Meterage, Lunacy, Foam for 10-29-20

Big post, big fun. Looks like the show is starting.

All kinds of things happening.


The weather was “released” at 8:30 UTC this morning, right before this FLASH:


This is over six hours. Note how the clouds basically don’t move. The FLASH is the pic on the right.

The weather in the Pacific has been in an artificial holding pattern (courtesy of The Cavalry), due to SOURCE et al keeping the PTW from doing something bad. Looks like something has finally changed.

Before (it’s looked like this for weeks)…

Here’s the whole sequence (apologies for the size). Note that there are numerous energy events shown here, over the course of 36 hours:

That’s enough of that.


There was also turbulence in space. (Thank SOURCE for the Russians; without their meters, we wouldn’t see much of anything). This from their PROBA satellite, note the motion:

There was a C-sized flare/CME in there, somewhere, but it’s lost in timeline turbulence. Thus:

And an earth-facing CME proper. Should make its presence known around 11/1:

There was also a FLORP and a FLIP:

Showing that the sun is getting ready, too.

There were some rising energy states:

Another BIGGIE SP ship:

Wow. That’s a sixth the size of the sun.

Here’s another one:

Basically, most of the recent solar activity is due to BIG Cavalry ships arriving, Wave X notwithstanding. Portal One definitely knows what it feels like to be a mother. Ow.


Meanwhile, we’ve been seeing more Archangels in dreams (they are looking downright RELAXED, which really tells you something). Some CATs also saw The FLASH (again) early this morning (mirror-brightness cresting the horizon); this can be a little confusing with all these FLASHes going off, but what we saw was The FLASH that signals the end of The SHIFT. Another CAT saw the ca8al’s “control train” falling off its wheels, in spectacular Saturday morning TV fashion.

Basically, the control is gone and the curtain is going up. Speaking of losing control…

Not THAT kind of moon.


Those who have golden tickets to the NE are totally submerged in white SOURCE/UPGRADE energy at the moment, getting (more) super DNA upgrades, such that it looks like everyone is sitting at the bottom of a pool of whipped cream. This of course means we can’t see anything, and we can’t see anybody. But the lattes are the stuff of legend:

Expect this full moon energy-whip to last about three days, starting tonight. It woke us up last night, and the night before last… and the night before that… and we expect it will do so again. And again. The normies might get extra whacky, so heads-up. Then that CME reprogramming mass hits us on 11/1 and we’re off to the races. The next eye-of-the-hurricane respite will be on 11/11, if we make it that far.

While we are currently in the deep end of The Event/The SHIFT, whatever you want to call it, there looks like there will still be a FLASH component (it’s really a reboot) to all this, where SOURCE unplugs us, re-works our firmware and software, and plugs us back in. Sometimes just giving the box a good WHAM isn’t enough. We’re guessing this won’t last much longer the way things are going. What happens AFTER is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, SOURCE is keeping everyone safe until The REBOOT, so… try to relax.

We should just stop messing around and open a coffee house.

179 thoughts on “Meterage, Lunacy, Foam for 10-29-20

  1. Living in Mexico. We are worried if Trump doesn’t win. Creepy stuff is happening in Mexico and if Trump doesn’t win we will flee. The current president is doing things that are extremely geopolitically concerning Ie; Venuezuela , Cuba, the militarization of Mexican police…

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    1. This may be silly but I’m using the elections as a barometer if Source or Service-to-Self is winning the game on planet Earth.

      If Biden wins I’ll probably have to learn how to be a selfish, narcissistic, self-serving person because many people around me are going down that path. Maybe buy some Instagram bots and fake Rolex to fake my social status 😛


  2. It’s so volatile here- there have been times that I haven’t known if I was going to be able to make it through or if I’m just picking up on others not making it very well…
    I’m not feeling like I’m understanding much of anything recently, post messages and such – maybe I’m just going down the dementia rabbit hole…
    I’m carrying on, sort of…

    @CATs, Ms ~AM, please, is there something more I’m supposed to be doing that I’m not; AM I holding up? Asking seems wimpy, but feeling a bit whimpy – up until after 5am something helping a bit with teething, colic-y 3 month old and disintegrating mother – so much screaming, slamming from a cast of characters. Is there anything else I can do – I have been asking for appropriate assistance and bringing in light…

    I have had some new type ringing in either ears yesterday and a tiny bell sounding (right ear) reminds me of the very old Christmas tree decorations, tiny glass and crystal-like encrusted bell ornaments we had – probably close to 100 yrs old…

    I’m still here, so I guess that’s ‘sort of’ good?


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    1. You are in good company, Kg. We are all in this boat together, although lately it feels like a hastily constructed coracle in a force 5 cyclone!

      Although almost dying recently, I had the opportunity to partake in some rather delicious cheddar cheese, smoked over apple wood. In addition, I applied a generous smear of plum chutney and almost forgot my head was being caved in by a wave X four-seater sofa.


