Since We Need a New Post [UPDATE3]


There is of course a bigger problem…


In the meantime, stay off…



Aha. Here’s an important update (uh huh). A quick look shows that that run on toilet paper (so to speak) is indeed being intentionally caused by the tp companies themselves to keep the fear going. Everyone please stop taking the bait.


IMPORTANT: If you haven’t been meditating, or you never have, it’s almost too late. The gap between 3d and 4d is getting too great. We CATs won’t be able to stay much longer. We woke up with this song in our heads (again):


Ok, we’re getting an ‘ET kerfuffle’ thing coming up… one of these days coming up. (Time is impossible to determine in these things.) There will be real and fake activity. One of the M’s had a vision of something moving toward a camera and then the camera going to fuzz, so we have that to look forward to. There will be nothing to worry about, of course. Just the next stop on the weirdness bus.

We’ve actually been taking care of (mildly) sick kids, so we’re a little preoccupied. Not to mention dealing with all the stupid fear-virus closures. Perhaps we should work up an Equinox meditation, so we can all join in a knot of positivity and be a beacon. This “reality” could use it right about now.

As for us staying or going… we just can’t tell how it’s going to look to others, so we’re just gonna drop it for now. We’re 4d, but in a 3d matrix… that’s splitting all over the place…and then reforming as people change their minds. Arrg. It’s still too new to figure out. Lots of you are experiencing the same thing but may not realize it. (Part of this nebulosity is why we’re not posting much.) Things are really all over the place.

What everyone POSITIVE needs to do is pick a POSITIVE lane and stick to it, no matter what. (We’re talking to ourselves here, too.) We need to be the calm (funny, fur-laden) center for everyone. Breathe…

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  1. Purple sky (it was more purple then on the image):

    Light in the sky last night (behind the clouds, maybe just a moon, but it was not a time for a full moon, sooo… ?):

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  2. Wowzers!!! This may go down as the Great Washington Panic of 2020. People are going bat-sh*t crazy. Panic is feeding itself. Empty shelves. Oh my. Schools and businesses closing, restaurants folding. My job (now apparently full time) is to remain calm and keep planting! Gardener and I are carrying on bravely, with occasional latte breaks. March Madness, indeed!

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    1. Yes, I believe I’ll spend All Sunday in the dirt, while Minky plays. I’ve got baby trees I started last year + seeds I save from my year to year organics. Peace

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    1. Many things happening, stay away from crowds. Enjoy Alone time, meditate, garden, cook at home and Breathe. Peace.

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  3. Oh! As a P.S. afterthought, Gardener enjoyed freshly-baked lemon butter cookies with her latte today. The welcome mat is out for youse ALL. Just sayin’

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  4. “The clear-eyed rebel’s job, therefore, is to watch for opportunities to help lead us as a collective along a brand new, healthy trajectory. There’s no way to know in advance what those opportunities will look like, because predictability is premised on pattern consistency. But they will appear, from unpredictable and unanticipated new directions. Wherever you see a gap, your job is to pour as much truth and wisdom and health into it as you can possibly muster.

    Watch for gaps in the armor of the establishment oppression machine. Watch for gaps in the deluded nature of our society. Watch for gaps in the patterns, and use your wisdom and creativity to assist them in unpatterning as the opportunity presents itself.”


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  5. No stinking coronavirus can stop the beauty of humanity in Italy. We in the U.S. admire your spirit and sense of community. Cay

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  6. at this point is the corona thing being used as cover for financial collapse change and other changes? what’s really going to happen after all this settles??

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    1. We can’t be sure… this timeline feels all over the place. We’re sure this is set to destroy us before the U.S. election, and who knows how long to recover. Anyone who says they know what’s going on… doesn’t.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Whatever is going on they want everyone in their homes makes you wonder if there is something or someone about to show up……

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  7. Hi. My brother is a long time reader of this blog, and told me to check it out after I told him that I have been experiencing a lot of strange things recently. I don’t really know when it all started, but the earliest I can remember noticing things was probably early-mid February.
    I started feeling so disconnected to everything. All of my personal belongings, where I live, my job, and even certain people in my life. It wasn’t a bad thing though, it almost felt like a relief. I had a dream that I watched a plane fly into my apartment building, but was not phased by it at all.
    Then not too long after that I began feeling insanely depressed. Not understanding why I am here, wishing I could move on. And thinking of any painless ways I could make that happen.
    Then one day the other week I woke up feeling much better, feeling inspired to make art and be happy. As I was starting a project, my best friend called me to tell me that her ex killed herself the night before. I realized then that I was feeling her sadness, her despair, and it was gone when she was. Ever since then I’ve been trying to understand it.
    There have been a few other things, including seeing some events happen before they did. I’ve been seeing sparkles around me all day, every day. And lots more.
    The reason I was compelled to post is, after reading your posts and comments, I would really just like some insight or advice or anything to help me figure out what to do with these things.

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  8. Remember, when Spring cleaning is going on/done, Forgiveness/Compassion Are very important aspects of Love. For Others & Self. Peace.

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  9. I am so truthful that you will not agree to post me. Such are you. Equality means nothing to you. And you refuse to post my words. You this site, is not part of me. You belong to a smaller potion of yourself.v thank you v. I am I love, and I always will be. Do your damned best to make others believe in yourselves. I need nothing and found no friends in my journey. Did it it make my journey a failure? If you think such is true, then you know not who I am. Peace to all.


  10. @CATS that’s disappointing. I was counting on you guys telling me why I just saw my dog in 2 places at once. Lol. I was in the kitchen and she was sitting under the table and then I walked to the bedroom and she was in front of the bed laying down. I stopped. I thought, could she have passed me on the way? Lol nope

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    1. My dog does that so much I tell her to stop bi-locating so much. 🤣 One time she got her ball stuck under the guest bed then it showed up on my bed and we both could not believe it. 🤨

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