Black Ice Ahead ~ [UPDATE3]

When you see a sign for black ice ahead, what do you do? Do you get fearful and freak out? No, you slow down and move slowly and carefully. While this title looks scary… what we’re going to tell you is far from scary.

One commenter has had some important dreams — dreams important for all of us. We’ve been dragging our feet on posting this because we were going to add it to another important post, but then decided this is important enough to stand on its own.


So, here are the series of dreams. We aren’t sure of the timing of the necessary action in the dreams, but it’s clear that everyone needs to know this in advance, and that time is of the essence. Here we go:


I was the observer. This dream felt like an update for where matters stand now.

The setting: There was a dark haired man, perhaps a father, or just a pleasant guy, can’t recall his significance. Tall, good natured, a bit reserved, like Spock? Large swimming pool, rather choppy turquoise waters. (swimming pool when hordes of kids are cannonballing into it?). There was a large mountain on the other side of the pool, barren and brown. There was a simple picket gate at the bottom of the mountain, latched. Four horses needed to be brought into stable, and kept there (for readiness? duration of storm?) a temporary holding place. Stable was concrete-floored, with 2 improvised stalls, irregular and unequal in size. Horses were of different colors, 2 lighter, 2 darker. One was familiar to me. All were gentle horses. I saw they had some food, but there was no bedding on the concrete. I saw their hooves moving and moving and hoped nothing would spook them to slip and clatter on the hard surface.

There were many children. The man was involved in seeing they all had plenty to eat. Something about cut corners/ clipping corners (of food packets?) Kept seeing triangle shapes falling away, blackish, some with white parts. Knew there was no worry about enough food/ sustenance. He was telling the children a story which became a sort of instruction/ map. There was a narrow path from the latched gate, up mountain and over the high peak. The destination was the other side, a beautiful place and easy going from there on. It seemed two of the children were going to make the climb, with their youthful agility and fearlessness. They would have to cross a short stretch of ‘black ice’, without slipping and ‘spinning out’, but the path was fairly level and wide there. The children were shorter/ closer to the ground, and the best to make this trip. After the black ice, the path went directly up at a very steep angle, not much change in grade anywhere along it. It was longish, but the top in plain view. It looked like the hardest part was the steep ascent and the elevation, not the distance. Once over the top, all good things, but nothing about that in the dream.

Though many kids and adults were still playing and splashing in the pool, two children were willing to make the climb and started toward the gate. Something of a sense of Frodo and Sam climbing Mt. Mordor – ultimate effort and determined friends/ companions/ mission the most important to complete. (NOTHING dark about it though)
The gate was now unlatched and left ajar. Last image in dream was my eye tracing the path from gate, over ice and up the narrow nearly vertical incline to the top. There would be nowhere to shelter, pull aside, nor find anything beyond what children carried within them. A matter of a few hours climb, endurance, and single minded effort.

Take away: So many metaphors!

pool – rain so welcome.
horses – 4 horses of the ‘unveiling’, legs restless and hooves moving, waiting.
kids – clear hearts and minds, joyful, undaunted, always curious and climbing anyway. ‘human- ness’ hanging on with all four limbs. closer to Gaia/ Source
all the 2s – pairs and helpmates
gate – was latched, now open, ready for last ascent. it’s time.
black ice – challenge to keep balance and course, but the path is flat and wide. close to beginning the last ascent.
narrow steep path – the last bit of the way, may be a bit breathless, just keep going.


The CATs looked into this and saw it was right on the money. And while we were looking at all the things this could mean, esp. in terms of the upcoming “black ice,” there was another insight:

Dream 1 Notes

(After convo today with someone today, some questions were asked that triggered this Black Ice insight.)

It is that time I first referenced writing to you (Aug 22) that life was going to get so incredibly chaotic we would find it hard to know which end is up. That time is very near now. The black ice/ black diamond path is a kind of self mirror. It is a choice time, but not a test. Our previous touchstones for reality will be uncertain/ wobbly, like road mirages, or fever dreams. A path MUST be chosen and that requires each one going inward, relying on each heart’s OWN guidance, and faith in the steadfast company of one’s guides and angels and J. We must walk on regardless. I’m not sure there can be a ‘no decision’ position. Or if there is, it will freeze AT that choice point for as many eternities as it takes for the ice to melt and choice to be made.

