Meterage, Lunacy, Foam for 10-29-20

Big post, big fun. Looks like the show is starting.

All kinds of things happening.


The weather was “released” at 8:30 UTC this morning, right before this FLASH:


This is over six hours. Note how the clouds basically don’t move. The FLASH is the pic on the right.

The weather in the Pacific has been in an artificial holding pattern (courtesy of The Cavalry), due to SOURCE et al keeping the PTW from doing something bad. Looks like something has finally changed.

Before (it’s looked like this for weeks)…

Here’s the whole sequence (apologies for the size). Note that there are numerous energy events shown here, over the course of 36 hours:

That’s enough of that.


There was also turbulence in space. (Thank SOURCE for the Russians; without their meters, we wouldn’t see much of anything). This from their PROBA satellite, note the motion:

There was a C-sized flare/CME in there, somewhere, but it’s lost in timeline turbulence. Thus:

And an earth-facing CME proper. Should make its presence known around 11/1:

There was also a FLORP and a FLIP:

Showing that the sun is getting ready, too.

There were some rising energy states:

Another BIGGIE SP ship:

Wow. That’s a sixth the size of the sun.

Here’s another one:

Basically, most of the recent solar activity is due to BIG Cavalry ships arriving, Wave X notwithstanding. Portal One definitely knows what it feels like to be a mother. Ow.


Meanwhile, we’ve been seeing more Archangels in dreams (they are looking downright RELAXED, which really tells you something). Some CATs also saw The FLASH (again) early this morning (mirror-brightness cresting the horizon); this can be a little confusing with all these FLASHes going off, but what we saw was The FLASH that signals the end of The SHIFT. Another CAT saw the ca8al’s “control train” falling off its wheels, in spectacular Saturday morning TV fashion.

Basically, the control is gone and the curtain is going up. Speaking of losing control…

Not THAT kind of moon.


Those who have golden tickets to the NE are totally submerged in white SOURCE/UPGRADE energy at the moment, getting (more) super DNA upgrades, such that it looks like everyone is sitting at the bottom of a pool of whipped cream. This of course means we can’t see anything, and we can’t see anybody. But the lattes are the stuff of legend:

Expect this full moon energy-whip to last about three days, starting tonight. It woke us up last night, and the night before last… and the night before that… and we expect it will do so again. And again. The normies might get extra whacky, so heads-up. Then that CME reprogramming mass hits us on 11/1 and we’re off to the races. The next eye-of-the-hurricane respite will be on 11/11, if we make it that far.

While we are currently in the deep end of The Event/The SHIFT, whatever you want to call it, there looks like there will still be a FLASH component (it’s really a reboot) to all this, where SOURCE unplugs us, re-works our firmware and software, and plugs us back in. Sometimes just giving the box a good WHAM isn’t enough. We’re guessing this won’t last much longer the way things are going. What happens AFTER is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, SOURCE is keeping everyone safe until The REBOOT, so… try to relax.

We should just stop messing around and open a coffee house.

179 thoughts on “Meterage, Lunacy, Foam for 10-29-20

  1. Thank you Cat’s
    I go to sleep now, with all this weather and coffees
    I had a dream last night: the Shift was coming, I was in my bed at night
    green and blue electric waves reached me, so I went up to the room of my husband
    inside the room all completly normal, daylight, my husband feeling well and a fotographer in his bathroom taking photos.
    So again, two worlds…. one with the shift and the other 3 D

    good night
    love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  2. of course it’ll happen NOW … I just finished stocking up “just in case things get wild out there” … ya know? So, maybe I should donate this week’s cooking (squash apple soup and vegetable soup with rice) to the local food bank, cuz we might not be “here” to enjoy it? wheeeeee … it’s been a rough couple of days, but at least I understand “why” after reading through this. No wonder the normies are spinning up. thanks, CATs … it’s a great post this morning. xoxo

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  3. Oh, verily I say Har!!! Works for me. Was out staggering around in the garden this morning. Words totally can not describe how it feels. Soooo strong, excitement riddled and just downright delicious. (I guess I tried to use words after all) Anyway, I’m still holding on to that key lime pie for THE MOMENT.. I wonder if it will be the proverbial fishes and loaves scenario. There will certainly be a lot of youse ALL to share with) Cheers

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  4. Thank you Cats. I know this has probably been asked but I don’t remember.
    Any chance the PTW will get away with a Blue Beam operation?
    I ask b/c there’s been lots of sightings & increasing. Just wondering. Thank you.

