Another Choice-Point ~ [UPDATE5]

Like it or not, this appears to be the only one way through this.

We’re at another timeline decision-point. We have no idea the best option for you, as it’s different for everyone — and we have no idea which timeline is which (SOURCE or Justice)… but it doesn’t matter, the choices are very similar.

We’ve been told about an upcoming (strong potential) timeline choice-point coming up in a day or three. As usual, things might change depending on the situation.

You will most likely need to choose:

  • Option 1: The timeline where Trump wins and there’s rioting and burning and chaos, or
  • Option 2: The timeline where Trump “loses” but his win is discovered, and Biden and the Dems still try to usurp, resulting in a bloody Second Civil War, in which case there will be rioting and burning and even MORE chaos.

The CATs discussed it and we’re choosing the former. A Civil War would be messier, in our opinion — and internationally messy, for everyone in the world. Rioting and fires are bad, but finite, committed mostly by a criminal element. A Civil War involves millions and millions of people, and potential problems with other countries interfering and jockeying for position. Students of history will most likely choose Option 1.

Oh, and for those in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving.


The adjustments have ceased and the jumps have started:


Ok, we talked about this internally, but have no idea of the likelihood of it… anyway, there is another timeline possible (Option 3) where Positive ETs land and tell us the truth about things and put a stop to all this craziness, but… yeah, right. Seemed such a big-time longshot we didn’t mention it, but… anything’s possible.

So, we have officially opted for Option 3… and failing that, Option 1. [shrug]


We may have had another couple of jumps… but they have yet to be corroborated:


Another set of three CMEs; these are the two more interesting ones:

There have also been some red WHOMPs that caused some CATs to conk out here and there:

We are coming into a very energetic time, for some; it’s already started for us (or never stopped), but will intensify around the full moon/lunar eclipse, then get even more energetic into the next new moon/solar eclipse… and then culminate with the winter solstice. This sets us up for increased energies going into 2021. More on that later.

We CATs are to expect… well, transformations… for lack of a better word. We don’t know if this will be for us, for some, for everyone, for people wearing funny hats… we aren’t sure and need to look into it more. Suffice to say that things are getting ready to happen — BUT, the happening will not be what you expect. It is extra important to meditate now, as we’re getting (personal) messages all the time, but everyone’s are different, and we can’t meditate for you.


So that’s why lots of CATs have mild headaches:

This was last night:

Oh, wait… looks like we might be having a jump/adjustment right now:

253 thoughts on “Another Choice-Point ~ [UPDATE5]

  1. Somewhere – can’t remember where – I read that T would eventually be declared as the election winner, but that he would announce his replacement ( hopefully a being of the light) and wouldn’t become president. Thereby diffusing the situation somewhat with regard to the backlash from T haters. Sounds like a plan if it’s combined with option 3.
    Although I like j’s plan. Can we all come to your garden now please J?💖😊🌈

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    1. C’mon over, Newlynn. There’s still plenty planting to do. I’ve just ordered more shrubs to be put in. I expect them in a few days. WE’re not done yet. I’ve switched to homemade apple pie for Thanksgiving (I confess I ate some yesterday). BTW the total rainfall for the 2020 water year here at the farm was 92.46 inches of precip. (It’s a bit dampish!)

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      1. J. Wonderful thank you. One of the few things I can still do well is bend over, and even put my palms flat on the floor,☺️ so planting would be fun. I love apple pie and living in the UK acclimatises you to dampish lol. Although I don’t think we are quite up to your rainfall levels! Enjoy Mars Attacks – what a hoot.😂💖

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    2. I have only just of late seen that as a possibility. That his role this time round was not to actually Be President but to run for President and in doing so expose the mass fraud and control – therby forcing a mass Awakening – and he would then step down to allow a Light Being to lead us forward.

      I am Australian where we are culturally compliant and hate to rock the boat so I do wonder what it will take to our attention toon Down Under …

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  2. If you allow me, Cats, I would like to comment on a topic of recurring dreams that have happened to me for three weeks, to see if any of you or those who share on the blog have any ideas.

