LIGHTHOUSE Marathon Meditation [UPDATE4]


CATs NEVER give up. NEVER.


We are not here to cave in to fear. We are here to light the way. So, that’s what we’re gonna do, Timmy. In your meditations up to and including the 19th (the Equinox), we are gonna send light everywhere, as personal lighthouses. We’re gonna try for a relay, a continuous lighting-things-up till the Equinox. On the CAT calendar for 3/19, one CAT wrote, some months ago: “SOMETHING WILL SHIFT.”

Bring it on, homespice.

We all know what’s gonna shift and which way. And NO, we don’t think this is THE SHIFT, just a big shift toward that moment. Of course, you never know. SOURCE might decide that that’s the right time. Join in if you feel compelled, each time you meditate. Try seeing yourselves as giant perfect living lighthouses. Get to it.

Light it up. Pass it on.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse, New Zealand

piccit_pigeon_point_lighthouse_in_t_943041989-Tyler Wescott

Fear no more.


Ok, a few things. We worked with the Gaia portal system and the SF to have all Gaia portals now pump out LOVE & LIGHT for the duration of the meditation, and maybe longer. Should help with the lighthouse meditations. We also augmented some devices here and there to keep the PTW from causing mayhem (the less said the better). And… this is both funny and disturbing… one of the M’s saw that the original Mayan who wrote the “Mayan apocalypse”/end-of-the-world 2012 thing was actually dyslexic, and that it’s really 2021 that’s the end, with a huge planetoid/meteor smacking into the earth and breaking it in half (the old 3d earth that is). Note that visions can often be of other timelines, so no need to hit the fear button. Even if this were to happen, most of the New Earthers would already be on their way before that, and the remainder of humanity removed to other places way before anything untoward had happened… except for the truly low and dark, who would try hiding near the core… and failing miserably. Note that ETs swooped in and removed nearly all of those (intelligent!) dinosaurs that were supposed to have died in the Cretaceous meteor strike, as life is considered precious (amongst ETs) and is preserved as much as possible.

Phew. Things feel lighter today. Good work on the meditations, everyone. Keep it up, three times a day. You’ll probably start to feel some energy effects as we get closer to the Equinox on the 19th. It’s gonna be a big one.


FYI, when some of us are tired, we used this (other, rather raw) 528 Hz binaural meditation tone package to get into the zone:

528 Hz tone

It’s simple and unadorned, and works for a half-hour instead of 15 minutes. We’ve had good results with this one. You’ll probably hear an additional tone that’s actually from inside you; it’s the the highest pitched tone. Try concentrating on various ones and see what happens to the gynormous “lighthouse” you envision.


For today/tonight’s Equinox meditation — for those ‘called’ — try asking Brother J to join you in the meditation once you get your “mental” lighthouse built up… and see what happens.

Also, if you want to spend the time, this seven-part solfeggio tone build is rather powerful:

Solfeggio Tones


Also… we don’t want to scare anyone, because there’s no reason to be afraid, but we saw Mr. Nasty’s shadow on the wall (with cane and horns) in various visions last night. He wouldn’t show his face since he knows we’d use the mantra on him again (last time we did that he took off with a screech). Anyway, this might give you some idea of the import of tonight’s lighthouse meditation, and what’s really going on right now.


175 thoughts on “LIGHTHOUSE Marathon Meditation [UPDATE4]

    1. Great News from Gabriel Rajo Lunar, Pleiades 1

      “” *Jerusalem *Avalon *Nebadon / _ \ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (O) done! SUCCESS! 100%. POSITIVE REVERBERATION IN PROGRESS: 100% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!””
      “”Central Sol Flash imminent – 82% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!””
      Jerusalem is, in my understanding, the “New Jerusalem”.
      Said to be the “Phoenix” great ship of BrotherJ.
      *Jerusalem. *Avalon, *Nebadon are the 3 greatest motherships placed in Space
      in triangulation, to properly guide/align/attune
      the Central Sol Flash – we call the Event

      Embracing you all in LOVE

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  1. What an excellent visualisation. I’m going for it. Even when not meditating I will visualise myself as a huge lighthouse when I have the chance. It will be my “go to” thought. Thank you for the guidance. Let’s shine out what powerful beings of the light we are. 🤗💖

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    1. Yes! ❤️ Newlynn , I was thinking the same thing, to try and keep shining even when not in meditation, even when using the bathroom eh hum!

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Love David Topo! His prepared affirmations have always had a powerful impact on me! I thimk we need as many sources and beings on board generating light and positive outcomes as possible. Embracing unity dispersibg exclusion.

      Thank you!! 🌺💗

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    1. Hi Mark. I love it. It tickled me when he sang “I went to Dudley Zoo”. That was where us Midlanders went when I lived in Birmingham. Great song. 🐱☺️💖

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  2. Done!
    I just came out of a 35 minute meditation.
    I made sounds of waves and storm, which relaxes me a lot.
    I started as always with G + P + C without forcing, letting it happen.

    The first few minutes I went straight into a deep meditation, without having more than a good relaxation and disconnected.
    Then I began to see a dark gray sea, with steep rocks like the Cantabrian coast of the North Atlantic. I guess inspired by the sounds and because it is the sea where I live.
    So far normal.
    But suddenly, and in a vertiginous way, I saw how I was turning into a tower of something similar to granite, strong and impregnable, without a fissure, of steel gray color.
    It (me) was built with thousands of small pieces starting at the base and going up. Upon reaching the head a large explosion of electric blue light illuminated the entire landscape.
    It was like the explosion of a nuclear bomb. Then it kept pulsing rhythmically, flashing that color, but with a more contained intensity, not so strong.
    It was a wonderful feeling. I would have been in that state for a while, but my kitten began to nibble on the earpiece … it was after 12:30, time for her food …and that is Sacred!! 😉
    I will repeat the experience, it has been very very pleasant

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  3. Oh I’m gonna Love this meditation! I Am Light! This is what I came here for! I Love Lighthouses! I Am a Lighthouse!

    Last week I spent with my Beloved Twin Flame. We reconnected and reharmonized after having been separated for a year. She lives near Boston and I near Amsterdam. I got in and out of Boston just before the flight-ban got into effect. There were only about 20 passengers, mostly Dutch people, on that flight. It felt very weird, surreal and apocalyptic. It felt like the end-times… Love to us all.