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    1. Hilarious, thanks 🙂

      And a lovely visualization of source carrying us through our experience, and the resulting sense of confusion and amazement.


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  5. Drinks look delicious.
    I made a cocoa mix to give as Christmas gifts which has : organic cocoa, organic nonfat powdered milk, organic coconut cream powder, arrowroot (or organic corn starch), organic powdered sugar and dehydrated vanilla marshmallows. Could add to coffee as a dry flavored creamer. Cay

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  6. Oo Cat Eds this is some post. The information you put together is utterly fascinating. Thank you again. My mullet is stunned! UK speak for a gormlous expression of a amazement.
    Interesting regarding the upgrades as I have been knocked sideways for two days. Headache, shoulder pains, nausea, fast heartbeat and deafening ear ringing.
    I am so awed by the designs people can create on the top of coffee. So pretty I couldn’t bring myself to drink it.
    Hope you have started planning your NE coffee house.😸☕🌈💖

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  7. 11/1 is my daughters birthday – I would love her to receive the best present ever –

    – no responses needed…

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  8. It’s National Cats Day! How appropriate! I am suddenly JOYOUS reading this. I am so grateful for the update. For those of you with Golden tickets, Source Speed on your exit! And for the ground crew, please keep us fledglings updated when you can. We ARE ONE! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  9. Please tell me this means rain! Did others comment about how the tilt of the earth seems different? My partner was noticing how the constellations don’t seem to be in the same place as usual this time of year. He thinks something must be different. Is something going on?

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  10. Coffee art is the perfect platform.

    It exists for it’s purpose, transforms to another purpose and finally just flows away as if it never existed.


    Thanks for the meterage, especially with the annotations of what to look for.

    We’re they holding the weather in the Pacific or were they holding time perception of the whole world? Such that everything froze, but we and our instruments could not perceive it. They lay in some patches or blow up NEG ships in space battles we aren’t meant to see. Then it all starts back up.

    It follows with your narrative that something big broke open. Log jam released.

    Also… That FLIP pic of the x-marks-the-spot energy bracketing the sun. Cones? Barrels? Spirals?

    Anyway. Some heavy stuff is coming down hard and fast.

    I’ll have a slice of lemon-poppyseed pound cake with my beverage, please.

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  11. I think a coffee shop is a great idea! This “squeeze” time is probably the most unpleasant time. Keep telling myself breathe and just keep going. But it sure is hard to keep sane with people’s energy going crazy and the constant headaches. But good news, my “little sister” is finally starting to wake up.

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    1. my biggest challange is doing my work like it is wanted by me

      to be partially deprogrammed from the virus thing helps but not with the behavior of others

      i am so happy when all settles to what it is supposed to become by source

      p.s. certain persons in my sourroundings start also to awaken but a good herd of sheeps rest in mouvment

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  12. All I can say is WOW.
    Don’t know that I’ve ever had a night quite like last night
    (of course I keep saying that the more it all ramps up.)
    The husband and I were tossing and turning all night and
    my entire body was just vibrating for hours. The sounds in
    my ears hit a whole new level.
    At least the headaches seem to have mellowed out a bit and I’ve
    been practicing consciously opening and receiving the energies
    instead of unconsciously resisting it 🙂
    ❤ Erin

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  13. Knew there was a reason for taking next week off work. I’ll be talking with Lisa G at the end of the week, and hopefully both her antenna and voice will be in working condition. 🙂

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  14. Woot!!! Cheers to THAT! Thank you Cats, M’s, Superfriends, Space Police, and of course all of us here. I appreciate all the guidance and information…and also the support when in a low place. Blessings to ALL. It is an honor to be here working with all of you. May we all go to the place we desire. Be well everyone, and thank you. ❤️🌎🎁🌈💎🎉🎶💃🏼

