The CHOICE: Symbol as Signpost ~ [UPDATED]

A symbol. A sign post. A choice to be made. Last chance to pick a lane.

This symbol was shown to us day-before-last — it was shown to us by SOURCE. It will be shown to everyone in one way or another. From here on out, the paths diverge.

While it looks like the “less than” symbol, it is not. It means much more. It is both symbol and sign post of a choice to be made. SOURCE doesn’t talk much. Any Being Whose Trademark is SILENCE AND STILLNESS is not exactly chatty. But when SOURCE does talk, it’s usually with a ton of information and a less-is-more modicum of symbols. This is one of those times. Please pay attention.


This symbol is Your Official Notice of the choice you are to make. It points to what you want.

To the left is the Old Earth/STS model. To the right is the NE/STO model — and SOURCE.

To the right, besides a deeper relationship with SOURCE (which is the most desirable), lies something SOURCE called, “INFINITY-PLUS.” We have no idea what that means, but we’re going with SOURCE regardless. We’ve been told before that we’d one day push past infinity, but first things first.

Whatever choice comes to you, now or in the future (there really is only NOW, btw), it will involve a lessening turn to the left, or an expansive turn to the right. In reality, there are no directions, but at this stage of the game… if you come to a Decision Point (you will), your choice will boil down to these two.


Everything in our world is upside-down.

Pyramids all over the earth were built upside-down on purpose (except for one in Antarctica, but ETs built that one). Here’s what they really mean:

On the right is how the rest of the Omniverse views SOURCE, it is in fact most ETs’ symbol for SOURCE. Only on the Old Earth, and other low-vibe places, is SOURCE eliminated from the equation by those who put themselves at the top of the pyramid. Factually, we are all at the bottom of the inverted pyramid (at right), with INFINITE SOURCE at the top. This isn’t a power thing (like the one on the left), it’s an encouraging climb-up-to-meet-Me thing. The one on the right is a love-thing.

So… which choice to make?

PLEASE, you don’t have to (nor do we encourage you to) announce your choice on this blog. That’s unnecessary. What is necessary is that YOU pick a lane in meditation, in your heart. Most already have in one way or another. If you haven’t already done so, go into meditation/prayer/whatever and make your choice known.

(In a vision last night, some M’s saw people rollerskating to the LEFT, with lollipops in their mouths and blowing bubblegum bubbles. So it goes.)

NOTE: Choosing STO does not mean you will automatically go to the New Earth. You will go where you agreed to go before this lifetime, where your greatest good will be served… unless you change your mind and make a case, but that’s your deal, not ours. CATs WILL NOT advise or get in the way of existing soul contracts. No, thank you. We are here to Prepare the Way. This we have done.

Make a choice, Dracula.

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  1. I think everyone who comments and follows this blog positively has chosen the ‘right’ path, the same as you CATS.

    I feel this post is aimed at those who need to know there is still time, albeit a last chance to choose a better path.

    See you all on the ladder rising.


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  2. “We are here to Prepare the Way.”
    Reading that just now was like a bell ringing in my brain. At some point last week I recalled the French lyrics to Godspell’s Preparez le Chemin du Seigneur (my first exposure to the musical was in French), went on a search for the lyrics and ended up watching a bunch of the videos. I think I know what I chose. But I don’t know what I agreed to before in my soul contract. Fingers crossed!

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  3. Great Post CATs, thank you ❤️

    It is done, it is done, it is done…

    Been feeling really quiet the last day or so, not wanting to speak much or even think really, just be. Went to the doctors to get blood tests done and first progesterone shot. That was the first time since the beginning of all the drama that I have been in a public building or worn a ****.

    Had to wait outside. There were just two other people, an elderly couple that decided to wait standing up. I couldn’t stand, I was feeling so dizzy. So I sat on this chair by the door feeling like I was going to pass out. A bee came and nearly landed on me but flew off again. Then a ladybird landed on me! I carefully put it on the ground and soon forgot as I was called in.

    As I drove home it felt as if everything around me was sort of disintegrating, really strange.

    Got back home feeling the worst kind of rough. When I finally sat down to try and meditate that evening I saw a dark fluttery thing by the light which then landed on a photo frame on the wall. On closer inspection I found a ladybird! Looked just like the one I had seen at the doctors!

    Been a difficult couple of days, weird dreams, Elsie unhappy, Mummy meltdown etc…followed by guilt and then lots of clearing and grinding and protecting…

    Started feeling a bit more ‘lifted’ today though and Elsie has been giggling a lot and saying ‘I am the cookie Monster’ over and over again, so happy I can understand those words as I usually struggle to make out what she says. but, I managed to join in with her and have some fun!