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    1. What a great timing 🙂
      … and you were even there as a lighthouse within those turbulenced people.
      Thank you!
      – love, peace, freedom, health and harmony with the universal Soul – NiSha

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  4. I watched what I thought was initially a chem plane spraying.
    Then innotifed its trail was actually quite short and disappearing normally, like a contrail.

    But then, I followed its trajectory and looked ahead of its position and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a path laid out between the clouds for it, a perfect height and no more. It was as if someone had gotten a ruler and underlined the plane’s trajectory using an eraser to clear a perfect path.

    How is this possible?


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    1. Interesting – last evening right after sunset looking towards the horizon, there were 5 short chemtrails, the “planes” all heading upwards towards the center point of all of them from 5 directions like a wide star shape – they had short tails that soon disappeared – very unusual for them. Will do the lighthouse med too, thanks Cats!

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  5. How “time” appropriate! Didn’t I just a scant day or two say something like it’s apparently now become my full time job to remain positive? I’d have to go back in the comments section to see what I said. Who can remember? Anyhoo, Thanks once again youse ALL for this latest gentle reminder.

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  6. On the case! Had a weird vision whilst doing it I was being spun round someone’s head like when they spin a hammer for a throw to build up momentum.

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  7. Oh, as another aside, The next big shipment of plants is on its way this week. The best part of this week, besides the equinox is that we here in the PNW are actually going to get a week of mild sunny weather. Yaaay!!! After the incessant feet of rain and nearly constant gloom this is like a window being thrown open. (it almost makes me want to dance naked in the meadow! Propriety and modesty hold me back, however.)

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    1. J. Go for it. It’s not like anyone would see you in your huge garden. Just make sure you don’t get a chill. Second thoughts, maybe keep your vest on lol.🤔☺️

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  8. I am love, I am light, I am in.
    Interestingly, I muscle tested to find out the best day for last minute shopping and got the 19th. Cay

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  9. I’m on board with this lighthouse meditation too. I checked today for new post and here it is! Been meditating most the day now headed back to the this one! Thanks for all you Cats, Ms and readers do. We are gonna make it happen!
    Love and Hugs to all!

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  10. Wonderful CATs, thank you, I’m in, will shine my light out as far and wide as I can!

    Shine on crazy diamonds! 🔶💠🔷

    Much Love & LIGHT ALL 🙏✨✨🙏

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  11. BTW, Ruby and I shone our light all day on the bench on the point. (The vision I had whilst W. and I were getting blasted was , once again for those have forgotten, was a point of light coming from this place, joined with countless numbers of others appearing all over the entire planet until the planet became the luminous being she is. It was awe inspiring! )

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  12. Thank you everyone. I am proud to be, and work, and laugh with you bright Lights. Cats and Ms and Superfriends, and us readers, commenters or the shy who just read. I appreciate you. Sharing information, support, and even just a kind word. (((Hugs))) ❤️️🌎🌈💎😇💜

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  13. Been being a lighthouse – reminded me of something I watched some moths ago – good ideas (from something posted online about a year ago – referring to something slightly different, but same desired result) – are good ideas.

    I am a continually shining lighthouse; I am the light; I am the Love; I AM.

    If a house in dreams refer to our bodies and we are becoming/are light beings then we are in fact living as light-houses.

    much love to ALL,


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  14. Thank you so much for this beautifull reminder.
    Nothing can stop the emitting of our light and it supports everyone and everything – no matter what they try to hinder it.
    The weather here is so beautifull, blue skies and our universal light – the Sun – is shining so brilliantly. I think the Sun is in on your meditation, too. Just watching it when feeling out of sync is so comforting.
    Love and Light to you all

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  15. I have always loved the miniature lighthouse souvenirs that are sold around the country, but I never owned one.

    About three months ago, while walking through my inner city alley, a neighbor had discarded a collection of the miniature lighthouses. I was thrilled! There were six, two from the west coast and four from the east. They are now nestled in the pots on the front porch waiting for spring.

    I was so proud of my new collection! They all seem larger than life now.

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  16. Dreamt My husband and I caught and removed three snakes hiding in our home. They had come in unnoticed when the doors were left open for air flow. Yikes! All came through unharmed but it was frightening finding them and putting them in plastic boxes for removal. I guess we had all better ground and protect to secure our light houses in order to keep out the stealthy ones. Cay

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  17. I’ve tried this meditation before my bed time. My whole body was buzzing and shaking till I fall asleep…woke up right before the meditation ended…

    Do not know what happened during meditation just remember that at the beginning of it I was shining so bright! :)…
    that some cute looking baby lizards were looking at me with a look of terror in their cute eyes…and I feel sorry for them…

    On another note….Our city in lock down now…People are depressed from uncertainty…I hope something good will happen VERY SOON!

    I hope you are all well. ❤️🙏


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  18. The Times They Are a-Changin’ over here, I can feel it everywhere and my own life is beginning to twist and turn in response. It feels like something inside of me is waking up and taking over the show, in a good way. I say bring it on, the day in day out routine was killing me slowly.


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  19. Spent some time early this morning in gratitude for virus ‘C’, for it’s role, it’s part in the plan, SOURCE’S plan…

    later this morning I had three dreams can’t talk about – two working somewhere that wasn’t entirely voluntary, hmmm can’t say anymore, but didn’t really want to wake up to here…

    grddaughtr went pretty totally nocturnal this past week – maybe she’s a little lighthouse while others are supposed to be sleeping(or while she’s sleeping during the day – or maybe she’s more comfortable living her life while the world is asleep… – I know that’s why I used to stay up all night some nights while living in the senior housing complex – quieter(in all ways) during the night…

    much love to all,


    PS: tp insanity reached here and school closings, no senior meals (the city will try to identify those at risk and get food to them)… no senior rides except medical – will be interesting to see how most of those seniors will get to a store for groceries – many many use senior ride for that.
    – my old landlord has put himself in self quarantine after coming home from Tenn. business trip through long lay-over in Dallas airport. no more dog care for now; all dance events he had plans for trips to have been canceled – will be interesting to see how world handles people not allowed to work because of quarantines and not making any money to pay bills, rent – how businesses will survive – some social experiment being played out! – will people (or how many will choose an enlightened behavior and come up with unknown solutions? – 5D solutions and caring…

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    1. What an enlightening thought, Kagee. Thanking this little Energy-bundle for doing its part in this process. As things are stuck in a certain “order”, such uggly things that create so much chaos are needed to gain momentum for change. Some people may need that kind of break in their routines, to get an opportunity to see the falsehood in the systems and possibly re-membering and starting to live their part in this ascension process.
      It doesn’t matter if this thing exists (in matter, as an energy, detectable or not…), i’m thankfull for the opportunities it opens up.

