Quickly… Yow ~ [UPDATE12]

We don’t have a lot of time to get this out…

Suffice to say that the next few days will be chock-filled with energy, as many have probably already felt, or read about in Lisa Gawlas’ latest. There’s more, but we can’t say and keep the doors open. This blog is being monitored so this is all we’re gonna say for now: There will be Pre-New Moon energy, New Moon energy, and Day-After-New-Moon energy, each with its own thing. Lisa wasn’t kidding when she used the word SQUEEZE. Don’t stress, it’s all good, but the normies may get squidgy. When we looked at this Friday, we literally got heart-racing excitement (like 10 cups of coffee excitement, which has never happened to us before in a viewing)… and that’s all we were allowed to see! We don’t know what this means, so don’t read anything into it… but something is up. Something good. Could be a graduation for some. Whatever it is, be sure to BREATHE and Ground. A lot. We had heart-floppies last night and we’re not even there, yet. Be sure to meditate before, during, and after the new moon.

There is so much going on, but we can’t tell you any more because we don’t want the blog shut down. We were being messed with by a whole rafter of nasty turkeys the past few weeks to wreck what’s to come, but since we sleuthed it out and stopped it… suffice to say we’ve got All Kinds of Heavy Hitters here watching over us. And new ones in the solar system. (They brought THE CAMPER.) This is suddenly really interesting to EVERYBODY, at all levels, and they are filling in for seats like crazy. Basically, we’re gonna lie low for a few days. What’s so special about us, anyway? Just because we’re the monkey in the wrench? Anyway, The Full Cavalry is here, at all levels — with SOURCE. And here we were wondering why a third Archangel showed up. Anyway, hang on. It’s going to get interesting. Don’t forget to BREATHE. And Ground.

The Enigmatic Smile of Equanimity hides The Scream of The YOW.


Ok, the PTW are busy elsewhere. One of the M’s almost inadvertently caused a light plane (that was bristling with sensors and worse) to crash just by waving it off (!) as it snooped a few hundred feet over one of our houses. We freaked the pilot right out (he was allowed to SEE for a moment, and he saw DRAGONS) and he nearly crashed into the hillside. Such was not our intent (we were just annoyed, and the weapons made us none-too-happy). Needless to say, between that and the AAs (more than one) and the SF and the Serious Cavalry being here, we can say what we want.

So. Serious Cavalry. Take a look. This started on 10/9. The first image is the normal BEFORE shot (that’s the sun and Portal One behind the black disk)…

The ET/HOBs pictured here (who are as Positive as it gets) only maintain tech like this to send a message to other ETs; they don’t need ships. Basically, they backed the CAMPERS up to Portal One and told everyone else to get out of the HOA (aka, campground). No more messing around. They also wanted to get prime seats for the birthing. (The what?)


Pretty standard SR for these times. And yes, this is working again. We’re waiting for the jump…
We included this ’cause it’s pretty. AND the field strength went NORMAL to the regular magnetic field, that is *perpendicular.* And it did it twice. That’s a SOURCE reality anchor.
Etna doesn’t normally look like this.
ACE totally blown out.
Rome showing where a jump began: SNIP.
And a close-up of the ET turmoil again, just for fun.

Meanwhile, Lisa G.’s post today likened the dripping red new moon to… the birth canal, ew. Hence the SQUEEZE we all felt — and the excitement of being born. Again. Born and reborn. What do you wear to a rebirthing? Your birthday suit, of course. All CATs mentioned somatic activity in the chest at 4:00 am (of course), which is now technically the #3 energy center. FYI, we now have five energy centers in our “light bodies” (from bottom to top):

  • 1. Repro. region (formerly chakras 1 and 2)
  • 2. Solar Plexus (formerly chakra 3)
  • 3. Chest (formerly 4)
  • 4. Neck (Formerly 5)
  • 5. Head (Formerly 6 and 7)

You’ll be feeling things in various places, depending on what’s what and who’s who. What else is new?

That’s it. Be sure to meditate so you can push yourself through the birth canal early and root others on. Such a weird sentence.


Ohh. THAT’S why we couldn’t get a read on the ships around the sun — which are now around the EARTH — and why all the other ships took off. It’s the Space Police (SP). The SP work for… Angels and Archangels. Now this all makes sense. Oh, crap… we are SO happy we aren’t the ca8al. The SP have no sense of humor. (Remember GORT in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”? That’s the SP.) And FYI, the SP don’t talk to people, so they couldn’t be the “parsecs” that someone else has mentioned. That person is talking to the damn bluebirds who are trying to pull a fast one. Another reason why the SP are here. No more messing around.

Wow. If the SP are here… this is a really really big deal. We’ll check, but we don’t think they’ve ever been here before. Yeah… we’re getting major tingles. Wow. To anyone new to this, this must all sound crazy. It is!


Whoa. More SOURCE energy.