    I usually dream in black and white (more like sepia, like old photo color).
    Within a dream a few days ago, I dreamed that I found a box in my house in which there was a litter of lions a few days old, the strange thing is that although the whole environment was in sepia color, the puppies were colored bright orange and on their little heads they wore a crest of wonderful turquoise blue.

    After that day I dreamed of “something” that was also orange and turquoise, something out of context for that thing. I can’t remember what object or what being it was. I know I was surprised by the colors themselves, not what the thing was.

    And an hour ago, I dreamed that I was bringing firewood to light the fireplace and a fat black spider was falling on my foot from the wood.
    Here I make a point to say that this is something real. I have a wood burning fireplace and it is common for that kind of spiders to come. I never kill them, I carefully pick them up with a piece of paper and drop them back outside.

    Well, going back to sleep, trying to catch the spider to throw it out, it ran to hide under a dresser. When it came out again it was a large toy spider like from Play School, made of bright orange plastic and large turquoise polka dots.

    There I woke up. I went into meditation looking for meaning and I can’t find it.
    I only know that those colors mean something on their own regardless of what I see them in. The context is sepia, and there they are drawing my attention.

    Also from experiences that I have had all my life, I know that a single absurd dream can be about a strong dinner or an unresolved worry. Two, it may be a fluke. But the “premonitory” dreams that I have had, and I have had many, they have always been repeated three times.
    Any ideas? I’d be really grateful

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    1. Might be time for a shamanic spirit-quest to see what your power-animal is, unless you’ve already done that. Those who show up aren’t really animals but higher order beings who take on familiar characteristics in order to communicate advanced concepts. (This is typically something you keep private, btw.)

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. @<CAT Eds – back in mid 90's? I was out here (NM), from CT, taking my final training(of a about a year long course), and graduation following, in a particular energy/bodywork modality as purely my previous Massage Therapy etc. modalities were getting too much for my body, paired with the intense physical empathy I experienced with the work — would practically collapse on top of my clients – good thing I usually ended sessions with them face down… 🙂
        Anyhoo, we had our graduation ceremonies on an 'undeveloped' Native American site – any 'research' of the area would have ruined it to no purpose, so it was preserved from such (you were allowed, with permission, to be there – you got up there by a series of ladders, a long way. and we crossed the top – my body wanted to go a different direction off around the edge to the left – I wasn't allowed, but I knew something was there – about a third of the way? across I met my spirit animal – not knowing better I mentioned/pointed it out to someone, but they couldn't see it or ignored me – farther along certain trees talked to me, quite a while – Also only place I wasn't nervous of heights – I could sit out on the very edge of top of cliff rocks, nothing but air down hundreds of ft…
        We went the rest of way across then down around to the cliff dwellings that we could/did pass on the way down Mesa- in the ceremonial chamber we gathered and had a very respectful graduation ceremony – I heard things and things happened there… – don't remember now – We also during that time took group rafting trip down THE river stopping at a special soil/clay bank area to bathe in it and during that floating down mediative trip the cliffs, as either personages or animals in the cliffs talked to me. I don't think I told anyone…


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    2. Hi Christina,
      What immediately pops out at me is that orange and turquoise are opposite colors on a color wheel. and that makes them complementary. So, part of the dream message may have something to do with opposites being able to coexist harmoniously, or something like that?
      (??) That’s all I got. 🙂
      Sweet dreams,

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    3. Cristina

      it reminds me of my spider, I carry him out of the bathroom
      like you with soft paper and bring him outside, twenty meters away. I even talk to him
      but some days later, he is back. For me it’s like ***Groundhoug day*** ceremony.

      Spider is feminine and creativity and in plastic it seams to be AI

      love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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    4. Cristina!

      You use tissue to pick up big, black spiders. For me, that would be way too close to touching them. I always use a receptacle, like a large plastic cup, brave warrior me…

      As for the colours, well, apart from me loving them together, I suppose there’s the obvious correlation to chakras. Maybe the message is to trust your intuition/gut feeling (orange stomach chakra), and in turn speak your higher truth (light blue throat chakra)?