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  15. The wind and rain are picking up here (NY), remaining calm and grounding. Archangel Rafael and Archangel Michael are more prominent these days in meditations, though I invite all to share the space. Looking to be an interesting few days ahead, will have the mantra ready for any who need it as I go about the weekend. One Love All, trust in Source. 🙏🏽❤️✨

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  16. Those cups of coffee look so good! 🙂
    Thank you for all these awesome updates!
    Now I know, why I am feeling so strange for these past few days…
    Looking forward to the show! 🙂


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  17. I have seen white, bright energy in my mind for the last few months. Getting brighter all the time. It’s just a lightning 🌩 white color. I feel like it is Source energy. I do hope I am sitting in it.

    P.s. I hope there are Lattes on the NE. Coffee/ ☕️ Espresso/milk/cream concoctions and creations have been one of my favorite 3D enjoyments.

    Thank you Cats for the updates. 🐈

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  18. Cats (all of you) thank you, simply, for keeping us aware – I “feel” something is going on, but the “head knowledge” / discernment isn’t apparently fully tuned in; your ongoing delivery of clues (and of course wonderful cat and space-things pics, too!) is a wonderful thing you give to us. Thank you, endlessly!

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  19. Update appreciated muchly!

    If there is a vacancy going in your coffee shop, I make a mean mocha. I can’t promise I won’t drink the profits though.

    Let’s get this party started already.


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  20. I can confirm huge energy fluctuations going on. It’s been a while since my head hurt this frequently. I have to ground and breathe quite a bit to make it through the day, which is unusual for me.

    I hope the show is finally getting on the road!

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      1. I know I’ve been overusing this exclamation a lot recently. however I feel that it is appropriate for the current moment.. . .Har!. . .This stuff is getting too funny. The sharp pains, the wideawakedness (when not comatose) The whole shebang— craziness “out there” the whole gamut—Again, being outdoors to experience what it really feels like—Ahhhh!—Blessed relief. Cheers big time ALL!

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      2. I have felt awful today.

        I got dressed for the gym and then almost threw up. The nausea, exhaustion dizziness et all was overwhelming. The only thing that has helped me today was focused breathing. Is this what you mean by ‘breathe through it, CATS?


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      3. Cat Eds, I see your signature has changed to “< CAT Eds.", and this seems appropriate, since you are on the happy end of the "<" symbol.

        Well then, me too!

        love love to all in the room!!!
        < ella

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    1. Same thing, very uncomfortable!

      But I have high hopes for this weekend so whatever it takes.

      Things do seem to be moving in a positive direction in my life lately, despite the world around me crumbling. It often feels more like watching a movie than actually living it, like I’m slowly separating from that part of reality. Makes sense to me.


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  21. So my dream last night was about my most recent house. There was a weird stairway off the front of the house… it was steep and awkward. I was telling the people following me out of the house, the shortcut to circumvent the awkward / steep / crazy stairs. Houses and stairs are in my dreams a lot. Almost as much as travelling….

    Sounds like body upgrades / updates…
    and prepping for the move….

    I’m exhausted, brain fog, random pains and aches in weird spots. Took a nap mid day last couple days. No desire to do work. Its been a struggle.

    I listened to a very old video yesterday from 2019, it said something like we have been in a time loop for about 10 years, where they have been trying to hold off the shift to push more negativity….. to circumvent the original plan. Every day feels like groundhog day lately.

    Maybe this year went fast because we didn’t really live all the days, just have memories of them? I think this is something Dolores Cannon had in some of her books.

    All the weird things puzzling thru my brain at the moment.

    Love the COr2A pic from 10/23…. CME flare right at that big sphere / ship.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    ❤ kk

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    1. i had once over a decade ago a few times a dream if i remember right about those towerstairways becoming narrower the higher until the moment beeing stuck

      i wonder what that had as meaning back then

      funny thing, sound in the ears and headaches are mostly non present the moment (except giving a strong focus on it), a stronger balance and joy present in these days

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    2. Hi kk,
      Yes, that makes sense to me. Many times I feel like I’m dropping in as “me” now, to “me” then, to see something, ro experience something, to remember something. And the feeling of oh my – it’s been so long. When that thought doesn’t make sense.
      Such a sense of nostalgia today. With Love, Angela

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    3. I’ve been feeling the same and thinking the same thing too. The last couple of days have been really weird. Hope today is the last day of it.