      Wish you all the best and friendly helping beings when you need them. – NiSha

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  20. I’ve got my light beams on high. Thank God for this blog and ALL of you Lighthouses! Onward …
    -jane XXX

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  21. I had a lovely long ‘lighthouse’ meditation yesterday evening. I shone my beam out around our tiny village, then county, then country, then Europe, then around the entire globe. I saw other beams of light just like you J, all joining together to make Gaia literally glow and pulse with the brightest light! I saw her as if looking in from outer space, colours of the rainbow, a beautiful halo of light around her. I wonder if this is how our ET’s see her when we meditate…

    It was a powerful but peaceful meditation until guides decided to have a little giggle and through the quietness, I got the loudest vocals from The Doors ‘Break on Through’. The ‘BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE’ being particularly loud, I had to laugh!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

    “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”

    You know the day destroys the night
    Night divides the day
    Tried to run
    Tried to hide
    Break on through to the other side
    Break on through to the other side
    Break on through to the other side, yeah

    We chased our pleasures here
    Dug our treasures there
    But can you still recall
    The time we cried
    Break on through to the other side
    Break on through to the other side

    C’mon, yeah

    Everybody loves my baby
    Everybody loves my baby
    She get(s high)
    She get(s high)
    She get(s high)
    She get(s high)

    I found an island in your arms
    Country in your eyes
    Arms that chained us
    Eyes that lied
    Break on through to the other side
    Break on through to the other side
    Break on through, oww!
    Oh, yeah!

    Made the scene
    Week to week
    Day to day
    Hour to hour
    The gate is straight
    Deep and wide
    Break on through to the other side
    Break on through to the other side
    Break on through
    Break on through
    Break on through
    Break on through
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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  22. Just saw a comment left by someone on a blog that stated:

    “Dean Koontz’s novel ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ (1981) made reference to a killer virus called “Wuhan-400”

    Anyway, no fear, light shining bright…

    We ARE the Love,
    We ARE the Light,
    WE ARE…❤️🙏❤️

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    1. The first edition of Eyes of Darkness, published in 1981, did not mention anything about Wuhan. The virus in the 1981 novel was created in Russia and named Gorki 400. It wasn’t until the reprint, in 1996 and after the Cold War ended, that the virus was changed to Wuhan 400. Dean Koontz (aka Leigh Nichols) had no foresight into a future Chinese virus. He simply chose the USA’s real world nemesis at that time (1981) to use as the adversary in his novel. If anyone had foresight into a future virus it was his publisher.

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    2. Stephen King’s The Stand has a similar plot but it was created at a military base in America. Some people had a natural immunity to it but most did not. Then of course turns into a battle with the actual devil…..

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  23. This just came through my thoughts!

    The Lighthouse stands alone
    A bright sentinel against a gritty sky
    Crashing waves
    Howling winds
    Cannot penetrate it’s steely core
    Despite the solitude
    Despite the storms
    The Lighthouse shines it’s beacon
    Far and bright
    It will never stop
    It will not fail
    To bring souls to safety
    To bring souls home

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Hi Lily. That’s a beautiful poem. Thank you petal. Love to you, Elsie, Mom, fish and guinea pigs.🌺💖💖💖💖

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  24. Hmmm, I’m wondering if this Lighthouse thingy is why the Angels put a light inside my head? I can’t quite remember what Lynn said about it? But she did verify it.

    I’m a lighthouse.

    I remember a visionary dream I had that I shared a couple of years back on this blog. I heard a voice saying “shine your light”. As I did, a strange chromatic light in spirals and patterns came out of me and revealed where all the hiding Reptilians were…

    Shine our light.


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  25. Got a bit curious following my previous comment and put a search in for Dean R Koontz and that book and got this:

    451: Unavailable due to legal reasons

    We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, contact [email protected] or call (360) 426-1030.

    Hmm, will go back to meditation and light

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  26. P.S, A brilliant recipe for many things!

    Four Thieves Essential Oil Blend

    “The story centres around the Bubonic Plague that swept across Europe. It is believed that during this tragic period, four thieves went from house to house and proceeded to rob those who had succumbed to the illness. After a great run the thieves were captured and tried for their countless acts of robbery. Leniency was offered by the judge if the thieves opened up and shared how they were able to be around those afflicted long enough to rob them, but not be affected by the illness themselves. The secret is out!

    To back up this theory, physicians were also seen trialling similar methods during this time period. This usually involved wearing masks that contained a combination of herbs, spices and essential oils, to keep them safe from the afflicted once again.

    Four Thieves essential oil blend is a powerful combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

    Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum): Cinnamon bark, also high in antioxidants, is known for its ability to support the digestive system and improve circulation.

    Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum): Cloves are rich is eugenol – commonly used by dentists for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties – and scores highest on the ORAC scale for antioxidant properties.

    Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora): Eucalyptus has been reported to be an effective means to fight bacterial infections when used topically.

    Lemon (Citrus limon): Lemon oil is another antioxidant that is able to also be used as a natural cleanser.

    Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): An energizing essential oil – Rosemary can help in restoring mental alertness when experiencing feelings of intense fatigue and fight lung infections.

    Four Thieves has antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral, and immune-stimulating properties. This makes it excellent for cleaning, diffusing and other topical uses but to top it all off, Four Thieves also boasts an impressive aromatic scent.”

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Hey Lily,
      I’m not sure about this legend but you can find Thieves Essential Oil Blend from Young Living (find it online.) It’s this same blend and does have the properties listed. YL has a whole line of Thieves products that are, from what I hear from people who swear by them, quite superior. I wonder if they might be the answer to yours and Elsie’s super-sensitive skin challenges . . .
      Much love to you!

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      1. jj ❤️ Thank you very much, I will be sure to look up that blend/make. Would be wonderful to finally find something that works!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Although this does not involve oils I want to say that once,
          when I was traveling in Greece, I developed an infection and
          could not get to a doctor. I remembered that GARLIC was said
          to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, so I bought some
          garlic, cut up a clove into small pieces and swallowed it down.
          Within a short time, I felt better and continued to use the garlic
          for the rest of the trip. This might not be suitable for everyone
          though, so always be sure to use your own judgment.