The ice is not so much treacherous as slippery, and the black quality is the no-warning, black-diamond type that’s a mirror- and rock-hard choice-point. The way to be crossed is only several steps long and the terrain is flat and wide enough so even if you stumble and fall, you can get up and continue. You won’t fall off any cliffs. Those who decide UP then just keep climbing for a while, not past the limits of endurance, but it will feel like long enough. The climb will be continuous. Might resemble the feeling in a steeply ascending airplane.

I feel it would be useful to emphasize AGAIN for people to stop relying on outer authority and PRACTICE NOW, trusting their own heart’s knowings. As simple as which apple to eat, as complex as pandemic hoopla and rules. This is an INSIDE passage. Everybody already has the map, in their heart.


And then there was today’s dream:


This one references the Black Ice dream, and the large turquoise swimming pool at the forefront of the picket fence, below the steep bare Climb.

One singular image: In full daylight, a sturdy pool ladder, about 4-5′ tall. I saw white sides and pale blue steps, (the color of my omata’s wing edges), but there is a ladder for each person, with their own color(s). There are handrails on the sides for secure “hauling out” of the water. For those (the collective) in the pool, I can point out the ladders all around. IF they choose to climb out, I can hold their ladder steady. It is time now for the collective to get out of the pool and move toward the picket fence, and through the gate towards the steep climb.


And the ladder starts with this post!

So, to reiterate the path MendoCAT describes:

  • Pool (get out)
  • Ladder (choose)
  • Gate (go through)
  • Black ice (negotiate)
  • Climb (start your climb).

Remember, this is an internal journey, not a metaphor for what’s happening in the external world.

We have no idea how long this will take, or how long the path will be open, but there seems to be time for this to be absorbed and acted upon — but time is of the essence. So, meditate on it. It will require YOU to meditate and work through this, we can’t do it for you. The way has been prepared. The rest is up to you.


FYI, Black Ice is the MAKING OF THE CHOICE to trust oneself fully by connecting inside and setting aside The Illusion. There will be a “Groundhog Day” over and over again for those dithering. This has already started.


FYI, negotiating the Black Ice is not optional. If you have designs on going elsewhere, you need to do this internal work, clearing yourself of attachments to The Illusion. For some it’s relatively quick. For others, it could take days. This is really the first step, but it’s you who has to do it.


Many of you are still stuck in the Black Ice. You may think you’ve gone to the top of the Hill, but you haven’t. If you’re still attached to the Illusion, still stuck talking about and reacting to social media, the police, the rioters, the virus, the UFOs, blah blah blah… that’s the Black Ice. It’s the Illusion. Let it go. Take a deep breath. Let it go. It’s there to trap you. So… extricate yourself. Show some mental discipline.

Things to do, in order:

  • SEE yourself in the pool; look for unique ladder (just for you) to get out of the pool
  • Go to ladder, climb out of pool
  • Look around, find big brown Hill (some CATs saw it as greenish)
  • Walk toward big brown Hill
  • Go through Gate
  • Look for Black Ice; cross Black Ice
  • Go to bottom of Hill
  • Climb Hill till you reach the top. The Hill is unusually high. It could take days. Be patient. Once you’re at this step, you can go about your “normal” life and you’ll climb in the background of your mind. Once you’re at the top, you’re done. Do nothing else.

A Few Rules

DO NOT help others out of the pool! They have to come out of their own free will.

DO NOT help others through the Black Ice! They have to come out of their own free will.

DO NOT help or guide others up the Hill! There is no carrying of others, no imagined automatic conveyances. Just old-school, do-it-yourself climbing. By you. No one else.

DO NOT go exploring once you reach the top. Stick around, we might need you. STO, remember?

CATs will guide those who are confused up the Hill. It’s what we’re here for.

Once you’re done… relax. IMAGINE your daily life on the New Earth.