      Thanks, Laura for mentioning the complimentary colour chart, very interesting. Doesn’t that have something to do with esoteric work, opening astral portals and suchlike?



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  3. It’s really incredible how hard twitter and the rest of the MSM is pushing this farce with Mr. B. What with the “disputed” messages and so on. It’s really insane that most people I know still don’t see anything wrong with how things go and blindly follow and believe a narrative that has lost all subtlety o-o

    I hope this really is the time everything will get exposed and most people wake up to realise how much the MSM was screwing with them.

    I it’s all black ice but I’m ready for finally a major change in how earth works.

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  4. *Second attempt, forgot the link!

    The latest Laura Whitworth YT video is up!

    (Did I mention she endorses my children’s novel at the 31:40 mark 😉, I DID NOT expect that. She is sooooo lovely, bless her. All proceeds go towards the SHIFT… ahem.)


    P.S If unacceptable subject content, then please delete this post, CATS ❤

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  5. hello friends

    the last week I made a poem
    well it has to do with my supermarket with a nice coffe-shop
    it’s aspecial supermarket with best products…. okay less words and coming to the point: every ten minute is a announcment via speakers, also in the cafe. A female voice telling please pay attention to use the mask, it is law blablabla…. every ten minutes.

    So I made my poem, and when the woman starts I say my poem: ****Dear cusumor
    please pay attention to the emidiate landing of several ET crafts, just lay back and relax, it is law of the Galactic Federation of Light!*****

    So I made my choice of the timeline number 3. And I even made my choice way way earlier, before I was born?

    I am with source, and source may decide for humanity and the Shift will come, I dreamed about. I am the fool on the hill (the peak of the mountain) and I call allways for brother J. So I know, that I don’t get lost.

    love Alnilam ❤️✨❤️

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  6. Went outside and stood in the back garden just now, saw a moving light streak across the sky, then a thousand sparkling lights shimmered, breath taking beautiful.
    Something very good is up yay : )

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  7. Option number 1, which then leads to option 3. The rioting would have happened had the true results of the election happened on the third. So be it. There is nothing Civil about a war, and if the Source timeline is option 1, I am all in. Keeping my vibration high, which today means 2 pies and an ice cream cake for Mom’s birthday. ❤️ Would appreciate some light pours for her, in gratitude.

    Someone dropped a shelf load of rainbow something rather on me a few nights ago in the state between meditation and sleep, was so vivid. I am super grateful, and have felt different since then, at peace and calm. Gratitude to All, today and everyday. One Love. 🙏🏽❤️🌎

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    we have been told in numerous channellings and such that the ETs are waiting for some sign that we are ready for engagement.

    With option 1, we will have shifted the dialogue on Earth. We will have exposed the EVIL to LIGHT and opened tens of millions of eyes here and worldwide. We will have stripped the media bare and flayed it into doing it’s job by removing their CENTRAL control points and bankrupting their corrupt owners. A new free press will QUICKLY emerge.

    THEN, the appearance of ET can occur without the DS chicanery. Once we demonstrate the willingness to decisively move INTO the LIGHT, the Guardians who have been watching will be much more likely to JOIN US for CELEBRATION and RENEWAL.

    MY VOTE: #1 PLUS in short order, #3

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  9. I know most here don’t keep track of the ‘news’, but the lawsuits placed by the military lawyer in both GA and MI last night are extensive. And I think it’ll be four more states till she’s done. Hopefully the evidence will be so overwhelming that the only real rioting will be the Soros funded stuff in big cities we’ve seen before. And most people are seeing through that these days, so they won’t have much energy.

    Also, the head lawyer in GA mentioned that these suits will lead right into exposing the ‘gates’, Epstein-gate, Hunter-gate, Weiner-gate, Hillary-gate, etc etc.

    Fwiw, my gut is telling me this will be more smooth than not. But regardless, it’s started!

    Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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  10. I choose option 3. Or the option where this stupid polarity pitting us against them finally pops in the Laura Whitworth version when a split of worlds happens, where all of us holding a steady heart of Love without taking a side get to ride the timeline where we are free from all the STO people including Trump and Biden and the rest. All of politics is corrupt. Even your dear leader Agent Orange. Bless his heart.

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    1. Actually, this is not entirely true. Mr. T is not corrupt. He’s not perfect, but he is trying to do the right thing. “Siding” with Truth is not taking a side. It is a requisite for being a grown-up.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. The numerology surrounding our wonderful President, is mind-blowing.
        I didnt vote for him in 16, but wouldve swam through a river of alligators, to vote for him this time. His administration has been pivotal in my Awakening. WWG1WGA = we are one.
        I’ve researched him for 3+ years. Him. I trust he has been brought by Source, to help us choose a side (polarity) — so the EVENT can finally happen.
        I really feel as if I’m on a different timeline, than STS’s. Like the Earth is splitting into 2, as Delores Cannon said.
        Thank you for all you do, Cats. I hope you had a very blessed, lazy Thanksgiving. With plenty of leftovers for sandwiches

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  11. My father is unfortunately going into hospital soon for prostate cancer. Please send high vibes for him so all goes well and he makes a great recovery.

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  12. One of my comments from around 2 am EST seems to have been lost in a TLJ. For those interested in Option 3, Terran Cognito has some surprising updates on his blog.

    I’m sure I was not the only one ROASTED last night. Only two hours sleep. but I dragged myself out of bed to make 2 pumpkin pies, one for now and one to freeze for later. Must TTMB for a while before my family ZOOM with the kids later. I miss everyone so much! ❤

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! And I am so Grateful for the friendship of all of you other Friends in Source who are located elsewhere. May we soon be reunited in Love, Light, Truth and Peace. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. For the last several nights, I have been waking up exactly at the Top of the hour two or three times.

      similarly, pretty much every time I encounter a clock when involved in some other activity, the clock shows me :11 much more often than one would expect randomly.

      Last night had spectacular meditation where I overlooked the entire history of a city I believe to be European. It started as small village on a curve of a river. Then there was a town with a prominent church and it continued to expand, urbanized then suburbanized to a modern city. But it kept morphing and spreading. Soon, sooner than seemed possible, the whole city disapated into large tracts of land dotted with hundreds of smaller settlements. This vision holds very clearly.

      I LOVE visiting the ‘actual’ world.

      According to Dewy Larson studied speculation, the physical world is where we live IN time. But if you are focused at the unity point, everything physical is happening pretty much at once. I have had several sessions of this nature watching, for instance, structures coming into and out of existence seemingly all at once, being both there and not there simultaneously.

      Shroedinger Stuff without doubt.

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  13. Went out with a dog tonight and this was the first time for me to witness red blinking light in the sky which was stationary, I felt it was there for me, as a sign that they are here at this moment, there were also few blinking and passing by, but that I consider as normal, but stationary one for maybe 15-20min, hmmmm, also it appeared as a part off something huge, hard to say as it was dark outside, more like a feeling I got from it, hmmm, maybe option 3 is more viable then previously thought 😎

    Perica ✨

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  14. Grateful for you all, Happy Thanksgiving ~ enjoyed a beautiful day if hiking and eating today. Tried that pumpkin pie recipe the cats shared a while ago and it was AMAZING. Thank you, keep ✨💛✨🎊

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  15. The timing of the update regarding the “Option 3” is quite timely.

    It’s quite interesting how I just had a dream about me and a group I’m with (all blurry) taking with the ETs in their ship and telling us that they are “ready” and will, in a sense, reveal themselves to humanity soon and their massive armada all around this planet.

    So that update on this site along with Laura Whitworth’s video seems to have coincided with my dream just now.

    The ETs in that dream do look quite human however (I’ll just blame it on “analytical overlay”), but one of the guys told us they are Arcturian.

    Not holding any hopes (in a sense of not “watching the pot so much that it ‘never boils’ and just do my metaphysical tasks and assignments”), but I do wish for the best. So I suppose it’s option 3 and/or 1 for me.