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          1. Coriboy ❤️ Thank you for reminding me about the power of garlic! Will have to make a batch of lovely curry but will have some raw too, mmmm!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      2. Added info: I chatted with some Young Living folks and yes, this legend is indeed the origins of the Thieves Oil Blend!

        “This is a most amazing blend of highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-infectious essentials oils. It was created from research based on legends about a group of 15th century thieves who rubbed oils on themselves to avoid contracting the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead and dying. When apprehended, the thieves were forced to tell what their secret was and disclosed the formula of the herbs, spices and oils they used to protect themselves in exchange for more lenient punishment.

        Studies conducted at Weber State University (Ogden, UT, USA) during 1997 demonstrated the killing power of these amazing oils against airborne microorganisms. The analysis showed that after 10 minutes of Thieves diffusion in the air, there was an 82% reduction in the gram positive organism bioaerosol, a 96% reduction in gram negative organism bioaerosol, and a 44% reduction in bioaerosol (Chao SC, et al., 1998).”

        So, don’t take this as an endorsement from me. I just found it a fascinating story and thought I’d pass along the info as it was given to me.

        Much Love and Light to All

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        1. Thank you jj ❤️ Well, I love all those oils on their own so am going to make a thieves mixture in a separate bottle and use when needed! Will try some in my diffuser tonight! Natural oils are incredible, Mother nature’s beautiful gift to us!

          Much Love & Light and gorgeous aromas!


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      3. Oh Wowsers! The smell of that thieves oil is just divine! I didn’t have any cinnamon but used eucalyptus, lemon, clove, rosemary and frankincense, absolutely LUSH! For anyone who is feeling fuzzy headed, it really helps clear your mind!

        Much Love ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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        1. Hi Lily. I used them yesterday in a diffuser, but had lemon eucalyptus instead of lemon and eucalyptus. It smells gorgeous. Hope that Elsie has settled and is happier. XXX💕💖💕

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  27. Earworm:
    We are all made of stars by Moby

    Growing in numbers
    Growing in speed
    Can’t fight the future
    Can’t fight what I see
    People they come together
    People they fall apart
    No one can stop us now
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    Efforts of lovers
    Left in my mind
    I sing in the reaches
    We’ll see what we find
    People they come together
    People they fall apart
    No one can stop us now
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    People they come together
    People they fall apart
    No one can stop us now
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    Slow slow slow, come come
    Someone come come come
    Even love is goin’ ’round
    You can’t ignore what is goin’ ’round
    Slowly rebuilding
    I feel it in me
    Growing in numbers
    Growing in peace
    People they come together
    People they fall apart
    No one can stop us now
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    People they come together
    People they fall apart
    No one can stop us now
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    People they come together
    (People they come together)
    People they fall apart
    (People they fall apart)
    No one can stop us now
    (No one can stop us now)
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    (We are all made of stars)
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    People they come together
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    (People they fall apart)
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    (No one can stop us now)
    ‘Cause we are all made of stars
    (We are all made of stars)

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  28. Well, when Lisa saw all the helping guides hands and arms reaching out to me to (as she put it) help me to get through March, little did I know what was to ensue. Wowzers!!! Sometimes the help is so blatantly obvious that even I get it. Went out into the “real world” to get some needed supplies. Milk and lemons for you-know-what. Anyway, it’s about a 45 mile one way trip. After successfully accomplishing my mission I stopped the car as the garage door opened and got out. Much to my dismay I discovered a trail leading to a puddle of fluid which was subsequently pouring out the bottom, Needless to say, I’m obviously meant to stay at home for the next week until the car is repaired. Har! Thank you guides and Universe for all you do. I do pay attention mostly.

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  29. If this didn’t feel like exactly everything I’ve been feeling on the edges I would hesitate to believe it – but it is everything we’ve been wishing and feeling into being. So I choose this.
    Sophia Love

    March 16, 2020 early, early morning.

    It is I, Sophia. It is One.

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

    There are many things to be said.

    I am here now to say them to you.

    You must transcribe exactly as heard.

    This time now is one of great and immediate alteration to your ways of life. All of your common life actions have been interrupted.

    Realize now that these results are occurring on earth now and disrupting daily conditions in your modern world as a protective and productive act.

    This is an overly cautious action.

    This is a deliberate controlling move.

    The “guard” is being removed. It comes down right now. You are living through this take down and, although you will not witness actual identifiable arrests and trials – you can consider these removals and quarantines and disappearances as evidence for these actions taken.

    It all happens now.

    Everything changes now.

    Those who control the workings and wealth on earth have been thwarted in their efforts, while in the midst of their last play, or one of their last plays. They are no longer on the “winning” side of this – they cannot hide.

    I speak here of earth controllers. Those human, (in some cases not completely human), entities who have held the strings here.

    The real and non-human controllers either left or were removed some time ago. The plan continued without their direct intervention, as orders for the plan were always in place, and plans for any contingency were a part of those orders.

    This was going to happen here, regardless.

    Outside intervention to take care of this problem for humanity was not chosen.
    It was not chosen by humanity.

    Humanity chose to free themselves.

    This makes for evolution and learning to settle in your very cells and be carried forth into future generations.

    It was and is an evolved choice, albeit the more lengthy and challenging one.

    What it says to the Universe is that you are completely sovereign. A people who have themselves earned the respect and authority of conscious warriors and masters of development.

    Man is the shining star in evolution.

    He will be a beacon to every evolved species, and to all developing races.

    Man has proven that against every obstacle and shackle, the will and fortitude necessary to stand independent and free, rose above.

    You walk through these days now and immediately ahead, knowing you can hold your head high and proud of your fellow man.

    This is your crowning achievement.

    You’ve taken back your planet.

    It will be some time before you establish a functioning society. All of this by your own design.

    Now, although you look to your leaders for decisive action to eradicate a common enemy, you must yourselves build your world.

    The work gloves are clearly on your own hands.

    The jobs you held prior to this moment are over. You are here to don the mantle of Master Builder now, and endeavor with your actions to create a self-running machine that operates as a universally supporting organism.

    It is not a top-down structure any longer. Do not look for wisdom or wealth from any elitist group. That group is gone.

    Both wisdom and wealth come from within.

    Activate them now with intent and purpose.

    Work first to sufficiently care for your immediate responsibility – yourself and loved ones. This is now to be combined with care and planning for the greater family you inhabit – the collective.

    The collective, which you’ve always contributed to, now moves into your conscious intent.

    All of life has changed.

    You wake today to a new world.

    This is not beyond you, but emerges from within you. A deep dwelling of light, once dimmed by control, manipulation and cruelty, now shines forth from each of you.