    Kind of feeling very chilled out now, just accepting of what will be, knowing it is all just going to be fine…

    Love to you ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  4. Wouldn’t being a balance of STO and STS be preferable? With total STO you could become very drained and have little capacity to have STO. I don’t need to explain what too much STS is with our collective human experience. So maybe 90/10 on STO/STS is the goal?

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    1. I have a feeling that it won’t matter on the New Earth.

      On 3D Earth, what you say makes sense because you’re surrounded by takers and people willing to stomp all over you for an extra dollar or for social status. That naturally drains people. I’ve have been a bit of a hermit these last few weeks, because I can’t handle it anymore…

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    2. No, because STO *also* includes yourself. It’s not just caring about everyone else in the equation. It is living to the best of your ability, while also being of help to others in the process.

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  5. Now I know what Gaia/Terra was trying to tell me in my meditation, she was sitting cross legged with me and hold hands but with opposite hands so we both made a v shape, so we were like an infinity sign, then she flushed some weird almost static (as in how a TV looks) energy into me, still not sure what to do with it yet, I’m sure I will find out soon.

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  6. Is it selfish and STS to want to go to the NE and be STO?

    I believe I’m going (many dreams recently have been hinting that), but there is unfortunately always that bit of doubt at the back of the mind.

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  7. Forgot to add…
    For those of us who don’t have clear meditations and communications, how can we figure out what our soul contract is?

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      1. It would really help to know if both, purpose of this live and soul contracts could be known from the start instead of just blankly forgetting everything. Hopefully this will be the case the higher ppl evolve.


  8. I don’t usually comment on my dreams, but this one was fun and exciting. A lodge. Quite lovely etc. You know the drill for great beauty, colors— The take home: Suddenly busloads of people arrived in a great state of excitement—children and pets accompanied the adults—All were in colorful attire including the pets. A couple arrived in their car along with their 8or9 year old daughter. The humorous part of this was that their license plate was from the state of Wisconsin. We proceeded to have a very free and engaging conversation as if we’d known each other always (We probably had) Anyway, needless to say they had all Arrived and I was there to witness it. Pretty sweet! Methinks this had some meaning. Har!

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  9. You Cats keep “bringing it home” to me, every time!–SO grateful I managed to fumble my way into your orbit! Doing my best to trust that whatever occurs will be for the highest good of all concerned… There are no words to thank you for all the upliftment!

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  10. It was my understanding that everyone was going to the new earth….. eventually. When ready to do so. And the transition to new earth and 5D consciousness would be a gradual metamorphosis for all of us here on earth at this time. Only the very few who had completely disconnected from source by choice would be prevented from the transition.
    For those with physic abilities.. Does this signal they are closer to achieving 5D consciousness? I have always wondered why some seem to have this gift from birth, and others do not? I’m not really counting having an inmate ‘knowing’ as a phycic gift, but maybe I should be?

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  11. Why would SOURCE give us such a unbridled and limitless imagination, yet damn us to such a limited, boring reality? I could scream at how boring this is. Perhaps I should check my privilege, I guess. But I’m going crazy in my personal corner…

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    1. hi, @Lore,
      nice to here you rant…

      “God is but Love,
      and all the Love is His.
      There is no principle that rules
      where Love is not.”
      / A Course in Miracles/

      We are all mighty Beings of Light, SOURCE created us perfect, of course.
      There was a huge disruption in the Laws of God in this Universe,
      our planet was invaded,
      turned into a prison planet,
      and we, humans enslaved.
      The Anunnaki cut our 12 DNA helixes to 2 only,
      debasing us to “chattle”.
      They rape us, our bodies, our blood,
      our children, our energy — all
      and all of our pristine planet.
      And so, this time is called “The Grand Awakening”,
      exactly because we all find out
      the Truth!
      of all atrocities done unto us,
      and manifest our Liberation!
      All this by SOURCE’s Plan, and no other’s.

      We will all remember, and pretty soon.
      All He does, is done in perfection.

      Love, oro

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    2. I thought that we were doing incarnations all at the same time, learning lessons on all kinds of planets in all kinds of forms? So we could be having interesting, fascinating lives on this planet or others, right now. I guess we will know someday.


