Jumps, CMEs, etc. ~ 9-20 to 9-23-20 [UPDATE10]

A quick jump-post.

We had a fresh timeline jump in the night:

Here’s more:

Also, we have a new mental image for weather meditations that works REALLY well:

Just direct your giant earth blower at some weather feature and watch as it’s blown away:

Who won?


And a bigger jump:

Huh. Right in the middle of the 2nd OMC meditation for today. THAT’S why it was so all over the place. We thought it was a Sunday thing.


We seem to be in a pre-equinox WHOMP/jump at the moment, though this might not be for everyone:



Here comes more reprogramming energy. It’s not earth-facing, but we’re probably gonna get something out of it:


More jumpage:


SOURCE is cranking up the Wave X for the equinox:


WHOMP in progress:

So that’s why we all woke up at 5:00 am.

Yay! Summer is over! Good riddance.


This is not the same person. The one at bottom is a body double:


Oh dear.


And a florp, before and after:


This is not as much a double jump…

…as it is an energy anchor that holds existing “reality” in place, for a time. There was an “adjustment” to it that felt jumpy. How’s that for vague?

Btw, the recent “florp”…

…was actually just one advanced group setting a protective force field around Portal One (that can easily be defeated, so it’s kinda dumb) from another stellar portal — basically being showy — and then allowing their ships to come and go like Michelangelo. In the cosmic realm it’s akin to putting little flags on your limo and rolling out a red carpet. Whatever makes you happy. (And you’re right: That silver ridge on your head DOES make you look more important.)

145 thoughts on “Jumps, CMEs, etc. ~ 9-20 to 9-23-20 [UPDATE10]

  1. There must be some kind of whompage going on right now, because all the sudden I’m sitting here at work and my skull feels ready to explode again, ugh! It’s 4:15 EDT and I have to get through 45 more minutes til I can drive home with no brains and hope my autopilot is still working, because I really shouldn’t be driving when I feel like this. I soooo wish I didn’t have to work anymore!!!!!!!!

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  2. We got rain here in northern California and are hopefully getting more. It is so needed. We have a terrible fire here and many of our friends are in harm’s way. Thank you to all who meditated and set intentions for rain here.

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