    It will be obvious who chooses now to support and supply your new world. It will be clear to everyone.

    Altercations and fighting will not be necessary – you are on the winning side now.

    Use the advantage as a collaborative effort based on love for the race, rather than control of the race. The difference will be evident for those who watch for it.

    Indeed now, leaders will emerge and are already emerging from your ranks.
    Support those with the brightest light, whose source stems from altruism rather than need for control.

    Clear sight will point out to you those with a self-serving agenda, for they still exist and will seek to control as well, in these moments of transition and chaos.

    A discerning heart will tell you of each other’s intent.

    Allow your hearts to inform your every decision.

    This is the time now where man steps into his potential.

    What is possible will astound you.

    That is all for now.

    Goodbye Sophia.

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    1. That was amazing. I have been meditating but since I asked the question about why I was told not to shine my light, I haven’t been able to access it. After reading a couple of sentences, I started feeling bubblies and then it just boomed open. I feel better than I have in a week thanks to this one post.
      I havent been worrying about this virus, just the travel bans because everyone except my dad lives at least 30 min away. And I really dont like feeling “stuck”. Although there isnt much stress from me, I can feel the stress in the air. I guess empathy is kicking my butt. I can tell it isnt my feelings, which is really weird because I’ve only been able to reconcile after the fact instead of real time like now.
      Angela C thank you so much for this. I think I’m going to the secret garden and have a photoshoot of the kiddo. 🤗❤

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    1. It’s just the common cold. There is no cure for the common cold, but there is of course treatment. There always has been. This is just PTW fear-mongering, the carrot-stick manipulation. The whole thing is theater wrapped around a little illness. We see this fear-atmosphere petering out when summer starts.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. All the celebs that are getting it are getting cured very quickly aka Tom Hanks. But, I notice regular people get it they are reported dead…..very creepy.

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      2. I agree with you CAT Eds!

        I am not worries about this common cold.
        I am mostly worries about what it will do to the economy and our day to day life…It will be changed for sure!…
        But do we know if we will recover fast and life will be even better?!

        Any thoughts!? Please?

        Any peace of advice how to be calm and stay sane?

        I am trying to stay positive, unfortunetly with all this closures and curfews being introduced and people out of work and money it feels quite stressful…

        I hope you are all well! ❤️🙏


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          1. Thank you The CAT(s) That Lived for your reply! ❤️
            Will do and will hope for the best!

            I hope you are all well! ❤️🙏


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          2. This new Neil Young song has been playing in my head since it came out last year. At first I thought, how crazy horse is that? But it’s making sense now:
            SHUT IT DOWN
            Have to shut the whole system down
            Have to shut the whole system down
            People tryin’ to save this earth
            From an ugly death
            Have to shut the whole system down
            People tryin’ to live, working
            In a world of meat factories
            Have to shut the whole system down
            All around the planet
            There’s a blindness that just can’t see
            Have to shut the whole system down
            They’re all wearing climate change
            As cool as they can be
            Have to shut the whole system down
            Shut it down, shut it down
            Shut it down, shut it down
            Have to shut the whole system down
            That’s the only way we can all be free
            Have to shut the whole system down
            Start again and build it for eternity
            Have to shut the whole system down
            What about the animals?
            What about the birds and bees?
            Have to shut the whole system down

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  30. Dear Cats,
    I would like to comment here on something I have already shared on the blog of a respected and dear friend, Brenda Hoffman.

    The Government of Spain, decreed last Saturday the state of Alarm.
    This means, among other things, the confinement of people in their home. You can only go out to go to work, buy food, medicine, go to the hospital or care for elderly or helpless people.
    All pubs, restaurants, gyms, everything except pharmacies and grocery stores have been closed.

    I confess that at first I felt horrible. Fear and anxiety overwhelmed. Since it is not normal for me, I entered meditation and asked about this. As an empath that I am, what I was collecting was the anxiety and fear of 46 million Spaniards.

    After shaking this off me, I received a warm and comforting response: Everything is fine. Everything is as it should be.
    It was like getting out of a hot bath and wrapping up the fluffiest of towels.
    Reflecting on this, I will honestly say that I think everything is fine with the Cov-19 issue.
    True, there are a thousand stories of conspiracy, and yes, this virus may have been created by dark forces in an evil laboratory. But it has become a tool of the Light.
    I feel like these months of cocooning have been preparing me for this. My personal life has been that of a modern hermit, socializing only what is necessary.

    I already said it last week, for me it is a gift. Perfect excuse for not having to do anything “out there” for 15 days.

    And I think that for the rest of the population, it is a measure that will be very useful for them to disconnect from so much external distraction.
    It will be hard, very hard for many at the level of unconsciousness. But their higher beings will be working on them and their advancement. Like children who have not done their homework on time and are now punished locked up at home until they do it. And all with love for his good.

    I have offered myself to two pairs of neighbors that I have, who are in their seventies to do their shopping and go to the pharmacy for them. so you don’t have to go out and expose yourself to the virus, although they are all independent.

    Some are adorable, the other are hateful, those miserable, envious and critical people, who hardly even greeted me when they met me. But I felt like I should offer both of them equally.

    Curiously, those who asked me for the favor of bringing them food are the hateful ones. But you should have seen his bewildered face when I called to offer. Maybe I touched that little light that we all carry inside, although I know that they will continue to be hateful and I have no interest in socializing with them, beyond these little things.

    That said, don’t think that I live in a world of unicorns and rainbows where I think that with positive thinking and surrounding myself with Light, I will be safe from contagion.

    Positive thinking is fine, but it is a 3D virus, and with 3D tools you have to fight it. Hygienic measures must be extreme, especially if you go outside.
    And it is also convenient to supplement. Although it is something that we usually do at home and with my parents, especially when the flu and cold season begins in October.
    But in case someone could use it, my protocol is:
    1000mg of vitamin C with bioflavonoids (better if it is liposomal)
    1200 gr. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
    Chelated Zinc (L-Optizinc, better)
    1000gr of Quercitin
    Alpha lipoic acid

    I am making my medical disclaimer here!!!!. 😉

    In short, that this is an exceptional situation, that affects everyone, but that I feel inside and it is not a thought of unicorns, that it is a good thing, something necessary, that in a few months or maybe years we will see in retrospect the meaning of All this.
    I hope I am not wrong, but for the first time in months, I have felt that spark of joy that I have been searching for so long. An almost euphoric feeling of “here we go! This is the beginning of what we have been waiting for so long, this is what we were trained so hard for.”
    Maybe I’m crazy, starting to feel joy at something like that, but even as I write this my heart dances and my fingers write alone …

    I love all of us who make up this small community in Cat´s blog.
    The cats themselves, sorry but i don’t know their names (Cat Eds, Cat12, Cat7, etc…), Lily and her lovely daughter, J, Newlyn, Kagee3, Jupiter Daisy, Kolibri, C.Scheneider, Cay, Perica, Measmeandu, Arcturus, Rusirius44, Coriboy, SamV……and so many others that I am leaving and that I apologize for not naming them here, the list would be endless.
    Take good care of yourselves.