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  16. Hi CATs and All 🙌🌈✨
    Tonight I dreamed the Event, again.
    There where a big red moon, again.
    Then suddenly a huge goldish blast wave, it was difficult to move after it arrived but we were smiling. In this dream I did not recognize it was the Event.
    I think I’m dreaming the Event in different timeline and in each of them it is near Christmas time.
    I’m very exhausted, physically and mentally and other people where I live too.
    Only Love and J make me stand up. 🙏
    Keep Loving and bringing the Light here.
    Peace, Love and Armony to you All.

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    1. Interesting as the night sky has had been glowing reddish in the southern part over the neighbours houses over a vast area. Last two nights have had really thick for but can still see the red glow through it. Wonder what it is?

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  17. I had a very intense Thanksgiving – not in the normal sense – seems had many seizure or seizure-like activity mixed with periods of sleep and many mission type dreams – also a huge intensity of body experiences, new types of pain, many different areas, some new – a lot seemed around kidneys or adrenals, besides neck, chest/upper half of back, right sacrum to hip trochanter and down outside fascia down to ankle and more – I was left alone by family and brought food a couple of times – sometimes that was difficult – body didn’t want to handle food – at times ‘little dog’ was intensely acting concerned, but it evened out eventually. I think the cooking of Thanksgiving was finished about 1-2 AM Friday morning – not unusual in this family, but very little trauma and crying – better this year – maybe me being down for the count was helpful? 🙂

    hoping beneficial outcomes soon for all,

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  18. Number 3 sounds like long awaited, but I think we will start with N1 and transition to something peaceful…People will get back to their true self and wake up from the long dream…We are going to a new New Earth!
    Happy ending to ALL of us! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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  19. Hmmmm, based upon that, mass landings would be pointless until after the SHIFT.

    Looks like option 1, then the SHIFT, then ET reunions.


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      1. What of option 3? So instead of many craft we would expect to see a single craft? I was under the impression more than a single or few craft would land, my enthusiasm clearly got the better of me.


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        1. Various ET faction ships land in their respective underground bases every few seconds. The earth is honeycombed with them. There is as yet no reason for them to land on the surface. If you look at it from their perspective… WHY would you WANT to land on the surface? To initiate the production of ET action figures? To be invited onto talk shows? To open strip malls? The MSM would also churn the FEAR FACTOR up to 9.9.

          Option 3 is viable for the NE, but not the OE. On the NE we can exist as brothers. On the OE, ETs would function as ultra-celebrities. The ones we checked in with just shook their heads, like “no way.”


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          1. Well I would happily invite my (benevolent) ET brother or Sister into my home for a cup of tea but I am guessing not many ETs drink Matcha!

            Anyway, I look forward to the day we can visit them or they, us just like we would visit another country with mutual respect, love and hospitality etc…Might take a little while to get used to the various different skin suits/outfits but that’s okay, as long as there aren’t any more dark Giocemetti stick men walking through my home, any more psychic attacks or unpleasant cling ons I will be happy 😊

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          2. I would expect mass showing off the crafts which are already here cruising, but only after the Shift, not before.

            They will show there presence so that we who are involved know that they are here as support, but nothing on a grand scale before the Shift, even everybody here would like that, including me off course ✨

            According to my info, they will show themselves in a big numbers after the Shift, there will be medical ships to help us, there will be ships where we can learn about living ona 5d Earth, about new technology….

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          3. Thanks M6.

            Are there positive and negative ET factions co-existing on Earth, or rather, underground?

            Obviously the negs would never want to reveal themselves, lurking in the shadows. Maybe the positives might want to reveal to bring hope to a world that is starved of hope?

            But yes, the MSM would have a field day, look at covid, and I still remember watching ‘V’! But wouldn’t the pos ETs have control of all media?

            Ah well, I am happy to wait.


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            1. Mark ❤️

              I remember seeing some of ‘V’ through a crack in the door when I was supposed to be in bed! Gave me nightmares as a child!

