Meterage ~ 9-23 to 9-26-20 [UPDATE3]

In a word: Ow. WHOMP-city.

Wave X has been hammering us all day:

We fell asleep though this latest Shoe Man:

Ugh. That’s enough for today.

(Thanks to CAT7 for this.)


Fair warning. We have been up for two nights and are insane from portal energy roastage… but that doesn’t mean the steam engine CAN’T DO THAT. Meterage updates!

The PTW are STILL trying to carve off a new timeline, despite SOURCE holding the time-space continuum on His Desk. Here’s the insanity:

It’s both sad and sad, but hardly surprising.

Meanwhile, our OMC rain meditation is bearing fruit with a vengeance… somewhere… sure is long, though:

As for other meters… who cares? Our inner meters have been slagged.

That is enough for today. Now… we have to meditate? Ugh. The M’s are relentless.

“MOMMM! Good news/bad news. The glasses worked, but my art career is over!”


More jumps, but these are nothing compared to what’s coming:


This (off twitter) is an awful fake. Stop looking at twitter, folks. Black Ice City.

This video is real, however. It’s the sun’s sister sun.

92 thoughts on “Meterage ~ 9-23 to 9-26-20 [UPDATE3]

  1. Thanks Cats
    I needed a laugh
    I actually remember when we had dedicated shoe mans …
    It really knocked me out as well … lots of rest was needed.
    Really appreciated this update.

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  2. I am so stealing this vortex cat. I felt this one too. I was fine (sorta) until then, but that’s my usual active time of day… not so much today. It was a real struggle. I’m heading for my cat tree and taking my ouchy aching self to bed with a good book for awhile. Enough already. Between all these time shifts (which don’t seem to be making us more assured that we’re going to be okay) and the whomps, I just kinda want off this rock. If I were 40 I might have more energy for it. But at 74, this wildness has made this a tough year. And there aren’t any seats on the ships to Lyra that I can see (tee hee). Rock on, CATs and Ms, and all you outsider kittens (as I AM). We’ll get through it. Maybe. Just remind me when I say “surely it can’t get any weirder or worse out there” that I’m probably wrong. Much love to all. ❤

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    1. @janielaurel, it’s after 2 am here and your post made me smile, because (being semi-conscious) when I read your sentence, “Just remind me when I say “surely it can’t get any weirder or worse out there” – I read as , “Just REWIND me…” – At 71 y/o myself I think we all feel we need daily ‘REWINDING’, like the old clocks – I sure do –
      Thank you for the smile… I should go to sleep now… whatchathink? 😀


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      1. I actually joined you in the sound sleep thing. I ranted and “poof” all that angst was gone. Amazing what a few characters out of your keyboard will do for ya 🙂 xoxo

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    2. Geez Janielaurel, Oh to be a young whippersnapper of, oh let’s say 50 0r 60. the 70’s business is rough on the old constitution. However, there is still key lime pie and the excitement of this whole business of growth. As I have told Kg, keep your chins up. Har!

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      1. Oh no, not for this girl. yesterday I made my mother’s classic peanut butter cookies and added dark chocolate chips. I’m better now. BWHAHAHAAA – and that replaced the dream of making a chocolate cream pie because I was too lazy to do that. We all need anti-aging input from upstairs or we’re all not going to be able to climb out of the swimming pool to deal with the black ice. We won’t be steady enough to walk across it. (giggling all the way to the cookies…) Love&Light 🙂

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  3. Gee, it’s a good thing I stayed home today and enjoyed the rain. BTW, we got 1 1/2 inches in the last 12 hours. Steady, gentle, and sweet. (just like me. HAR!)

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  4. The family waters seem to have calmed again – my headachyness now-i-ness I’m blaming on the Schumann and the XX-es-es..
    My daughter let slip in responses to my questioning my latest feverishness – (environ-mental 😉 or energy – she mentioned me going to do my frequency stuff – I guess she’s more aware or newly re-aware of what I’m doing in my room being ‘out of the way’ – She turned her back on most of the energy stuff years ago when I think she was damaged psychologically by her partners physcotic brother – maybe that’s been healing… hope so – I had a morning, yesterday?, of looking into each family member’s Omata’s focus (not purpose) – it was very interesting, seemed they could work together as a integrated unit on NE at some time, but MIGHT need some remedial healing before then…


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  5. No wonder I feel so great (crappy)!
    I haven’t felt like this for almost 2 months
    and there’s a whole bunch of delightful (not) new
    body effects that came with the latest X wave.
    And my heart has been going nuts all evening- hasn’t done that in awhile.
    The Shoe Man- haha -Now I know who to blame
    And…it feels like we’re getting closer all the time, so it’s all good. 😉

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  6. Just saw the moon huge low wrong tilt zooming across the sky I even said hey I need to see the manager went out to take a picture totally gone from for sky. Well, anyway I have seen it do weird things before but now it is just showing off.