      The Dog Lady

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    1. I owned a cocoon for years. Gave up using it as it just wasn’t worth the price of a bag of donuts. I was NOT impressed. Just one womancat’s opinion on this.

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  22. Beans – there are two heavenly beans that keeps me going now a days.. coffea and cacao, so if you CATs do decide to open a coffea house, I’ll be in the queue for a big hot cup of dark roasted java😋

    “Keep. On. Going.” – that what the reply I got from him today. So.. onward it is.💪🏋️‍♀️✨
    Take care everyone💖🤗

    PS! CATs, Arc2arcturus, Christopher and Sifoo – I just want to send you a deeply grateful Thank You from my heart regarding the replys you gave me the last time I commented here – you have no idea how much you have helped me🙏✨💖🤗

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    1. I’ll add tobacco leaves and jazz flowers to that list, and crisps. I’ve decided that this ride will be allowed to take whatever it takes to get through in one piece.

      Happy to be of service 🙂

      I’m pretty sure one reason we’re all here is to keep reminding each other…


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  23. I am feeling tired and out of this world for a few days now…. I’ve also developed a new sound in my left ear (plus I still have my usual ringing in the ears). :))) It sounds like a heart beat or a pump. This morning I felt extremely sick with pain around my heart on the back and on the side.

    Does anyone else has these symptoms as well?

    I wonder if I should seek a professional advise or if these are just symptoms from all these energy waves or The Event/The SHIFT itself? …

    I hope you are ALL well!


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    1. In pulsatile tinnitus, people hear something resembling their heartbeat in their ear. Pulsatile tinnitus is usually due to a small blood vessel that is coupled by fluid to your ear drum. It is usually nothing serious and also untreatable. But it never hurts to get checked out to make sure.

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        1. Oh Har! once more! Yeah, definitely a wet pickle. I’ve gone through a box of Q-tips trying to dislodge it. Oh, well. Too funny! thanks once more for the timely info. youse wily <CAT Eds.

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        2. Hmmm…I’ve never was hit in the ear with a wet pickle…so I am not sure how it would sound and how would I feel after that… :)))
          But I am very sensitive to all different sounds already. 🙂 Hopefully my clairaudience waking up and this is exactly what is going on with me! 🙂


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          1. Certain channels/types of music have caused the “wet pickle beat”. I Like It, for I felt connected. And I stay clear of any md’s on This plain of existence. The wealth of Knowledge Is in Your Heart when combined w/the Internet. Peace.

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          2. ok this answer can eventually go a bit against the cat guidelines but not sure

            i have a normal hearing, spoken words are sometimes hard to get it while finer sounds i hear others don t

            as an example, one evening i was playing on my computer window open, sound well up and i thought, was that a thunder at the distance, a couple of minutes later the confirmation came

            is it a normal thing?

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        3. I have the wet pickle effect in my right ear. Thanks for the explanation. Wondered if someone had put a babel fish in there and it was having a swim around.🥒🐟

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    2. Hi June,
      Yes I’ve had the heartbeat sound occurring on and off lately, and weird eye stuff too.
      Heart is behaving, so far. 😉
      One day at a time…
      ❤ L

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      1. Thank you All for you suggestions and comments! I really appreciate them!
        I feel a bit better today but at the same time, for some strange reason, more irritated and worried.
        My cat is also drives me nuts….I am not sure why but he is extremely mischievous lately…
        I guess I could blame it on the blue moon. ;)))


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    3. I’ve had ringing in my ear pretty much none stop now for months.. I’ve just got used to it… and put it down to the energies and changes happening. It does seem pretty load..and tiredness… but none of the other stuff. X