              Much Love ☺️❤️☺️

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        2. I am a bit confused as I understood Option 3 would be benevolent beings coming to basically help wake everyone up to prevent more chaos etc…but if the chaos is needed to polarize, to jump start The Shift and the Shift gets underway then there would be no need for benevolent beings to come and do their thing because Source will have already done their thing and we will all be wherever we are supposed to be and everything will be fine and dandy!

          Okay, I’m waffling. Mmmm, waffles!

          Who knows (except Source). All I do know is that my brain hurts and now I want a waffle 🙃

          Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. Thanks CATs ❤️ I need to stop thinking so much. Back to my bubble ☺️

              Wish I could turn off the waiting/hoping part of my brain though, just be in the moment, much easier that way, no expectations.

              Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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  20. Is there an option where I go to bed tonight and wake up in Terra/NE?

    I’ll even take the option where all the STO’s go poof and disappear from this earth, I’m not bothered about justice just as long as they’re GONE… FOREVER.

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  21. Wow! I just wrote a really long post that I felt was very important and it just disappeared as I hit the return button to write my final sentence. I guess I must have been meant to write it differently. The gist of it was I have done tons of research for many, many years based on my life experiences growing up and because of my experiences as a lawyer. I’ve been a lawyer for over 31 years now. My research that I do covers all areas of existence on this planet. And, I have listened to and read about everything that is out there. I treat my researching as a second, part time job. Although, sometimes I think I spend more time on the research than I do my regular job. LOL!

    I believe that option #1 is already underway now. Especially, after seeing some of the evidence finally getting to be presented in the courts and before the legislatures of the battleground states earlier this week. Option #2 is not an option as far as I am concerned. As I tell people every day, and as is now being supported by the evidence. Trump won the election by a landslide. As much as 80% or more of the voting population voted for him. I interact regularly with a lot of people that don’t vote. I believe that 80% of the nonvoting population also support Trump. What does this mean? It means that we are not a nation that is divided. We are a nation that is 80% or more united. There will be some unrest in the streets from the usual suspects, but this time they will not be arrested locally. They will be arrested by the feds and dealt with through the military tribunals that have already been underway for some time now.

    In the process of all of this I believe option #3 will also occur. It will be needed for the last of the sleeping masses to assist them in their inability to deal with it all. Just like my stepsister that I spent Thanksgiving with yesterday. My stepbrother and I were discussing the theft of the election, what we were seeing on the mainstream news media and what the truth was. We touched lightly on the subject of human trafficking and my stepsister said she just couldn’t handle any of it. She couldn’t “wrap her head around it”. She couldn’t believe true evil like that could really exist. I told her she needed to prepare herself and start accepting it because the truth was far worse than that. At least she had heard about it, imagine how many others are out there that have their heads completely in the sand. Whether Trump will remain the President for a full term is another story. Probably not once the ET presence on our planet is revealed. Things will change drastically at that point. I don’t think there will be any individual leaders anywhere at all anymore. But, that’s just my take on things. Like Molly at Starship Earth the Big Picture always says…keep your popcorn handy, it’s gonna be a helluva show!

    The Dog Lady

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    1. Resonates well, I feel for those who are stuck in the sand. We Are The L,L,L,T, One! Light pours for All! Peace.

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    1. this may be so for you CAT Eds.

      I can cannot and will not WRESTLE this to the ground
      and find ALIGNMENT. One is the justice timeline and the other is
      SOURCE timeline.

      ****All things are reality.
      Even if only one is imagining it
      it is a reality in that the thought has been offered
      and someone
      who has the ability to translate that vibration
      will perceive it.
      It must be fair to say
      that anything that can be perceived
      must be reality.
      as creators
      your reality depends upon what you are willing to imagine and allow.****

      Abraham Hicks

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        1. dear CAT Eds.

          yes the Ashtar command may be misinfo, together with Sananda who play the role of Jesus. All artifficial made by CIA and a melange of Theosophy with ascendet masters.
          I never was pro. But the Arcturians are the healers in the universe and I belong to them.
          This is comletly fdifferent then Ashtar command.