186 thoughts on “Black Ice Ahead ~ [UPDATE3]

  1. Dearest CATs and Ms,
    the request about getting through the Black Ice is actually a little funny to me. Ever since starting to read ACIM (a year ago or more now?) I have been trying to get out of the Illusion. ACIM talks a lot about “what you think you are seeing is not vision”. I deeply want to have the vision it talks about. I imagine I would be able to see all the beings here with us, and energy in the air, and auras and such. (guessing here…) Over the past 20 years I have been stepping out of the mainstream (awakened by research on deep state, TV gone, diet changed, discernment tuned, etc). When I received ACIM as a gift and read the first page, I realized that I would just start again at page 1 when I finished it. This was the only book I needed for the rest of my corporeal life.

    When I went through the meditation, I was on the Black Ice for a while, reviewing my most recent escapades in the Illusion, and then I “reached” the other side, fully aware that i would need to do the meditation again and again. I actually laughed out loud while looking for the Hill and Gate. Is there any hope that we can actually do this by October or November?

    thank you for all your guidance CATs. Your site is my touchstone.

    love love to all in the roooooom!!!!!

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    1. In meditation yesterday on the black ice, I innerstood that dropping the illusion is about living from the inside out. Being Who I AM, my authentic self. Being kind and not “society’s nice”. Not worrying about the world issues, more feeling and trusting and remembering.

      I feel like I am across it, and climbing now. If not, then I’ll be meditating more on it!

      love love to all in the room!

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  2. OMG!!!
    I am reading the update number 4 and it reminds me that the main one of my guides when I dream about him, is physically the same as Sean Connery dressed in a Scottish dress suit. And I’m not kidding either.

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  3. This whole thing is giving me anxiety tbh. I’m not sure which step I’m on. It FEELS like i’m on the ice step or mid way through. I have family and loved ones that I’m going to ride with to the bitter end, so I’m not budging if i’m going to be out pacing them in anyway.

    But ultimately, from the very beginning, been putting it all into God’s hands and I hope that my faith has not been misplaced.

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  4. dear Cat’s

    I do not understand this joke:


    NEWSFLASH: Some Angels have Scottish accents. We’re not making this up.

    please explain….

    thank you and love from Alnilam

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      1. AHHH, and that Angel ‘sprinkled stardust in his hair’ (OLD song) and created the Twelfth Doctor – well, and a wee bit of the Tenth Doctor. 😀


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  5. Love that angels have scottish accents ❤️ My friend recently posted on Facebook that she wants to find her tribe and run through the hills with a pack of dogs in tartan. I love that image.. Scotland is a beautiful wild place with some amazing history.. I have felt a call to return for years now.. and I’ve never really been (not for any length of time) Peace, beauty, space, clean water and clean air. All the things that new earth promises are there. That is my idea of heaven on earth. Although where I live is also close and I am blessed to be here too.

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  6. Got fire evacuated. Been going on no sleep or food but staying hydrated. Mom and Kitty Magia and I are safe at a friend’s. Brought climbing gear to the hill with me in the meditation. CATs is that cheating or can we use tools to get up the hill? Thank you for all you do!

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  7. BTW, the Pacific Ocean meditation was good practice, thank you. Could not sleep last night so I called in Source, my Omata and rode a rainbow dragon around my neighborhood in meditation all night, well the 3 hours I laid down, and it breathed ice cold water all over the Oakmont neighborhood and blew the winds the other way. My neighbor who refused to leave says my triplex is still standing and no flames in sight. So far so good. Holding the highest vision.

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  8. the pool was too deep and there were too many people in it I went up a silver ladder and came out through a very bright door then the black ice was too long and too steep until it was almost vertical after a long time I got to the hill too big and with a path spiraling after a long time I reached the top and there was a rainbow bridge but I stayed there. what do you think?

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  9. My wife and I have undergone several tests in June to get to NE, at first she had no guide and apparently did not have much spiritual advancement, but in a short time she was too far ahead of me and now we are just waiting for the shift

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  10. Cats & All:
    Everyone’s experiences thus far are just so…Wow!

    My experience pf the Black Ice has involved the literal “cutting” and “unhinging” of identity cords that are no longer relevant from this life and Way, Way back through Past Lives. The bundle got smaller and smaller until I was left with just one cord….

    By the time I got to the top of the mountain, I had also managed to shed all of my clothing! Which did not seem to be so problematic, as I also seemed to have shed a few years along the way….