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        1. ainilam144,
          We call them Natal Plum or Carissa here in Southern Ca. and Hawaii.They are edible and some people make chutney or preserves with them. My daughter just eats them from the plant as they are high in vitamin “C”. They do contain latex like figs, so should be avoided by those allergic to figs. Cay

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  24. As we approach a second lockdown in the uk it seems the vast majority of people are happy to comply. There is very little questioning. Although I do see it in the news. I understand we don’t need to be embroiled with drama.. but how do we claim our sovereignty in a calm assertive way. Is it enough to just trust that this will all blow over with help from source energy? Are we not responsible for creating the world we want to live in? Can we create that world by just focusing on love and our immediate environment? Where I live is calm and people are coming together in positive ways which is lovely. But I’m not happy about children wearing masks in schools, and I don’t feel I can change this as it is very much top down orders. Anyone else pondering these things? Will this all just play out without my assistance or involvement?

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    1. Your assistance Is a must! Just Know that the Collective of Benevolence is @ bat, Our bat is made of Lovewood. Peac3.

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      1. Thanks…it kind of feels that it will resolve .. I’m guessing that there will be enough craziness so focusing on calm for now is probably most helpful. Even the weather energy feels turbulent here.

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      2. with the right teachers things can be eased down a bit over time

        most people understand but the physical aspect of reality but will it be far better to learn at school how the manifestation processs of the mind as a collectif functions

        more i cannot say otherwise there will be a few upset observers

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        1. It is time for All to intentionally perceive the Lighter/Humorous side of all situations. I look at things in My life from a different direction, to see how I can raise My vibration. For We Are One, and it brings up the vibration of All. Peace.

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  25. My computer said there were 33 comments here. Sensing the need to move away from that “weighted” number, I decided to check in.

    Hello. Virtually no sleep overnight. I made it to age 68 and got to spend some time with my two sons. That was a blessing. Thank you, Source. ❤

    Just saw this post on Sophia Love's blog: "Remember?" from 10/29/20
    Love, Light and Peace. ❤

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  26. Hello all,
    Today feels special. Two days ago, I saw my tree and it was engulfed in energy. Such energy – a torrent, a waterfall. Then my daughter walked out and said mom – put yourself into your tree. I didn’t have time to stop then, but later I did, expecting to be overwhelmed by the energy. And – instant stillness. No – beyond stillness. Completely clear. Not even the weight of air. Clearness holding me, in me. The absence of anything, only clear. Such a unique feeling. I can’t even put a descriptor to it.

    And today – nostalgia. It feels like I’m on an enormous ocean liner, standing with others on the deck looking back as we cut through the water. Looking back at all of it, as we sail away. Peaceful. I’ve done what I could, what I asked of myself. Whatever is next, is as Lily so eloquently said – Que sera sera

    Love to all.

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    1. I’m riding the nostalgia train as well. Exhausted. The little kids of the neighborhood are about to begin their trick or treating here in EDT, though forbidden by the municipality. Hey, we’re safe if wearing a mask, n’est-ce pas? We’re forecast to have gale force winds, trees down, possible power outages and perhaps heavy snow by morning. Most of our trees have not yet dropped leaves. I’m off to bring in some wood for the fireplace, just in case.
      Waiting in the Light and Love of Source. ❤

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      1. lauraksmi,
        My husband and I enjoyed the trick or treating with gleeful calls of roaming packs through the neighborhood. Mini chocolate bars and rice krispy treats brought smiles to parents and children alike (with very few masks). Costumes, running out after dark with family and friends, and candy. This is a recipe for fun.
        That was after sitting with a neighbor the day before who’s husband had just died and reliving my own past losses with her fresh pain.
        A roller coaster of sadness then joy within 24 hours.
        I keep reminding myself that it is a blessing to feel so much emotion. It is a part of being human that other’s wish to experience. Cay

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  27. At the end of the latest Benjamin Fulford article, he says “ On a final note, we hear from esoteric sources the blue full moon on Halloween will actually be pumpkin-colored. If this turns out to be true, it will be a clear sign from the heavens. If it doesn’t turn out to be true, it means we are on our own. Either way, humanity will emerge victorious.”

    I’m curious if this is true about the orange moon and if anyone saw an orange moon.