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          1. There are many ET and HOB healers in this universe and others. Our point was there was no “Arcturian fleet” as people keep saying. There are in fact numerous factions of ETs all around the solar system most of the time, and countless ones transiting Portal One every hour. It’s really no big deal. You can have an affinity for any ET group you want, we’re just trying to get people to think of ETs and HOBs as spiritual relations rather than saviors. We don’t need saving; we’re saving ourselves. ETs are not to be worshipped, or their technology coveted. (We’re speaking to everyone in this regard, not you.) They put their pants on one tentacle at a time just like everyone else. And they make mistakes. They’re not perfect.

            Personally, we’ve had enough of ETs sneaking around and playing games. The ones we deal with are very open and honest.

            < CAT Eds.

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            1. what you are telling me, I agree completly and I understand that we shall not worship other beings.
              Thank you for the answer and I guess, it was a misunderstanding.
              I am thinking a lot recently about the case of ET’s
              we can not blindly trust, the same is in the astral realm…. it’s tricky.

              Hopefully we ascend to the NE and all this duality will cease.

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            2. You can trust SOME ETs, but you need to carve out a safe place in order to communicate without Neuts and Negs pretending to be someone they’re not, first. “Spoofing” is not possible through our (HOB-created) shields. Alas, since they were a gift, we can’t ask for everyone to have them, all we can do is report what we know.

              < CAT Eds.

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          2. Alnilam ❤️

            That is a very beautiful painting. I hope you don’t mind me saying, I see a face in it with a diamond pineal gland/third eye ‘lit up’. I see an otter’s face made of water too, I love it!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  22. I’m in an interesting head space tonight. After another joyous day in the garden minutely looking at the trees and shrubs for any crossing or damaged branches and then carefully pruning them out. I’m looking at things with enhanced vision. Now that the leaves are off, I can clearly see the structure. I suspect it’s a metaphor for the present times. Bottom line is that I feel it’s been a life well lived. Despite the trials and tribulation we’ve all faced , it truly has been and continues to be a truly grand adventure. This whole shift will be seamless. Relax and be. (I will now step off my soapbox) <J

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          1. I think I will not think so either 😉 It’s about time we had something to celebrate, no more hanging onto hats, it’s time to bring out the cake with a million candles and J’s Key Lime Pie….

            Elsie has lights on her new shoes that flash when she stamps…We are ready!


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        1. According to the Bible, the Rapture will happen AFTER the Anti-Christ is revealed, but BEFORE the Mark of the Beast is implemented. The “Great Reset” looks suspiciously like the Mark, but so far no charismatic leader has appeared to serve as the figurehead of this massive social engineering project. As soon as such a person appears, all conditions will be fulfilled.

          The PTW can’t wait much longer with their plans, since acceptance of such a massive economic takeover combined with intrusive surveillance hinges on the existence of the corona-panic. How long can they keep that scam going is anyone’s guess, but I don’t think it will last five years.

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          1. The anti-christ only exists if you believe in it. Stop surrendering your creative will.

            There are 2 types of people in this world. Those that believe the devil is lurking behind every corner and those that believe the devil ceased to exist the second they stopped believing in it.

            As Dolores Cannon would say, “There is no negative.” And when questioned by someone about why negative things are happening in the world she’d say, “Is that the world you want to live in?”

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        2. we are 1 month to go until 2021, as most know institutions can be with moments quite slow and the mudd to clear until all is clear and clean takes time

          STP can become a bit slogan if it will take that time

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          1. I’ve heard all sorts about the moon, that it is a hollow space ship. It makes me wonder is she a she with a soul? I used to love seeing the moon, no I’m not sure what to think about it.

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  23. I have had the feeling the 2025 is how long it takes for the cycle of madness and shifts and rebuild and ultimately peace and new ways to emerge. None it can be speedy as it will all take time. I hope it will bring global oneness. Maybe we can throw out our passports 🥰

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      1. Yes, basically ‘hang in there’…love Blossum, especially when she gets snarly with the folks ‘up there’ . lol. I’ve been waiting for >20 years. Sigh. Well, I ain’t quitting now. That’s for sure. I bought this ticket and I’m staying until the ride ends.