Whoa, whoa… hold the phone. Some CATs mistook what some of the M’s were talking about. We don’t know for sure those were the SP around the sun. It’s impossible to spot the SP if they’re on a mission. And we would get no confirmation from them — or anything, really. They only talk to angels. And perhaps SOURCE. UPDATE2 was CAT speculation. However, those were ultra-Positives we saw when we looked at… whoever it was… around the sun. And they did defeat our scans easily, as the SP always do. We said they FELT like the SP, but we aren’t 100% sure. Everyone, please: Meditate more, speculate less. And “Corey ‘No’ Goode”: Enjoy your Black Ice. ~The M’s

[Note: The name reference above refers to an abusive commenter who used that name, and a few others. So it goes.]


This was a timeline slip. Interesting. See if anyone has any Mandela Moments:


This is most interesting. For those who look at lots of weather sites and keep an eye on the West Coast, you know about what we call the “West Coast Gyre.” It’s this totally artificial blob of warm air that’s constantly circulating round and round, kept going by constant U.S. Air Force chemtrail spraying (who are no doubt lying about what they’re doing) and energy from some various HAARP installations. Here’s before the SOURCE event earlier this morning, the SOURCE event, and then after:

Suffice to say that the high pressure gyre is now gone. It has been incredibly persistent for… 6-10 years. A long time. Now it is no more. Thank you SOURCE.





And again:

NOTE: One kind CAT commenter in Ireland reported seeing hundreds of ships in a line sweeping across the earth this morning. Sounds like the SP. No one else could do what they need to do in such a stealthy manner. Thanks, Pat!


LOTS of activity at the moment (10:18 am PDT)… but the energy is moving UP where only “CAT sensors” (the CATs themselves) — and many of you — can detect it. 3d meters are showing less and less, so… this makes meditation and omatas even more important.


Drink in the above images: They are being scrubbed from the internet. All the HAO ones are gone, replaced with sterile boring ones. Welcome to STS 101.

Before and After censorship:

This could get Black-Icey in a hurry. Oh, well.


And another night of ultra-Wave-X crazy energy:

One of the M’s was inadvertently awakened from a mission (by a rude neighbor) around 5:00 am, right in the middle of this relocation energy blitz. They got lost in the limbo… somewhere… and had to have Brother J bring them back. We still don’t know where they were, though it looks like they were helping someone on a peeled-off timeline when they were interrupted and lost their way and needed serious rescue. Lots of CATs woke this morning with all their animals on the bed with them! A rough night. We did see an SP ship zoom into a nearby base — someone else’s base. The clean-up continues.


FYI, Negatives and Neutrals are being removed by the SP and have been for the past few days. This will continue. There are no bases the Negs and Neuts can hide in, anywhere. This includes the moon and elsewhere in the solar system. Even Positives are being asked to step back, having been overly “hands-on.” Those folks “talking” to ETs of various ilks really have no idea who they were talking to, who was feeding them information. And for those who claim to be in communication with the SP, they are either mistaken or deluded. The SP speak to angels and SOURCE, and no one else.

The Good News: The Neg and Neut stragglers having taken the bait.

The Bad News: We were the bait.

297 thoughts on “Quickly… Yow ~ [UPDATE12]

  1. This is simply incredible stuff wowwwww! Feels very alive and invigorating outside today too! I need my giant ash tree to have some huge limbs trimmed before they crash on my house, and the guy who came over for quote was very in tune with nature – they will climb the tree instead of using heavy equipment the other guys wanted to use which would ruin my property in the process – I knew if I waited the right person would show up, thanks Source!!!
    Yesterday the 17th I was more tired than I’ve ever been in my life, for no “apparent” reason… I got up, fed the cats, took a nap. Went to the Farmer’s Market, came home, took a nap. Vacuumed up the dog fur, took a nap. Read a little bit, took a nap. Forced myself to make dinner and went to bed early – actually slept on the couch in solidarity with my dog because I realized this morning that he simply cannot do the steep stairs in this old house to my bedroom anymore. Today I feel no squeezing for the first time in days so I washed all my windows, so proud that I was able to actually DO something :). Thanks so much Cats and feel better M’s, I really am feeling good about things these days. Oh and the best part of my tree work is I have to take the next 2 days off work, what a shame….NOT. :0

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  2. Hello All~
    WELL. These last four days have certainly been PACKED energetically! I am definitely grateful for all the good hearts and the good minds here.

    I have the strong impression that much of the ramparts, foundation and walls of the PTW fortress are now unexpectedly breached, crumbled and unfixable. Yet MORE interesting days and nights ahead.

    Last night I had 2 separate dream sequences. The first involved seeing many relatives (the actual ones I am related to in ‘this’ life), including many I’ve never met. Each of them looked very different from how I recognize them in waking life. They were all involved in trying out different hairstyles, clothing, body shapes, faces… to the point that in the dream, I thought everybody needed Name Tags so as to know who was who.

    The second dream had a similar theme, this time involving friends and acquaintances, most from my past, some of them part of fond memories, some unremarkable. The acquaintances were both known and unknown to me in waking life. None of these people seemed to be from times any more recent than about 20 years ago.

