The TimeLine’s The Thing + Notes ~ [UPDATE5]

Please don’t freak out while you read this. There’s no cause for alarm.

Two of the M’s had the same dream, independently, where they could see a little into the future — but metaphorically.


We will include our notes [in brackets]:

In the dream, each M was staying with someone who had a big ground floor industrial-space apartment with a kind of hard gray nylon curtain [the literal fabric between two realities/timelines] on one side instead of a wall between them and the street. There were no windows in the curtain, but lots of light came in from “the other side.” There was a doggy door, so they could poke their heads out through the curtain and see what was happening out on the street. They had various animals inside (cats and dogs) and kids they were responsible for, so they were vigilant about not letting anyone get out. Each CAT poked their head out the dog door at one time or another to take a look at the street and neighborhood outside. 

The place where they were situated was at a big busy intersection [of two timelines], set so you could see the edge of one street [timeline] and up another. There was lots of traffic, most of it coming toward the viewer. Cattycorner from the CATs’ POV was a house on a green knoll surrounded by a bunch of Canadian Geese that were hunkered down like a storm was approaching. Because of their vantage, the CATs in question could see farther up one street than the other [so farther up one timeline].

As they watched, a big truck came toward them, yet it was not at the intersection yet. It hit a pothole and the bump dislodged big round blobby thing that fell off the back of the truck and started rolling toward the building they were in… then it hit and splooshed like a giant water balloon against the curtain… no significant damage on the street side, but on the inside of the building (on the other side of the curtain) they definitely felt the rumble while the curtain responded to the impact. [Obviously, we’re in for a little watery bump on our timeline, but nothing compared to the other side.]

Then it happened again with another truck: a big bump and this other truck that was carrying a load of vertically stacked translucent discs (like flimsy, transparent UFOs) dislodged one which hit the street and started rolling toward the building. The CATs watched as it hit the curtain and broke apart, this time impacting with more force and tearing the curtain in spots…but everyone inside the building was ok. The CATs onsite immediately got rolls of duct tape and started repairing the curtain so the animals wouldn’t get out, and got a needle and thread to help sew up a bigger tear.

Then there were suddenly “helpers” there, helping to clean up the mess, making comments. One of them said something — a password for repairs or something — and then wandered off. Each CAT realized this was significant and pressed those in attendance for the password again (as the helpers kinda mumbled it), and the helpers called a tall blonde girl with blue eyes and a round face over, who was on a ladder helping elsewhere, to come over and tell the CATs. She was angry-annoyed and before telling them what the password was, she recounted a bunch of their past failings (which they found amusing) in a steady stream of anger… and then she gave them the password at the end. They made her say it a few times because it made no sense as a single password. That’s because it was two words: “Bristol Peril.”

Then the M’s woke up. 

Bristol Peril? A new mustachio’d cat breed?


These kinds of things are always tricky. Do we tell people? In this case we obviously are, but with the caveat: That was another timeline. There might be some effects in ours, but not significantly. Takeaways:

  • This sounds very much like the “Project Bluebeam”/false-flag fakery that was planned, but isn’t taking place/has failed on this timeline. (But why Bristol? And a place where Canadian Geese hang out?) While it probably won’t affect us here as much, there may still be some “debris” that we may see.
  • That “blob” of water that hit could be a rainstorm perhaps, before this is to start. You might be able to mark what is to transpire from that… but on this side of that timeline, you might not see anything at all.
  • Now you see a little of how complicated it is to be a psychic, or to get info from Guides who can see multiple timelines. Not only do they speak in metaphor, but with all the different (infinite number of) timelines, it’s often difficult to tell where you are when you see things (it’s even worse when you’re viewing from other Dimensions and universes). For all we know, this will (gently) affect some place on this earth that may or may not be called “Bristol.” However, those in the Bristol area — of whatever Bristol was referenced (Bristol, UK; Bristol, TN; Bristol, TX; Bristol, CT, etc.) — may notice something. Or… it was just a dream. That two CATs had. At the same time. It’s happened before. [Note: More CATs have chimed in with “disaster” type dreams.]