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  7. What would I be like this morning if it wasn’t for the Source breathing technique. Probably a small puddle on the floor! I really had to breathe through this one from 10pm UK time. Hope everyone on the blog has started to pick themselves off the floor again. Love the skittery cats.🐈😹💖

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      1. Yes, really tough night. Went to sleep at 11 PM Chicago time. Got woken up at 2:30 Am. Finally was able to catch a few winks at 6:30 AM . Man this transition is tough — and I know it is worth it!

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  8. I had a strange dream last night, if it was a dream at all ?! I was dreaming that I am dreaming, that all this is just a dream from which I am about to wake up, a precursor in a way that I will soon just wake up from this 3d/4d dream 🙂✨

    I meditated just before going to sleep as I usually do, then I woke up with a feeling that I am now even more just partially here. Like that with each meditation I am actually crossing over to 5d more and more, returning back to 4d, but everytime as less off me is returning back here, and I have a feeling that at one point I would just stop returning and just stayed there in a 5d 🙂✨

    Is this making any sense to anybody ?

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    1. Like “Inception”. They were actually selling spinners like the one in the movie at some point. I thought that’s just wrong – putting it in our faces. The dream is really losing it’s power. You might be right Perica, at some point it gets so thin we don’t bother.

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  9. Oh boy, yes Whompage Whammy! Why oh why does it always have to go through the gut and head!

    Dreamtime is so strange at the moment.

    The night before last I was filling my car with lots of things! Old school friends were going to join me on the journey. One friend wanted to put her bike in top but there was no way to attatch it to the roof. We stopped off at my primary school which was all closed, no sign of anyone there. Next door was another school but no pupils just lots of teachers who seemed to be living there, the dream ended there with my friends and I about to leave.

    Last nights dream, I was going on a date with an old boyfriend. It was dark and U had just got off the bus and realised I had double booked myself on another date with a male friend. For some reason I walked away from the venue and went into a house where people were drinking and celebrating. I went outside and the streets were dark, shops all closed. Suddenly I was in a bus which was also dark inside. Two old friends were sitting in the downstairs at the front of the bus. I went towards the stairs to go up to the top deck. The stairs were not there. I tried to climb up but could not get enough leverage and sort of got stuck as the opening got very tight!

    I think it might mean I have got stuck in the ‘eye of the needle!’ Please free to give me a shove! Hopefully tonight I will get through!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Sending Light w/a hand to pull You through. When I climbed the mountain last night I saw the peak was a facade of a plateau. It felt good! Peace.

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      1. Christopher ❤️ Thank you! I am grabbing your hand and going UP to the light with an excited Elsie clinging on to my back!

        Much Love 🌟☺️🙏☺️🌟

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  10. This song is playing in my head last two days, I believe it to be a great sign off a new way and a new world to come 🙏✨

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    1. The famous man is supposed to be very dark. I couldn’t watch, as it felt inappropriate given his possible history, but I’m sure the girl has a lovely voice x

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      1. That girl (only 12y or 13y old !!!) had outstandingly good voice, but that song, both music, lyrics and her interpretation had a such great impact for me, that I just had to share it like that, but also her and judges reaction to her excellent performance I think added additional light to that, despite darkness that maybe clouded the main judge which you mentioned, but in that particular point in time and space that was just a pure light, at least I saw it and felt like that ✨

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      2. That’s the thing with tv, no one knows what is real. Best off than on, for We dumped it years back. Peace.

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    2. …and this old world is a new world…for you and me…

      It’s like this song describes how we will feel on the New Earth! I love this song! This song used to be the ringtone in my phone! Thank you for sharing, Perica.

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  11. Well, I hobbled out of bed this morning to…. you guessed it, rain! Probably spend today sittin’ on the front porch drinkin’ lattes and contemplating my navel and having visions of all the new hostas that are arriving today. The bulbs have shipped too. Gardener will be busy next week. After these rains, next week is supposed to be in the 80’s–above abbynormal

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  12. About 45 years ago, I moved to Santa Fe NM and spent a year there. For about another decade, I retuned each summer to work with a woman who ran an art workshop which included Jungian dream journaling. I continued to write down my dreams and kept all those journals, about ten years worth.