  12. I’m just asking to go to the place that is for my highest good but with a preference to go right STO 💜🌈

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  13. Thanks for the reminder I’m here for STO.
    Yesterday was a VERY trying day. After listening to politics all day at work, I left to run errands. I saw more people wearing ***** more than ever! And they’re not even mandated where I live!! I had to keep reminding myself it’s all an illusion.
    But it’s been quite difficult to maintain any sanity and meditate when you read/hear that people are waking up, we’re transforming from carbon to crystalline, the end is near, etc., but all you see around you are sheeple. Which is why I keep coming back to this blog to reassure myself I’m not crazy.

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  14. I like to check out space weather but not always understanding what’s happening.
    This looks unusual. Was wondering, what’s happening here?

    (Sorry, can’t figure out how to upload the actual image.)

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    1. And, as I suspected, the link shows the current image. This isn’t the interesting one I was referring to… but still can’t post a saved image from my iPad to WordPress. (Yes, Im challenged technologically.). Oh, well.

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      1. Bo-ring. They’re not showing you what happened BEFORE that.

        That’s just the “exhaust” due to passage of a *huge* ship that exited Portal One. No big deal. What IS a big deal is that the size of the ship was six times the size of Jupiter. Now THAT’S news.

        < CAT Eds.

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    1. I found Lisa’s and also Laura Whitworth’s new posts both are completely in alignment with this message of choice. Everything is converging now it would seem 🌈

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  15. ~ Hello All ~
    I had a VERY powerful dream this morning and woke shuddering with the energy of it.

    Had been awake a while, having repeated SOURCE visits of profound stillness one after another, in waves.  Fell back asleep and into this dream.

    DREAM: I was outside a large storefront.  At first I thought it was a Safeway market (American chain grocery store) under renovation as there were workmen and scaffolding etc.  Then I knew it wasn’t a market at all, but was a “SAFE WAY”.  There were many open parking spaces in front, even right outside the entry.  The workmen’s trucks were few and parked a bit further away.  Lined up directly in front of the entry were 3 ‘four-wheels/ quads/ ATVs’ each looking brand new, shiny and high end.
    The facade under construction was nearly completed, and composed of many levels/ tiers of stacked sculptures.  The ground level was a row of 3 massive giant figures reminiscent of a football player in full gear, or an Olmec statue (pre Columbian Mexico). These were made mostly of metal parts and pieces, with arms and legs formed out of huge pneumatic lift mechanisms.  Overall impression was black and silver steel, and “earth moving” equipment.  The entry was among their legs, which were serving as columns.  The second tier and all tiers above were similar in size and shape, but made only of rock and mineral, with a grainy texture and a warm tawny color.  There was no further metal to be seen. All of the figures had ‘helmeted’ heads but featureless faces.

    I could hear workmen talking and some laughter high above my head.  When I looked up I saw scaffolding reaching far overhead, in front of more tiers of giant figures.  The men were sitting in groups, swinging their legs on scaffolding boards while having a food and rest break.  They were at the feet of tiers 3 and 4. There were 6 completed tiers that I could see, but from the top of the 6th upward I saw only the open scaffolding framework uprights extending out of sight.  It was very bright looking up and I had to squint the higher I looked.

    The structure was almost ready for “public access”, with the parking lot and sidewalk swept and only a simple construction barrier still in place.  There was no signage, but I saw the words in my mind “THE SAFE WAY” and realized that is the same way it would be recognized by anyone looking for it – in their mind.

    love, friend

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    1. Amazing information Perica!!!
      Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

      I will try to tap into this grid ASAP!!


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  16. Feeling more and more disconnected to the outside reality. This seems to make it easier to make a clear choice for heart felt STO lane while acknowledging the surrounding chaos from a distance. Best of luck to all here and don’t forget to ask Brother”J” to enjoy every step of this incarnation with you. Cay

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  17. Cats and Ms, This post on Terran Cognito’s site was just posted a few hours ago. I think you should read it. If you decide not to post it here, I understand, and just delete it. I think it fits in with the idea of Signposts. It says that the Event Horizon has passed.
    “10–The Return to Original is Now”

    Also, Amanda Lorence posted on fb an hour ago that huge energies are now incoming, which I feel and you must feel also.
    Respectfully, with Love and Light, We are ONE.
    Laura 3:15 pm EDT

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    1. [shrug] No idea who they’re talking to, but it’s not the Space Police. They’d never tell anyone what they’re doing — EVER. And they’d never talk to anyone on earth. They are active, however, which is all we can say. As for “passing the Event Horizon,” we did that a while ago. SOURCE is totally in charge, now, not ETs. And there are ALWAYS huge energies coming!

      < CAT Eds.

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    2. The ones who returned to their origins in the HUGE ship,
      are Altea and his Atlantis Civilization.
      They speak of the pain of returning.
      Yesterday and today I just had to cry in pain,
      with no reason.