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      2. It is exactly the same!

        …except that it feels like Blossom has stopped pushing for accountability for promises from the FOL, like she used to. I really liked that she used to do that. Now it feels like a mind game they have finally won.

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  24. Fascinating interview with Marina Jacobi, it explains a lot about precursors for ET contact, quantum field… There is the link to her web page on which there are several of her books free for download, I believe that inside is channeling with ET’s, her YouTube channel is also full of information, not easy to understand stuff… Here is that interview for the start 😉

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    1. this like it should be
      so many fakes arround
      better trust in my own inside

      the ET question still not completly solved for myself
      if I ask a christian fundamentalist, he would call ET’s demons
      these are the same ones who told us to not leave Europe, because outside of the ocean are sea monsters and the earth is flat.

      in this moment I am writing to you, a rainbow is appearing in the sky in the west…
      I am a mystic and so I look ad the signs arround me.

      If I will ask an Anthroposoph about ET’s he will tell me they are Ahrimanic demons
      our luciferic demons and as the veill is getting thinner we can see them.

      I dedicated myself since 1996 to ET’ s started really weird meditations with Barbara Marciniak books. It was a lot of healing but also chaotic Kundalini awakening. two years later a closed my chakras for this beings. Telling them, that I have to evolve more in every sense. And I did.
      Today my encounters are with protection and beautiful…. warm to heat waves of love entering my body.

      The arcturians are my cosmic familly, who helped me in a crisis when I was 4 years old.
      They saved me and brought me to there ship. All this I saw last year in a vision, breatwork meditation.

      And now comes Edina (via skype) she is in contact with very high beings (she lived two years in Antarctica, Chile) she told me in my last session with her, that I now are in contact with this beings, they are formless and have no name…
      Edina told me, I don’t need anymore the Arcturians, Plejadians, this 5 Dimension.
      I am in contact now with 10 Dimension and even higher…
      For me they are angelic beings and I call the Seraphim, and when I call them it is pure
      love that I am feeling. I feel the love in my heart for them, and than they come.

      It’s still a confusion and I am still looking for clearness. How would I bypass my cosmic father, mother and brother from the Arcturus? Never!

      love Alnilam

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  25. Haha laughing now ‘ what memories ‘, wondered why I still hang onto my ‘Dr Martin’s’ feel the need to put them on and have a bop😻x

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    1. kcwtch ❤️ I wish I still had mine, I had a black pair and a purple pair of steel capped DM shoes! My best friend from school has them now!

      Much Love & Boogie Shoes! ❤️🎶❤️

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  26. Well Lisa was given a limited glimpse into what I AM evolving into. Yikes! It’s like the transformers. Light body going from – – – to – – -. Neither of us understands what this is about or for. Stay tuned for details after the solstice. We do know that it’s essential for the 2021 energies. Beyond that , it’s still in the formative stage. All I know is that the sun is shining, Gardener is here cutting down the vast stands of crocosmia, new plants are shipped, we’re going to have nearly a week of dry, sunny weather so that’s all I know at the moment. <J

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  27. President T got almost 400 Electoral College votes and someone going to jail for sure!!! Justice is coming! It means peace is coming soon I hope…
    I am not looking to see the justice being done I am looking forward to see happy ending though!!! 🙂
    “I have a very important announcement to make today in a short election update, however it will have to be worded in such a way that what I’m saying is not at first sight obvious.
    Do please think about my words, and what I am saying under the layers of cover.”
    ~ Simon Parkes

    On the other topic…I could not sleep for past few nights…I guess it all because of jumps/adjustments and new energy coming our way!

    All is well!


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  28. Regarding Update5: thank you, Cats! So this likely explains why I was so very miserable last night (late afternoon through late evening PDT). I tried everything to get rid of the muscle spasm / headache, finally thought “…must be the energies or something…”. I appreciate the clue/validation.

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