    About five years ago, I moved to an old orange grove ranch east of Los Angeles. I had always wanted to live on an old ranch in Southern California. It was like a dream come true. We ran a communal home, there were up to ten people at a time living in the various rooms and mini apartments, plus four dogs. There was the main house, a large adobe with fireplaces and a great kitchen for our communal meals. The old bunk house had two studio apartments and there was an old stable with a concrete floor that once house four horses but was now two apartments. There was a large pool where cannonballing was a regular sport which included tenants, short term guests, the neighbors, their children and the dogs. There was a constant churning of the water with cannonballing, especially from one of the dogs. Several regulars pitched in to help with the chores: skimming the pool, scrubbing the sides, balancing the water levels, clearing the drains, weeding the grass, watering the lawn, keeping the patio clean.

    During the early part of my stay on the ranch, I read over my old dream journals. Shockingly, there was a dream from forty years earlier that described accurately the ranch house where I living. The journal included a drawing that provided a plan of the house.

    My Jungian friends taught me to analyze my dreams and I had previously added an analysis after each dream. But during my re-reading of many dreams, it was stunned to discover that many dreams had foretold my future and that every Jungian analysis was useless.

    MendoCAT’s dream was very much like the ranch where I lived. It matches the image that the Cats posted earlier, with an almost identical view of the barren mountains, the long fence, the nearby trees and the horses. There was a pool. There was a gate to the pool. There were no longer horses on the property but there were many stabled in the area and frequented the trail outside the front door. Even the description of the owner was accurate: tall, good natured, a bit reserved, like Spock. He cooked large holiday meals when various roommates and neighbors would sit at a large table using the owner’s linen, china and crystal.

    In the early part of my stay, there was a terrible fire in the mountains. It was extremely traumatizing. The owner had gone on vacation and left me in charge; there were many challenges. After the fire, the mountain was barren, and always had an orange glow.

    After three years on the ranch, things changed. I felt uneasy about the threat of another fire. Two years ago, I left, flying over those orange mountains and moved back east to live with an old childhood friend. Earlier this year I returned to the ranch and everyone and everything seemed to have shifted. There was a pall of foreboding cast over the place. It was sad. I stayed for a week and then returned to the East Coast.

    Right after I left, Covid started then the fires began a few months after that. This time the smoke from the fires was devastating.

    Netters posted this previously which provoked me to submit this long entry:
    “Best thing I ever did. I just trusted the universe would provide what I needed and it did, although it wasn’t always easy. I would not be aware of this journey without that decision.
    My advice, if you have had the whisper in the ear and/or the tap on the shoulder to do this don’t wait for the kick up the backside, that can be painful- physically, mentally and emotionally. Good luck with your decision, trust your instincts.”

    And what MendoCAT said was particularly valuable:
    “More than anything, I want to convey that this is NOT a fearsome passage. Although we well may face some personal fears. Being a PASSAGE, the way out is through, and there IS a way, and we CAN get through. Maybe make a personal ‘touch stone’ of some warm and reassuring image/ memory/ vision to keep in your soul pocket, to hold your own hand with you when you want. This is a GOOD thing that we approach. We are in excellent company.”

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            1. I saw that actor driving the black PHANTASM hearse on the L.A. freeway, back in the day. No idea what he was doing with it, but as i passed the hearse i just happened to look over… and about crapped my pants. He gave me this in-character LOOK… then burst out laughing. I love that guy.


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          1. @CAT5 ha ha ha.

            Being born in the early 70s I remember seeing Phantasm on our VHS player WAAAAAAY to young to watch it. Angus Scrim scared the rabbit raisins out of me too! How on earth did you not crash? But there is something in us, isn’t there, a morbid curiosity, almost respect. Because as much as your experience would unsaddle me, I would love to have had it, although I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep for a few nights 🤣

            That was very cool.


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    1. ~ Cheezy Kitten ~ that’s quite a lot of synchronicity you report about the ranch where you lived for a time… and I did chuckle at the “… every Jungian analysis was useless….” having grown up with a mom who was an avid Jungian!
      Those old California ranches… I share your affinity. Sounds like a lovely experience in the beginning.
      love, friend

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  13. Hi Cats, ~M’s and MendoCAT,
    I believe Black Ice is getting down to the core wounding. Finally facing and integrating what has been hard to look at. To acknowledge. Being with it, seeing it and allowing for the healing of the wrong thinking that led from that pain. Self correction before going forward. At least that’s what it feels like to me.

