, phew!

      Elsie is going stir crazy but I am staying as grounded and as positive as I can, am going to concentrate on our little garden and will try and get Elsie involved with growing some potatoes, carrots and who know what else 😉 Never done it before, but now seems perfect, it’s a shame we can’t grow toilet paper!

      Hope you are faring well and are staying away from the tv!

      Much Love & light & Hugs ❤️🙏🤗☀️

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      1. Hi Lily. I’m fine thank you and having another day’s holiday woo hoo. Before all the CV fear porn I decided to reduce my work to 3 days a week from the end of next week. I think I picked a good time. I love being a hermit at home. Re shopping, Sainsburys are to give delivery priority to the elderly soon. It’s worth emailing them about yourself and others that can’t get out even in pre hysterical times. Love and hugs.🤗😘😊💖💖💖

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        1. Newlynn ❤️ I am a real homebody! I love being away from it all! Having a tough time with Elsie at the moment, lots of screaming and meltdowns. It’s so strange, but every time I post on here about things lifting, feeling much clearer, I am guaranteed to have a really difficult night with Elsie. Last night after posting about our new found calm and higher vibration, I went in to check on Elsie. Nappy needed doing so thought I had better wake her and change her so she wasn’t in it all night. She would not go back to bed, screaming, lashing out, kicking, went on for a very long time and I ashamedly lost my cool. It was like a shadow descended on us both and thought it would have a bit of fun. We have both been utterly worn out all day today but I am determined to turn things around and keep my light shining. Got to try some different strategies to these meltdown when they come. It’s hard at 2am though!

          Thank you for the advice about Sainsburys 🙏❤️🙏

          Much Love and enjoy your lovely home

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          1. My sweet Lilly! Sending you loads of love and peace and calm!

            Here is a technique I’ve used that has been effective for me and others.

            FIRST CLEAR and center and connect deeply to Source the way you feel is right for you.

            One way is to breathe deep into your heart center and allowing the light to expand to another part of your Being in

            “One Unified Field of Light
            In through and around my heart center expanding to ____”

            Til you are ALL covered in a unified impenetrable shield.

            I know the Cats only allow beings with highesr good to enter

            I allow NO ONE

            NO ONE needs to “enter MY field”
            For ANY reason
            I prohibit ALL breaches

            They have their own


            BEFORE you approach your daughter
            even BEFORE entering the room

            CLEAR it

            Even for my kiities i leave the “Zen Life Relax 8hr House Cleanse” playing constantly. Very soothing and calming.

            BUT in the moment you can (once YOU are “filled”):

            Secure the perimeter by bringing chords from each corner of ceiling to center of room

            Then do the same from each of 4 corners of floor.

            (Like a tent)
            A chord from each of 4 corners of ceiling
            And A chord from each of 4 corners of floor

            ALL to center of room

            AT center of room
            Drop grounding chord into center of earth

            (This all by itself would provide an outlet (tunnel) to allow disruptive energy to leave)

            Anyway, when room is secure?

            Blow : Peace Love and Light into the room – 12 times

            And state your intention

            To introduce Love, Peace and Calm to dissolve ALL else and direct it OUT through grounding tube
            (any color except NEVER black)

            THEN do the same into your daughter’s heart.

            Blow : Peace Love and Light into the room – 12 times

            THEN go in

            This SHOULD have the room and energy REALLY caln and peaceful

            BUT it will ALSO work WHILE she is upset

            Ive used it on angry people and dissolved ALL of that.

            I hope it helps my sweet angel!
            Know you are loved and supported ALWAYS 💗💗💗💗💗

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            1. Oops! Meant to

              Blow : Peace Love and Light into your daughter’s heart – 12 times!

              Also forgot on grounding chord in middle of room to center of the earth?

              Call down your FULL birth name 4 times


              Hugs and love to you!
              Stayed up writing this to you at 5 am so sure hope it helps! 💗

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            2. Iota ❤️ Thank you so, so much, am on the brink of tears at the moment. I know I will find strength again, but right now, I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. Am so exhausted and just want peace in our home, want Elsie to be happy, content and to just sleep.

              I will try the techniques you gave, I will have to print it out, memory is not too good!

              So, so grateful, I sometimes think twice about posting our/my struggles as I don’t want to appear weak or unable to protect/clear us. I do try my best, but sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to be enough, then I feel like I have failed both spiritually and as a mother.