    Then later that night, I had an experience where I first let go of my strong female identity, followed by the masculine identity. It’s like I am stripping down to the core…..where I just exist as my I AM self, freed of all assumed identities.

    Very much a sense of freedom!

    Gramma B.

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    1. 😂 Not sure if they are portal jumps or timeline jumps but that sounds like what is going on in my physical body pretty much every day. Snap crackle pop constantly 🖐️

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  11. I have done the pool/gate/black ice/hill a few times. Getting out of the pool was easy with the ladder. Found the gate open onto sand with no horses in sight. The black ice was cold and hard so I rolled across it (so as not to freeze and stick onto it). Then the hill path wound back and forth through a fairly dense bamboo forest. It had soft dry brown leaves underfoot with roots beneath to use as steps. The trees made fine handles for climbing poles. I love the sound of bamboo leaves blowing in the breeze as well as their fragrance. When I got to the top there was a stone floor with an open sided wooden temple. It was beautiful, simple and perfectly serene. That is where I stopped. I could not see anything but where I sat in the temple. I will try again and look for a vista next time. Cay

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  12. Just wanted to pop on to say hi… I’m still around, not much going on – been feeling the blanketing calm quiet of SOURCE quite often since that morning I felt happy and relaxed at the sense I’d been given a new assignment, esp in mornings before the family is active – other times, too… most other times are filled with yelling, screaming, swearing, throwing around of hurt feelings by family members – I try to just breathe through and do the I am mantras if I feel to…
    There are more and more indications that esp my daughter would like me to disappear in a puff of smoke, not judging – from her perspective and baseline belief systems I’m uncomfortable energy – doesn’t like to come near me (said so) and some other things she’s recently told me – esp today that I felt – WOW – we really don’t see the world the same way – like wanting my desk and chair since I wouldn’t be able to have them or my ‘little dog’ when she puts me in hospice, anyway – I don’t know if she knows something I don’t; my hands and legs getting less useful, but didn’t think I was about to kick the bucket?? I sort of feel like she’s seeing me from 20+ yrs back?

    It all and more just made it clear we don’t seem to live in the same world… tiny bit sad, but just a reality check, literally? It’s HUD housing inspection season here and that’s adding some additional stress to the apartment- I’d like to be more help, but my body can’t and there’s rejection of my offers when I can… I still feel calm, well there have been a few times when the decibel level has been really high for extended periods that I feel stressed out and ‘little dog’ hides out under all the pillows and sheets… Since the ‘new assignment’ morning she’s been waking me in the morning with this wriggly front foot stamping excited dance, like “can we go now, can we go now?’ or that she wants something and I’m ‘not getting it’… She’s a joy…

    oops, didn’t mean to get so wordy -(also I seem to be having trouble understanding some word usages lately – sorry to anyone if I misinterpret this anytime…)


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    1. Kg. I was going to post “where are you kg” then I saw your two posts. I’m sorry you feel less than welcome where you are. It sounds very hard to live with the family. I’m sure little dog will choose to go to NE tucked under your arm. Love and a very big hug.🤗🌈🌈🌈💖

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      1. Newlynn,, I think ‘little dog’ is more than ready, esp. considering her morning excited “can we go now, huh, huh?’ dancing and hiding from the vocal drama, Yeah, we’re ready for some lovely peaceful feeling places…
        thank you for the kind thoughts,


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  13. I Just heard an odd thump/bump – everyone else is asleep, and I was dozing/snuggling with ‘little dog’- so don’t think it was a person/apartment related sound…I HAD to look at the clock, it occurred at 1:11 am Mountain Time (my time)… I’d be curious if something came up in relation to it in anyone’s’ awareness later today (9/29)?

    Inquiring minds…


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  14. I’ve only been reading this site since the beginning of summer. I’ve been following through with the meditation suggestions, and have to say, I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with myself. I’ve been stagnant in the water for so long – so thank you, CATS, for the motivation! This is one of the few things I read that helps me get through the day.

    After a few unsuccessful attempts, I finally made it out of the pool and across the ice. Personally, I felt getting out of the pool the most challenging, but then, I’ve always had more issues on a personal level, relating and communicating with humans, low self-esteem.
    Things that are worrisome for most – such as politics, world affairs, the weather, etc. – those things rarely bother me.