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        1. [shrug] We don’t need their Announcement to know what’s happening right now. A bit of a foregone conclusion to those paying attention. SOURCE and the Angels are here in force and keeping us safe until the Final Act. Anyone with eyes to see can see their influence everywhere.

          < CAT Eds.

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      1. [Har!] So Youse have made my Sunday. Anyway, we’ve just had the first killing frost here on the farm. The pumpkins and squash are in. The majority of bulbs are planted. We are due for a few days of crisp, sunny October before the rains start again. I drove through the garden as the sun was setting last night and was truly awe-struck at the amazing amount of work that was accomplished this year. I had a feeling of completeness and closure. The garden is where it needed to be energetically. (Don’t ask-It had to be completed by November. I felt compelled and guided to bring it into form. It simply was to be done. I don’t question knowings like that. Experience has proven that they are for a purpose) Anyway it is done—–(mostly) So, the Grand Adventure continues! Stay tuned to this same CATS channel.

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  18. hello everybody

    what a strange day, it started yesterday late afternoon and is still lasting
    a huge amount of energy is blasting
    a dream about an hotel ( inside dark) and my question if we really are picked up’ if they find us here. And the answer: YES

    love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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  19. Thank you cat’s for all your guidance and work ❤️🙏❤️
    hope you are well

    Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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  20. You weren’t kidding about the dream thing. My dreams have always been vivid, weird, and at times disturbing. The big change for me lately has been lucid dreaming. I had been working on further cultivating this ability but was only able to do it on rare occasion. Lately though I have been lucid dreaming like crazy. Usually I have to look at my hands in the dream but lately all I have to do is realize it is a dream and I am there. This last sleep session I had numerous lucid dreams. Usually they are over quickly but these ones lasted. There were some dark elements but I resisted. After flying, which I usually do, I decided to commune with Source. Show me the way? How can I be of service to others? How can I be of assistance to you? I was lifted up and could see clouds and a huge, beautiful tree growing from where I could not determine. This was after reading this post. Magic is afoot on this blog.

    And in other news, I woke up to clouds, mist and fog here in northern California. Some of the clouds were dark too. A nice, small change in the Groundhog day weather.

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  21. After the Black Ice Ahead posting, I customised my Home page in my laptop not to display any news from the main media. But I forgotten to do the same with my tablet.

    So, an article caught my attention and I clicked on it: About Trump just quietly passed an executive order etc – very unpopular with civil service which would influence their vote for Biden. While reading it, I told myself “Perhaps it’s just another anti-Trump propaganda report”

    Then I read this post here “The Choice” and it so happened that the Lesson from ACIM that day was a review of “Beyond this world there …..” and I felt good to affirm it.

    But on the same night, I had a frightening dream. It was very weird but there were negative people coming out of my mobile phone trying to catch me, so, after much struggle, I managed to switch off my mobile phone off. But to my surprise, they managed to appear from nowhere, caught me and I was their prisoner. I tried to escape a few times but each time, I’m caught back till in the end, I said “OK, I gave up” (though in my mind I said that I will try again later when I have another opportunity) – then I woke up from my dream, glad that it was just a dream.

    CATs, does it mean that I’m back in the Black Ice again? 😱

    The next day, I confirmed my choice again and ask SOURCE to guide me. I was glad that I didn’t have another frightening dream. I know that I have to stop thinking about that dream (more of curious than fear). Appreciate it if you can help me to understand why I had such type of dream despite making THAT choice. I never have such type of dream before.

    “Pyramids all over the earth were built upside-down on purpose”
    -What do you mean “upside-down”? I don’t remember seeing/reading about upside-down pyramid.

    Much Gratitude & Love for having prepared the way for us 🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖

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      1. I was just curious why I never had such type of dream before during my prime years when I was interested in politics, be it in person or in blogs. Come to think of it now, I could have spent those years wiser with spiritual journey instead! 😁

        So, thanks for reminding me that I have a choice!

        Never crossed my mind to look at pyramid from the rest of the Omniverse view – interesting indeed.

        With Gratitude & Love 🙏💖

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  22. ~ Hello All,
    I came across a quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin today, and reacquainted myself with some of his many writings.  I found his thoughts from long ago fit very clearly with the contemporary topics we discuss here on the blog, in particular this Shift we are in the midst of.