Some general housekeeping and trivia from the CATs’ whiteboard:

  • We have modified the date format (as some of you hawkeyes noticed), and we are in process of tightening up the comments section, so you may notice a bit more overhead in comment negotiation. We’ve been getting more trolls as the energy/vibe rises to fever pitch so this has become a necessity.
  • Expect more jumps and “reality resets.” And weird dreams.
  • At the Boston Massacre of 1770: We see the British coming in, and the colonists weren’t having it and fired first — a warning shot. But the British weren’t allowed to give up or retreat so they went in head-on.
  • The ship we saw the other night was a Positive Pleiadian ship, not SP. The earth is honeycombed with millions of (Positive and Neutral) ET outposts all over, and at various “levels” of reality. SP ships typically operate without anyone being able to see them, because they are at angel/SOURCE level. There’s more but we’re not at liberty to say.
  • Edgar Allan Poe was found delirious on a bench in Baltimore three days before his death. His last words were a name: “Reynolds,” which he repeated a few times then died. We see he had some kind of dementia… and he had a pet named “Reynolds” that passed away when he was younger (or in a past life). We see him talking to Reynolds, as if he could see the spirit when his dementia got worse.  
  • We contacted the folks who control the MLSO data and they gave the best gobbletygook/BS answer as to why they censored the data stream. The DOJ and GAO office will love it.
  • FYI, we didn’t comment on Corey Goode in a previous post (we wouldn’t waste our time), but on a rude commenter in Rancho Necromunda who’d called themselves “Corey ‘No’ Goode.”
  • We are literally in the homestretch of The Event. We can’t comment any more than that.
  • And it’s Monday. Expect things to get even weirder.

(Note: Check out Cristina’s dream/comment in the comments section.)


We’ve had some more base clearances:

And… another armada showed up early this morning:

That’s moving TOWARD earth. Very fast. It’s already been here for a while, now.


Several people asked about the weird West Coast weather stasis (it’s looked exactly the same for some time). We noticed this oddity last night:

We get the above (and the weather) has to do with The SHIFT, and also in shifting a timeline (like something bad would or could have happened without what SOURCE and Gaia and Angels et al are doing). All is well. You can expect CA rain in a few more weeks.

This explains CAT “ferry” dreams last night:

We chose to stay on this side after the last run. Interesting: the above jump wasn’t there when we went to sleep. We each had a ship dream and then various ferry dreams, bringing people across. Lots of us always did want to be the Ferryman at the end of Siddhartha.


More jumpage:

And the now standard early morning Wave X:

And lots of meters are now currently down or broken. Gosh, wonder why?


A pair of big-time ear-ringing events around 22:20 and 22:35 UTC on the 21st:

The green lines at top.

And another step-up in energies:


We were kinda waiting for the Wave X WHOMP to break so we could post… but it never did:

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  1. It’s not just CA that has weird weather at the moment. I’ve been in 3 places in Asia in the past few days, and now I’m back in the U.S., and all areas I’ve been to including the latter are all either cloudy or raining. So I did a weather search on most major cities around the world, and it seems like a vast majority of them have that same cloudy/raining weather. It is odd.

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  2. New Gaia Portal:
    Cosmic Delineations are made apparent
    by ÉirePort

    Cosmic Delineations are made apparent.

    Alignments with Higher Beings accelerates.

    Sparseness is released.

    Abundance in all forms is recognized.

    Humanity wins.

    ÉirePort | October 22, 2020 at 12:12 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:
    Humanity Wins! Yes! We are One. ❤

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  3. Cat Eds. Update 5. Sorry to be a bit dense but does that mean the Wave X energy has blanketed us and is not receding at the moment looking at those charts? 🤔

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  4. Something has been becoming for the last few days. Sophia’s nightly email summed it up perfectly. It’s a simple thing. And it’s everything. I’m enough. We’re enough. And we always have been. No need to earn anything, no need to be anything other that what we are. Even the darkest of us is enough. The only one we had to convince was ourselves. Love doesn’t judge us. We do that on our own. It’s enough to keep us turned away. And now – if we’re strong enough with everything we’ve been, of the dark and the light. We turn back. Simple – not easy. We are allowed to stand fully as who we are. All of it. No shame.

