What Really Happened ~ [UPDATE1]

Just a ship…

…six times the size of Jupiter. What else is new?

Just another giant ship exiting Portal One. Who cares? Been there, done that.

We are fully protected by SOURCE and Gaia and Positive ETs/HOBs till The SHIFT completes. We are in The SHIFT now. Time to make your choice.


FYI, that recent BIG (odd) Orionid fireball (which one of the M’s eyewitnessed) was deflected by Angels and SP and made to burn up. (The fireball, the size of your fist held at arm’s length, left a rainbow trail.) Another M saw another big rock at least 5 km wide be deflected away from hitting the same spot: that is, US. Both space rocks were sent in to take CATs out! (And shut us up.) Thanks again to all our SuperFriends, and of course SOURCE.

Again, we are in a HUGE transition right now, and there are protective forces counteracting all the negatives of the world. We are being protected till after The SHIFT completes.  

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  1. I thought that when we were in the shift that it would be obvious. Maby the shift is over a long period?

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    1. We talk about this all the time. It’s our theory that the things we’ve seen as visions and dreams were how the Spirit side sees things, which is 10-100X faster. Down here in 3d, we might experience it as slow-motion. Still, there might be a big denouement — or not. We’re definitely in The SHIFT right now, though, which is why the choice is so important.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. Thanks. I guess I’m tired of waiting.

        Had a dream last night that seemed to answer my question, lol.
        The message seems to say that it will be obvious to some, but not to others. Or at least some will take longer to realise the difference than others will.

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          1. Cat Eds. Thank goodness. It gives the STS less time to aim things at you all. So very glad that you have rather special friends that are looking out for you.😳😻💖

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          2. Obviously we all avoid giving dates, such is the fluidity of our predicament.

            That said, I heard “5 days” in a panick stricken statement. I avoided saying anything until now, but what the heck. That was 3 days ago. The 29th was my late mother’s birthday, God bless her.

            Either way, seems we were always right about the leaves, huh… 😉


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      2. my mood is for sure far stabler lately, getting more difficult to trow me back in bad emotions at least for shorter and shorter times

        and how i read at places

        we are the shift, so staying strong, so long it can t be

        breath and patience combined with joy

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    1. i must have seen up to 5 in the sky but not sure on all of them

      the strange thing, looked a moment an other direction and gone, amazed me at that time 2 or so years back

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  2. See You there! If not before. Spent the day on the couch till 3:45, then to the garden. Laughter/Love/Light for All! Peace.

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  3. J,
    Garden ready just in time. Hope to see you all in J’s garden on the New Earth.
    BYOPie (pot luck) and coffee. Cay

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    1. Thanks, Kiddo-The Done somehow feels a little sad. However, that being said, when it’s time to move on I always seem to be a little wistful. It always works out.

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  4. Interesting: was awakened by a 3.0 earthquake at 2:30 am PDT. It was located apparently in a canyon on the mountain behind the house. It was a shallow .7 mi. deep. I wonder if it was a landslide? Stay tuned.

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    1. Well, this morning it has been downgraded to a 2.3 with a depth of 4.8 miles. It now shows the location under the top of a mountain peak. Hmmm!

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        1. We had several good size quakes here in Kansas in places I have never seen quakes before even with fracking I wondered if something wasn’t being cleaned up. We have a very high ratio of missing kids here as well.

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        2. I suspected as much. 2miles from the house or less was just liiiiitle too close. It’s always important to acknowledge how protected I’ve always been. In gratitude!

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  5. You are NOT joking! Last night was phenomenal. SOMETHING HUGE HAPPENED and I am still trying to get my brain cell around it!!! Thank you CATS and Ms – just THANK YOU for being here. I am experiencing this full on…

    Jay Heartlight Lightstar Ground Crew!!! XXX

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  6. Hello Everyone,
    We certainly are in the midst of changes in so
    many ways. Since none of us knows how things
    will turn out I think that many of us, including
    me, have a high level of anxiety while awaiting
    the completion of the shift. I consider so many
    of you to be my spiritual family and I would feel
    badly to lose touch with you. The CATs, for
    understandable reasons, have limited the content of our comments, which does not allow
    us to communicate on a more personal basis. I
    miss that and so I have opened a new e-mail
    account: [email protected] Note the
    capital C on Coriboy14. I look forward to hearing from you but, if not, please know that you will always be in my heart ❤️ and thoughts.

    With a great deal of love, light and blessings,



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    1. We limit nothing. We only asked that you all stay on task. And why are you feeling anxiety? SOURCE is fully in control. (This might be something you need to address in meditation.)

      Capitalization means nothing in email addresses btw, only passwords.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. CATs, Please know that I greatly appreciate
        all that you have done for everyone on this
        blog, but if I remember correctly we were
        asked not to comment on birthdays or say
        thank you anymore We were also asked not to comment or give advice on any conditions that some of us might be experiencing which is understandable, even
        if we had a similar situation. And then, it
        seems the music videos, which I can’t post
        anyway, but cheered some people, are now
        either discouraged or banned. It’s your site
        and so whatever you want to do is fine. Thank you 🙏 for your advice about the
        meditation, which of course, I am doing.