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    1. @ Cristina
      hi, so lovely reading your post!
      Well, JOY is already filling the Heavens, and yo feel it so well!
      Plan was in place long in advance – and the means is this “crisis”!
      No matter if it looks otherwise.
      And we need to stay put, for our own good!
      To come to senses.
      Adorable, your Joy and observations, thank you.

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    2. Hi Cristina. Thank you too for your contributions to the blog. It’s really interesting to get other perspectives from around the world on what is happening. I too feel that something really good will come out of all this. Enjoy your rest time. Love and hugs.🤗😊💕

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    3. Cristina ❤️ So much Love & Light and Super Strength to You!

      Big HUGS. We are well on our way now, WE WILL get through this!


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    4. Much Love/Gratitude! The cleansing of the Lovely Gaia has begun. We Are The Light Of The Love, so We Shall be the Energy of The Greatest Good for All. Peace.

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    5. Cristina, thank you for sharing, and I confess I share how you feel too.

      I had become so stagnant, lost even. I couldn’t stand the way the Earth was continuing. For better or worse, something BIG is happening, everything is slowing down. It is akin to being shaken awake.

      I am finally beginning to feel this is “when” I am supposed to be “here”.

      Mark x

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    6. Hi Christina, here in Croatia is a same story, almost everything is closed, it is so silent outside, like during the war in Croatia, maybe even worse then at that time ☹

      But I think the PTW overplayed there cards with this virus, and that because off that, the Shift could happened sooner, kind a strange thing to say, but I have feeling that this is how it will play out, and the activity in the night sky is more increased then ever, which also tells me that something big is going to happen very soon ✨

      I hope I am right, fingers crossed 🤞 ✨

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      1. Love this. I have had a similar thought Perica. Give Source and co. a big batch of lemons, they will make an even bigger batch of lemonade. The PTW have hardly a clue as to the reality of things. Not that I know anything for sure, but my bet’s on the good guys. 😁❤❤❤

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      2. A little nugget to share:
        I recently purchased 2 toy microphones to include in a care pkg to granddaughters. They were decorated with Disney’s Alladin characters etc. And They play part of one of the songs when you press a button. Which of course i pushed. 😁 Anyway, today on my long drive to town this morning this portion of the tune kept playing in my head..the only words were..”It’s a whole new world”, over and over…it’s actually a pleasant tune. . i caught myself doing this and then realized what i was hearing



        I don’t know any of the other words. I might look on yt but i don’t know how to attach pics or links here anyway.


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      3. Check this out…raising vibration info, free distance healing sessions thru March, anti CV freq link, and more. Watch til end…Reconnective Healing. I’ve been watching this guy for months and recently have done a distance session. Very very relaxing. Gonna do more..

        Oh, and Happy Spring Equinox Everyone!


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  31. Didn’t you guys state that when the planes are grounded, the SHIFT will happen?

    Well guess what…


    P.S. Dreamt of being pursued by a giant white lion with blazing blue eyes! I escaped into an elevator due to go up.
    No prizes for original content here LOL.

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    1. I dreamed I was fighting off tigers and gorillas with a big stick to save people from getting eaten by them outside of a Taco Bell. I even had a theme song. 🤣

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      1. The Animals knew humans would taste better and be healthier to eat than what’s in the restaurant. Peace

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  32. Hi ALL,
    This morning upon waking I remembered something from some classes and modalities I was learning in 2012 – For the past 20 minutes or so I’ve been being encouraged to share it…
    This morning I felt like using it in reference to my immune system, but it can be used for anything – mostly I believe to increase the efficacy of whatever – I remember an example – something like using before or during exercise, so that 20 minutes of exercise would equal perhaps a hour’s worth of benefit… The second(and maybe third) thing will possible increase bettering effects even more…

    The tool is/was MTVSS – I don’t remember off hand what the letters stand for – something to do with micro or macro valences of reality? doesn’t matter the tool has been being used by thousands for at least a decade or two, so the energy of it is in the reference plane to be tapped into. – you just say it – repeating if you like along with the action or subject matter you’re choosing – can be used also if you are learning something new to have more ease and quicker effect with that.

    The second tool(and third ) are questions to be asked any time. (all day long if you like – they are NOT to be answered or look for answers yourself – no left brain logical brain action here – they are an invitation, if you like, to the Universe, your guides or HS to bring something, perhaps new, to your attention or life circumstances.
    ?#1 – How does it get any better than this(or that)? HDIGABTT (short version 🙂 )
    ?#2 What else is possible? (could add ‘here’ or ‘in this circumstance’ – but not necessary) WEIP

    So, for example: What is the most beneficial outcome for the world’s population concerning the ‘C’ virus? and while contemplating that question use the MTVSS followed by HDIGABTT? and WEIP?
    *Perhaps adding these while doing your lighthouse beaming might be interesting.*
    This was a big question, but the tools can be used for the tiniest things, too – or the last two can be used in sticky situations to invite a different or more beneficial outcome.
    Being encouraged to stress, not to use with a heavy doom & gloom energy, just a observing, light ‘let’s see’ energy – something that feels good to your body – if you find yourself getting heavy handed, like having to make something or a certain thing happen or answer come – back off and go back to just being light or do the mantras – probably just brought up some stuff (ego maybe or ‘savior syndrome’ energy. (don’t know where THAT came from)

    hope this is helpful to someone…


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  33. I did the meditation and called on my higher self to talk to me and brother J. I saw a lot of bright purples magenta colors sparkles. Lava lamp like and then heard the word “18” in my subconscious.

    So nothing good like the others, no dragons or other worlds.

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  34. Happy St Patrick’s Day Everyone!

    What was St. Patrick famous for?

    Chasing all the snakes (reptiles) in Ireland into the sea!