    We are always loved. We are always free. We were convinced otherwise.

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  5. PLEASE, check out SUSPICIOUSOBSERVERS on Youtube for Oct 21

    I have never seen him discuss data drop out from public metered like he did last night.


  6. Hi. I know this doesn’t matter, but did that space probe OSIRIS-REx really land on that asteroid? It looked kinda fake.

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  7. Hi CATS.

    Can I please ask why some people are in agony while upgrading from a carbon to a crystalline form and yet so many people of all ages and spiritual growth appear none the wiser to this process?

    Are some people being upgraded more rapidly too?

    Many thanks.


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    1. That’s the way it goes. Everything is a choice.

      Don’t get hung up on the ‘carbon vs. crystalline’ unicorn thing. they’re just words. instead, ask J and Guides and SOURCE to fill you with as much Wave X Upgrade Energy that you can stand without dying. That seems to work the best.

      < CAT Eds.

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    2. I’ve wondered that myself. It seems that most of the people I work with are feeling “normal”. Hard to tell, really. It’s a local pizza delivery place and I’m the manager. Newer people, in particular, take that more seriously than I do so it seems they are hesitant to speak plainly. Which is perfectly understandable! It has always been a loco reality and it feels it’s been more and more intense the last few years…. Older employees–I mean ones that have been there a while–are friends and some of them are pretty much on the same page as me. Sorry–running on here!
      Anyways maybe folks at work are suffering but attributing it to other things. I know that sometimes I feel that my mitochondria are at 10%, hehe.
      Thank you guys and girls! Love to all.

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  8. Greetings, dear hearts! Thank you & many blessings to you, Cats, for the time & energy you put into monitoring and updating this blog! 💞🙌🙏🙌💞

    This is my second post (the first one I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair & so I totally forgot my manners!), so I would like to say thank you & hello to all the readers who post comments as well. I find I really enjoy & appreciate your imput. I live in the woods in CA (yes, we still have some), venture into “civilization” as infrequently as I can (the m*sks look like mu*zles to me & kinda geek me out) & have little to do with the internet, preferring birdsong and my garden more these days. So I’ve never followed a blog before.

    This one was recommended to me by an incredibly wonderful woman who I met in, basically, an ascension class, earlier this year. I just started following this curious collection of divinely delightful souls incarnate (i.e. you) a few months ago. This has turned into a daily occurrence, which is very odd for me. Technophobia has plagued me my whole life. I generally prefer to interact with people in person, not online. And I’m really enjoying being pretty reclusive this year. But…I did want to say hi. And thank you. And offer some tidbits of responses.

    If you are looking for some lovely books to read, I really enjoyed the Ringing Cedars series, by Vladimir Megré. It’s a nine book series about a Russian recluse named Anastasia in the Siberian woods. It is a very sweet love story that’s full of fascinating ideas and very uplifting!

    For energy grooming, you can try out decreeing. Some decrees we received in our class that I particularly like are: “Mighty I AM Presence, see to the Perfect Atoms and Perfect Electrons of all seven of my bodies/ that they are renewing and maintaining their Perfect activity within us. I AM.”
    “I clothe every Atom of my world this day with Infinite Love and Wisdom. I AM.” (I add Grace & Joyfulness to the list when I say it. And I imagine those qualities expressing themselves as a rose with white light petals in the center, with gold light petals around them & pink light petals on the outside with a rainbow stem that I add to the outfit of every Atom…I figure it’s good exercise for my imagination.) You can repeat the decree seven times, with the “I AM.” at the end to finish it.