    (You don’t need to post this if it’s not appropriate)

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    1. There was an orange moon here in SW Queensland, Australia 🤗… I took a pic with my phone but couldn’t upload it.

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  28. Oh my good God, the energies are off the charts.

    This is the strongest I have felt, I’m literally spinning out! Struggling big time.


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      1. This is no joke (this is also where you tell me to get a backbone), but things got so intense I actually feared for my life 🤣

        Several hours later and I’m still struggling, despite breathing through it and grounding. Never had it so protracted and so severe. I knew I shouldn’t have asked for as much wave X energy as I could have without killing me! Now, who gave me that advice…?😂

        I believe you CATS once told me I live near a portal too. This is crazy messed up…

        Mark (barely)

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        1. Barely Mark. Empathise with you. Had an awful night too. Feeling very battered. Hold on lad, we are nearly there. From Barely Lynn. 😳☺️💖

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          1. Thanks, Lynn, you too!

            I feel I am fully qualified to challenge the popular idiom:

            “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

            What a load of rabbit raisins 😂

            Mark ❤

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      2. House is getting thumped over and over by I guess the energies no quakes yet being reported. My dog just looks at me like wtf? My cat just wants to run up the wall lol. Either that or the spirits are enjoying the holiday. 👻🎃🙀

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        1. dear CAT’s

          I still have this question to you open:

          15.5 miles distance to a portal counts to be near?
          because we have a stargate in Luzbay- Praia da Luz
          I was there for meditation it is powerful light there
          and a unusual place where the rock lines are declining to the ocean
          it must be of vulcanic work

          I live in a straight line from Luz…. west to east 15 miles away

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            1. CAT Eds.

              thank you
              anyway, the energy is strong enough to integrate in my body
              we are here on the shore of the Atlantis and as I see it on the picture
              this was a temple from that ancient time

              Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. janielaurel, we have very different interpretations of ‘fun’!😂

        I doff my cap to you. Obviously I’m not as tough as I once thought…

        Through a pain filled night, I snatched associated dreams. I was shown how it was necessary to be roasted by the energy to the point where I thought I could take no more. I was shown a large, hideous creature, that died, a parasite, where I survived it. I suppose a bit like when your body temperature rises to a fever state to kill off a virus.

        If I take anything away from all this, I am being humbled and grateful to be alive.

        Mark ❤

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        1. It was my momentarily feeble attempt at humor. I’ve been wobbling and weebling for days now. Fortunately, MY dreams have been calm, but I DO ground and protect myself every night before sleep and every morning on waking, and I grow my late season carrots and pray to the goddess who lives in my mesquite tree and I manage. We ALL are being humbled and stripped bare of all illusory behaviors before we can grow into our glowing, vibrant BEingness. Much love to you.

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        1. We couldn’t get pumpkins in the shops growing up in Scotland in the 80s, so we still risked our digits by carving the traditional “neep” lanterns. (In Scotland we call what the English call a swede, a turnip.) Then we would go out “guising” – dressing up and singing spooky songs at people’s houses to earn treats. The American “trick or treat” is a descendant of this tradition.

          Do turnip lanterns still haunt Halloween?

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    1. Hi Lily. I read that it is for protection against dark spirits when the vails are thin around Halloween. The carved faces are to frighten them away from your house. I prefer to cook pumpkins not waste them lol. We only managed to grow one this year, although the plant stem was 20′ long nothing much happened on it.😁🎃

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      1. My pumkin isn’t big enough to hide in for protection, so I grew 3. Love/Laughs to All, in Their get-ups. Peace.

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      2. Newlynn ❤️ Ah, I see thank you! Sorry to hear about your lack of pumpkin, maybe they have all migrated to NE and are waiting for you there 😉

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    2. See Minky’s kittens at 3 weeks back, All shades of gray! I’ll update pic in a couple of days. Peace.