    Still in it, and now my daughter is hitting hers.
    Thank you again MendoCAT for the heads up. Love, Angela

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    1. I too had this realisation. Wrong thinking can result from being too bound up in pain, and failing to look out, and see others clearly, and appreciate their paths. To let the pain go and grow.. It seems so obvious once you see it and yet so Easy to slip up again. Maybe I have identified the slips! 😃 The last post is making some sense now ❤️ Falling back into patterns which should have been learned from and moved on from.

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    2. ~ Angela ~ Love to you and your daughter. Self forgiveness is sharp edged. And very curative. May all go as gently as possible for you both.
      love, friend

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  14. Just yelled on my deck outside the separation has begun! LOL energy hit me and that’s what I blurted out. 🤣🤣🤣

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  15. Ow! Yesterday I felt exhausted and my back hurt. I don’t really like to TTMB, as there is
    always a lot I need to do, but I just wasn’t
    able to get much done feeling so bad.

    For those who are following Corrine’s outfits, I
    am showing her Lilac Fairy costume from the
    “Sleeping Beauty” ballet. The Lilac Fairy has an
    important part in the ballet, as when the evil fairy puts a curse on the baby princess Aurora,
    the Lilac Fairy softens the curse, so that instead
    of pricking her finger and dying, on her 16th birthday, Aurora falls into a deep sleep of a hundred years.

    Since Corrine is seated it is hard to see the
    costume. It was made from scrapes of net and
    ribbon and has iridescent wings on the back to
    show that she is a fairy. Soon I will change the picture to show Corrine.

    With love to all,


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    1. Coriboy. That’s a gorgeous little creation. The lilac fairy had to be a positive one if she was that colour. I love all the shades of purple.💖💖💖💜

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      1. Thank you, Newlynn. I enjoyed the
        challenge of trying to make costumes
        for a seated ‘cat.’ The Lilac Fairy costume
        resembles something I might make for a
        child. Actual ballet tutus, for adults, require
        precise construction by someone who knows what they are doing…….all to create
        the beauty and magic that are seen on the
        stage, where for a short time the illusion
        seems real.



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          1. CAT5, LOL, Yes, that could be the
            problem as a professional tutu
            requires a bodice made from 8
            pieces which are attached to a
            circular piece called a basque. This
            attaches to briefs that have about
            ten layers of graduated nylon net.
            A properly constructed tutu takes
            quite a lot of time and effort. Better luck next time!


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  16. Had a lovely mediation today where all the geometric shapes that our omatas make joined up together and created a beam of light that separated the two worlds, then it unfolded and wrapped around the new earth.

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  17. Help. This energy is making people crazy.

    I had to terminate my long friendship with an alcoholic friend who kept insulting me for pointless reasons. The one time I take a stand and call him out on his behavior, he completely loses it and blocks me from all our social groups.

    I’m hoping the Event will happen soon, it’s hard to make new friends in this chaotic environment.

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    1. All the normal Ones are/will be on this site(IMO). I spent My whole life feeling different. Now I know Others! Peace.

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    2. You are not alone, I am here with you… (hearing Michael Jackson singing to you right now)… this is the hardest part. Letting go of that which no longer serves you – or the other person – and alcoholism is a very destructive dis-ease for all concerned. Keep going, dear person. You are most definitely NOT alone and those waiting to assist your expansion for the greater good are all supporting you. They can now reach you if you give yourself time and space in which to experience the glorious stillness and newness of You…

      With so much love, Jay xxx

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    3. I joined fb 😬again with all security settings on because Elsie’s healthcare peeps are so ‘worried’ she is isolated. They would love to see her in school etc..In every group under the sun although it would be her worst nightmare! I joined a couple of special needs family groups in our area to just be able to say I am ‘actively socialising’ but cannot bring myself to join in. So much duality, so much fear, so many seem to want to be swabbed, tested, vaxed, so much in the system, I cannot pretend….I am a duck out of water and will happily remain so along with Elsie. As long as I can keep our bubble happy until the Shift that is A Okay with me!