    A few interesting things on my journey thus far:

    1. I was wearing a yellow swimsuit- like someone else in comments had mentioned, they chose a yellow ladder despite not particularly caring for the color. I don’t care for yellow myself, but found myself wearing a yellow swimsuit.

    2. There were BEings outside of the pool holding towels, robes and hot drinks. One of them gave me a gel-like substance with gravel in it. I applied it on the bottom of my boots before I went across the black ice.
    I know we are not to help anyone on this journey, but what if we received help of some sort?
    Anyway, the ease with which I went over the ice made me realize I’ve always been prepared for the bigger picture. It’s the pretending to be human I’ve had difficulties with.

    3. Once I reached the base of the hill, there were tents to warm up and rest. Surprisingly, my dog which transitioned back on August 15th joined me in the tent. It was so good to see her. She really wants to travel with me when I go up the hill. She always followed me around, so I’m thinking it could be good to have her along as long as I don’t offer her any assistance?

    And this morning I received this GAIA portal update (I don’t know how to post the WordPress link) :

    Swimmers of Light are released.

    Multicoloreds show the way.

    Awakenings of the Gaia Keepers expand.

    I know at this point we should only trust SOURCE, but this was so fitting.
    Sorry for the length of my comment. Just wanted to share. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for sharing, VonKitty. You sound quite familiar to me in some ways. I hope you make the summit soon x


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  15. Hi,
    I asked for guidance in my dreams last night, to show my progress up to the top and how far I was. The part of my dream that I remembered when I woke up was being in a big house and walking up a long set of stairs with cats coming with me. I remember going through a door at the top and being on a beautiful landing or front room with big windows. I wish i remembered more, but maybe that was the only important part. I was shocked when my sleepy brain clued in to the cats!

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  16. Partially on the subject of humor and about of an example of grounding I offer a song that was playing every time(?) I woke up overnight (a lot)
    One of the dreams people from all over this place just coming together and helping and cooperating – the roof (of this section of a building, sort of triangle shaped, was collapsing and oddly shaped/constructed roof tiles blowing off in the process – all these various peoples just silently came from all over, just happening to have the same type of tiles and set to replacing the roof tiles and repairing this section, of what seemed to be a huge shopping center type place, though not any kind I’ve ever seen… and this song was playing especially the line, “Stay with me, Lord. Play with me” – it felt very SOURCE related, very “of course”, very close…
    Anyway, just discovered this artist a few months ago as I opened to many more genres of music (I have very sensitive hearing, so it took exposure to and enjoyment of the symphonic metal music of ‘Nightwish’ to open further and explore Devin Townsend – who is a hoot, talented and playful. I never heard the lyrics well til I looked them up this morning, because of the repeated line above.) I’ll put the lyrics and video below, interesting… -If you have a hard time with metal music, just turn the sound down and enjoy his playful expressions – also he ‘screams’ healthfully because he’s had a LONG career and he can switch between the screams and light head voice so easily…
    Oh, almost forgot, note his playing stance – this man is rooted/ grounded about 300 miles into the Earth – just my perception…

    Devin Townsend Project Lyrics

    I..I wonder why
    I wonder why
    I've come undone
    I've come undone

    Stay with me Lord
    Play with me

    O.K., I know I missed it
    The point I mean, I missed it good
    And if I could
    Good God I would

    Stay with me Lord
    Play with me

    Now I've seen the way it's headed
    Down and down, the truth descended
    Have it here and without worry
    Baby please, there is no hurry
    I'm fine

    Stay with me Lord
    Play with me

    Ego, it's only a soul (for now)

    I know…

    I know (we are the word)
    I know (we are the hope)
    I know (we are so happy to sing along)

    Now I see the way I'm headed
    Down and down, the youth descended
    Hell is here, but it hath no fury
    Like this woman still, there is no worry
    I'm fine

    Stay with me Lord
    Play with me

    His intro is funny:

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      1. Thank you ~AM – yes, it didn’t resonate with me, but was (still) surprised at some of her attitudes and comments recently – when I got over the slight shock of WOW – I was to the oookay, stage – she has a lot of things going on life wise & physical and mental condition-wise – didn’t or isn’t choosing an easy journey, but there’s soooo much in her she just won’t let herself see.. there are other family issues too, but they have to find their way – There was for a time some acceptance of energetic support and support from Brother J and such, but it seems to be less accepted recently – I have had to let them go and just accept whatever is best for all as it comes, when it comes.
        Thank you deeply for your reply – I sometimes feel like I’m wandering in the wilderness, but pretty sure that’s most self-inflicted. 🙂
        I so appreciate you all.