        With the deepest appreciation, love and


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          1. we are in “The Van” now…
            I can really feel it: all is dissolving in light nebulas
            this night I was feeling like cooked allive
            we are near near near

            love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  7. CATs and Ms, I admit the information about fireballs aimed directly at you is freaking me out at bit. So sooo soooooo glad you/we have protection like the SF and SOURCE.

    btw, in my recent meditation, after reading about the “inverted” pyramid, I told Source “I am working my way back to you”, and immediately felt a warm rush of love, like an energy hug. It was definitely a response. WOW!!!!

    Thank you so much for your blog and all the work you do maintaining it.

    love love to all in the rooooooooommmmmm

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  8. Soo, the “White cat out” is the secret to amplification. Some Friends call their band that. Peace.

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  9. Cat’s : *** Just a ship…

    …six times the size of Jupiter. What else is new? ***

    just a reminder….

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    1. ships can be as big as planets like the death star, for us little humans hard to grasp as we think more in terrestrial little term

      an personal example, i researched not so long ago 1 year maybe the size of those round disks, and i came but they are quite big, how they parc them to visit a specific person

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  10. Just had to put this somewhere; last night was another phenomenal energetic ‘something-or-other’…

    Spain featured in my dreamscape and I was in a kind of street party. I was aware that I had two male admirers, both lovely in every way. One was dark haired and the other was fair haired. I loved both, or so it felt, and I really loved the freedom of the relationship I had with these lovely males. Nothing had occurred physically, just their lovely closeness and friendship at this point. What I did feel was the most beautiful intimacy with the fair-haired one, without it being ‘you-know-what’ (blushing here).

    At one point, it was in the late evening and I was about to head off to my quarters with the dark-haired one, and suddenly, I felt a hand on mine. I was in a kind of tunnel (cobbled floor) leading to a quayside area. I looked around and the other, fair-haired one, had caught my hand and was urging me to go with him.

    I felt a little torn, and a little disloyal but he insisted I go with him (gently persuading me, not harshly). I took his hand and as we walked by a quayside (I could see lights flickering on the water) he suddenly pulled me to him and said, ‘I love you. Actually, I love you quite a lot…’ and this hit me in the heart. I felt tears pricking my eyes and as I looked into his eyes, I called him David. I put my arms around him and he embraced me with such love and tenderness it was exquisitely painfully beautiful…

    In between waking and sleeping, in the lovely stage of floating in the velveteen darkness, a pathway lit up and I clearly saw the most wonderful sight… a darling friend of the heart and soul (who passed from this life about 5 years ago) was walking towards me, holding out his arms. He was backlit with the sunlight and I felt such a rush and a wave of love from my heart…

    Then I woke up. My waking feelings were of longing, aching loss, and to be reunited with this love.

    I made my CHOICE folks! LOVE LOVE LOVE… all the way!

    Any interpretations would be most welcome as I feel unsettled as if waiting for someone to appear in my life xxxxxxx

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  11. In the video from Wages World, he shows at Minute 34 about a solar explosion
    on early 27 oct. and he tells about seven hours cut out of data
    this solar waves will arrive in three to four days to earth, cause it is earth directed

    any idea Cat’s???

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        1. Oh my
          yes indeed Cat M 6
          yesterday evening at 19 h this means 18 UTC
          I suddenly was feeling so strange and went imidiatly to bed.

          But it happends often that after my meditation, at 5 to 6 afternoon, I am not feeling groundet, tired and wanting go to sleep when the sun is setting.

          Do you have any idea what I can do, to have more energy?
          Or is it okay and I should go to sleep?

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      1. so we are aquainted with huge more stuff?
        we are protected and you Cat’s even more.
        you know when the next full moon occured?
        you Cat’s told, that the Shift has to be on a full moon…
        this was my idea… hm… the Shift is round the corner, I smell it
        I feel it too.

        love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Not necessarily the exact full moon, but somewhere around there. Basically all predictions are off after the last set of timeline jumps. Everything reset. But SOURCE and The Cavalry have everything in hand, so… have some coffee or tea and a muffin and wait. It happens when it happens.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. And, needless to say, key lime pie if you got it. (I have one left in the freezer. I guess I saved it for that special moment.) Note: almost all the bulb planting is done. Down to our last 300 spicy fragrant daffodils. Yay!!!

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  12. Friday, the 30th at 11:52 pm is my 68th birthday. I was almost born on Halloween. I have felt for most of this year that this will be my last on this planet. I will be having chocolate cake with vanilla fudge ice cream.
    I was thrown for a loop today when I learned that my oldest son, who shares my birthdate, let a toxic person back into his life a few months ago, which I sensed, but he finally admitted it. He expects us all to celebrate together. I have been meditating, listening to angelic music and working my way back to Source. I have reached the “all is forgiven” and hopefully by Friday I can get to the “and released”. Light pours will be gratefully accepted. ❤ ❤
    Trusting in Source

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  13. I dreamed Laura Whitworth and I were walking across this perfect green field she was so excited to see this place. In the sky were paintings just hanging in the sky free form no frames. I told her they look like ufo art. She started to smell the air like a cat would and started running very fast like a cat then she roared like a male lion. I asked her what is wrong? She said to me I smell a predator here and I must take care of it. So she ran so fast through the green brush I lost sight of her I looked behind a bush and found people with strange miniature sized animals we have on earth like elephants selling them to each other to remember life on earth. Trippy 🤩

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