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      1. Oh my… Lily, you must be out of your mind with it all. My two grandchildren, Evie and Beau, are not in school – Beau is only 4 but has stated categorically that he is ‘not going to poopy school, he is staying with Mummy’! Evie is 8 and she has thrived being at home with her family, who have now decided to take their power back and home school her and her brother. Their grandmother lives next door and is a retired teacher, so she can oversee their ‘curriculum’…

        So far, in ‘isolation’ they have learned to care for their 2 horses; feeding, stabling, general equine skills that their mum has passed onto them, joy of riding and responsibility and respect for another species.

        Their little cat Posy gave birth to 5 kittens, witnessed by the children and thereafter taught to respect them, love them and care for them and their mother. When two of them had to go to their forever homes elsewhere, the children learned to deal with letting go with love, how to deal with loss and the joy of giving to someone else.

        They clean out and feed their many chickens and gather eggs and both have a garden plot in which to choose what they grow, then they grow it and are responsible for the plant care and support. When they harvest their small crops, they are taught how to prepare and cook things.

        Anna (their mum) also bakes and cooks with them – both have learned knife skills at early ages and their swimming lessons take place at the local river or beach…

        I could go on, but you get the picture 🙂

        Suffice to say from my perspective and observation as their adoring granny, I’ve seen these two angels blossom in a way that they could not blossom in the restrictive environment of school. Evie is sleeping better, is way less anxious and nervy and is more relaxed and confident since lockdown.

        So, if you need me to come and kick ass over there, I will… you stay true to what YOU know, Lily. You’re a brilliant mother and you know your child’s needs better than anyone…

        With all of my love and heart light and support, Jay xxx

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        1. Jay ❤️ Now that is what I call and education! Beau and Evie (lovely names BTW) have fallen on their feet with you and family 😊 How wonderful!

          Thank you so much for your words of support. It means so much. You have to be very strong to be in this position. The amount of times I have been seen as a poor, single mummy who obviously needs someone to come in and take the reigns so to speak. It would be wonderful to have the sort of help we dream of (a NE kind of school/education, community, spiritual, kindness etc..subjects that matter) but to put Elsie in an institution, to be medicated, to be forced to participate in un-holistic and frankly quite anxiety provoking situations (I’ve read the parents stories of SEN schools and their poor children and the things they have to deal with) well, it’s just not an option, so until the Shift we will educate our way and get through each day our way…😉

          Much Love & Light to You and Your wonderful family 🙏🌟💕🌟🙏

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  18. Uhhh! Upon getting up from my nap I had in “interesting” aha moment. I went into town today to get a few groceries (milk for lattes since I spilled an entire pitcher of milk all over me, the kitchen counter and floor) I realized that I had a very transcendent time in the store. It was filled with slow-moving masked zombies, but upon reflection realized they were very insubstantial in appearance and it was as if I was inhabiting another space. I passed through the space easily and exited the store very gently and gracefully. It’s like the holodeck is loosing strength. (As I wrote this last statement, there was a decided shift of energy/tone and whoever has been gently touching me on the temple for the past several hours has stopped. I apparently needed to express this thought.) Anyway it felt like I was amongst what Dolores Cannon called “the background people” Just a change of perception??? Comments appreciated. BTW, we ended up for a 24 hour total of 1.71 inches of rain. Only a few areas around got more. A location on the south slopes of the Olympics got 4.53 inches in the same 24 hr. period. As they say, “That’s a whole lotta watta” Cheers, ‘yaall.

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    1. I have these moments, J, and particularly when I enter large grocery stores, like you mention.

      I look at people to see if they notice anything in me, such is the feeling of separation from them. I think all it is, is increasing awareness. We are pushing the boundaries that hold us in place.

      Speaking of tapping on the temples, I had a hard poke on my forehead some weeks back, as I lay in bed not wanting to get up. So hard it shocked me. I knew it wasnt the wife as she hadn’t moved and was facing away. Besides, she prefers to slap me instead…


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  19. Something changed around 10 pm est. Now I’m awake with Minky/Tinky. So They went out to play while I relax by the black ice, or the hill climb. Peace.

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  20. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ *wakes up for a second* WASSUP?????? WHAT? WHO? WHERE?… Etc…

    Tiredness? Moi? zzzz (Falls asleep again while in the greengrocers buying fruit)…

    My ‘dreams’ are off the scale true to life and I’m dreaming events that actually happen the next day. Like, I dreamed about my daughter’s father, the seaside and our grandson, Beau having a huge bump on his head. Later that day, I visit them, Anna is on the phone to her dad (who is in a Home) and Beau is sporting a huge bruise on his head where he’d fallen while playing!!!