              Trying to stay positive but feels like we are under a black cloud, a really heavy one, somethings just not right. Maybe it is me, maybe I have something inside me that is wrong, I don’t know but it feels like the harder I try, the worse thing get.

              I’m sure I will have my positive hat on tomorrow. Will try and sort myself out before bed, head is just all over the place…

              Thank you again Iota, so much appreciation and Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Newlynn… tell me about it! The UK has become another planet! I’ve never experience such madness and I’m amazed at how ‘out of it all’ I am feeling. As if I’m observing a movie (which, of course, I AM!). Toilet Rolls are the new Diamonds! hee hee xxx Sending you love and hugs, dear lady xxx

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      1. Ladybirdbeau. Thank you. I needed that hug. We lost our beautiful old cat today. Poons was 23 and his little frail body had enough. The vets are all still astounded he lived that long. If he had survived much longer he would have had a furless head as I must have planted millions of kisses on it. What an amazing character he was.😘🐱😘🐱😘😸

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        1. Dear Newlynn,
          So very sorry to hear about your loss of Poons but wonderful
          to know that you had him for 23 years, as that is truly
          remarkable! Shortly after I lost my dog, Blackie, I felt the quilt
          on my knees move and as I was woke up, one morning I felt
          him lick my hand. Within a few days, I had a communication
          with him through an animal communicator that I had worked
          with for many years. He said he was happy and doing well. He
          also said that because he was so loved it made his passing easier
          and helped him to make his presence known to me. I am sure
          that your dear Poons, who now must feel like a young cat, will
          let you know that he is nearby. Blackie said that he would always
          be part of my family, just as Poons will surely be part of yours.

          With lots of love and hugs,


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          1. Hi Coriboy. Thank you for the lovely message. I’m sure I heard him squawk at me this morning when I was next to where he used to sleepn in the day. He was very vocal in life lol. 🐱

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            1. Dear Newlynn,
              I just wanted to add that Blackie said that when a human
              or animal arrives in Spirit they are greeted by friends to
              welcome them home. He said human spirits are in one
              area and animals are in another but they can freely visit
              each other. When he took his last breath, at the Vet, he
              jumped out of his body and had lots of energy. He told me
              to look and listen for small signs that he was nearby, and
              it certainly sounds like the squawk, you heard, was from
              Poons, making you aware of his presence.



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          2. Wow thanks Coriboy. When I was driving home from the vets my guides said he was already safely on the other side. Lovely to hear that he wasted no time leaving . I am sure he went to meet his sister Windle as she looked after him in life. Catching mice and calling to him to come and fetch them. He could be a bit idle lol. 😘😘😘

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        2. We’re very sorry to hear that, Newlynn. He is of course on the Spirit side now and feels so very much better. Many CATs are impressed (as are spirit cats) with your achievement of getting a cat to live 23 years. Impressive.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Cat Eds. Thank you for your message of comfort. It’s nice to know he reached the spirit world safely. He sure did need a nice new body. Maybe I should have renamed him Methuselah. 🐱🐱🐱💖

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        3. Newlynn, I’m so sorry about your old friend. You give me hope about what I might be able to expect regarding my Lily cat’s lifespan, though; 17 and a half and also much kissed. Consider yourself hugged.

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          1. Kolibri. Ahh I’m sure the kissing keeps them going longer. Poons loved a long cuddle session more and more as he got older. May Lily cat live long and prosper.😘🐱💕

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        4. Oh my goodness Newlynn my heart hurts for you! Sending loads and waves of love and comfort for you! Im so very sorry for your loss. It was your extraordinary love that gave your cat such a long life! Nothing else has that power! That love is an unbreakable bond that neither time nor space nor life nor death can separate…ever!

          Peace and love and another hug your way! 💜💗

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          1. Iota. Thank you for those kind words. I told him frequently how much I loved him. As you said, we had an amazing bond and I look forward to seeing him, his mom and sister again and also all the other lovely cats we have lived with.🤗🐱💕🐾

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        5. Oh so sorry to hear for your loss of Poons. Twenty-three years is a very long time for a cat but more so the gift you were given to share all those years of friendship with him/her. Much love…….***

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          1. 72 Blue sky. You are right about being so gifted to share that many years with him. Thank you.😘🐱💕🐾🐾

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        6. Newlynn ❤️ So, so sorry to hear about Poons’ passing, what a lovely little fellow he sounds. I’m sure he will be with you soon on NE. What an amazing age he was too! Sending so much Love and Hugs and Peace


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          1. Hi Lily. Thank you for finding the time to send your kind message. It means a lot knowing what you are coping with at present. What a star. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You are an Earth Angel. Love and hugs. 💖💖💖💖🤗

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            1. Newlynn ❤️ Huge hugs 🤗❤️🤗 Hope you are feeling good today. Life is so, so strange isn’t it ?! Feel like I am in a spiritual waiting room, in limbo, very much in between realities! I probably need to ground a bit more, feel very light headed today, things are quite surreal!