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    2. Life must have been samo-samo to choose a more exciting incarnation like this. I’ve heard the ding before, and ignored it. Peace.

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  3. So- I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like I’ve just been released from school and it’s the first day of summer vacation. I feel energized, feel lighter AND, I don’t ache so darned much! Woohoo!!!

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    1. I Agree! Yet the Cat gang and I are in the dog house, for I refuse to have Minky fixed. I would never chance it! All I can do is laugh… I feel good! Peace.

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  4. You know the energy is weird when your dog asks the cat to protect them. She charged something invisible to me then got scared of it ran past me and hid behind the cat.🐶🐱🙀

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    1. As far as I know, cats could see spirits and protect you from them. This is probably why your dog was hiding behind the cat. 😉
      I hope my cat is doing the same for me now! 🙂


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  5. The blog looks completely different today😳. No idea why. I have not allowed an update via apple so it seems odd that it has changed. I’m always the “odd man out” 🤣

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  6. Hello everybody
    in the video (from Brasil ***URGENT CHURCH RAPTURE
    CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME !!!!*** Tio Abadom who is an astronomer and is observing Nibiru (in his oppinon a comet who is near Jupiter now, he is telling about a blue transparent and enourmous sphere near the sun. (You can choose english undertitles)
    he tells that the rapture is imminent, cause he believe it is the house of God.

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    1. That poor boob. That’s either Venus or Mercury getting ready to go around the sun. It’s from Stereo Ahead’s video feed which looks weird after that satellite’s camera got knocked to the right a bit, showing the space to the right of the sun. That said, there will indeed be a “Rapture” of sorts, soon, but it probably won’t be like anyone has ever suspected or seen. And we are all the House of God.

      < CAT Eds.

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  7. Dearest CATs and Ms, my current question is:
    for those of us whose soul covenant is to stay “behind” and help others get to New Earth, will we know that the Shift occurred and therefore we will know that we are staying behind? Or, will be waiting for the Shift for a long time, not knowing that it occurred and that most people went? I feel like maybe I am to help some souls do their healing during that Groundhog Day (repeated day) period before we all step onto New Earth. Yikes

    love love to all in the rooom!
    < ella

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  8. Tough energy roastage last night. Electrical along nerve pathways from core to extremities.and then all over thermal in nature. I have not had one like that in a while. Good luck to all. Cay

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    1. Cay ❤️ Yes last night was crazy, seemed to go on for hours with storms outside whilst roastage went on….Very intense!

      Today, so many planes in the sky, roaringly loud, can feel vibrations through the house when they go over. Feels very intimidating but am standing (or slumping lol) as tall and strong as possible 😉


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    2. I agree. I was sufferin’ majorly, took the usual NSAID products, drank plenty of **strong** lemonjuice water, tried to be chipper. Finally got some relief around midnight PST, took a deep breath, G+P+C, slept deeply. Wonder if I did some interesting dreaming? Guess time will tell….

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  9. What percentage of people do you guys think are going to vanish into the NE? Do the people who get left behind have to live the rest of their lives under a global dictatorship? What qualifies someone for the NE? Thanks.


  10. Thankfully my loved ones are fully intact.

    However, I’m trying to figure out why my normally very territorial nebelung cat princess Momokin choose to tolerate a Tabby tom cat named Orange on her property? Let’s just say cats intrigued me very much.

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  11. Well, it’s Election Day here in the EST zone. 12:05 am. Let the wild rumpus begin! Deep Breaths. I will spend some time outside later today raking leaves. We are ONE! ❤

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  12. hello friends

    this night I had a dream about flying 2 meters above the ground
    kids in a car looking at me amazed. I went up the hills to visit my father
    who live on the top of a mountain. And I told him that I want to train for a jump from a high peak and then floating and coming down calm like a bird.

    Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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  13. Hmm. Chemtrails over SW MI when I got up a few hours ago. Somebody trying to hide something? But now it’s clearing up. I managed to sleep a few hours. It’s now a bright sunny day, though cool. @Christopher Schneider, I don’t know how you are still grounding barefoot! The snow from the Halloween gales has melted, so I am going to bundle up and do some leaf raking. Mr. T ended his campaign late yesterday just an hour north of here. I am going to try to avoid TV as much as possible today, but with my Muggle spouse, that will be interesting. I learned from an email from a friend that people are stocking up on toilet paper again. Also, is anyone else experiencing numbness and tingling in their hands and feet?
    Love, Light, Truth, ONEness in Source. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Hi Laura. Yes my feet and lower legs are vibrating a lot and the feeling is getting stronger by the day. Hands tingling. I looked at my cold muddy lawn the other day with a view to putting bare feet on it but it was a step too far!☺️💖


    2. There was a time when my feet would freeze. I live near the “snow belt” of Lake Erie. My tolerance is better for many issues, and I got rid of tv a while back. Peac3

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