    Chardin ( 1881-1955 ) was a renowned evolutionary philosopher, paleontologist and geologist, and Jesuit theologian. He developed a unique synthesis of science and religion based on an evolutionary understanding of what he called the ‘cosmic Christ’ – the idea that the universe and everything in it is constantly moving towards a point of perfection defined by unity and love.  The Catholic authorities at the time were not in favor of his ideas, forbidding the publication of his philosophical and theological writings while apparently finding it advantageous to fund his remote scientific expeditions. Teilhard lived in China from 1923 to 1946 and carried on his research in China, India, Burma, Java, and elsewhere.

    I find his words settle in my heart like a visit from a kindred spirit, despite the long years and different world situations between us.  I thought some of you would also enjoy reading them.  I’ve combined lines from various of his writings here.              

    love, friend


    “Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.  Long before the awakening of thought on earth, manifestations of cosmic energy must have been produced which have no parallel today.   The most telling and profound way of describing the evolution of the universe would undoubtedly be to trace the evolution of love.  Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world… Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis. Each act of love, no matter how small or hidden, moves all of reality closer to unity and connection.   
    All the elements of the universe touch each other by that which is most inward and ultimate in them. There they concentrate, little by little, all that is purest and most attractive in them without loss and without danger of subsequent corruption. 

    Let man live at a distance from God [SOURCE], and the universe remains neutral or hostile to him. But let man believe in God, and immediately all around him the elements, even the irksome, of the inevitable organize themselves into a friendly whole, ordered to the ultimate success of life. 

    At once humbled and ennobled by our discoveries, we are gradually coming to see ourselves as a part of vast and continuing processes; as though awakening from a dream, we are beginning to realize that our nobility consists in serving, like intelligent atoms, the work proceeding in the Universe. We have discovered that there is a Whole, of which we are the elements. We have found the world in our own souls.”
    ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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  23. Hi CATS.

    Is a merkaba a star tetrahedron?

    Is a star tetrahedron basically two pyramids merged, facing point to point but merged together?

    Is there any relationship to these purpose built pyramids and can a merkaba be built. I imagine a machine where each pyramid spin opposite to each other to create something,
    a portal perhaps.



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    1. hi, @ Mark,
      when two merged pyramids spin in different directions,
      they annihilate gravity.
      The field they form is a vacuum.
      Using this technology, every space craft shoots itself
      in the air in one second with ease.
      If you put a burning candle in that field, it gets off.

      If you want to learn about Angels & Archangels,
      there is a book called “Urantia Book”.
      Urantia was the ancient name of Gaia.
      It has thousands of pages, in pergament, like old bibles.
      Given the very high level of content, e.g. the structure of
      all SOURCE Creation, Isle of Paradise, Havona – the Creator World,
      the 7 Superuniverses as the Created Worlds, all management, the
      Celestial Courts, the SOURCE Triune of the Trinity: the Father, the
      Infinite Mother Spirit and the Eternal Son, the Eons – Archangels &
      the legions of Angels, their relation to the Rainbow Rays of Light,
      their roles and responsibilities…
      the book is authored by a knowledgeable entity from on High,
      not by a human.

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      1. Thanks, oro.

        To be honest, I don’t think “we” have the time now to invest in such examination. I accept that if I was supposed to read such a gargantuan work, I would have already. I have a sneaky suspicion all will be revealed soon enough ❤

        M7 is right. The CATS have not lead me wrong so far, and yet, they owe me nothing.

        It is enough for me to know of their existence and intentions for now. But be warned, when I am able to stand in their hallowed presence once more, they’re all gonna get a big, bloomin hug.


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  24. Hallo and Love to All,
    I came across the Phoenician alphabet and noticed the first letter alep. What do simbols in alphabets comunicate?
    Look by yourself and let me know.

    Thanks for Being here during this importat times.
    Much Light from Italy to All of you.


      1. Dear Cats & Ms,

        Confirmation here. In my journeyings just now, (11:30 am CDT) I JUST SAW THIS SYMBOL APPEAR. There was a definite splitting of forces that occurred, with the darker set moving first down, and then over to the left, and when I pulled back, there was the < sign very clear. The lighter side is to the right (towards the larger than side.) There is nothing we need to do with it, other than confirm our side.

        This is very much all in the "hands" of SOURCE. LEAN into SOURCE and enjoy the ride!

        Love and Light to the World.

        Gramma B.

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  25. I hope it is not true!!! It is horrifying! I do not believe they could do it to Canada and its people!
    PTW are planning to have even worse lockdowns and put people in concentration camps and take everything they own from them in a next few month or so…it will get more horrific next year?…and it looks like it is a plan for the whole world…

    I think I am switching to a different time line NOW! 😉


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