              Much Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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        7. Newlynn, all my love goes to you ❤ ❤ ❤
          I used to have a black kitty. He was not yet one year old when he fell from the fourth floor and hurt himself very badly in the neck. I took him to emergency vet
          but the doctor said he would not make it. They put him on intravenous drugs but he died 24 hours later. I cried for one whole year … he was so young …

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    1. Unless there’s a marked timeline jump, this is probably going to last in some capacity until the summer. And to answer another person who asked something similar, we don’t see kids making it back to school this year. Totally ridiculous.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. There is a backlash coming they will eventually lose control of. We see a HUGE (mental) shift in the Fall/Winter that will happen, like something we could never imagine. We feel it, but cannot see it yet… on this timeline.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. I actually suspect this shift happening sooner. Kids are already having spring break in South Padre lol

            Regardless I’m not going to let this meme virus take my spring away!

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          2. What do you make of the vaccine that Trump says is already in human trials (fastest vaccine development ever, like I believe that)? I’m not sure what to make of it, just like I’m not sure what to make of his support of 5G. Is this vaccine safe? Will it be forced on us? Apparently Denmark has plans to force a vaccine (once they have one) on their citizens; they won’t be able to enter shops or do any of the activities of daily life without it. I’ll be so annoyed if Trump turns out to be a betrayer.

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            1. I watched a video that said the vaccine would scramble your DNA and to definitely not take it. I think most vaccines are unsafe anyway and I have over 30 yrs investigating them and cases where people were injured or died after receiving one.
              I also was wondering why T r u m p would say such a thing but after watching other videos they said that he only said these things to appease the Democrats or they would jump all over him for “not helping the people find a cure”. Jeez! can things get any weirder???

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            2. Kolibri,
              I also heard about the plan Denmark 🇩🇰 has to vaccinate
              its citizens, and make it very difficult for those who refuse,
              to live. We know that the PTW have been trying to kill us
              for decades, by introducing toxins into every area of our lives, and this sounds like another way of accomplishing
              their agenda. The vaccine might have the addition of factors
              that could bring about greater illnesses or death. I am still
              hoping that something good can come from the virus but
              there is so much disinformation and deception that it is hard to know, especially with all the TLJs that may continue to change the most likely probabilities.

              With lots of love, ❤️🌈 😊 ❤️🌈 😊


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            3. I share your opinions regarding vaccines, believe me! I just get confused when someone I mostly trust, Trump, seems to support what I know must be egregious BS. I believe he has stated in the past that he thinks there is a link between vaccines and autism, and there are suspicions that Baron might have been damaged by them. I don’t think he’d let something noxious be forced on us, but we live in upside down world……

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            4. Hi Kolibri. Yes this mandatory vaccine stuff bothers me much more than the virus threat. I read that Norway have just brought a law in too. Their agenda will hopefully get exposed before we have this file cocktail administered against our will. 😟😘💕

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            5. A mandatory vaccine push might be a good trigger / wake up call for the masses. Say NO loudly! We’re overdue for a revolution anyway.
              There can be a black market for goods and services. And if / when things really get mucked up, we may all be using something along the lines of barter dollars, on a system-wide basis.
              It will be a mess, but worth it!

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      1. @ The CAT(s) That Lived.
        O my goodness!!! This totally ridiculous!…You mean kids will not be back to school for the school year? or 2020 year?

        Parents are going crazy already they are trying to work from home with kids running around …
        It is also still cold and snowing where I am…so kids are staying inside for most of the day and they are full of energy!

        We also have a lot of stores and almost all doctors offices closed except for emergencies… What is next?…

        ….Meditation….I am love…I am light…I am … 🙂

        I hope you are all well.


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      2. I’m actually glad the schools are shutting down. My two grandchildren are really not made for this archaic education system, so their mum and dad are taking over, and doing a brilliant job! XXX I do, however, feel deeply for those who are not so fortunate and the poor loves that have to work.