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          1. Well I guess I’ll ask, I’ve felt so calm in most ways since that morning of being given a new assignment- happy and relaxed with that awareness – this was right before you’all posted the black ice meditation – since then even with many askings I haven’t felt a draw to the meditation, but not an avoidance of it either or feeling too hard or anything like that – I wasn’t really from around here before coming here and the main reason/job/task I came here for was completed a couple? years ago. I don’t feel I’m deluding myself. –
            and otherwise the issue I’ve always had with meditations (for me!) is that is they are to slow, like I have to wind down my ‘speed’ below 16 rpm or lower – old record reference – like agonizingly slow. if you get what I mean – I’ve felt like I already did it in some way before I was given the new assignment, before you posted the meditation steps – I’m ok with you telling me if you think I’m deluded or otherwise wrong here??
            But I haven’t felt concerned at all about ‘getting there’, if you know what I mean?
            Please let me know your thoughts – there’s so many things that have happened that I just don’t ask about. – I only get a small sense of how swamped you all are and most things just drift away from importance or concern, anyway?
            Please let me know?

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          2. Well, just in case of a certain answer – I just ran through it, not feeling concerned about how, at speed I felt comfortable with and free climbed a/the rock cliff just with those half glove things, not even sure if I had shoes on – I feel comfortable at the level I reached, not even winded, just relaxed and self accepting…

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            1. Thanks, I’ll wriggle my toes more and dismiss any lingering inspection concerns I missed. – A song I’ve probably been mis-hearing the last few days, has been MC Hammer’s “Can’t touch that’- probably every time a black ice thing I didn’t identify came up, lol…
              Thanks guys, REALLY


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            2. I finally reached the grass and took off my shoes 😆 but I couldn’t seem to get any further. Nice squishy grass though ❤️

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    1. Kg,

      Stick around, the CAT family would not be complete without you. We’re doing this together, Kg, all of us, which means YOU too! ❤❤❤


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    2. How awesome you posted Devin Townsend. I have been a big fan for many years now. I agree, he is immensely talented and has a fun sense of humor. Metal that does not take itself too seriously is a bit of a rarity. Deadhead is one of my favorite songs.

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      1. @Amanita, you might enjoy this interview with Devin that came into my awareness last night – very self insightful including some touches into mental health and his work in different parts of his life – was supposed to be a short interview, but went to an hour – I won’t put a link ’cause, not what ‘here’ is about, but if you do a utbe search for : Exclusive Devin Townsend Interview about everything – you’ll find it – enjoy



  17. I’m adding another because it’s funny – Devin Townsend’s ‘Disney song’ “Why” – seems funnily relevant to the 3d mentality out there – last line “Why runaway, when we could just walk away…”(Disney princesses are always running away 🙂 ) He is in his home studio – I love his orange octopus with it’s blue belly.. he’s been doing some home concerts for some hospitals and such… in Canada, I think…
    Y’all have nice days today and more.
    – one of the trees out front turned brilliant gold this morning…


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    1. Hey, Y’all – did anyone notice his ‘high tech’ xBox controller for his different cameras and effects? so love it…


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  18. Well I finally got some clear space to do this meditation.

    Pool + Ladder – done
    Gate – done
    Black Ice – I noticed my mind was throwing all the distractions at me…. and then i reminded myself of the illusion and it melted away.
    Hill – I then saw myself starting to climb the hill…. didn’t look too steep, but i’m just starting.

    Hopefully when I do it again, the black ice really did melt away… and I am past that step.

    I love Scotland! I feel a strong connection there, dunno why but it happened shortly after I saw a show.

    ❤ kk

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  19. I might be in the minority here but I was a little sad about the no snakes or other reptiles on the New Earth. I happen to love reptiles. I sometimes think on another timeline I studied herpetology. Mosquitoes I can live without.

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