    Amanda Ellis’ St Patricks’s Video ❤️

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  35. Hi Cats, found an interesting parallel with your comment about the dyslexic Mayan and 2021. In this thread from a year ago the proposition was that when the Shift happens, it will transition into April 2, 2021 on that new earth timeline:

    Curious if you had any thoughts about this. Blessings!

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  36. Sorry, this was the more accurate link in my earlier post:

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    1. @Bluestar
      to be frank, there is a Plan for Salvation, and that is of the Divine SOURCE
      of Everything There Is, in the Highest of Highest.
      THAT only plan is carried out here down,
      in Local Universe Nebadon,
      by the Creator of this Universe, The Christ of God/BrotherJ.
      He, as The Cherished One,
      is helped by great numbers of Hosts of God from above and below,
      who work in perfect Oneness.
      with us, through us, for us.
      How improper is that, to call a “Galactic Plan”?
      How many Galaxies has this Universe?

      Such general, confusing prophecy can I blabber too.

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  37. hi guys, Cats Ms, and all the readers..
    people in my place have been freaked out since the lockdown thing happens..
    and it feels so heavy to me.. but today, this morning (its already 18th 08:07 in the morning) i feel so light.. i feel sooooo much better than the last 2 days.. the sky is so clear so blue, bird chirping so loud than before… i feel calm and peaceful.. and i hope everyone does..
    i love you guys.. take care..

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    1. I see this as a hail Mary pass for the PTW. This is not putting a dent in T’s re election chances. The PTW WILL be beaten for good.

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    2. One of the things White Cloud told us last week was that the dark is almost gone. He likened it to little pockets of dust here and there in a house that was emptied out as the owner moved. Just a little sweeping up to do. Of course, that’s not what it looks like from our vantage point because most of what we hear about is the dark. Just keep shining your light and trust that all is well. Easy to say, I know, as the stock market continues its nosedive and paper products have disappeared from the shelves (which, being curious, I had to check for myself yesterday; yep, it’s gone, even paper towels)!

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      1. I hope that what you all were seeing is positive! Will we get back to serenity after this fall/winter?

        I have a hard time trying to remind friends to keep calm and don’t share fear postings. Sigh! In the end, I offended a handful and one decided to ignore my chats, a childhood friend! I had a good cry 😭

        I guess I better concentrate on meditation. When I did that Lighthouse Meditation, I felt stronger tingling than usual through my body but no shining Light, like some of you here – Sorry! Did my best.

        Thanks CATs, Ms and all here 🙏

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      2. Part of me is actually looking forward to experiencing a final summer/autumn at home before it’s over. Especially picking mushrooms, since I became somewhat of an expert mushroom hunter during my time in Germany. The other part is so sick and tired of this life that it can’t even imagine staying another month.

        I guess things will be very different anyhow, considering the rate of change and acceleration lately.

        They say we knew and begged for it. I find that very difficult to grasp mentally but at the same time I feel it is true. That would be the trait I both appreciate and can’t stand in myself, the complete inability to back down from challenges.

        I can’t believe I’m doing this.


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        1. That trait of yours, the “complete inability to back down from challenges” is just what is needed to cope, Sifoo. You’re here for a reason. And yes, you are doing this!✨
          Stay strong & take care💖


  38. Holy Lighthouse
    How did I miss this post untl now? Thanks Cats for the link in most recent post.
    Will be shining the Lighthouse in meditations here on out.

    Cats, Would it be possible for you to post a simple how-to of a Lighthouse Meditation from start to finish for newbies so that I can cut/paste send to others who have not been privy (consciously anyway haha) to any of your info. Maybe with the I am Light etc mantras too?

    Thanks to the many commenters for their deLIGHTful additions! 😁

    Love and Light to All

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    1. Hm. We suggest reviewing the Meditation Primer on the site (to get in the groove), then simply imagining yourself turning into a huge lighthouse blasting out LIGHT and LOVE. Does that make sense?

      You can also use one of the 528 Hz or solfeggio tones online to help get you in the zone.

      Here’s a long one for the dedicated:

      [audio src="" /]

      We haven’t mentioned this one as it’s *long,* with NINE segments that build toward the end. Very powerful. It’s an hour and a half, so budget time accordingly.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. The Solfeggio Tones listen seems to have had an interesting effect on me, at least I think so – when I first arise in the AM after having listened / gone straight to bed, I have dramatic (and for me, very unique!) vertigo – almost like my brain was being reprogrammed for something and awakening wrenched me back to the here-and-now. Or perhaps I’m full of dark stinky stuff, anyway, but it’s an interesting change for me to experience for the first time. I will continue to listen to it….


  39. Love this ❤️

    Kitty O’ Meara:

    ‘And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.
    And listened more deeply.
    Some meditated, some prayed, some danced.
    Some met their shadows.
    And the people began to think differently.
    And the people healed.
    And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.
    And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.’

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  40. The wonderfullness continues! I enjoyed my morning latte sitting 10 feet from the bird feeders on this frosty almost-spring day. I was given a rare treat, but for this place, a delightedly daily occurrence. I watched a sextet of the rarely seen and very elusive varied thrushes excitedly foraging through the leaves under the rhododendrons. They, for some reason, like to be in this garden. (I’m sure I don’t know why) The best part was the great treat of being serenaded with their sweet, gentle song. ALL is WELL! Know it and own it!

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  41. let’s hope giving away all that free energy isn’t picked up by that big mouth Cob of Ra and his lot to control nature. Sure as hell Nature don’t need no help. Fh’s extremely dark and unknown unlike the Vatican white hat know it all light brigades.


  42. It is very interesting being a lighthouse in Target and other stores. Yes, I did some precautionary stockpiling of people and cat supplies; I’m even preparing to be able to work from home if I really have to. As I protect and ground, and then open up to be a lighthouse, I seem to turn into a being with multicolored diaphanous wings and great expansion. It feels like I’m laying down a great blanket of love over everything. I do this as long as I can, then rest a bit – and repeat. I’m doing something like this for loved ones as well, as they mostly do not have the awareness that I seem to have. On the other post, I also mentioned the new video from Laura Whitworth; she’s talking about spreading the light everywhere… Such “interesting” times we live in. I feel so blessed, challenged, loved, and so damned ready to do this ascension thing.

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    1. After the Lighthouse last night, which I fell to sleep during. I woke a few hours later, cold to the bone. Must have been on the north shore. Peace.

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  43. That was fast.

    For more than 10 years I was a very strict vegetarian, occasionally vegan.