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      1. Christopher. Well our only minature pumpkin was twice as big as it should have been. A foot instead of six inches, so we can’t complain. The kittens look gorgeous at three weeks. Look forward to seeing the new pic.🎃💖

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      1. Cat 4. I have looked at Snoopy gazing at the Fort so many times when scrolling through the comments. It never fails to make me chuckle. Wonderful thank you.☺️💖


    1. Lisa touched on what I did almost 13 years ago and moved from my prior home to the farm. I’ve told this story before, but re-telling it might serve some purpose. The last thing I did was to close down the portal which was on the hill behind my house. My title there was “acknowledger” (their word, not mine) My job was to simply acknowledge beings as they passed through. (sorta’ an inter-dimensional welcome wagon. Anyway, when I left town, the town has suffered a decline. I was relieved of that duty spanning many decades. I don’t know if anyone came to fulfill those duties or not, but it was no longer my concern. My duty was to come here to the farm to a new creation, which I’ve shared the videos. So, bottom line, it’s been an interesting journey.

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    2. yes, a good read, but again (for the fourth time today in my life), I’ve had to correct someone on the full moon myth. It appears that everyone “out there” is talking about the first full moon on Halloween since 1944. It ain’t true, cats and kittens.

      There has been a full moon on Halloween (in THIS conversation) in 1944, 1955, 1974, and 2001. BUT the difference is, in 1944 and 2020, the FULL MOON is visible in ALL TIME ZONES across the earth. (because of the timing of the actual full moon totality). I’ve now written this four times this week. (I AM disappointed that Lisa fell for it too, but that’s just my feeling about it) Meow!

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    3. @cats eds…so with the location neighborhood situation Lisa talked about, last night I bilocated to my old condo. I looked in the French doors and thought to myself, no way was I sitting on the couch about to fall asleep and end up standing at my old house. And I ended up back at my couch. But then I thought, did I do that and I went back to my condo staring through my French doors long enough to look on the floor knowing, that stuff belongs to me. How am I looking at stuff that belongs to me when I’m standing at the door now and I sold the place last year? Then I was back at my couch with my eyes open trying to figure out if that happened.

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    1. I can’t help but pray for this to come to pass to shift things in a larger way for the majority. Where I live people by and large accept the new resurrections and for our own good. There is very little questioning.. it is actively fought against in some cases.. volatility in the face of questions.. it would be nice for to have some validation and things to shift now. The calm before the storm is dragging on.. although I recognise it hasn’t been that calm in some areas, so apologies if you feel life has been too turbulent already!! I’m praying for change and a shift to carry us forward and ultimately upwards as a collective.

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      1. I wonder if it has been Blossom’s higher self speaking with her all these years? I hope her higher self is correct 😊

        I’m a little confused by using the less than sign. Could you possibly explain why you wouldn’t use the greater than sign? Apologies if I am being a little dim 🙃

        Much Love & gratitude ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. When I sat with the symbol for a little while, I realized the left turn would lead to a dead end at the point, no where else to go. Turning right, the arms open wide to embrace a whole range of possibilities, of unlimited Love, Light and Peace. Just a little observation . . . 😀

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          1. JJ 😊

            Yes, it brought back my memory of the Rainbow Stairs meditation we did a while back. When I got to the top the path branched off left and right, reds and oranges to the left and the green, blue, indigo, violet and white to the left…A clear sign even back then 🙏🌈🙏

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  29. Sleep was annoyingly sporadic last night. I was having chest pains, light headed ness, the ringing in my ears is getting louder…

    This morning after not much sleep I decided to try to meditate, as I had been setting the intention for the upgrades to happen but also my body to assimilate them quickly, efficiently and as painless as possible. A 10 / 11 lol

    So my meditation, I was doing my grounding… then my white light protection,

    and I was out…..

    woke up 1.5 hrs later, decided to try the meditation again….. ZZzzzZZ

    I finally got out of bed almost at noon.

    Here’s hoping November is all the better…. i’m going to enjoy my extra hour of sleep.

    ❤ to all the CATs and Kitts


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    1. Try barefoot grounding outdoors, works wonders for Me. The longer, the better I feel. Soo, if it is warmer, or You don’t mind chilly/cold, You will connect w/Gaia for some incredible relief. Peace.

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  30. Thank you for your light pours on my mom. She’s in a skilled nursing facility now, getting intensive PT and OT so she can get strong enough to come home. Using a walker to get around, but hey, she’s walking!