        Despite all of this, I feel strongly that this is a good thing… is that mad? 🙂 It feels cleansing and re-setting, if that makes sense? Bless everyone in this experience. I am beaming as much light as I can right now.

        Lighthouse’s R’ Us! XXX

        Love and Goodness, Jay xxx

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        1. Thank you for mentioning, my thoughts about all these “forced changes to routine” are much like yours. Time to look for better ways of living, if they like it or not. I think, very soon, many will have found out how it works for them. Once out of the box, they won’t fit back in…
          Let’s shine our Light, they now have time to see and feel it.
          Sending you a thankfull hug and wishing you and your family all you might need. – NiSha

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        2. Jay ❤️ I think there is definitely a flip side to this whole CV drama that the PTW are absolutely loathing, and that is people showing incredible kindness to each other, folk pulling together, helping one another, spending more time with family, showing compassion…

          I see and feel massive change, I see the heart space being woken up big time across the nations of our world.

          Funny how good things can evolve from dark beginnings/intentions…

          We are the Light, The We are the Love, We Are 🙏❤️🙏

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            1. Ha! Such a saying does not exist.
              “The Hell itself is paved with good intentions”
              is the right one.


  8. My mind is blown by how quickly people are closing off from one another, not even wanting to make eye contact, say hi, etc., etc. Yikes… Shaming each other for not social distancing or wearing a mask… at this time I’m elevating my usual amount of friendlieness and outgoing 💖 to others 💝 💪🏻

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    1. I know my neighbors just run if they see you now and even family is like get 10 feet from me. I respect their right to protect themselves but sad to see us so easily divided I have a feeling some will just stay like this.

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    2. Me too AOA! I refuse to get into the fear and choose LOVE every step of the way. I’m aware of how strong my spirit has become over the years, and keep hearing, ‘this is why you came’… kind of feels like I need to up the ante and keep my heart beaming at all times… Bless you. Together we shall overcome this! 💝 xxx

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  9. this IS so much fun now (not). Last night my eyes went totally wonky. Turns out my partner is also experiencing it, so I felt somewhat comforted by it all. But, I’m giving up computer work for awhile. My eyes aren’t tolerating the light at the moment. And this all started with this latest whammy. Hmm …

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    1. Same here I went outside it was cloudy with a bit of sunshine you would have thought I looked directly into the sun or lived in a cave my whole life wowza.

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    2. janielaurel, That explains my dizziness and ‘eye issues’! haha… I can’t tolerate much light either and feel as if I want to wear sunglasses all the time! XXX

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  10. while meditating in my shed ,which is lit and heated by 3 white
    heat lamps .I noticed an interesting effect after doing the usual meditation followed by the light house meditation.With all of that light impinging on my closed eyelids .It was easy to project a tall
    light house with a very intense light like a small sun going every
    where including. the land &water.

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  11. A few months ago, Kcwtch and I were sitting in my sitting room, as you do, and had just finished a meditation. My mum, now Everywhere (!) made her presence felt and she showed me that she was wearing a beautiful, white nurse’s uniform. She was preparing for a wave of souls crossing and she said she was ‘getting the Convalescent Home’ prepared. She showed me a beautiful building, with lots of people (nurses) in white uniforms, getting this gorgeous place ready with pristine beds and bed-linen. I was given the feeling of an old convalescent home back in the 1940s-50s which I remembered hearing about as a child. They used to put people in isolation when they had polio or TB or something equally horrific.

    The other day, I had a little word and asked if she was around, and she (her energy signature) came to me instantly and I got the feeling she was ultra-busy and there were lots of people now, needing her care and that of the others like her. She said, ‘There will be lots more, darling. I have to go now. You’ll be ok. My love will protect you’…

    The next day, my dear friend Ben Skyped me and said, ‘Jay, I had the weirdest thing as I woke up today. I saw/heard the words THE QUEEN IS DEAD!’ What does this mean?’

    It felt to me as if the message were symbolic of the old energy of the false sovereign dying. The old monarchy is no more. The PTW is truly vanquished and the Queen was the symbol of that archaic system… The corona/crown is transmuting into the new sovereignty…

    We each are Sovereign and need only claim our own CORONA (crown) – and as I felt this, I also felt a wave of love and warmth in my heart for the little virus child that is being so demonised right now. I felt to bring it into my heart and love it. So far, I am safe… Love is All, my lovelies… it truly is. And as we all know, FEAR is the only pandemic!