    And that’s just for starters.

    Last night between Thursday 24th and Friday 25th I had a very profound dream in which I was observing a mass gathering of people, who were all aiming to do something at the same time. In the mix was an old friend of mine, called Ryan but he is known as ORION. He and his female friend were inside a glass pyramid and the rest of the crowd were in groups around what looked like Trafalgar Square. All were supposed to focus on manifestation skills or something, and the whole intention was about raising everyone to 5D (for want of a better expression of expansion).

    At the appointed time, each group began their own agreed focus – each one slightly different – and as I watched, Orion and his friend began to really make it happen. Incredible things were happening, and as I watched they were shapeshifting at will, manifesting all manner of things and the light show was incredible. They were ecstatic and as I watched I realised I was holding a little girl baby, who was of African origin.

    I stood her down and she walked straight to the pyramid and entered with ease, delighting in everything going on.

    As I looked around me, everyone began dispersing as NOTHING had happened for them, despite their efforts. I knew that they had not been authentic for some reason. I also pointed out to a few stragglers what was going on in the pyramid before us. NO-ONE COULD SEE!

    Only I and the child could witness what was occurring. One guy did actually begin to see them, and said, ‘Man, that’s cool’ and he told some others about it, but they were largely disinterested and only wanted to get back to their homes. I felt hugely disappointed that there was such apathy and blindness, but also knew I couldn’t do much to change it.

    At this point I woke up… the feeling is still with me.

    I KNEW something had happened, and this post makes it all make sense… THANK YOU CATS AND MS AND EVERYONE ELSE XXXXX

    I love you all xxx

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  21. It has been bumpy the pas few days, I feel like the cat on his back in the title at times. Thanks for this update and the humor! Love~scott

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  22. Psychic Focus Lynn regarding a prophecy for December 21, 2020:

    I do get that December 21st is a significant day in the shifting of earth. Earth has been and is going through some major changes. We feel the energetic change, and see the physical changes. We are in need of a rise in the collective conscious energies to allow these shifts to happen with greater ease, and in the greater good. In the event we cannot raise the human energy, I do not see a tilt and rise in the oceans. However, I do get the struggles will continue. The challenge feels to be more energetic and socially between people. The divide is greater, and people will separate more rather than come together. We truly need a huge boost to the collective, and as more people awaken, the easier it will get.

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  23. Hey, ALL—FYI the omata meditation has produced 3.20 inches of rain here at the farm as of 8:00AM Friday.. 2 more inches or so expected today and tomorrow. Good work! (this total is from Sept. 19th. )

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  24. Well back to stair climbing all night last night! 😂 Yesterday I think was navigating over the remainder of the ice, now stairs with people from my 20s. I think I understand what needs to be released to move upward a bit. Ez peas ✨

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  25. Several things: First, yup, there was the gate— second, the jet stream has headed south into Oregon this morning so the 2 expected inches turned into 1/2 inch. Interesting!

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  26. Hello to the roasted Cats. Did something whomp us AGAIN at 12 pm UTC (lunchtime UK)? Knocked me flat, fast heartbeat, wind, extreme tiredness. Or was it just me 🙁. If it was a whomp condolences to all the Cats near portals as you probably haven’t got over the last lot yet 🙄.
    If it’s going to be a continuous stream of energy blasts from now on then the upside is that those of us affected are not going to care about the madness out there. Always look on the bright side of life, de dum, de dum de dum.😸
    Love to all on the blog. 💖💖💖

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  27. so here is the explantion the rain preview in italy of riva des garda dropped vom 80 and something l/m2 to about 30

    the rulers try their best til the last breath, how long they have remaining breath? i hears uneaven somewhat

    what will the sun give as signal if the moment of a global dimension jump of the planet happens?


    1. It doesn’t matter. This is basically Disneyland. There is weather. There is the sun. There are crowds gawking at things. There is you, your family, even your pets.

      There is a slick patch of Black Ice in the park that must be negotiated — by you — to get to another part of the park. Then you go through the turnstiles to the final hill.

      We are the ride operators and tour guides for a NEW park at the top of that hill. But to visit, you have to be THIS TALL to go up the hill to get in. You also have to get through the Black Ice.

      The sun will act funny. The SHIFT is set to happen. There is a date. We aren’t saying anything about that at this point, to keep people focused on what they needs to do.

      -CAT Eds.

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