    Personally, I really enjoy that readers post websites and videos. Most of it is something I wouldn’t have seen otherwise because I don’t surf much. 😉 If I don’t feel drawn to a particular video, I don’t watch it. It does make sense to remain mindful of the Cats’ time & to stay…mmm…focused on sharing information. But information does come in many formats, & sometimes that includes music videos. So… it’s all a process. I would say that the biggest lesson of this year for me has been seeing what a mirror this reality is…and how much we project our minds and assumptions on the situations around us. How we perceive a situation says more about us than the situation. It has felt like excellent practice for maintaining inner alignment with Source energy and learning to not attach to external situation, to stay balanced inside and not get sucked into the drama swirling around me. When I did the Black Ice meditation, I crossed it three different ways, in three different meditations. The first way was a playful run & slide method, like a kid bouncing all over the place. The second was an extremely thoughtful, present, mindful and dignified crossing, very present with every step, like a priestess or wise woman, and the third was the practical, nonchalant country girl throwing decomposed granite from my parents’ driveway on the ice in front of me and just walking across like it was just a normal little thing, no big deal.

    Thank you Cats for the meditation advise too. This is the first year I’ve really felt inclined to “officially” meditate. Without something to focus on, I’ve just felt like I was sitting and just sitting was…not gardening. Or painting. Or talking to my cats or plants. Or any other of the gazillion fun things I can think to do if I’m not trying to force myself to sit still for the specific purpose of ‘meditating’. This has been my favorite year in this incarnation so far, so many amazingly wonderful & fantastic experiences! I have felt extremely blessed and grateful this year! That includes discovering a group of people who delight me with your gifts of self shared, online. Thank you. Many blessings to you and all your days.

    Willow 🌈🌸💕🌅🐈🌿

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  9. *** ask J and Guides and SOURCE to fill you with as much Wave X Upgrade Energy that you can stand without dying. That seems to work the best.

    -CAT Eds.***

    Please CAT Ed’s

    can I use a protection shield of silver textile for my solarplexus and sometime heart chakra
    because of pain? Or do I retard my cosmic updates in this way?
    From time to time in the night( only at night) I use it and it works, that my stomach don’t
    contracted with pain.

    Anyway, since I am grounding (on NE with so much pleasure), I feel less pain and sleep way much better.

    Love Alnilam .🌈💖

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    1. dear Cat’s
      I still have this question:

      *** ask J and Guides and SOURCE to fill you with as much Wave X Upgrade Energy that you can stand without dying. That seems to work the best.

      -CAT Eds.***

      Please CAT Ed’s

      can I use a protection shield of silver textile for my solarplexus and sometime heart chakra
      because of pain? Or do I retard my cosmic updates in this way?
      From time to time in the night( only at night) I use it and it works, that my stomach don’t
      contracted with pain.

      Anyway, since I am grounding (on NE with so much pleasure), I feel less pain and sleep way much better.

      Can you answer my question please?
      Thank you.

      Love Alnilam .🌈💖


  10. Friend of mine called me today because he had a problem on a PC in his café bar, as he is using that PC to make receipts for the customer, it was urgent that it was fixed ASAP as by law he have to give the receipt to each customer so he picked me up at my home 😉

    On the end the problem was blocked fan in the PC power supply, but as a friend I did not wanted that he spent too much money by buying new PS, so I opened it and gave him the fan to go to the electronic parts shop to buy only a fan, in a meantime I cleaned it thoroughly as it was full off dust, all fans were clogged with the dust, spinning, but clogged.

    He brought new fan, 3 wires type, but I needed just 2, soldered it to the original connector, but no spin, only 4.5V on that connection instead of 12V as it was supposed to be, but as there is 12V rail inside each PC power supply, I just borrowed 12V from other place as it was the easiest then investigate what went bad with that 12V fan supply, on the end that fixed the problem 😎

    But as I am also friend with waitress there, her husband brought his PC from their home as she knew I was coming that day in the café bar to fix PC from owner, so I manage to fix that one, there was no picture on the screen, it was easy fix, loose clips shorted temporary the graphic card, removing them fixed that problem 😉

    But during the repairs I felt bad at one point, at about 11:00 UTC, almost fainted, was there some TLJ going on or high X waves… Uhhh, it lasted several hours later, now I am OK, but it was really intense, but at least I done two good deeds today, I am happy that I could be off help to both off my friends 😉✨

    Perica ✨

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  11. I am still sleeping and dreaming very little. I woke up three times last night, kicking off the covers. I felt like I was being cooked from within. Could that be a manifestation of Wave X?
    Love and Light to all! ❤

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