    Just wanted to share this… love and hugs all round, Jay xxx

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    1. Jay ❤️ Thank you for sharing, that is so beautiful!

      My grandmother who passed some time ago was a nurse in WW2. I wonder if she is helping out at the moment too!

      Funny, as I read your comment, I heard:

      “Ding dong the witch is dead…’ from The Wizard of Oz!

      I’m currently watching an Amanda Ellis video that she posted yesterday and she was just speaking of the walls tumbling down!

      Love, Light, Miracles, Peace ❤️🙏❤️

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  12. So… just curious… two unrelated questions: what caused that Salt Lake City earthquake? And will CA have the same stupid “fire season” it’s had the past 4 years? Many thanks in advance.


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    1. Re: Update1……Yikes!! Talk about a visual proof!😲
      If that was to happen during daytime where I live and I was to see it, I would probably need a roll of toilet-paper in my pocket…and since they’re sold out…oh boy!😕 Really glad that I live out on the countryside!🙃
      Anyway, now I know one more thing that I probably need to prepare myself for🤔

      Keep the Light ON everyone💖

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  13. Good Gawd!!! I was puttering along fine until this morning when around noon today (19th) PDT I got hit by a ton of bricks. I literally thought I was dying. (Apparently I didn’t) Anyway I immediately had to TTMB (take to my bed) Yikes!!! Whazzup?

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  14. 95 % of radio ppl doing job from home but me, my boss, engineering. a couple others. They are trying to figure out how to keep us home, but we have a huge production setup in studios. My boss and I explained, If it’s just us in the building, it’s fine, (i’m cool) But now Company wants to fumigate or wants us out for a few months. So, if shift happens, looks like imma be at work. 😀

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  15. This is utter hogwash:

    “Three days after a dramatic launch abort, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket suffered a premature engine shutdown during the climb to space Wednesday but was still able to place another batch of 60 Starlink internet satellites into the planned orbit.”

    It managed to place 60 satellites in orbit despite NOT being able to make orbit. Are these magic satellites? No, they are part of The Lie being told about SpaceX and the U.S. “space program”… not to mention offering a slapdash walk-back for the huge recent showcase of Pleiadian ships some of you saw. New Earth take us away.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Yes, while the overhyped “pandemic” shows the utter desperation by the PTW, don’t forget that there is an even more fake ET fear-kerfuffle/ alien-invasion thing in the summer wings (or the attempt, at least). Their impeachment gambit failed, and this overhyped cold will peter out in May/June… which means that NO ONE will believe anything else they do or say in future… esp. in terms of them trying to spin their way out of their multivarious crimes that will soon be common knowledge… ah, but IF THE NEW LIE IS BIG ENOUGH…

      Hopefully some of us will get lucky and get SHIFTED early to the NE, under the guise of being in “lockdown.” Or zapped by “invaders from Mars.” Whatever.

      I guess they could, after all that, pull a Gene Roddenberry and claim that a highly powerful ET *pretending to be SOURCE* has created a whole other earth that loonies call “The New Earth” and that those who are gone were forcibly taken (and turned into slaves), and that those left behind this soul power-grab are *the real lucky ones.* Uh huh. Spin it.


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  16. Okay, slight bit of teeth gnashing here. The new plants arrived enmasse here yesterday. Yaay! After a trip to the grocery store and co-op, Gardener and I will have an enjoyable sunny day planting them. (now for the gnashing of teeth part) It is annoying to me (gnash,gnash) that all one needs to do and look up to see what’s going on overhead. Thanks M6 for what I thought was an unbelieveably large ship that I saw go overhead that I mentioned a couple of days ago. I appreciate the affirmation.

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  17. catherine austin fitts calls it a plandemic-but its an evolving topic full of disinfo-meditation continuum has in my reality intergrated into a constant full action kinetic cosmic engagement-the sun thing was cool-what about meteors-there was some quick reporting but then gone-springs here-been trimming trees and cutting wood for those 3 days of darkness thing-winter garden doing well and just sowed a multitude of stored flower seeds to see what comes up-here is so az-things a stopping-screaching halt almost-today friday 03/20 last meetup of old guys to discuss community issues-my kids live somewhere else and are in quarantine-also-so only comms so far thru internet-have found that nights intense-mornings cold-but once i get out into the sun and start moving-mucho gets done-and i work till exhaustion-then early sleep-but still 2am comes early and the day starts up-we have had rain 1z per week-intense then it starts to dry and then 1 week later another wave-the earlier rains were soft and gentle but lasted all day-this last one was heavy and hard and istead of soaking in like the previous rains it just washed off and pooled quickly-best of luck all-thanks cats for updates-here cats are quite and reserved-have not experienced that in a long time-