    I hear like a drum beat in my ears sometimes. Maybe it’s the same as your heart beats: waking up, refining clairaudience. And this weird rain stick shimmery noise sometimes when I wake up.

    Today at the community garden I had an awesome encounter with a big white egret that had flown over the fence and was hunting. They eat lizards! Who knew? And they wiggle their butts like cats before pouncing, as well as snake and weave their necks back and forth before striking. This beautiful bird was over 4′ tall and walked right past me about 8′ away. I tuned in, opened my crown, 3rd eye and heart, sent love, said it was safe with me, and asked if could we talk if it wasn’t too busy hunting. “What do you want?” I wanted to know if it had any messages for humans aspiring to live in harmony, balance and unity with all of life. “We only take what we need” is what I got followed by a complete package of information in a flash, which is my experience of how telepathy works. Maybe it’s different for others. What I got was there won’t be any capitalism, socialism, communism in 5D NE. Everything we need is provided. You don’t have to work, and will only participate in and collaborate on projects that interest you. There’s no possessions or ownership, like everything is fluid, impermanent, a total sharing economy type set up. Anything you create or manifest only exists for as long as you need it, then gets passed on to another or dissolves back into the ethers from which it came. The structures too. They are not like buildings here. They are living beings made by the trees, plants and rock formations instantly when we need to rest or sleep, and you can communicate with EVERYTHING much easier than now. When you’re rested they go back to their original form. Everything/ everyone is happy to oblige and help everything/ everyone else. What you do for another you do for yourself, and what you do for yourself you do for another bc we are all one. We are one with each other and the animals and trees and birds and lakes and mountains. Anyway that’s what came when I asked the egret for a message.

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  31. 1PacificRedwood’s latest 2 videos are showing that weather manipulation is still occurring in the form of chemtrail spraying and ground level microwaves. The purpose appears to be to keep rain from reaching southern CA. Who is still doing this or is 1PR misinterpreting the satelite data and the spraying?

    Thanks much!
    Love, Light, Peace
    < Jo

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  32. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Portions of Light combine into the New Vibration.

    Fortunates collect the forgotten.

    Particles of Sight are beamed to all.

    Final stages have been set.

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  33. ~ Hello All ~

    I used my ‘extra hour’ for a bit more sleep, since the time changed here ‘back’ overnight.  I woke up smiling with a dream to share with you.
    I was in a smallish airport-waiting-room sort of space.  several others were around me, most of whom I knew or recognized.  It was a High School setting (schooling just before university), and the students around me were all discussing their travels and the many countries they’d visited in their lives, many from a very young age. A sort of International school.  

    Suddenly one person rushed in with the news that the marching band, flag corps and drill team were to perform right away!  They’d been practicing for some time, but this was an unexpected performance call.  Lots of excitement.  There was scrambling to get into uniforms – deep green with white accents in gloves, lapels, spats and hats.   The drill and flag group members sported sequined uniforms in matching deep green. Lots of gleaming brushed gold buttons and instruments mirror bright.  

    Within minutes it seemed, they were forming up into ranks in the back of the room we were in, somehow fitting in fine “Tardis” style.  Then all were off to the starting area.  I asked one of them where it was, and was answered “Over to the east, at Heart Street, near the big field.”

    The band, drill and flag members were all the frequent commenters and readers of this blog!  All were ‘costumed’ in sprightly teenage bodies, and I recognized everyone I ‘knew by name’.  It was a very large assemblage!  

    Once out on the street, the sun was bright, a perfect blue sky day, and not a mask nor public health notice to be seen anywhere. A very happy occasion to start this particular November!

    love, friend

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    1. Hey, I used to play the clarinet back when I was a sprightly teenager; even had a dark green uniform for marching band! Looking at pictures of the band, I was always the one out of step. Some things never change…..;)

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  34. Hi All,
    Whoa, my whole body has been buzzing all day. It feels like I am electrically charged⚡. I am also feeling as excited as a child on Christmas eve. Source must have turned up the volume! Hello Source, I Love You!!!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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