    This dream setting was in a large area, filled with closets, dressing areas, and bins, drawers and shelves overflowing with clothing, accessories, and ‘tools’ for changing appearances. All were in active use. At one point I was in a car with two others, an array of ‘appearance tools’ and stuff in the back seat, when two people with finished ‘costumes’ got in the back seat, sitting right on top of the stuff, and filling the car interior almost to capacity. These two newcomers were attired and ‘made up’ in highly caricatured fashion – exaggerated facial features, wild hair, and garish garments. They were quite lovely and polite people, and a bit apologetic for squeezing themselves in. At this point in the dream, I thought we must be entering NE via the dressing rooms!

    love, friend

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  3. I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the absence of ships in the skies? I typically walk my dog at night so I can gaze. The last couple months have been VERY quiet. Not a lot of movement up there. At first I thought it was the Northern California fires (where I’m located) making it too hazy for viewing, but even after this has eased, I still am not seeing anything.

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    1. Yes I saw one but I think it was a military drone and not a real ship. They used to be so many it was a joke guess the cats are right they were told to bugger off lol.

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    1. L’homme n’est qu’un roseau, le plus faible de la nature ; mais c’est un roseau pensant. Il ne faut pas que l’univers entier s’arme pour l’écraser : une vapeur, une goutte d’eau suffit pour le tuer.

      Man is but a reed, the weakest in nature; but it is a thinking reed. The whole universe must not arm itself to crush it: a vapor, a drop of water is enough to kill it.

      Blaise Pascal

      this came to my mind about “What do you think?”

      the video is in the mode of Bashar, Abraham Hicks…. and it reminds me at a downgrading of this huge EVENT that the cosmos will send to us. A downgrading to stay in 4 Dimension.

      But we have to reach beyond this…. we are here moving to the top of a high mountain
      surfing a high wave – the Great Kahuna Wave
      it requires some work to go inside and meditate, breath
      but it all comes naturally, no forcing but steady climbing the mountain
      or like a surfer *** the wave***
      to take all the smaller waves, we allready are surfing with the spirit of *** Aloha****
      and ***Hangloose***

      love Alnilam ❤️☀️❤️

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  4. Had a song playing in my dream near the end of it. It was very pleasant and soothing. Trying to find it online, but not sure if I’m looking for it correctly. It was a female and the only lyrics I remember are “that’s just about that”.

    My dream was very bright and colourful. At the end, it was as if the last part of the scene was still being put together.

    (Ps, I knew the day would come when I’d be forced to add my email, lol)

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  5. Wow, what a crazy wonderful past few days!
    There has been increased spirit activity in our home – mainly in the dining room / my office. The leaves of my bamboo plant moved like someone dropped something on them, but there was nothing that fell. I have a broken battery operated toy in that room that I have been meaning to fix that goes off after a point in a conversation like it is agreeing to what was said. So when it wants to make a point, a chicken clucks “Old McDonald” from my office.
    I do keep many crystals in that room 🤔.
    On Friday, a very unpleasant, tense, unsustainable situation finally reached its breaking point. The first half of the day was a bit stressful, but Na’s party helped level things out.
    Saturday was much more chill.
    But today has been such a joyful day! Everyone is relaxed and happy. A huge weight has been lifted from our family’s shoulders, and we feel so free!
    An interesting occurrence happened this evening, and then another just a bit ago (about midnight central time). I was watching the beautiful sunset… big fluffy clouds glowing in orange, pink and purple. But when I looked at the sky I had lots of eye floaters, and at one point it felt like I had a second clear lens over my eyes making my vision blurry. I didn’t see the floaters when I looked at eye level or the ground. I usually don’t get floaters, but on the rare occasion I do it is only 1 or 2. Maybe my higher density vision is being turned on? Then tonight I was sky watching again and I am pretty sure I saw a beautiful red dragon fly by. I told my husband about the strange vision stuff and the dragon, and he said that he feels the winds of change and the change is going to be big (and this is coming from a semi-normie).
    Hello Source, and thank you 🙏🏻!!!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  6. Please CATS (& M’s) please… can you tell us more about our wings? I grew (earned) mine ten years ago and since have been insatiably seeking info on us and our wings. Tell us more please. Thank you. Love you. ❤

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  7. Hello cats, greetings from Mexico. Do you think we can speak at this time about any spiritual issue and what is happening with the event to anyone or should we stay away?

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  8. Should the change in the high pressure system cause a change in our weather soon? I am in northern California and normally this time of year it is cool, cloudy and rainy but instead it is hot, clear and sunny. We had a few light showers which helped clead up most of the smoke but not enough to put the fire out. It seems others are enjoying a real autumn. Our friends in Minnesota are getting snow. Our water ways are so low and our land so dry. It would be lovely to get precipitation soon, especially in quantity. Coming from the hot desert, I just love the snow and am hoping for some this winter.


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