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  18. This is just a, ‘let you know’ thingy I’ve been nudged to share this morning. If you feel the need for some mutual ‘we’re all coping day to day through this ‘ companionable videos… (she’s packing up her Mom’s whole household to move her to a UK senior assisted housing situation – has to be completed by today? I think)
    Amanda Ellis was asked/guided to ‘step up to the plate, put forth some extra effort’, last week? So she’s putting out a daily video — in her words:
    “Happy Equinox
    I forgot to talk about number 20! Well think it ties into 20/20 vision – we are seeing peoples true colours very clearly right now. Will talk more on that another day plus how to protect ourselves as Empaths through these days …

    Due to times we are in this is a series of regular broadcasts to help ‘steady the ship’ through these unprecedented days.
    Guidance, Healing and Support will be bought up each day and I hope it serves you well – particularly for anyone alone, unwell, fearful or unsure.

    We are in this together and together we will prevail and show the best of what we can be..


    For anyone seeking such energy and know you’re not alone in this, esp as empaths to stay sane and live our ‘normal’? daily lives and be there for our families and others (besides this blog, MY lifeline in these times – so much gratitude to all the Cats, AM, Ms DaDa, SFs, etc – thank you for all your considerable efforts ❤ I appreciate them(efforts) and you all more than you can possibly know )
    Her yt page is her name and can be found easily as is her fb link (different name/title) in her 'about' tab – won't clutter the comment section with links or videos – if you are curious or guided you can find them, if not s'ok, too. – just some compatible energy.

    much love to all,


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  19. i have a few of family members that are trying to drag me into the negativity of the current situation. I say the mantra as unfortunately they are completely into what the media says.

    anyone else having this?

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    1. The mantra is a forgiveness mantra, so you uncouple yourself from karma, as well as remind the other person/being of their connection to SOURCE. It can’t make people unafraid. All you can do is remind them and be a positive influence.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Wow! I learned last night that one can freeze milk. Duh! So I went to the co-op today and bought 3 half-gallon jugs.. This way I have plenty on hand for all those lattes to serve to any wayward voyagers. The take away of the trip was two-fold: I mantrared several very nervous and trembling women. It was sad to see. (Shine that Light) The second encounter involved an obvious mentally-ill homeless person. He was wandering thru the aisles muttering and talking continuously to himself (either that or he was casting spells) No matter. When I mantraed him silently from behind, he turned around and looked at me with very big eyes and beat it to the door. Sigh! There are no coincidences. Just doing my job.

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  20. I had to take to my bed for three hours today. Totally wiped out from 2-5 pm EDT. An accumulation of stress and anxiety about a family member in Chicago who was exposed to the virus and is now in self-quarantine for 14 days along with another household member. Deep breaths. We are the Love. We are the Light. I just came across an inspiring post by Sophia Love (no channeling involved) that some of you may appreciate. It raised my spirits, as did her two previous recent posts just below today’s on her blog:

    There is also a new Gaia Portal post

    Light scenarios come to the forefront

    by ÉirePort

    Light scenarios come to the forefront.

    Conflagrations end.

    Acceptance is full.

    Coronations are ended.

    ÉirePort | March 20, 2020 at 09:09 | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

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  21. CAT: “Hey. Might it be easier to do The SHIFT — without raising attention to it — by having people sequestered in their houses as they are? That’s not part of this ‘quarantine’ thing is it?”

    M: “I never thought about that, but it does make sense.. that actually resonates with me.”

    THAT’S what I thought. After all the speculation about having all planes landed, people safe at home,… I thought, yes, this is how you keep everyone safe from an unprecedented, consciousness-cracking-open energy wave blasting Earth and humanity. Yes!!!
    Thank you Cats and Ms.
    ❤️ Love to all!

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  22. Oh Antonia that’s so sad. I can’t begin to understand how much that would affect you. My heart goes out to you. What helped me so much were the messages from the Cats and Coriboy about how well and happy Poons is now and also all of the kind words from others here. He is in your heart in a very special place. Love and a big hug.🤗🐾💖💖💖

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