    During my three months without money in Riace I felt like I didn’t really have any choice but to eat what was offered, which meant plenty of meat.

    Since then I’ve gradually gone back to a mostly vegan diet out of preference, but was still enjoying the freedom to eat whatever I felt like.

    Then I watched the documentary linked below.

    We tell ourselves we know and it’s ok for whatever reasons, I dare anyone (including CATs) to try that again after watching the movie.


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  44. Something feels like it has shifted this evening, frequencies, higher, brighter, clearer…

    There really is just LOVE…That is what we ALL are…


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    1. Feeling It, and my Wife is beginning to respond to changes this evening(waking).
      She Is tougher than most guys. So it has been a rough ride, my lessons as a student of Love.. peace.

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      1. Christopher,
        I love the picture of you with Minky. My Cori used to sit
        the same way and I always felt that he was adjusting my
        energies with his purring.

        Family relationships seem to be among the most difficult of
        life experiences that we have to deal with, at least that has
        certainly been true for me.



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  45. A couple of our lovely members have already pointed out Laura Whitworth’s message – this evening, her message has really deeply resonated with me. If you’ve not yet considered her words, I strongly encourage you to listen / ponder what she has to say. If the full length is daunting, consider at least this portion:

    Blessing to all of us – the time is NOW. Let’s join all our lighthouses together, support each other, and believe the time is NOW.

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  46. Laura’s Whitworth’s last u-tube video is perfect. I feel it is time to stay in our hearts and shine out a spiraling kalidescope of light as far as possible for the next few weeks to months. Best of luck to all. Cay

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  47. I gave the long tonal one a go last night, I could feel it working its way up my body, very interesting 🙂

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  48. It doesn’t surprise me Mr. Nasty is sniffing around. Hasn’t been fear on this scale for a while, the scent must be irresistible.

    I’m not immune to fear, but I know I’m also not quite right in the head. I’d definitely “have a go”. Things like that shouldn’t be existing. My dad used to cane me. I’d grab Nasty Pasty’s feckin can and @#$#%@ £¥¥##$#%@&###*@@**#@^#&$€@¥@&#^#^#&@&#&# !!!

    Mark (Daddy issues…)

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    1. Yeah… that wouldn’t work, as Mr. Nasty lives for anger and fear. It’s his bread and butter. You have to be smarter about it. Instead, calmly look at the offending entity and say:

      “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother — whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”

      14 words that will save you — and THEM — every time.

      There will come a time when even the Mr. Nasties of this universe will come around and return Home.


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      1. Aaaaaarrrggghhh I’m too programmed!

        Its insidious.

        Calm… breathe… yes, the mantra.

        Mark (still flipping the bird)

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  49. the original Mayan who wrote the “Mayan apocalypse”/end-of-the-world 2012 That was the Mayan calendar, and wasn’t the “end of the world” but the last of that EarthTime, I.e the 4th World…

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  50. THIS is interesting. One CAT asked an M…

    CAT: “Hey. Might it be easier to do The SHIFT — without raising attention to it — by having people sequestered in their houses as they are? That’s not part of this ‘quarantine’ thing is it?”

    M: “I never thought about that, but it does make sense.. that actually resonates with me.”

    I have just been watching this video by Amanda Ellis, she describes the situation we are in as the ‘Scaffodling’ that is holding us all in place ‘…whilst we transition into the new’!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  51. Got through 22 mins and 22 secs. of the tonal lighthouse meditation with brother J on my right and AAMicheal on my left (in case Mr. Nasty turned up). I could not count the faces that streamed by for Mantra # 1. Many world leaders both past and present, celebrities, billionaires, friends and family members in a constant flow of forgiveness. Then smudged the house, made chocolate pudding and took a walk. Cay

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  52. Just to share two “strange” occurrences which happened recently, that “strange” things are reoccurring now more and more frequent, wonder why ✨

    Few days ago I was standing in front off the office where I work, well at least up to the end of this month, and when I had a kind off apocalyptic vision off the surrounding around me, everything looked like the place is deserted for number off years, maybe even a 100 year, the sign which point to the company store (near office) was rusty, the building and the walls were covered with vegetation, as nobody was living there for a 100 years or more.

    The vision was incredibly vivid and clear and it was daylight time, I do not know was I looking at some probable future, maybe I was looking at 3D Earth 100 years from now as a tourist ?

    Another “strange” one was from today, I was in a bathroom and I used the Kleenex tissue, but when I came back to bedroom I needed them again, but forget to bring them with me, looked down on the bed and they were there right in front off me, but this time it was a brand new pack, my first thought was, is this the example for instant manifestation off which I read it will be normal in 5D, as someone / something wanted to show me how it will look like in 5D, I hope so ✨

    Maybe that pack was already there on the bad, and I did not noticed it, possible, even the packaging has a bright colors on it so it is hard not to noticed it, but then again, what is more probable, that pack off Kleenex just appeared there on the bad from a thin air, or they were just there before, but I just did not noticed it, maybe, I really do not know ?✨

    But as this “strange” situation are repeating more often now then ever, I am wondering if that is a preparation for me to something wonderful in near future, I am ready, bring it on ✨

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    1. Kind of Fun, it Is happening more. I notice it more with electronics activating before I touch any buttons. Peace.

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      1. Yes, it is happening more often then just to consider it as a pure coincidence, even today. Yesterday i felt so tired very early about 10PM that I took a nap on the couch in a living room, I felt big download coming, woke up at 4AM, went to bed, walk up at 10AM this morning and feeling so out off body whole day long, like I am dragging my body wirh me, and not like I am inside off it, more like I am now much bigger then my body and feeling less connection with it, maybe some transition is going on, strange sensation ✨

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    2. When I bought my car last year, I swear the license plate started with the letters “CG”. I memorized the plate number. A few weeks ago, I noticed the first two letters are now “GG”. Did I see the letters wrong the whole time before, or did they change in some kind of automotive Mandela effect?

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    3. I had a dejavu 2 days ago. During mediation I heard someone say something, that I knew with 100% certainty that I heard it before, that I had lived that moment before. I felt that it was a prelude to the shift.

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  53. And, yes. I successfully inserted a video link.


    (Words could actually be “It’s a brand new world”, not sure, but the meaning is the same. )

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  54. I love this idea! Running is a great meditation as it is. Pairing it with a shinning light through the dark will add a layer of stillness.

    Like running through a chaotic scene while remaining still.

    Thanks for sharing!


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